Affordable Friday – Easter Dresses for Spring! And More!

Hi friend! Welcome to today’s Affordable Friday! I know I know it’s not Friday, but I just get so excited about these post sometimes that I don’t want to wait until Friday to post them. Plus, I know a lot of people are started to spring for Easter dresses for Spring, so I wanted to give you some affordable options ASAP!

Linen Pants

I’m gonna start today’s post with my absolute favorite piece in this post. It has to be these $19 linen pants! I truly cannot believe the amazing quality and that they are only $19. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and they fit great and even have some room. If they were any bigger in the waist, I’d have to size down. Just so you guys knowthey come in sizes XS to 3XL, so hopefully your size is available!


I got the navy stripe, but they also come in a green color that is so great. I plan on wearing these pants to the beach when we go on vacation, to garden, and just to lounge around the house. I absolutely love them!

I’m wearing a white tee in some of these pictures that’s no longer available but then also you can see the pants with this black slouchy tee. This t-shirt comes in a two pack for under $20 so they’re $10 apiece and it’s truly one of my favorite t-shirts ever. I’ve had it for a while now and I’m absolutely obsessed. You might’ve bought it from a past Affordable Friday. It’s the perfect loose fitting t-shirt to wear with leggings, jeans, or these linen pants.


Perfect Sweater is Transition for Spring

Okay, I lied. I have two favorite options in this post. This super soft striped sweater is my other fave. Let me start with the price because it’s only $15.98! You truly cannot beat that price, and it is so so so so so soft! Check out the reviews on Walmart site because they’re incredible. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and it comes in size is XS to XXXL. It also comes in four other colors, if neutral tones aren’t your thing.


I personally absolutely love the neutral tones in the striped sweater, and in the tan and white stripes it’s currently available in all sizes, so snag it quick! The sweater actually might look familiar to you because I have multiple sweaters from Time & Tru in this exact cut and material because I love them so much. I also love that it’s a lighter weight sweater so it will be really nice to transition from winter to spring. You also might recognize the sweater because I wore it the night that Kevin and I went out to dinner with friends last weekend. This is a musket in my opinion.

The jeans I’m wearing with the outfit are currently sold out in this color. I wrote about them in my last affordable Friday post because they’re on clearance for $16. However I’m going to link two darker washes in the jeans that’s still available in all sizes in one wash and a few in the other wash. And when I say these are one of my absolute favorite pair of pants ever I mean it. Seriously get the darker color because they are amazing and only $16. Linking my $10 white sneakers too!

Affordable Easter Dresses for Spring

Pretty and Chic

Next, let’s talk dresses! There are so many good ones in today’s blog post, and I especially love that they’re all so different, so no matter your style, you should be able to find what you love in this post. Plus, a couple would make perfect Easter dresses for spring!

I’m gonna start with this beautiful colorful one from Sofia Vergara. I feel like everything about this dress looks expensive but it’s affordable it only $34! I actually got a size small in this dress and it fits perfect so I recommend sizing down in this one. It comes in size is XS to 3XL. It also comes in all black, which I think is so so chic, especially with the belt detail.


Speaking of the belt, it just adds a level of sophistication, and looks so nice. The black version with a pretty beach hat and bag would look so chic – and then I feel like the colorful one is perfect for an Easter dress or really any spring occasion!

Everyday Dress

I would also size down in this next dress! I got a size small and I’m normally a size medium and the small fits me perfectly. Well actually, I got a small in the pink and the medium in the blue so I could try both and the blue is way too big for me. So definitely size down. It comes in sizes XS to 3XL.


Again, I think the pink is perfect for any springtime occasion, and really just an every day dress. I could see myself just wearing this around the house or outside at a picnic or birthday party with my kiddo. It’s just so versatile.

Out of the two I honestly think the navy is my favorite. I just think the solid color feels very chic. I love a beautiful navy dress. Another thing I really really really love about the dress is the sleeve. I love how long it is and how it lays. It’s feminine and beautiful.


Pink Floral Dress

I wrote about this dress in my last Affordable Friday post, but I’m posting it again because it’s still mostly in stock (size 2XL is sold out) and when I posted about it in February, I think it was still freezing in most of the country so people weren’t really thinking about dresses like this. I love love love this dress! It comes in for prints total so check out all the other prints. I think the blue mist petal print is stunning. It comes in sizes XS to 3XL. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and the dress is only $25. I love it because it’s really flattering and comfortable, and on top of that it’s the perfect kind of dress to wear with white sneakers, which is a must for me. It is longer which I know is important for a lot of moms out there that are constantly bending over to pick up their children. So I just love love love this dress. I’m packing it on our trip to San Diego next week and it will be a staple in my closet this summer because it’s just so easy to throw on with sneakers on a hot day. Plus, it would make a great Easter dress!


Neon Queen

Oh my gosh, this next dress is hot, hot hot! I got this for a vacation we have coming up for Kevin‘s 40th birthday. I just think it’s the perfect slip on dress to go to a nice dinner or to throw over a bathing suit. Normally dresses that look like this are super expensive, but this one is affordable at $34. I’ll also say the material is much more flattering than I expected. It doesn’t cling tot he body like a satin would. The dress also comes in to other colors/prints. The orange tiger floral print is gorgeous!


This dress is so gorgeous is deserves extra photos. I feel hot in this dress and that is NOT something I say often about myself. But I WANT it to be something I feel more often 😉


Easter Looks for Your Little Guy

Not only did I want to share some affordable options for Easter dresses for spring, but I also wanted to show you a super cute little options if you have a little man in your life. How stinking adorable is Riley’s outfit. I love the colors so so so much, I actually got him two sets of this outfit and mixed and match them for this look. It’s a cute little matching set for under $15. There’s a blue set and a pink set that I mixed together. It comes in size is 12 month to 5T. Riley is wearing the 5T. So if you’re going to visit the Easter bunny and you want a cute little pastel color outfit for your little guy, this is perfect! Plus, I love little button up collared shirts on Riley, so it’s just a cute little shirt to have and functional shorts! I should have tucked in his shirt for these pics, but you get the jist!


St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

I know the main focus of the post has been Easter dresses for spring, but with St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I will also want to include an option for that! This super cute T-shirt that says lucky with a four leaf clover is only $6.98. When I ordered it, it legit was delivered the same day from my local store. But that could because I’m a Walmart+ member, not sure. I got a size medium even though it’s a men’s shirt and honestly it’s a little big I kind of wish I sized down to a small. But you cannot beat the price.


I first started taking these pics with white sneakers, but then I thought it would be fun to pair it with these rainbow sneakers. It’s like the lucky pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! And in general, I just love love love the sneakers! You’ll see more pictures of the sneakers with an athletic look below.


Go-To Sweatshirt

You might recognize the sweatshirt because I have it in so many colors. It is legit one of my absolute go-to tops all through the fall, winter, and spring. Even the summer for nighttime. It’s super lightweight, so this isn’t heavy at all and perfect to transition to spring. I have it in maroon, navy, black, and a beautiful blue floral. Showing pictures of the black and the blue floral because that’s what’s in stock right now. A lot of the other colors are out of stock, which I totally get it because it’s amazing! Check out the reviews! You get both colors for $just over $25, which makes them about $13 each!


I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size so it’s true to size. You will love this top so trust me and just get it. It will be one of the ones that you choose time it again is one of your go to tops.


Neon Color for the Win!

I almost didn’t want to include this just because the pants are out of stock. But the sports bra and sneakers are still in stock! The sports bra is even on sale for only $13. I mean, how could you not wanna work out and have high energy wearing this outfit. I feel super cute in it!


So if you’re looking for cute work out where look no further! Plus, if you just search hot pink workout pants you’ll be able to find some!


A Couple Blouses

And last but not least, a couple blouses that I love. This first one is only $16 and so great. It’s a peplum top so it’s loose in flowy which makes it really comfortable. I sized down to a size small in this one and it fits great, but I think the medium would’ve been fine too. Medium is my normal size. The sleeves are maybe an inch short on me, but it doesn’t bother me. I love how the sleeves pouf out for a little extra feminine detail.


Also, linking my purse that I’ve had for a few months now. It’s $18 and just really cute. I love it with this top. It’s the perfect little spring outfit!


And last, but not least I wanted to share this top by Sofía Vergara. It’s the same print as the dress at the beginning of this post. And it’s really really pretty. This is a much more pronounced peplum top. It would look really good with a pair of skinny jeans or a pencil skirt! You can wear it both on the shoulder and off the shoulder like I am in these pictures. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size!


I’m also going to link a couple pairs of sparkly shoes I got from Molly recently just cause she loves them so so so much and I’ll probably share them in my stories at some point and I wanna make sure you guys have the link.

Bunny Basket

Adding a few home decor items as last minute additions. First these bunny ear baskets that are under $9 a piece and so so precious. I feel like they look so expensive and chic and are super affordable! Originally when I bought these they sold out so I didn’t post about them but they’re back in stock, so get one quick before they sell out again!



Also, linking my dresser that Kevin had together the other day I love it so much and I think it looks super expensive and while almost $500 is not cheap by any means. I think it’s worth it because the quality or look is just so good. However, quick caveat this did come in a ton of pieces so it does take a good two hours to put together. But that was worth it to me and Kevin to save money on getting something similar that would’ve been four times the price.

Farmhosue Dresser


Thanks for Reading!

Okay, well that’s it for me. I really put so much time and effort into this Affordable Friday, so I hope you guys love it. I just really believe with all my heart that it’s totally possible to find beautiful, well-made pieces at an affordable price! Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for Easter dresses and spring looks! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer all of them. Or just leave me some love in the comments below, cause I truly appreciate it!

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