A Blush Little Girl’s Room

I love Molly’s room. Especially when it’s clean. Ha! My sweet girl loves to collect things so the surfaces tend to get really cluttered, but that’s childhood! Even when it’s cluttered, I love it. But for these pics it’s nice and clean 🙂 So while it’s clean, ha, the next room in my home tour blog series is Molly’s room!

Her Bed

I wanna start this blog post with Molly’s canopy because I ordered it over a year ago from a small business owner in Ukraine. It breaks my heart to think that just a few months later, a war started in that country and continues to this day. I honestly didn’t know if her shop would still be open because of that, but by some miracle it still is and you may be able to order this canopy from her! So if you’re looking for a canopy for your child’s room, please consider this small Ukrainian business. It’s really one woman who runs it all on her own, and I could not be more happy to support. Plus, it’s the most stunning canopy I’ve ever seen in my life! The quality is absolutely incredible and it’s worth every single penny. It truly is the focal point of Molly‘s room.


I’ll link a similar little white side table, personalized Molly bag (this was a gift!), and her blush bedding which is SUPER affordable. And I loooove the ruffle euro pillows too!  We’ve had her bedframe since our house in California and I love it. Plus it’s on sale!!!! I wanted to invest in something that she would love for years to come and it really is a beautiful piece.


Her dresser is another piece we’ve had since California. As you guys know, we only took one shipping container from California to Nashville, so we were really selective with the pieces we kept. And this dresser was one of them because we just thought it was so beautiful and something she could use her whole life. I can’t find it online in white anymore, but it’s over $300 OFF at Walmart in different colors, just FYI.

And then, since it’s in the picture, I’ll also like the cute little pink dress we have hanging in her room. This is the dress she wore as one of the stepsisters in the Cinderella play at her school. It’s stunning! It’s hanging on a lamp. Just FYI.

Molly’s Desk

Now onto Molly’s desk area. The desk is only $89. For how beautiful it is and the statement that it is in the room with the gold hairpin legs, I feel like that is a steal of a price! The quality is really incredible. If someone told me the desk was $250 I wouldn’t question it for a second. Plus, it’s the perfect size for her.


This desk sold out last time I shared it so I hope it stays in stock! I’ll also link her little nightstand next to her bed!

And the chair!!!! The blush color is DIVINE!!!!! I paid a little more for this chair just because it’s so so so so stunning. It’s the type of thing that I feel like she will want in her room for her desk for years and years to come. I feel like it’s really hard to find a desk chair that has a really pretty soft color blush like this one. They’re either too pink or too mauve. But this one is the perfect powder blush!



The next big statement is definitely the rainbow design! As you guys know, Molly is obsessed with rainbows, so when I saw this one for only $30 dollars, I had to snatch it up. These are normally so much more expensive so I love that Walmart has them at such a great price. It said it was one large rainbow, but came with all these little ones too. So yours might come with the smaller rainbows and they might not! It’s just a peel and stick decal so it’s super easy to put up and it’s removable. Such an inexpensive way to add a statement to a room. It just puts a smile on my face.


Also linking a bunch of other wall decals that I LOVE below!

Beautiful Blush Drapes

I also feel like her drapes are a huge focal point of the room. I really wanted to bring some color in with the drapes and I love love love these blush ones from 3 Day Blinds. If you reach out to them and ask them which ones I have, they’ll be able to tell you the fabric. I don’t know the name. And I also know if you use this link to get a free consultation, they give you buy one get one 50% off. Or just tell them my name and they’ll give you that deal. The reason I love these blush drapes beyond just how pretty they are, is that they are a thicker material so they really help keep warm air inside in the winter and cool air in in the summer.

Her roman shades are also 3 Day Blinds!


The love letters above the windows are from either my engagement party or my baby shower I can’t remember which. Ha! They are a STATEMENT!

And then the little chair in the corner of her room is just a super cute little pink chair I got from Walmart. I needed something to fill the space, but I needed it to be small. Every chair that was comfy enough to cozy up in and read was huge and this little one was just the perfect size for the space. I’ll also link her gumball machine. After you click this link scroll through a couple items and you’ll see it. It’s legit as good quality as the ones you would see at stores when you were young. It’s that thick metal and really well-made.

And last, but not least her cute little bathroom area. I’m going to try to find the paint color and include it here. But honestly, if I were to do this all again, I’d probably go for more of a cool-toned blush. This one almost has like a salmon color, and really warm tones, and honestly it’s not my favorite. And then the little crystal beaded drapes were a gift from Molly’s Mimi from a local store in her town called Village Shop.

I think that’s it for Molly’s room. If I’m missing anything, let me know.

And last but not least all photos are by the AMAZING Amy Demos! Check out her FREE online photography class if you haven’t already!

What do you think of Molly’s Room?

Well that’s it for me! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what you think of the space. I love hearing from you all in the comments below and I will do my best to respond to every comment on this post today because it means so much to me for you to be here 🙂

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