Redo Entire Rooms for Under $650

Hello!!! I am so excited to share this post with you and some amazing items I found to redo entire rooms in your home for under $550! It is always such a passion of mine to find you affordable pieces that are beautiful and quality. I hope you love this post as much as I do and it helps you create a little refresh in your home, affordably! Let’s get right into it!


Starting with this gorgeous living room for under $550! The couch is a beautiful teal velvet 3-seater sofa. It has a wooden frame with rubber legs, and is very sturdy! There are nearly 300 reviews for this couch and they are almost 5-star, so definitely check those out! If teal doesn’t match your home, it also comes in other colors as well! I didn’t even mention the best part yet, this couch is on sale for only $235! I could not believe that when I found this sofa – it really is an absolutely incredible deal. If your space is larger, there is also a loveseat to match, it is not on sale right now and is $227, which is still an amazing deal.

 1. $235 VELVET COUCH | 2. $39 SIDE TABLE | 3. $79 COFFEE TABLE | 4. $147 8×10 RUG | 5. $79 TV STAND

The next thing I knew would be needed for this room was a rug! I found this beautiful woven rug for only $147! You read that right! This rug is the perfect accent piece for the room and is so so affordable. You could easily find a rug like this for over $500. It’s an 8 x 10′, and there are larger sizes and other shapes too! The 6′ round option is only $60!

Then for the furniture, I love the Mainstays brand and have it all throughout my house. I thought the side table and matching coffee table were so perfect and cute with their hairpin legs! Not to mention that they are both so affordable. The side table is only $40, and I would say it would be perfect to put on either side of a couch for symmetry, and the coffee table price literally blew my mind! It is under $80!!! I feel like with the cost of furniture these days, that just isn’t even heard of anymore. There are 23 reviews and nearly every single one is 5 stars – there are 2 4-star reviews, and honestly I don’t even know why the customers gave them 4 stars because they still talked about how much they loved them in the reviews!

Another Room, Under $640!

 1. $299 COUCH | 2. $34 SIDE TABLE | 3. $59 COFFEE TABLE | 4. $149 RUG | 5. $84 TV STAND | 6. $10 PILLOW

In case you wanted to see a similar room to the above room with some slight variations, I thought I would show you another couch and rug! The couch is about the same length as the last one, but has 3 cushions instead of 2. I absolutely love the color, it’s such a beautiful periwinkle / cornflower blue. It is a tad more than the last couch option at $299, but honestly still so so affordable.

There there is this  farmhouse style tv stand. Again this is one of those pieces that I am just absolutely astonished at the price. Not only is it so cute and functional with both the shelves and the cabinet, but it is also long! It can fit up to a 50″ tv sitting on it if you’re not someone who hangs your TV. It is only $84, and again has great reviews! Don’t take my word for it, check them out yourself.

BONUS: I wanted to add an alternative rug for this room. I actually JUST got this rug in 2 sizes right before our trip for our kitchen! It seems like it should be beyond expensive, but again it isn’t! It’s affordable! There are multiple sizes available, the 5.3×7′ is $89 and the 3’3×5′ is $57! To get either of these sizes for such a high quality rug just blows my mind.





I have put together the cutest room for children for under $550. It is a bit feminine, so I will also show you more gender neutral / boyish option below by changing out a few items!

To start, this twin wooden bed! The fact that it is an entire bed frame and not just a headboard and is just over $100 is crazy! It is solid wood and does not need a box spring. The simplicity and minimalism of this wooden bed frame is perfect as your child gets older too, because you can change the bedding and the bed pretty much will match no matter what.

Speaking of bedding, I absolutely adore this yellow quilt set by Gap Home. I love the details in the embroidery and the color is so darling. I also love that it was made more sustainably and the fill is 75% recycled. It is only $44 and comes with the pillow sham too! I truly feel like it makes the room.

The dresser and the bookcase are from the same company, so they match perfectly. I love the little curved details and the soft white. They are so so beautiful. I truly think they’d be perfect in so many rooms in a home. From a guest room to an office or playroom. I haven’t even mentioned the price! The bookcase is only $80 and the dresser is only $199. For 2 substantial pieces of furniture that are just incredible quality (check out the reviews, people love them!), it really is such a deal to get both of these for under $280!

You might have seen this rainbow rug on my stories recently because I could not decide which rug to get for our play room. But the kids want a little rainbow pop so I got the one above! They love it, but  this one had slightly more votes (I asked you gusy to vote!) when I posted about it and I’m thinking it might actually be the better option. AHHH can’t decide. See the other option below, along with this super cute bathroom rainbow rug that I got for her!

 1. $105 BED FRAME | 2. $22 QUILT SET | 3.  $173 DRESSER | 4. $88 BOOKCASE BENCH | 5. $68 SAFARI RUG

This room is even more affordable than the last! It is the same bed frame, but I switched out the dresser, bookcase option, rug and bedding! I will actually start with the bedding. It is a quilt set by Gap Home and it is on sale for only $22 for the twin! I could not believe that price. The Queen/Full option is only $27 and the King is $32. I feel like that is unheard of! Also the reviews for this are great and there are over 300 of them.

When I was looking for a more gender neutral bookcase, I found this amazing bookcase / bench. They can sit on the cushion and read their books, which I just love! Furniture that serves a dual purpose is so great in my opinion, and that makes this bookshelf great for a bedroom and great for a playroom. For under $90, this is a steal! I also switched out the dresser for this room as you can see. I really like this dresser a lot and could also see it in an office, guest room or even in the primary bedroom! It looks like something from Restoration Hardware, but it is less than $175!!! That’s like an 8th of the price of what it could be!

How darling is this safari rug!?! It’s only $68 for the 5 x 7 (which I think is great in a kids room or reading nook), and the 6 x 9 is $94. It is so fun that it has different types of animals, and it feels sorta like one of those “train track” rugs where kids could definitely pay make believe with their blocks and animals etc.



I had to throw this couch in that is on sale for just $280! It would be absolutely perfect for a playroom or home office because it is convertible! The back cushion lays flat to turn this couch basically into a futon bed! How perfect for sleepovers?! I also think that the color is just beautiful. It actually comes in a bunch of colors, I will link all the options that are on sale below! I totally would have gotten this for our playroom (if we didn’t already have a couch) and painted the leg white 🙂



This one is a bit more, but I wanted to share my guest room again because it really qualifies as an affordable room too once you break it all down! You can get everything in this room for under $900 just by switching out the rug to the same on in the first living room option above! However, I have to say the rug I have in there now is one of my absolute favorite rugs ever! It just makes this room slightly more pricey – even though the original rug pictured below is SOO affordable considering the quality, style and size (and it’s on sale for only $273!). The reason I am still count this room as affordable even though it is a higher budget than the rest is the because the total includes everything, from the artwork, to the quilt, bed frame, nightstands, tree and bedding, and more!

I highlight this entire room in a past blog with details about each item. You can read more about that here! I call this one Owen’s room 😉


Thank you!!!

Thanks so much for coming by the blog today! I really hope this inspires you for one of the rooms in your house! It’s even inspiring me to update some areas. Ha! Are there any other rooms you are looking to revamp in your home? Or specific pieces you are on the hunt for? Let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to look for you too!


** All prices are based on time of posting. Subject to change.

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