Bachelorette – Dale, Dale, Dale.

Hiiii everyone! Madi here again! Sorry for the late post with this one. To be honest, it took all my energy to write about this episode at all because I am so over it already haha! I’ve never felt this way about a season before, and I am sooo thankful to know that the Clare era is basically over. I feel terrible saying that, but let’s just get into it and chat!

Yosef… Please just go.

I’ve felt bad energy from Yosef since basically the first moment he was on our screens. Something just seems off and he put a bad taste in my mouth. When I saw this drama unfold in essentially the first 10 minutes of the show, I was a little surprised since this was the big teaser since the beginning of the season. I knew that just meant something “juicy” (as my friends and I say) was coming, but more on that soon. From the moment he sad down with Clare it all just felt so accusatory and gross, I mean… he barely has spoken with her to know much about her. Not to mention, did he not do his homework before coming on this show? I said it last week, although I didn’t love that they did strip dodgeball, I don’t think it was worth defaming her character over. It probably wasn’t even entirely her idea. Also, have any of you see the drama about Yosef outside of Bachelor Nation since the show aired? If not, definitely look that up because he is the complete opposite of a saint. More like gross. He is also in Barkley + Co ads in his underwear – all over their instagram, but that’s besides the point. All around he is just a fake, manipulative man.

When he was walking out screaming about her being the oldest Bachelorette, I feel like he was purposely causing a scene because he wanted air-time. In fact, I feel like that’s what all of this was about. Not because he cared that anyone was in their underwear. He wanted a reason to talk to her and for there to be drama. As far as Clare goes, I do think that she listened to as much of his BS as she could before having enough and I am glad she stuck up for herself. For someone that knows little to nothing about her, he could have said much less to get his point across and left. “I am ashamed to be associated with you”. Really? Okay, Yosef.

The one part of this situation that I still has me scratching my head is that so many guys jumped up to her defense and went to help her and she basically ran away from all of them. Then Dale came to help later (not sure where he was when this unfolded) and he was her knight in shining armor! I believe she even told Deanna that he was the one to come over to her when it happened. Forget all the other guys I guess? Haha!

1 on 1 – Zach J

Man oh man, this episode just keeps getting worse and more cringy. There were a few times that I felt like he was going to make a move but was friend-zoned. So I truly believe the fumble at the end when she went to kiss him came from utter shock. I rewinded a few times and I did not see him pull away, he was just still. I mean honestly maybe he was surprised and also she was flying at him with force so maybe he thought he was standing steady? I just think it was definitely miscommunication. If anything, to me it looked like she went to kiss him and then all of the sudden was like “wait no, Dale is waiting for me!!!” and stopped herself. Her stop was very sudden and unnatural.


I do think when he got out of the pool to chase after her it was aggressive, but unfortunately I don’t think he saw that because he was caught up in trying to figure out what happened. I also think he ran after her to prove he wanted to kiss her because she keeps telling them that she likes bold men who go after what they want. This was just a lose-lose scenario, but I think Clare’s role played a huge part in how that happened. When they showed her crying in the bathroom, I was surprised because yes it was aggressive but it wasn’t in a mean scary way. But maybe it was for her and I can’t be the judge of that! It could definitely be based on a past experience that triggered her, and I definitely feel for her! I was just surprised. I also am not quite sure, but I think this is the first contestant to be fully sent home by Chris Harrison?

Dale, Dale, Dale.

I am not sure that we even needed 3 episodes to know that this season is ALLL about Dale. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt because it seems like she has blinders on due to her love for him, but I just feel like she is being so disrespectful to the men and the their time. To have a group date, cancel the day portion, hide with Dale for an hour and then ask producers to wrap it up… she clearly doesn’t care about their time. I tried to put that in a nicer way but I just don’t know how. I was shocked that she let Dale come in and interrupt her and Jay when he was “lost”. Their giggles were just out of control and like they truly were hiding something from the other guys. I mean, they were lol. I feel for the guys, I truly do!

1. CLARE’S BLAZER | 2. SHORTS (These are on major sale btw!)

Then the whole roasting date… that Dale technically wasn’t even on. I thought it was soo funny and I can’t understand why Clare wasn’t getting that there is a common denominator – and that all the jokes were about him mostly because the guys are feeling a certain way. It’s not that they aren’t respecting the process or her finding love, it’s that they are starting to wonder why they are even there because he is the ONLY one getting attention. I mean we usually are so torn on who the lead is going to choose in the finale for a reason and that’s because a single person isn’t singled out when there are still what, like 18-20+ men left? I loved the audience reactions to this, especially Eazy! Hah! I know some people don’t love him but I think that he is so great.

The fact that the entire date, even cocktail party, was centered around Dale was too much. She was truly having the same convo over and over by choice. When I was watching, it reminded me of Kady from Mean Girls when she couldn’t stop talking about Aaron Samuels and then I ended up seeing something like that on Twitter this morning and I am so glad that I am not the only one. I feel like she NEEDED to talk about Dale, and the only way to do that was to talk about the roast. Even when guys said they wanted to spend time getting to know her, the convo still stayed on Dale. At this point, I think it became 100% apparent to them that she had made her choice. I was just trying to think of who was the one asking if she’s shown interest in any other guys and I can’t even remember multiple guys names from that group date, which is crazy to me! We’ve truly barely gotten to know many of them. I think Bennett was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but also was starting to see what the other guys were saying. And sticking with my reaction from last week, I really am loving Bennett more and more!

And thank you to Celia in the comments who reminded me that I didn’t mention that she did not give out a rose at all at the end of the date and told them that she didn’t get what she was wanting from them?! I was so confused by this. The men went along with the roast (and she was laughing at different jokes that were sans Dale) and I think it was rude and unfair to the men to not give one to anyone. I know she’s looking for her husband so maybe now with Dale she can’t see any of them as her husband and doesn’t want to give another out. If you think about, right now Dale is the only one with a rose from this week since Zach went home.


Ah! That teaser at the end. I think this really means that we will be getting Tayshia as our next Bachelorette and sooner than any of us imagined. I hope that’s the case, I really love her! She is so down to Earth and funny! Not to mention I feel like she deserves this shot at love!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next week with both Clare and Tayshia! If she is the new Bachelorette, I’m wondering if some guys wills stay and some will leave? Will some guys come back? Like poor Tyler C that was just telling the truth about Yosef! We will see!


Thanks for stopping by!

I have been loving sharing all my thoughts with you each week on this season of the Bachelorette so far! I know Ali might be back to writing soon, but thanks so much for having me in the meantime! I love chatting with you all, both here and on the FB group!

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15 Thoughts

15 thoughts on “Bachelorette – Dale, Dale, Dale.

  1. I think Clare’s prior relationships may have impacted her reaction towards Zach. I read that she was previously in an abusive relationship, and I think Zach grabbing her was triggering. I once dated a man who was very hot and cold and I constantly felt I had to “win” his affection towards me. It made me feel insecure and affected later experiences with men. I think when Clare went in to kiss Zach, she thought he either pulled away or didn’t lean in to kiss her and that startled her (like she had to work for the kiss and it wasn’t reciprocated). So she was put off by this and felt insecure. Then, when he grabbed her twice on her neck while she was trying to leave, it just triggered her based on her prior abusive relationship. Just a thought to explain that awkward encounter.

    1. Hi! Yes! I actually thought I said something like that but just realized I didnt type it out! Im going to add something now. Thank you!!

      And im sorry you had that experience

  2. I found it so rude that she essentially blamed the guys for “not giving her what she needed” and refused to give anyone a rose, when all she wanted was to talk about Dale and they wanted to talk about anything else and get to know her better. She is so inconsiderate and I need to wash that entire episode off me.

    1. Oh my gosh!!!!!! How did I forget to add this. Absolutely. I thought that was so rude. She could have given it out and said she was disappointed!

  3. I was okay with Yosef until he started saying he didn’t want to be associated with her & went into attack mode. Of course we didn’t see the whole convo. Then when I read your info on Yosef & his IG I feel like he’s a hypocrite.

    I’m finding Claire to be a bit rude at times. Like she feels that being considerate of other people’s feelings and showing it is a one way street. And she’s making out with Dale & the guys could hear it & know something is going on. Its completely understandable that the men would think their time is being wasted when Dale is all she talks & thinks about. She’s not as mature & strong as she says. I’m on the men’s side now. BTW I’m really liking Easy & Bennet too.

  4. I truly agree with all of these comments, that things aren’t being handled well on this season by Clare. However, I will say that I believe the producers didn’t choose old enough or mature enough guys for her this time… I was shocked that there were so many upper 20s and lower 30s there…. Even dale. She needs some guys 35 and to 45 years old to get her attention. Even dale is immature. She may have maturity issues due to past trauma, but she deserves a guy on her level. Not these guys she needs to “fix” like her first date or these hot head abusive men. Ugh… Come on bachelor. You could set her up for some kind of success… But i do think she is being short sited and only focusing on what she wants to hear and do with dale. Sadly I think she may end up disappointed by not getting to know him fully or the other “men”, or boys lol

  5. Love reading your thoughts on the episode!!! I agree with everything… She really doesn’t respect the men that showed up for the show and their time. I actually liked Clare, but after Monday’s episode I am really not feeling it with her anymore. Can’t wait for next week!!!

  6. Your comment about Mean Girls is so accurate! When I saw the “almost” kiss, my first thought was that she was so used to kissing Dale that she forgot and caught herself once she realized it wasn’t him! Clare is exhausting. I’m remembering why I couldn’t stand her back when she was on the bachelor.

  7. I 100% agree with you. I’m so over her part of the season.. What gets me is how she was so angry and upset about how Juan Pablo treated her, yet she is being so disrespectful to these men. If you love Dale, fine, you love who you love, but be respectful to the others! I feel bad for them! Saying that the men were making fun of her fiance, I mean, they don’t stand a chance. It could have been handled better! The date with all the men and a couple walking in on her and Dale, I found they both acted immature. Ok, you guys have a connection but it’s all about respect. Anyway, I’m super excited about Tayshia, she seems like such a genuine, kind person! 🙂

  8. Clare is the worst Bachelorette I have ever seen,. Honestly she is rude, and feels entitled! She demands respect but doesn’t give it. Good riddance to her, and I doubt her true love of Dale will last. I mean she’s known him for a week. Bring in Tayshia and maybe we can get some class back into this show. Looking forward to Clare’s exit and Tayshia’s entrance.

  9. I’ve never commented before but I really wanted to this season. Clare’s mind is like a bag of cats. You can smell crazy on her (what movie is that from?😛). I was excited to have an older bachelorette being older myself and she has fall short imho. That being said, I met my hubby when I was 30 at a party. He walked up to me to say hi and I said to myself “that’s my husband.” We’ve been married 21 years and were engaged and married within a year. I fully believe in love or “knowing” at first sight. Maybe Clare really does know. I do hope so, everyone deserves to meet their person ♥️

  10. I was annoyed with this episode too. I just felt like they should’ve just cut it down to what happened with Dale.

    I didn’t mind that Yousef was upset about the “strip dodgeball” group date, but you’re right this is nothing new with the show. The way he went about it was just so disrespectful. She heard him out and he owed her the same respect. And then when she told him to leave he just started screaming insults at her. It was just so disrespectful & shows who he is as a man.

    As for the 1:1 I do think the kiss situation was a misunderstanding & I agree that the way he went after her was a little too intense, but I don’t think he was being aggressive. I really thought it was rude that she didn’t send him home herself & that he had to hear it from Chris Harrison.

    I think a lot of what we’re seeing is producer driven. I don’t know what’s in her contact but I’m guessing a big part of why she’s going through the motions is because of that. When she asked the producers to move the date along I think she wanted to just be with Dale, and sent the rest of the guys home. In fact I think that’s why the group date was delayed. I think after talking to Deanna she just wanted to cancel the dates & be with Dale, but wasn’t able to.

    I’d just like to give her the benefit of the doubt because she’s probably thinking she should at least give these guys a chance & she’s bound to a contract.

    I’d love to hear yours & Ali’s perspective on what she’s bound to in the contract & what was producer driven when it came to this.

    Anyway I absolutely LOVE Tayshia and I’m excited to see her take over. I’ve been wanting to see her as The Bachelorette since Colton’s season.

  11. Enough had been said about the episode. I just came to comment that the picture with the present pet is adorable! I would definitely buy that if my kids were still little! Yesterday was my daughters’ birthday – 23 and 21! Ali’s kids make me miss their little selves but I love the young adults that they are!

  12. I agree that Clare is being disrespectful of the other guys! That she didn’t give a rose out on the group date was awful. They all wanted to talk about other things during their alone time but all she did was ask about Dale. I think Clare and Dale are in lust with each other. I’ve not heard any meaningful conversations between the two of them. Also, I am sad Tayshia is not getting her own 31 guys who are just there to date her. She’s getting Clare’s leftovers (although I like some of them), and only 3 or 4 new guys are coming in for her.

  13. 100% agree with so many of these comments! I also thought it was amazing that as she walked away from the roast she called Dale her fiance?! Her mindset is definitely with him. She also said she wanted to do the roast because she likes a man who can take a joke. Unfortunately, she couldn’t!
    Looking forward to Tayshia!

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