Our Little Band – My Top Toy Picks!

Hi guys! I can’t believe I’m already writing posts about potential holiday gifts! I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to the holidays this year more than ever! I think it’s safe to say it’s been a tough year and I know many of us could use some holiday cheer. That said, to get me in the spirit I’ve started my holiday shopping extra early this year! Plus, I love that I can ship most of the items to my in-laws house so they’re already there and tucked away for December. So today on the blog I partnered with Walmart and I’m sharing some of my favorite toys for kids that both of my kiddos really love! Walmart is always my go-to for toys. Who doesn’t want to get their kiddos fun toys that theyNot only do they have everything under the sun, but I love the convenience of Walmart+ and getting everything delivery quickly or being able to pickup curbside if I need to. Plus, they have great prices!

You’ll see that all these gifts are based around music and arts. I’ve just found that my kids are so inspired by music and love to sing and play instruments and I really want to foster that love. So if I’m going to get them a toy, I feel like I can’t go wrong with something musical or artistic!

Frozen Karaoke

I know what you’re thinking from looking at these photos. It’s what I would think. Why do I have this at my house when I should’ve just shipped it to my in-laws. And why did my kids get it early? Ha! To be honest with you, I started my holiday shopping about two months ago. The holidays tend to be a really busy time for me, so I’d like to get a lot of my shopping done early and like I said above, this year I think I just really desperately wanted to get into the holiday spirit as early as possible. And while I planned on hiding it in the shipping container to send to Mimi and Papa’s house for Christmas, Molly and Riley found it early! Ha!

guitar karaoke fun toys


But honestly, I’m glad they did. We have been having so much fun with it! Not only is it a karaoke machine where she can sing her absolute favorite songs (It connect to Bluetooth so you can play anything!), we all know how much Molly and Riley love to sing, but it also projects snowflakes up on the wall. They just think it’s the coolest thing ever! They keep talking about how they’re going to use it outside of Mimi and Papa’s house when it’s really snowing when we get there.

Molly’s favorite thing to do is take it into her room because it’s super dark in there from her black out curtains and just have a little solo concert by herself. And at the end of the day, it provides them with hours of entertainment! Below you’ll see a photo of Molly singing a bedtime song to Riley!  They love it, I’m getting the cutest videos of them ever in this house singing with it, and I just think it is such an incredible gift for any little Frozen fan or singing fan!

fun toys - molly karaoke microphone


I just noticed that it is actually on sale! It’s $10 less than I bought it for – so get it while it’s such a great price!!! Gotta love those Rollback prices!!!!


So this is pretty similar to the Frozen karaoke, but I wanted to add it here because not everyone’s child loves Frozen as much as mine do! If they love to sing and dance and you want them to have that same karaoke experience, I highly recommend this one! It’s basically a little DJ turntable that comes with a mic and I just think that it is soo cute. Not to mention it is slightly less expensive than the Frozen one, which is a definite plus if you’re shopping on a budget!


We’ve had this guitar for a couple months and it’s so cute. It looks just like a mini version of a grown-up guitar! Molly keeps asking if she can bring it on the plane. I’m sure the other airline passengers would love that. Ha! Trust me, get this for  your kiddos and they will not only be entertained, but provide YOU with so much entertainment. I have the cutest videos of Molly and my dad playing their guitars before he moved last month.

fun toys - guitar and karaoke



Okay so this one isn’t musical, but my kids LOVE it so I had to include. To be honest with you guys, I didn’t buy this gift. It was sent to us by a PR company that reps this brand. And I almost gave it away because we are moving. But one day while I was packing stuff up and just really needed the kids to have something to keep their full attention and I didn’t want to put on a tv show, I decided to grab this and let them open it. Oh my gosh the giggles that ensued were so much fun! SO much so that I just watched them play with it instead of getting anything done! Ha!

They keep calling our new pet, Owen’s sibling! They know how much they love each other and having a sibling and now they love that Owen has a little animal friend to love just as much as they love each other. You might’ve seen me post to Instagram stories about it and if you did then you know how excited they got! You pull a little tab and the puppy unwraps itself from the box and comes out barking and jumping around.

surprise puppy - fun toys



This is a different but similar option to the puppy above! I think my kiddos would both love this one too because it looks like a blow up balloon dog that you can get at a fair or carnival or something, but this one plays! It responds to your voice, makes noises and plays also you can train it with the squeaker toy to sit. It also comes with a special pin you can “pop” it with and it deflates – Molly and Riley would truly be hysterical over a little dog that they could teach and tickle his tummy to make him happy!

Crayola Silly Scents Markers

Oh my gosh, if you want something that will keep your kids creative I highly recommend these Silly Scent markers! Oh my goodness when I first gave these to the kids did we giggle! They absolutely love smelling every single scent with pure delight or pure disgust! The funny thing is Molly ended up liking most of the scents that were supposed to be yucky! For example she loves garlic and pickles so she loved those two scents. I just love these markers and I think they’re super fun so I wanted to share. Not to mention these markers are the perfect gift for a little one who loves arts and crafts or is just learning to draw letters or write! It gives them something fun to look forward to!

silly scents sweet & stinky markers


Bounce House

This one isn’t music or art related but I just realized I HAD to add it because of how much my kiddos love it! If you guys are looking for a great toy/activity to entertain your kids all winter long I can’t recommend this bounce house more! When quarantine started this thing entertained our kids so much and got so much energy out of them every single day!


They slept like champs after a day of bouncing! It sold out really quickly the first time I posted about it, but it’s back in stock, which I’m so excited about!!! This bounce house comes with a blower so even if you find other bounce houses that seem less expensive it’s usually because they’re bad quality or because they don’t come with the blower which is the most expensive part. I promise you if you get one of these it will be entertaining your kids all winter long while it’s cold outside.

A Few Honorable Mentions!

I wanted to add on a few more toys that I came across because I think that they would be so fun for my kiddos – I am actually considering shipping these to Indiana. Let me know if your kiddos have them and love them in the comments below!


This Elsa doll sings ‘Show Yourself’ and I love that because I think that Molly would LOVE this to sing along and play with. The mouth moves as she sings the song and it has lights that flash and she sings.  From the reviews it seems like it is really realistic which is amazing!!! I really think I’m going to have to get this Elsa for Molly.


I’ve been seeing these LOL Dolls become more and more popular. I have friends whose kids LOVE them. This one is a country music doll and comes with a few outfits and you can spin the record on the box to play a song.


This puppy piano is for 24 months and up, but I think it’s really good for any kiddo from about 2-6 to play piano on. I love that you can record what they play and that it has built in songs and beats.

Happy Shopping!

Thanks for coming by the blog today. I can’t wait to get more into the holiday spirit – and it makes life so easy to have holiday shopping earlier! I love that I can easily order for delivery or pickup from Walmart and then hide them right away! What are you getting your kiddos this year? Give me ideas in the comments below!

76 Thoughts

76 thoughts on “Our Little Band – My Top Toy Picks!

  1. Fantastic ideas, I miss your blog isn’t as frequent as it use to be. Would love to some affordable Friday lounge wear ideas for Thanksgiving and holidays since most people will stay home. Would also love a blog update about where you are moving to and when? And your thoughts of neighborhoods to live in. Also what will that mean for your and Kevin’s jobs? Looking forward to more posts when you settle in new area! Thanks for all you do!
    Would love some more Owen photos too with the kiddos.

    1. I know carol! I am goign to try to write more blog posts moving forward! It’s been hard with the kids ans covid. But once we move and I have my in-laws help I will have some more time to do it! We are moving in Indiana to stay with my in-laws for a few month while we figure out where we want to be in Nashville and find a place!

      1. Please know it wasn’t a complaint, it was a compliment! Your little ones keep you so busy. You do a fantastic job. I think there is a lot of Bachelor nation that knows good neighborhoods. So important to check out schools. Looking forward to hearing about your journey. Nice you get holidays with family! Most important thing! Stay safe and well! I check out your blog every day! You do a great job!

    2. My kids are older, but looking forward to grandkids some day! Love all of your toy ideas! One of my daughters favorite gifts was the karaoke machine and we got her a real mix stand! She’s now a middle school choir director!! You never know what the gifts will inspire!

  2. Hi Ali! Completely unrelated but will you be selling your dining room table?! Congrats on the big move! ❤️

  3. Hi Ali, I don’t have a question. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts and stories. You have a. Beautiful family and I am so excited for your move! In my opinion, pack up and move forward. Things will work out ! 💕💕

    1. I haven’t watch any of the season yet!!!! I really want to but I have been so swamped!!! I’m hoping to catch up!

  4. Hi Ali!
    I was wondering if you have any tips on becoming vegetarian. I have quit red meat and pork over a year ago. I have tried to also cut chicken and Turkey, however every I time I do I feel sick. I never have enough energy during the day. I do drink plant based protein drinks but it doesn’t seem to help as much. Appreciate any advice! Thank you!!

    1. I wish I had good advice. It was easy for me to do because I barely ate meat. I eat a lot of pasta and beans. A good bean burrito is a go to of mine. Maybe don’t cut it out and just eat less and less each month and soon you’ll cut it out? I had the opposite affect. When I stopped eating meat is when I got MORE energy!

  5. My 8 year old daughter wants a big kid bike. Hopefully they are back in stock soon because they sold out quick in the summer. We are getting my 18 month old an indoor playhouse to help us get through the winter months!

    1. WE JUST sold our bounce house because we are moving but the kids LOVED it! SO I highly recommend that too! My sister got one to entertain my nieces during the colder months! I linked it in the post!

  6. Just here to say I’ve been following you since the bachelorette days – fellow MA native! Please set aside some time to relax after the move. You all deserve it. Enjoy this next adventure. Also – is there such a thing as Vegan/Vegetarian Nashville Hot Chicken

      1. A question! When we went to Nashville it was our absolute fav – and a staple there. I am hoping you can find a meatless option and share the review!

  7. These all look great! One toy that I would recommend if you don’t have it or for other parents is the Leapfrog leap start 3D interactive learning system. My kids are 5 and 2 and both love it! You can get different books ( there are over 25 available for different age groups)for it and they use the pen to hear sounds and see 3D images and my goodness the giggles that have ensued with these! I got them the Trolls book for it and they absolutely love it! I know how much you said the kids love Trolls!
    But thank you for these recs! Love to see when you have new blog posts!

  8. I love the product reviews from real testers! I have grands that are Molly and Riley’s age, so these recommendations and reviews are super helpful! Thank you! I’ve started thinking about and planning for Christmas too. I have 8 grands that I am blessed to buy for. So much fun!!

  9. Thank you so much Ali. I am a nana to 6 grand babies and this helps me so much. Thank you for being such a caring, sweet, loving role model for others to follow. Good luck on your move, I’ll be sending positive vibes your way. P.S. You were THE BEST Bachelorette ever!!
    Huggs to you beautiful family… Kathy Oshkosh, Wi

  10. this is great Ali! I have gotten a couple things for my kids to save for Christmas but looking for other ideas for my 2 year old! I did want to share, if you don’t have it, the Leapfrog Leapstart 3D interactive learning system has been so great for my 5 and 2 year old! The giggles that have ensued over this and learning lots of new words! You can buy different books for it (over 25 available for all diff age groups). I just got them the Trolls one and its now their favorite! They have giggled so much and love playing with it everyday! So happy to see a new blog post! 🙂

  11. Very nice. I don’t have small kids but now that one is a adult ( 20 ) & 1 is almost 17, I have a hard time shopping for them. All they want is money but still like to put something under the tree ( by the way I hate Christmas, always have ) but we still put up the tree & give them some stuff under it. If you read this I have a question for you since you have a dog. What are your thoughts on putting pj’s on a dog? My fur baby is a Jack Russell Chichhua mix & he’s small & gets cold in the winter.
    I’m sure Molly & Riley will love anything you buy them. I would say just buy them anything about what they are into, ex if Molly like say Paw Patrol buy stuff about that & if Riley is into say Thomas then buy Thomas stuff.
    Last but not least love seeing all your posts & photos. You have a beautiful family. Good luck with the house & move. Also thank you for everything you do with your giveaways ( hopefully I’ll win one day, hint hint wink wink lol.

  12. Great recommendations! My daughter is really into pretend pet dogs and cats this year because my husband is adamant against having a real one. I love the ideas so thanks for sharing! Talia just turned 7 so she’s sort of in between the younger princess stuff and into things like LOL OMG’s and O-M-G their little parts and outfits are all over her bedroom! My son, Tristan is 9 so I have to say it gets harder to gift at this age. All robucks (which is not even a tangible gift), video games and more expensive asks (electric scooter, chromebook). I would agree anything musical is a wonderful way to foster their interest. The new baby alive and cry baby seem to be pretty popular too. Happy shopping! I’ve started mine already too. I started following your stuff a couple months ago and am loving it. So thanks Ali and keep the posts coming!

  13. Very nice. I don’t have small kids but now that one is a adult ( 20 ) & 1 is almost 17, I have a hard time shopping for them. All they want is money but still like to put something under the tree ( by the way I hate Christmas, always have ) but we still put up the tree & give them some stuff under it. If you read this I have a question for you since you have a dog. What are your thoughts on putting pj’s on a dog? My fur baby is a Jack Russell Chichhua mix & he’s small & gets cold in the winter.
    I’m sure Molly & Riley will love anything you buy them. I would say just buy them anything about what they are into, ex if Molly like say Paw Patrol buy stuff about that & if Riley is into say Thomas then buy Thomas stuff.
    Last but not least love seeing all your posts & photos. You have a beautiful family. Good luck with the house & move. Also thank you for everything you do with your giveaways ( hopefully I’ll win one day, hint hint wink wink lol. Oh ya maybe Molly would like one of those life like baby dolls.

  14. I actually bought a similar karaoke machine for our granddaughter last year when she was 3. Thought it was so cute and she loves music. she broke it 2 weeks after Christmas 😢 if I remember correctly our son said he thinks she was dragging it around by the microphone. 🙄 think I will wait until they are at least 5 years old to buy these kinds of gifts in the future

  15. Great ideas, it is never too early too start shopping, for the holidays, but especially this year, with most of us, stuck at home.

  16. I love that blue top your wearing! Can you link it? Also, I hope the move goes well. Living in the south is so great!

  17. Ali for some reason I’m not seeing your Instagram stories an I want too! Also you can never go wrong with legos my boys adored them growing up. It was so much fun spending time together creating things with them

  18. Hi Ali! I am just here to tell you that I LOVE following you and your beautiful little family! I live in Pittsfield, MA. I have 2 little ones as well. My son is 7 and daughter is 3. Just wanted to say good luck to you guys on your move! My parents and in laws help us with the kids so we can work and I will tell you, you won’t regret being around the grandparents! It is the best ever. The look in your children’s eyes everyday will be magical! Good luck to you!! ❤️

  19. Thank you so much for posting these! My best friends daughter is the same age as Molly, so these are super helpful!! She will loveeee that karaoke machine ❄️ Also, thank you so much for posting about your sweet family! Love seeing it everyday 😊

  20. These all sound like great ideas. I just wish I had little kids to buy for. Think the Frozen Karoke is really fun. Maybe I’ll buy one and donate it to a local toy drive for the holidays.

    Hope you will do some ideas for the holidays for adults and the home.

  21. These are great suggestions. I’ve been thinking of what to get my cousins son for Christmas and have literally no clue what to get a little boy. Your blog and IG is always so helpful/useful. I’ve been a huge fan of yours since the bachelor.

  22. Hi Ali!! How did Riley do at the dentist?! I have a 27 month old that has some plaque that needs to be removed on a couple bottom teeth. I keep putting off making an appointment because I feel like he’s to young. But you just gave me inspiration!! Thanks for sharing your life and Family with us 🙂 (ps miss your affordable Fridays! But understandable since you have a lot going on right now! Haha!)

  23. Be careful about the lol surprise dolls. I have a friend who has little ones and she put them in hot or cold water don’t remember which it was and rhe outfits completely changed, into something a little much for little eyes. There are also videos online showing them and how they change.

  24. Great finds 👍🏼 I have a toddler so I’m thinking the karaoke machine and pretend pet might be perfect!

    I just bought the life size Elsa doll and water Nokk. They interact with one another. I’m pretty excited to give them to her for Christmas.. only like 65 days away— but who’s counting!

    Take care and good luck on your move! My little LA fam is hoping to go east in 2021- this heat is intense and we want to be closer to family as well ♥️

  25. Thank you for sharing, those seem like great gifts love the Squeakee is adorable Molly’s face is so cute. My daughter is 9 but loves Lol dolls all the new stuff is coming out. Walmart also is my go to store. So happy to read your Blogs always great

  26. Just ordered those markers for my nieces birthday this weekend! Thanks for the suggestion! As a single gal I love living vicariously through you and your adorable family. ❤️

  27. These are such great suggestions! Please bring on more- with the holidays coming up and not really going out in stores much at all – I’m totally lost on cool Christmas gifts for my kids! And yes please write more- I love watching and reading about your family.
    Excited for your move – enjoy each moment. You are blessed and no matter where you are- home is with them. 🙂

  28. Not toy related , but I didn’t want to blow up your DM. I’m sure you get so many and I don’t want to add to your stress. Here’s my thoughts on moving. Life throws us curveballs. Sometimes, it’s hard to see what the universe is trying to teach us. If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it’s that life is very precious. Maybe it’s the right time to be w the in laws, maybe it’s the right time for them to spend time w the babies. Money will always come, houses will always sell. I like to ask what this struggle is trying to teach me, instead of stressing out about it. You guys are amazing parents. You are an amazing human and no matter what happens, this too shall pass. I’ve followed you from the beginning. Anyway.. just wanted to throw that out for you. I can’t wait to see the memories you will post in the coming holidays. Travel safe!

  29. Hey Ali! My kids are same age, son 4 daughter 2. They would love the bounce house. Do you let them go in together? I’m worried my 2 yo would get hurt. How did your kiddos do?

  30. I love the karaoke machine. I do birthday shopping around Christmas for my great nieces/nephews so the more ideas, the better! Unrelated- what was the bathroom scale that you shared a while back?

  31. Just be careful with LOL dolls! I have been hearing some crazy stuff like if you put them in water it reveals lingerie 🤦🏼‍♀️ I few of my friends tried it with their kids dolls and were in shock! All the other options are great gift ideas so thank you!

  32. My girls are now 11 & 13 yrs old and I’m not in the current toy market anymore but here are some things they have loved over the years:

    1) Calico Critters & accessories
    2) Shopkins & accessories
    3). Cash register with fake money and shopping basket
    4) Mosaic sticker crafts
    5) kinetic sand
    6) Modeling clay and baking it In the oven
    7). Melissa & Doug magnetic dress up dolls
    8) Melissa & Doug food sets
    9). Tea sets
    10) Mr & Mrs Potato Head

  33. I love the bounce house. Will you be taking that to your new house? I love how you always had it inside the house. How fun that is. I’m also thinking about the karaoke machine for my niece for Christmas. It looks like something she would love.

  34. Well- my “baby” is 12 and my oldest is 19, so my list of favourite things looks much different! LOL
    You are living some of the best years! Enjoy them as they grow so fast!

  35. Ali I love reading your blogs. Enjoy following your family. And I especially love when I see your Mom or sister and can hear firsthand little tidbits from them. You’re mothers face always lights up when she talks about those beautiful babies! Continued prayers for the sale of your house and for a smooth move to your in-laws. I’m sure they are counting down the days until you all get there!!!

  36. My children are 18 and 20 and our Karoke machine was one of their favorite Christmas gifts. I love looking at all your posts today. Molly definitely was in her glory. As a preschool teacher/director i love the silly scent markers. Great choices.

  37. A Bounce house was so key during the COVID quarantine for us! We were in the house for weeks and the bounce house in our basement was so key to keep our sanity! The kids could burn off some energy. We are in Canada so I was cold during our COVID shut down. My daughter liked LOL Dolls but the environmentalist in me can’t stand the excessive plastic packaging they come with.

  38. Ali thank you! I have been thinking about what to get my nieces for Christmas and I love the frozen karaoke! You always have the best blogs! Enjoy your time in Indiana, I’m from Indiana but live in Florida now. But what a good place to be for a short time. But it’s gonna be cold!!!!

  39. I cannot wait to get the unboxing puppy!! My little one is almost 2, so way under the recommended age but I think she will love this. Thank you for sharing!!

  40. My girls love those silly scent markers! I totally need to look into that Karaoke machine. My girls would die! 🙂

  41. These are great ideas!
    Here’s one to add, the Vtech Kidijamz Studio. Spin records just like Kevin! Lol.
    Congrats on your move. Where did you get the courage to make such a big decision and all of the energy to get everything spruced up for selling and now packing?

  42. Ali, You are so crismatic and fun to watch. I have a 6 year old daughter and we love watching your insta stories together. She also has an older brother named Ryley. =)
    We are also in the middle of a house build and are fluctuating between 2 cities 2 hours apart, it’s exhausting! We are doing all the work ourselves. Today I spent 6 hours on the roof in the freezing cold 🥶 (MN) staining tresses on our roof 3 stories up. Anyway, eventually we will looking for furniture…do you have a link for your console table? IT IS MY MOST FAVORITE piece of furniture, and I can not find it on wayfair or anywhere else. I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WOULD PAY TO HAVE IT SHIPPED FROM CA to MN. 🥰

  43. This is a little off topic, but I just saw your story about it being hard to find property in Nashville. I follow. @ourfauxfarmhouse on Instagram. They went out to Nash a few weeks ago (they’re from Austin) and bought a house in an amazing new neighborhood in Franklin on a whim. It’s full of farmhousey/modernish homes. You should talk to Holly & Brad to see if they have any info! They were out there last weekend and are moving in a few weeks.

  44. All great ideas tho my kids are adults. I find shopping for one of a kind gifts on Etsy offers unique gifting and supports small businesses. Good luck with your move!

  45. Ty Ali for sharing all these awesome toy ideas for Christmas gifts!! My granddaughters love frozen and would have so much fun with the karaoke player💖 Love the bounce house too!!! You can never go wrong with markers and silly scents they will love them!! Will for sure be checking into getting these online at Walmart asap😍Best wishes with your move!! So Happy for You & Your Beautiful Family!! I have been following you since the bachelorette and Yours and Kevin’s beautiful Love story, wedding and now getting to see your beautiful children❤️Thank You for always sharing all your discount codes with us, Your awesome!!!
    Carrie in N.C.

  46. Thank you for the tip on the Crayola Silly Scents markers! My guys love to make pictures & have used other “smelly markers” but it would be fun to surprise them with some new ones!

  47. Love your posts & blog. Still curious what happened with the rental. Did I miss the explanation somewhere?
    Planning on getting the kareoke machine & maybe even the guitar. Such awesome finds. Also going to check out bounce house for ages its good for. Hope everything goes as smoothly as can be for your move. I know its a stressful time. Hang in there. It will All be worth it when its all over. Wishing u nothing but the Best!!

  48. Love your posts & blog. Still curious what happened with the rental. Did I miss the explanation somewhere?
    Planning on getting the kareoke machine & maybe even the guitar. Such awesome finds. Also going to check out bounce house for ages its good for. Hope everything goes as smoothly as can be for your move. I know its a stressful time. Hang in there. It will All be worth it when its all over. Wishing u nothing but the Best!!

  49. I love these ideas! My niece loves “Frozen,” so I think the “Frozen” karaoke will be a great gift for her! I might even get her the guitar, too!

  50. Thank you so much for this guide! I really feel like you always gives such good tips for kids that are fun, relevant and practical. Praying for all of the transition and decisions on your lives! Thanks again!

  51. Ali, I’m going to miss you not living in California I’m an SF native and never had the nerve to leave the Bay Area We RV a lot and get out to many places, lakes, mountains, beaches and snowy Tahoe for adventures, but I’m so happy for you and your family’s new adventure ahead Best time to move while the kid-o’s are young and you getting to be with family all the time now is the BEST!!! Do you know Kristin Cavallari or Shawn Johnson ???
    Both have beautiful Nashville homes and I think something like that would be terrific for you and your family 😁 (Just my opinion)
    I follow them like I do you-
    Anyway, great picks for Christmas gift ideas I’m a Grammie so I remember my kids enjoying these types of toys and now see my grandchildren enjoying them
    Best wishes to you as you move forward to your forever home 🏡

  52. Hi Ali! Great toy ideas. I have a 2 1/2 year old who LOVES music, so that guitar and the karaoke machine look right up his alley. Might cause me to drink more wine, but oh well! 😂

  53. My daughter is also 4 (a few weeks younger than Molly) and always seems to be into all the same things you post Molly is into at the same time. Gabriella asked for the Frozen Karaoke machine for Christmas (after seeing the Amazon catalog in the mail) and I was THRILLED to see your post about it being on sale at Walmart. Bought it at 6am after seeing your Instagram post this morning. I can’t wait for the fun “performances” ahead when she gets this. Thank you for always providing us all with such great info despite how busy you may be!

  54. Hi Ali,

    What is your email address? I have a potential partnership I’d like to run by you? I saw it on the Instagram page But for some reason it wouldn’t load on my phone.

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