A Great Basic & Accessories Finish Your Fall Look

Can you guys believe that fall is less than a week away!? Fall Equinox is on September 22nd and then we all will have full reign to wear all the fall clothing and eat all the pumpkin spice things that we want. Not that we can’t do that now, but I’m truly hoping that we can start getting some cooler, crisp weather around here. Sooner rather than later because it has been so dang hot in  Southern California and I can’t wait to bundle up. One of my very favorite things to do is a take a basic, cozy dress and add accessories to create the perfect fall look. I am going to share a super affordable way of doing that today – and it’s not even Friday!

Cozy Fall Outfit

I thought that this is the perfect time to share this all with you so that you can snatch it up before fall really begins. I really love this shift dress that’s only $12. I’m wearing a size medium and it fits perfectly. It’s definitely on the baggier side so if that’s not your thing, you probably wouldn’t want to buy a shift dress. But I just think it’s such a great basic to layer with scarves and other things like cute little jackets for fall.

And the scarf!!!! I Looooove it. I feel like it looks like a Burberry scarf but it’s only $20!!!!!


I also got it in a leopard print which is amazing and I’m going to link it here even though it’s currently out of stock. Only because I hope it magically comes back in stock so you guys can get it! But this black solid print is great and it also comes in a few other colors so you could grab those as well.


I also want to share these boots. They’re $43 and that’s a steal for a pair of boots! What I really love about these boots is the extra wide calf and because of the super sturdy material they don’t fall down. I feel like if you have a hard time finding over-the-knee boots because you have a wider calf this will be a great option for you. Ends even though I don’t have a wider calf I actually really love how these look on my legs. There’s a blogger that I follow and she’s super tiny. Every time she wears a pair of boots I feel like they look so cute on her because they look oversized around her legs because her little legs are so petite. But then whenever I try to buy a pair of boots that she recommends, they’re super tight on my calf so it doesn’t give the same effect. What I love about these boots is that it gives that oversized effect on my leg. I would highly recommend these to anyone, especially for the price!


Fall is Coming!

Since fall is almost here, I’d love to hear what your favorite things are for the fall!! That can be favorite outfits, favorite autumn foods, favorite activities. Tell me what you love to do. And if there’s anything fall-related that you want to see from me here on the blog, please let me know!

10 Thoughts

10 thoughts on “A Great Basic & Accessories Finish Your Fall Look

  1. Adorable outfit for Fall! I think you posted this dress last year and I loved it then as a basic to layer over (you just reminded me to bring it out soon!).

    Happy happy birthday Ali!! Thank you for all your great content. I have a daughter the same age as Molly and a son the same age as Riley and I can’t tell you enough how much your IG stories brighten my day and give me ideas for my kids

  2. Not sure if this is where you wanted people to post flying tips – but here goes. I had to fly from California to Eastern Canada because my husband’s Mom passed away and we needed to get his elderly Father situated and cared for. Anyway, the flying part was hard but doable. The flight attendants remind people they have to wear their masks – but it is okay to take it off when you eat or drink on the plane. I found that people that don’t like wearing masks just made it point to always be eating or drinking so they don’t wear their masks basically at all once we are in the air. Just have a big meal before you leave for the airport and then keep your mask on the whole time – if you have to drink pull it down and take a quick sip and then put it back up. We flew business class so we wouldn’t have to worry if they would leave the middle seat open or not. Wear an N95 and don’t wear the kind that has a vent – they do not allow those any longer because the air that comes out of the vent is not filtered for the people around you. What we did (since we only had the kind with the vent) is wear the N95 and another mask on top of that. We also brought two little bags – one for the used masks and one for more mask for when we landed. We took off the N95’s during our layovers and wore a fresh regular mask (more comfortable since we had a 5 hour lay over). When we reboarded the new plane we put on two fresh masks. So, for each of us we brought a total of two N95’s and 5 regular masks. If you have the N95’s without a vent just bring 3 regular masks. Wash your hands a lot especially after you remove your masks. Bring wipes! clean anything you will touch on the plane including the seat belt and little button to recline. My face hurt that is for sure but be safe 🙂

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