Bachelor – Finale Night 1 (Updated!)

Hi guys! Thanks for coming over to the blog! I just noticed that there were a bunch of you on my site, most likely looking for my Bachelor blog since I always post them after the episodes are over – and this is a big one with it being the finale night 1. However, I wasn’t able to watch the finale in advance like I normally can since it is live, and it hasn’t even aired on the West Coast yet!  I wanted to get something up just to let you guys know to stay tuned for tomorrow.

But from everything I’ve read online here are my initial thoughts:


From what I’ve read and from what I’ve heard from you guys she was a bit too emotional tonight. Okay, way way way too emotional. However, we have to remember that this is her baby boy! She obviously wears her heart on her sleeve and I think her emotions just got the best of her. Plus, at the end of the day I think she was just trying to let Peter know that he and Madison are too different to make it work in the long-haul. If Peter was my son and I was trying to give him advice, I would also tell him that Hannah and was a better match for him. Because she is. Maybe they don’t have the same chemistry that he and Madison have, but at the end of the day, and I said this from the beginning, their differences in faith aren’t going to give them a fighting chance in the long run. Is it possible that they can make it work? Of course it is! Anything is possible! But it’s definitely not probable. So I think Peter’s mom is just very aware of this and wants him to find love. Although from what I’ve read, she could’ve done it in a better way and maybe wasn’t the kindest to Madison. But again, I’ll know more once I actually watch.

hannah ann peter finale night 1


I really do feel bad that Peter strung her along and brought her on a date after it was so clear that he wanted Madison. But Madison decided to leave and I’m sure Peter wants this to work more than anything. And I would like for it to work for him so much! If any of you watch my season a decade ago, yes it’s been a whole 10 years since my season, then you might remember that a guy name Frank left me in my top three. And to be completely honest with you, to this day I don’t know if I would’ve chosen him over the guy I ended up choosing. I think there’s a good chance I might have. But I was so heartbroken when he left that I convinced myself that I wouldn’t have chosen him anyway and that I was going to make it work with Roberto. And in the end I did get engaged to Roberto and it didn’t work. So I’ve always wondered, if things would’ve been different if Frank had stayed. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my life for anything and I’m so glad that he didn’t stay. But I wonder what would’ve happened if he did.

So I can only assume that Peter is feeling the same way right now. That he feels a little bit angry with Madison for leaving like I did with Frank. And he’s willing to do everything it takes to convince himself that it was Hannah and all along that he wanted to be with. I have a feeling he’s going to quickly come to the realization that it is Madison. But we will have to see.

peter final rose finale night 1


Chris Harrison says we haven’t seen the last of her. I have no idea what’s going to happen and I absolutely love it! I feel like every season we have some sort of idea. My best guess is that the producers have been talking to Madison all along and know that she’s interested in trying to have a relationship with Peter. And the reason I think this is that if she was totally done with him, I think they would’ve chosen her to be the next Bachelorette. I’m secretly really happy they didn’t because I love that Clare is going to be the Bachelorette at 38 years old. It’s about time! But if Madison was available I think they would’ve wanted her. So my guess is she’s not available because she’s still into Peter and that they are going to announce live tomorrow that they are dating.

Anyway, I just want to get this up to give you my initial thoughts on the Bachelor Finale Night 1. Again, this is based only on what I’ve heard from you guys and what I’ve read so I might change my opinion once I’ve actually watched it. But I want to get something up so you guys know my initial thoughts and see you guys can discuss in the comments below!


Hey guys, I just want to leave an update since I wrote this blog yesterday. As I mentioned I hadn’t seen the episode when I wrote it. After watching, I honestly stick by what I said. The only real thing I would add is that Barb really cross the line in my mind when she was trying to make the decision for Peter. Like I mentioned above, I completely understand that she is concerned about how his relationship with Madison could possibly work in the long run. But she should’ve asked him questions to help him get there rather than push her feelings and beliefs on to him. I’m proud of him for sticking up for himself and asking her to stop. So while I do think Barb‘s intentions were good, she just went about it in the wrong way. However, I still really feel for her. I know she’s getting a lot of heat online and it would absolutely break my heart if my mom was getting that kind of heat. So please let’s not be one of those people to continue to spread negativity. I think we can talk about it while being nice.

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business casual look with blazer finale night 1

business casual with blazer finale night 1


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Thank you for coming by my blog, it means so much to me!!

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121 thoughts on “Bachelor – Finale Night 1 (Updated!)

  1. I’m still so proud of Madi and how she’s handled everything, especially when his parents weren’t good to her. They clearly did not see his amazing connection with her or her heart and or her integrity and I’m disappointed with them and how they were a bit unkind to her. I do wonder if it was really their business the private conversations he had with Madi and her “not ultimatum.” I think that wasn’t the best way to start their interactions with her. I think his parents got in her head and got her second-guessing, which led to her leaving. The parents seemingly always steer them toward the safe choice, which is usually not the one you can tell their heart wants. My option is that the heart knows better and where there’s a will to make it work, there’s a way.

    1. Audrey, your comment couldn’t have summed up the Madison situation better! I agree with you 100%! I truly hope Peter chooses Madi in the end, because clearly they have the strongest connection, despite lifestyle differences. If you have a will to make it work, you can. It is the doubt that gets in the way. Have faith, and anything is possible!

    2. This is my feelings as well!! I love how she stood up for herself, I did not like the way his family treated her and agree that Peter should have kept that private conversation they had in the hanger to himself, I feel he set her up to fail with his family, I mean they already meet her and obviously likes her when he took her in his one on one in the beginning. I hope he still chooses her in the end!

    3. I guess I was not truly crazy about tonight’s episode. I am glad Madison stood her ground as did Peter. I think his parents were really only truly trying to help as they could see him struggling. I noticed on the preview of tomorrow nights episode when Peter was sitting on the couch they showed Julie L on his immediate right hand side leaning forward. My first thought was could the rumors that were flying about the two of them being involved with one another be true! Guess we will have our answer tomorrow evening.

      1. I love reading some of the updated postings about the Finale. I wish I have more time to read all the comments Haha I enjoyed it too much.

        Have you seen Peter’s Mom rolling her eyes when they showed the clip when Chris visited Maddie in Alabama? How immature of her to act that way on TV. Also, when she explained about the 3-hour waiting in Australia for Maddie’s visit, I felt like I was listening to a middle schooler blaming someone. I admire Peter’s parents during Hannah B’s season but they appeared to be different and unkind this season.

        And the reason why the Finale was dramatic was because of the Mom who cried without tears.

        Thankfully though, the break up of Hannah Ann and Peter wasn’t as bad as Arie’s season. Although it was still bad because Peter should have not proposed if he wasnt really sure. But hey, it is reality TV, there will always be chaos and the participants mess up.

        I’m sure Peter’s family will be surprised that Peter’s partying is over because he is ready to settle down.

    4. Amen….she is a woman of integrity who hasn’t let this show get to her. She has stuck her to her expectations of Peter and she is right at the end of the day there is life is after this and although Peter is the bachelor…this is their story and she has a right to have expectations. She has handled her hurt with grace and dignity and has been kind to Peter during this. I get they have different lives…but I dont agree that Hannah Ann is the right one because she is easy…she doesnt challenge him at all and he will get bored of her in the end.

    5. I agree with your comment. Beautifully said. I never think it’s ok to shame others for their beliefs. I felt that coming from Peter’s parents. Also just because they don’t have exact religious backgrounds doesn’t mean it won’t work. I dislike that argument. My husband knew God and was a believer, but his relationship with Jesus is stronger because of my foundation in life with Christ.

    6. I agree with you on this. She stood by her convictions when she was talking to Peter’s Mom who was somewhat a bit unkind to her. So sad that Peter’s parents are among those cool parents they didn’t handle the situation with Madi very well.
      Also, it seems like Peter’s parents wanted to pursue Hanna Ann for him but this is not their love story, this is the love story of Peter so Peter should be the one deciding who to marry and he needs to follow his heart.
      I could see another Colton situation here without jumping the fence LOL. Peter might pursue Madi after the filming, and they live happily ever after. Praying for them to have peace in their hearts as they find great love with each other.

    7. I 100% agree with everything you said, Audrey! Peter’s family can push their beliefs and opinions on Peter all they want but, in the end, it’s SO clear that he is way more in love with Madison than Hannah Ann. You can’t force love just because Hannah Ann is the safer choice.

  2. Madison did incredibly well in that situation and you definitely heard right…Peter’s mom was a bit much. Peter even had to tell her to stop. I do agree Madison and Peter’s difference in faith is going to make it difficult, but I also agree that he wants this to work (badly). I hope he doesn’t pull and Ari or a Jason and get engaged to Hannah only to realize he loves Madison despite their differences and dumps her for the other girl. It has worked for both of them, but it’s not a guarantee. I wish they would have aired the whole thing tonight, but tomorrow we will see. Cannot wait to read your thoughts after it airs!

    1. Sadly I think we are going to get an Arie or Jason situation. I think he proposes to Hannah Ann and can’t get Madi out of his head and has that constant “what if “ and breaks it off with Hannah Ann. I think that’s the clip we see of him saying “ I’m so sorry , I never never meant for this to happen”. I do think his mom was way to emotional and they were a bit to hard on madi. They clearly don’t want to hear Peter out on his amazing connection with madi and almost make it look like they want him to go for the “slam dunk” sure thing” even if that’s not necessarily what he wants. It was a bit too much and even Peter had to tell his mom to stop. Madi handles herself with grace and maturity. I think we will see other break it off with Hannah Ann tmrow And that him and madi have been dating and trying to make it work. I do feel awful for Hannah Ann but I do think if she goes to bachelor in paradise she will thrive

    2. I’m starting to sense Peter is willing to make lifestyle changes as well, and up to know was heavily influenced by his family and social circle up to now, but that doesn’t mean that was how he always wanted his life to be. They don’t want someone to change him, and said he “parties”, but when someone is ready to settle down, they are ready to stop partying. I feel like maybe he’s ready for that.

  3. Love the post, maybe I’m a hopeless romantic but I do believe that Peter and Madison’s chemistry is off the charts. I want to say that this hurdle will make then stronger if they are together. I think religion is important to her, but she is willing to grow with her partner in that. We all grow and evolve with our partners and that’s how people are able to stay together. When you stop growing and evolving that’s where the problems can come in. I think Madison is refreshing to Peter and he might be looking for that change in his life. Maybe in wrong.

    1. I totally agree that their love will grow and he said he is spiritual and maybe he is attached to her faith and it will make him become a stronger Christian. Faith can inspire people and change lives.

  4. Wow I can’t believe you brought up Frank from your season. He was my favourite and i was cheering him on from beginning, but not everything is meant to be and everything happens for a reason.

    Love your blog! Thank you for taking the time out of your crazy life to still continue to write 🙂

  5. Totally agree with commenter below! After watching this episode I feel like I understood why Peter has an affinity and infinite patience for dramatic/self centered women. I feel like his mom was concerned with an image she was portraying on TV and she didn’t like that Madi interrupted her. I’m not sure I see him with Madi but she was genuine and honest and did not deserve to be put down for her beliefs, whatever they may be.
    PS I hope that mean internet person stopped writing negative comments to you! I’m a mom of two little kids and always admire how you are even able to share the tough times with all of us. When faced with a sick child, I’m anxious, ultimately despite best efforts nor to getting irritable due to lack of sleep then feel guilty for feeling like that and look terrible – so you are handling mom life way better then the average person!!

  6. Not sure if anyone listened to Bachelor Happy Hour podcast last week—it was the podcast that Chris Harrison was on as the guest. He revealed that he had dinner with Peter the night before he recorded the podcast and shared that Peter REGRETS the decision he made during fantasy suite week. I think he meant that he regrets being intimate with whoever because he’s not dating Madi and is probably still having to deal with the consequence of being intimate with someone during fantasy suite week. Which makes me think he’s dating Madi or they’re trying to work it out and that we will find out tomorrow if they’re still together and moving forward with their relationship.

  7. I have really liked Peter’s mom but was disappointed in her reactions tonight. She was pretty rude to Madison and it seemed so important that Hannah loved Peter so much but when she saw his reaction to how much he cared about Madison she was so dismissive of it. One thing Madison said that was so profound and has never really been said before was that it was her journey as well. Yes, Peter is The Bachelor and it is his journey but it is not a journey he is taking alone. These contestants come on the show and often give up so much and are so invested that it is there journey as well and that is rarely acknowledged. I really like Peter but after watching his season he seems less mature than he did on Hannah’s season. When his family talked about how physical he is in relations and how he likes to go out to clubs with his friends. My hope is he chooses either of these girls he is willing and ready to be in a more mature relationship.

    1. I’m not a Madison fan cause I don’t think she knows who she really is. She gave an ultimatum but still there after knowing that Peter was intimate with someone. Her beliefs, I believe were put in her head by her parents, not necessarily hers. No judgement (neither good nor bad) on parents. We just tend to do so as parents. I think that she’s too sheltered and so hasn’t gone through a lot of experience to find who she is and what is true to her.

      1. I think she knows exactly who she is and is strong in her faith and will not compromise her beliefs just to get the guy. Of course some of that comes from being raised in a Christian home but I think you are mistaking being naive and being a Christian.

      2. I agree with Grace…Why did Madison go the show.? She surely should have known the Premise of the show. If Peter chooses her I give them maybe 6 months.!!

        I think Hannah is as cute as a button!!!!!

        1. I too keep wondering why Madison went on the show, especially with Peter!! I found her self righteous and very rude last night. Perhaps Peter’s family came on strong, but she made NO attempt to understand them or welcome them into her life, even though Peter is so close with them.

    2. I completely agree! I have always said the same thing as well. Most people don’t realize that relationships are with TWO people not one. And what Madi said about it being her journey as well, no one ever says it, but these girls would be LYING if they didn’t think it. Once this whole “Bachelor” facade goes away, all that is left is a relationship between two people. If the other person in that relationship isn’t up front about her expectations in that relationship, then once all this facade is over, that relationship ultimately won’t last. This whole process makes a relationship hit a fast forward button, so just because Peter and Madi has hit a roadblock already, doesn’t mean that relationship is destined to fail, it means there are being honest about their feelings so they can continue to grow once this show is over. So kudos to Madi to being the first woman to step up on this show and say everything “most’ women have been thinking all along

  8. The reason Barb doesn’t think Madi’s heart isn’t in this is because she was so busy drilling her!! Madi literally had to cut her off so she could get a word it. She backed Madi into a corner and I think Madi handled it like a champ. That would have been a really tough situation.

    Can it work between Peter and Madison? It could.. but it would take a lot of effort on both ends. Peters job takes him away a lot so he needs someone mature, who is a strong community at home And Madi fits that bill. And Peter May be a “party boy” but that’s probably because he hasn’t found someone he would rather stay home with. Just because Madi is religious doesn’t mean she’s a stick in the mud. I think they would have a lot of fun together, they would just maybe not stay out all night on Saturday so they can be up for church on Sunday. No biggie.

    And Peter already said he could use some growth in that department so I think he’s willing to put in the effort.

  9. I find it interesting his mom thought they weren’t compatible because of her faith yet she brings up she prayed the night before and that god brought Hannah Ann to him… 🤔

    1. I had the same thought, Bobbi, and I also noticed Peter’s dad was wearing a cross necklace. I think it’s weird that his mom told Madi that he likes to party and she doesn’t want anyone to try and change him. That’s so odd to me! Most parents hope that their adult children will “settle down”.

      1. Agree with you. I read somewhere that Peter still lives in his parents’ basement which I find a big red flag, too. Maybe his mom wants him to keep living there and keep living the single guy life which is completely weird to me. I get the feeling she will be a very controlling mother in law, she’s way too involved in her adult son’s life and especially if he still lives at home.

    2. YES! I kept wondering the same thing. “We are spiritual but not necessarily believers…” Yet she was very keen on “God brought you to us.”
      I also thought it was weird that HE shouldn’t have to change at all. He could party and whatever and never grow as a person. Isn’t that what growing up and marriage is? A little compromise and growth together? I think Peter and Madison can make it work, but it’s going to take some time. I feel like he should let Hannah Ann go since he clearly isn’t as in to her as she is to him. She deserves more.

    3. Exactly!!!!! Ugh. Madi handled herself with grace and maturity. I feel like barb and Peter’s neither are more concerned for his sex life than he is. If chooses madi will there be challenges. Of course !! There will be with Hannah Ann also. Peters mom wants him to go with the sure thing , “slam dunk” choice that appears to be more compatible with his “lifestyle “ of line dancing and going out to clubs as his brother said. But isn’t this about finding a wife and starting a new type of life , not feeling it necessary to go out partying all the time. I’ve grown to like Hannah Ann over the last few episodes but I think peter will always “wonder” about madi if he doesn’t pursue her off the show. If he proposes to Hannah Ann because she’s the last one standing and madi has left that’s not fair to Hannah. I think madi leaves and then regrets it , because she truly loves Peter and then that makes Peter second guess proposing to Hannah Ann even more. I think that’s where the clip of him apologizing and saying he never meant for this to happen comes in. He breaks it off with Hannah to try and date madi in the outside world. I feel like his family didn’t really grasp how much he lives and cares for her and only focused on her beliefs and morals. They’re more worried about his “social life “ than him growing his faith with a woman he truly loves

  10. Peter graduated from Baylor University. That is a very religious school. So Madison’s religion is is not new to him. Prior was a Christian Academy. Furthermore, I thought he wanted to get married. Most people expect to give up all the clubbing and sex with other people.

  11. Wow! I just finished watching and now I understand why Peter falls for dramatic women and tears. His mom was almost manipulative with her tears. This whole season makes so much more sense to me now.

    I love Madison. She handled herself so well against Peter’s mom especially when she was still feeling unsure of everything herself. I do 100% agree with her that this is as much her journey as it is Peter’s and I don’t think he’s gave him an ultimatum. I think she told him that while thinking I love this guy and if he truly loves me back and sees a future with me, he won’t compromise my trust to hook up with someone else. She wanted him to know it would be hard for her to deal with if he slept with the others, he did it anyways and just like she said, it was hard for her and on their relationship. I’m sure she’s not the only person in Bachelor history who had trouble knowing he slept with someone else on the show. The difference is, they usually deal with it post show and end up breaking up before the final rose.
    I have nothing against Hannah Ann but I don’t think she is the one for him. I hope Peter and Madison can figure this out.
    Im finally excited to see what happens! Lol it’s been a tough season to watch tbh. I’m so glad they chose Clare for the bachelorette. Maybe we can see more of the love story progress rather than petty drama.. maybe.

    1. I agree with everything you said- from his mom, to Madison and Clare!

      I told my husband last night that everything all of the sudden makes sense about Peter after watching the interaction with and regarding Madi with his family. I feel like he is so indecisive because when he tries to make a decision that his mother doesn’t agree with, she tries to change his mind and convince him why SHE is right. I also said the same thing you did about why he falls for the manipulation by tears because she does the same to him.

      I think Hannah Ann is a sweet girl but I don’t feel she is the one. The chemistry with Madi gives him the drive to work for it. It will take work with her because of their differences but hey- maybe building a stronger faith, less time in the clubs and intimacy with multiple women will be a good change in Peter’s life. I really feel like he’s a great person but everyone has room to grow and grow up in their 20’s and I think she will push him to be an even better version of himself.

  12. I’m loving all the comments here tonight. And I’m glad to see so many positive comments about Maddie. I think from Peters perspective he really could have a happy life with Madison. I just wonder if she would be as fulfilled in the long run. But if they end up getting together I will be happy for them.

  13. The thing about tonight’s episode that made me the most sad was the fact that we have a girl who expressed her feelings and had the guts to put them out there. We as viewers get used to watching the bachelor/bachelorette be in such a control seat.. where they are able to pretty much a do and say whatever they want in any relationship that they want and the majority of the time that contestants on the show have to just deal with it. I can’t imagine being Madison and being a Virgin and having it hit her when things got so serious that my possible future husband who I’m falling in love with might propose to me after he has slept with somebody else a couple days ago.. I think it was at that moment it hit her that she did not like the environment she was in. I think it is sad that Peter’s parents and brother somehow think it’s odd for her to be un comfortable with her future husband sleeping with somebody else while they are together. In any other environment That would not be OK. I think that Peter has an opportunity to grow and just because as a single man he has slept around and likes to go out to clubs doesn’t mean that at some point hes not going to settle down and stop being that part of himself. The beauty in life is that there’s things that we do in our youth and then we grow up. I think that Peter is drawn to Madison because I think that he sees the type of woman that she is and I think that he likes the opportunity that maybe he can grow into being a better version of himself than he might feel he is now. I think he loves Hannah and because she’s a sweetheart but I think he is madly in love wouldn’t with Madison.

  14. I really enjoyed the episode. In my opinion, I think Pete and Madison are dating but not engaged. I felt bad for Hannah Ann.

  15. I haven’t watched the entire season, maybe just the last 5-6 episodes but I love that Madison has stood her ground and expressed truly how she feels with her standards. I had the same standard in life and am happy that I stayed a virgin until I was married. I never have to have my husband worry about that I gave my entire self to someone else before him. The world we live in wants everyone to know think you have to have sex to know if someone is the one and you really don’t. If you love someone you should fall in love with what they give on the inside with their heart than worrying about the physical side. The physical side changes as you grow older due to age and having kids and if they love your heart to begin with than your physical appearance should not matter as much. I hope he is with Madison and they are working it out. Plus I think he is looking for someone to push him to be a better man and she would fit the bill the best!

  16. Peter’s Mom saw what most mothers would, its not going to work with Peter and Madison. Even if they give it a shot. Madison is not “lost” but she’s caught between her true feelings and what she thinks she’s “supposed” to do. She is very deep in her faith and that’s fine but if she chooses that path, she should not deviate, which she did by going on the show. She’s obviously questioning things in her own life to branch out on this sort of platform but then got scared and defaulted back to what is expected of her. Peters Mom is right, emotional or not, Madison is living in idealism not reality. I’m sure there are people who exist in her idealism (religion) but she should have laid that out in the beginning. If I had a son, I’d tell him to watch out too. Her intentions are not pure or respectful of him. They’re respectful of her religion and that’s her goal, not his. Her religion and goals have been set for her and she’s accepted that, blindly. It’s unrealistic and disrespectful to expect that same blind faith of someone else just because he loves her. I really likes her before but it seems as though she’s letting fear, not faith run her life and decisions. Making decisions out of fear helps no one.

    1. I understand the issue with questioning their compatibility in the arena of her faith…but what is happening is a relationship. And in relationships there must be communication about expectations. I have been married for 25 years, my husband and I do not always agree. Sometimes we discover that via every day life when one of us does something, and sometimes it becomes evident in a conversation regarding a specific topic we are discussing. This is normal and healthy-and from there we continue to choose to love each other.
      What is needed in this situation, and in all real life/healthy relationships is communication. I believe what we are seeing is the real life ongoing reality of what a real relationship ALWAYS is, and by NECESSITY MUST BE for a relationship to survive and thrive which is communication.
      This may not be giving us the feels we long to see on this show, it may not make for the most ideal looking romance made for tv-but it is a picture of what real raw relationships are made of. And if anything else about this process, it may well be the only thing that sees two people make it beyond the publicity drive that goes beyond The Bachelor into real life for ever.

  17. I also thought the fact that she couldn’t be comfortable with her decision to remain a virgin without controlling him was immature. He wasn’t a virgin going into it, yet she expected him to change within a week (or less) to her standards. It’s immature and lacking in faith. Sounds more like acting on control, which her parents and religion set out for her.. She’s confused and wants to be catered to because she has catered to the decisions made for her in life. I doubt Peter wants her parents running his life, which is what marriage to her seems it would be.

    1. There have been a few bachelors who didn’t use the fantasy suites to have sex so I don’t think it’s that too crazy of an idea. There have also been bachelors and contestants who have strong religious beliefs – nothing about coming on a show contradicts that.

    2. I disagree. It’s kind of like a Cassie/Colton situation. They know that the bachelor wants to get engaged but they can’t get engaged to them. Madison said she couldn’t get engaged to someone who had just slept with two others the week before.

      I do wish Madison had told him she loved him and was a virgin before the fantasy suites.

      Peter is in trouble because he has said “I knew from week four” He is going to be in the same spot Andi was…where she said, “It was always Josh!” And yet why did she sleep with Nick then?

      The only successful Bachelor (meaning he proposed to and married his top choice) has been Sean, who didn’t sleep with anyone in the fantasy suites.

    3. She didnt ask him to change or even judge him for his past. I think she was honest in saying…hey we are a week away from getting engaged…if you know it’s me or have a feeling its me…dont sleep with anyone else. Why is that so wrong. This issue has split up numerous bachelor and bachelorettes relationships. At least she was honest prior to and is dealing with it. She said it would be hard…as in it would hurt if you cant take care of me…she is walking out that pain.

    4. I do not believe there was any indication whatsoever that Madison was not comfortable with HER decision to wait to have sex before marriage. The show provides no evidence at all that she was uncomfortable with HER choices thus far. She did not expect him to change to her standards for the sake of becoming like her. What I do believe we see though is that Madison communicates her convictions that she is living out, and she also communicates to Peter how his actions may affect their relationship….this is a healthy thing to do, especially in a situation as this where there are multiple people involved dating, and the opportunity for intimacy is possible-and maybe even excused as being ok just because one is on the show. He was free to choose what he wanted, and he did. Regardless if a man or a woman is on tv or not, or what the name of the game is, we all are free to choose what we want to do, BUT we must be prepared for how our actions affect those around us for better or for worse. Peter made his choices, and now the question becomes-can their relationship bear the consequences of those choices. Ultimately, both Madison and Peter will have to work that out.

  18. I am in agreement with Peter’s mom. I think it’s so hard for Peter to see the big picture…their religious beliefs are so different and it’s sad that she didn’t bring it up earlier so they could really discuss the issue and figure out if they could make it work. She waited till the end to say something and that turned out to be a disaster. I also feel so bad for Hannah Ann…it seems she’s being strung along by Peter and she has her full heart in it. After tonight’s preview showing Madison I don’t know what will happen…we will see tomorrow.

    1. I dont think that she waited until the end to share her beliefs, yes maybe about how strongly she felt about fantasy suites, but being very similar to Madi in this regard, her faith would have been something she brought up early on because if she did not know that Peter shared the same belief in Jesus as her, she probably would have walked away earlier and not have pursued him further. I agree it was heart wrenching watching Hannah Ann! She seems super sweet, but I think he feels challenged more by Madi to be a better version of himself, and that is why he is so attracted and in love with her

  19. Peter is screwed! If he were with Hannah Ann, she would watch last night’s episode and realize she was really his second choice. He wants to want Hannah Ann because it would be easier, but his obvious love and connection with Madison is so much greater. He would always be thinking about Madison. It reminds me of the movie Closer…Peter is Jude Law’s character, Hannah Ann is Natalie Portman’s character, and Madi is Julia Roberts’ character (not with regards to their actions but their positions!)

    This reminds me of Arie… Becca was the safer, better on paper choice, but his true love was Lauren. And we all know how that turned out! Same with Jason. Then again there’s Des, who wanted the guy who left (which never would have worked!) but she made it work with Chris. Peter should be like Colton with Cassie – say it’s Madi or no one.

    How can Madi watch last night’s episode and feel good about her place with Peter’s family? Barb will be the mother in law from hell! I do NOT see Hannah Ann as Peter’s perfect match. The connection with Madison is SO much greater. Why did he have to sleep with Hannah Ann and Victoria?? If he knew he wanted Madison, why would he sleep with the other two? He and Madison would have gotten engaged and she wouldn’t have left. But you can’t blame her for not wanting to be engaged to someone who slept with two others six days prior! Gross!

    I think Madi will find herself in a situation where, if she and Peter are together now, a lot of people won’t support her decision. But after last night, I actually hope they try! Opposites attract! I hope they give it a fighting chance but take it slow. They could be the new Colton and Cassie! Cassie left too and Colton was a virgin… they seem very in love now and could get married one day!

    I can never get past Barb cheering about Peter having sex with Hannah B. four times. She needs to let go of Peter a bit and support his decisions rather than trying to influence his decisions.

    1. Totally agree. And, regarding Arie, didn’t his parents sort of steer him toward Becca as being the smart, safe choice? As much as they love Peter, his parents need to let him decide who he wants to be with.
      And I love how strong Madi was when talking to Peter’s mom. That had to be intimidating, but she never backed down.

  20. Peter has created a huge mess. It seems like he has known all along it was Madison in the end so he shouldn’t have slept with the other girls in the fantasy suite after Madison told him she couldn’t handle it. Now he isn’t even telling Hannah Ann that Madison left and just leaving her in limbo. Torture. Side note: Madison can’t make up her mind and is too young for this. Peter’s mom is just trying to look out for him and is just saying out loud what everyone thinks and probably what Hannah B’s parents wanted to say to her about Jed!!!!!

  21. Everyone has a God shaped hole that only he can fill. Peters tried to fill that hole with loose living which has left a void in his life. I feel Peter wants what Madison has…and that’s a relationship with Jesus Christ. Should they date in real life…he may find that! I know that’s the situation with Sean & Catherine. She chose to accept Christ during their dating relationship outside the show.

    1. This! Yes, and only true believers will recognize this, but Peter is drawn to Madi because of Jesus, plain and simple.

    2. Oh I love this! I think so very true. I loved watching it play out for Catherine and Sean and I have a feeling we are seeing it play out again. I read that Justin Bieber said he ran into Pilot Pete at his church. If that’s true, wow! I believe Hillsong LA or NYC. I have a sneaky suspicion you are right and there’s a lot more at work here than meets the eye. On a really crazy side note: Pilot Pete favors a young version of my grandpa (also a Pilot) and Madi favors my grandma. Is that weird or what?! I’ve seen it with Pete the whole season but last night, in Madi’s profile, She reminded me so much of my beautiful Grandma, lol.

      1. I have to wonder if this evening, considering all that has happened-if Peter would not be asking to begin a dating relationship with Madison…I cannot imagine a proposal with all of the dynamics that they are dealing with. But could see the situation where he asks to be in a relationship with her.

  22. The most telling conversation I saw lastnight was Peter wIth his brother. I think Peter loves Madi (or at thinks he does) and will end up pursuing her. I don’t see it lasting. You can change for someone, for awhile. In the end you end up resenting them.

    1. This!!! It looks like Madison doesn’t drink, and wants someone to go to church with her on Sunday and settle down, this is not Peter. Peter is a pilot, who clearly is still in a phase in his life where he wants to go out and party. Neither of them is wrong, but I just don’t see their lifestyles working out together long term.

      1. But wait, if Peter is still in a phase of life where he wants to go out and party, then he shouldn’t have come on the show to find a wife and settle down, those are two separate things.

        1. I agree Jackie! If he’s going on the show to find his forever love and propose, that entails settling down with someone. I would guess that’s his intention since he’s taking this all so seriously.

          1. I disagree with the notion that you have to “settle down” to find a life partner. I think you can prefer a fast paced life like Peter and find someone who is compatible with that lifestyle.

        2. Unfortunately I think most people are going on this show for reasons other than finding a forever life partner, not sure if Peter really is ready after watching this season. I think Madi is an awesome person, and love how she stood up for herself and her beliefs, and I do think they are infatuated with each other now, but I just don’t see it lasting in the real word.

    2. Peter is 28, and his brother is younger. It’s very possible Peter used to want to go out and party (maybe to meet someone) but it wasn’t anything he wanted forever. We all outgrow long nights out with casual friends, if we even ever do that at all. His younger brother is probably still in this stage, but I don’t think it’s Peter’s lifelong goal.

      His brother pointing out that not being physical would be a challenge is more of an issue, because what if Madi wants to date him for over a year?

      What I like about Peter’s relationship with Madi is that Madi isn’t trying to change him, she’s telling him what he is looking for, and Peter may possibly chose to change on his own to be that guy. We all change throughout life as we go through different stages, and something about Madison appeals to him. He may have been raised a certain way, but his mom can’t force him to be the boy she raised- he gets to choose the man he will become. If he wants to become a guy who goes to church and doesn’t go out to clubs anymore, guess what? He can be that. For Madi, or just for himself.

  23. When it comes to the religious part of Madi and Peter and saying it can’t work, don’t forget about Sean and Catherine, they seemed pretty similar in that regard.

    I am proud of the way Madi stood up for herself against Peter’s mom last night. I get that she was expressing how she felt (Barb) but she went a little extreme. However I get they are a close family and she only wants what is best. That said, I can’t imagine if in some way Peter and Madi end up with each other that Madi and Barb are going to be able to have a comfortable relationship in the future. If I saw the mom in any relationship say that about me the relationship would be over.

    Hannah Ann, I feel bad for her. It’s so obvious in the editing that Madi is the one he really wants. She is such a sweet girl, I thought at the start she would be one that would be involved in some of the drama and she really wasn’t. I really like her. I don’t know if she is the one for Peter but she deserves the absolute best person out there.

  24. I love the way Madison stood up for herself with Peter’s mom. It’s her journey too.! So it’s not all about Peter. I think as a mother she can give advise but not tell him who to pick. Clearly his family didn’t like her and were totally Hannah fans. But loved that Peter had Madison’s back. That says tons of how he feels.

  25. I am so happy my mother in law is not in my husband’s business as much as this woman. The girls should both run for the hills. And what kind of parents encourage their adult son to party lol.

    1. Well said! Agree! Besides, I thought Peter was ready to settle down and get married? Isn’t that what he came on the show to do?

    2. Someone wrote that Barb can tell Madi would be Peter’s number one and Madi isn’t afraid to speak her mind…this scares Barb. She wants to be Peter’s go to girl and #1. With Hannah Ann, who just goes along with everything to make things easier for Peter, there’s no threat to Barb and no challenge. Barb sees Hannah Ann as the perfect Stepford wife for Peter. I would never want her as my monster (I mean mother) in law!!!

  26. His mom was way too dramatic, controlling and manipulative in my honest opinion. I understand wanting the best for her son, but she needs to put aside what she WANTS and trust her son to make the decision for himself. And if he gets his heartbroken, so be it! That’s how we learn and grow. She was extremely rude and condescending to Madison. Not cool. Madi is wise beyond her years and handled herself with such grace and Dignity. She is by far one of the best women who have ever been on the show. Hannah Anne was painful to watch tonight. I honestly feel bad for her 🙁 Peter showing up to their date in a hoodie and she’s in a bodycon dress pouring her heart out. So awkward. Truly wish them all the best tho

  27. I applaud Madison for sticking up for what she believes.. l see your point Alli about faith and how it places a strong part in a relationship, but if Madison and Peter want their relationship to work it can… what comes to my mind is Sean and Catherine.. he had very strong beliefs and it has been working for them.. Although. I really like Hannah Ann.

  28. I know many people who werent that religious before but their spouse inspired them and became more religious. It can work, not everyone can be just as religious as the other person, but they can learn to become that if they see the importance of it. I think Peter is willing to do that for Madison. I know my husband was always more religious than me and I am still a work in progress, but when I look back how much I’ve grown the last 12 years of our marriage religiously, i do see it as a positive thing. Even if my husband and I were no longer together, I know I would take all that I’ve learned from him with me and build on that even more. I dont think I would like to go back to my old ways before marriage. But everyone is different. I think Peter and Madi could make it work if they really want to.

  29. First and foremost I agree with many of your thoughts about last nights show. I am probably a lot older than all of you. I have three adult children ages 21 to 35 (none of them married) but I can’t image in a million years reacting as Peter’s mother did and giving my opinion about who they should and should not be with. We raise our children to be adults and to make their own decisions whether we like them or not. I’ve watched this show since season 2 due to I was home with three children and my husband was away serving our country in the navy. I wanted an escape with a little bit of romance whether it was real or not. I’ve been hooked since. My husband indulges me now and watches too.

    1. I agree with you, Tammy. I’m pushing 70, with three married kids, 14 grandkids, and one great grandson. I also could not imagine acting like his mother did. She was out of line and way too meddling and controlling with her 28 year old son. I read somewhere that he lives in their basement still? Maybe she wants to keep her thumb on him. If you do your job right as a parent, raise independent and mature adults, they will WANT to move on and grow up and make their own decisions. I’m hooked on the show too, although sometimes it makes my blood boil. Ha.

  30. After watching last night — my heart breaks for Hannah Ann. At least judging by the editing he was always more into Madison and he really led Hannah Ann on. Watching the episode back last night — must have been very difficult for her.

  31. If you follow Peter on Instagram… you can clearly see that his lifestyle will not line up with Madi. I am sure they will end up dating and then break-up. No way they are compatible outside of the show.
    Madi is so young, and after the whole… comment on your own account pretending to be a fan situation, I think she is in it to become bachelorette. It doesn’t make sense for a 23-year-old virgin with such a strong faith to put themselves in that situation unless you want fame. The whole show seems against her beliefs… I could understand her being on Colton or Sean’s season. But Peter? Seriously… Go watch his insta stories, he is traveling and partying all the time. And he deserves a partner in crime, not someone he has to change his whole life for. I don’t think Hannah Ann is the right choice either. He is forcing that relationship. He should just cut his losses and find someone who’s personality makes more sense as a match to his. Sweet, innocent and beautiful are all great qualities, but they don’t create a marriage.

  32. Hey Ali! After I watched the finale part 1 I just couldn’t help feeling that Peter just isn’t fully into Hannah! He wants to be in to her SO bad but to me it’s obvious that his heart is 100% with Maddison and as much as Hannah is seemingly perfect for him, he can’t control the fact he’s not that into her. I’m sure he loves her as a person but I do not think he is in love with her! We’ve all had those relationships (well I have lol) where you know you probably shouldn’t want someone because everything and it’s mom (ha!) is pushing you away from it but you’re heart is telling you it’s right!! I had that with my hubby and I believed in us and here we are 12 years and 2 kids later so happy and in love! So I think he should fight for Maddison and go with his heart and stop dragging poor Hannah around hoping he’ll feel differently!

  33. Does anyone else feel like Barbara’s display of emotion was straight out of toxic parenting 101? I mean you have to let your children make their own choices and support them even when they mess up. I mean she was crying like he was a heroin addict and they were having an intervention. Surely the stakes aren’t that high when your son is choosing between which wholesome girl he wants to marry. Really explains his decisions to reward drama and emotion this whole season. He’s grown up with it and it’s familiar to him.

  34. Spot on Ali! I was one of the ones who posted a “recap” for you! Can’t wait for tonight, and I’m wondering if he ends up with either of them!

  35. Spot on Ali! I was one of the ones who posted a “recap” for you! Can’t wait for tonight, and I’m wondering if he ends up with either of them! Very proud of Madison and how she stood up to Peter’s Mom. Hannah is making it very easy for Peter, but Madison is withholding herself emotional ly, making Peter desire her so much more. As a separate note, I wish producers would not put so much emphasis on the ” Fantasy Suite” ..a relationship between two adults is so much more than sexual!

  36. Ali, you really didn’t think Barb was being manipulative? I was absolutely shocked at how she tried so hard to push her desires on her son. It’s completely disrespectful and I felt she was so rude to Madison when she passive aggressively called her religious. I agree where she was coming from and would normally be inclined to give her some grace but this seems to be a normal occurrence from her by Peters reaction to her tears.

  37. I love that madi cut his mom off and stood up for herself. However, I agree that she should have told Peter she loved him and was a virgin wayyyy sooner because I think it would have had more weight on his decision to be intimate with others if it really was madi all along. I also feel that maybe this is the first time in history that the one who left comes back at the final rose ceremony and maybe by this point he decided that hannah ann was the right choice because she never wavered…. however maybe he pulls an arie… and maybe he and madi are now together and he is going to propose live???

  38. I’m noticing a pattern in parents who don’t want someone to “come along and change” their child. The parents (whether it be Barbara, Madi’s dad, whomever) had a strong hand in shaping the values of their children, and don’t want anyone to come along and mess up all that work.

    Someone changing them (even if they want and are ready to change, because maybe that is who they were meant to be and they are ready to shed their parent’s influence) is a threat to parents who raised them a certain way and don’t want them to stray from it. The mom seems threatened by a strong girl who says “I matter too” and prefers the girl who says “Whatever Peter wants! I love him so!” while crying. The mom is threatened by Madison, and doesn’t seem to see HA as a threat. She probably feels she can out-manipulate Hannah Ann but Madison wouldn’t be easy to take down when Barbara wants to influence Peter.

  39. My heart just broke for Maddie because I felt like her differences from Peter were made out to be that she was a bad person- this came across in Barb’s choice of words and demeanor in which she spoke to Maddie. I could have misunderstood Barb’s heart and position (I hope I did!) because it was not fun to listen to as a viewer. From a viewers perspective it came across very condescending/patronizing, etc. Barb’s words were harsher than they needed to be for who she was talking to (Maddie) and the actual “issues”. Maddie isn’t an abusive or controlling partner. I don’t know why they (Peter’s family) seem to think that because she is religious she cant go line dancing? What? lol. I feel like they were pigeon holing her into this stereotypical idea of what a person of faith does. Christians dance, enjoy a beer, ride motorcycles, get tattoos, etc. but they serve Jesus as their Lord and Savior. THIS is in someone’s heart and YES, it does change one’s perspective, choices they make, activities they partake in, etc. I don’t know if any of this makes sense. I just felt triggered by the conversation with Maddie and Barb. I just hope Barb would be more loving and accepting of Maddie if she was her daughter in law someday and not have this critical/judgmental heart towards her (if that is what it is). Actually get to know Maddie and see the woman Peter fell in love with….

    1. Also, I’ve seem some criticism online of the bible scripture Maddie had written on her hand. People are literally mocking/criticizing her because she wrote a bible scripture on her hand?! Tammy, from the Bachelor, actually stuck up for Maddie and said that is something Maddie does that is really special to her to help her remember Bible verses. She is trying to read the bible in a year and follow a reading plan. Maddie writing the scripture on her hand is personal to her. The fact that people are twisting the reasons and making up reasons in their head as to why she would do this (as if it’s a negative thing) is ridiculous.

  40. I loved that Madison continues to stick up for herself, Peter’s mom was pretty tough on her and she defended her self so well I thought. If peter and Madison do end up together hopefully Madison doesn’t watch this back her mom truly favored Hannah more and she wasn’t shy about sharing that!

  41. ali, for the most part I agree with a lot of what you have to say. But I really wish you would stop saying it’ll never work because of her faith, and his lack of faith. I’m religious, I go to church, and I know so many couples who are like Peter and maddi. Half the time the one partner has become religious as well, and half the time not. But they all have amazing marriages. As long as they know what the other wants out of a marriage and how they want to raise their future kids and agree on everything, it can totally work!! Neither of them have to change completely who they are to make the other happy, with compromise and love for each other, they can totally make it work. Just my two cents. I’m totally team maddi.

  42. What really was disturbing to me was the mom’s quick response and need to defend her son’s social life and partying ways. That changes when you get married so everyone should stop assuming that’s it’s because Madison is a Christian. Partying and all that gets old and mom protecting her baby boy is sad. His brother said the same thing but I live the way he did it. He asked Peter about whether or not he’s ready to change. The question was directed at Peter! Perfect. Mommy on the other hand was low key attacking Madison- not cool at all. She needs to hang back and let Peter wear big boy pants for once.

  43. I totally feel for Madison in all of this…until it shows her coming back. She made the right decision. She pulled her head out of the bubble and took a good hard look at reality. Leaving was the right thing to do. But then, she changes her mind?! Ugh. I get that love is a powerful thing that doesn’t always make sense, but still… It looks like she comes back pretty quickly, so I honestly don’t think she had enough time to truly process and realize she’d made the right call. SO frustrating.

    I also feel so, SO bad for Hannah Anne… Poor girl really does love him, and it seems pretty obvious that he doesn’t have the same feelings for her that he does for Madison, unless it’s being intentionally edited that way. I kind of hope it is, but since this is an unspoiled season that isn’t going to be resolved until tonight, I think that’s even more unlikely. I agree that Madison is going to come back right before the rose ceremony, Peter’s going to break up with Hannah Anne, and then he and Madison will be together (or not) officially during the live part of the finale. I wish that wasn’t how it was going, but that’s how it looks…. I really don’t think they have much of a shot of making it work long-term. And Hannah Anne should DEFINITELY be done with him after all of this if that’s how it goes.

    I feel for Barb, but she did cross the line. I get sharing your option and getting emotional, but that was way too forceful. It wasn’t telling him her option, it was telling him what he needed to do, and that was too far. And the emotions made it feel like serious blackmail and manipulation, even if that wasn’t her intent. Good for Peter for standing up for himself. Unfortunately, I think her forcefulness actually had the opposite effect, pushing Peter even more towards Madison and away from Hannah Anne. Peter loves conflict and drama and seems to equate those things with passion, so that makes him see the struggle with Madison as more proof that they’re supposed to be together…

  44. Dear Ali, just wanted to add my 2 cents since there were some issues that needed to be addressed. Comparing peter’s conversations with both girls, it felt that his heart is with Maddie, and they have an intimate connection that is lacking with Hannah Ann. The way he looked at her and the way they resolved their issues before going in to meet his parents showed maturity and love. Hannah’s meeting with parents – I just think that she is trying to impress them and did not act as her true self or showed who she really is, by telling them mostly what they wanted to hear and being more emotional around them. It feels a bit fake from a viewer point of view. I was so sorry to see how the fear for her son blinds Barb not to see what her son has found- a true love. It reminded me of Cassies father, being overprotective and ruining a blossom of something real. I hope Peter will fight like Colton for his relationship.

  45. The one hugely successful couple in bachelor history is Sean and Catherine. She was very open to learning more about his faith and has definitely become part of his church community. They have made it work so I believe these two can if Peter’s wiling

  46. Am I the only person who thinks that him and Hannah Ann just don’t have that much chemistry. They just don’t have that much of a connection. I do feel like the parents weren’t that nice to Madison. I am glad she stood up for herself and what she believes in but you can tell she wants it to work for her and Peter. I think as Aly said Hannah is the safe choice. But what bothers me is him saying he is in “love with both of them”, how can he be in love with them both, deep down he has to want one more than the other and I feel pretty sure it’s Madison. I don’t know theses are just my two cents worth 😂

  47. I agree. I would hate for my mom to get so much heat. I was hoping she would redeem herself tonight but unfortunately those mama bear claws came out again and I think she could have handled part 2 with more grace. I hope she and peter find peace in their relationship.

  48. I love Madison. Finally someone with integrity!! Peter’s mom needs to put her son’s feelings first. She is self absorbed and a diva. I think mom will be Peter’s biggest obstacle in staying with Madison. Mom’s body language and facial expression said it all.

  49. As a mother of adult 2 boys and adult1 daughter I can not believe Barb acted the way she did. My children get to choose who they want to spend their life with. It is our job as parents to support them. She said that it was Peter’s decision on if he wanted to sleep with someone, not Madison’s….YET she wanted to make the decision for him on who he ended up with. Also, I disagree on the level of faith between Madison and Peter being an issue. My husband and I have different levels of faith and been happy for many years. We respect each other and have helped each other more because of our differences. Then to watching Barb on TV tonight on night 2 was embarrassing. Madison handled herself with dignity and respect. She handled herself better than anyone on that stage

  50. What a night. I think Hannah’s Ann is adorable. She may look young but she has a maturity that few woman had on the show. I am so proud how she stood up to Peter. What woman wants to be 2nd choice. She was right Peter should have told her before about Madi. So much showed Peters immaturity. Madison is a sweet girl. I am so proud of her standing up to Peters mom and dad. Do they have obstacles, yes but love can conjure if they can handle the mountain. Peter’s mom was so out there. I cannot imagine doing that to my son for whatever reason. You don’t want your kids to have to make a choice between you and the person they love. It’s just not right. I wish Madi and Peter the best. But really mom needs to take a step

  51. What a “bleep” show. And shame on Chris H. What they SHOULD have done is taken Peter to counseling. Not shove another relationship on an unstable man. Wow…WOW!! Again, what a “bleep” show! Class act Hannah Ann! Mature! Maddison…good luck Peter and family! She will always want to be “right”. Not a classy appearance in my opinion. Maturity is knowing when to bite your tongue and show respect to yes, a slightly unstable mom. Good luck!!!

    1. Also, I feel dirty watching the finale unfold. Or like I need to brush my teeth. Uncomfortable and what a parents nightmare unfolding in national TV. How embarrassing. They didn’t sign up for that!

  52. Both Madison and Peter’s mom could have done so much better for their future relationship with each other. Madison could have said,” I’m sorry that I made you wait but I didn’t want put you through the meeting process if we were going to break up on the front porch.” Then Peter’s mom should have said her doubts about how different her and Peter were, but said, “ I really hope I’m wrong. I just want what’s best for both of you”

  53. As someone who really struggled with moving into a relationship with my husbands family, I totally feel for Madison. They had a lot of different opinions of me, and a lot of them are based on other peoples opinions. They can totally make it… My husband and I went to lots of counseling even before we were engaged to make sure we knew how to address the issues with his family

  54. Ummmm that finale truly was the most dramatic finale of all time. Barb was so out of line I had to cover my eyes! Hannah Ann did a great job finding her voice!

  55. Hannah Ann was a flawless “Barbie,” but she didn’t seem to have any substantive conversations with Peter. All along, Madison seemed to have the most emotional chemistry with Peter. It seems the bonus of Hannah Ann it was truly about her looks & charm. Relationships are built on more than looks. I never quite felt she was being genuine. It felt more like she was there to win, & he was an acquisition, a “Trophy.” Yes, Madison & Peter had some differences, but which couples don’t have differences!?

    That card of “Differences” was over-played. It wasn’t as if she was a Nun, & he was a Hell’s Angel. I’m an emotional person, yet I felt Peter’s mother was a blubbering mess, and she came off as self-centered, mean-spirited, & overbearing. Peter lead two many women on by saying to several of them that he was “falling in love,” but he should have reserved such a strong declaration for one person. He was infatuated with the idea of the Barbie-Doll Hannah Ann, as were his parents, but with Madison, there was substance their, not mere infatuation. In all relationships there are compromises. I feel extremely sorry for Madison, having to sit there on National TV while Peter’s Mother was extremely inappropriate. It is HIS relationship, not hers, & again, it’s not as if he chose a horrible person. Madison sadly has the chips stacked against her, & maybe it’s for the best in the long run if Peter keels in to his overbearing Momager. That women was horrible & will only be a curse on any wife of Peter’s who ultimately has to deal with her stupidity & judgement.

    1. Can’t agree more! Also, Hannah Ann claiming he needs to be a man.. she was such a girl during the show herself, only finding her own voice at the end that it’s not fair to say that to him.

  56. I agree with you Ali! This episode was so hard to watch! I’m glad Hannah Ann stood up for herself but i feel like peters mom went to far. There has never been a bachelor/bachelorettes mom act like that before! She should be happy for her son, if he is happy. She could have kept 90% of those things to herself

  57. I’m not a Madison fan! She should have stayed away if her beliefs are as strong as she made us all believe. I’d like to know how her family is feeling about all of this. I can relate to Barb and how she wants to protect Peter. What she said was true, we saw it with our own eyes! Peter knew he had stronger feelings for Madison and should never have proposed to Hannah Ann. I hope that Hannah Ann can find the guy she truly deserves. What a heartbreak!

  58. Thank you for reminding us of your season! I had completely forgot about Frank. You have shed some light on what Peter must have been going through! I have an adult son and I feel for Barb. All we want for our kids no matter the age is happiness and compatibility with the life partner they choose. Barb could have handled it better but emotions were running high. Peter has made it VERY clear how close he is with his family. Hoping it all works out for all. 🙏🏼❤️

  59. I totally agree with Peter’s Mom. Peter seems to be attracted to dramatic and selfish women. Let’s hope he will learn soon. Maddison should have been honest from the start and told Peter that she was « saving herself for marriage » and shouldn’t have given him an ultimated, when he didn’t even have all the facts. Poor Hannah Ann…

  60. I feel like we’re getting duped. The shows are starting to be over produced and these contestants know that the longer they stay the more they get paid. They’re taking advantage of Instagram. I’m not so sure this show can work anymore.
    I hope Madison runs fast!!

  61. I can’t wait to see your comments after you watch part 2!!!!!
    Barb is totally out of line !
    She even whispered to her husband in Spanish, to say something bad about Madi to support her own position. That’s deplorable!

  62. All I can say is WOW 😳🤯 what a finale!!! Between Part 1 and Part 2…I get that Barb is a mother and she wants the best for her son, but she completely crossed the line. Her behaviour was embarrassing when watching part 2. Good for Madi for sticking up for herself. I didn’t understand how Barb said she never got much time to get to know or speak with Madi yet at the beginning of the season Madi was apart of his parents vow renewal. The way Barb came across was beyond abrasive ATFR. I was appalled how she could sit there and say that all of Peter’s friends and family say that they will never work out and even ridiculed her son on national tv. Madi kept her composure yet I’m sure it was so hard to sit there and hear Barb say such hurtful things, but also I wonder how Madi’s parents feel hearing Barb saying such disrespectful things about their daughter. I wasn’t sure if Madi’s parents were in the audience. I’m sure that would be so difficult for Madi’s mother to hear as well as Madi’s dad. As for Peter….to ask Hannah Ann for her hand in marriage out of peer pressure from his family when he knew deep down his feelings for Madison were so much stronger was not good. Hannah Ann handled herself so well, it felt like reliving Ari breaking up with Becca. That wasn’t fair at all to Hannah Ann and he should have sent her home. I think Peter has some growing up to do. I think he falls hard easily for a girl and he is clearly not ready for marriage. He needs to quit living to please his parents and figure out what he wants. I don’t think that things will work out with Madison. I’m sure after last night they both have a long up hill battle especially with all that tension with Peter’s family. I can’t imagine them all sitting down having a meal and how awkward that would be. I have a feeling Peter might have difficulty finding a partner as unfortunately millions of women watched back the show over the last two nights. With how Barb acted I’m sure and I hate to say it but most women might run the other way. Thanks Ali for always giving great insight on your blogs. Love watching your instastories and seeing your sweet little angels. That Molly is a little rockstar. Love when she sings and little Riley is a heartbreaker. He is so adorable. Wishing you, Kevin and your sweet family nothing but love and light. Also your dog Owen is the cutest. He is so good with your little ones! ❤️🌹🙏

  63. Anyone who has watched the show cannot deny the chemistry and love between Peter and Maddie. There is a reason he was so attracted to Maddie- her purity and goodness shines through and he knows she would make an excellent and loyal wife and companion. His love for Hannah Anne paled in comparison. Yes-it would be easier to love Hannah Anne, but he followed his heart and you have to be proud of him for that. Because his road will not be easy. Who said relationships/marriage are easy? Nobody that I know!! He should have never proposed and got engaged to Hannah Anne. If he would have truly listened to his heart- he would have known right away- Maddie or nobody! I think the pressure from his family was the reason.

    I thought Barb was a train wreck. I have really liked her until the finale. She acted like a spoiled brat. Rolling her eyes and clapping and treating Maddie with no respect. She should be ashamed and could ruin her relationship with Peter.

    In Genesis 2:24 it states, Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

    This is exactly what Peter needs to do. Time to cut the apron strings. Time to move out and be independent. I think if he will do this, he will be able to make better decisions and really decide what he wants without the controlling influence of his crazy and controlling mom. This is the ONLY way that he and Maddie will have a chance to try to make this work. There is no doubt that they love each other, but can they make this work? Only the 2 of them will decide by their communication and decision to choose and love each other every single day! Best of luck to them!

  64. As a Mother if a 45 year old son and an almost 40 year old daughter, who chose wonderful partners. You have to trust their judgement on who they pick. I absolutely love my daughter and son in law(love). I would never think of saying what Barb did about Madison last night. The show was not about her. It was about Pete finding his forever love and Madison and Hannah trying to win him over. I do question Chris Harrison going to visit Madison in Auburn. Even if he hadn’t I think Pete still would have broke up with Hannah, or would he, did he know that Madison was coming back to LA? Why didn’t Pete fight for Madison more? This saga will go on but I truly think Pete will end up alone again! Just my opinion but he should have kept Kelly(the attorney, the wise one) she would have been a great catch for Pilot Pete!

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