Women Tell All (Although I Wish They Wouldn’t)

Hey guys thanks for coming over to the blog. Real quick before getting to the Women Tell All episode, I just had to mention these Verb Energy Bars. This is NOT sponsored – the brand did not ask me to post this. I’ve been eating them almost every day since we left for Hawaii (for an afternoon pick me up cause I get sooo tired around 1pm) and I just feel like I have so much more energy and I just checked this link and saw that it still works to try them for free if you just pay .95 cents shipping and handling. My girl Madi, who you guys know helps me with my blog and edits my posts, tried them because I gave her a couple that I had, and she’s obsessed too! Anyways, I wanted to share because I saw it still works and they’re super good. Anyway, for those of you who don’t care about energy bars, let’s talk about the Women Tell All!

The Women Tell All

I don’t know about you guys, but I was so so so so so happy when I found out we were going to be watching part of the episode along with the Women Tell All. I’ve never really liked watching the Women Tell All or Men Tell All episodes. They’re just usually very petty and I always get to the end of the episode feeling icky and depressed. I just don’t like seeing people say such negative things about each other. It just makes me sad. This  Women Tell All was no different. However, I’m so glad that some of the very important things addressed were at the end and I’m so glad we got to watch some of the episode throughout. That definitely made this episode worth watching!

bachelor women tell all

The Rose Ceremony – Victoria Goes Home

I feel like I’ve been a little tired lately and obviously distracted from my vacation, and I should’ve called that Madison was going to show up to this rose ceremony. It should’ve been obvious based on the two night finale still happening. If she didn’t show up to the rose ceremony, I feel like they wouldn’t have enough to cover two formal nights of a finale. I feel like they’d be one more night of him going after her and that’s all. Because like I’ve been saying all along, there’s no way it’s not her in the end. Although I will say after this teaser, part of me feels like I could be really really wrong. Ha! But very small part of me.

bachelor women tell all

I hate to be insensitive, but I didn’t feel much when he said Victoria home. Really the only thing I thought was there seemed to be a lack of emotion on her side. But again, I feel like they never really had the opportunity to truly connect because she put up so many walls.

The Women

I truly have nothing to say. I’m over it, as I know they are too. Sorry!


This definitely isn’t the last we’re going to see of Kelsey. I have no doubt that she’ll be on  Bachelor in Paradise and become a big fixture in the Bachelor Nation franchise, just like Ashley I has become. I thought it was really cute when Ashley I came out at the end. It’s funny because I really didn’t think I was gonna like Kelsey at the beginning of the season. I probably would never say it on here if I didn’t like her, just because I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings. But she has totally grown on me throughout the season. She has such a good heart and it really shows. Looking forward to seeing her in Paradise because I know we will.

kelsey ashley i women tell all

Our Next Bachelorette: Clare Crawley

If you didn’t see it, this was announced this morning on Good Morning America! Finally an older woman as the Bachelorette! I feel like after all the drama of this season, we need some maturity on this show. And I truly don’t mean that as an insult to anybody from this season. Although I know it probably comes across that way – I more mean that with age comes more maturity, so seeing people in their upper to late 30s on the show is going to be a more mature show then seeing people in their early 20s. Not everybody though. Someone can be 40 and still act like they’re 12. But for the most part, I think we’re going to have a very different season. And I’m so ready for it!

clare crawley women tell all

Not gonna lie, I was completely skeptical when I first heard that they were considering Clare for the Bachelorette. Just because I didn’t think they would go with a woman who’s almost 40. But I am so glad they proved me wrong! Clare is not only beautiful, but she is well spoken and I think she’s going to make an amazing Bachelorette!

What are you guys thinking of this choice? Are you as excited as I am?! I also think it’s gonna be cool to see an older, and I use that term lightly here, woman dating younger guys! Instead of the other way around. Yes, I do realize that Rachel Lindsay was 31, I believe, when she was Bachelorette and there are few younger guys. But I feel like most guys will be younger than her in this case. Or at least the majority. And I am so here for it! Speaking of younger guys, I saw quite a bit of conversation online where people were not liking that mostly older guys will be cast! And that’s because they are worried that when people from Peter’s season and Clare’s season go to Paradise, all the girls will be very young and the guys a bit older. I truly don’t think that will be the case, I think they will have men and women of all ages. Also, they will likely pull more cast members from past seasons as well, and not just from these two! Clare even said on GMA that she’s known for dating younger men, and wouldn’t have an issue with that.

Although… I do have to laugh that they did a casting call for seniors during the Women Tell All. Obviously, that’s not for Clare’s season, but you can’t help but joke that it was casting for her season. Anyway, we must discuss! Tell me all of your thoughts!

This Week’s Outfits!!!

As you all probably know, our family went to Hawaii last week and it was soooooo incredible. It could have not have been a better trip for all of us, and was so needed! I shared some of my outfits over the last week in this post when I was in Hawaii and then also more when I got back!!!

Mommy and Me Swimwear

First, I have to share our matching hats! I got them from Amazon for a ridiculously good price and I just think of the cutest things ever! In fact everything Molly and I wore that were mommy and me matching, we got so many compliments from people around the resort. Or people just walked by us and said “awwwwwww”. I love the hats because the adult version is adjustable depending on how big your head is. And I have a massive head, so I wear mine at the absolute biggest setting.

matching hats ali and molly

molly swimsuit bow


And her little suit with a bow on the back is just darling. There is nothing cuter clothing wise than little girls swimsuits! I had so much fun picking out swimsuits for Molly for this trip.

Oh and for my suit, I found my suit online, but when I posted myself wearing it at the beginning of the trip, Andie Swim reached out to me and offered a 15% off code for all of you. So head to their site, and use code ALI15 for the discount!

Speaking of suits. These animal print matching bathing suits are just too darling! They’re ridiculously affordable so I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I ordered them. I didn’t know if the material would be thin, but the quality is absolutely amazing! The material is very thick and sturdy and you would never have guessed the price if you saw them in a store.

mommy and me swimsuits hawaii


Molly is wearing a 3-4T size and I’m wearing a size medium. So as you can already tell, I highly recommend these suits if you’re looking for cute mommy and me matching suits!

Beautiful, Beachy Dress

I wore this beautiful dress to brunch with Kevin – I just love the way it flows. It screams beach vacation! Or I feel like it’s something you could wear to a brunch or really any daytime event. The fabric lays really nicely on your body and has beautiful flow. I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size so I definitely would say it’s true to size.

beachy dress for hawaii

beachy dress for hawaii


I wore these tie dye swimsuits a lot in Hawaii and quite a bit of you were asking where you could get them! So I will link them here! Doesn’t the sarong really make that vacation-look?

hawaii tie dye outfits


Thanks for stopping by my Bachelor blog today!!! Now let’s chat about WTA and our new Bachelorette, Clare!!!

77 Thoughts

77 thoughts on “Women Tell All (Although I Wish They Wouldn’t)

  1. Just wanted to send you some love today! I look forward to your blog weekly and love your love for others and recognizing the humanity in others! It’s so apparent you’re careful with your language but also express your opinion which is why I CHOOSE to come here immediately post show!

  2. I was never a fan of Victoria F on the show, but tonight she definitely showed more of her character and I thought it was special. What did you think about her reaction to how she acted on the show?

    1. I agree! She seemed 100% genuine tonight. As much as I didn’t care for her behavior on the show, I think I understand her better tonight. She has her own issues to work through and that’s ok.. she will work through them as she grows.

    2. Agreed but I do wish she’s done more to address the rumors about sleeping with married men instead of simply saying they’re not true. I have a feeling she’s not completely innocent as she claims.

    3. Her actions as a kid, as an adult, on the show, and during airing all showed she has not changed at all and has always been (and still is) a bully. I don’t think one night of acting erases that. She and her friends are attacking people on social media that call her out for bullying and sleeping with married men (not denying it, but instead calling them jealous, ugly, etc). She manages to gather a mean girl clique around her where ever she goes, and I don’t buy that she’s finished causing damage.

      1. And why was Chris Harrison kissing up to her so much and not pressing her harder about the rumors? That drove me crazy

  3. I’ve never really been a fan of the women tell all episodes either. I feel like Chris even lost control right away because ALL the girls were talking over each other, and you couldn’t make sense of what anyone was saying. I’m excited to get some more “aged” people on this show, and hopefully increase the overall maturity level!

  4. LOVE the choice of Claire!! So ready for some maturity and someone looking for real love instead of career advancing. I’m dying to see how this ends…Madison has been my choice the entire season and I hope somehow, some way they end up together.

  5. Is it bad that I’m still hanging out hope that Peter and Hannah B are together?

    I just think Peter and Madi are not compatible. She has been my pick from the beginning but her faith is super important to her and she seems to be looking for a spiritual leader in a husband which I just don’t think Peter can be.
    I’m not saying he’s a bad person or not religious but when they had the conversation he even said it wasn’t a huge priority for him and he needed to work it.
    Again, not judging, just pointing out that they don’t seem to have the same values in life.

    1. SAME! Chris Harrison said even Peter doesn’t know how it will end. I keep hanging on to Peter and Hannah B being together too.

    2. I completely agree with this!! And I don’t think him and Hannah Ann really have that connection that they think do 😂

  6. I am glad they addressed the Online bullying. People cross the line way too often these days! Although I thought it was interesting how Sydney, who in my opinion was one of the biggest bullies on this season, spoke up the most about it. Hurt people do hurt people though. I don’t think she had any right to go after Alayah like she did on the show. “Do you even work?” From the moment she said that I felt like this is a mean girl, or Alayah just reminds her of people she has had issues with in the past and now she is taking it out on her. I would hope she would approach herself like Kelsey and Victoria F who learned a lot about themselves. I don’t think Sydney learned a thing. I think we unfortunately will see more of her true character on BIP. Victoria P seems like she doesn’t know herself at all and that might be why she has trouble being truthful. Both of them will be interesting to watch if they are on BIP. I think if all of us had the opportunity to watch ourselves like they have we would learn so much. It’s not about being perfect, but just learning to be a better human period.

  7. I’m so excited for Clare to be the next Bachelorette! I’m all for her dating whatever age she wants but I really hope they cast some more guys in their mid to late 30’s to give her a fair shot at finding the right person for her!!

  8. I want to know why Kelley wasn’t invited to WTA. If rumors are true it’s because the producers didn’t like her but she should of had a chance for closure with the show. They bring back people with nasty attitudes all the time for tell all and Kelley was far from that. It shows them stifling a strong woman. I just don’t understand it and we won’t get an answer from the bachelor as to why.

    1. I was disappointed that they never said why he sent Sydney home after their incredible date. We were left hanging and I thought for sure they would address it at the Women tell all. Did anyone else wonder why?

      1. I thought the same! I listened to peter on Nick Vialls podcast and he did address this. He said that he wished when saying goodbye to Sydney he would have approached it differently. He said it was hard to say goodbye, but that the other relationships were just further along. I’m glad I listened to it because I was wondering the exact same thing!

    2. Yes!!!!! I think it is obvious production ended up disliking her, trying to give her a villain edit at the last minute and not inviting her to WTA. Chris Harrison said it was because she wasn’t important to Peter’s storyline, but the 5 women who left night 1 were??? Kelly was a strong woman who couldn’t be MANIPULATED by production so they turned on her. She was and still is my fave. Hopefully someday we will hear her side.

  9. Hi Ali! I have never been a fan of the WTA episodes either but tonight felt slightly different, they kept it short and sweet with limiting who they invited on stage. Loved it. Also, any idea why Kelly and Natasha weren’t there?! The ending of the episode lined up perfectly with what you are going through now with the troll you are dealing with, people are so hateful and think they can hide behind their phone. Keep you head up high! P.S. Loving your pictures from Hawaii

  10. I am so thrilled and am looking Forrest to Clares season of the Bachelorette. Clare is bold, beautiful, strong, and most importantly, a great example to anyone looking for love to never settle for less than they deserve! It will be an amazing season, and I can’t wait to follow Clares journey to love!

  11. I’m not a fan of Women Tell All for the same reasons you listed! I too was glad to see the rose ceremony and see Madi come to it. Her hesitation was dramatic! I still have hopes of them being together but then I wonder if I should…not sure they are right for each other with morals…Hannah looks miserable…like she’s in pain. I’m sure she’s scared! Will be interesting!
    The part with Rachel made me so sad that we live in such a world with people who sit behind their phones/computers and bully people! Sooooo mean!! Brutal is a word! Was good to touch on it. Very touching!
    I’m not a fan of Clare. Never have been…not sure I will watch. Wish her well though.

  12. I am SO excited for Clare’s season. I have seen so many viewers say they want somebody new and somebody older who is ready for commitment. And I feel like with Clare we are getting both! While she isn’t “new” to the franchise, we haven’t seen her in awhile, and the producers know her and have an idea for how she will do with viewers.

    I am also really excited to see an older Bachelorette. The past couple of seasons have just been getting younger and younger. I was surprised at how many 22 and 23 years olds were on this season! While there are definitely young people out there who are ready for marriage and commitment, I don’t think the majority are and I want the show to be more diverse with the ages so there is a better mix than there has been this season. I think this is going to be a great season and can’t wait to see how it positively affects the franchise overall!

    1. Can someone please tell me when the episode aired of Victoria F getting sent home? I somehow missed it!

      1. They showed her elimination Monday night (March 2) before starting footage of the Women Tell All. They had to in order to include her in the Tell All segment.

  13. I know Clare doesn’t drink. Will they still make her appear to drink on the show? Honestly, I’m torn about her being the bachelorette. I’m not looking forward to it for some reason but at the same time, this season was awful so if it’s different- I’ll take it. Confusing, I know!

    1. Makes total sense, Michelle!!
      I imagine present day Clare is truly ready for a mate, and producers know she has emotional access, so it will be dramatic.
      Didn’t know abt the drinking aspect – is she *sober*? I would think if so, like many AAers, she’d have other ppl drink as they saw fit. Gosh knowa, the show will Not be having a *dry* season.

  14. I believe Peter is madly in love with Madison and I think since he wants a woman to love him as much as he loves her, Madison will be the one he pursues. If they don’t work out, I honestly see Peter taking sometime alone to heal. But I suspect Madison and Peter will date and she will forgive him and they will end up together for a life time. Like Madison said to Peter on Fantasy Duite date night, she never would have seen herself stick it out with anyone else, and although she couldn’t honestly give Peter a yes or no of whether she would continue on this journey, she does love him and has forgiven him from the pain that he caused her. I agree the spoilers make me second guess myself. I just don’t believe in being genuinely in love with two people at the same time. It has certainly never happened in my life. I’m married to my soul mate! My one and only love of my life!

    Ali, I purchased the “Hello Sunshine hat!” I love it. Such nice quality for the price. ❤Thanks for posting that beautiful hat!

    I really don’t know Clare Crowley but I’d love for her to find her one and only! I wish her the best! And am happy to see the show pull away from so much drama to hopefullt a more mature cast.

  15. Soooooooo excited about Clare. I don’t remember a whole bunch about her during her season but I’m ready to see a more “experienced” mature woman take the spotlight. It’s just what the show needs right now after the train wreck (Although entertaining) this last season was. I can’t wait.

    1. Wish WTA gave us more of a Clare Launch. Guess it’ll come on After The Final Rose??
      Could be Epic, in the best way!!

  16. Anyone else thinking that it’s Hannah Brown that ‘upends the ending’ and who Peter’s mother is referring to in the promo? I REALLY hope this is not the case. Not only was Hanna B.’s presence at the be going of the season totally distracting and unfaiir to Peter and the other women, but to end the season with this twist could dishearten even the most loyal fans even though some would argue that true love won out. Problem is I don’t think that would be the actual case.

    I also have a hunch — but I may have read it elsewhere, just don’t remember, that Hannah Ann’s Dad goes down under to bring his daughter home and away from a potential marriage proposal. Hmmm…

    Could be wrong… BUT my hunches are not always wrong.

    1. I noticed a new quickie commerical just showing Hannah B cominf out of the Limo opening night. I dont think she is part of Peter’s finale, but more production *heard* you and hopped on that to hyoe things up.

  17. Kelsey grew on me too. I thought the way she carried herself was refreshing. She owned up to her mistakes & held her ground with Tammy. I really hope to see her in Paradise!!

    I really wish they had spent more time discussing the online bullying. Those tweets were disgusting. I just don’t understand how someone thinks it’s ok to treat another human being that way. If I don’t like a contestant from the show, I simply don’t follow them. There’s no need to be hateful.

    I do want to say I appreciate your blog so much because you always promote kindness & respect. Even when you call out someone’s bad behavior, it’s in a respectful manner that doesn’t tear that person down. I think that sets the tone for the comments as well.

    We need more people like you Ali!!

  18. I agree with you, Ali that Madison is the one Peter is head over heels in love with! And I believe Madison shares the same sentiments. I think Madison and Peter will date and see how it goes. But the previews has me second guessing myself too. Peter may end up alone as Madison wants a strong spiritual leader in a husband. I’m not sure Peter is willing to go all in where Madison is at spiritually.

    I think it’s great that the bachelorette will be a more mature woman. I’m a hopeless romantic so I hope Clare finds love on the show!❤❤

    Thanks for your blog! And thanks for sharing cute fashions and home decor as well!

  19. I loved seeing Rachel Lindsay on the show. She is so honest but smart. When they said they were going to talk about an issue that has been raised I thought it was going to be the lack of diversity in lead role. Talking about the hate out there on social media was important too & I liked how she did it. Sigh another blonde, white bachelorette. Well at least this time its someone older & I like how she ended it with Juan Pablo. I was like you go girl! I hope next year it’ll be less trashy…but I doubt it. I rarely watch the show anymore. I loved the bloopers though! What do you guys think about the new show Listen to Your Heart? I’ll pass.

    1. I’ll pass on Listen to Your Heart too…ugh! This is an open invitation for people with motives other than love to be on a show about finding love. Plus I’m so over the singing competition shows.

    2. The show is not going to let her come on and call them out for lack of diversity. What bugs me though is how much I hear about the producers bullying contestants behind the scenes to get them to cry (one contestant said the producer, who knew she was sensitive about her weight, asked her if she thinks she was being sent home for being so fat- then they got the tears and look of pain and humiliation, which they aired as her being upset over being sent home). The show, Mike Fleiss, the producers, the editors, they are MAJOR bullies and their villain edits set contestants up to be bullied.

    3. I think its diverse because claire is half hispanic! I hope they share this part of her like they shared Peter’s cuban side. Diversity is more than just race too 🙂

  20. Letting you know how much I love your blog!! My first season of watching bachelor/bachelorette was your season of the bachelorette, I’ve been a huge fan of you since then. Not only are you a positive, caring person, but now raising children with that same attitude. Don’t let others tear you down!
    Also, at first a little apprehensive of Clare- we’ll see how this goes. She hasn’t been my favorite contestant, but I think you’re right about her bringing some much needed maturity. But, I was really rooting for


  21. I’m so excited for Clare! I’m ready to hear someone say they know what they want and truly believe that. Not that girls in their 20s don’t know what they want, but I know what I wanted when I was early 20s to now at 37 is completely different

  22. i’m with you. So over the sorority girl drama! I think Clair will be great. She definitely won’t put up with any nonsense from anyone. I’m looking forward to seeing some “older” people on Bachelorette for sure.

    I hate how WTA and MTA has evolved into such a bitch session. In the beginning it used to be a time for some sort of closure with the Bachelor or Bachelorette, to ask any questions any of the eliminated people had etc. Now it seems like they brought Peter on sort of as an afterthought.

    I can’t wait to see how this season unfolds though. I was 100% sure it was Madi, but now that teaser with Peter’s mom just seems like they all WANT us to think it’s Madi she’s talking about.

    Someone one Twitter suggested tongue in cheek that maybe their family dog gets lost and Peter’s mom is begging Peter to find her and bring HER home. LOL!

    Either way, I’m sure next week will be crazy!

  23. Love the matching leopard print suits!

    I love that it’s Clare… I was always a fan of hers. She is sweet and adorable and takes everything in stride (the show kept mocking her and pretending she talks to animals, and she was laid back about it all). I think casting men 28-42 for her is ideal, because this is the age range many men want to get married, and MANY women these days marry younger men. Clare is gorgeous, I could see her picking and marrying a 32 year old guy and being super happy. The only thing I don’t like is that I hear they are casting lots of dads… she should have the option of picking a guy with a family, or without, because she isn’t too old to have a family and may not want to be a step mom- she should have options! She is sweet and would probably be a GREAT step mom, but that should be her choice.

    Agree, over the girls this season. I am looking forward to seeing how it all ends, especially since it’s unspoiled, but the rest of the girls I am soo over. I can’t recall there being such a large clique of mean girls who lie, manipulate, cheat, etc ever. There have been mean girls, but one or a couple… this was a LARGE group that got together and bullied and lied and manipulated together. Very triggering for those of us who were bullied and ganged up on in school. I never want to see those faces on TV again (and hope that Sydnay, Victoria F, and Victoria P aren’t on Paradise, but I can’t see that happening since they bring the drama- ah well- sorry for the other people on Paradise that have to deal with them!).

  24. I’m so excited for an older Bachelorette! It’s going to be so nice to watch someone with some life experience! I hope they cast more men who are in the older range (not that 30s is old, but in this franchise it is!)
    Also, I agree about WTA. I do not look forward to it at all and fast forwarded the majority of it.
    Love your blogs Ali!!

  25. I was a little shocked and confused when I saw they chose Clare for bachelorette. I’ve watched all seasons she’s been on and I’ve never cared for her. I also don’t think the lead should be almost 40 years old.. I’m thinking more so early 30s, but definitely not early 20s like Hannah B’s season. I’m 24 and happily married, but not many people my age are truly ready for that..even if they think they might be. So I’m not really here for the 40s or the 20s..I think it’d be best if it were someone in their early 30s 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. I honestly am not a fan of Claire…I want to be but it just seems that she clings to anyone who shows affection. Her days in BIP and the Winter games….she slip flopped anytime someone showed her attention and she seems to honestly not know what she wants. I feel this is going to be a disaster…although good tv…a disaster to watch

  27. I don’t understand how Tammy complained about bullying when that is exactly all she did the whole show to the girls? She bullied them talked down to them & acted like she was so much better than them but plays the innocent victim? In the WTA she was NO different rolling her eyes at them the entire time saying did u rehearse this even while Ashley I was talking she rolled her eyes she was shameless ?!

    1. Hey another Brittany! Lol
      I love Ashley I!!! That was so cute of her to give Kelsey the wine and advice about emotions!

  28. Loved seeing your trip with the kids and family. What a wonderful privilege to be able to do this and include the Gramma’s.

  29. Love your blog!! Do you know where Hannah Ann’s rose ceremony dress from last night is from?? I love it!!

  30. This week’s tell all was fairly entertaining, but also focused on the general immaturity of the whole group. If these girls want more exposure they need some serious coaching and less eyelashes! Love Rachel’s segment on bullying. Very appropriate.

  31. I am so thrilled that Clare is the next Bachelorette! I think that they need to mix it up a lot this next go-around!

  32. I have to ask for help. Two things, First I am not getting your blog via my email. I have to remember to look for it. Not sure what I need to do to get the blog sent to my email address, see above.
    Next, I have followed you since your time on Jake’s Season and I am not young in years, just in heart. But I have a REALLY< REALLY, hard time seeing your light pink in the links. could you please make it a darker shade of pink to stand out more?
    finally I agree on what you said about Clare. I like her, always have and I am so glad they are going to show someone more mature. I had the same thought about the casting call for seniors. Know it was not for Clare but I thought it was funny.

  33. First of all, I now see the woman Peter fell inlove with in Victoria F. I wish they would have showed more of her in a positive light. My heart goes out to her!

    Claire being the Bachlorette is amazing! I love that she is half Hispanic too! I hope they show this in her season like they showed Peter’s cuban side/culture. If this isnt diversity I dont know what is?!

    The women/men tell all is mostly me fast forwarding lol.

  34. First, I love coming to your blog and following on insta, such a positive loving place in the world of negativity we live in sometimes! I haven’t watched a full season of the bachelor or bachelorette since Kaitlyns season. I just haven’t been able to get back into it, even though I was a hardcore fan before. I have to say, them bringing Clare back will change that I think! I love her and I love the idea of them bringing on an “older” lead. I can’t get into the young ones, it seems like more drama! I think it’s great that they are taking this change and I look forward to watching her season!

  35. So many things to say!

    Did anyone else hear the seagulls from Finding Nemo Yelling Mine, mine, mine, when the girls ALL starting going at the same time? I seriously did!

    First of all I wish they would stop the tell alls but I did appreciate them bringing to light how horrible the contestants are treated and just because we spend two hours each week watching a produced version of themselves does not mean that we know them in any way and there is absolutely NO reason that people should have the okay to reach out and threaten them or say horrible things to them in any way. It makes me miss the old bachelor days before social media. I loved watching Jason’s Season on Netflix. That entire season I wish they could reproduce each and every time! It was just so so good! I hope they post more of the good ol’ days.

    I didn’t like Clare on Juan Pablos season but hopefully she has grown up and grown better and will surprise all of us that are skeptical. The Bachelor producers are trying to give the people what they ask for but they seem to be missing the mark big time lately.

    Thanks for all your thoughts, Ali!

  36. I finally got to watch WTA this afternoon. I agree…never my favorite episode but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t totally awful this time. Super pumped for Claire to be the bachelorette. I’m so looking forward to someone a bit older as the lead!

    BTW….I just love everything about you! I love how real you always are…so refreshing in a world where everyone is so filtered all the time! I appreciate all that you do to promote positive body images and show the real side of you (which is totally gorgeous!!)

  37. Hi Ali,
    Love your blogs and your Instagram posts and stories. I’m sorry that some people can’t keep their thoughts to themselves! I think Jade Tolbert has some of it going on too right now. So sad. No wonder children think it’s okay to bully. I found it a bit ironic that Tammy reacted to being bullied but I feel she did some of that herself on the show.
    I just did not get Peter’s attraction to Victoria F. I found her to be frustrating. A terrible communicator but after tonight’s Women Tell All (which I’ve never been a big fan of the Tell All’s) I feel I understand her better and she recognizes how frustrating she was.
    Kelsey grew on me too. She does seem like a sweet person with a good heart.
    I did not like Claire on the Bachelor but liked her better on Winter Games. I am glad that she is older. I just hope they don’t bring in a bunch of immature younger guys for her. Even tho she has voiced she doesn’t mind dating younger guys, I hope they stick to guys closer to her age.I really wish that they would stop advertising for bachelors and bachelorettes if they are just going to keep going back to former contestants. I personally think it would be nice to have someone new. I do hope that it works out well for Claire.

  38. I think Clare will be great! And I love the idea of more mature contestants. I feel like the last few seasons have been about partying and becoming an “influencer” on instagram (and EVERYONE is a “model!”). My hope is this will be a more established group and more focus on marriage and children. And hopefully less violent dates… does anyone enjoy watching those?!

  39. It’s hard to believe anyone would put an endorsement at the start of their blog on something unrelated if they weren’t getting a payback for clicks.
    Maybe I am wrong, but why start with it ? I’m used to the commerical content about outfits – but this claim that there is no reward for the blogger feels insulting to me as a reader, regardless of the product. Actually makes me Not want to use rhe product.

    1. Totally agree. It turns me off of the products as well and I find myself clicking through influencers adds. I get that the blogger is making a living but I resent it

      1. Hey, Joan – thanks for chiming in. My take is why wouldn’t the blogger just say why they are featuring it ( like your best friend started this company, or you’re an investor). Just be upfront – Bach Nation can handle it!

  40. Ha, I actually think he’ll choose Madison and carry on with Cassie-Colton like situation where he goes after her and leaves the other woman .. in this case Hannah Ann- the whole thing with being her home to us!

  41. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have two daughters and I would have been mortified and disappointed if my daughters acted like those women did last night. It’s ironic to me that the WTA portion is filled with bullying and hate, as well as the clips shown from the show before they all start their blaming…..yet we end with a message on haters. Why didn’t the show start with that, and maybe, just maybe, a few less hateful things would have been said. I raised my girls to be kind and tolerant and I’d like to hope moms are doing the same today, Makes me wonder as I hear these women claw, cuss, and put down the others, just my two cents.

  42. I’m all for an older woman, but I feel like Clare has been around the block on the bachelor on FOUR shows already, engaged, etc. I really wish we could get someone new and not keep repeating the same person two or three, now five times!! Why does it always have to be someone that was on a previous bachelor season instead of someone new? Just curious if you have any insight on that!

  43. Just out of curiosity does anyone else think that someone in one of the girls families passes away. The way Peter is apologizing seems like something you would say if you were at a funeral. Not sure if anyone elses thoughts or if this was already mentioned. Maybe a girl has to leave for a funeral because it is someone in her immediate family. I don’t know, just a theory.

    1. I had the same feeling! Hopefully not, since that would be so heartbreaking, but definitely the vibe I was gettting.

  44. I think a past love of Peter’s is going to come back. It is just odd that his mother would make a statement like “bring her home to us” when she barely knows them.

  45. I don’t think Clare is going to bring maturity. She has shown each time she’s on a show that that she is drama. So if they were looking for someone mature then I don’t think she’s a good pic. I think they just went on age and I don’t think that was smart. Yes, we wanted older but not an older women who is full of drama.

  46. Hi Ali, will you be doing a blog about any of the kid friendly places you went to in Hawaii? I am talking my 2 year old in June and would love some advice about places, restaurants, Luaus you recommend…any help for a mama!!! I already got the matching hats!!! lol

  47. Peters mom, dad, and brother all recently started following Kelley on IG. She wasn’t at the women tell all…think it’s possible he ends up with her?!?!

  48. Totally agree with your comments about Kelsey! At the start I wasn’t a fan, but now I think she’s awesome! She’s seems to be really genuine and considerate and I can’t wait to see her on paradise!

  49. Ali, I tried ordering the verb bars but even with your code it was asking me for an additional one before I could order. Is there supposed to be an additional code?

  50. I’ve never been a big fan if Claire and I’m disappointed they chose someone who has already been on what, like 4 of the different shows already. And didn’t she actually even get engaged up on the stage?? Pick someone new and different.

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