3 Tops Under $20 – Affordable Friday

Happy affordable Friday! I get so excited about Affordable Friday’s, it’s kind of ridiculous. Ha! I think it’s just because I’ve found so many quality pieces lately for such insanely good prices that just makes me so so happy! Have you got any of the pieces lately? If you have, let me know in the comments below what you think about them! Today I am sharing my top three favorite tops from Walmart this month that are under $20… and 2 of them are neutral and truly look expensive!

Tops Under $20

Neutral Sweater

I have to start with this neutral sweater because it is no joke one of my favorite sweaters ever! I feel like I say that often about certain sweaters I find, but this one is just insanely stunning! I love it so much, that I legit wore it on Extra TV when I did an interview with them on Wednesday. You guys might’ve seen that I posted an Instagram story about it saying that it would be in Today’s Affordable Friday post. So that kind of proves how much I love the sweater. Out of every single thing I have in my closet that I could’ve worn to be a national TV show, I chose the sweater. It’s just one of those tops that looks super expensive. I think it’s because of the neutral color. I always think neutrals feel expensive looking to me. And then I’m absolutely obsessed with the color and the detail on the shoulders. It gives the top an extra feminine touch that I just think it’s so beautiful.


neutral sweater tops


I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size so it’s definitely true to size. And the best part? It’s only $13! The last time I posted about a sweater like this that I was super obsessed with was a pink sweater (it’s back in stock in black!) on an Affordable Friday a couple weeks ago and a checkered sweater and both of them sold out within an hour! I’ll link that post here if you want to see some of the images. So if you love the sweater as much as I do, I’m telling you get it now! It also comes in a few other colors. I just ordered it in the navy blue color as well because I love the fit so much. I feel like the only reason it hasn’t sold out on Walmart’s website yet is because it doesn’t look that cute on the model. But if you look at the reviews they’re all stellar! People love the sweater and so do I!

neutral sweater tops


And don’t you LOVE these loafers?! I have these loafers in both the cheetah print and the leopard print. I got both of them because they are only $14! In the leopard print I got the wide width because I have a wider foot. But in the cheetah print I have the regular with and honestly fits absolutely fine! I don’t even think I really needed the wide width. Trust me you’ll be so happy you got these! And they break in super fast! I find them incredibly comfortable. And I’ll link my tote bag that’s just a really beautiful tan color and only $14.

The joggers I am wearing are sold out, but I found some pretty similar ones for only $11 if you wanna try them out. They seem to have pretty good reviews!

Striped Top

If you haven’t realized yet, everything in this post is from Walmart. Walmart has just blown my expectations out of the water these past couple years. I have found the absolute cutest stuff from them at the best prices! And quality stuff that’s affordable. Like this neutral colored striped top. When I got this shirt in the mail and put it on I felt like it could’ve come from a designer department store. The quality is insanely good! And it is beautiful!

neutral tops

 1. STRIPED TOP | 2. $10 JEANS | 3. TOTE | 4. NUDE PUMPS

I really feel like these photos don’t do the top justice so I almost wanted to completely re-shoot them all. Just because I love this top that much. I’m gonna wear in my Instagram stories later today so you guys can see it in video just to see how pretty it is. Like the tan sweater I just wrote about above, it also has a beautiful little rouge detail on the shoulder that makes it extra feminine and pretty. I got it in the white with neutral stripes because I’m obsessed with neutrals and always think they look chic. But it also comes in white and pink and I am in love! The best part is that it’s only $11. That’s right you heard me, $11! I decided to get one of the pink tops as well because I feel like it will look so cute this spring and summer with a pair of white jeans and white sneakers.

striped sweater neutral tops

 1. STRIPED TOP | 2. $10 JEANS | 3. TOTE | 4. NUDE PUMPS

This top is also true to size. I got a medium my normal size. I think it’s cute to wear with jeans but you could also dress it up with dress pants.

And once again I left the best part for last! Well, not only are these jeans under $10 but I was so happy when I got them and saw a sticker on them saying that they were made from recycled plastic bottles! I’m really really really trying to find more sustainable products in terms of fashion and when I find items like these that are not only affordable but also better for our planet I have to share!

This pair of jeans is under $10. That’s right $9.88! They’re a great high-waisted jean, or really, more of a jegging. And they also have great reviews. I would just say size up on these guys! I normally would get a size 11 in these jeans based off the size chart. But I sized up to a size 13 in these and I’m so glad I did because they fit perfectly! I might have thought to get a size 9 if I was going off the small medium large sizes on the size chart. And if you read the reviews everyone says to size up. I got the light wash but if you’re looking for something even more flattering get the dark wash or even the black jeans.

striped tops

 1. STRIPED TOP | 2. $10 JEANS | 3. TOTE | 4. NUDE PUMPS

Because I’m Happy

If you’re looking for a top to wear that will make people literally smile ear to ear then when they see you, then get this sweater! It’s only $15 and it will bring a smile to every person’s face that walks by you. I think that’s why I love wearing it so much. I wore it out the other day to go get coffee and literally it just made me feel happy so I had a smile on my face. And then when people saw me I think between the top actually saying happy in the bright colors and a huge smile on my face, it made other people smile too!happy sweater


Again I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size and I even layered a white collared shirt underneath it for these photos. But I think it looks really cute on its own as well. I also want to mention my sneakers real quick. Because they’re under $20 and from Ellen DeGeneres’s line at Walmart. With the rainbow on the side, I also just think they are bright and happy shoes!

I feel like this outfit is my ultimate cozy mom outfit! So comfortable and easy for me to wrangle my kiddos in! And they honestly just love it because of all the bright colors as well. I mean do you see the smile on Riley‘s face?! Plus, sometimes when Riley is sitting on my lap I go all over the letters with him so I feel like I’m kind of teaching him at the same time. Ha!happy sweater topshappy sweater tops


Bonus Look

OK I had to add this dress as a bonus look at the end of this post because the dress is only $14 and I feel like it’s going to be flattering on so many body types! If you’re in between sizes I definitely think you can size down with this one. But your normal size will be fine as well. If you have a bigger chest I’d say go with your normal size.

red dress red dress


My only criticism of the dress at all is that it’s slightly sheer. I’m not wearing a slip underneath in these photos and as you can see you can’t see anything underneath. But if I was in the sunlight at the right angle I feel like it might look a little too sheer. You wouldn’t see anything underneath, but you would just see sunlight going through. So if that something that bothers you, you can easily put a slip on underneath. But at the $14 price tag I totally think it’s worth getting! I got it in the floral print as well and I’ll show you guys that dress at some point later to because it’s really really really stunning.

red dress


Well that’s it for today’s Affordable Friday! If you love neutrals like I do, then you have to get the first two neutral tops I talked about! Get both of them and then throw in some shampoo and conditioner or diapers from Walmart as well to get you over $35 so you get free shipping! That’s one thing I love about affordable clothes on Walmart site. I can buy just one thing and then throw in other items that are essential that I need like shampoo and conditioner or toilet paper or even diapers to get myself over $35 to get the free shipping. Whereas the other clothing stores if I find something that’s really affordable I have to buy a bunch of other pieces of clothes to get to the point where I get free shipping. And usually end up picking up clothes that I never really wanted in the first place. And then have to pay to return things. But Walmart not only has so many essentials that make it easy getting the free shipping, but they also have free returns! I’m just so happy with my experience with them and I know you guys will be too!

What do you think about these looks?! Have you shopped any of my past Affordable Friday’s and what were your thoughts on those items! I’d love feedback from you guys and I hope you’re loving these looks as much as I am!

And as always, thank you Walmart for being a sponsor!!!

31 Thoughts

31 thoughts on “3 Tops Under $20 – Affordable Friday

  1. Hi Ali!
    I bought the last sweater you recommended, the pink one and I love it! I actually just had a baby in January and I wasn’t sure what size I would need, so I sized up in the pink and ordered my regular size in the black, with intentions on returning whichever one didn’t fit. But turns out they both work! The pink is great with leggings because it’s a little longer and the black is great with high waisted jeans! I will definitely be trying the neutral sweater this time!

  2. Hi Ali! How is the neutral sweater in length? I always feel like I’m between a medium or large because I’m tall and I tend to go to the large for length. Where the sleeves are a little puffy I’m not sure if it’ll look too baggy?

    I did get the pink sweater and checkered sweater from last time and I LOVE them! I also thought yesterday was Friday and kept searching for this Affordable Friday post. Ha! It’s been a long week with my two kiddos. (Kindergarten signups earlier this week and snow day yesterday threw me all off)

    Happy Friday everyone!

    1. Yay!!!! This makes me so so so so happy! I know you will LOVE the tan sweater too. It’s hard fr me to say if a large would be better. Do you wear high waist pants? If so, wear the tan sweater in a size Medium and then tuck it in

      And trust me, get the $11 striped top. It is MY FAVE!!!!! And it’s long so you’ll love it in size medium.

      1. Ok you talked me into ordering the striped shirt. It looks so beautiful on you in stories. Thanks again. Have a great day!

  3. Because I’m in Canada the link always takes me to Walmart.ca with no link to the item. How do I get it to go to .com and the linked item. I often order from the US site but these links won’t work for me 😞

      1. Thanks for the quick reply. You’re awesome. That worked. I was able to find them once I had that little more information. You make everything look so good.

  4. I love the sweater and stripped top that you wore.. But since I am a purse gal.. Love them! I just needed to have the tote. My husbands says I have to many purses and totes, but it is my weakness! 🙂 Can’t wait to get it!

  5. Absolutely love the happy top! I wanted to tell you that both my boys have eczema like I saw in your picture of Riley! We use aveeno baby balm to keep it at bay and then if they have a flare up we have a steroid from the doctor that works like a charm!

  6. I love that you post about easy to find, affordable brands! So many influencers post about their affordable clothing and then in reality it’s still $40-$50 for a top! Thank you For making me find cute clothes that this just out of college girl can afford❤️

  7. Ali,
    I totally get where you are coming from but Walmart is not sustainable fashion. Most of it is made in sweatshops. Thanks why it’s so cheap.
    I try and shop at consignment and thrift stores to be more sustainable and not be an over-consumer. It would be great if more influencers would promote things like that versus pushing new outfits people don’t actually need!

  8. Thank you for continuing these posts! I love your recommendations and love even more that I can afford them! Ordering the neutral sweater now 🙂

  9. I Purchased the striped top in three different colors! I’m hoping it fits as good as it looks in your picture. Thank you for the recommendation.

    1. UPDATE! I bought the striped shirt in pink, yellow, and white. They arrive yesterday and I am absolutely loving each one!! Thank you so much for the recommendation. 🙌🏻 This was an awesome add to my wardrobe.

  10. Gah Its so sad to love something in these posts and then find it’s only at american Walmart’s!!! Love reading these for fun tho!!

  11. Hi Ali!

    I’m not a big shopper but your blog gives me some ideas to narrow down from–easier for me that way! I ordered 3 sweaters from your December/January affordable Fridays: the white knit, the pink one, and the grey chenille sweater. The white one was too big for me and the knit was a little see thru so I’m returning but I may order in a smaller size. The other two are cozy and cute and have been great in the cold weather we’re having. I liked the tops in this post and ordered your neutral sweater in the red color, the happy sweater, and the striped top in the neutral and pink and white. I’m looking forward to seeing how they fit and look once I get them. I ordered the rainbow shoes but then read the reviews after that some people were disappointed in them particularly the comfort and plastic vs canvas feel. What do you think about the comfort? That’s my main criteria for shoes and I also have wide feet so it can be hard to find the right fit.

    Question: I’m definitely interested in sustainable fashion, and try to support local places/thrifting more than big chains even though I’m giving Wal-Mart items a try today. Can you write a blog where you explain more about sustainable and eco-friendly fashions? Thanks!

  12. I just love reading your blogs. I can hear you reading them in my head . I love that you are a size medium.. so tired of all other bloggers being a size XS… which is not me!! 🙂
    Keep being you!!

  13. The neutral sweater is gorgeous! It looks so high quality and expensive! Love the price and all of your recommendations.

  14. Man, Walmart is killing it lately. I ordered the pink sweater from a previous post and it was incredible. Wore it to a baby shower and got tons of compliments.

    So naturally, I filled my cart up with more awesome finds today (better late than never!)
    Thanks, friend!!

  15. Hey Ali!

    I ordered the sweater and then found a Time and Tru duster that was on sale as well. Both just came in and the fit and quality is amazing!

    I just wanted to really thank you for the Affordable Friday posts you do each week. As a stay at home mom, our budget for fun new clothes has really changed. It’s so important to me that you acknowledge different budgets and that you can look amazing on a $10 sweater from WalMart budget! It’s really refreshing and helpful!! Much appreciated!!!!

  16. I’m wondering where you purchased the angel wings necklace I often see you wearing when you post on Facebook. I am in Canada 🇨🇦 so hoping it’s not just available in the USA. TIA ❤️

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