3 Sweaters + Dresses Under $25 – Affordable Friday

Hi guys! Welcome to today’s Affordable Friday post! You guys know either these are some of my absolute favorite blog posts. It’s funny, the other day one of my coworkers asked me if I actually wear the clothes that I write about in these Affordable Friday posts. My reaction to her was of course I do! I love these clothes and I love a good deal! So I want you guys to know that the clothes that I write about are absolutely things that I have and that I love. I can’t even tell you how many things I order and end up sending back just to find the absolute best items to write about for you guys on here. I’ll never recommend something that I don’t think is great. And that’s no different in today’s post. I’m going to be sharing 3 sweaters and 3 dresses from Walmart that I absolutely love that are all under $25!

Also, I just wanna note real quick (thanks Emily in the comments for the idea!) that if you want to buy one or two of these things from this post but want free shipping, just add something you need to your cart (like Emily did with diapers) to get your order to $35 then you get free shipping! And Walmart has EVERYTHING, so you could add face wash, toilet paper, batteries, etc. Whatever you need to get the free shipping. Such  great idea Emily! Thank you!

And I’m adding a bonus Affordable Friday look at the end of this post. I’m sharing a puffer jacket and boots that are super affordable if you still need some winter gear. If you’re an avid reader of my blog, then you know that I absolutely love searching for great clothes on Walmart’s website. I feel like they really stepped up their game over the years and I’m just continually blown away by the amazing fines I discover on their site. Let’s get into it.

3 Sweaters

Usually when I write about 3 similar items, I always have a favorite but it’s really hard for me to pick a favorite between the three sweaters. I like them all for different reasons. So no matter which one you choose, or if you choose all of them, I think you’ll be really happy! Let’s start with this checkered cardigan.

Checkered Cardigan

CHECKERED SWEATER 3 sweaters under $25


I wore the cardigan out to dinner with my girlfriends the other night and legit they all thought it was super expensive. And that’s because it looks really expensive! I kind of feel like these photos don’t do it justice because it honestly is so beautiful! And it is ridiculously comfy! It’s really, really soft and cozy. And it’s under $20. If you only get one thing from this blog post, I might say that this sweater should be it! Either this cardigan or the pink sweater I’m about to talk about. Both are absolutely amazing especially for the price!

CHECKERED SWEATER 3 sweaters under $25

I paired the sweater with a black cami and black skinny pants. You could easily wear black leggings or whatever you have in your closet. But I’m linking a few similar things here to complete the look. A black boot would work but I really liked the contrast of these cognac boots. Unfortunately they are sold out, but they have cognac colored boots from most stores – again, black is great too!

CHECKERED SWEATER 3 sweaters under $25


Pink Sweater

Like I said above, it’s hard for me to choose what sweater is my favorite in this post – especially because this pink sweater is absolutely amazing! If you followed along on my Instagram stories on Wednesday then you know that I wore this $10 sweater to a Fab Fit Fun photo shoot that I filmed that day. All of the girls at the shoot were obsessed with it! I told all of them to come to my blog today for the link to it! Ha! It is similar to the white slouchy sweater that I have and have written about before, and I feel like the fit of it is just so flattering and in style.

pink sweater 3 sweaters under $25


Honestly, I don’t really feel like these photos capture how awesome the sweater is either. It’s just so incredibly beautiful and I will show it to you guys on Instagram stories today so you can see it better in action. The photos of me wearing it below are actually from my Fab Fit Fun shoot that I took quickly because I knew I’d be writing about it today. That way you can see iPhone photos of me wearing it and then the professional photos that my photographer took as well. You guys know I like to show professional photos and iPhone photos so you can get a real feel of the clothing when I write about things.

pink sweater 3 sweaters under $25


Gray Chenille Sweater

If comfort is super important to you and your clothing, then this gray sweater is perfect for you! It’s hard to tell from these photos because it just looks like a normal sweater but the material is the softest thing to ever touch my skin! Ha! I’m not even kidding. But I love that it still just has that beautiful sweater look. I’m wearing it with black pants and black boots in these photos, but really you could wear this with absolutely anything. Jeans, a skirt, really anything in your closet that you wear on the bottom half of your body. The boots are sold out, but any black boot would look great!! Oh, and I’m wearing a size medium in all of the sweaters (and the dresses below). I’m 5’7 and about 145 pounds for reference. Medium is my normal size so I would say everything in this post is true to size.

chenille sweater 3 sweaters


3 Dresses

Knit Dress in Black + Purple

I’m counting this dress is two separate dresses since I got it in two colors. And you’re not gonna believe it when I tell you the price. $6.99! Is your mind absolutely blown?! Mine was when I looked it up and saw the price. When I bought them a couple weeks ago they were $20 and I thought that was a steal! I have no idea why the price dropped so much, but it did and I’m so psyched for all of you to reap the benefits! And it’s got great reviews. If you look at the website it has 55 reviews and they’re all pretty good! Again, I’m wearing a medium and it fits perfectly.

$6 dress walmart


I always want to tell you guys the good and the bad about any clothing that I have. And I wouldn’t really say this is bad, but if I had one criticism about the dress it would be that the waistband is an elastic. So when you pull over your head you have to be careful not to stretch it out. And when it’s against your body, it’s not super fitted around the waist. But to be completely honest, I think that’s why it’s so flattering! And for the price of a large latte in Los Angeles, it’s definitely worth getting this dress to see for yourself if you love it or not! And if you don’t, you can always return it! Walmart has an insanely good return policy.

$6 dress walmart


Another thing I really love about the dress is the length. And the way it flows. On Instagram stories I’ll show a boomerang of me twirling in the dress so you can see how beautifully it flows. If you check out the reviews people seem to really love the length. But if you’re on the shorter side it might be a little long for you. Try it, who knows! And some people suggest sizing down. But I think it might be hard to get the waistband over your head unless you’re very thin if you size down. But again, because Walmart has such a great return policy you could always order both sizes and just send back whichever one doesn’t work for you.

$6 dress walmart


Champagne Dress

And I can’t go without telling you about the champagne dress. This is another one of those items that I feel like is not captured as beautifully in photos! It is absolutely stunning! It comes in a few different colors, but I went with the champagne because I feel like when you wear neutrals it just looks very expensive! Don’t you think so? I feel like I read something once, it said the people that dress in all neutral colors are geniuses. Ha! I might be making that up, but I know I read something about it. Ha! When I walked out wearing this dress during my blog shoot with my photographer Ashley, she immediately asked me where it was from and her jaw absolutely dropped when I told her it was under $25 and from Walmart. It just looks so beautiful and expensive.

champagne dress


Another thing I really love about the dress is that it has buttons on the inside to close the wrap in the front. I just like that because I feel like it makes it easier to get dressed and have a nice fit. Rather than pulling something over your head. If you guys get this dress please tell me what you think because I think you’re going to be absolutely floored by how amazing it is.

champagne dress


Bonus! Jacket + Boots

I thought I’d add a little bonus look in case anybody is looking for some last-minute winter gear and wants it at a great price! The jacket is only $40 and really, really, really warm! The only thing that’s a bummer is that it’s sold out in black right now, but it’s still available in gray and all sizes! I also love the faux fur trim around the hood.

puffy jacket 3 sweaters

puffy jacket 3 sweaters

 1. JACKET | 2. BOOTS | 3. JEANS

And lastly I just wanted to share the boots because they’re really sturdy pair for a great price. So if you don’t have any and I don’t want to break your bank I highly recommend these! They’re true to size, really comfy, and really keep your feet warm! And they are under $40!

puffy jacket 3 sweaters

 1. JACKET | 2. BOOTS | 3. JEANS

Until Next Time…

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today’s Affordable Friday post! I’m so excited about this post because there’s so many great options and you can get them all at Walmart so it makes it easy to order and get free shipping when you spend over $35! And HUGE thank you to Walmart for being a sponsor of my website! I couldn’t do all of this without you! I hope you guys loved the 3 sweaters and 3 dresses! Please please please let me know if you get anything that I write about because I always love to hear feedback from you guys even if it’s constructive criticism. And of course when you buy something I talk about and love it, it just makes my heart so happy to hear about it! Love you guys! And have a great weekend!

66 Thoughts

66 thoughts on “3 Sweaters + Dresses Under $25 – Affordable Friday

  1. Just bought the pink sweater and the cardigan. Added in a small pack of diapers to get free shipping ha! Cannot believe that I will betting all of that for only $39! Thanks for the recommendations!! Always come to your blog first thing!

    1. Ahh! So happy that you were able to get both the sweater and the cardigan! You will have to let me know what you think! And I know right?? Such insane deals!!!

      1. Hi Ali. Thanks for the shout out on your Instagram story the other day! I received the two sweaters yesterday. I am wearing the cardigan now with jeggings and a tucked in camisole and I absolutely love it!! The material is so so soft and I already got two compliments on it within an hour of wearing it. It looks so expensive just like you said! Great versatile piece to have. Thanks again for the great recommendations!

  2. Love everything on the blog today! Trying to decide which sweater I should order, leaning towards the checkered one or the pink. Thanks for the recommendations! Love following you!!!

  3. Great finds! I hope you’re doing okay. I’ve been reading some sad and down vibes from you and in these photos you don’t have your normal sparkly eyes and smile. Whatever might be going on in your life, I am sending all of the love and good vibes your way if you need them. And if I’m totally off in my read of you, I’m sending the positive vibes anyway!

  4. Thanks for the recommendations. Would love to know what size you ordered in the pink sweater and the checkered sweater. You and I are about the same height and size and I always feel like I’m between sizes. If you’re comfortable would you let us know what size you ordered please? 🙂

    Thanks again as always.

  5. Your front door wreath…can you look in your etsy order history and share the shop name with me? I love it and how big it is

    1. I feel like this one might be from Wayfair, I can’t remember right now! I will look into it and let you know if I can find it!

  6. Love these affordable Friday posts! The pink sweater is sold out but I’m thinking I’ll get the black in the same one! Keep sending awesomeness our way!

    1. Wow that was sooo fast! I’m sure the black one will be stunning! Hopefully they will restock the pink!

      Thank you, Amanda!!

  7. So many great finds, Ali! I love how you styled everything. I just sent my sister the link to the black dress. She needs one for when she visits Israel.

  8. I love that you try to find affordable fashion but $6.99 for a dress just seems crazy like think how poorly it must be made! I’m sure it will be falling apart in a few washes. I am no stranger to fast fashion but it somehow just seems a bit irresponsible to buy all these crappy pieces that will end up in a landfill. I’m not trying to be judgey I struggle with these debates myself. Very much a big fan, Ali. Xoxo

    1. The dress is beautiful and I don’t think it will end up in an landfill if taken care of properly just like any piece of clothing. xoxo

  9. Ali, what are your thoughts on the “front tuck?” Do you actually like it, or do you just to do it cause that’s in style right now? I feel like it’s one of those things that will be “out of style” 5 years from now. Thoughts? For me personally, it looks so unflattering on my body type, I just can’t do it!

    1. Why do you think you can’t do it? Because you don’t like it or because to don’t find it flattering? I love it!

  10. Ali…I love you and I’ve followed you for a long time, but I gotta be honest. I’m super bummed that you support Walmart. I know you have to do what you have to do to make a living, but there are so many sustainable and small shops that treat their employees and the earth better than Walmart. I don’t make much money, but I make a point to research the clothes that I buy to make sure they come from a sustainable and socially supportive place. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    1. Totally respect where you’re coming from and honestly Walmart does sustainable fashion! I’ve posted about a pair of $17 jeans that I’m absolutely obsessed about from Walmart a bunch of times and they are made from recycled plastic water bottles! So I do try to find a balance!

  11. Love all of the suggestions! Are the jeans that you’re wearing in your iPhone pictures (with the pink sweater) from Walmart as well??

  12. Allie. I love your fashion Fridays. I actually bought that sweater during the holidays that you and your mother in law had. I love mine and now I am going to but this one too. Thank you

  13. Ali, I love your posts. I added the pink sweater and cardigan to my cart but before I could check out, the pink sweater was out of stock! Gotta be quick girl’s!! I was so disappointed. Love you and your family Ali. I love how real you are. 😘

  14. Hi Ali!! I just bought the champagne dress in both champagne and black!! I hope I look as beautiful as you in it!
    Ps-I love watching you and your family on your Instagram stories and reading your blog! You are always so positive 💕

  15. I love to shop Walmart.com! So many steals and deals on some cute, boutique style clothes! Thanks for sharing!! Ps, that dress, either one you wrote about, look breastfeeding friendly!

  16. You are seriously the best, thank you for sharing all these adorable and flattering sweaters and dresses! And you are too cute modeling everything for us! I’m so excited for my order to be delivered. I got the checkered cardigan, black dress and I added in another cute gray button up to get the free shipping!

    1. Thanks so much for these fashion Friday posts! Just ordered the cardigan, jeans and black dress! So excited to get them. Thanks again!

    2. You are so welcome! I am so glad you love!!!! Please tag me in social if you post a pic of you wearing any of these items!!!! I wanna see you rock them!

  17. I just adore you! And love your style! I ordered the pink sweater and cardigan! Thank you for your lovely blog and just being you 😘

    1. This makes me so so so so happy! I love that everyone is loving this post and these pieces. Because it’s my favorite Affordable Friday yet!!!!

  18. I just ordered the pink sweater, cardigan, and 2 of the dresses! Thank you so much for sharing! I love watching you on Home and Family and following you!! Thanks for all you do! 😊

    1. They are in the first 2 photos of me in the pink sweater. It’ the exact pair. Not in the second pic. Those are a sold out pair.

  19. Hi Ali! This is unrelated but I was curious if you can give an update on Riley’s schedule? My son is two months older and I’m struggling right now. He’s an early riser like your little guy (up around 5:30 lately). And his nap is getting a tad shorter (hour 45 lately). What does Riley’s day look like? What time does he nap? Struggling not know what if any tweaks I should make. So hard! Thanks!

  20. Thanks so much for posting! Just got the open faced cardigan, pink sweater and black dress. All look super cute and can’t beat the price! Always loved your Nordstrom sale pics but can’t beat these prices. Thanks again!!

  21. In the post, you are wearing 2 different pairs of jeans. Can you send the link for the ones that are not button down? It appears both links are to the same pair- button down which I don’t typically prefer on my body type.

    1. The other pair are no longer in stock. Sorry!!!! But the $17 pair (now on sale for $11) are INSANELY good!!!!!! Like for reals. You will love them. Give them a try and let me know what you think.

  22. I ordered the boots and dress (in burgundy!). Love them both, but I found that the waistband in my dress was NOT elastic, and was actually stitched pretty tightly. It was difficult to get over my shoulders (popped a few threads doing so, oops!). Are they all supposed to be elastic?! Debating exchanging it!

    1. Yes that was my one criticism of the dress above – that the waist is not elastic. And that you have to be careful not to stretch it out. (read above) I popped a few threads putting mine on too. But it didn’t affect the shape for me. I just still think it’s so pretty and flattering for the $6 so I kept it and recommend it!

  23. Love your blog and the clothing. It is nice to see there are affordable items that look great and that you don’t have to spend a fortune on to look great. Thank you

  24. I bought the checkered cardigan, pink sweater, and black dress. I absolutely love the cardigan! I actually wore it on a date! Ha I ordered the dress in a Large but it’s too big, wish I had got the medium. Thanks for the suggestions!

  25. Great outfits!! I’ll be buying the checkered cardigan when it’s back in stock! Where did you get your gold bar necklace from?

  26. Love love LOVE the checkered cardigan! Mine came this week! Fits perfectly and I have received tons of compliments on it already! Love your affordable Fridays! Thank you!

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