The Bachelor – No Really, When Will The Drama End?

Phew!!!! Now that we have all watched 5 hours of the Bachelor this week, we can finally chat about all the ups and downs that have happened. I can’t believe that we went from 16 to 6 this week. Hopefully that means that most of the drama is behind us and Peter can focus on finding his wife. There’s a lot to discuss with this episode because it ties up some of the loose ends from previous drama. Let’s get into it!!!!

Hannah Ann Date

I love that Peter can speak Spanish! I think it’s a very attractive trait. And I think he was probably trying to impress her when they were speaking to the Chilean couple. But I also kind of wish that he did more explaining to her what they were saying. Maybe he did and they edited it out. But at the end of the day, I think he was just trying to impress her.

peter hannah ann chile

It’s funny because Peter gave Hannah Ann the first impression rose, I was so sure she’d be in his top three if not the final one. Just because statistically speaking whoever gets the first impression rose, more than 75% of the time if not more, ends up being the last one standing. But it’s crazy how much Hannah Ann has fallen off Peter’s radar.

And the age thing is interesting. I don’t even think it’s that she’s 23 that bothers him. Because other girls in the house are that young. I think it’s because she looks like she’s about 16 years old. She seriously looks like a baby! That’s what throws me every time. I know I always say that I feel like a mom watching all of my daughters on the show. But I more mean that in a way that I speak about them. Whereas when I look at Hannah Ann, I literally feel like I could be her mother. She just has that baby face. And I mean that in the best way too, you guys know at the beginning of this season how I talked about how beautiful she is, and how it was almost an unfair advantage to the other women. Ha!

hannah ann

I don’t know what you think about the relationship and where it stands at this point or where it’s going. I find it very hard to believe that she’ll be with him in the end based on how the date went. I just didn’t really feel much of any passion. But I don’t know. I feel really confused about him and Hannah and at this point. Do you think you’ll end up with her in the end? I did at the very beginning but I don’t think so anymore.

Group Date


I honestly liked the telenovela date. I liked that it was fun and cheesy. What I didn’t like is that Peter really was making out with the girls in front of the other girls. They could’ve been cheesy peck kisses where he just presses his mouth to theirs in true telenovela fashion. But instead it was full on make-out sessions once again! I just wish he wouldn’t kiss the girls so passionately in front of the other girls. But I have a feeling I’m gonna be seeing this till I’m blue in the face because he does it every episode. Ha!

peter kelsey telenovela

Victoria P

I’m really glad Peter sent Victoria P home. I thought after the whole Alayah thing happened, it’s almost like she started being a little bit mean to Peter. Like all the girls were upset with him, but in a way Victoria P felt a little possessive of him to me. I can’t even really explain why. It just seems like every time she was talking to him, she was putting him down in someway or talking about how she was upset with him. I just don’t think that relationship had anywhere to go from here. There was too much negativity surrounding the relationship too soon. And I think Peter really just can never recover from the little white lie she told around the Alayah situation. You can tell that trust is extremely important to him and I think she lost his trust. She’s a sweet girl though so I hope she finds what she’s looking for!


I’m so glad we finally got to see some time between Peter and Madison. I almost feel like their time together has been cut out of every episode, besides her one-on-one date at the beginning, because it’s probably so obvious that he’s might be picking her in the end that the editors couldn’t even edit out their connection without just taking out the moments entirely.

I mean by him re-writing that telenovela script and flat out saying to hurt my heart is with you was no mistake. He knows he can’t flat out tell her that his heart is with her and that he wants to be with her. So he had to put in a script. When I was the Bachelorette I made it a point to do very special, and I’ll use Madison’s words here “intentional” things, for the two guys who I thought I’d end up with in the end. And that’s exactly what Peter is doing for Madison.

peter madison the bachelor

No question in my mind it’s Madison and Peter in the end! And I know according to Chris Harrison and even Peter, that the show is going to have some very dramatic different ending, but I still think he’s going to end up with her. If she’ll have him.

Tammy and Mykenna

What, I’ll agree with Tammy on one thing, McKenna has some growing to do. However, that’s about the only thing I’ll agree with Tammy on. She is being a huge bully. I am glad that Kelsey was trying to stick up for Mykenna honestly. I don’t know why she seems to have a problem with so many girls in the house. I feel bad for her. She’s obviously attacking others because of something that’s going on internally with herself. And I hope she’s able to deal with whatever that thing is.

Victoria F’s Second Date

I like Victoria but I just don’t have anything to say about her or even this date. Honestly I feel like she’s either still hung up on her ex or she’s just not really into Peter. I get that this process can be difficult for people to open up in. But with her I feel like it’s more than that. She just doesn’t seem all that into him.

Tammy and Mykenna 2 on 1

Drama drama drama. Ugh. I said this in my last blog post, but good lord am I over this drama. Normally I love the drama of the show because it keeps it interesting. But it is just too much this season. The girls are too young and have a lot of growing to do.

tammy mykenna drama

It’s funny because in past seasons whenever there’s been drama between the contestants it always made me mad that the lead doesn’t just get to the bottom of things and put the people in a room together to discuss it. And that’s exactly what Peter is doing! Getting to the bottom of the things by putting people together to discuss. But it’s just creating even more drama! And makes him seem like he thrives on the drama. Which I don’t believe he does at all! I think he just thinks it’s the best way to get to the bottom of everything. Which I would too. But that’s not proving to be the case here.

Like I said earlier in this post, Tammy must be sad somewhere deep inside for the way she treats other people. It was extremely disheartening to see the joy that she got out of trying to tear somebody down or make somebody cry. She really tried to cut deep with Mykenna and I felt so sorry for her. Poor Mykenna was just sitting there trying everything possible to keep it together. Do I think Mykenna is there for ulterior motives? Of course! She’s a fashion blogger – she would be stupid not to think about the amount of Instagram followers she’s going to get from this. But that doesn’t mean that she’s not also there for Peter. It’s just impossible for her to only be there for Peter. But anyways, I was glad Peter sent Tammy home in the end.

Rose Ceremony

First random thought, Natasha looked INCREDIBLE with her hair pulled back like that! She needs to wear it that way all the time! I am all about a good pony and she looks stunning with one!

And anyone think it’s absolutely crazy that he sent Sydney home?! Especially after that steamy and super sexual make out session in their swimsuits? I don’t know something about that just kind of rubs me the wrong way.  What do you guys think?

peter sends sydney home

I also don’t understand why Peter didn’t send both Mykenna and Tammy home at the same time.  It really just feels a bit mean to me that he would string her along for another few hours and put her through that. I’m sure his mind was already made up. My guess is the producers made him keep her until the rose ceremony.

SOO much to discuss in the comments below!

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168 Thoughts

168 thoughts on “The Bachelor – No Really, When Will The Drama End?

  1. I can’t believe Sydney is gone. I wouldn’t be surprised if she returned. I was also very disappointed that Mykenna got strung along. He should have sent her home with Tammy.

      1. I agree with the way Peter sent Mykenna home.
        I think she would have felt it was Tammy’s fault had he sent them both
        But he told her he trusted her he believed she was being bullied.
        I think the way he did it separated the Tammy drama from his connection with him.

        1. I think he wanted to show McKenna his trust in her and that he valued who she is. He made a point with sending Tammy home then.

          1. I agree, however I would have still been so mad at Peter. After he sent Tammy home, he could have sat down with her and told her that he trusted what she was saying, he valued her as a person, but just doesn’t see her as his wife. That would have been much better than making her wait around and her thinking she was going to get a rose.

      2. I was surprised about Sydney as well. It looked like they had great chemistry. I started questioning if I had the girls confused because I couldn’t believe it.

  2. As much as I love Peter, I question if they made the right choice in selecting him. His decision-making this season has been questionable and sometimes bizarre. Just like you pointed out, Ali, why send Tammy home and let Mykenna think she’s in a good place with him only to send her home that evening, too? And where isn’t he world did the decision about Sydney come from? It was out of nowhere. He never talked to her about concerns or talked in interviews about it. So strange. It just seems he’s kept a couple of girls around that he doesn’t have a strong connection with and that I don’t see him ending up with at all. I agree with you – this whole season is Peter and Madison. If you watch their story alone, it really is a cute little love story. I think Hannah Anne will be in the top two.

    1. He could have talked to Sydney and we just didn’t see it. Keep in mind there are 100’s of hours of footage and we only see 2 hours a week of it. Well 5 hours in this weeks case. Ha!

      1. Ali you hit the nail on the head. Editing! I think the same thing with Hannah Ann – I don’t think he lost sight of her, but the show focused on all the drama! The same with never seeing Madison.
        I want 1 more episode after the current end: the final person’s full journey! It doesn’t have to be every word said, but enough to show their love story! The dates, the conversations, how they came to fall in love. (I would prefer it during the season, but it would at least be good to have some kind of recap!)

      2. But it’s still bizarre that he mentioned on his date with Sydney how she has the potential to be the one and has all the qualities he is looking for in a wife. He loved their date together and said it was a great night. He made out with her in the water for what seemed like hours. To send her home after all that seems odd. However I have to add that she is a mean girl! She accused Alayah of turning it on when in Peter’s presence, she did the same thing. Did you hear how she spoke to Tammy? She was down right ghetto…”yo girl you crazy”. She acted like a bully, and as someone who was bullied should know better. She did have a posse (Lexi and Natasha) and she did think she was better than Tammy (who has her own issues). They ganged up on Tammy (and Tammy was wrong for what she did, but didn’t deserve that treatment). Maybe Peter saw through that and we just didn’t see that unfold. I am personally glad Sydney is gone (plus she went to the same high school as Hannah Brown so that was just odd that she never mentioned that)

        1. She talked about how she ate lunch in the bathroom in high school, but there are pics of her next to Hannah brown as part of the prom court. Something didn’t add up with her. Glad she’s gone.

          I think Madison is the only one he has chemistry with that seems to genuinely feel the same about him. Or really, I kinda hope his mom is telling him to go get Hannah brown.

    2. Whole season a train wreck. They are all too young & not ready for any of this let alone love. Women Tell All is going to be one BIG B*@#* fest….. unless they reign it in. Every yelling & talking over each other.

      1. I agree 100% about the age and maturity of most of these girls!!! They are too young and immature to be there, sorry just my opinion. It has been so hard seeing him really connect and build a relationship with anyone because of all of the drama it’s just ridiculous!!!! I do however like Madison because it’s obvious that she is not interested in all of the petty stuff going on with the other girls and hoping she’s the last one standing!

      2. My sister in law have been saying the same thing this whole time – they all just seem so young and immature and honestly it’s hard to watch! They all ganged up on Tammy about the pill popping thing when obviously Victoria was in the wrong too and she just went with everyone else to deflect from her (Tammy was totally in the wrong and needed to be called out but everyone turning on her all of a sudden was just crazy!). Hopefully all of the drama is over – it’s definitely kept it interesting but it’s really taking away from what the show is actually about!

  3. How did Kelly get the rose and not Sydney !? Huge shock.
    I’m with you on Victoria F- if i wasn’t watching live i would have fast forwarded. So boring – She’s not into him simple as that.
    At this point I don’t know how it’s anyone but Madison in the end..

      1. I feel like it was with Sydney.. their chemistry on their one on one date seemed to put that into perspective…I think that maybe she comes back? It just doesn’t add up on why he sent her home. I was shocked watching the rose ceremony. I thought for sure it would have been Kelly and Mykenna that were sent home.

      2. If I remember correctly from previews, he finds out one of his girls is a virgin. I think when we hear him say “I have been intimate”, I think that’s just part of that same conversation where he is saying that he’s not a virgin? The previews teased that line with the clips of he and Sydney that we saw last week – obviously nothing happened there or it would have been a lot more dramatic that he sent her home this week!

        Also – I really love Madison and it’s driving me crazy that they don’t show her more. I honestly believe the only reason she got airtime tonight was because he gave her the group date rose, so they had to show something to back up why she was getting it.

        Not that it matters at all, but my guess is that she (Madi) is the virgin. Just given that she is 23, comes from a strong Christian family, was focused on basketball all through college, it could be similar to a Colton situation. It could cause a speed bump given that we know Peter is very sexual person. I hope not though because I really love her (so much, that I almost think she’s too good for Peter and part of me hopes she doesn’t end up with him).

        1. I totally agree Madison is almost too good for him! I loved Peter at the begging of all this but the season has tainted him a bit in my mind.

      3. That’s what I was wondering Ali… my hunch is that Madison is still a virgin, waiting for marriage. And she isn’t his first overnight date. And he probably slept with whoever overnight date #1 was with… Kelsey or Hannah Ann? And then when it was Madison’s date she opened up to him about that and maybe that she didn’t feel like she could go on if he slept with anyone else… I think it’s possible she removes herself from the show after that and that’s who Peter’s mom was crying about not to let her go in the preview…. I think he will get her back in the end. but that’s just my theory lol

        1. LORI~
          Ha! that makes total sense- how could they have Not!!? also explains why he kept her this last week even though she wasnt fawning over him.

          What a lie that would be for someone fixated on honest transparency. We’ll see.

      4. I think towards the end he sleeps with Hannah. They claim Madison is a virgin. My guess is it’s Madison and Hannah at the end and Madison is hurt he had that connection with Hannah and leaves. But he goes after hers that’s my guess!

  4. I agree, Peter should have sent Mykenna home along with Tammy. He shouldn’t have done that to her. It made no sense to me. I was shocked when he sent Sydney home, I was not expecting that at all. I really think he will end up with Madison in the end, she seems to be the most real out of the remaining girls!

    1. Also, I dont understand Victoria F. At all! She does not seem like she wants to be there or in to him at all. I really liked her in the beginning but I was kinda hoping Peter would have sent her home tonight!

      1. Agree! I don’t understand why she can’t talk! Or why she keeps saying I don’t know. She would absolutely know at this point if she wants to stay or go home. She’s said the same words over and over and I don’t get why she can’t explain her feelings or what she is thinking to him.

  5. It’s like he slept with her and then said bye. It was shocking. Especially because he has Kelley and Victoria F who just don’t seem all that into him.

    1. Did anyone else feel like he was begging Victoria F to stay? She was clearly not Interested and he just seemed desperate!

  6. This season has been hard to watch. I feel like Madison is the only one he has a connection with and we never even see it because of the excessive drama! I also feel like Madison is the only one I would want to see as bachelorette and if he picks her they should chose someone from a past season because these girls just aren’t mature or old enough!

    1. Amy, this is EXACTLY what I was thinking! I wish I could see how much fun he is having getting to know these girls so we could get to know them alongside of him. I feel like usually at this point I have an idea of who the top 4 are and honestly I don’t see any connections other than Madison! Also, I like Kelsey but why does every conversation seem like she is about to burst into tears? It’s a bit much and almost forced at this point. The next bachelorette must meet an age requirement for all of our sanities including ABC who may lose viewers over continuing with the excess drama!

  7. I couldn’t agree more about Tammy.. she has some internal issues that she needs to work on. I hope she can watch this back and realize how truly terrible she treated others. I felt for Mykenna! Tammy was trying everything to push her buttons. And yes Mykenna is young, but she didn’t deserve any of that treatment. Peter would have been stupid to keep Tammy around. I’m glad he trusted Mykenna, but disappointed he strung her along! She probably went into the rose ceremony almost assuming she was getting a rose.

  8. I don’t trust Victoria F at all! I’m not sure what her intentions are or where her heart truly is, but it’s not with Peter. She also seems to have a bit of a mean girl side and I’m not sure I care for that. Team Madison, Hannah Ann and Natasha.. they are hands down the sweetest, most genuine and just real!

    1. Mary, I couldn’t agree more! I think it’ll be Madison, Hannah Ann and Natasha in the end. What drama this season, my goodness. Something just seems off with Victoria F and I don’t know what it is but I’m not a fan at all!

  9. I felt so bad for mykenna. Immature or not, she did seem to like Peter. She struck me as naive. Hannah Ann’s answers seemed rehearsed. I agree with you about Victoria P though! She was mean to Peter.

    1. I agree, Hannah Anne’s answers were so rehearsed, it was awkward to watch.
      I would love to see Ali’s input on this topic.

  10. I am confused by him not sending McKenna home with tammy, too. Makes no sense to put her in the rose ceremony. I felt bad for her. So not happy with Peter that he did that. It was time for Tammy to go. Confused that he gave no explanation to Sydney for sending her home. This season sucks.

    1. Hi Leahh
      * This season sucks * pretty much says it all. We deserve more from the show than huge editing gaps and toxic producer set ups.
      It’s asking too much of such a loyal fan base.

  11. I agree with you Ali! I think he picks Madison in the end. She has had no drama at all this season. Also, I did think it was mean to keep McKenna around just to let her go a few hours later.

  12. So confused by Peter! I was so excited by this season and while I cant stop watching it, I over it! I cant believe he sent Sydney home after their date last week!! Something else had to have happened or that was just him needing to distract himself from the drama. He is definitely not always leading with the right head, that’s for sure!

  13. I AM SHOCKED ABOUT SYDNEY!!! What??? I don’t get it at all. Thought she was in the final 3 for sure.
    Glad Tammy and McKenna are both gone. It was clear there was no connection and only drama. Kelly and Natasha will be next to go.
    Thought Victoria F would be a finalist but not now.
    I have been Team Madison from the beginning and the fact they hardly show her proves that. This season is crazy!

    1. Yeah I find it hard to predict who will be the top 3. Peter choices are unpredictable. All I know is Madison has to be the top one!

      1. Ali,
        I want to know what your take is on the preview they had I believe on the first episode when they showed Peter breaking down to his mom and I think his mom was emotional and she told him “You need to go get her, or you need to bring her back”. Something along those lines. I would think that clip is when he takes the girls to meet his family. I would like to know your thoughts on that

    2. I never saw a spark there. I think he felt obligated to keep her once she talked about being bullied, and he has a sweet heart (and it’s a bad look to send someone home after a difficult reveal- she kept crying and you could tell he felt sad about her experiences) so he kept her both times she talked about it, but he knew it wasn’t her. The make out thing last week to be followed by sending her home this week was rough, but the date, the alcohol, the romantic setting all encourage those things.

      I also feel anyone who hasn’t gotten a one on one when VF got two has to know they aren’t the final choice. I remember when Ali had her season, and a guy who didn’t get a one on one FOUGHT for time with her (another guy was getting his second one on one) and she gently let him go after that. He had to win a contest to get time with her, and Ali’s expression said it all- she wasn’t thrilled he won alone time with her. Ali, I remember your season, it’s one of the few I actually bought to stream because you were great 😉

  14. I was happy to see Victoria p goes as well! I think she was shady, always getting caught in her lies it was exhausting!

    1. Victoria P should have been sent Homs the same night Alayah was. She lied to the producers just as much as Alayah had, and she lied flat out to Peter when he had Alayah and her together.

      Kelley is the most mature out of the bunch, with that said I could easily see her with Clay Harbor or Peter from Rachels season.

      I believe the producers encouraged Peter to keep Victoria F. It was obvious, when she seen Chase Rice, that she was so into him. However, she said they were dating and Chase said it was a one time thing.
      Some speculation is made that Peters mom is begging Peter to find their missing dog who got out of their yard 🙃

      I feel Peter walks away without any of the girls from this season. Maybe it’s Hannah Brown he ends up with, maybe Madison. Hannah Anne is just to fake.

      The Sydney thing is confusing. Am I the only one think that her true personality was the one shown to Alayah and to Tammy?

      At this point in the game I just want this season over.

  15. Honestly I love Madison so much and wish it showed more of her. I have a good feeling it will be her and Peter in the end and im so freakin excited to see him hopefully choose her! I feel like she is the only one that is drama free and so happy.

  16. Agreed Ali! I’m all for drama, but this season is just too over the top. I believe Madison will win it all, but I would love to see Kelley as the Bachelorette! She is the total package & has been the most mature one of them all! Thoughts? Love seeing your cute little family grow! ☺️

    1. Whole season a train wreck. They are all too young & not ready for any of this let alone love. Women Tell All is going to be one BIG B*@#* fest….. unless they reign it in. Every yelling & talking over each other.

  17. I have to agree with some of the ladies who commented here. Victoria F. and Kelley are not really into Peter. I’m tired of Victoria F. saying she’s nervous on every date. Has anyone else noticed that? I haven’t heard her once saying how excited she is. I’m tired of Kelsey crying or almost crying every time she talks to Peter. I know she said that she’s an emotional person, but that is too much. I have to agree that Peter should’ve sent Mykenna home with Tammy at the same time. There was no point in keeping her around just for a few hours. I was so confused about Hannah Ann tonight on her date with Peter. She has dated a guy before for 3 1/2 years and never fell in love. She knows Peter for about 6 weeks, doesn’t spend every day with him, but all of the sudden she’s falling in love with him. There are so many big red flags with some of these girls like Victoria F, Kelley, Hannah Ann, but he still gives them roses and holds on to them. I’m sure there is more to it then what we see, but for me as the viewer, it doesn’t make sense.

  18. I Love Natasha so much. She’s the oldest and you can tell. She just walks away when the drama unfolds. She is so much more mature. I would really love to see her as The next bachelorette because more than likely she is not going to win peters heart. I think she is the only one that would be able to handle the roll! If not I would
    Love to see Tayshia (so?) from coltons season!

  19. I am getting to like Madison more and more. And I think Kelsey needs to go and soon. She’s not emotionally ready for this experience. I wish he’d sent her home a long time ago; I really just don’t trust her. Glad to see Tammy go!

  20. I personally wasn’t a fan of Sydney, but I was shocked he sent her home for the same reason you listed, Ali. I like Kelley, but I really don’t think she’s that into Peter anymore.
    I’m so sad Victoria P turned out the way she did. She was in my top 3 at the beginning, but after that drama was Alayah, she was no longer trustworthy.
    I also haven’t been a fan of Victoria F for a while. She seems very wishy washy and I can’t see her staying there much longer. I don’t think she knows what she wants.
    I LOVE Peter and Madison SO much! I honestly just want him to pick her and be done. They seem to have an amazing connection.

  21. I had to laugh at Tammy talking down to Mykenna because of her age. Yes, Mykenna is young but Tammy is only 2 years older! It’s like the Senior class in high school belittling the Sophomores … If Tammy had been 28 or even 27 she’d have more of a point, but I just found her calling out Mykenna’s age to be easy low hanging fruit.

    I think Peter is just in over his head. I think he means well and is a nice/genuine guy, but the dude doesn’t know how to handle some of these situations and kind of inadvertently causes more drama, just like Ali mentioned. I kind of think that at this point on the show he already knows who his top 3 are and everyone else is just there because he knows they have a show to make. So I’m not saying Peter isn’t taking this seriously because I totally think he is, but I get the sense he’s just going through the motions with everyone aside from his top few.

    Victoria F could not come off as more uninterested in Peter. I think she is pretending to have any sort of feelings for him to stay on the show and milk the opportunity. I think she freaked out at dinner because she’s realizing she doesn’t see herself marrying him but knows she needs to keep it together and tell him bits and pieces of what he wants to hear so that he keeps her around. Think it’s safe to say we’ll see Victoria F in Paradise…

  22. The drama has just made it so hard to watch this season. It just seems way more than normal. I think the final 2 are Madison and Hannah Ann and her chooses Hannah in some way. I am glad he sent both girls home. The drama was finally too much for him and he was just done, but I do agree that they should have gone home at the same time.

  23. 1. I can’t believe Sydney is gone….they were all over each other on their 1:1 date. If that were me, I would have felt led on.
    2. I agree, Hannah Ann looks SO young. I like her, but I’m not sure she’s ready for marriage. I guess we’ll find out. I definitely think she will be in the top 2.
    3. I was really surprised he sent Mykenna home after the “enough is enough” meeting. He really should have just sent them both home then. I felt for her; she didn’t see that coming.
    4. I hope he ends up with Madison. She’s sweet, adorable and drama free! Lol

  24. Was super shocked Sydney went home. Victoria’s date also didn’t seem right to me, she seems off or not that into him. At the same time I’m not surprised because she acts sweet and innocent/kind of like a victim to Peters face but then says some pretty nasty things to other girls at the house. It HAS to be Madison at the end!!

    1. That Victoria ~ *layers*.
      And Peter eats it up. Says he wants validation and committment but then keeps The Two Least Committed Women
      ( V.F. and Kelley). I suspect he is so gung ho on Madison that in order to fulfill his season he is trying to play the part of a Searching Bachelor, and it beleaguers him.
      Also, a bunch of women waiting for him intoxicates him in a way where he loses focus. Between that and earnestly allowing himself to use (*explore* ) lesser relationships to validate the primary one- w Madison – we have a Very Messy season.

  25. I am so happy that Tammy and mykenna are gone, I hope that the show can just focus on finding love now. I feel like Victoria needs to go home because she isn’t into Peter as much as he is which is sad.

  26. Shew, that was exhausting in so many ways to watch, 5 hours! Thankful for a break until Monday after all the drama this week. Hopefully it’s all been eliminated this week and they can all finally have a good time.
    Victoria P: Such a beautiful girl, sad to see her go!
    Hannah Ann: Sweet girl, but just not sure if she’s the one.
    Victoria F: She is definitely holding back for some unknown reason, she must be still thinking about Chase!
    Group Date: Drama, Drama, Drama, but definitely glad to see Kelsey standing up for Mykenna.
    2-on-1: Definitely should have sent them both packing, instead of keeping her around.
    Rose Ceremony: He should have asked for an extra rose for Sydney, however I feel that was much more physical attraction than deep true chemistry.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

  27. Victoria is maybe playing hard to get or Peter likes the chase.. not sure. She’s led by her insecurities and is saying she’s nervous or scared far too much. Good for being honest, but she’s just hard to figure out!

  28. Phew, that was exhausting in so many ways to watch, 5 hours! Thankful for a break until Monday after all the drama this week. Hopefully it’s all been eliminated this week and they can all finally have a good time.
    Victoria P: Such a beautiful girl, sad to see her go!
    Hannah Ann: Sweet girl, but just not sure if she’s the one.
    Victoria F: She is definitely holding back for some unknown reason, she must be still thinking about Chase!
    Group Date: Drama, Drama, Drama, but definitely glad to see Kelsey standing up for Mykenna.
    2-on-1: Definitely should have sent them both packing, instead of keeping her around.
    Rose Ceremony: He should have asked for an extra rose for Sydney, however I feel that was much more physical attraction than deep true chemistry.
    Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

  29. I think it’s possible Peter saw that Tammy was a bully and by telling Mykenna he believed her and keeping her until the rose ceremony was his way of proving to her that it really was a lack of connection thing and not something Tammy said. Now for him sending Sydney home… I just feel like the edits this season have left a lot out. Something had to happened or some kind of conversation had to have been had to make him feel like he wasn’t going to keep her. And even thinking how in the world is Nasthia still there, I don’t see it but clearly if she was chosen over Sydney we must have missed something. I’m not sure, it just seems like this seasons been strange on what and who they have shown on camera and maybe this is just because all the drama has taken over.

    1. I feel that Peter is all about the tears and drama. If a girl doesn’t cry and break down, he starts to have doubts about them. On Hannah Ann’s date, he walked away from the table with doubts and then lit up when Hannah Ann turned on the fake tears. I imagine a producer told her if she wanted to stay in the game she needed to cry.

      So glad Tammy and McKenna are gone. Too much drama.

      Victoria F is insecure, doesn’t like to commit, and loves unavailabile men. Peter is too easy and it’s a turn off to her.

      So surprised Sydney is gone especially after all that physical chemistry! Phew!

      Victoria P is insecure and was scrambling bc she knew she had been caught in a lie. She deflected big time. She is desperately clinging to Peter.

  30. Ali! Writing this here in case my message gets lost in your DMs. Check out Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram story for what she uses for her kids’ skin issues! Waxelene!

    As for the Bachelor… Peter is not practicing upstanding character right now. There I said it!

  31. I so agree with you this season. I don’t know if I’m getting too old for all the drama or if the drama this season really is that insane, or some combination, but I’m having a rough time getting through it. I just keep rolling my eyes and wishing it would just STOP. I was glad that he sent Tammy home very clearly first, as I think he’d figured out at this point that she was just attacking other girls for the fun of it. But I think after Tammy left, he should have then sent McKenna home, not because of anything Tammy said or did, but because she wasn’t the right one for him. Making a distinction was good, but letting her stay to the rose ceremony just to cut her wasn’t ok, especially for someone so emotionally fragile and vulnerable. It was almost cruel…

    And most seasons, I have a hard time figuring out who they’re going to cut, but this season, I’m struggling with who he’s going to keep. Kelly and Victoria F are checked out. I barely know who Natasha is. McKenna was SO immature and not at all ready. Tammy was HORRIBLY mean. Kelsey’s shown some pretty rough sides. Hannah Ann seems really rehearsed… Victoria P, it had almost turned toxic due to the Alaya incident. I was shocked when he sent Sidney home compared to some of the other girls. Like I was shocked when Lexi got sent home last week. They showed more promise than a lot of the girls left. Madison is the only one where I see something real at this point.

    But honestly, as weird and unlikely as this is, I think Peter should be with Hannah Brown. I think he should have just called it off right then and there and left with her. He and Madison do a have a great connection compared to the rest of the other girls, but I’m not sure it stacks up to what he had with Hannah Brown. When I saw that episode, I knew right then and there that if he really followed his heart, he would have left with her.

    I think he felt a lot of pressure being the Bachelor, with all those girls already there, and the production schedule set, and all the promo done… I think he felt trapped. And I also think, he let his pride get in the way. He didn’t want to be a fourth choice. And I think he let that stop him and hold him back. That’s just the way I see his side of it.

    As for her side of it, I honestly think she screwed up and made a mistake. Not necessarily with Judd. He was lying to her, and she fell for it. He really did rob her of her experience as the Bachelorette. But I think she let Peter go because she knew she was going to pick Judd, and saying goodbye to Peter was harder than saying goodbye to Tyler would be. And after the whole Judd thing happened, Tyler was reaching out and showing interest, and she must have been in such a vulnerable space, so she gravitated towards that, and it backfired. I felt that she and Peter still had such a strong connection on After the Final Rose. I actually sort of wanted them to get back together then, but thought I was just being silly. And then, seeing them together on Peter’s season, I think I was right.

    I think this season, he’s either going to end up with Madison or something’s going to happen with Hannah Brown. And I’m kind of torn about which way I want it to go. But I just have this gut feeling that his heart belongs to Hannah…The season isn’t over yet. I could see him fall in love with Madison and feel differently. With them talking about how it’s a different ending, I’m kind of leaning towards it being Hannah Brown. And honestly, I’d be there for it. It’d be a hard road recovering from everything that’s happened, but if they could get through that, I think they’d be able to get through anything life throws at them. But I’m kind of checked out with almost everyone else….

    1. Oh, and I forgot to add that I COMPLETELY agree with you about all the making out in front of other girls! This is happening ALL THE TIME in EVERY EPISODE! It’s really getting on my nerves. It’s so disrespectful and inconsiderate. I hate it…

    2. I agree with you! But you put on paper what I was thinking about Hanna B. Not sure how this ends, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Hanna B is around in the end….. OR Madison❤

      1. They definately have sizzle, P.and HB., but I think H.B is so far beyond him at this point. Smarter. More charismatic. More ambitious (all the Bachelor/ettes are- but none more so than HB in my view). Hannah seems to crave so much. I can’t see how Peter gets anywhere lasting with her.

  32. I’m so torn about Tammy. On Monday night she seemed to really be concerned about Kelsey by her excessive crying (not a huge Kelsey fan) and just told Peter in a way that I wasn’t so concerned about, just in a thoughtful way… and when Sydney and her friends called her out I was so supportive of Tammy! Sydney was being such a bully!
    But tonight… now she’s going after Mykenna too- not so sure anymore how I feel.
    Do you think producers encourage her to talk to the other girls like this? Could she really have genuinely been that cruel to mykenna or was that mostly producers? Would love your opinion!

  33. I really don’t think we needed 5 hours this week. It was pretty boring and hard to fet through at times.
    I was suprised Sydney went home. I like Natasha but haven’t seen a connection between them. Kelly and Victoria F. are obviously not in to it either.
    I love his interactions with Madison, you can tell they have a comfort level between them that he doesn’t have with others.
    I do hate how everyone correlates readiness for marriage with age though. I don’t think age has every5to do with it. Heck, I got engaged at 24 with my now husband, which isn’t much older than some of them. It’s all about finding the right person.
    I understand his hesitancy with Hannah Ann, but is being in love previously all that important? Should you have to fall in love kore than once before finding your person? I think it was mature of her to recognize that her relationship was a deep caring, but not true love.

  34. I feel as though Pete did not send Tammy and Mykenna home at the same time because he knew it would just lead to more bullying from Tammy. I feel like Tammy would’ve been like “HAHA!” Right in Mykenna’s face. Pete is smarter than allowing that to happen.

  35. I can’t Bebe sent Sydney home either. Totally shocked. There must be more that we didn’t see that influenced his decision.
    Also- i tidally agree that Madison is the one for him. I think she Will leave and he will go after her in the end. (Referring to his parents saying bring her home to us- since she was with them for the marriage renewal).

  36. I totally agree with you about Hannah Ann, she looks so young. She’s a beautiful woman and it seems like she really likes Peter, but I think their connection has definitely faded.

    I honestly think Victoria F. has a really low self esteem. She may not be super into Peter, but something about her just makes me think she doesn’t fully believe she’s worthy of love.

    I absolutely love the way Mykenna stood up to Tammy. She was assertive without sinking to Tammy’s level. Tammy was just so mean to so many of the women. I think it stems from jealousy, in this situation she was jealous of the connection some of the other women had with Peter. I think Mykenna was an easy target this week because she didn’t have a strong connection with him either, but she found her confidence during the date. I think Tammy is one of those women who tries to get ahead by tearing other women down.

    Kelsey is definitely growing on me. I love the way she stood up for Mykenna and the way gently took her hand when things were getting heated. It seems like the way she behaved early on was out of character for her. She & Hannah Ann appear to have patched things up and moved on.

    I was kind of surprised to see Sydney go home too. I thought she’d be around a lot longer. I agree that he should’ve just send Mykenna home when he sent Tammy home. It was really unfair to lead her on, even if it was only for a few more hours.

    I really hope Natasha is the next Bachelorette. I absolutely love her.

    I definitely agree that Madison will be the one in the end. It’s so obvious every time he’s with her.

  37. Hannah Ann: I think she is very very young. But I do believe she is trying to fall in love with him. I have no clue if he ends up with her at the end but to never be in love and falling in love that quickly is very very hard to do.

    Tammy and mykenna are both just a mess. I do think Mykenna has a lot of growing up to do! Tammy has been very rude, judgemental and a bully to several of the girls! I have been fine watching her for awhile.

    Victoria F. I think it was very thoughtful of Peter to give her another date. But I also feel like her first date with him didn’t go “bad” until the concert. I think she is holding back for sure!

    I’m surprised he sent Sydney home especially after the date they just had. And him saying she was the best kisser in the house. But kept girls we’ve never really seen him connect with on a deep level.

    Victoria P- I LOVED her at the very beginning! She was one of me absolutely favorites but she seems to always be in the middle of the drama, or the one starting it. I still do think in some ways she was looking out for his best interest but on the same note she has been very short with him. And very upset with Peter when she doesn’t get the outcome she is hoping for.

    Still hoping he ends up with love and hoping it’s woth Madison!

  38. Super shocked Sydney went home – so confused, o hope he has some time with Natasha next week. No one seems to talk about her and she is super into him and also not for the drama! Love her.

  39. I think the Producers should be totally ashamed of themselves this season!! They’re not even trying to hide the manipulation and negative, calculated moves this season!! 😩
    Just a side thought: I think Peter slept with Kelly when they met before the season (another Producer plant) and Peter is afraid it’s gonna get out.

    1. I don’t think it was a producer plant that they met before the season. She was there for a wedding and he was there for his HS reunion (the hotel is right near his house). BUTTTT I do think they slept together that night. And I do think them planning the first group date there was 1000000% set up on purpose. Who knows!!

  40. I agree I think it will be Peter and Madison in the end!! At least I hope. I was so shocked and sad that Sydney went home. She was such a beautiful, kind and loving girl, I feel she was there for Peter🥰 I think they could have had something great!

  41. Where do I begin with Tammy? She is just a rotten person down to the core but what worries me about her is that she still thinks she’s a bada$$ and her actions only make her Ugly on the inside. There was absolutely zero connection between her and Peter so I don’t understand why he kept her around for so long. I really liked McKenna and didn’t think she deserved to go home. But like you said, he should have sent them both home at the same time. Victoria (the crying one) In my opinion has ruined both one on one dates when she could have taken advantage of her one on one time with Peter. Instead, she dragged him down with her drama and breakdowns and wasted all that precious time that other girls would kill to have. She needs to go. She doesn’t seem happy with herself and is very unsure of everything. And enough with the drama. Hopefully this will be the end of it.

    1. I was shocked by Tammy substance shaming another castmate. It made her look vile, and I believe she really had those feelings.
      With Mykenna I think she was just acting. She is hoping for Paradise and as much screentime as she can ride from the show. Toying with Mykenna seemed like a small price. She lived doing the telenova, and working her JLo look.

  42. I’m not meaning this in any other way than to expand understanding: but saying that a woman of color should “always wear her hair [with extensions]” might not be the best way of phrasing how beautiful you think she looks! It’s obvious you mean to compliment her, but that didn’t so well.

  43. Other than giving Mykenna (my fav!) false hope and feeding into Victoria F’s never ending insecurities, I feel Peter made all the right moves tonight. He clearly isn’t looking for a mean girl as he sent the majority of them packing – that being said, the girls (and Peter) seem insanely immature and the drama has been painful at times buuuuut I’m still watching! I see him with Madison…or Hannah B in the end 😉

  44. Hi Ali,
    I think production should do less production and allow more reality to take place. I’ve watched since the beginning and I’m really growing to HATE the show! This season is by far the most un-entertaining (is that a word?) with all the ridiculous things that we are expected to watch. It has become less about finding love and more about promoting hate and conflict with others. There’s always been drama every season but it just keeps getting harder to watch.

    1. Agree completely! The producers don’t need to meddle so much to create interesting stories. I think it would be *more* interesting to see the actual, genuine friendships and love stories

  45. I have been a fan of the bachelor forever but just don’t know that I can continue to watch this. It is the worst season ever! I went into this season so excited that Peter is the bachelor but he seems to have very poor insight.

    Watching all of the crazy fighting amongst the ladies is just complete sadness. Is this really how women treat each other?

    I agree that Madison seems to likely be a front runner. I also agree that Hannah B. Could come back and make everyone happy!

  46. I’m not sure why he sent Sydney home but I have seen some stuff about her on articles and it just seems like maybe she lied about a few things! But who knows it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s made up! I like Madison she seams sweet, I hope he ends up with her!

  47. After watching tonight’s episode, I really don’t think he has much of a connection with Hannah Ann besides the obvious physical chemistry. As for Kelsey, she is always so serious, not sure if I see her and Peter as a match. He is always smiling and relaxed with Madison (at least what’s shown) and my vote’s for her!

  48. I have found this to be the most annoying bachelor season ever. I don’t think Peter is mature enough to get married yet. He causes the drama, he rewards bad behaviour, he cancels group dates and cocktail parties or just walks away to go to bed. Like what is that crap? You gonna walk away every time life gets tough for you? Too immature and confused. I think he needs to be by himself for a while. He’s not ready yet. And I think he’d still take Hannah B back in a hot minute if she asked him too.

  49. So I can’t believe he sent Sydney home! I 100% thought it was her he slept with! He honestly should just pick Madison and call it a day. News flash, Peter: Victoria F is just not that into you. I love Peter and hope he sees that!!

  50. I am solely going to rely on your blog updates at this time. I couldn’t stand Monday’s episode so I stopped watching and removed it from my dvr…but I still want to know the basics and outcome!

  51. I don’t think Peter was stringing Mykenna along although I see why people would see it that way.

    I felt like Tammy got sent home because he didn’t believe her and didn’t trust her.

    If he’d sent Mykenna home at the same time, it would have been construed as due to the drama. By keeping her til the Rose Ceremony, he was saying that it was due to the lack of attraction/relationship he had with her rather than petty drama.

  52. I’m so glad he sent Tammy and Mykenna home. I get Mykenna was bullied and that stinks but holy wow was she ever acting it up with all the affirmations to herself, very over the top and came off very fake. She kept saying she was speaking her da** truth but never said much after that (it was HILARIOUS).

    I didn’t like Sydney either so I’m glad she went home too but I did find it odd after Monday nights steam sesh.

    All in all the season is ranking as one of the worst. I miss how fun the seasons were back when YOU were the bachelorette! I guess times they are a changing ha!

  53. I haven’t been watching…but thank you for shsring your thoughts.. l did see maybe two episodes and Madisom and Peter did have a connection then..His mom really liked her.. In the end.though l think, that it could be Hannah B..just based upon what Chris Harrison says and l truly believe they are still in love.

  54. Ali,
    To your point on Victoria F — I don’t think she’s hung up on her “ex”. Chase Rice has come out in the media and said they were together one night after a show. It was a one night stand according to him. For her to keep referring to him as her boyfriend is her was to cover that up. It’s all over the media as well that she’s had more than one relationship with married men. Purely my opinion— but I think she is very afraid to open up and be vulnerable, and that’s why she goes for men that are not available. So for peter to say he wants her to open up, and knowing that he’s a guy that wants not only a relationship, but a wife at the end of this thing, it probably scares her to death. Just my opinion.

  55. I am SOOO over the drama too!! I am really hoping that because hometowns are right around the corner that all the drama is finally over and we can focus on the relationships. I completely agree with you that it’s Peter and Madison in the end (unless he ends up with Hannah B)! Part of me thinks she’s not getting any screen time because she’s staying out of the drama with every situation (good for her!!).
    Victoria F rubs me the wrong way week after week, but especially this week. I get the vibe that she’s really just not that into Peter. She doesn’t make eye contact when they’re having hard conversations or when she’s getting upset. I also think that she’s not used to “competing” for a guy and has always been chased, so she’s never had to put in any real effort and had to have the hard, deep conversations to progress a relationship. I’ve also noticed that when he’s asking her tough questions, she looks annoyed and uncomfortable so she gets “upset”/walks away leaving Peter to console her and give her the affirmation she wants, but then the questions end just like that. But, that’s just my opinion based on her body language and their interactions.

    I REALLY REALLY TRULY hope that Peter finds his person because he seems like an amazing guy!! <3

    1. Yes! So much yes! I feel the same way about Victoria F.

      I honestly don’t understand what he sees in her personality-wise (other than she’s beautiful), and I was a little shocked when he was questioning Hannah Ann about her readiness to be in love and didn’t give Victoria F. all of the hard questions–especially when she flat out told him she doesn’t know what she wants.

      She’s such an actress–“I’m shy,” then she dresses in “linger-y” and makes out with him on the catwalk (she’s also modeled clothes, as well all know). “I’m scared of heights,” then pictures of her skydiving come out on social media. “I’m not sure if I want to be in love at the end of this,” and then she magically changes her mind at the end. I’m over her.

  56. To me it seems that Peter is just as, if not more immature than ladies.(kind of the case with most men ha ha) He always struck me as a gentle, kind but very naïve guy. I look at him and I see a kid in a candy shop who has been given unlimited money to spend. Surrounded by all these beautiful young women and he just doesn’t know what to do with all of it. So why not make out with everyone. It’s like that’s his comfort zone and how he communicates. I don’t think he even knows how horrible that is for everyone else to watch. Sometimes I feel bad for him. He seems like he is a wreck most of the time. I think he’s in way over his head on this show and has yet to get his footing around how this all works and probably never will. All that being said….to me Madison is the one he will end up with but there is still time for more drama. Lots of fuel still available for sure.

  57. I’m wondering if it is a Sean Lowe/Catherine situation with Peter and Madison. They rarely showed her on his season and I remember being so surprised when he picked her. In retrospect they are such a great fit and maybe it was too obvious. I hope Peter and Madison are the same way. She’s one of the few that seems to genuinely like him and vice versa. Plus she has been staying out of the drama which shows maturity on her part. I think Peter is a good guy and totally there hoping to find his wife. I think he truly saw it with Hannah B. and is hoping this works for him. I do feel like so many of these women came on with the fake aspect on the forefront and the falling in love on the back burner and that’s sad for him.

  58. Victoria F was having second thoughts on her feelings toward Peter because she is still in love with her ex. She knew it but she wanted to be on the show. Geez. Sometimes I do think there might be another Colton here who jumped over the fence just to be with his girl. LOL However, this time the girl might really run away from Peter and goes back to her ex.

    Peter and Madison in the end for sure. No drama, just love. 🙂

    Btw, Riley could be a baby model for anything. Such a happy baby!

  59. I agree with all of this, you echoed my thoughts on this episode perfectly!
    -Surprised he didn’t send Hannah Ann home because their date felt so flat when they discussed her being ready to be married without having experienced love
    -He is so obviously falling in love with Madison and I agree I think she’s the one!
    -I was upset he strung Mykenna along but I totally understand the producer aspect
    -Why did he sent Sydney home?!

  60. I think there is something off/going on with the producing and editing this season. There have been so many times this season where I have to rewind because I feel like I’m missing something just to find out I’m not. Like a convo with Sydney where concerns were expressed, or what led him to send Mykenna home? Or even how him and Kelsey now have this “super strong” connection? There have been a handful on past episodes, but it really stuck out this week. Does anyone else feel this way??? Or am I crazy? Ha!

  61. This is obviously just a theory but I wonder if the reason he sent Sydney home so abruptly is because he talked to Hannah B about her. If Hannah could talk to Katie and Demi during her season, what if she word got to him that Sydney and her were in the same class and maybe Sydney’s story wasnt completely honest. Dont you think that would come out eventually that they knew each other? There are pictures of them standing right next to each other in pageants and cheerleading. Since the editing is so bad this season, I can totally see them having Hannah B tell him about her. Just a thought 🤷‍♀️

    1. This is a great theory – though anything Hannah B would have been filmed for ratings – I think!!
      Definately something up in what you are saying….*stay tuned*??!

  62. Am I the only one that likes Madison, but feels like they don’t have a real “connection”? They’re cute together and everything, but I feel like they don’t have very deep conversations and all that they’re doing is putting their foreheads together, looking into each others’ eyes, and giggling like schoolkids. I don’t doubt that she’ll be in the final 3 and most likely, the final 2, but I feel like it might just be superficial giddiness and not real love.

    I’m so glad that she put the girls that he did on the chopping block this week. I did like Tammy, but she seemed like she had it out for everyone at the end. He should have kicked Victoria P. and Sydney off with Alayah, to be honest. Sydney started the silly cattiness buy throwing Alayah under the bus just because she was jealous that she beat her, and then it snowballed and Victoria P. was added to the mix by lying about their friendship. Kelsey needs to go next and so does Victoria F.. You and the other women saying that she’s just not that into him are 100% correct, and I do feel like he was pretty much begging her to stay. I’m not sure what he sees in her if he’s looking for real love and a real connection, because she’s as fake as they come.

    Here’s hoping he makes better choices in the upcoming weeks! I really think the only girl that is ready for him (and he’s ready for) is Hannah B…here’s hoping she comes back!

    1. Yes to what you said about Madison! Completely agree. I don’t see how everyone is certain she is the final pick?

      I think he sent Sydney home because he found out some stuff about her that he didn’t like. There’s always that one contestant that is hiding something. Maybe production (or someone else) tipped him off? It was so abrupt and sudden and she reacted like she knew it was coming!! She didn’t seem as shocked as I would have expected given the relationship we’ve seen between them!

  63. I totally routing for medicine! Does it feel like in your eyes when she’s with him. Show us what a deep connections they have! Plus I love the fact that she’s met his family on their first date at his parents vow renewal! They just fit together ❤ I must say this is the craziest season I’ve ever seen on The Bachelor! I feel so bad for Peter it just seems to be confused about what exactly he wants! Truth be known I bet he is not over Hannah yet and I would not be surprised if she shows up towards the end of the show wanting to get back together! Ladies I don’t think he is seeing Hannah Brown❤❤❤❤

  64. I just really hope that we don’t have to see most of these girls return on Bachelor in Paradise but I feel like that’s the producers plan from the beginning….the only reason most of them were chosen for Peters season is not because they’d be great potential for him but because they’ll make great content for BIP.

  65. I am so super confused about Natasha. I haven’t seen any kind of connection with her and he kept her and sent Sydney home?!?!

  66. Agree the girls are too young! Ali- did you get to set any parameters of what you were looking for or did they just pick the group of guys? Wondering if he said give me choices from age 22 to xx? Peter is 28, not that old either (I thought Hannah B was too young for the Bachelorette too) I can see him wanting to date younger girls in real life but to pick ine to marry after 6 wks…….

  67. This is the craziest season of The Bachelor I’ve ever seen!! I know there’s always drama on the show I’ve never seen it like this🤔 but hopefully after the elimination last night there will be a lot less drama! I hope! I am routing for Madison❤ I totally love that she got to go to Peter’s parents vow renewal! It was like they were already a couple and she fit perfectly with the family! Peter seems a little confused on what he wants and I totally feel that we have not seen the last of Hannah Brown! I wouldn’t be surprised if she shows up towards the end and confesses her love for him and that she wants to give it a try to work out a relationship with him! We shall see❤❤

  68. I really liked peter before this season, but he boy is he making me just angry lol the things he does ,like why?? Why couldn’t he send McKenna home with Tammy ? Why did he have to let her stay and make her look stupid pretty much.And the Hannah Ann date ,how could she not be in love with her of almost 4 years and I love with Peter already ? As soon as he brought it up she’s like oh yea I’m falling in love with you! Like how fake is that come on really ?? Victoria F ,feels like she has an alternative motive and it’s not to win peters heart.cause you can obviously tell she is NOT into him as he is in to her. It’s sad that he had to beg her to stay there…Sydney was fake too Im glad she left..And I don’t think Peter slept with anyone yet ! Think Madison is a virgin and maybe she leaves I’m in the end on her own because maybe he fantasy suited someone and she maybe didn’t like it ?! And his parents are telling him not to let her go..because let’s be real she is there for love !

  69. I would say the majority of the people that go on the show now are looking for some sort of “fame”, I don’t think it’s just Mykenna.

  70. This episode was more tolerable.
    I totally agree that Victoria F. has something going on. I feel like she knows he is not the one in her gut and keeps trying to have her head over ride this. Her behavior gives me red flags!
    The MyKenna and Tammy drama. Tammy comes across like an unemotional individual. She doesn’t understand how emotions work and uses this against others to try and make herself come across as the stable one. I agree she is a bully, flat out.
    MyKenna is young and the fact that Peter hasn’t given her time shows he isn’t really into her. I believe MyKenna wanted a relationship however it wasn’t in the cards for her. In my opinion, the reason that Peter sent Tammy home during the discussion is he did not want her around for the rose ceremony. By letting MyKenna come to the rose ceremony allowed the other girls in the house know that he trusted MyKenna and did not want her attached to the ugliness of Tammy. So even though it seemed odd I actually agree with what Peter did.
    Maddison is the one for me. She is stunning. Has it together and I hope Peter picks her!
    No one else comes close to me for Peter and his wife.
    Thank you so much Ali for your blog. I read it all the time and love watching your family grow.
    Take care, from a Canadian fan.

  71. MyKenna is what I picture when I think “millennial”. And I am a millennial lol. I agree she has some growing up to do.

    I really liked Tammy in the beginning and I was so disappointed to see how things turned around with her.

    I think Victoria F likes to be chased and has never had to compete before. So all of the tears and walking away is her way to get Peter to chase her. I have no big opinions on her other than I don’t think her and peter were meant to be.

    Agree with the Natasha pony!!

  72. I agree with the too much drama comments, but not because we don’t love drama. I don’t like witnessing bullying, and I’m proud of Kelsey for sticking up for Mykenna. She may not have been the target THIS time, but just because you aren’t the one being bullied (“I’m not talking to YOU!”) doesn’t mean you should stand by and watch someone being bullied and fall apart. Kelsey has a beautiful spirit and gentle heart, and I hope some great guy sees this and snatches this beauty right up ♥︎

    I’m glad Sydney is gone. People who have gone to high school with her showed pictures of her at dances, winning pageants, being very involved at school (ie NOT being bullied or having no friends and having to hide out in a bathroom) and I’m so done with the lies. Victoria P came across as dishonest and manipulative – first by lying about Alayah, then accusing Peter of not trusting her when it was “her truth”, and finally when it was revealed SHE was the one calling Kelsey a pill popper- and she was very friendly with Sydney, who was also revealed to be not really honest. I know editing is involved in what we see, so I won’t call these girls bad people, but it wasn’t a good look when they say one thing to Peter and we have proof of completely different things, and I’m glad both are gone.

    Re: Victoria F., I think she wanted an instagram following and is probably surprised how far along she had gotten when she may know she isn’t there for Peter. Her background shows aspiration to be a model and influencer, so I feel like once she found out she was going to be on Cosmo’s cover, she got what she wanted and was ok with being sent home (and being eligible for Bachelorette). I appreciate though that she is honest with him about her doubts, because he wants a wife and she knows she isn’t it for him.

    I’m impressed with Hannah Ann and Madison and Natasha pretty much staying out of the drama, and I agree, Natasha looked GORGEOUS with that ponytail. She is very beautiful.

  73. I see a lot of bullying, back stabbing, fakeness, and wayyyy too much crying in this bunch of women, and it’s like if a date goes fairly normal, we think it’s boring or there’s no chemistry. The girls who aren’t front and center drama are gone very early, like do we even remember their names?! All that said, I do like Madison and Natasha, and I agree with those he sent home, except how in the world is the crying manipulative Kelsey still there?? She’s probably my least favorite and appears very emotionally unstable. I agree with those who say Natasha would be a great Bachelorette, if she isn’t his final!

  74. I agree about Hannah Ann’s age and looks. I told my husband she is so cute, I want to put her in my pocket. I’m finding it really hard to believe that she’s “falling for Peter.” She fed him what she thought he wanted to hear. She had just said after 3.5 years in a relationship, they never said “I love you,” so there’s no way she’s falling in love after a few hours of knowing Peter. But she is sweet, pretty much drama free and adorable.

  75. Yes! I seriously can’t believe he sent Sydney home after their passionate make out session but kept Natasha, who I haven’t seen him show any real affection to. It bothered me too. Not because I like Sydney more than Natasha—because I actually prefer Natasha— but it’s just so weird to me that he would get so steamy with someone and send her home shortly after. Things like that make me question Peter…. like you said, I do think it will be Madison in the end *if she will have him*….. if he chose me, and then I saw all of this when watching this back, I would question his readiness to settle down. Do you really think he is ready to settle down? Based on his actions in this season, he just doesn’t seem like a one-woman type of man. And maybe that’s not fair to say because I know it’s a pretty harsh accusation. And I know it’s the nature of the show, but I feel like it should only be to a certain extent. It seriously rubs me the wrong way how he has such passionate, sexual moments with so many of the girls like it’s no big deal at all. During Colton’s season, we saw him have those steamy moments with Hannah G and Cassie, who ended up being his last 2, so it kind of makes sense. But if he already has his mind *kind of* made up at this point, why have those steamy moments with so many of the girls?! Like Sydney…. only to send her home. It really makes me question his readiness to settle down. I hope that’s not the case, for Madison’s sake (or whoever he ends up with)

  76. Hello
    I just watched both episodes last night. Here is my thought… thank god all the drama is gone! Not sure why he kept Natasha over Sydney or Lexi. Their was way more passion with Sydney than the other two girls however that may have all it was. Maybe he didn’t feel a deeper connection. I have been TEAM MADISON since he took her home to the family wedding!
    I see nothing else with the rest of them. I’m not really into the heavy make out sessions this season. It’s been like with every girl. And I know he says passion, kissing and arc are important in a relationship but pick your top two or three to make that connection with just not all of them.
    I’ve made my top 4 and my top 2 predictions so we will see after next week
    Happy Bachelor watching

  77. Am I the only one that feels like he is not as passionate about or into anyone as much as he was with Hannah Brown? I feel like it will be Hannah Brown And Madison as the final two??!

  78. Alright so what if…he slept with one of them and that girl is pregnant. He lets her go but she finds out after and comes back to tell him at the rose ceremony 🤯

  79. I agree, these girls are not ready to be on this show. It seems as if no one had a conversation with any of them prior to being considered. Victoria is not into Peter. I feel she is still in love with her ex. This entire season is more like Housewife Hopefuls of The Bachelor. Entirely too much drama, high school from Peter, also!

  80. Everything you said is spot on!!! The real question is who will be the next Bachelorette when this is all over? So far no one from this season really excites me. Maybe Madison (if she doesn’t end up with Peter in the end) because she seems the most down to earth ha!

  81. This is one of the few seasons I would actually LIKE to see spoilers for! I’m not into the drama. I want to see the love story. And there is very little shown of conversations other than the 1 on 1s and the drama on the group dates! I believe the ending is truly hidden this time though.

  82. To be honest, I zone out during the group dates. I’m not a fan of them. I think what they put the girls through can be embarrassing. If I was single and the opportunity arose to be on the Bachelor, I would decline because I would never want to be on a group date. Probably the introvert in me.

    I do like Victoria F, but her date was awkward. I understand being a quiet person with walls, and not being able to express myself. I have the same issues. It was just hard to watch. And she doesn’t seem into him because of this. But maybe she is just an awkward quiet person who has a hard time expressing herself. Especially in front of cameras.

    Glad he sent the other Victoria home and I’m glad Mykenna and Tammy were sent home too.

    One other thing. Hannah Ann comes across fake to me… I’m not sure what to think of her yet. We haven’t seen her personality shine.

  83. Drama is over.. we hope!🤪🤪🤪
    My pick will be Madison ❤️at the end… there is way more to the relationship then what there showing.
    I never missed a season of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette.. some how the Drama on this season was over the top… kinda turned me off.
    Peter is a sweetie from what we see.. I believe he is navigating this process to find love…trial and error!!
    I hope he finds ❤️ LOVE!!
    Too much heavy kissing..and touching for my taste…
    I believe you can find true love… with out putting it all out there.
    I know this is a reality show..for me it’s a little over the top!😂😂

  84. I Agree with you about Victoria not being into Peter, at all. she hanging on to be the next Bachelorette? Not sure she’s the right choice but that’s what I’m thinking. On a side note…this group of girls could make BIP very interesting and dramatic. Ha

  85. First, I kept thinking about your last blog when watching Peter send Sydney home. I was floored. For the same reasons as you. Second, I love Madison and Hannah Ann. I know they are young, but they are staying out of all of the drama. Those that left needed to. I’m all for Madison to end up with the final rose!!! If she doesn’t, I wouldn’t mind her dating my son!! 😊🤦🏻‍♀️

  86. I think Victoria F is such a “Debbie Downer”! Always crying and looking so sad. Sydney totally showed her age in Monday’s episode and I was glad he sent her home. This season is the worst IMO. So much snarkiness and cattiness. The only one I like is Madison…that’s it. They are just soooo young. Not a good look for the season or the producers.

  87. What do you think about the fan theory that he ends up with Hannah Ann because they are the only ones “friends” on the app Venmo and both of their accounts are private so no one can see their possible interactions with each other?

  88. Thoughts on Mykenna’s interview monologues? Cheers to you loving yourself and all that self love but felt like it came straight from a movie and was just a bit much for me. Also said she’s in love with herself so that’s a little odd to be “in love” with yourself. Just thought it was a little overwhelming hahahahaha

  89. He is driving me CRAZY! I’ve never been such a non fan of a Bachelor until this season and I’ve every single one.

    I am going to be completely blunt. I think he is wildly insecure and everything with his women falls on how great they can make him feel. There is something off putting about the way he is handling everything. I’m sure he is a great guy but I think he has a ton more growing up before he can make this commitment.

    I also can not handle the kissing style, especially in front of the other girls. It’s rude.

  90. My guess the last two standing is Hanna Anne and Madison!! Who he chooses I’m still unsure !

    Victoria F has excess baggage written all over her. Wishy washy in full mode……which to me sends the message she is emotional unstable. Cannot see them together.

    Felt bad for Sydney has well, to give her high hopes only to resend couple hours later. I do not think she was not ready for his type of lifestyle.

    And was so happy to see the drama instigator be sent home. Hopefully, thEre will be none moving forward but I highly think it will still be present 😫

    I can say this season has been plagued with the drama, Yet I continue to turn in!

    On a side not: you have two beautiful, adorable children. Look forward every evening to you Instagram post.

  91. Has anyone noticed the bruises on Mykenna’s arms? It was so obvious in the 3 hour episode and it was quite distracting. I wonder what’s up.

  92. I don’t really have much to say about this episode except I feel closure from the drama. I feel like there’s more drama to come, but as Hanna Anne put it, it’s going to be personal and about their own relationships with Peter. I lost trust in Victoria P too because as soon as she told the white lie, I couldn’t trust her either. I also felt she believed because of her vulnerability he would keep her.

  93. I was shocked that he kept Natasha and sent Sydney. I agree that it was bizarre that he gave Sydney such a nonchalant goodbye after their last date.

    Hannah Anne was so bizarre saying that she dated a guy for 3.5 years but was never in love and she’s known Peter a hot minute and she’s falling for him. What?!

  94. I’m with you, and completely over the drama. I can’t even believe there’s only 6 girls left, because I feel like we haven’t seen the relationships progress enough to be that far along because all we’ve seen is DRAMA! I really hope the producers don’t make a habit of this, because I’m not sure how many seasons I can watch like this.
    I also feel like he ends up with Madison, I felt this since their date at his parents vow renewal. He just looks at her differently than the other girls. .

  95. Not sure if I missed any of the comments on why Mykenna was not sent home at the same time as Tammy…my thoughts are that Peter wanted Mykenna to know that he valued and trusted her on the Tammy situation. It was a moment of validation for Mykenna. Maybe Peter was on the fence with Mykenna and another contestant, however, who was sent home was not who I thought was in question, therefore, she should have not been subjected to a rose ceremony. Madison all the way! She is a beauty!

  96. I think it’s Maddie as well Bc one night he said Maddie rose. And in a podcast he was on. They asked him rose what does that mean to you. And he said hmm it maybe a clue and said something like it could be a key word to the person he’s with.

  97. I agree with all the comments on the girls being so young. Why do they have so many young women? I mean are there so many 23 year olds ready to get married? On another note I felt bad for MaKenna but i also thought it was kind of messed up how upset she got in the beginning when she felt other girls were stealing time from her and then she asked to see him during a rose ceremony and all the girls had to stand there IN THEIR HEELS, waiting. Not cool.

  98. This entire season has been awful honestly. It’s exhausting and not even fun to watch! They need to pick someone a little bit older, with older contestants. (Contestants sounds odd, but I don’t know what else to call them!) It seems that the only one who’s truly into him is Madison, and the rest is quite frankly just annoying!

    Not sure what was going on with Victoria F, but all that I kept thinking in my head was, “she’s just not that into you, dude!” But also… that’s how I act the week before my period towards my husband and I love him, so………. 😛 Who knows!

    I’m ready for this season to be over, just so I can know how it ends and move on with my life! Why do I care so much?!

  99. Very interesting ep! I was SO glad he sent home Victoria P. It was going so downhill with her, and fast! I was SHOCKED that he didn’t send home Victoria F after that awful one on one. It was painful for me to watch. She is so not into him and seemed like she did everything to be sent home except beg him for it. She’s the only girl he seems to be on the chasing end with. VF clearly isn’t ready for marriage or a serious relationship with him. She’s just not into him! I wish she would say that straight out bc he won’t send her home unless she does. Not fair to Peter.

  100. Ok, so, when I first saw Peter’s NYE video clip, I said to my BF, “Do you see that kind of startled, blonde woman who waved and smiled sweetly at Peter’s camera?!? I think she may be the new GF, and he just slyly/coyly captured her in the video!” So, I proceeded to research and ID her as a producer and I continued to be intrigued b/c the only pple with Peter at NYE clip was Mom+Dad, Brother+GF, Peter+Producer. My feeling was, if it is the new GF they can “hide her in plain sight”. Well, they had to throw pple off that scent really quick since many of us noticed this, and I bet the show wasn’t happy about the clip. So, it was brilliant and then awful for the show at the same time, b/c if people suspected the producer, the audience would not tune in fir the (costly!) show. Now, FF to Hannah B coming on the show-their connection was enthralling and I was hooked & thrown off the scent, exactly as planned! But, the HB thing faded (even though many of us very much hoped it would grow!!!). Then, with all the drama and young and/or immature cast of characters, I did disconnect from the TV show. In doing so, I spent time here & there reading and researching and noticed the producer kept popping up in interesting photos, posts, and tags. I decided she’s the likely unexpected ending for Peter because 1) NYE presence & they both look very happy in each
    other’s midst, and 2) there’s no need to wear an earpiece on Peter’s work flight (but, well done with the prop!). I’d imagine JL would have had to quit her job to date P while he’s under contract with the same company or she’s reassigned. For what it may be worth, I did notice a photo of new producers at the mansion. So, if the producer is the surprise, wonderful for them-P&JL♥️🌹– and producers, good job with the cover b/c that NYE video just about ended the season b4 it took off!! I sure hope Hannah B gets some type of props or $$ for anchoring this one!! 🤗🌹

  101. I’m a little late on this, but just finished watching. I wonder if he didn’t give Madison the first impression rose because he knew his parent’s wedding would be the first date and wanted to save that for her. As far as I can remember, they usually don’t give the first date to whoever got the first impression rose. It has to be her in the end!

  102. This was spot on! I totally agree with everything you said! Especially about Mykenna and Sydney! I can’t believe he didn’t keep Sydney over Kelly. I literally cringed out loud that he let her go! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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