The Bachelor – When Will the Drama End?

Anyone else having trouble watching the show right now? I can’t even believe that I’m saying this, but there’s just too much drama. And look, I have never been one to really say that! Every season when other people on social media say that they want to stop watching because there’s too much drama, I always say that the drama is what keeps us watching! With no drama there’d be no show! And I still believe that. But it’s just too much right now. I find it really hard to watch. I don’t know if it’s me just getting older and becoming lame, Ha! But I find myself tuning out a lot. Anybody else?

If you were able to stick with the show tonight, here are my thoughts on what went down…

Alayah Goes Home…Again

I don’t know how I feel about him sending Alayah home. I definitely think it was the right choice and he should never of had her back in the first place, but I guess I just don’t agree with the things he said to her before he sent her home. He said things like he had a super strong connection with her from the get-go and that he just couldn’t do this anymore. Like way to leave a girl hanging?! Don’t you think?!

alayah drama

I wish he said what he told the other girls when he came back from saying goodbye to her. Which was that he knew she wasn’t the girl for him. I wish he  said that to Alayah to give her closure. I feel like the poor girl’s going to go home and wonder ‘what if’ for the longest time! Do you guys agree? I know Alayah didn’t do some of the greatest things over the past few episodes, but I think she’s a good person. I truly don’t feel like she meant to get caught up in all of this drama. It just kind of happened and I truly feel bad for her.

Golf Cart Injury

The golf cart incident is beyond ridiculous. If they didn’t have the actual footage of it, I would’ve sworn it was a lie. Even seeing the footage of it I don’t see how it’s possible. What a ridiculously strange and freak accident. I hope his head has been healing okay!

Sydney Date

The first part of his date with Sydney was really boring. I honestly don’t remember what they talked about other than him thinking she was the best kisser in the house. Which also seemed kind of inappropriate to say. Hopefully she doesn’t go back and tell any of the girls he said that – I doubt she will.

sydney date

There’s a lot more to say about the second portion of their date. Firstly, it makes me so sad and sick that we live in a world where an interracial couple is treated that way. I find it extremely sad and infuriating. My heart goes out to Sydney for having to be subject to that for so much of her youth. And to any of you that have had to endure that type of hatred!

Of course we can’t not talk about their steamy make-out session at the end. It was intense to watch. I felt WEIRD watching. Do you guys think they slept together? I’m wondering if that is the thing Peter is referring to in the previews when later on he tells the girls that he’s been intimate. For some reason I feel like there was a reference to a hot spring. Is that what they were in?! We must discuss in the comments below. You guys might know something I don’t.

sydney date drama

Group Date

I’m going to get on Peter about this again and I do every week. But it’s just so not okay that he kisses the girls in front of the other girls. It’s one thing to kiss a girl and have the girls be looking on from a far. Which I also think is not okay – just for the record. But to be kissing girls while the other girls are standing right next to you in swimsuits or even to have your arm around one girl and then the kissing the girl on your other arm. It felt so disgusting to me. And so disrespectful. Peter get it together! I was going to put a picture here, but I think you can imagine it without me even doing that!!

Kelly’s Date

It’s no wonder Peter feels like there’s no passion or emotion out of Kelly. I feel absolutely zero myself. So much so that I have pretty much nothing to say about the date. I think Peter figured it out on his own. He’s holding onto the idea that fate brought them together before the show started. So who knows how long he will hold onto that. But I definitely don’t think they’re going to end up together at the end of this.

kelly date

Kelsey and Tammy

I’m so bummed because I really liked Tammy this entire season so far. I just think she’s really cool, confident, and both a girl’s girl and guy’s girl… but she really was bullying Kelsey. I don’t care how much someone is terrible, you don’t call them an emotional wreck and then tell them to go drink four bottles of wine when they’re breaking down in tears because you’ve told him you think they’re an alcoholic. I just think it was nasty.

tammy kelsey drama

Look, when I was 24 years old and on the show over 10 years ago, I was nasty sometimes too. I can’t remember if I said anything mean like that, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I think I said things like I don’t understand how he’s into you if he’s into me too. Which is hurtful. And if I did say things like Timmy is saying. I think that she is a testament to how a lot of the times the girls that go on the show aren’t emotionally ready for this. I was still learning so much about myself when I was on the show. I’m a completely different person now that I was then.

You guys know just from reading my blog that’s hard for me to ever say anything even remotely negative about somebody because I worry that there’s a chance they could see it and their feelings could be hurt and I just don’t think that’s ever a right thing to do in any situation. So I always try to talk about peoples actions rather than who they are as human beings.

No Cocktail Party

I don’t even know where to begin with the cocktail party/no cocktail party. First, I guess I’ll say this. If I could’ve canceled 75% of the cocktail parties when I was the Bachelorette, I would have! You know who you want to send home because it’s so obvious who you’re connecting with and who we are not, specially at this point in the process. And while I know it’s upsetting to these girls that they don’t get the time with him that they wanted, at this point the chemistry is there or it’s not.

Spending five more minutes with him telling him something about yourself might keep you around another week, but it definitely isn’t going result in them ending up with Peter in the end. Peter knows at least his top five at this point. I would even argue top three or even number one! It’s just going through the motions right now. And while some of the conversations he had with the girls at the nonexistent cocktail party maybe swayed him into keeping somebody one extra week, it really means nothing in the big picture.

Tammy and Sydney

I was really disappointed in both girls. Tammy was trying to talk her way out of the mean things she said about Kelsey. And then Sydney was just being a huge bully. To sit there and tell someone they’re crazy over and over to their face and in such a hateful way is just not okay. But, that’s just what girls do sometimes in their early 20s. You’re so focused on defending yourself that you can’t see the big picture of hurting somebody else. And obviously that’s a generalization it doesn’t apply to all women in their early 20s. But I’d argue so to say that it applies to many women in their early 20s. It applied to me. I just see the world so much more clearly and differently now that I’m older.

syndey and tammy drama

I’m not trying to talk down and women in their 20s let’s be clear about that! I’m just saying that it’s a growing part of your life. If anything I’m just trying to acknowledge that these women aren’t bad people or mean people. They’re just growing and learning about themselves and defending themselves and maybe not doing it in the best way. And for anybody reading this right now that is in their early 20s please don’t take offense. If you’re reading this blog you’re obviously awesome. Ha! But know when you’re in your early 30s and I’m sure even when I’m in my early 40s you’ll look back and I’ll look back and realize there was still so much more learning and growing to do.

Overall the situation just makes me sad. I feel like the drama between the women in this season is one of the worst we’ve ever seen. And I hate that. I hate that for all the women watching this all over the world. Especially the young women who are more impressionable. This is not how women should treat each other! We should lift each other up and told each other up! That said, this is the Bachelor world and it’s absolutely bizarre for a dozen women to all be dating the same guy.

This Week’s Outfit Recap

A break from the drama… ha! I’ve posted a handful of blogs since last week’s Bachelor episode, so I wanted to show off two of my favorite outfits here! Jump over to the front page to see more!

“Molly” and Me Matching

I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much fun it was for Molly and I to dress up like each other! Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. It brings the biggest smile to her face and let’s face it, it makes for the most adorable photos ever!


I was actually planning on posting about this outfit a few weeks ago, but life just got crazy. And at that point the dresses were full price. So I’m super pumped to say today that both of the dresses are on sale for under $40! Maybe there is a reason that life got crazy and I didn’t post about it a couple weeks ago. Because now you guys get a better deal! I feel like at these prices these could sell out quickly, but they’re fully in stock right now so definitely snatch them up!

I think these dresses could be really cute for you and your daughter to wear for any sort of BoHo style birthday party or event. Or quite honestly just out and about this spring! The little girls dress comes in a bunch of sizes too! So this isn’t just for toddlers. It comes in sizes to all the way up to a girls size 14. Same with the boots. They come in size 6T all the way up to 13T.

mommy and me



Can we talk about these boots?! Besides a cute white sneaker, these might be my favorite mommy and me matching shoes ever! I think they are so different and just absolutely stunning! They would be cute to wear with jeans, shorts, and definitely dresses! If you look at the boots on the website and see how they’re photographed with the cutest dresses you’ll see what I mean. I feel like if you have any sort of photo shoot with your child coming up definitely get these because they photograph so beautifully!

I also share 2 more Mommy and Me outfits in that post, including an outfit you can match with your son!

mommy and me matching outfits


Sweater Dress

Not only is this sweater dress super cute, but it’s always super warm and cozy! The material is so so soft and is basically a mix between a sweater and a sweatshirt, which I feel like helps to hold in some heat to your body. It has a beautiful mock neck that goes up just high enough without being a full on turtleneck. You guys know I love a good neckline! This one is so stunning and I just feel like something about them is so slimming!

Gray Sweater Dress drama


I feel like sweater dresses can be either flattering or very unflattering, and there isn’t usually any middleground. But I will say that this is one of the most flattering sweater dresses I’ve ever worn. Normally when I get a sweater dress, if they’re even remotely fitted I feel like it shows off every flaw I have! But I feel like this one would be flattering on many different body types. It’s true to size. I’m wearing a medium and that’s my normal size.

I also can’t forget to talk about these beautiful puff sleeves. Aren’t they so pretty? I feel like they give the shoulders of the sweater dress the perfect amount of volume. You can either wear the dress with the sleeves full-length if it is colder outside, or you can scrunch them up a bit so that they are 3/4 length. I think both look incredible on this dress!

sweater dress drama


This sweater dress also comes in a handful of different colors from the same brand. The link for the other colors can be found here! They are by the same brand, the only thing that I think might be slightly different is that they are slightly more of a bishop sleeve, which has a bit more drastic cuff around the sleeve, and the neck of the dress doesn’t go up quite so high. I think I am going to be ordering either the charcoal or cream today because they both look so beautiful. Which do you think I should get?

Thanks again for coming by my Bachelor blog today! What are your thoughts on all the drama? Let’s chat!


Victoria F’s Cosmo Cover Has Been Pulled

It was announced this week by Cosmopolitan that they are no longer releasing the cover with Victoria F and Peter due to images that surfaced that show her in photos for a  “White Lives Matter” campaign.  I’ll link you right to their letter from Cosmopolitan here. What are your thoughts on this? I’m wondering if they will instead do a cover with all the ladies or just Peter.

Sydney’s High School Yearbook

Last night via Twitter, someone that went to high school with Sydney (and Hannah B) posted images from the yearbook that have caused quite a stir. They showed Sydney winning pageants and what I believe is a homecoming queen/court spot. Sydney has come forward with her response to this. I don’t want to say a lot about this because I clearly wasn’t there for Sydney’s experience. But I wanted to give you this information and hear your thoughts. I am going to link to an article discusses this, as well as Sydney’s twitter account. She also shared the types of hate messages she gets from Bachelor fans. I soooo feel for her and anyone who has ever been a victim to discrimination. It is absolutely horrible and no one should have to endure that.

191 Thoughts

191 thoughts on “The Bachelor – When Will the Drama End?

  1. I’m a teacher and I could not handle the amount of bullying happening this episode! I was cringing and imagining the speech I would give these girls if they were my class! I agree with you so much that the drama is out of control and it makes it hard to watch. So disappointing.

    1. What about how much everyone says ‘like’!! Oh my goodness, it drives me nuts bad shows how old I am lol. Hannah B was so annoying for it last season and now these girls all do it too. I think I’m too old for this show. I agree that the bullying is unreal too. So unnecessary.

      1. I though I was the only one who noticed!!!
        I usually count how many likes they use in a sentence, way to many…
        Once you start listening you cant stop.

      2. Oh my goodness, I so agree with you about the ‘like’. I’ve been annoyed with this in every season and especially with the girls who should be educated enough to speak real words! Andi was one of the worse with that and she was an attorney!

      3. You and me both, every girl, every other word. It is so juvenile. I wonder if Peter even notices. I am cringing it is literally ever girl. He should dump all their butts. Also these beautiful girls that are so insecure and act desperate, is crazy. I can’t watch it any more, I think I must be getting too old also. I’m out!

  2. I think Sydney was justified. I’m 34 and probably would’ve been really annoyed with the whole situation. She’s probably exhausted from dealing with the drama. I think peter continues to disrespect that many women gave up their life to be there and even if a cocktail party is futile he owes to them. I adored peter but I think he’d end up with Kelley if they weren’t on the bachelor because they are both sweet people.

  3. “I never bring up anyone when I’m one on one with Peter,” says the person who helped create the last two drama filled episodes lol. Agree that I see the world very differently in my 30’s (especially post children), but I also can’t imagine the emotional turmoil of being one of many going after the same guy at any age. I don’t think I’d be able to do it, so kudos to anyone brave enough to put themselves out there and try it!

  4. I was really disappointed with Tammy this episode. Did anyone else find it super weird that she was sort of supporting Kelsey at the beginning until Victoria F told her that Kelsey called the other girls in the house “fake”.
    It was like Tammy took that SO personally and just lost it after that. She should’ve brought that up when she talked to Kelsey but she just kept talking about Kelseys drinking.

    Was also super disappointed in Peter kissing the girls in front of everyone. That was awful

    Also Mykenna… my goodness! She is so emotional. She is one my favourites but man oh man she cries over everything lol I feel bad for laughing but I think she has cried every single episode. And some of the facial expressions she pulls are just amazing haha

    1. I totally agree with you. Has Mykenna even kissed him yet? Peter kissing one girl with his arm around another looked like a threesome – it was gross.

      They should go back to the hour long episodes with less drama. There’s NO way Molly or Catherine or JoJo or any top 1-2 girls ever acted like this (minus Courtney and Vienna obviously) It’s SO catty. It’s almost like the girls realize Peter isn’t into them so they start acting out so that they guarantee their spot on Paradise. I am over the nonsense!

      1. Catty ? Oh, Sara, I wish.
        These so called ladies just go on and on and…on! Actual felines tangle and split. It ends. Let’s not insult furry ones with toxic people hellbent on expressing every unexamined thought or emotion.
        On some level I feel bad for Tammy – her venom about drinking probably comea from painful exposure she couldn’t escape. I admire Kesley A Ton for truly – and respectfully – defending herself…if Tammy’s tirade led us to that example, then maybe it was worth it.
        Kelsey really showed poise, strength, consideration, humility, vulnerability, self-regard, and focus.
        If taking Adderal and Birth Control could.give me that I’d go to the pharmacy right now.

        1. I personally think Kelsey was sneaky and underhanded by going off to Peter, and she was rewarded with a rose. I don’t condone the mean girls behavior, but honestly I think Kelsey DOES have emotional issues and is no where near mature enough to be on this show. The constant crying on and on and on is annoying and obviously she cannot handle it. . I do agree with your feline comparison, haha. Spot on.

        2. I feel like girls on this show who are really into the lead often find themselves emotional because it is so hard to see your guy dating others too. We’ve seen it time and time again. Kelsey showed a great deal of strength sticking up for herself and I ho early feel she was conflicted about the rose. Her hands were shaking when she told the girls. I felt like Peter art her up with the rose to see how she handled it. (Or the producers).

  5. I couldn’t agree more about 20’s verses 30’s (I am 47!) but I feel like I grew and evolved so much between 20-30. After 30, I don’t really feel I have changed much at all. I feel like in your 20’s, you are getting out of college, becoming a working adult, maybe getting married, buying a house, having a kid – so many changes. After 30 you are more settled in a routine of life and not so many Big changes And milestones happening In your life. Everyone wants to think they are grown in their 20’s, but really, they are still just growing. I am so over this season. It’s a train wreck. The drama over such petty things is getting old. They can’t even have a good episode without it being completely overshadowed by unnecessary drama. Just reiterated that most of these woman are not ready for life commitments. I feel like the front runners are Hannah Anne, Sidney and Madison. I feel the other girls are two far behind in their connections.

  6. Yikes is all I have to say. It just shows how young all these girls are. The maturity is well, lack their of maturity is just down right hard to watch. I actually felt for Kelsey, which previously I never did. She was a target for being emotional where she might actually have deep feelings and I can’t imagine that being easy to watch. Can’t say I could do it. Peter though, why are you keeping Tammy. I just don’t see any connection and she is clearly in the eye of the drama.

    1. I liked Kelsey more tonight than in any other episode. Bachelor is turning into Big Brother, where I tend to root for the one who everyone else is against. I think that’s why I liked Aalyah way more than Sydney, Victoria P, Lexi, and Natasha (the mean girls). Bachelor is even turning into Survivor…did you catch the up close shot of the snake?! I actually laughed out loud…

      1. They were more mixed than mean, to me. Calling out the wrongness of Pill Shaming another contestant was pretty awesome !!
        The women had a discussion with and about Kelsey and Tammys conflict that was open and focused on accuracy. This self policing felt like a New Epic Moment in Bach world. Yes, there were frictions and mouthiness. but overall The Group did the right thing. Let’s never lose this moment.

  7. Is the Bachelor allowed to just tell the contestants “please don’t tell me things about other girls! I don’t want to hear it!” Or would producers discourage that because it’s a great source of drama? I love all your thoughts! I’m not crazy about anyone this season. Super petty drama ALL the time… but I come back every week haha!

    1. Colton said that to his girls, but Colton also proved to obviously be there for love and not to just date a bunch of women. I think I loved his season more because of the fact that he did that and the drama aspect came more from true connections being formed. His season was more like watching a romantic drama, whereas Peters is more like a really trashy romcom that you can barely get through

      1. …there is a bit of tacky soap star to Peter – I am struck by how many women expres similar doubts about his level of readiness.

        As I write this I realize he really doesn’t know of what they speak – Peter believes he is Fully Engaged, and in it For Love. He doesn’t think he is stepping up to the plate, he thinks he’s At the plate.
        The gap so many of the cast articulate to him is something I have never seen before. Is the biggest red flag The Bachelor?

    2. Oh totally! I feel like he should make an announcement that he doesn’t want to hear any drama. They should have Demi there to help him🤠 🤣🤣

      1. Patti~ Yes, Demi as co-pilot, Peter making an announcement from the cock(!)pit with all bachelorettes on board – Going Nowhere, circling round and round the tarmac !

  8. I feel like tonight was so boring. All this drama is stupid. I feel like Tammy just got caught up in all the drama and then just kept going with it because of the other girls. I don’t think Kelly will last that long either because of chemistry but I’m still rooting for her because I’m from Chicago to! Also, I don’t think Sydney and Peter are going to be a match either. I think he may be to sweet for her. Love reading your blog!

  9. Honestly, this is the worst season of the bachelor ever. I don’t think Peter is a good bachelor- the way he kisses all the girls and then turns around and tells them all basically the same things in their one on one time to me feels very unsettling. The only girl I feel that hasn’t been involved in any kind of drama is Madison. I really can’t even stand to watch- and I’m only 24. I feel like I’m watching high school girls.

  10. Omg —- so so much drama 🙁 I know that most shows have drama but wow tonight was overwhelming. Sucks cause I don’t feel we are getting to see Peter and his connections. He just needs to be with Hannah brown !

  11. I think there are so many things to say about this episode (and quite frankly this season). I’ve found it entertaining in the sense that the ridiculousness of it makes me laugh, but when I think of Peter s life and how this really means something to him, I’m concerned for him. It doesn’t seem like he knows what or who he wants. Or maybe that’s just what I am seeing from how its edited?!? He seems very controlled by the girls emotional responses, which just doesn’t bode well for his future AND seems to egg on the drama in the house. I dont know, maybe he does have his favorites, but he isnt sure about them so by not wanting to make the wrong decision, he makes a bunch if bad decisions?? Not sure if that makes sense, but it’s a chaotic season for sure.

    1. I agree. Peter needs to take charge of the different situations. He lets certain people push him around with their aggressive actions. It seems like the squeaky wheel approach works with him. Kind of a pushover.

      1. Yes! His response to someone crying–regardless of the truth of they actually say–is to hand out a rose. It puts a bandaid on the emotions in the moment, but causes massive drama bombs to go off in the house!

      2. I agree. I feel like these girls have taken the “hannah beast” to the next level. She became a very strong, in tune with herself, type person and that is who he originally fell in love with. Now that this is his journey, it just feels like they shove him around and try to be dominant at every pass. It doesnt look good for him and it doesnt look good on the girls either. There is no respect for person at all on this season.

      3. Well, he Could have been with Hannah B- BUT he wanted to go on a Bachelor Spree and she wanted to go back to DWTS.

        And here we are… (tho who knows Caroline, maybe when he’s doing his run on DWTS and she crashes That set, they will reunite!)

    2. Everything you said is SPOT ON!! I completely agree. I love what you said about him being controlled by the emotional responses of the women. He so totally is. There was absolutely no need for him to repeat everything the women say about each other to them. He’s only making it worse.

      Kelly called him out on some of it so perfectly on their date. I really think if he continues this way he’s going to miss out on a great woman like her.

      1. Amen! You would think by now he would see that the way he is trying to address the drama has only made it worse.
        I completely agree with you about Kelly. Based of their one-on-one, I would not be surprised if she left the show of her own accord. She’s a great catch and Peter seems so distracted and caught up by the drama that he is missing that.

        1. I could totally see Kelly self eliminating. It seems like she’s already over it, but she really likes Peter & wants to give him a chance.

          Is it just me or does Peter seem like the type of guy who likes dramatic women? I’ve met guys like that. It’s like they get bored if someone isn’t all emotional & dramatic about him or the relationship all the time. That or he needs it for some type of reassurance.

          1. It’s not just you. I actually was talking to my husband about it. My thought was that he seems like he a) is a people pleaser and b) wants to be the hero/the fixer (hence his responses to when the girls are crying or upset with him). I dont think it stems from a bad place, he genuinely seems like a nice guy. Maybe he just needs to grow a bit more in that area?
            I understand the struggle with decision making. If that were the only issue, I think it wouldn’t be so bad, its just everything together is compounding.

          2. Completely agree with you and your husband on everything you just said. He’s not coming from a bad place at all, I think he’ll learn a lot from this whole situation. At least I hope so, he genuinely seems like a good person.

          3. Oh my goodness, I so agree with him liking dramatic women. I also think he loves a woman that throws herself at him, that is obsessed with him. A.k.A Kelsey. He wants a woman who tells him every second she is in love with him and needs him. Also some bit of a controlling assertive woman, like Hannah Brown

    3. I Love This, Rhea:
      maybe he does have his favorites, but isnt sure- so by not wanting to make the wrong decision, he makes a bunch if bad decisions.

      Regarding This:
      * He seems very controlled by the girls emotional responses*.
      This makes me think of his mom – and how her influence is something he has to come to terms with.
      I don’t want to slam his family dynamic – they seem full of love – and when I heard he keeps his residence at their home I thought this is something America needs validated. But I do wonder if he has to divorce himself from The Fam – in some important way – to realize his own course.

  12. I just wish we could up the age on this whole show. I guess that’s just me growing up too! I’m tired of the drama. This season is the worst. As soon as he ditches one drama queen, they’ve picked another target. I think he has to pick Madison in the end. I hate spoilers and won’t read then but other than the first date, we haven’t seen much from her. Who knows…..I’ll still watch even though I’m bored!!

    1. I agree! Up the age of this show. Why can’t 20 year olds who are drop dead gorgeous not find a date? Change it to 30 and up when you may be starting to panic about finding “the one”, and you know more what you are even looking for.

  13. So Tammy does one wrong thing and everyone jumps down her throat, yet Kelsey CONTINUES to cause SO much drama and barely gets any flack for it?! Bullshit. I don’t blame Tammy for calling Kelsey an emotional wreck. She absolutely, 100% is. She cries over EVERYTHING and it drives me INSANE. She obviously can’t handle being on the show. She knows what she signed up for and yet, here she is crying over the same damn things in every episode. I’m so done with her. I wish Peter would pick Madison and call it a day.
    Also, the amount of times Sydney says “like” while she’s talking makes me want to break my TV lol. It is SO annoying! I saw something on Twitter that said her voice sounds like she’s always on the verge of tears and that’s SO true! Her voice drives me crazy. Not a fan of her, especially after her fight with Tammy.
    Lastly, what is with Mykenna and her tongue?! Lol I couldn’t count how many times she was sticking it out during the show! Made me laugh throughout all this stupid drama.

    1. McKenna tongue has to.go viral. It was a pretty entertaining tic.

      I understand if you don’t dig Kelsey ( I like her overall, but I respect an alternative opinion or feelng) where I find your defense of Tammy lacking is in the One Thing Wrong department. T went to K first appearing as a friend, second slamming her in her producer interview, third slamming her to The House, then-four!- slamming her to Peter, then ( five, six, seven? )hit Repeat . More importantly it wasn’t T giving an opinion – she made claims K had substance abuse problems and inferior mental health.

      Shaming people for taking adderal or contraception is odd, but shaming anyone for alcohol intolerance or condemning their mental health is wrong. That Tammy hates the effects of excess alcohol is understandable – but it doesn’t justify the way she spoke to Kelsey or about her.
      If Kelsey cried because of excess wine, what made Tammy rant over and over ? I mean that as a genuine question.

      If I could ask Tammy anything it would be what made you hate the effects of alcohol? Who or what made you feel crying was unacceptable?

      If I could ask you anything, it would be Why Do We Watch This Show When It Is So Stressy ( – ok, maybe that Q is really for Me!)

    2. I agree with everything you said! I thought it was ironic when Sydney said she didn’t have anything to do with the previous drama when Tammy called her out, because she clearly was stirring the pot and mentioning things to Peter that would make him ask more questions. In regards to Kelsey, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being emotional, but she takes it to the extreme. She definitely doesn’t seem like someone who is meant for a show like this if she spends 3 days crying over a bottle of champagne (which I don’t think was an exaggeration). I Also don’t think Victoria P is as innocent as she comes off to be, because he always seems to be on the outskirts of the drama. wonder what Peter will think when he watches these episodes back.

      1. I recorded his viait to Kelly and Ryan today. They were bubbly with him, but he seems a bit pained at *being frustrating to watch* but *followed my heart to the end*. Had nothing bad to say abt The Ladies .

        I felt a bit bad for him – it Isn’t going well and he knows it. ( Is a DWTS gig in jeopardy??)

      2. I hear you on Victoria P., Morgan.
        She tries to distance herself, but its worrisome how involved she actually is.

  14. Tammy was right about Natasha, Lexi, Sydney, and Victoria P. being a posse – they are the mean girls. I dread seeing them again on Paradise. I knew once they got rid of Aalyah (who did nothing! They were just SO jealous!) they would just move on to someone else. Worst girls ever on this show! They should be ashamed of themselves!

    1. I absolutely agree Victoria P is a mean girl! She seems to talk a lot about the other women always and then plays dumb. Sydney is definitely a mean girl, I agree!

    2. 100% agree. She was dead on.. They all laughed at the comment, and they all cried when Lexi left. I didn’t think they got rid of Alayah until I realized they were the ones who told him about her on that episode. They definitely left Tammy hanging and stabbed her in the back.

  15. I literally agreed with everything you said. The drama is too much and it’s so immature that it’s causing me to feel embarrassed watching it. I think the age is a huge part. These are not people who are ready to be married. I also think Peter is being so manipulated by most of the girls.

    The kissing at the photo shoot took it all too far. What was he thinking. I am sorry but it was just TOO weird for me and he was totally fine with it. I get they are all dating the same person and that it’s not normal but it was so disrepectful and honestly felt polygamisty (not a word lol) but it just it was NOT ok. They were all so uncomfortable and he either didn’t notice or didn’t care to. I wish someone had said something honestly.

    Giving Kelsey the rose was also silly.. If you feel that strong he can just give her a rose at the rose ceremony, why do that to cause more drama. He is very easily influenced By the producers.

    I also was so bummed about Tammy she seemed like she was really cool, but then she ruined it. But I also agree Sydney was also out of line. Saying she didn’t talk about other girls on her own time w Peter when that was literally what she did.

    I also am having a really hard time watching and I think they need to consider upping the age on some of these girls bc like you said it is NOT against younger women in their 20s it’s just that you’re in a different stage of life at that age and clearly not a stage where you could seriously be getting married.

  16. Sooo everyone who has a fight is a bully now?? So disappointing that the label of bully is thrown on two adult women who are clearly neither victims or bullies. First it was Kelsey that was called the bully and now she’s being bullied? Come on now. It’s just called a fight. These women will likely never see each other after the few weeks they interacted on this show.

  17. I have to say that I was not a fan of Kelsey in the first few episodes, and i am still a bit wary of her. However, I truly think she handled herself remarkably well in this episode, and she deserves some serious credit!! None of that would have been easy but I feel like she was direct and very genuine in everything she did. I’m also unsure of Victoria! Did anyone catch that she may have said something about Kelsey taking pills?

    1. I agree…I liked Aalyah and Kelsey way more than these catty insecure girls who are classic “mean girls”. They can’t create their own connection with Peter so they try to mess up the connection he has with someone else. Worst group of girls ever!

      1. I have always been a huge fan of the Bachelor and l have watched it from day 1.. I agree with you that the drama is what makes us continue to watch. but l am sorry to say that Peter ‘s season is way too much drama. I watched 2 episodes and couldn’t do it anymore . I do want to know who Peter picks in the end and the hometown dates are always good .I will tune in then. Thank you for sharing the recap

  18. I find this season so incredibly boring, hard to watch and keep checking the time to see how much longer. Seems I should just stop watching but it’s like a stupid little car accident; can’t help but watch just Incase there might be something with seeing.

  19. I haven’t watched the show yet. Sometimes I like to read your blog first to know what I’m getting into lol, but I wanted to say that the matching outfit you and Molly are wearing are so nice and the pictures are adorable!!

  20. OMG! I have been arguing with my friends in regards to the whole Tammy and Kelsey situation. I TOTALLY AGREE with you! I was a huge fan of Tammy, but she really was bullying Kelsey throughout the entire episode. The accusations she was making about her mental state and her actions that followed were totally unwarranted and just plain mean. In my opinion, the other girls most likely cry just as often as Kelsey – we just don’t get to see it 🙂

    i’m a huge fan of your blog (like all of my girlfriends here at college!) – love reading it especially after bachelor episodes!

  21. Wow….this episode makes me so happy that I am not in the dating world! If I had to find a kind thing to say about all that drama, it would be to say thank you for reminding me how amazing my husband and family are.

  22. I couldn’t agree more about the drama!!! Seriously!!! I’m a teacher and my main goal in working with young girls is to be kind to one another and lift each other up, and what terrible examples these ladies are showing. I was particularly disappointed in Sydney tonight. After everything she told Peter about how she was treated growing up, that’s how she chooses to speak to someone else? *sigh* Although having just turned 30 this year I agree Ali, that you grow so much from your early 20s. I just wish younger viewers had better role models to look up to on main stream tv.

    1. Hey Alison – I heard power in Sydney’s voice. I agree that it got overdone between them, but It felt more like defense than offense. Like she was rejecting untrue toxic words -like literally using ner voice to push away the energy of something hurtful.
      Her judgenent of how hard to hit back, and her apprasial of what the offense actually is need refinement, but with age I believe she will nail that. I think her voice is a muscle she honed during and against the injustices of her childhood.

      1. I think we’ll have to disagree on that one. Power to me isn’t shouting “You’re crazy!! You’re crazy!!” at someone’s face. That’s bullying. Being powerful and standing up for yourself can still be respectful and that just wasn’t.

  23. Tammy had no right to accuse Kelsey of having a drinking problem and bringing it up with Peter. That’s a very serious accusation, and I 100% support Kelsey going to talk to Peter to clear it up. Peter did put a Target on Kelsey’s back however, by giving her a rose before the rose ceremony and cancelling the cocktail party. Also, when did being emotional become being emotional unstable? Other girls in the house are also emotional (like Mykenna), but haven’t gotten attacked the way Kelsey has.

    1. I agree 100%. I honestly think Tammy was just being malicious. She absolutely had no basis for her accusations. The way she treated Kelsey was beyond cruel, especially if she really did think she was struggling with addiction. I don’t think Kelsey did anything wrong by going to Peter, and at least she was honest about it, unlike Tammy.

  24. I honestly used to hang on the edge of my seat past seasons but now I just find myself on my phone half these dates.. so boring and the drama is sooo petty. I can’t
    Tolerate watching Peter Mack on the girls right in front of the other ones either.. the girls are so caddy it’s getting hard to watch. I understand
    Peter doesnt like the drama but at least owes it to them for
    Putting their life on pause, to at least have a cocktail party with them. He’s gonna get to the end with his winner and wish they had more time to talk… idk where this show is ending up anymore
    With all of its twists and rule bending

  25. So I feel like this season of bachelor most of the girls seem like they’re not mature enough to be in a serious relationship. With social media and the history of girls getting 500k to 1M followers is why these girls are going on the show. I know most people don’t think this process will work but it seems like each season it’s getting more and more this way. But anyway, I cant wait to see what season will bring and I do still love the show.

  26. Did you see the tweets circulating about Sydney? There’s pictures of her winning prom queen/homecoming queen (whatever it’s called), but she said she didn’t go to anything like that. I don’t know what to believe anymore, I just don’t really love any of these girls! I feel like Peter is being too nice and is telling them what they want to hear, instead of following his intuition 🤷🏻‍♀️ Always love reading your take on it, Ali!

  27. Ail!! Oh my I have so much to say. I’m over the drama too, usually by now the drama starts to mellow out & you really get to see who’s forming connections.

    I’m sorry but Peter is to blame for a lot of the drama. I all but stood up and cheered when Kelly called him out for rewarding the drama. I actually found myself getting frustrated with Peter for telling her to “trust the process” it bothered me that he was questioning whether or not she was really in it. Normally, I wouldn’t be, but who can blame her or any of the girls for holding back. Peter has rewarded the drama & caused a bit of it himself. The way he handled the whole Alayah situation was terrible. I don’t think he’s a bad person at all, I just think his actions may have caused her to hold back & question all of it.

    I’m really pissed that he kept Tammy around. Kelsey isn’t my favorite, but Tammy was just cruel to her. When she tried to defend it by saying she was concerned about “alcoholic tendencies” was absolutely ridiculous. If she was concerned about Kelsey’s well being she wouldn’t have said “go drink 4 bottles of wine & cry” that was just beyond cruel.

    I wasn’t crazy about the way Sydney reacted to Tammy either, but I think she just snapped. And I can’t say I blame her. The way Tammy was treating Kelsey & the other women was just wrong. Alayah may have caused some drama, but she wasn’t cruel to anyone.

    It’s obvious that Kelsey is super emotional, and she does annoy me, but seeing the way the other women defended her to Tammy shows me that she’s not the nasty one in the house.

    Anyway I’m really annoyed with this season & I find myself getting annoyed with Peter too. I don’t think he’s intentionally adding to the drama, but he is.

    I think a lot of these women are probably embarrassed watching this. For the most part I don’t think it’s intentional. I think they’re all just so emotionally exhausted by the drama that goes on during every group date & cocktail party. I get that Peter probably already knows his top 4 or 5 by now but I can understand how so many of them feel like they didn’t even get a chance because so much time was spent on nonsense.

    1. I 100% agree with what you said about Kelley. Peter has totally rewarded drama, and did not like Kelley calling him out on that. So Peter is allowed to make mistakes and have doubts, and expects the girls to forgive that. But when Kelley basically says “I don’t like when you do this” he sees it as some massive betrayal and that she’s not ‘trusting the process’?!?!?? Kelley is much more mature and emotionally intelligent than most of the girls in the house. She wants to have fun and see if feelings can develop (which is how relationship building really works), instead of telling him she’s falling in love after knowing him for a handful of hours. She tells Peter she is looking to find a partner who has an established life and they can be a power couple. Peter is looking for a girl to fawn over him, and Kelley’s not about that. Honestly, I was surprised she even accepted that rose.

  28. My husband watched with me tonight and said Peter doesn’t get in depth with any of the girls and I couldn’t agree more! I honestly can’t tell you who has had a real connection with. He has a lot of lust tho for a lot of the girls! Gag. Ha ha. I liked Peter on Hannah’s season but honestly find him boring as the bachelor. I felt bad for Kelsey too. She’s obviously very insecure. Let’s just fast forward to the end and get this season over with!!

    1. I keep thinking of the end, yet I Keep Watching. I could just take a break…but I Don’t!!
      I can’t really use the excuse that I am shocked by all the Producer Interference. By now, we all know They Bad.

  29. I love this show and have watched it since day 1. But I’m constantly tuning this group out. They are too young. The immaturity level is off the charts. It’s like they know the nasty one gets screen time and more interest after the show so they are all vying to be the nastiest. They are bullies. This reminds me of high school. I love this show when there are mature women truly ready for a relationship leading to marriage. I hope the powers that be can see this and stop bringing babies to the show.

  30. You are so polite and kind – I admire your ability to be honest big fair. I’m an organizational psychologist and I could do an entire research projects on the group dynamics that these extreme situations trigger in people. Kelsey represents ultimate vulnerability and this makes her a target. It’s not Kelsey herself that’s triggering Tammy, it’s their own discomfort with their emotional processes. It’s easier to rail on Kelsey than to deal with themselves. I’m glad that Sydney and some of the other girls called Tammy out. She was wrong in what she did and said. That being said “only hurt people, hurt people.” Tammy is clearly a hurt person who had not yet come to a place of being able to be vulnerable with herself, never mind Peter. Even though the girls tried to force conversations before the roses were handed out – that was in poor taste. This process regularly brings out the ungraded wounds of everyone that goes through it. Tammy was cruel but probably hasn’t ever been able to truly love and accept herself so she projects this rejection on others. I’m proud of Peter for accepting Kelsey but it probably did her more harm than good to give her that early rose and to cancel the party. I am assuming the producers asked him to keep Tammy to preserve the drama factor because Tammy has about as much passion for Peter as Kelly does. It clearly takes a lot out of a person to be on this show. In the end, there’s only so much one can attempt to control the process. I like this season and hope Peter find love!

  31. So I agree with Kelly seeming disinterested, but really I also feel like she is the only one who can be honest and up front with him. Her saying he is rewarding and behavior is spot on. I just love that is is able to be opens DJ honest and tell him- “yea, I’m not all on with you yet cause I’ve seen things that concern me.” She feels YEARS ahead of the other girls on a maturity level

    1. Kelley appears to be one of the only strong, balanced people there. I think she will be long rememberd for wildly outclassing a Lead as he prodded her For More, rose in the balance.
      I can’t imagine they would ever give someone that confident Bachelorette, nonetheless I Did Wish She Gets A Season.

  32. I have to agree with you about too much drama. It makes it hard to watch. I don’t mind some drama, but the constant drama every single episode is exhausting! I liked Peter in the beginning but I’m starting to like him less and less with each episode. I know he wants to find a wife at the end, but to me it’s like he’s just there for the physical connection. All this kissing in front of others not only make the girls uncomfortable, but also the viewers.

  33. Couldn’t agree more!! Too much unnecessary drama enough already!!!! Yes peter stop kissing the girls in front of the other girls! Definitely a hard episode to watch tonight!

  34. I’m team Kelley! I like how she challenges Peter. The problem is he seems to tell all the ladies the same thing! Or is it just me? Do the producers have a part in that? The DRAMA! Come On! It’s getting old😳 I don’t like that they pick out a villain in every season of the Bachelor. And also let’s keep it some what classy! I’m trying so hard to get into this season 😳

  35. This is the first season I’m just over it. The girls are too young and I just can’t take the drama. I have loved this show from almost Day 1. I’ve watched forever and this season has just done me in.
    I’ll keep following because I can’t help it but I’m not really watching at all.

  36. I’m no longer able to watch. I feel that Peter’s actions -regardless of this odd and unhealthy reality TV configuration – are not gentlemanly nor thoughtful. If I were a woman there, I can see giving a few passes to him from the start for nerves, adjusting to the situation, and mistakes. But his actions time and time again show a lack of learning and growth, and lack of concern and regard for others’ feelings and actions. I think there’s a lot of naivete and immaturity showing up for him since vulnerability causes him great anxiety. He’s most comfortable in a role, with a mask – pilot, bachelor, son, brother, friend – but when it comes down to brass tax, he seems to crumble in judgement and fortitude through these social life choices. He has a lot of growing to do yet, as do all the women. So, I just don’t see any ending from this being “the end”. The only true hope and genuine depth I’ve seen – and not puppy love or storybook dreams- was with Hannah, and yet she chose growth..and good for her. I feel the greatest growth and happiness for Peter will come in the next 10 years rather than 10 weeks or months. For Peter & the women, I hope they all instead embrace their age, choose fun and being young and doing and learning all you can in your 20s, and leave all the responsibilities of marriage & family & still loads of fun and happiness and adventure to the decade to cone & beyond!! Speaking of, I’m taking my Monday (and Wed) nights back🥀…unless I were to see Miss Hannah again, where true depth & connection once was given 💖🌹

  37. I’m ready to start seeing him falling in love! There’s always some girl drama on the show but this has turned into all drama. Not even fun to watch right now.

  38. I think the drama every season kepps getting worse. I’ve been watching every season since the beginning and I agree this season is the worst. I’m totally finding myself tuning out also. I just wish they wouldn’t drag it out week after week, getting so old!! Let’s see some connections instead and get to know these people instead of more drama.

  39. Yes, I am 35 and my 20’s were definitley my mean girl phase. My Dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness in my late 20’s and that, coupled with other realizations, brought me to more grounded place.
    Some of these ladies just take me back to Highschool. Its hard to watch.

    1. Also, as someone who deals with stress, anxiety, and mild depression…its a huge red flag for me to meet someone with zero sympathy/empathy for someone in distress. I dont care what the reasons are. Some of these gals would not be friends I would confide in on a bad day…

  40. I agree with all you said! Peter seems to be making his decisions by mostly emotion…he seems swayed by whoever talks to him! I don’t think he should have given Kelly a rose…it’s so obvious there’s nothing there!
    He seems to reward people for bad behavior just because they talk to him….his decision making feels like he’s a hormonal teenager! Like kissing in front of other girls…. I thought the same thing with how hot and heavy he gets…we do not want to watch that!!! I’m a Peter fan but I’m seriously thinking of not watching…it’s ridiculous and annoying!! I’m just so disappointed in all of this… not sure Peters personality goes with this process! He’s too nice and swayed too easily! I hope it works out for him. I hope it gets better. I know so many who are not liking this season…come on Peter!

  41. Sydney’s makeout session was so inappropriate. Then she talked about her life growing up being bullied, but then yelled at Tammy over and over calling her crazy. She was being the bully after having talked about how traumatic it was for her. So disappointed. Also can Peter not make out with every girl on the group date? It’s just so nauseating.

  42. My daily mantra..Let people be who they are NOT who you want them to be! Simply said “Be and Let Be!” That is what Tammy couldn’t seem to do tonight when it came to Kelsey and her “crying” and “everyone’s acting fake” comment. Tammy is writing herself off the show. Kelsey definitely has some emotional issues and hopefully watching the show back will help her in her personal growth. As front runners right now I feel Kelly and Madison are the most mature and honest ladies. I just don’t know if they adore him enough to meet his need to be wanted and needed. They are both pretty independent.

    1. Kelley’s doubts are so satisfying, given that we can view his flaws in a way she cannot during filming.
      A nice manner, good intentions,.good looks and a luxury job are appealing- but his lack of sure-footedness negates most of that

      Someone as sharp as Kelley needs a self aware man.

  43. I just want to scream at peter! I feel like he loves this drama… I do feel like he did “more” with Sydney and i don’t like her one bit.i feel she’s fake for sure..Tammy needs to GO! And Kelsey too..the things said about her weren’t false..she does cry every single you knew what u were signing up for ,of course he’s going to kiss others and go on single dates ya know ? She acts like she’s the only one there Lol but for the Tammy rumors about pill popping ,that was a bit too extreme. And does anyone else notice McKenna and her darn tongue situation? WTH is that??? She needs to put that back in her mouth,it’s seriously disgusting..the only girls I like right now are the ones that stay away from the drama…Hannah Ann Madison and Kelley! Peter needs to figure out to handle things better.

    1. I agree with you so much! While Tammy was out of line, Kelsey is definitely too immature and not emotionally sound enough for this show. You know exactly what you’re getting in for and if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Her constant crying is beyond annoying. I feel like the girls who were drama free have already been let go. Peter does indeed thrive on the drama.

  44. I couldn’t agree more about the drama!!! There’s simply too much of it. I feel like we’ve hardly been able to see the relationships truly develop which is frustrating!!! I wish we could send half the girls home now, and get to the good stuff.

    I also agree that Peter kissing the girls in front of other girls is inappropriate, but a part of me feels like he is just so innocent in this whole process in the sense that he doesn’t quite grasp the magnitude of his choices until afterwards…?! If that makes sense. I love him though, so I’m trying to trust him in this process and PRAY the drama ends!!! Eeeek.

  45. I’d be really interested to hear Hannah B’s take on the Sydney situation considering they went to high school together and graduated in the same class.

  46. It was the longest 3 hours of my life….so much drama. Yes there’s usually drama but 3 hours of it was too much! He’s dealing with all the drama and he has no time to get to know most of them. I keep hoping the drama stops…we shall see on Wednesday 😬

  47. OMG I so agree! These girls are making it hard to watch and I really don’t have any one I’m rooting for at this point. I’m so glad you brought up the Tammy/Sydney thing. That was my biggest take away from tonight: both of them were acting like bullies and I reallly didn’t like when Sydney was calling Tammy a psycho on the couch-it was such a mean girl thing as she and Lexi were laughing in Tammy’s face about it. I’m hoping things change soon but yikes.

    Also, you and Molly in those matching lace dresses! So adorable!!

  48. For Sydney to talk about how cruel people were to her, you’d think her confidence in who she is through all that would enable her to respond to Tammy in a better way. IMO
    The girls all seem to be extremely immauture or at the least portrayed that way. That being said, I like that Madison who has only had the first date many weeks ago wasn’t in the group that was whining about not having time with him. It showed her maturity level. I don’t really feel that love connection between her and Peter but we really haven’t see them together much. I do like Kelsey, her convo with Peter was very mature and when she went back and talked to the girls their silence 100% is a form of bullying too… I will be curious to see if any girls have a friendship formed from this experience beyond the show like we’ve seen in past seasons. IMO, I just feel like there won’t be any. Both Victoria’s I like but honestly Victoria F seems like an act is being put on. Something seems off there. My lease favorite season was Hannah Browns, but I’ll be honest week by week I find myself hoping that he goes to her and its an epic love story that just seems so much more authentic and real than what he could have with any girls on the show.

  49. These girls are just way too young and just not ready for marriage! They have a lot of emotional growing up to do. With that being sad, there is way too much bullying and demeaning attitudes this season. It’s making it awful to watch. And I truly feel sorry for Peter. I really hope there is someone in the group who can give him what he wants! The drama is overboard.. way more than any other season and it’s a huge turn off! I felt so sorry for Kelsey when it seems like all the girls attack her for being emotional. Being an emotional lady myself, feeling attacked never makes my emotional status any better. Kelsey just needed someone to give her a little support and a hug. I just want to say grow up ladies and get over yourselves a little bit!

  50. I hate to say it but this season has been really boring. I was really looking forward to Peter being the Bachelor but I don’t find him all that interesting. He’s not very eloquent in his speeches. The drama is a bit much. Cringe worthy. Love your recap.

  51. I said the exact same thing watching last nights episode, that I can’t remember a group that had more drama and bullying than Peters group. It’s not fun to watch at all right now!

  52. You really summed it up here. Kelley is just on an all-inclusive vacation at this point, a break from lawyering. The rest of the girls are SO young, I think they need to start casting girls who are a bit older and actually looking for a husband, not more Instagram followers. You can’t tell me that Mykenna is where for anything else. She keeps saying if she could get more time with Peter she’s SURE she would feel something for him.. um okay. Ironically the oldest one there, Kelsey, is the least immature. She’s a bully who tries to put herself off as the victim. Ugh. They all need to go. Peter needs to stop kissing everyone and start telling these girls the truth and sending them home. At the rate he was going – asking both Hannah and Alayah back – he was going to end up with more girls than when he started. I think it’s pretty clear that Victoria F. and Sydney are in the running, if only on a physical level, and also Madison. Not sure about Hannah Ann. The group dates seem to always be stacked in her favor, but I don’t see any real connection between her and Peter. If I had to guess, he will leave the final rose ceremony alone.

  53. Could not agree more about him kissing any of the girls in front of the other ones. It’s SOOOO disrespectful and I really lose a lot of respect for Peter as a person for doing that. He just doesn’t have a lot of self awareness I feel. You share your thoughts on the girls essentially being immature, well I definitely think Peter is just as immature and not ready to settle down. This is definitely the most catty group of women to be on the show since I’ve been watching it! I think the reason Kelley’s date is so boring is because she is just so much more mature than him and truly ready to settle down. If he doesn’t pick her (which I’m sure he won’t) I really hope they make her the bachelorette!

  54. I really feel like this season is out of control with the show wanting to create so much unnecessary drama. It was so hard to watch and to me it was a feeling of a mix of The Real World and Real Housewives. Out of the 3 hours I feel like I only saw Peter for 30 minutes. If next season is like this I may have to find another vice. The bullying, the drama, it’s all just way more than usual.

  55. Peter does well when he is dancing, it’s about the only time I see some get up and go in his personality. So many “Peter I have something to tell you” and it is about something that has happened in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I have empathy because I have my own history, but can we just stop and have some fun conversations with Peter and the girls? He needs to just walk away now in my opinion. This is the worse season. Maybe the lawyer gal isn’t feeling it because Peter needs to step up his game.

  56. Anyone else think maybe Alayah comes back in the end.

    I think Kelly and Tammy for sure will be gone soon. I liked Tammy up until now. I thought Mkenna would have been in the top five but now I am not sure.

    I also got the feeling that he just likes kissing everyone and not sure if he really is falling for anyone maybe other than Madison.

    1. I think Peter would be well suited to lots of post Bachelor casual sex. Not a criticism, just pre-season vibes and doubts as the seasin unfurls. Seems he was doing OK on the dating front before Hannah’s season and would have phenomenal opportuniutes afterwards.

      Down the road, have kids..with or with or without a wife (- or wives. )

  57. I just love your matching outfits. Oh my, so cute. 🙂

    I think I am gonna skip next week’s episode, my head hurt from last night’s drama. lol

  58. I agree with Ali that the drama on this season is just too much. I think a little bit of drama is fine and keeps things interesting but I feel like the actual connections that he is making are being overshadowed by the drama and it makes me not want to watch. In response to what you said about these girls not being emotionally ready for this process, I definitely agree! I would also say that I don’t know that you can ever really be prepared emotionally to watch the person you are developing feelings for date multiple other women. I can only imagine how hard that would be! I know it’s part of the show but I know I could never handle that.

  59. I actually haven’t watched this season yet, but have read your recaps. I don’t feel like I’m missing out.
    Have you ever watched UNReal? Scripted show with a bachelor premise. Really eye opening to see how nasty the producers can be.

  60. Ali, your post about last nights episode said it all so well. Why aren’t women more kind to each other? I was saddened over last nights display of meanness for no good reason. I would think these girls would realize what kind of actions they’re portraying to the millions who watch them. Why call someone an alcoholic when you have no idea how they function outside of the “bachelor” world. So much of last nights episode had me cringing at the least. And I don’t quite understand how this far in some of the girls don’t realize he’s probably not “into” them as much as the girls he’s choosing to intentionally spending more time with. Ey ey ey! It’s all enough already.

  61. I am struggling hard this season with the petty drama. It is crazy to me how much there is, and just how minor and insignificant it is.

    I do not agree with what Tammy said/spread about Kelsey — the term “alcoholic” should not be thrown around. However, the other girls (Sydney and Lexi specifically) full on “mean girled” tammy later in the evening — attacking her and then laughing at her reaction once she was pushed to her limit. The comment she made about Sydney and her “posse” really made sense to me. Sydney then claimed she didn’t bring up the Alayah drama, which she absolutely did. I hate how Sydney has this backstory of being bullied and yet we are seeing her play the role of a bully herself with some of the other girls.

    I also think a lot of the girls keep claiming to be “real” and what I do not appreciate is that you can still be KIND while being “real”. A lot of these women think being real means not keeping a positive attitude, throwing tantrums when they do not get their way, etc. You can still have a positive outlook, smile through things, and still be “real”.

    I do believe age plays a part with the amount of drama we are seeing this season. It is honestly exhausting. I want to get to know the girls! And I want to see a love story! But having to subject myself weekly to toxic, mean-hearted energy is rough. In order to be a good woman, you have to be good to other women. I wish they would just get along!

  62. I think the Peter and Kelley thing is really a lot more about her being more mature than a lot of the other people in this situation. She has stayed completely out of the drama, and that means she’s been completely out of the spotlight, unfortunately. The people who’ve been out of the drama have not been on camera nearly as much (like Madison! I liked her, but I’ve hardly seen her since she’s staying out of it!)

    I totally loved Kelley calling Peter out though for rewarding the drama. I agreed that maybe they just really are at two different stages in their lives. Kelley seems very confident and mature and like she knows what she wants and won’t settle. Peter, unfortunately, seems pretty insecure about everything that’s going on, second guesses his choices a lot, and keeps talking about how he just wants someone to care about him as much as he cares about them…which is fair, but it comes off a little…I don’t want to say “desperate” because it’s a harsh word, but I can’t think of a better way to put it. He just wants it so bad that I think he’s going through this with blinders on.

    I saw a good point someone made on Twitter that it seems almost like Peter thinks some of the drama means they really care for him because they’re willing to “fight” for him, while he sees some people like Kelley staying uninvolved in it and thinks it means they’re not trying hard enough. I thought there might be some truth to that.

  63. Agree with you on the drama front! Gahhh it was so awful. But I will say that the ongoing commentary about women in their 20s from your and a lot of the other bachelorette alum is getting superrrrr annoying. I’m 26 – I don’t know anyone who acts like this, nor did I know them 3 or 4 years ago. I think it’s less about age and more about the type of women the show is casting now. Anyway, just my two cents <3 I know you mentioned you’re not trying to generalize but it’s just getting old. You can be in your early 20s and learning about yourself and still choose to act better. I think women like these women are the minority.

    1. Yes – if I think back to my 20s I didn’t know many nasty girls or guys.
      The Nightmares I have known were 60, 32, 28, 31, 47, 41, 48, and 19.
      Id have to go back to grade school for actual bullies and even then I can only think of 2 or 3 people.

  64. The hardest part for me was Peter kissing a girl while his arm is wrapped around another girl! Yuk! So disrespectful! I thought he was a gentleman but now I feel like differently. I wouldn’t even want a guy who would do that!

  65. I totally agree with your thoughts on the drama!! Gahhh it’s exhausting. There’s no one to root for. That said, you and a lot of the other bachelorette alum talk about it being an age thing. I couldn’t disagree more. It’s that I don’t think women in their 20s are still growing/learning. It’s just that I don’t think this disqualifies you from being capable of behaving well, having mature and productive relationships, and just overall being kind and fair. It’s got nothing to do with age. In this case I think it has more to do with what the show has become and who is being cast now. I’m 26. Yes I have so much growing to do but I don’t know ANYONE who acts like this and I didn’t know anyone 3-4 years ago either. I know you say you aren’t trying to generalize but… you are lol. Anyway, this is just my two cents. I know a lot of people agree with you but I speak for all the women in their 20s- it’s getting realllll old. All love ❤️

  66. Agreed on all points EXCEPT Kelley. I think Peter struggles with Kelley because she isn’t swooning all over him like the other girls. Realistically, her points were totally valid. There is very little one-on-one time dedicated to getting to know one another so I don’t blame her for not being “head over heels”, especially when every moment to date has been consumer with other girls drama. Half of the episodes to date, I’ve sat there thinking, “where the heck IS Peter anyway”?!

    I appreciated that Kelley called him out that he was rewarding the drama (ie. alayah, Kelsey, Victoria P). In my opinion Peter is a pot stirrer and secretly likes the drama bc of “the rush” of emotion he gets from the girls professing their love. Idk. 🙂

    In any case, is Kelley the one? Probably not but I do think she is farrrrr above the other ladies in terms of maturity and being level headed and grounded in this process.


  68. I definitely feel that a lot of this drama is due to each woman there not knowing how to defend themselves well yet. I also was wondering if part of the amount of drama is just because the house of full of conflicting personalities. I’m definitely excited for when things start to settle down and to see the serious relationships start to blossom!

  69. When this show first started it seemed to be about people who for some reason or another had a hard time finding love. The contestants were older and there was less drama. My husband and I keep wondering why some of these people need to go through the Bachelor/Bachelorette process to find a mate? It seems to me that it has become more about the fame and fortune that comes from being on this show. I felt that Peter was going to have a hard time when they announced him as the Bachelor. It seem that the only connections that he is making with the women are physical. I certainly agree with you about all of the kissing! I have to look away from the TV a lot!

  70. Ughh so exhausting. I agree that he shouldn’t be outright making out with anyone in a group setting though it felt pushed in this episode.
    I almost rewound the dinner with Kelley to count how many times she said “like”… omg. I didn’t hate that Kelsey went to talk to him and while I don’t know that I’m a big fan of hers (even being from DSM myself) I was glad she was able to have that moment because there’s no doubt Tammy was about to run her mouth at the cocktail party. During their whole argument on the couch I was shouting WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH, TAMMY?! STAY IN YOUR LANE!! I cry easily myself and to sit and judge someone on their expression is awful. Why are you making her wrong?? She’s clearly got some internal issues that are being triggered… it just bothered me that she kept berating her. Go braid someone’s hair and mind your own. Geez, and finally, MYKENNA- please keep your tongue in your mouth!!!!! This season is really trying me. And we have another episode this week….

  71. I feel like the whole Kelly situation confuses me because he seems to be all for all of these crazy, two faced girls whom everyone else in the room is saying “stay away”, but yet hes jumping down Kellys throat because she isnt opening up enough. I’m just not sure when in the last few weeks she would have had time to do that. Was it at the cocktail party that was all about Alayah and he only spoke to those involved in that drama, or was it at the group date that was also all about Alayah where he only spoke to those involved in the drama o was it at any other event that was entirely about the drama going on? I just think what he said about her may have been true, but buddy, youre letting so many girls play you like a violin and theres so much drama, but the fact that Kelly has been a little more reserved is this giant issue? I dont know that was just super strange to me, I feel like hes so caught up in the drama its wild.

  72. You spoke my mind , I cant really handle this season its kind of boring because it is overwhelmed by drama . I always saw a show as a show that you make lots of BFF’s and 1 has a chance to get engaged , but i cant see many friendships coming out of it 🙁 Telling someone i Think its to much for you and I care that you might be drinking to much would be ok out of camera but how it was done was not ok. . Kind of disappointed in Peter and the season , i think not intentionally but he is adding lots of fire to the drama.

  73. I couldn’t watch all 3 hours last night…I mean ALL the drama & bullying between the girls is too much!! The girls seem especially immature this season. It’s just not keeping my interest.

  74. I’ve been a faithful Bach viewer from the beginning. Even when I’ve not been excited about the next Bach, I’ve still watched EVERY season. Until this season. It’s amateur, inauthentic, embarrassing (for women) and OVER. THE. TOP. I literally cancelled the recording for the remainder of the season. 😔

  75. A lot of people have said things I agree with…and also not. But my two cents is that first, Peter thrives on the drama. Basically he keeps the ones who are causing drama and sends the quieter ones home. Not sure how much of that is his choice or producers. We all know how long ‘villans’ have been on past shows. Second, while I don’t agree with what Tammy did, I think Kelsey needs to go and fast, She is obviously not mature enough to handle the pressures of the show. The constant crying and carrying on is annoying and overdone. I think she IS somewhat emotionally unstable. And third, I really don’t see any connection yet with any of the girls. I like some better than others, but I don’t see it yet. I definitely did not see it with Hannah B and I am SO glad that she’s gone. But these girls all seem so very immature. And I don’t think it’s just the age, per se. I had my first baby at 22 and I think I was WAY more mature than these drama filled little girls!

  76. 100% off topic, but I kept thinking Kelsey reminded me of someone—does anyone else get “Natalie Maines vibes” (lead singer of the Dixie Chicks).

  77. I have seen every bachelor, pad, paradise, bachelorette since the beginning. Not only is this season boring and hard to watch, I feel nothing for any of these women. I liked Kelly, but now feel shes just in it for the free travel. Maybe the reason I dont feel anything for these women is because, and it may be the unpopular opinion, but I think Peter should end up with Hannah Brown. While he may have chemistry with these girls, you can have chemistry with a lot of poeple and still not have THE connection. I believe he has the chemistry and that connection with Hannah B. I think the timing was off the first time. I think that you only get one life and sometimes only that one true love. Is is what makes the best tv? maybe not but if its meant to be it should be!

    1. I do agree! Although I absolutely love Madison! I think he should end up wanna Hannah B, because when she showed up he wanted her to stay in the house(could be the way it was edited) but I would have absolutely loved for him to cancel the season right then and there. I don’t think he will ever fully be over her. And I do not think that is fair to the other girls or his self for that matter.

  78. I wouldn’t consider what Tammy did to be bullying. I wouldn’t put it under that term, because I feel like bullying means something more intense. The girls said that Kelsey was crying for hours, so I feel like there was a lot that went on that we didn’t see. Tammy was chill until the “fake” comment was made, so I definitely feel that’s the only reason that Tammy brought Kelsey up to Peter. But on a different note, Kelsey has brought a lot of the drama on herself. Im in my mid twenties, and I agree with most that the girls need to be older. But that may defeat the purpose of a “tv show” because of the drama.

    Every single time I see Peter listening to everyones opinions and going back and forth, I think of that comment that he made at the beginning of the season about Hannah B keeping Luke P around for so long. I feel like that comment is coming to bite him in the butt, because this may be worse than the Luke P situation…not Luke P himself..just the situation.

  79. This season has been nothing but drama! Not seeing many love connections or real connections with Peter at all! So to live in that house with this bullying/lies/drama, would at some point make me explode too! I do not like that way Tammy went about her “concerns” and then tried to deny her saying anything about pills to him. I think she just looks for the drama personally. As for Sydney I do like her I want to believe her story but I just find it very hard to so I’m not going to speak on this.
    Just hoping Peter can figure out the truth behind these girls on his own! And hope he finds someone that’s real and loves him for who he is not for the fame of the show.

  80. Peter changes his mind like the wind,and is easily swayed by people.I also thinks its gross hes always kissing so many of them in the same night!So much drama this season so much crying and backstabbing!!
    I still think hell end up with Hannah Brown!

  81. I agree with EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. You used in this blog post about the Bach recap!!!! You were so spot on about everything and this was a great post and how most of American is thinking (hopefully)! Loved it!!!!!!

  82. If you read what the campaign was actually about, it was not White Lives Matter- it was for a fish conservation effort. While the slogans on the shirts might be in bad taste, it was an opportunity for this young girl to model and get her image out there. She didn’t design the gear in question. I doubt she realized at the time that this was going to blow up so much- it could now really affect the possibility of her future employment, not to mention the horrible hate messages I’m sure she’s receiving. Rather than living in this world of “cancel culture”, why can’t we chalk this up to a mistake?

  83. At this point the drama is too much and pointless. Any conversations between peter and the other woman is superficial or it revolves around ‘she said…’. Who the woman portray to be onscreen seems to be only to get attention and to get famous after the show is over. I also think many of the girls are young and/or immature.

  84. Agree!!!!!!! The drama is out of control and not any fun to watch! The kissing with all the other girls around is soooo not classy!! Get it together Peter!

  85. As to your points about the kissing in front of all of the other ladies. I find it just undisciplined and sloppy. JMHO. As to Sydney and bullying:look, in high school people do not see what others are struggling with in full whether it is a teacher or other kids. I believe Sydney and her perception of her own pain as who are we to not believe it? I find this “class” of the Bachelor to be just snarky and immature. I think the producers love the drama. The show has gotten more low class than it was during your seasons. It’s very “Real Housewives “ now, isn’t it? Molly and Riley are so cute. Do you ever worry about whether your work as an IG influencer May have a negative influence on Molly? I am a juvenile public defender here in Massachusetts and girl, I’ve seen some things with respect to girls and the online community. Eye opening. Beautiful family. God bless.

  86. When he told Sydney she was the best kisser all I could think of was the girl he picks. If it isn’t Sydney, how will she feel, what will he say, she’s a better kisser, but I picked you?? I didn’t think that was cool. I agree that the kissing girls in front of the others is disrespectful. Makes it seem like a game to him. As far as the drama goes, I may be old and boring, but I watch to see the relationships form not all the drama between the girls. We don’t get to see much of the dates anymore because all they show is the drama. I think it’s disappointing. I can’t give up on it, but it is sometimes hard to watch. I keep hoping it will get better. Lastly, a question for you. In your day I don’t recall the bachelor or bachelorette making out with every person. Have they always done that? I get it, it’s fun, but it certainly wouldn’t make me feel special if he had made out with 6 other girls that night.

    Deep down I still love it, but it’s not as good as it used to be.

  87. I see that Peter is making some bad decisions. I was disappointed in his rose ceremony. It’s like he gave the rose to Makena and Sydney because they were brave enough to corner him just before the rose ceremony. He is totally disrespectful to all of them.

  88. I’m sooooo over this drama!! Are these women really this ruthless or are they portraying it to be worse then normal? They are going to loose me as a viewer soon.
    On a more serious note, this hate is so sad 😞 I don’t understand how someone could have so much hate do to skin color. My heart goes out to Sydney and any other girl getting back lash

  89. There was too much drama! Haha

    Honestly, I liked Tammy and I think she kinda dug her hole a little deeper than she meant to. Kelsey does cry a lot and its weird (maybe that’s just how they are portraying her on purpose) BUT Sydney really stood out as the bully over all the other girls. She went from her 1 on 1 talking to Peter about how she was bullied her entire life and then jumps all over Tammy at the “non” rose ceremony when she had NOTHING to do with the fight or the rumors in the first place!! I just found it odd she kept jumping in the ring of someone else’s fight lol.

  90. I agree 100%! The drama this season is absolutely ridiculous! It’s so hard to watch! This is by far the worst season, so much bullying and negativity.

    1. Yes Kasey~ what makes ABC mistake Hate and Bullying for Entertainment and Love?
      It’s teukt awfuk th3 amoubt of time ABC devotes to trashing people.

      Hannah Bs season had a lot of bullying too. Aside from some gender bias that boys can take it, versus disdain for the women, I think the big difference this time is that Several Women Attack Several Women. With Hannah Bs season it was pretty much the House v Luke P.

      Who would have EVER thought it could get worse than last time??

  91. I heard Jessica from Big Brother talking about the Victoria F scandal on Instagram yesterday. Although it is still in super poor taste, the campaign that she was posing for is Marlin Lives Matter. The confederate flag has the white marlin fish in it if you zoom in. That is also the fish on her hat and on the shirt. I do not know what the campaign was far, other than some kind of awareness of the white marlins. I just wanted to make sure that the information wasn’t get skewed more than it already has. I still believe 100% that the campaign SHOULD NOT have tried to play on a very important slogan. It was NOT okay and is extremely offensive to many people. But if we are going to be upset with some of the choices she has made, I think it is important to know the details =)

  92. I actually loved when Kelly told him he was playing into the drama. You could tell his wheels started spinning and wanted to defend himself but he couldn’t. I think she’s too smart for him. Maybe that’s why they’re not vibing.

    Definitely too much bullying and name calling.

    The kissing in front of all the girls is horrible! I can’t imagine being the one he picks in the end and having to watch him make out with every single girl, also multiple girls within minutes. It seems like those types of guys don’t really have a lasting relationship with their choice in the end anyway.

    My guilty pleasure! hah! Love your blog, your instagram and your husbands stories! Just such a sweet family


  93. I completely agree! Way too much drama to the point where it seems like it is being produced/manipulated more than usual by the people behind the scenes trying to make it the “most dramatic season ever”.

  94. I’m ready for more Bachelor this week, but I’m not. I agree with some of you that the drama has increased over the years. I think the main reason why is because most at this point know they aren’t going to end up with Peter, so they are going to act crazy and hope to end up on Paradise. I felt for Kelsey all through the episode. You do not know how you are going to react until you are in the situation. For Kelsey, she clearly has stronger feelings for Peter (or is at least further along in her relationship). Of course it’s going to be harder watching other girls be taken away with Peter, especially after you had a great one-on-one. Tammy hasn’t had that yet, so she cannot understand. I also can see that Alayna truly didn’t know that Peter was going to give her a rose. She seemed so awkward and was even worried what the girls would say when she got back. Someone with Alayna’s personality might flaunt it around and care less how it influences others. I felt bad for Tammy also because out of left field it seemed like the girls flipped on her. I still think Victoria P.’s actions needs to be questioned. Once she started stumbling through her story after Alayna came back, something in me didn’t sit right with her. The same thing happened tonight. I also could be completely wrong! Also, did you notice the two farthest along in their relationship with Peter were not even part of the drama tonight at the rose ceremony? I always say that’s how you can tell the final 2-3. I also always say that if you have nothing to say in your time with the bachelor/ette then your relationship isn’t progressing, and you are trying to pull out all the stop saying! I think I’m just ready to get to the end so I can see what the finale will be since it’s never been done before. Plus, I want to know who his mom is referring to!

  95. Honestly I’m not watching this season anymore, it is just WAY too much! The first episode had me cringing, it’s not even entertaining 🤦🏻‍♀️

  96. In regard to the possibility of he and Sydney being intimate on their one-on-one, there was definitely something going on under that water!! Haha

  97. I am SO over this drama. Recorded the episode and have taken 2 nights to watch it, and have fast forwarded through half of it. Just can’t take these women anymore. Peter also needs to get a back bone here and say what he wants! And we have another 3 hours of this tomorrow… I just honestly don’t even know if I can watch anymore. I spend more time scrolling through IG than watching it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  98. I cannot believe you did not mention the tongue facial expressions from McKenna during the show! It truly was the highlight of the entire episode for me! Screw the drama….these women have so much to learn or the producers are just producing a show that we continue to cringe…take a second look at McKenna’s reactions especially at 2:39 into the show!!!

  99. I don’t think you are sensitive to the drama, I think this is one of the most dramatic/catty seasons I’ve ever watched. No one can seem to stay in their lane (honestly with the exception of Madison).

    Despite my feelings for Kelsey, saying someone has ‘alcoholic tendencies’ and is a ‘pill popper’ is a pretty major accusation to make not only to the girls but directly to Peter. That was completely inappropriate of Tammy and I am glad Kelsey (and other girls) called her out on it. Do I think Kelsey is emotionally ready for a relationship? No.

    Sydney strikes me as someone who constantly wants to stir the pot. Regardless if she’s been bullied in the past, she still seems to interfere in a lot of other people’s business for someone who ‘wants to stay out of it’.

    I liked Victoria P. In fact I loved her since day one. However, after the last few revelations I now think she’s super sneaky and not telling the whole truth. Clearly she has spoken about multiple girls and then stumbles over her words when confronted. You can see right through her.

    I find Kelly boring and a little stuck up and I feel like Peter is trying SO hard to rekindle their connection since they had met previously… but I think he’s trying way too hard when his connections with others are way more effortless.
    I think Hannah Ann and Madison are the most likely contenders at this point and I like them both but I’m seriously not ‘feeling’ anyone at this point! Such an odd season!!!

  100. This season has been HORRENDOUS! Embarrassing, really. There’s a rumor that Hannah Brown has a restraining order against Sydney for bullying her. . They went to the same high school and even graduated together. Sydney is fake. I don’t like her one bit. I think she’s a liar.

  101. I’m also not sure if the drama is just more absurd than usual or if I’m just getting too old to watch the show any more (I’m also in my 30s, for the record, ha)! I’m finding this season’s drama is just depressing, disappointing and disheartening.

  102. How was there no mention in your blog of McKenna and her tongue. OMG that was seriously all I could focus on…maybe because I was over listening to all the stupid drama. Im in my mid 30’s and this group of girls just seems so young, childish and not ready for marriage. I do like Victoria though.. the nurse. She seems genuine, mature and maybe a good match for Peter.

  103. I to was bullied in high schools. Not sure why. They called me stupid and ugly all the way from 4th grade until I moved school’s my junior year. I also had students that would push me into teachers and into the lockers. I found a picture of me ripped up and thrown on the floor in our local grocery store. However I was still a cheerleader from 6th grade thru 10th , i was in every club I could be in. I was in those because I enjoyed them. Cheerleading was voted by teachers up until junior year and one person told me that I would not make it for my Jr. Year and guess what I didn’t I have always said I was the most unpopular cheerleader ever. But what kept me doing it was I loved it and I was good at it. If I didn’t have those things in school I would’ve quit. I understand how Sydney could get bullied and still do things in school

  104. I agree 100% on the drama and the bullying. I’m having such a hard time with this group of girls and cannot even think of who I would want to be the Bachelorette, or who he might end up with. I do like Madison, and I like Victoria P, but she seems a bit shady to me. Why are all these girls almost pretending to be someone else? And then pick on each other when pretty much all of them are doing the same thing. I want the drama to stop and them to focus on his connections with the girls. I’ll finish out the season but it’s going to be a struggle. I wish Mike was the Bachelor TBH.

  105. Cosmo pulling the cover is ridiculous. The white lives matter attire she was wearing references the companies efforts to support the conservation of white and blue marlin fish. People are way to sensitive.

  106. I am totally with you on the fact that this season is very hard to watch! I’m really just not into it. I honestly don’t think Peter is great as the bachelor and there has been way too much drama! I understand it’s what makes people watch the show but it’s been over the top and you can tell that a lot of it is clearly for ratings and super planned out. I hope it gets better!

  107. Two thoughts – first off, Peter has no idea what he’s doing! He’s made a mess out of this entire season and the girls are probably acting up because they are dealing with a lot of nonsense from him.

    Second – to address the COSMO situation – what a bunch of hypocrites!

    The editor blatantly says in her article that she stands for “Black Lives Matter”, but not white lives. What a jerk!

    Victoria should be happy to not be associated with a rag magazine that promotes racism.

    1. While your statements are very strong I do agree that Peter has created this mess. He seems to have the need to be validated and I’m not seeing him trying to really get to know all the girls.

      I did hear the quote from Cosmo. It was a bit odd.

  108. I think Cosmo is being DUMB pulling the cover. It was a shark hat. It seems excessive to pull the cover. It honestly looks bad on Cosmo and not Victoria.
    I’m sooo over the Kelsey and Tammy drama. It seems drawn out and fake. They both are overly dramatic and if they’re behaving like that, not ready for a relationship ultimately. Relationships are hard work and being dramatic or immature will only make it harder.

  109. While I totally understand what you are saying about the cocktail party/no cocktail party situation and how it really wouldn’t change his mind if he’s made up his mind already HOWEVER in this situation he not only had special one-on-one time with Kelsey but also gave her a rose then used this as his excuse for cancelling the cocktail party and that to me is a HUGE slap in the face to the girls who have stayed out of the drama and therefore gotten zero time with him the last couple of weeks due to all the drama and him spending all of his time with the girls causing it. This was a prime example of what Kelley said to him about rewarding drama and I am not on board with it at all. He should have waited to give Kelsey the rose and he should have had the cocktail party so that the girls who haven’t had time would have that opportunity to at least have a conversation before they were sent home.

  110. I cannot stand the bullying! These girls need to stop! I feel for Kelsey! I cry when I process stuff, so I would likely be in her shoes too! I wish the girls would stay in their lanes!

  111. I feel like this season is filled with so much drama because of Peter! He is contributing to it and causing it. Especially by kissing all the girls in front of each other. It’s so disrespectful. It makes them all a little nutty. And Peter was my favorite! I think he was all of our favorite which is why he’s the bachelor. But he’s kind of ruining it 🙁 Although, to be fair he’s also young and this is probably really hard for him and he’s figuring things out too.

  112. First of all, I LOVE all your comments on the Bachelor! Makes me feel less ridiculous about the amount of time I spend watching it! Am I the only one who felt that VERY steamy make out session in the black bikini was totally staged?? Their position and camera angles could not have been more set up. I’m just patiently waiting for Peter to be done playing with all these immature twits and make a decision. Hopefully this one works, but I honestly feel that neither Peter or any of these women exhibit the desire or maturity for an adult relationship

  113. Even if she wasn’t bullied in high school, she’s being bullied now… by people she went to high school with. Jealousy can make people do horrible things. It’s not always the “unpopular” kids who get bullied.

  114. Peter is contributing to this drama so much!! I’ve watched every season of both the Bachelor & Bachelorette & honestly can’t remember a lead making such poor decisions. He seems to be doing it over & over. Hannah Ann is a trouble maker. She kissed him while he was with two other girls. He went along with it & he definitely shouldn’t have but as a woman, I would never do that. I can’t think of one of these girls that I would want to see as the bachelorette next season.

  115. Worst season yet. 👎 Peter is not ready for marriage he’s all over the place. No wonder he doubts himself. And the women. Wow where did they find this group of drama queens. I’m almost ready to stop watching it’s sickening. I really don’t care who he picks. Whoever it is based on the show and dysfunctional people they deserve each other. 😑😑

  116. I must be bored out of my mind cause I keep going back for more! It’s quite entertaining and the best soap opera since Luke and Laura! Yes, I’m that old. I agree Ali, Tammy was one of my hero’s until this episode. She went to far and crossed the bullying lines. For the first time, I feel like Kelsey was being real and honest and I felt sorry she was being mistreated. I also think Peter and Sydney did the deed in the hot springs… and possibly Kelly too! Even though they are clearly not made for each other. Can’t wait for Wednesday’s drama!!

  117. Love your blog! I totally respect that you don’t want to say anything that could hurt anyone’s feelings, but I feel like you’re making excuses for these girls. They’re not teenagers. They’re fully grown adults who are perfectly capable of having empathy and consideration for others and are choosing not to. We can call out their actions and that doesn’t mean we are saying they’re bad people, but some of the behavior I watched last night was just appalling!
    Also I don’t understand why season after season there’s always at least one contestant that spends their time gossiping about another person! Haven’t we seen over and over that that never works out for either involved?

  118. Hi Ali, I just want to say that I’m so disliking this season. I feel bad because I really like Peter & I think he seems like a really nice guy but something about the way he’s handling everything is so disappointing. I feel bad for him because I don’t think he has, out of all those woman, that many good ones to pick from. I could see him ending up with Madison.

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