Bachelor – Victoria Dated Chase?

Happy Bachelor Monday, you guys!!! I am so excited to talk about tonight’s episode with you because I finally feel like there was a good amount of substance to watch, and it was entertaining! Sooooo much better than last weeks episode which I found super boring. What do you think? Did you like tonight’s episode? Let’s get into it.

Victoria F Date

My goodness. Could this date be any more produced?! Obviously Victoria F told the casting agents and producers that she used to date Chase Rice and that’s why she got this date. I’ve read a little bit about it, and from what I understand neither she or Chase knew it was going to happen. And it seems like Chase is pissed about it, as he should be! He came on the show to promote his music and now got dragged into the produced Bachelor drama. However, I will say that this publicity is only good for him. I had no idea who he was before. And now not only do I know his name, but I know his songs and I’ve googled him multiple times. This is definitely going to help his career even if it’s not the kind of attention he wanted. So I’m just trying to look at the silver lining for him.

Anyway, let’s talk about what happened. Do you think Victoria should’ve dance with Peter while Chase was singing? The whole time I kept thinking she’s got to stop this and walk away. But on the other hand, I started realizing that that could come across as really dramatic and ruin a concert for a bunch of people and make things even more awkward for Chase. Who knows, maybe these things are running through her head and she didn’t know what to do. As much as I was yelling at my TV wanting her to stop singing along to the music that her ex boyfriend probably sang to her at one point, on the other hand, it’s such a weird situation and I truly don’t know what I would’ve done if I was in her shoes. I probably wouldn’t of sang the words to be completely honest. But again, that’s something I’m saying I wouldn’t do and maybe she was so nervous in the moment that she didn’t think clearly.

Does Victoria Still Have Feelings for Chase

And don’t hate me but does anybody think that she was kind of trying to get Chase’s attention? I feel like she all of the sudden came alive and seemed confident and sexy dancing to his song. I feel like she wanted him to want her again? I feel like it’s a bold accusation for me to be sharing that opinion, since she was just dancing. But I guess it’s because she has been shown as so shy and timid this entire show, and she really came alive when they were dancing. In a way I’ve never seen her act before. It’s almost as if she was trying to tell Chase, “Look what you’re missing,” and I guess I can’t blame her. I’d wanna do the same thing if I was confronted by my ex. But it just kind of seemed unfair to Peter.

group date victoria f

And oh my gosh, did you see the look on Chase’s face when she and Peter kissed at the end? He did not seem to care for that. What do you think Victoria should’ve done? Should she have continued on with the dance? Or stopped it right away? It’s so hard to say. Especially because we’re not in that moment.

Victoria Tells Peter

When Victoria let Peter know at dinner, I think the reason he looked so hurt and upset is because he was upset with the producers. I’m sure the very first thing that went through his mind was that there was no way this is a coincidence. He knew the producers knew and I bet producers begged him to take Victoria on this date. I could see a scenario playing out where he suggested somebody else and the producers strongly encouraged, and even asked him to trust them by choosing Victoria. I went through a similar situation on my season to be honest. I wanted to send a guy home on my season that had a girlfriend on a 2-on-1 date, but producers suggested I send the other guy home first, and quite frankly I don’t care which guy went home because I didn’t have a relationship with either of them to be honest, and so I went along with it. I feel like Peter probably went along with it as well and was pissed in the moment that the producers would do that to him.

date victoria f chase rice

People often ask me if the show is real or not, and if the producers make you do things. Here’s the truth. The show is real. There’s real feelings and you can really fall in love. Or fall in lust. And it’s also true that the producers strongly encourage you to make certain choices. They usually won’t mess with whoever you tell them you really, truly like. So let’s say Madison, Hannah Ann, and Victoria P are Peter’s top three girls right now. That’s just my guess. He probably would let the producers know not to mess with his relationship with those 3 people, but the rest of the girls who he doesn’t feel like he’s going to end up with it doesn’t matter as much. So maybe he wanted to take, let’s say, Kelsey on this date, but instead went with Victoria because the producers asked him to. Does that make sense? So yes, they get involved but usually only do it in the scenarios where you don’t really care either way. But in this case in retrospect, obviously Peter cares now. I bet he feels like a fool. I would. Poor guy.

Group Date

I am so over the dates that involve any sort of physical violence. I get that it’s football but it still involves tackling and letting on aggression on each other and I just feel over it. The girls had visible bruises afterward!! And anybody else think, besides all the girls, that it was ridiculous that there was no sort of tiebreaker? I understood that the girls were upset about all 13 of them going on one group day even before Alayah showed up.

Group Date Cocktail Party

I was floored when Victoria P pulled Peter first. I completely side with Shiann on this and think that it was very selfish of Victoria P to do that. She spent so much time with him earlier and I find it mind boggling that she wouldn’t be aware of how pulling him first would affect the other girls. I don’t necessarily think Shiann deserves to talk to him first because she played football the best, all the girls were trying their hardest – she shouldn’t win time first for scoring the most touchdowns. So I don’t necessarily agree with or get that logic. But I completely agree that Victoria P was selfish to take him first. Actually, I shouldn’t say that because I don’t think Victoria P is selfish. Her actions were selfish in that moment.

group date victoria p

But let me throw this out there. The only thing I can possibly think is that maybe a producer told Victoria P they really needed her to pull Peter first for whatever reason. Because the producers knew Alayah was coming back and Alayah wanted to talk about Victoria P and that all this drama would go down. Therefore, they wanted us to see a really sweet moment with Victoria P and Peter before Alayah came and turned it all upside down and left him questioning his relationship with Victoria P. Make sense? These producers know what they’re doing! I feel like there’s a very good chance that’s how this went down. That Victoria P asked to pull him first because she was instructed to and was given a very good reason as to why she should put him first.

Alayah’s Return

Anyone else think that there’s no way on this earth that Peter feels as strongly for Alayah as he does for Madison or Hannah Ann? Or does everyone out there even think that Peter really thinks Alayah could be his wife at the end of this? I don’t know, I guess he could feel that way, but I just don’t believe it. I think he let her come back because he feels bad that he sent her home after something Victoria P said that turned out not to be true. But in the same breath, I think he also sent her home because of everything else the other girls were saying. I’m not really sure why he let her come back, but I do know he went about it the wrong way. Those girls have every right to be so upset with him for everything they were put through on that football date, then to go to the cocktail party with 13 girls which is the biggest group date I think there’s ever been, and then to get no time with him because Alayah shows back up. I get the frustration and I’m going to get more into that in a minute.

victoria p and alayah

Also, did anyone else find it SO odd that Victoria P said they maybe knew each other for 3 hours when Peter had asked her about Alayah, but once Alayah returned she gave her a big hug when she saw her. And not only did she give her a big hug, but she held Alayah’s hand the entire time they were talking with Peter and even wiped her tears? I am just so confused by this friendship. I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, and I did see a photo of them from Vegas so I know it exists. But I also know that it mentioned there was a Miss USA event that weekend. So maybe they were both just there with a group. But regardless, they definitely knew each other more than 3 hours, and I really can’t pinpoint why Victoria said that!!!! What do you think about this? Did you notice the affection too? Almost like they were the best of friends? Maybe that is how pageant girls treat each other for support, but I just don’t think that’s the case. Okay, let’s talk about Kelsey’s date!

Kelsey’s Date

I thought without a doubt when Kelsey got the 1-on-1 day that she would be going home at the end of it, but the entire date surprise me. The first thing that surprised me was when Peter used the word drama free to describe her. Ha! Just because of the whole champagne gate thing, that’s definitely not a word I would use to describe her. However, I think he more meant that the date in general was drama free compared to what he had been dealing with in the group date the day before.

Then when Kelsey opened up about how after her parents divorce things changed. To be completely honest, when she first mentioned that she’s the way she is because of her parents divorce, I kind of rolled my eyes. Hear me out for a second. I know some of you are going to strongly disagree with me on this, but I’m a firm believer that people who try to explain that the reason they have fault is because their parents broke up are just looking for something to blame. Let me be clear this is not in all cases! But in my experience I’ve met many people that like to blame their problems on their parents divorcing. And I just don’t think that’s fair for so many reasons.

However, when Kelsey went on to explain that she didn’t see her dad for 12 years after that, my heart broke for her. When your parents split up and then one parent disappears that’s a completely different thing. That’s not saying you are the way you are because of a divorce, that’s saying you are the way you are because a parent abandoned you. My heart seriously broke for her. I feel like it explains so much about her and who she is. It explains champagne gate and explains why she so badly wants this to work for her. She needs to find a man who will stay and not a man that will walk out on her. And you can tell that Peter is so passionate about his mother and grandmother having to also be on their own. He cries with her! I think he really feels for Kelsey in that moment, and I think it really switched the energy in their relationship.

kelsey 1 on 1 date

Anyway, I’m pretty tired so I hope I’m explaining myself right. If anybody is reading this who have had parents split up at a time in your life where it really really hurt you, know that I’m sorry. I can’t know your particular pain because I don’t know your situation. But what I do know is that holding on to something that happened 10 to 20 years ago between your parents and letting that hold you back in your life today is not helping you. So I guess that’s kind of my point in this. I also just quickly want to say my parents divorced when I was in middle school as well, and while I know it affected me at the time and many years later in some ways, I in no way think it makes me who I am today. Both my parents are great. And both my parents are great apart.

Kelsey’s story is different. It’s about abandonment and I just want to give her a big hug.

The Girls Are Pissed

Like I mentioned above I think the girls have every right to be pissed off right now. Peter is not making the wisest of choices. It’s not even that I don’t think Alayah should’ve come back. That’s completely Peter’s choice and if he feels like his decision was based on something somebody else said that he might not believe, I do think she has a right to come back. I just think it was how it was all handled is what’s not sitting right. Walking back in with her hand and hand, then giving her the group date rose after the girls had such an emotionally and physically exhausting day, just isn’t cool to me.

natasha bachelor

I’ll also say I feel a little bad for Alayah. I definitely think she’s manipulating things in the house and doing things that are upsetting a lot of the girls. But the truth is, I’m pretty certain she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. So when she says she feels like a victim she truly believes that she is a victim. In a way, she almost is because she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. Something about the way she was brought up or the things she’s experienced in her life have made her blind to how some of her actions affect others. I don’t know what those things are, but I truly just don’t see her flat out trying to be manipulative, but then she does end up being manipulative. So I feel for her.

For example, when she said she assumed the girls in the house knew about Victoria F and Chase, I believe her. Yeah she knows the girls don’t have phones to look it up, but I’m sure she just assumed Victoria told some of them. I know I would have if I were her. Heck when we found out the Victoria F didn’t tell any of the girls and kept it a secret, which is obviously her decision and choice, I was pretty surprised! If that happened to me on a date, I would’ve needed a friend to vent to afterwards. So I get why Alayah thought all the girls knew.

What are you guys thinking about the whole situation? Do you feel sorry for Alayah? Or do you think she knows exactly what she’s doing? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

My Most Chic Look

But real quick before I go, I really want to share this cami and dress pant look that I shared here on my blog earlier this week. I know every week I tend to share outfits from the week before, but I really hope you give this one a second look if you didn’t get it the first time I posted about it! When I wear these pants I feel like a boss! I feel chic, sexy, and sophisticated! Plus, I think they look so expensive even though they’re not!


And the creamy color of this cami is just delicious! I described it that way on my blog when I originally wrote about it and I have to use that word again because it is just so luxurious looking! When I wear this outfit to work the other day I just threw a black blazer over it because it’s winter. But in the spring/summer I’ll definitely wear it just as it is. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Thanks so much for coming by my blog today. I am so interested to hear what you have to say about the drama with both Victoria F and P!

233 Thoughts

233 thoughts on “Bachelor – Victoria Dated Chase?

  1. I think that his feelings for Alahya are not worth what he’s putting the other girls through! I don’t think he likes her as much as Maddison or Hannah Ann. And I think Alahya could have apologized to Victoria F for outing her secret.

    I also really felt for Kelsey in this episode. I totally had the same reaction when she first said she is who she is because of the divorce her parents got but after hearing her story my opinion completely changed of her.

    1. Yeah I agree. He is putting the women through a lot to try to be “nice” and “do the right thing” with Alahya. I know he WANTS to do tha right thing in all of it though.

      1. plus:
        he wants Alayah bod in bed.

        I agree w Ali on Madison and Hannah Ann holding more serious interest for him. Alayah’s physical assets are #goals b4 he gets engaged.

  2. You are BANG ON with a lot of this! I actually lost a lot of respect for Victoria P this episode. From saying “her back is bothering her” so she could just have one on one time, and THEN to pull him away first? She’s not as sweet and innocent as she’d like people to think she is. I don’t feel sorry for Aliyah at all. She’s a trouble maker. Those women definitely have the right to be pissed – I would be too.

    1. Oh and you’re 100% right about Victoria F too! I also wouldn’t have been singing along to my ex-boyfriend’s song while dancing with my new potential husband. I agree with your take on this entire situation whole heartedly. 😊

  3. Wow what an episode. I agree that it seems sort of strange that Peter keeps saying he had these strong feelings for Alayah when really I haven’t seen much interaction with them other than all of this drama. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

    I felt really bad for the girls when he gave Alayah the Rose, one of the girls said it right. It was like a slap in the face. I would be pretty upset and yet again all of their time with Peter is being taken away because of all this Drama again. I think he’s made some poor choices which is unfortunate. I can’t see Alayah staying much longer, which is another reason why none of this makes sense.

    Not really sure how to feel about Victoria P. It is weird that she lied about the 3 hour friendship but I think it was just a Pageant friendship and nothing more maybe? I don’t know. Not sure what to think about that.

    I also had this thought when he chatted with Alayah at the end of the episode where he mentioned “why is everyone else seeing this and I’m not” I was literally screaming at the tv “ REMEMBER LUKE P!!!” He went through this exact thing during Hannah B’s season. I don’t get it hahaha oh well hopefully he makes a decision soon so this Alayah drama can end

    1. i think Luke P is still running interference – in Pilot Pete’s head…its like a recurring nightmare . Hannah B spent so much time on Luke, Peter fears a similar fate.

      1. First off, I seriously have watched almost all of the bachelors and bachelorettes. The few I didn’t watch was cuz the drama got to be too much. I think in picking the girls for this show they really picked a lot of drama. I know by how much drama there was with Hannah and the other pageant girls, they knew it could happen again. Now Victoria P, she showed her colors, I think her and Alayah should go. I don’t think their helping any of the relationships. And I don’t think Peters relationship with them is that good. I think Peter has some really good girls there and they are sitting there watching cuz the pageant girls are running the show.
        But goodness this season has so much drama, I debate every Monday if I want to really watch it. Lol

        1. I feel like the drama the producers are creating is making me not like the girls. I am already over this season. It is just too much. And int he end, the producers are telling us who he really likes….Hannah Ann and Madison. Very little screen time because of course they want us to like who he picks. But there is too much drama and how Peter is handling it makes me not like him as much. All in all….not liking this season much!

  4. I honestly feel bad for Peter. I think he has been duped by both Louisana and Texas. I also don’t like how Victoria P. completely deflected from something she lied about by bringing up how hard it was to share about her difficult past. Caelynn did that and I remember being frustrated because that is definitely manipulation. “Let me get you to feel sorry for me, so you can forget what I lied, cheated, etc… about.” Difficulties in our past do effect us and help shape our identity even, but your choices moving forward are yours. Several red flags there from both of them though.

    1. I totally agree with you!! She just kept saying it was so hard to open up, but not really explaining why you lied to Peter.

      1. I think she meant that it was hard for her to open up about another girl. She didn’t want to be the one to tell about her, but did to warn him, since she knew Aleya was more into the show and not into him. She also might be right about knowing her 3 hours in total, since they might have communicating mostly in a group setting.

    2. I totally think Victoria p deflected the conversation about how well she knows alayha by crying and telling peter how hard it was for her to open up and be vulnerable

  5. I agree with everything you said, Ali. I will say I think that this is a very Immature bachelor series from most, including Peter. I also felt Victoria P was manipulative and not truthful. Talked in circles and had me all confused. Peter was really confused by her and I get it. I think Alayah being brought back was really unfortunate and definitely a slap in the face to the other girls in the house. I think Peter has shown he’s immature and can’t handle this and keeps stirring the pot date after date. I’m disappointed. As far as Hannah Ann and madison… where is everyone seeing the chemistry the past few weeks as we have seen nothing but petty immature girl drama?? I don’t see any building of relationships at all! The crying and drama needs to stop like now. It’s over the top!

    1. I don’t think Peter is trying to stir the pot. Truly. I think he is just trying to cut the BS and bring people together to avoid “he said she said”. Which I honestly respect. I think where he is faulting is but trying to do everything “right” rather than doing what his heart says. Ya know?

    2. I completely agree!!!!! I like some drama don’t get me wrong but it’s getting to be too much. It’s exhausting just watching the immaturity go back and forth

    3. Omg YES! Finally someone said it. I don’t understand why people keep saying there is so much chemistry between peter and Hannah Ann & Madison! We’ve barely seen them together AT ALL! This season has been nothing but stupid drama and frankly, I think it’s the worst season I’ve watched. There hasn’t been any real connections this far in my opinion. The only relationship I felt that had real chemistry was between peter and Sydney. The poor girl he called out in front of everyone.

    4. I completely agree with you on the chemistry, or lack of, with especially Hannah Ann. I have seen little to no interaction between the two of them. I also am a bit shocked at Peter’s immaturity. Not sure what I was expecting, but for 28, he seems on their level maturity wise!

    5. Wow, everything you said is spot on. I think Alayah is nothing but trouble and Peter is allowing her to manipulate him something awful. I hope he wises up soon or this season is going to get tougher and tougher to watch. Peter needs to really hear and listen what the other girls have said about Alayah, definitely a red flag when so many others say the same thing about her intentions. And I don’t know why Peter can’t see that. He’s a lot more immature than I thought and so far I don’t see any ‘real connections’ with anyone. I hope things improve.

  6. Phew that was quite an episode for sure so much happened tonight. I totally agree with you about Alayah, I don’t think she has bad intentions but her delivery definitely sucks lol and for Victoria P she has to go I am not feeling her at all U do not like how she seems twice faced one minute she tells Peter they have only known each other for 3 hours and then hugging her once she sees her like what ?? Ugh lol

    1. Yeah she doesn’t seem like she is trying to start anything but she is! I dunno. I think I just feel bad for these girls in general because I can’t imagine my own daughter going through all this on national television

      1. Victoria singing every word to Chase’s song was super weird to me! It seriously made me cringe! I don’t know what to think about Alyah, either. I do think there is some manipulation character in her, but so agree she doesn’t know what she is doing a lot of the time.

        1. Victoria was in an impossible position. Perhaps doing something she *knew* -like singing – was a way to calm the shock of being betrayed by producers.

          There was no right move. Ultimatley she resolved it as soon as she caught her breath. Good on her.

    2. I agree with almost everything you said Ali. I think Alayah didn’t apologize because she’s not mature enough and because Victoria approached her rather aggressively. In fact, all the girls did. And then when she tried to get away from it, they mocked her.

      1. it felt to me like Alayah probably faces alot of envy from women – thus the resigned lack of apologizing as well as the *F It I’ll Do What I Like Cuz They Hate Me Anyway* actions. I liked Ali’s insight abt her being a legit victim AND an unconscious manipulator…if we could untangle Alayahs knots the world (hers and ours) would be an easier place.

        When Peter asked again what’s driving the women crazy abt her I felt like Alayah c o u l.d have answered * My unapologetic cleavage, luxury brand hair, faultless face and articulate tongue *, but ya know, out here in tv land It’s Obvi.

  7. I definitely do not feel sorry for Alayah! I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. If she likes Peter so much, why does she need to go around telling the other girls about Victoria F dating Chase Rice? It has nothing to do with her, so I don’t understand why she would feel like she would have to talk about it with the other girls. At the end of the day, it’s not her story to tell. Really liked Kelsey’s date with him though!! I like how she opened up with him 😊. Looking forward to next week’s episode!!

    1. Alayah told two girls…and then They told two girls and so on….she didn’t tell the whole house, but the whole house is complaining about her – Largely Because Of Peter’s Actions and Lust for her.

  8. It really seems like Alayah knows exactly what she’s doing and is really looking to up here follower count. I really thought I’d love Peter as the Bachelor but I’m so disappointed in his decision-making and the fact that he kisses all the girls in front of the other girls. I wish he’d scale back in that just a s a show of respect to everybody there.

    1. Toyally agree. Peter is too much of a “yes man,” telling the women what they want to hear. From when he was announced I said, oh he is not emotionally ready for this. He doesn’t have the discernment or ability to hurt someone. Not a bad thing, just not right for the show!

      1. Grt insight abt having to be able to hurt contestants…
        After tonight I wonder if all this producer betrayl is because they knew they had a weaker lead in Pilot Pete ans had to rely on nasty set ups for viewer interest.
        I like him, he has alot of goodness, but after tonight it feels like he is in over his head, and doesn’t have the chops to *learn on the job* like Hannah B and other leads.

  9. I completely agree that the Victoria F date felt like a pre-planned production arrangement – it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE even as a viewer to watch her dance, sing and make out to her ex boyfriend’s music!

    As for Victoria P – there is something seriously wrong with her ability to communicate. She kept saying “that is what I believe is my truth” which almost makes it sound like she is brain washed to make no sense and blame her lies on what she believes is her truth. I felt like their conversation at the beginning of the cocktail hour made her seem like she feels entitled to being upset like the rest of the girls in the house when really he’s clearly upset with her messing with him.

    1. If Victoria P can honestly view what she did tonight on National TV she will have the gift of a lifetime. If it were me, and I danced around like that, and shot all those arrows it would be excruciating to examine.

      We will see if she can take the heat of true self examination. Alot of acting out for one datenight. Yeouch!

  10. I’m honestly so over the drama! It gives me anxiety at home I can’t imagine being in that house! How frustrating to be on that group date and then have alayah get the rose! UGH. I am not a fan of Victoria F. I think she was super dramatic about chase. I get how awkward that would be and how uncomfortable I just idk I think it was a little much. But who knows how I’d be in that situation. I really do like Kelsey after that group date. I do SORT OF feel bad for alayah. I agree that she doesn’t even know what she’s doing (sometimes). I feel like she’s constantly being attacked for things that really aren’t that huge of a deal (I e chase, unless that’s just me). I hope we get to see more of the deeper relationships next week.

    1. I totally agree about Victoria F.! Like, she has an ex boyfriend, so does everyone else. I mean Peter’s ex showed up twice, and talked about their sex life so…im sure it was incomfortable probably more because of the surprise factor, but it just could have been handled so much better by her.

    2. Yes THIS. like spit it out, it’s rly not that big of a deal. and the producers obviously set both of y’all up so why would he blame you at all!? Also, if you rly thought it was THAT bad/awkward, would you have sang along to every word of the song!? Lol

      1. It looked like outrageous pressure to me. IRL, no cameras, I doubt ANY of her actions would have taken place. It seems a little out of body to me. If she made a scene, shed ruin an ex boyfriend’s screen time..I think she went on automatic under the glare of a producer betrayl and live film crew.

      2. Where i Would judge Victoria F more harshly was when she went to slam Alayah for revealing the Chase info.

        I totally get how she felt, but she brought no inquiry to Alayah,.she simply condemned her – and then threatened her.

        Not great character traits.

    3. The drama is getting so tiresome and unpleasant to watch. I do not like that the producers set situations up that encourage senseless drama with infighting. I would like to see relationships develop with more depth and meaningful communication between Peter and the women he is with.

  11. I am very much over Alayah. I feel she lacks substance and is extremely manipulative. I do agree with Victoria F; it should have been her decision to share the Chase stuff with the other girls. In a way, I feel like she thought it would cause drama and theres already plenty of that to go around. I think that the way Peter invited Alayah to come back was hurtful and in poor taste. Alayah is very smug and I think she knows exactly what shes doing. She just plays dumb after the fact. I do not believe she is there for Peter at all. I’m in agreement with the girls, how can Peter possibly focus on developing individual relationships if there is the same constant drama over and over again week after week? I think Peter is trying to follow his heart and do what is right for him in the long run. I wish him the best and will continue to watch to see how his story plays out. I truly hope he finds his happily ever after.

  12. Hi Ali,
    So much drama tonight!! I think the girls are being too hard on Peter. He is hearing so much he said she said all the time.. what is he supposed to believe? He HAS to listen to his heart. It’s annoying to hear them complain to him that they are not getting time to talk to him about themselves when they are literally wasting their time saying those things..
    I find Victoria P slightly suspicious after this while situation. I don’t trust her anymore.

    Can’t see what happens next week!

    1. Srsly.
      The girls are blabbing Non Stop.
      He IS flaming out, but they are stoking the burn…and refusing to be honest with Themselves!

  13. I was getting my kids to bed and missed the first date with Victoria F so I can’t comment on that part yet, but I agree with everything else! I was shaking my head when he gave Alayah the group date rose… that made no sense! Of course that was going to upset everyone! Victoria P also confused me tonight… not sure what’s going on there. I was surprised with Kelsey’s date, I feel like she moved past the champagne issue and she was much more pleasant to watch!

    1. Go back and watch the Victoria F date! Awkward reality TV at its finest. Even my fiancée laughed his butt off and he doesn’t watch regularly at all. Kudos to those shady producers! #ChefsKiss

  14. This is the first time that I almost turned off the show because I was so annoyed and over the petty arguing. Maybe I’m just getting too old for it or maybe I just prefer when it’s down to the final handful of contestants. 🙂

  15. This episode.. oh my.
    I agree with what you’re saying in that maybe Alahya didn’t realize Victoria wouldn’t have told anyone but STILL GIRL.
    I just feel for every girl in that cocktail party tonight, as I can only imagine the immense frustration they must all feel. If it were me and I wasn’t 100% into the guy/Peter at that point in the show, I’d have walked out.
    However, I understand also how frustrating this whole experience must be for Peter.

    Can’t wait for next week!!

  16. I also thought it was so odd when Victoria P said she only knew Alayah for 3 hours! I caught that in the last episode and immediately didn’t get a good feeling about it. I don’t understand why Victoria would say that! And she definitely was acting like a close friend when talking to Alayah with Peter. The whole situation was weird. I think Alayah is a bit immature and doesn’t notice the things she says or does. Maybe she doesn’t understand the consequences that can come from her actions. I don’t know. I do feel for her and I don’t think she’s as manipulative as people are saying she is. I think she just has a very big personality where a lot of the girls have been shown to be more on the quiet side this season. Maybe they are just intimidated by her loud personality – who knows! But my opinion of her did change this episode!

    1. Yes! I was thinking this too – he very clearly said it was just one night in Charlotte in an interview I read. So interesting!

    2. Yes! I was thinking this too – he very clearly stated that it was just one night in Charlotte in an interview I read so I was confused by that

      1. And then she made a comment to the producer that Chase told her not to go to the show, implying that they were recently over or still together and he wasn’t over her.

        1. Seems as though there are three girls that have a hard time telling the truth. Those three need to be let go. If you lie about the small things what else are they not being honest about.

  17. I think Victoria P is the one who is been deceitful. She’s manipulating, but Alahya is so using the situation to her advantage.
    I also don’t think Victoria F is as sweet as she’s coming across

  18. I think Alayah is exactly what she shows. She is not what Peter is looking for at all. She’s fake and manipulative. Kelsey is worth exploring further for sure. I’m not sure what to think about Victoria P and Chase…couldn’t figure out why it was so hard to tell Peter if she is 100% done with him. Hmmmm.

    The girls are upset FOR SURE, and so is my husband. Lol. He can’t believe how many bad decisions Peter is making.

    1. It’s like a domino effect -though he says
      he agrees with the women’s critique of his choices He Keeps Making Crap Decisions

  19. I think that if Victoria didn’t have feelings for Chase still, it just wouldn’t have been such a big deal to tell Peter… I just thought it was so dramatic, the crying and walking away! She didn’t do anything wrong, so why else would she be so upset?!!

  20. I think Alayah knows exactly what she’s doing. I think she’s there for fame and nothing more. I hope Peter realizes he is hurting the other girls and sends her home again.

    1. After all the contrived nonsense – Chasegate,Champagnegate. Pageantgate – I would almost say I Hope Alayah Is There For The Fame.
      Like: what else is there at this point???!

      Peter appears to have a Harem Fantasy, as well as liking the Wife and Kids idea. The women Are So Much Better at leading than *The Lead*…

  21. I just read something where Chase Rice said he and Victoria F spent 1 night together in Charlotte and that’s it. He said she was “a cool chic, from what I know of her”. So maybe not the relationship it was made out to be. I don’t know.

    1. What can either of them really say? They were both used for Bach drama – that he ostrying to make things sound mellow makes sense to me…if he says it was a real thing he looks discarded, if he says it was a fanf**k he looks #metoo

  22. My son briefly sat down to watch a little of the drama and he said that he would just send everyone home and start over with some new people. LOLOLOL! I do think he should have some help on the show, like have Demi assist to help him sort them all out and help guide him. He seems so lost! LOLOL!

  23. I don’t understand how Victoria P is getting away with her hands clean in all of this. Then turning it around on Peter! Obviously at the end the girls didn’t know that she had lied to Peter, but I see her being very manipulative. If you go look on her page in the comments right before the show started filming, her and Alayah were talking and she even said “I love you” to Alayah. That’s just not something you say to someone who you don’t consider a friend. Something is not right with this girl and she is trying to play it off so hard.

    1. Victoria not necessarily lied to him, maybe in total time spent in 1 on 1 conversation with Alayah was about 3 hours, and the rest of the time they were in a group setting and not so close. She felt the need to warn him about her, knowing that she is not seriously interested in him..

      on another note, I was thinking that this whole chase situation could have been handled differently, She could whisper to Peter that she dated him once, so that he will be aware, and that way they could continue with the concert without making out in front of him..

  24. This episode was so much to handle. The first thing I thought of on the Amusement Park/Chase Rice date was the producers. They knew she dated Chase and I felt bad for Peter. How humiliating?!

    The drama this season is too much. He should be worried because if he continues on this path, all those girls may be leaving. So far, I’ve not seen a whole lotta lovin, just a whole lot a lying and losing.

  25. Totally agree about Kelsey! Their energy and relationship totally changed. Plus their date started off in the exact place I got engaged so there’s definitely good energy at play there! 🙂

  26. Hi Ali!!!

    First off this season feels like more dramatic than most. I feel like there’s usually more drama with the relationships with the lead, but this season the drama between the girls feels at an all time high?

    I felt really really bad for Peter tonight. He was trying so hard to do the right thing, but it kind of backfired. First off, a lot of the behind the scenes he doesn’t see since he isn’t in the house, so it must be hard for him to have to hear 20 people’s opinions about the same situation. Secondly, I think since he’s a guy, he definitely had no idea how his attempt to be a good guy would make these girls feel.

    Although I felt extremely bad for him as a viewer, I definitely would’ve been frustrated if I was one of the women. What do you think? Since you’ve been on the show before, how do you think you would’ve reacted if you were one of Peter’s girls verse how you feel as a viewer?

    Thanks for the awesome blogs!!!!

  27. Victoria P. came across horribly in this episode! Even if she and Aalyah weren’t all that close, she lied and was manipulative. I hope Peter does NOT end up with her. I find this to not be the best group of ladies. Are contestants going to ever realize that most of them are just “filler”?? I keep thinking to myself, “He is just not that into you! That is why you are not getting any time with him!” I feel like the lead chooses their top 4-6 on night one (based A LOT on attraction) and that’s that. And then almost every lead chooses whoever they are most attracted to…and then it doesn’t work out! I always think of Andi saying Josh scared her because she had already dated guys like him and it didn’t work out…ding ding ding! This show is too much yet of course I watch!

    Who on Earth is going to be the next bachelorette? Madison? Hannah Ann? No one else could do it I don’t think.

    1. Madison has Bachelorette written all over her.
      Natasha tho – she is my Most Deserving after tonight. Totally stand up, self respecting and Honest!! LOVE her.

    2. He has got to be going off the first impressions of a few girls. I feel like there has been NO time with Peter other than 1 on 1 dates cause there has been so much drama. Definitely LOTS of filler girls!

  28. Havent watched the episode yet but have read a couple posts and I really feel like I am over watching. I want to see the good, relationship building, positivity. Not all the catty drama, putting the bachelor/bachelorette in unrealistic and unfair situations. When he says he feels something for someone I want to see the true growth of how he or she got there. There is enough drama and pettiness in the world that it would be a ncie change for it to be on a more positive note.

    That’s all.

  29. I 100% agree!! And I feel so bad for Chase!! He is a genuinely super sweet guy!! I met him recently in Chapel Hill, NC at a football game. My brother works for the football program there. He asked Chase if he had a moment to come say hi to me. We had just recently lost our dad, and it was my brothers way of cheering me up. Chase came all the way down to the field to meet me, was so politely and gracious. But upside, his album is amazing and you can’t be publicity I guess. And FYI, you should look into his music…it’s amazing!! 😊

  30. Hi, Ali!
    I honestly feel like this is the most drama I’ve seen on this show in a very long time. I do feel like the Victoria F date was produced and I don’t necessarily agree with it. If I had been in her shoes, I probably would have pulled Peter to the side and told him so as to avoid any awkwardness between all parties. I did feel for Chase in that moment and Victoria claimed she broke up with him.
    In my honest opinion, I think Victoria P and Alayah need to go home. They both give me the wrong vibe and obviously there’s something further there with those two. I got the feeling tonight that Victoria P felt threatened by Alayah. Too much of the show is being wrapped up with them and I think it’s unfair to the others. Poor Peter is outright confused and I don’t always agree with his moves. One of the main people I’ve not seen saying anything negative or getting involved in the chaos is Madison. That’s classy in my book.
    I didn’t really know who Kelsey was until tonight. I’m not sure what the champagne gate is but perhaps I missed a Monday night. I did however, like her response to Peter telling her Alayah was back. I’m seeing so much crying in the show and in the previews that I just want to scream. (lol) No offense to the girls past or present, but they chose to be on the show and I understand that they are putting themselves out there & are being vulnerable but if they can’t handle certain situations then maybe they do not need to compete with so many. You, Ali, were always a favorite of mine! I’ve never commented under one of your blog posts but I couldn’t resist tonight. Have a good night. 🙂

  31. Producers aren’t in this for the right reasons!!
    Peter needs to stop the puppy dog eyes and be a man about all of this. He can’t make up his mind and is easily manipulated.

    1. It’s shameless producer interference. Like…they are almoat testing the audience – how much can we take…even Peter is in shock.

  32. Love always reading your perspective since you have actual experience on the show! Def agree the Victoria F date was sooo produced. Totally don’t know what to think of Victoria P and Alaya now. I really liked Victoria before tonight but now she def seems super fake. Hate how Peter handled it too and bringing back Alaya.

    Where are these screenshots you said you had I don’t see them and am sooo curious now!!

  33. In an interview Chase Rice stated, “we were together for one night is Charlotte, I don’t even know the girl”! She lied saying it was her BF it was a one night hook up! He also stated, “not one of these songs are about her, I don’t even know her, she is probably a nice girl” I don’t trust Victoria F at all!

  34. Completely agree with everything you said Ali! Just wanted to add (not bachelor related)… Did anyone else catch Victoria F say “Kobeee” at the very end when they were shooting baskets? So sad 😢

    1. I saw it in the link I get from the show (A link with the episode so I get to watch early/write my blog). But they sent it on Friday so I assumed they removed it from what aired after the tragedy on Sunday. But I’m glad they didn’t.

  35. I can’t believe no one has mentioned ABC airing, at the end of the show, Victoria F says “Kobe,” when Peter shoots the basketball, after many misses! In light of yesterday’s accident, that should have been edited out, no? Insensitive and felt very shocking to me! 😢

  36. Obviously the producers set up the date with Victoria and Chase- I actually thought Chase handled the situation very well- he was a man’s man and didn’t even mention their past when speaking with Peter. Not sure why Victoria needed to have a conversation with Chase after the fact? I suppose could have been prompted by producers. I will say in no way should Peter be upset about the situation, seeing that his ex has made multiple appearances on the show (Hannah), even planned one of the dates. I do agree his shock and disappointment was likely aimed more at the producers than Victoria. I know the bachelor franchise lives for the drama- but to a certain extent, I must admit I am getting bored with the therapy sessions between the lead and a few chosen contestants. All in all- I enjoy watching relationships unfold on the show and am genuinely so happy for couples when it works out. But I think there are times the drama gets taken a little far and is “over-produced”. As a viewer, I’m just shouting “Send them all home!” Haha!

  37. I was so excited for your blog tonight!! I really think Peter stepped in it big time this week. I’m glad the women aren’t afraid to call him out. The way he handled the group date was so disrespectful of every women there. He should have told Alayah that he’d like her to stay, but out of respect for the other women he can’t give her the group date rose. Honestly I don’t think he should’ve given it to anyone since so many of them didn’t get time.

    I think Alayah probably didn’t know that Victoria F dated Chase prior to this. However, I think she should’ve apologized to Victoria instead of being so defensive.

    As far as Victoria F’s date I think her actions were probably engineered by the producers. I think it was an uncomfortable situation and she was probably just trying to get through being in that situation in public & on tv. I totally understand why she broke down when she told him.

    I think Victoria P. is a bit of an actress too. The way she acted with Alayah isn’t consistent with what she told Peter about their relationship, so I can understand why he’s confused. I really don’t think either of them are purposely manipulative or deceitful. I think there’s a ring of truth to what you said about Alayah not knowing what she’s doing.

    I think at this point Peter is really going to have to find a way to give each woman there a fair chance before sending them home. He has played a role in the lack of time a lot of them missed out on, by letting things drag out.

  38. For peter to blame Victoria P for him letting Alayah go is really mininizing the issue. Almost every girl in the house said the exact same thing about her, and in this kind of situation where your relationships are all new but you’re trying to find forever, you have to take the opinions of others seriously. Especially when its such a widely agreed upon opinion. That is obviously a huge red flag, and if his goal is his wife, then he should know better. I’m truly disappointed in him after this weeks episode, he doesn’t seem to be making decisions with the part of himself that wants to find a wife, but rather the part of him that is physically crushing on these ladies. As far as Alayah, her facial expressions and attitude just appear very fake and cocky, and whether or not she is intentionally being manipulative, she is definitely intentionally starting drama. When Victoria approached her about the chase situation she just looked so smug and was smirking and if she truly assumed everyone already knew I feel like she would have been apologetic and empathetic. She has some maturing to do before she’s ready to be someone’s wife.

    1. Right! He did the same thing to Sydney. He needs to stop throwing the women under the bus like that. He chose to send her home, no one asked him to. It seems like he wants to please everyone and it’s backfiring big time.

  39. What if this season is filled with drama, fillers and sabotage because the producers don’t want us liking anyone Because Peter just ends up choosing Hannah after the show?! The show should have had Hannah and Peter get together after week 2 then being in Mike to be the bachelor!!

  40. Giiirllll, you are spot 👏🏻 On 👏🏻 With producers messing with relationships. I love your blog! I’ve never read it before but follow on Instagram. I appreciate your raw, realness! From one mama to another, you’re doing a great job!

  41. What is with the entire episode of childish boy dates.
    Cleveland Ohio because Superman lives there and rollercoasters and girl on girl football. Peters taste in dates is making him appear juvenile. Go carts for goodness sake, is he going on a play date with an eight year old!

      1. Whats sad/odd is the Cleveland dates Could have had edge…it seems the show chose it bc of its resurgence, but failed to deliver.

        I’m actually wondering now how strategic the * stupid * dates are. Meaning: I know they go for wacky set ups for fluff entertainment and to stir drama…but couldn’t producers illicit drama from Interesting/Juicy dates? Is it a budget thing?

        Those football outfits were the worst, too. Nobody looked boyishly cute- they looked like 14 year old boys.

  42. I found it weird Victoria F didn’t tell the girls about Chase Rice. What is she trying to hide? I probably would’ve done the same if I were Alayah. Assumed Victoria F told the girls. It’s much easier to picture her coming back into the house and saying “omg, guess what happened on my date!” Rather than omitting that part. What is she hiding? Feelings? Is there a different side to her that we don’t know? Victoria F getting so angry with Alayah seems very unjustified given the situation.

  43. I am really getting fed up with Peter. He is such a pushover and will not call any of the girls out on their lies. They cry to manipulate him when caught (hello both Victoria’s!) and he crumbles. Some of those girls are so outspoken and aggressive and will eat him alive.

  44. Best part of the episode was when Chris Harrison told the girls they were going to Cleveland. The looks on their faces was priceless.

  45. Alayah definitely knows what she’s doing. You can see it in her face when the other girls try to talk to her about the problems they have with her. She just smirks and rolls her eyes like she’s too good for them. It’s so disrespectful. Peter shouldn’t have asked her to come back. I’ve really liked him up until this point, but I’m so angry he walked back in the room hand-in-hand with Alayah and then gave her the rose. THE NERVE. How could he not see how incredibly disrespectful that was to all the other girls?! I’m so glad they spoke their minds. Peter needs to know just how much this hurt the other girls. He really needs to take a step back and think about his actions. Is it worth pissing off 13 other women just to bring ONE back on the show? Also, the girls have REPEATEDLY told Peter the problems with Alayah and he has continued to turn a blind eye. I get not wanting to be influenced, but when they continuously talk to him about the problems she’s causing, he should really take that into account.

  46. I feel so “normal” when I read your reviews because I feel like somebody gets it! Haha! I totally agree with all of it. The Kelsey date confuses me at first because I haven’t seen his attraction to her until that date. They do seem to have a lot in common with strong emotions toward struggles.
    And Victoria P is a liar and I am saddened she is sticking with her story because yes, ALL the body language shows they ARE friends! I don’t wipe the tears of anyone. Or hold their hand while we have an awkward convo. Kinda telling if you ask me. And I feel like she is really sweet otherwise.
    I have to admit that I love to believe the producers do nothing more than say “Roll.” Hahahah, so naive; I know! But they clearly orchestrated the whole concert date and it was sleazy. I didn’t like it at all and it wasn’t fair to anyone involved. Made me sad and stole my innocence of the show, hah! Great job Ali, I love your reviews!

  47. I could not agree with you more when Kelsey said “because of my parents divorce” my eyes rolled to the back of my head. My parents divorced when I was 12 and yes it sucks but it’s not the end of the world, it’s very common!! Yes her story was sad but that annoys me too

    1. Not seeing a parent for years isn’t that common, is it?
      It sounds tragic.
      When Kelsey iced out McKenna a week or two ago, I got to see how childhood separation impacts adult life. McKenna responded, but Kelsey’s isolation shut down real contact.

  48. Where are the screenshots? 🤔 Ali, I love you in glasses! They look great on you. I’m curious if you could link the green dress you wore in stories earlier and the coin necklace?

    This bachelor episode was wild. The Victoria date was soooooo overproduced. It was awkward to watch, and I was extremely disappointed in the producers for putting Peter in that position. I feel for Peter. He doesn’t have the greatest set of girls. I liked Blonde Victoria at first, but after tonight, something is very off about her. She’s definitely lying to Peter. The affection she showed to Alayah was off. Holding her hand and wiping her tears… odd. I’m confused for Peter!!

  49. Super surprised there aren’t more comments about the “Kobeeee” at the end of the episode! What a coincidence that this was on tonight’s episode after yesterday’s events. It’s true that ABC could’ve edited it out but they were playing basketball! Everyone has done that for years and will continue to do so even though he’s no longer here.

  50. I appreciate you giving us a little “behind the scenes” of how some situations play out!!

    When the episode started and even throughout the football date (GO BROWNS!!) I though Victoria P was top 3… but after all of this drama, I feel like he is really starting to doubt some of the people he has began to trust. With this, I do think Victoria P is still at the top of his list BUT this is really going to test their relationship and it may end up being a red flag for him.

    Kelsey…. I 100% agreed with your initial reaction to her bringing up her parents divorce. BUT after hearing her story, my opinion of her really changed. I think it was clear as to why she found so much sentimental value in the bottle of champagne that she brought. After having such a tough childhood, she really places value on things that are special to her. Now, I still think she could have handled that situation very differently, but we saw tonight the reasons as to why she places sentimental value on things. The champagne was a gift and history has shown that you never know what is going to happen in the future, so every gift, no matter how small, silly, ridiculous, etc is special and has significant meaning to you!!

    okay sorry to rant but thanks for sharing your thoughts with us each week!!

  51. Would I be crazy if I said I don’t think any of these girls are right for Peter. Either that, or all of this stupid drama, isn’t letting us see any true relationships form. I think it is ridiculous that producers are doing this to him, and I miss the days where this show wasn’t so staged and obvious. He is literally the sweetest guy and genuinely wants to find his wife, but I am not sure I can get behind any of these girls. hopefully as this drama gets weeded out, and more of them go home, we will be able to see what we all want, and that if for Peter to find someone that is genuine and not fake. With all of that being said, I completely understand why all of the girls were upset with him after the group date, but again I feel like a lot of that drama could have been prevented.

  52. I love reading your thoughts after the show because you reinforce a lot of things that cross my mind while watching. I love to read from someone who has been there.
    I was so excited for the bachelor to be Peter (even tempted to submit myself) but after watching i am glad I didn’t. I am very disappointed in his actions and his thought process. I see more immaturity than what I was expecting of him (ie naming girls names in the she said she said, taking Alayah back, giving Alayah a “petty rose”, etc.)

    Have to say that if I were him in the Chase Rice situation I would de very upset and angry at the producers. So I felt bad for him. Doing that on purpose feels too mean to me. He has been through enough drama to be doing this knowingly and with intention.

    This group of women seem the most dramatic and immature from all seasons. You don’t see friendships or bonds between them like past seasons. I have my top 2, but I really think that Peter should take a step back and introspect on who he is and what he’s looking for. I don’t think he is there yet. And these 2 women seem like they do know who they are and what they want.

    1. well Vickiana your name alone is Bach worthy…thanks for commenting!
      The meanness and pettiness of the produce set ups is awful to watch.

      It’s almost cast and audience abuse. Nobody should have to endure this in the name of love or entertainment

  53. Ali, completely agree with you this episode we finally got some action going on. First off, We all knew the date with Victoria F. And Chase Rice was completely set up. I think when she was dancing with Peter in front of him she was trying to make the best of the situation. That would be pretty awkward but she might be thinking in her head look at me Chase and he did not care at all. Maybe she shouldn’t have been singing the words but if she is a die hard country fan I mean I am so I would probably be singing the words regardless lol.
    Okay, so this episode shifted gears here. Peter needs to say goodbye to Allyah again and Victoria P. Victoria P. Is lying she was going around in circles in conversation when her, Allyah, and Peter were talking. I’m like this is some bull right here. No guy would put up with this drama it’s nonsense. He has so many other beautiful girls literally playing their hearts out in a game of football to be overlooked by these pageant queens. I would be pissed too if I were the other girls and I would of stepped up and said something too. Your there to date Peter and all this drama needs to go away. He needs to get rid of the pageant girls their liars. They might be good people in real life but right now their coming off as liars. Bye-bye.
    Kelsey’s date at the end I thought was great it was such a sincere, genuine, fun, emotional date where I feel they connected. The show definitely needed this after all this stupid drama.
    I mean at the end of this episode, Peter really just needs to open his eyes and ears and see through some of these women. Liars and manipulate people are in that group of women. Please For Peter I hope he sees this finally.

  54. First of all, I am so over the phrase “my truth”. There is true or false. There maybe a little Wiggle room for interpretation.
    Next, there is so much drama. I can’t find one girl in this whole group that is not petty and selfish. Has social media ruined good character in young women?
    Don’t get me wrong, this season is great but it’s because of the drama filled circus. Every one of these girls are on this show for likes and notoriety. What happened to being on the Bachelor for “the right reasons”? I’m not certain the girls are even that wild about Peter.
    Alahya is on for fame. Period.
    Poor Peter. What he has to swim through to find love.
    I spoke my truth.

  55. I don’t watch the bachelor. I had no idea who were until I just saw a commercial promoting your appearance on GMA. My God, do you have an annoying female voice.

  56. I sure wish he could see how they act when he’s not around. Like her just telling Aliyah she was going to tell Peter, who does Victoria think she is. She act meek & timid in front of Peter but in front of Aliyah she acts like she has all the power!!

  57. Ali…….Here is my thought about Alayah. NOOOOOOOO. She should NOT be there and she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing….. EXACTLY. You’re so sweet to give her the benefit of the doubt but ummmmm…nope, nope and nope.

  58. I really liked Peter from Hannah B’s season and is why I’m even watching Bachelor right now. But I’m already getting tired of it. SO MUCH drama happening since the 2nd week! So over it. It seems like there’s little progress being made, and he’s not had much contact with half the girls because of the drama of a few, and so because we haven’t gotten to know them except for their whining to the camera about said lack of time with him I don’t care much about them.
    And the Alayah thing is like Luke P from Hannah B’s season all over again. Seriously!! And – why do these Bachelors/ettes not understand that when MANY people make complaints against someone, that something is probably truly “off” with them and they shouldn’t blow it off simply because it’s the opinions of others and not “their” decision or feelings??? Often times others can see things that the love/lust-blind person may not. And surprised Peter doesn’t recognize this after seeing it with Hannah and what happened with Luke after everyone complained about him ALL season. She knew something was a little askew with him but she was listing after him so much she chose to keep him because she wasn’t going to let anyone else decide for her. Well, sometimes you need to listen to the council of others and accept that they are trying to help you and not just being self-serving or merely opinionated about it. And if you ARE being Mistakenly swayed then you Should accept that that is a risk you take when you sign up for a show like this and put yourself in a situation of having to decide on the “love of your life” in 6 weeks And a handful of half-scripted dates amongst 25-30 suitors who are most assuredly NOT all there purely for love.

  59. I thought this was a great episode and personally I feel like if peter would have just kept alayah on and not given her the rose on the group date things would have been different and I would hope the girls would understand he why he asked her back! I mean I wouldn’t want to be with a man who regretted sending someone home I want him to know for sure! And as for Victoria p I feel like she and alayah need to go home they both seem a bit manipulative… I also don’t understand why she gets to be mad at peter… she is the one who lied to him in the first place… also I u defat and Victoria f being pissed at alayah because if she wasn’t there to start shit the right thing to do is go talk to her about it and say hey while I was gone I heard this happened how are you doing did you talk to anyone about it… You don’t have to spill the tea to the first person you see… but it was a very good episode!

  60. I’m sorry but tonight was a complete waste of two hours. Peter has no clue what he is doing and these girls are terrible!! I can’t watch this any more! No rose ceremony and only one real date…Cleveland, really???

    1. Mmm, and Girl Football…one of the worst episode in Bachelor history. The fake cheers for Cleveland convinced no one either…

  61. So after this episode all the girls have the right to be pissed off. Peter on the group date brought Alayah back. After walking in hand and hand and gave her the group date rose. That is a slap in the face and they all have the right to be pissed. Victoria F I feel for because she was blindsided on her date when they had a great day and then end up at her ex-boyfriends concert. I would have up and left but she was in an awkward situation. Then she never said anything to the other girls and Alayah told everyone. Victoria then pulls her aside and try’s to have a conversation with Alayah about it and she doesn’t feel she did wrong is messed up. Alayah should have apologized and tried to make amends with Victoria and she doesn’t.
    Peter right now has a big mess on his hands and needs to clean it up before everyone turns on him and walks out.

    what a rock star – girls girl. articulate. adorable. power house. good soul.

    She has earned Bachelorette standing in my book. Great scruples. Right Reasons. Gold ☆☆☆☆ all the way.

    Deserves So Much Better than what she is getting .

  63. Not bachelor related but I’ve noticed your skin has been looking so great lately. I struggle with hormonal breakouts on my chin just like you. Are you doing something different?? Please share!

  64. Ali, I love your comments tonight…I really feel bad for Peter right now. He looks lost and overwhelmed at times. He looks as if he is trying so hard to be a caring stand up guy, but I can’t even imagine how you can be that to everybody and not end up with a mess: Exhibit A: Alayah! Alayah comes across to me as clueless. She seems so into her own world and herself that she has lost site that she is living with a lot of other women. Do I think she is manipulating the situation on purpose, no, do I think she is currently to self centered to notice how she comes across, yes. I also feel bad for the other girls that were on the group date tonight. They are there for the same reason as Alayah and Victoria P (find love), but they keep getting lost in the mix thanks to all the Alayah drama. Those girls really did get the short end of the straw tonight and have every right to be frustrated and upset in my opinion. On a whole other side note, I loved your affordable Friday a couple weeks ago. Not only did I order the sweaters for myself, I ordered for my Mom too. Your the best!

  65. Chase Rice is giving interviews. I read a People Magazine post where he said he never dated Victoria F. He said they hung out one night only. He called her a ‘cool chick’. She definitely sounds like one of many hook ups and Victoria is doing the most to make it seem like more. He was angry with The Bachelor for getting ambushed with the drama. He was there to promote new music,

    I was totally bored again with this childish, petty cast. It annoys me how all of them use crying to get out of explaining themselves. This will be my last season watching, The show has changed. The cast is too young and immature to be interesting. It’s high school nonsense every week. None of the female cast is near ready to be someone’s wife. They are fighting for a prom date at best. There isn’t a Bachelorette among them. It is only going to go more downhill next season if one of these bubbleheads gets to be the Bachelorette, Sorry for the rant,

  66. Hi Ali! I absolutely love following you and reading your blogs! I agree with a lot that you have said… I thought it was so weird that Peter gave Alayah the group date rose and walked in holding her hand. It’s one thing to bring her back, but another to give her the rose in front of everyone when she wasn’t even on the date. In past seasons, I haven’t felt bad for the “villain” but I admit I do feel a little bad for Alayah. She does come across as manipulative but she is right that the girls are picking apart every little thing she does. For example, it wasn’t right for her to share the news about Chase Rice and Victoria F, but it was probably just the part we saw about her telling two of the girls (I don’t remember who) she knew it from looking online when they were talking her about filling her in on what has been going on. For all we know, they could have told the rest of the house. Again, it wasn’t her place to say that, but I agree with you that I don’t think it was intentional. I think a lot of this is a girl with a big personality getting a bad edit. I don’t think she will last too much longer so it won’t be a big deal much longer. Peter has been making some mistakes on the way he handles things but I think he is just clueless half of the time haha! Can’t wait for next week!

  67. The whole chase Victoria thing was so awkward but chase has spoken out about it…he said they never dated it was and I quote “one night in Charlotte”…..
    I think she was probably pissed too because she exaggerated that they “dated”. In interviews chase said “she seems like a cool girl, but I don’t really know her”.
    Regardless, the attention is Definitely good for chase’s career.

  68. I don’t think there was any way for Victoria to walk away from the concert. There were so many people, there was so much going on. I’m sure the producers wanted that, but she was so shocked and just like shit I have to keep going. I also don’t think she was trying to show off in front of him. And I think they both still have feelings for each other. I’m team Victoria and Chase lol

  69. Oh and I also think Peter could fall in love with anyone honestly. I don’t think he’s good at realizing who he really has deeper connections with over others.

  70. I really think peter is so overwhelmed with this process and he is trying so hard to do right by everyone-but if I were on of those ladies I’d be pissed. There seems to be a core group he is ignoring, including the women of color: it’s really disappointing to me:l. I love peter and I don’t think it’s on purpose but he really needs to get it together.

    1. if i try and put myself in his shoes id probably be depressed. he has a contract to fulfill and the show has put him in Awful positions. The Hannah B stuff was undermining and champagne gate was petty but putting an ex flame of Victoria’s on his date, I mean, at that point Id feel like I was a lab rat belonging to sadistic med students.

  71. My take: Victoria F. And P. Are both snakes in the grass! F. always claims she’s super shy but when it’s time to turn it on, she does and then some (re: remember at the fashion show when she strutted down in lingerie, nailed the strut, and then kissed Peter like no one was watching?!). And once P. started on the MY truth business, it was all over for me! She had a compelling back story, but there is no way she’s as innocent and altruistic as she claims!

  72. Yesterday morning I listened to an interview Chase did with a DJ on the Sirius Country station and he talked about being on the Bachelor. He specifically said that the songs he sang were about an ex he was in a relationship with for quite a few years and not about Victoria at all. So I definitely think producers were just trying to make things more dramatic and interesting by making it seem like it was awkward for Chase. He said he was actually grateful because he just released a new album, so the show helped him promote it.
    I’m happily married and expecting our first child, but I do have to say that if these dates keep including country concerts, I may just have to sign up for next season since I’m a hugeeee country music fan LOL!!! (I’m kidding and would never do that!)

  73. Hi Ali! I LOVE your blog and insight into the Bachelor! I agree with a lot that you said! But I don’t think he should have let Alayah back into the house and frankly why would she want to come back since he sent her home and she doesn’t appear to have any friends there! And I understand the frustration with Peter that the girls have! It wasn’t fair and I’m glad they called him out, I’m not sure I would have done that publicly but it is what it is haha! The producers totally set that up with Chase and Victoria and I would have liked to see Peter confront them about it! Okay that’s all! Have a beautiful day! Cindy

  74. First off, I love following you and your beautiful family! Your little ones are so precious and full of contagious energy! Love!!! My 5&1/2 year old, (I dare not forget the half😂) is my everything! So thanks for the joy you bring me everyday by reading and viewing your Instagram posts! As for the bachelor, I think you are spot on! Alayah isn’t for Peter. I’m pretty sure he knows that. I think production wants him to keep her around strictly for drama! Love you Ali!😍

  75. Totally disagree with your comments about Victoria F. How could she stop and walk off? That would make things so much worse. She would appear so dramatic and would be ripped apart if she did.

    She has said she is shy and what not but she also had the sexiest cat walk, walk and did it in lingerie. She’s naturally just a sexy female. I don’t think she was trying to prove anything to Chase. I think she was trying to be in the moment with Peter the best she could.

    And also, just because you say “Oh I would have done the same thing” doesn’t make your shade you throw any “nicer”. You always do that and it’s super annoying. You do that because you know you are opening the door for people to start thinking that way of her and all start making those unfair comments/assumptions. Except may go directly to her page and do it.

    1. I agree with you that she did the best she could in that awkward moment. All this talk about how she was dancing for Chase and shouldn’t have been singing along is just reading too much into it.

  76. Ali ! So disappointed in your comments about people blaming their parents divorce as an excuse. Even to say you rolled your eyes when she first said it is awful. Who are you to determine this and to lump every person in the same category. And you did. You said when people say that you feel it’s an excuse. So anyone who says that is just using it as an excuse?? What a nice way to dismiss people’s painful experiences that you know nothing about. But thank goodness she explained further so you would actually show her some compassion🙄. So disappointed when I read a lot of your bach blogs. You seem so judgemental.

    Beautiful families are dying in helicopters reminding us all to be better. Show people some grace. And saying your parents divorced and trying to say something nice after your original comment doesn’t make you appear the way you think. I’m sure you yourself several eyerolls.

    1. Victoria P and Alayah should have been let go on the spot. Peter should man up and say he doesn’t have time for this. When Alayah told the girls about Victoria’s dating the singer I felt she was catty about it. I am not seeing Peter really connecting with anyone because of all the BS drama. If Peter wants to get to know the girls than he needs to step up and take control. Ali if you are saying the producers control so much of this then to me what’s the point for Peter or the girls to even be there? He is a nice guy but is he serious enough about this journey to stop being weak and whiny about it, that he doesn’t know what to do. Yes he does send them home! If he is in this to really find a mate then Peter is the one that needs to take control and get there. This is the first Bachelor where is seems so disjointed and fake.

    2. I completely agree with you Carlie. Every divorced situation is different. If someone is lucky enough to have come from an amicable situation that’s very different than what Kelsey went through. I can’t imagine a child coming home to a letter and her father’s wedding ring. Imagine from the child’s perspective!

  77. Peter is too nice! He’s got to say no sometime… I felt like he brought her back because he felt bad, not because he actually thinks she’s the one. I think Madison is the clear favorite at this point in my mind.

  78. I find this season unlike any others in that the front runners are so obvious to me! I feel like one of the other girls that he is clearly into like Madison or Hannah Ann should have just walked into Peter when he was struggling with this whole situation and talked to him! He needs to be reminded how good his relationships are with them instead of focusing on the drama! I am anxious to see how it all ends!

  79. You are totally right about VictoriaF ! She was dancing different and if you caught what she said.. she said chase didn’t want her to go in the show! Which means they dated rightttt before! Seems very Odd to me.
    Victoria P I have changed my view in her. It is very strange her holding alayahs had and wiping her tears! Either she’s a shitty friend and totally threw her friend under the bus or is fake as hell putting on A show. It was all soooo weird and. I don’t think peter should choose either of them! Also he listening to so many girls on alAyah and he made that decisions and should have stuck to it! But I guess if he has doubts it is better to figure that out now. Also I find it weird that Victoria f didn’t tell anyone about chase, makes me think she’s hiding things because she doesn’t want anyone to know about it! I believe alAyah there that she would have though everyone knew !!

  80. I agree, I definitely don’t think Victoria F. Should have sang along to his song while dancing with Peter, and she definitely did come more alive and started acting sexy in front of him. I think she was toying with Chase and Peter and I don’t think that was right. Just the way every so often she would look at him just was not kind to Peter. Once she realized she heard his song she should’ve stopped Peter and told him before they even approached the stage and people.

  81. Ok… so I definitely think Alahya knows what she is doing… And she knew she could come back and make Victoria P look bad. Its like when you argue with someone and then a few hours later you think of a really good comeback that you should’ve said. She left and went home and was like crap I should’ve said this and this and then he would’ve kept me.

    I also think that if we have learned anything from past seasons of this show is that if there is a girl who is not getting along with the majority of the other girls she is NOT someone you want to be with. They are difficult people to get along with and for those Bachelors and Bachelorettes who listen to the other girls/guys but still continue to keep the person causing the drama it never works out in the end. Even if they end up choosing them in th end! (Prime example: Ben Flajnik)

    Peter won’t be able to move forward in his relationship with the girls he really likes till he eliminates the distractions aka the drama aka Alahya and maybe even Victoria P at this point.

  82. I wonder if Victoria saying “she hadnt spent more than 3 hours with her” she meant one-on-one time to get to know her. I was a manager for a company there were 50 other managers, while I would text them, share ideas with them, and call them by name, I didn’t know them other than the store they managed. And when we would have our big get together a with the managers I would only see them in group settings?
    I don’t know, I really liked Victoria right away so maybe I’m making excuses for her.

    1. I agree, was thinking the same. Also, the other girls see Alayah’s personality as well, so it’s not only Victoria’s opinion that influenced him..

  83. For the record I just wanted to say thank you for making the time to still do your bachelor blog! It’s my favorite thing to always hear your perspective on everything.
    I think it was pretty awkward for all involved that producers set up the chase rice date with Victoria. I can’t even imagine the correct way to handle that because you wouldn’t want to make a scene but I could never concentrate on being 100% in when your ex is probably singing directly to you! I do agree she seemed a LOT more confident in front of chase than she perceived herself to be prior.
    I also can’t get a good read on the other Victoria. She seems sweet but when you are given an opportunity to be honest and you aren’t completely it is always going to raise a red flag. She seemed a little too friendly toward Alayah for barely knowing each other.
    I think that so much of this season has been focused on drama and it’s making me so bummed. It just seems more than the average season.

  84. It was obvious that Victoria P still has feelings for his ex. And when they talked at the backstage, she almost like wanting to embrace the guy, Sigh. Coming to Bachelor right after she has broken up with Chase would surely confuse her feelings. Peter seems naive.

    I still had a headache after watching last night’s episode.

  85. Alayah = classic narcissist. Go back and re-read the paragraph you wrote about her under the heading Girls Are Pissed. Very self-serving and looking out for number one!

    1. The drama is super exhausting! I feel like the focus is ‘how much drama can we create’ instead of focusing on Peter finding love. I can’t tell you how many times I fast forwarded through parts of the show because of the crying/drama.

      Speaking of drama and WAY too much over-scripting, that Chase Rice “coincidence” was ridiculous. However, I also thought Victoria F was overly dramatic when she told Peter about Chase. Leaving the table to cry in a corner?! How old are we?! I just think she’s immature in general.

      The group date was frustrating overall. I felt so bad for all of the girls who didn’t get time with Peter….not to mention him giving the rose to Alayah. Ugh!

      I hope the producers move on from the drama and on to the purpose of the show.

  86. •I agree with you about being surprised that Victoria F didn’t say anything to the girls about dating Chase Rice. I’m actually not a huge fan of her anyway. I think her “fears” are fake and I think she’s super whiney.
    •I think the Victoria P and Alayah situation reminds me of Caelynn and Hannah B drama. However, I think everything they say about Alayah is true. I think she knows what she’s doing and she gets “upset” when she knows what the girls are saying are true. I don’t think her intentions are real. And if peter truly did have feelings for her, he wouldn’t have sent her home in the first place and he would have ignored what the girls were saying.
    • I really enjoyed Kelsey this episode. She’s moved up in my book. I do agree with you about the divorce vs abandonment issue.

  87. This season has been exhausting to watch. I was initially so excited that Peter was the bachelor-now i’m “eh” about it. He doesn’t have a backbone!! He seems too wishy washy and confused and lets himself get dragged into stuff that doesn’t have concern him. The girls can have drama amongst themselves and he can choose to stay out of it, instead he inserts himself right in the thick of it and then cries about it. He’s really not my type of guy at all…I’m bummed.

  88. Victoria F knew who was playing the second she heard the song when they were headed to the concert. You could see her start to get physically uncomfortable! She could have easily took him aside at that moment, without ruining the concert for any other fans. They could have then discussed what was most confortable for both of them, whether that’s ditching the concert or just dancing at the back instead of front and center!

    I think Alayah and Victoria P both need to go. I might give Victoria another chance to prove Peter can trust her, but they both just seem to create little fibs and drama which I couldn’t see him wanting in a future wife.

    I will say that I feel Peter is finally focussed this week and really starting to move on from Hannah B – so I’m happy to see that!

    They really don’t show much of my two favorites, Mykenna or Kelley (probably because they don’t get involved in the drama). But this is why I love them and think either would be a great match for Peter!

  89. I totally agree about Alayah not intentionally being manipulative or offending the other girls. I think she probably annoys them and that what this all stems from. However, i think Peter is messing up big time! He’s great, but he is getting WAY too invested in the drama. It’s not his place to try and sort it all out. He is doing such a disservice to the other girls by not spending any time with them and focusing solely on whoever isn’t getting along that week. It’s so disappointing, because i think he is great and his heart is in the right place.

  90. Did you catch the lyrics in Chase’s song specifically about The Bachelor?! “When there’s no more roses to go around hit me up girl you know I’m down” seems that he wrote that song for Victoria. The producers are savage!

  91. I think Peter is a little naïve. He needs to remember that all these girls want him and some will stab others in the back. He needs to go with his gut and follow it, cause let’s be fair this is his first time in this position and he prolly is overwhelmed bu dealing with 15 women all at once! My hubby says I have one wife and that’s all I can manage! Lol All in all it looks like it’s going to be a roller coaster of emotions!

  92. I don’t really think either Alaya or Victoria P were lying about their relationship. I think they probably have different definitions of friendship, and maybe they saw each other many times but didn’t really spend a lot of quality time together. Neither of them did a great job explaining this, but it seems like it could just be a big misunderstanding.

  93. I have no comment on the Bachelor (I don’t start watching until there’s less than 10 bc the drama is just to much – haha). BUT ANYWAY – those satin pants are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. Hey ladies, I would like to start a petition, asking that they remove the group dates such as the pillow fight, such as playing football against each other, and many other group dates in the past that are degrading to women. It seems like they have more and more of these group dates, and I just think it Has to stop. Anyone in agreement with me?There are just so many other ideas that the producers could come up with that would be fun and wholesome and enjoyable to be around each other. I know there wouldn’t be the drama, but at least these group dates could be

    1. I actually found myself surprised the women weren’t wearing short shorts as part of their uniform – the whole Mike Fliess 70s Playboy Mansion vibe felt like #metoo backlash. Let’s degrade the ladies stuff.

      On the other hand. there has been no topless flaunting of Peter ( bc we know the show loves a good shower scene or beach workout with the boys) . I am happy for his lean build – its refreshing from all the musclecake we usually get

    2. Agreed!! I know the show in itself isn’t necessarily feminism at its finest lol, but come on. The football game didn’t bother me. The fashion show was border line, but the pillow fight in lingerie should have never been approved. I haven’t met one woman that has been ok with that one.

      1. If Bach Nation complained to whomever sponsered the pillowfight- with a boycott threat – we’d see some action.
        Anybody have details on who sponsered that part of the show? My footage is erased…sorry.

        I bet if Demi B thought she’d lose followers that would halt complicit endorsements setting uo such schlock as well.

        Complaints to Fleiss and Co would just get a gratified snicker IMO.

  95. I just love Peter and couldn’t wait for this season but man these girls I feel are ruining hi and the last 2 weeks I feel is a waste of episodes I mean these girls have no time to get to know him and aliah needs to go back home it is not fair for any of them

  96. I love Victoria F. and I agree she came alive during this episode. I think I finally got to see a little bit of her true self. In the past episodes, I didn’t give her a second thought but now I’m rooting for her to be in the end.

    I loved how cute she danced with Peter and yes, it was all kinds of awkward. I felt it too. You saw it in her face. You saw it Chase’s face, and while Peter and Victoria F were dancing I just kept thinking, “please don’t kiss, please don’t kiss, please don’t kiss”. Like Pete said, at the “dinner”, how weird is it to be dancing and making out in front of your ex who’s singing in front of you. And then when Chase cut his song off when they did kiss, I felt Chase’s pain.

    I loved how Victoria F. found the courage to tell Peter about it. I loved how she ran off to a corner and how Pete went after her. It may have been all super produced but it did make for good television and it certainly reeled me in. Lol. It was like watching a short version of a good romantic comedy.

    Then there’s Victoria P. and Alayah. Ugh. Just ugh. I find them to be fake and attention seekers. I’m so done with them.

    Oh, and Kelsey. I’m not feelin’ her either. I’m so done with these sob stories. Then again, Peter did ask for deep. Lol.

  97. I’m not liking this season at all. From the first I thought Peter was too bland to be the Bachelor & he has proved tat he is very wishy-washy & doesn’t seem to know his mind. The girls supply the drama, but if he were more decisive there would be a chance for relationships to build.

  98. First, I loved Victoria’s date (minus the concert). That would be a perfect date for me. I love heights and I love amusement parks. I bet they had so much fun on that date. That evening though, I did find it strange how emotional she got about telling Peter about Chase. But, I do still really like Victoria and I think she will be in Peter’s top 3.

    Okay, the group date – I don’t like the aggressive dates. I typically zone out and I did this time too. I wish they would get rid of them. They just seem unnecessary and immature.

    Victoria P is rubbing me the wrong way. I feel like she is hiding something… I liked her in the beginning of the episode, but now I feel like she has a lot of people fooled.

    I would also be pissed that Alayah got the rose… And I wouldn’t have brought her back. Victoria P was not the only one that was talking about her. It was many many other ladies. And then she gossips about Victoria F. She’s very immature and you can tell with her actions.

    Okay, Kelsey. At first I was not a fan, but after her date with Peter I am now a fan. I think her emotions were just running high that first night…

    Anyway – good episode. Much better than the last one. 🙂

  99. I’m sure it was probably brought up in the 150+ comments you already have on here, but from what I recall about Alayah telling the girls in the house about Victoria F. and Chase, her reasoning was “it’s all over the Internet” and not because she thought Victoria told the girls. That to me is being manipulative. Alayah knew good and well that the girls wouldn’t see anything that was on the Internet.

  100. I’m so confused!! How could Alayah even find anything on the internet about what was happening on the Bachelor? It was filmed a while before broadcasting and it wouldn’t even have been on the internet at the time she was sent home would it?

  101. I feel like I am definitely in the minority, but I am on Alayah’s side. I feel like she is getting ganged up on because the other girls don’t like her.

    I also think that what Victoria P has done and how she acted this week were super shady and manipulative. She kept deflecting the issues and just saying she likes Peter and then crying to get his sympathy. She is totally manipulating him and I don’t think it is genuine. Some of what she said may have been true, but I think she dissed Alayah to him because she saw an opportunity to take out a contender and she jumped on it. In my opinion, he needs to steer clear of that!!!!

  102. Alayah said that she knew Kelsey had the next one on one from a leak on the internet. Since the girls don’t have their phones and this hadn’t even happened yet, how is this possible? Do you think the producers leak stuff?

  103. All I’m sayin’ is that if an entire house of people doesn’t like someone, RED FLAGS. Imagine bringing this girl to a holiday party and she makes a face like that?! I’m out. I’m not dealing with that kind of drama.

  104. Ali I truly believe she is the drama in the show and she knows exactly what she is doing. You as an individual do not go spreading others business around after you have had the chance to look into the media from leaving the house. I am so very proud of Victoria F for standing up for herself. I do feel however that Peter needs to do what he needs to do to make is heart happy. It will all come out in the end.

  105. Maybe because they aren’t showing us everything but I am SO confused by all the shade being thrown at Alayah! She seems genuine, if not young and immature. And quite frankly, Victoria was Shady McShaderson FOR SURE. Hello Peter! She just straight up lied about Alayah and still lied when confronted. She needs to go.

    1. It made me think of Luke P. lying on camera – have we learned Nothing?? The footage Will make air, ladies!

      I appreciate that Alayah doesn’t play coy, or hide her intelligence. A few of the girls go for wide eyes iinnocence and hyper emotion to deflect Peter’s questions. She hasnt stooped to that.

  106. I just really didn’t understand Victoria P and Alayah’s relationship. Victoria could only say “ I don’t know what to say” she never addressed why she told Peter she only knew Alayah for 3 hours.. when clearly that was not the truth that part was very confusing and just made herself look bad… I know Peter isn’t perfect but the way these girls are treating him I wouldn’t want any of them as my wife…

  107. I don’t particularly care for Alayah, but I agree I don’t think she told everyone the Chase Rice stuff to start drama. I expected Victoria to tell someone. Even Peter was surprised she hasn’t told anyone. Definitely loving this season so far, excited to see where this all goes!

    1. I get why Victoria kept the Chase thing to herself. But it would have been Great if she showed her castmates How Low Production Will Go.

      I like to think it could have unified the cast against being used so badly.

  108. Hey Ali! Good thoughts! I had forgotten Kelsey was champagne girl. But she moved up in my estimation with her response to Alayah coming back. Acknowledging that he might have doubts was good. I know it felt like a slap in the face to the girls on the date and maybe he shouldn’t have given her the Rose – but at that point, would he have been able to choose someone else? Probably not. And even if they have a right to be upset, I think Kelly’s response was better. And in all things Bachelor, history shows that being the one to point fingers does not work out in the end!

  109. I agree so much with you Ali! First I don’t feel Alaya deserves the hate she’s receiving from the ladies. I believe it’s kristina maybe who last week decided for herself and made her own opinion of a girl she barely knew. She then decided for Peter Alaya needed to go and was there for the wrong reasons. She pretty much started the entire sabotage against her. We see this season after season where two contestants don’t like each other or feel they are good enough for the bachelor or bachelorette and attempt to bad mouth and get them sent home. They may have a bad opinion of the other person but competition and a personal agenda are wrapped up in their supposed good intentions to protect the person they are falling for. Victoria P was clearly not fully honest with Peter and turned on the tears and gaslighted him. She deflected from the real topic and made it about how she was not being treated fairly. This group of ladies are some of the worst I’ve ever seen at handling the pressure of being in a house with so many other women going for the same man. I don’t mean to sound so mean but petty drama and mean girl attitudes are at an all time high this season and I truly feel sorry for Peter having to navigate through it all to find his person! I hope he does. At this point Madison is looking like perfection and I hope he ends up with her! I also likd Hannah Ann. I think she got a raw deal with Kelsey and was verbally berated unfairly!

  110. I completely agree with you Carlie. Every divorced situation is different. If someone is lucky enough to have come from an amicable situation that’s very different than what Kelsey went through. I can’t imagine a child coming home to a letter and her father’s wedding ring. Imagine from the child’s perspective!

  111. I agree 100% with everything you said and was pretty much thinking exactly the same things throughout the show! I also totally thought Kelsey was going to go home at the end of the date at first too! Lol! Oops

  112. Alayah feels entitled and is narcissistic. That’s why she doesn’t realize what’s she’s doing to the other girls because it’s all about her. She also is emotionally very very young.

  113. I completely agree with you on the “my parents are divorced” as a crutch that people use in life. I hope you don’t regret posting your take on that, because you are right on.

  114. This season is the strangest season ever! Peter kisses and cuddles girls right in the presence of the others. He’s totally disregarding the fact that there are other girls present and he only pays attention to his favorites. But also, is he looking for a sports partner or a wife? Enough with making these girls go through bootcamp ! The producers are so lame and set up the .most terrible dates! And yes, that Victoria F. date was such a set up. Peter should fire his producers.

  115. Looking for your perspective, is there a lot of time not being shown on camera, or is he legit not getting to talk to majority of these girls? If so are some just being picked by producers to carry on? I would be saying bye to people surrounded with drama for sure, and also if I was one of the other girls I wouldn’t be wasting my time talking about the drama cause unless there is a lot of things not shown, it seems time is LIMITED!

  116. You are spot on. Too much drama. Peter hopefully will figure out soon he can’t please every girl. I went through 2 divorces as a child & I never used it as an excuse for immature behavior.

  117. I’m so confused about the Victoria P./Alayah drama. I thought the issue was that Alayah asked Victoria not to tell producers that they knew each other, and Victoria and Peter (rightly so) viewed that as Alayah asking Victoria to lie. Right?

  118. I think it’s a little weird how Kelsey is describing her relationship with Alayah, but there’s always two sides of the story and I actually think they’re both telling the truth–as they see it, anyways. But if I were Peter, I would definitely have some more questions for Kelsey because her description of the scenario is very odd.
    As for Victoria F, I think it was unfair of her to rail on Alayah as she did. I don’t think Alayah meant to cause drama by talking about Chase, HOWEVER, she should have gone directly to Victoria and apologized after she realized that the other girls did not know about Chase. To me, it just shows Alayah’s lack of maturity and readiness to be dating for marriage.

  119. Hello…This episode was OVER produced! Peter looks like a dude with no backbone bringing Alaya back. And why would he give her a rose? While you are over producing….Make her sweat it out until the last rose at the ceremony!He should take a lesson from Emily Maynard who put all the men in their place and did not take any crap. She just sent them home on the spot. I would like to see a massive girls pissed off at rose ceremony episode.
    This appeared to be an episode of UnREAL, not the Bachelor.

    1. A B A
      You have the best handle.

      Golly abt Emily Maynard.
      Legend. Pretty much the best lead ever.

      Can’t believe there are TWO episodes this week ahead. Producer VooDoo 4sute 😣.

  120. Thanks Ali for a great blog!! Here are my opinions:

    One-on-one date: Awkward as mess 😂 Victoria F. totally pulled Chase to the side and was basically I think trying to make him say “I want you back.” But he was like “yeah, okay. Cool. Great.” 😂 Then, she walks off and cries from the date in the evening like if I cry in a corner he will come after me. 😂 Producers definitely set this up without anyone in the show knowing. Producers have found the new Ashley I!!! 😂😂

    Group Date: Tired of violence too!! I don’t like questioning back injuries, but I definitely question Victoria P.’s. Did I miss something in a previous episode of her discussing her back injury? ***I can’t play, but I’ll sit and have a side one-on-one with you.** Please…Also, did she not play in the pillow fight?? I’m already getting confused with dates and it’s only like week 4 😂 Anyways, fast forward to the evening. I agree with everything Ali says about the logic behind with why Victoria P. stole Peter, and no Sheanne didn’t win the right to steal him first. When Alayna came back, I wish the two women would have stopped interrupting each other. I think Victoria P. was trying to explain what she meant and how the Vegas trip really went down, but Alayna would not let her. The girls have every right to be pissed!

    Kelsey’s Date: Fun, simple, and allowed us to see a side we haven’t seen yet. Moving on because I feel like we hardly saw anything.

    Cocktail Party: Those girls are letting him have it! 😂 I did notice that some are supporting Alayna, so I feel there’s definitely something going on unsaid. Is Victoria P. saying the right things, or is she lying? I don’t know! No one is letting her talk 😂 Is Alayna getting victimized? I don’t know. Why is everyone but 1-2 against her? Is it from jealousy, personality clashes, scapegoat purposes (jump on this bandwagon because it’s not me), or is she truly manipulative? I don’t know!! I think we are only seeing what the producers want us to see for good drama/ratings. I just need to meet them in person and help be the mediator in their conversation or something. Can’t wait until next week!

  121. Omigosh…this whole season is just so contrived!. So much lying, cat fighting and just plain MEAN stuff going on between these women. They are all acting like Jr Highers, and oh the CRYING , really?? I think Alayah needs to go, and unless he starts spending some time with ALL of these girls he’s going to lose them. I think several of them are too young to be serious contenders. I STILL like Madison and I like Kelsey…Peter doesn’t seem to understand what to do to sort stuff out, and I did like that he put the two together to get this Vegas trip story straight. Sheesh! Wish they’d get past some of these antics …

  122. Is it me, or does this season of girls come off as mean girls. There is always a so called villain but the way all these girls are acting towards each other and the drama is almost too much. I get a lot is producer driven, but wow. I don’t remember another season where everyone hangs up on everyone. Paradise will be interesting!

  123. This entire episode just stressed me out. I dont even know how to put into words how I’m feeling but you know I’ll try 😘!

    I feel like these girls are giving Peter such a hard time. It’s like they took the “theory” of Hannah B being a strong woman and are kicking it up 1000%. We are all human. He is just trying to follow his heart so he isnt hurt like he was before. I get that. Is he indecisive?? Absolutely. Does he deserve to be brow beat by every girl every time he makes a crappy decision….absolutely not.

    In my opinion, the best way to stop the pettiness is to not feed into it. He puts them face to face and I actually think that’s not necessarily a bad thing. These girls are cut throat and I honestly think they need to show him just a tad bit of grace.

  124. Agreed!! I know the show in itself isn’t necessarily feminism at its finest lol, but come on. The football game didn’t bother me. The fashion show was border line, but the pillow fight in lingerie should have never been approved. I haven’t met one woman that has been ok with that one.

  125. I feel like the producer sabotaging this season is way more obvious and totally off putting. It makes the whole thing feel so fake – even if it happens every season, just way too obvious. I get they do things for ratings, but they need to tone it down or figure out how to be more discreet. This is supposed to be reality tv and it feels extra phony. Also it feels mean. Champagne gate was mean. The Chase date was mean. It’s just weird to me.

    I totally agree with you about Alayah. Is she “fake”, probably, but I honestly think that is her personality in her every day life as well. Does it annoy other girls, yes, but that is who she is. That type of personality is not for most people.

    I think Peter made the mistake in giving her the group date rose, which was a terrible decision on his part, but he wanted her back and he invited her back. That wasn’t Alayah’s fault. The girls are misplacing their anger. But they do have a right to be super annoyed. I was annoyed for them.

    The Victoria P. situation was truly bizarre to me. I could NOT figure out her motives. Sitting on the floor crying how she poured her heart out to him as if it is an excuse to allow her to lie was so strange, but the most mind boggling was her sitting on the couch wiping Alayah’s tears while she calls her out for lying about their friendship. I truly was lost in confusion. Something is wrong with Victoria P. I thought she was going to be the one likeable girl (aside from Maddison) this season and she totally ruined it for me. Seems super manipulative now and calculated. Peter looked so beyond lost and confused in that moment and I truly felt so bad for him.

    Victoria F. – that date was something. Not her fault, but I have no clue how she danced and kissed Peter before she told him. But nothing beat her coming after Alayah later on with her wine stained mouth. That was entertaining. I really don’t have more thoughts on this bc I just don’t see her and Peter together.

    All in all, this season of girls is pretty disappointing. By this point there’s at least someone I could see as bachelorette and I am not feeling any of them. I feel like this social media/ instagram influencer situation has in some ways ruined the show. These girls all seem like they are there for the wrong reasons and you can see it all over Peter’s face. Poor guy.

  126. in regards to the show being produced, I bet you they purposely didn’t do a tie-breaker at the game because they were made aware alayah was coming back wanting to talk to peter. They just wanted to play that drama up and make it a double whammy with the huge group date, then Victoria going first for alone time, and then alayah coming back, and so on..

    Betcha 😉

  127. I think it’s his season and it’s still so early that he’s not beholden to any of these girls and really doesn’t owe any of them an explanation for his decisions. To be honest, I think he’s coming across way too soft and these very young ladies are all trying to manipulate and game the situation for their advantage. I laughed when I saw him standing in front of the shark tank because what a great metaphor for what he’s dealing with right now. The attitude and entitlement thrown his way at the rose ceremony was pretty gross to me. I wish he could channel some “Hannah B” and remind the ladies he’s there to find his wife and if they disagree with his choices there is the door. I think it’s ridiculous and a double standard that we all applauded Hannah for telling her guys to stay in their own lane and let her figure things out on her own and somehow Peter shouldn’t do the same. He needs to stop listening to their opinions of one another, period. I think he’s tiptoeing around a lot of these girls feelings and needs to be more direct. There are some ladies that it’s so obvious he DOESN’T have a connection with that I don’t understand why they are getting so worked up about his lack of attention and time for them. If he’s not giving you time or attention he’s clearly just not that into you. Idk maybe this generation of women isn’t as familiar with that concept…I was in high school/college when that book and movie came out so it was pretty drilled in my head. Ha!

    1. Oh my gosh!!! I couldn’t agree more. These women arent even letting him work through his own feelings. They are mad at him with every turn. Kelsie has if right when she said she would rather him figure out his feelings now about the other girls then to get to the end to find out he made a mistake with who he chose. He watched his big love (hannah b) get her heart broken and I can see why he is trying to explore his feelings with so many of them. Your comment was spot on!!!

  128. Your right, tonight’s episode was very entertaining and held my interest!

    Peter needs to let Alayah and Victoria P go..He questions both of them, and now he should not trust either of them. Alayah may only realize how she comes off after watching the show back. Drama seems to pull him in, but Peter needs someone sweet, genuine, and strong…(like Madison or Kelly)

    1. Let’s applaud ABC’s producers! After what was the most boring Bachelor episode in years last week, they got it going and said “we have to do something!!” Let’s face it. Peter is a super sweet people-pleasing down to earth guy. Typically a good trait, but not so much for television. They had to crank up the drama or I was ready to quit watching and I’m a huge fan! (And I love Peter!) the Victoria thing was odd and yes, Ali, you are right in her “coming to life” for Chase in that moment. I think it’s certainly possible that she told producers she dated him for that very reason. NOTHING surprises me how some people want Instagram fame! Obviously there’s more to Victoria P than her nursing career. She & alayah both need to go home, and they will eventually. I didn’t see any chemistry with Kelsey and no one so far holds a candle to his face when Hannah B was on the first night. Time will tell but I’m all in for Hannah B! Go home, ladies. His heart is with her.

  129. It’s honestly hard for me to picture a MRs Weber in this group of girls, though I do see he cares for Madison a LOT. I also struggle seeing the next bachelorette in the crowd — I’d love if you have any thoughts on that.

    As for this week – what a train wreck! But entertaining. I definitely don’t think Alayah deserves all the crap she’s getting. While she’s been somewhat manipulative, I don’t think she’s as bad as they make it sound. It just doesn’t add up with what Victoria said which makes me question her (Victoria) as well. I agree With you on bringing up the Chase Rice thing – we saw her tell McKenna and Hannah Ann. So who knows if they were the ones spreading it? Lots of drama this week! I feel Bad for Peter though – like he just gets walked on and doesn’t stand up for what he wants / or doesn’t know what he wants?

  130. I agree with everything except the fact that I think Kelly is also a top runner. I feel like they have a stronger connection then Victoria P and him!

  131. Hi Ali!

    I just had a question…a few days ago in your story, you mentioned that there were two screen shots on your blog I think?! About this weeks episode.. and I don’t see them anywhere! Just curious as to what those screen shots were of!


  132. Alahya said to the camera…”game on bitches” after she got that rose. This isn’t a game!! It’s like she just wants to win. She should have approached Victoria F personally before she opened her mouth. Don’t assume everyone knows. You know that saying? lol. Also , Victoria P why did she lie? Will we ever get to the bottom of that? I think he should have asked Victoria P and Alahya to both go home after that drama filled nonsense. As far as Kelsey, EVERYONE has a story … yes I fill terrible about her story but that doesn’t make me think she is right for him. She rubbed me the wrong way after the way she spoke to Hannah it was so immature and not cool. That was her true colors and it wasn’t very nice. Peter needs to get rid of the drama and OPEN his eyes more. He is not making smart choices.

  133. Why on earth in this day and age do we even have beauty pageants . ?! There’s no male equivalent. We need to move past this . Also I think the staff who design these dates should get much more creative … they could even spin that into a marketing campaign … fans from Bachelor Nation would be awesome at this . Ali can you send this idea to Chris Harrison !

  134. what did I just watch? LOL
    Is it normal for the ladies to be so pissed and direct with the bachelor?

    Victoria F’s situation was blown way out of proportion. Why did she storm off? Why did she cry? I don’t get it. Everyone has a past. It was no big deal.

    I want to give alayah the benefit of the doubt and believe she is not intentionally manipulating everyone. But if being manipulative comes THIS NATURALLY to her then Peter needs to run fast and run far.

    Yikes. I wish we were getting to know the other ladies. Poor Peter is just trying to be careful with everyone’s feelings and it’s completely back firing. I hope he gets the hang of this soon.

  135. They need to go back to one hour episodes. Try to focus on the connections rather than trying to create drama between the girls who Peter could really care less about any way. The producers seem to think they have to create the drama but they don’t. Look at Jason, Arie, and Brad…their decisions at the end were dramatic! Although I loved the Chase Rice set up…if only they had had Jed’s girlfriend show up before overnights with Hannah…

    These girls seem sooo much younger than the girls from past seasons – Molly, Melissa, Catherine – those girls just seemed like adults. This is the worst group of girls EVER! Sydney is just a mean girl, Lexi and Victoria P. just go along with her… Victoria P. is one of the most annoying contestants ever and totally lied to Peter about only spending 3 hours with Aalyah. Kelcie seemed nuts after the champagne debacle.

    What exactly did Aalyah do that was all that bad? The girls are obviously so jealous of her and ganging up on her over absolutely nothing. I hope Alayah is bachelorette… especially because having her, Sydney, and the two Victoria’s on Paradise will be soooooo annoying to watch. It’ll just be the same bickering over nothing.

    1. For some reason I see Alayah on BIP ( plus Victoria K. Sydney, Kelsey and Shiann)

      I’ve heard Hanna B might get next season. But I am hoping we get a Bachelorette off this season ( mostly bc i think Hannah wants career mkre than love right now). Madison, Kelley could be great once we see more of them. I don’t like Hannah Ann yet, but some *good* edits could change that.

  136. I agree with it all. So awkward that her ex boyfriend is singing to them and it’s just a “coincidence.” I also think she still has some feelings for chase.

    That drama with Victoria P was unfair to all the other girls on the date. I agree that he can let Alayah come back but He shouldn’t have given her the rose.

  137. In my opinion Peter is doing everything wrong, he is getting soooo involved in all the drama and acting like a teenager. Also, is VERY DISRESPECTFUL how he kisses and grabs and talk to some of the girls in front of the others, I think this is the first season I’ve seen this and I don’t like it!
    Also, I’m tired of all the drama, it’s just been drama drama drama, I wanna watch the love stories too!!!

  138. I was really surprised that Peter allowed Victoria P to turn things around on him when he caught her lying. She blatantly lied and when confronted about it she wasn’t able to explain herself but then later got upset with him, still not explaining why she lied.
    I already got a seriously fake vibe from her and that sealed it for me. I hope Peter sees through her.

  139. I totally agree with Victoria flirting with Chase!! It was just so obvious to me so I’m really glad you noticed it as well Ali!

    I am also glad the other girls spoke up about their feelings concerning Allayah (can’t spell her name!). That’s whole scenario Is just so frustrating to me.

  140. Very difficult to watch this season. The maturity of the girls is just nit there. Very highschoolish (is that even a word 😆). They are so nit ready for long term relationships.

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