The Bachelor – What Is Alayah Up To?

Happy Bachelor Monday you guys!!! Lots of drama in tonight’s episode and I actually have a few things that I need your opinion on… because I am just not sure what to think about it! Let’s get right into tonight’s episodes so that we can chat about it – like your thoughts on the group date and Alayah!

UPDATE: For those DM’ing me. These are the pants I am wearing to work today!!! My FAVES!!!!!!!

Gone Country

The very first thought I have about Peter’s date with Victoria, and you guys might think I’m a little crazy for this being my main takeaway, is that she said she was a red wine drinker and then at line dancing ordered white wine! And they got a close-up shot of it. I don’t know why that bothers me so much but it just does. Ha! And people can switch wines, don’t get me wrong. But she made it seem like it was really important to her that he liked red wine. She even said he passed the test! I don’t know, I just found that strange and needed to comment on it.

I was in tears when Victoria told her story about growing up. Peter has said it over and over, and I think that’s because it’s true, she has such a beautiful heart. I truly hope she finds a man who knows how amazing she is. And who treats her right. But I just don’t think that man is Peter. When they were talking about the stars aligning he said something like “who knows if the stars are aligning for us “and just knowing how open Peter has been with his feelings and emotions towards all the girls, I feel like if he thought Victoria was the one he would’ve said something more like “I feel like the stars are aligning right now” anyone else agree with me on this?

peter bachelor Victoria alayah

But in the same breath, I have to say that when he gave her the rose he said the sweetest things to her! And he said it all felt very right. Plus, he obviously totally leaned on her at the pool party and trusted her opinion. So I don’t know! And honestly, I feel like they are so similar that they would make an incredible couple! They both have extremely sweet souls and soft sides to them. I feel like I usually have pretty good reads on the relationships on the show, but this is one that I can’t quite put my finger on. I could see her sticking around until hometowns. But I just don’t think I see her being the final girl standing. What do you guys think? This is one of those situations where I really really really want all of your opinions! Because I don’t have a strong opinion either way!

peter bachelor Victoria alayah

Pillow Fight

I never like the dates during the Bachelor or the Bachelorette where violence of any kind is involved. Someone usually always gets hurt. Even though nobody did in tonight‘s episode. And it’s just too aggressive for my liking. If Demi did help choose this date, I am honestly a little surprised considering the sparring group date on Colton’s season didn’t go too well for her. Actually, I have to say that I highly doubt that she thought of the idea and that the producers did. Not sure if you remember, but on that sparring date, Katie accidentally punched Demi in the face, and Demi was very emotional physically fighting. They actually stopped that portion of the date right after it happened, because Colton felt soo bad! I just really feel like violence should not be involved in the group dates at all.

demi pillow fight alayah

Another thing to mention is how Kelley said something along the lines of how she wasn’t very comfortable because knew her client’s wouldn’t love seeing their lawyer on tv in lingerie… and I agree with that. I just think overall the date was not the best choice. What do you think?

I will say I was disappointed when Peter kissed Alayah at the end of the date right in front of all the girls. He seems to do that a lot thinking it’s no big deal. I love Peter! Like truly truly adore him! But it bothers me so much. When I was the Bachelorette, I was so careful trying to not kiss anybody in front of the other guys. Everybody knows it’s happening but nobody wants to see it happening.

queen alayah

Is it just me or do any of you absolutely get no pageant, princess, or good-girl vibe from Alayah?! She keep saying it over and over and over again, but all I have seen from her is the exact opposite of that. But, my oh my is she a little actress. I feel like every season you hear the girls or guys talking about a contestant who’s one way in front of the cameras and in front of the Bachelor or Bachelorette, and then another way in the house. But it’s as plain as day with Alayah. She is a completely different person to Peter and in interviews than she is to the girls.

Group Date Drama

I am so torn on how I feel about Peter calling Sydney out in front of all the other girls. I feel like Sydney was trying to bring something to his attention without calling out any names. But then he basically put her in a position where he forced her to call out names in front of all the other girls. But then again, there’s always so much he said she said, so I guess he just wanted to get it all out there. But then again none of the other girls commented so it was just a very weird situation. I don’t know if I appreciate the way he handled it or absolutely hate the way he handled it. Here’s another scenario where I don’t even know what to say and I need to hear what you guys think!!! What do you guys think?! I think he gave Sydney the rose because he felt bad for calling her out. How do you think he should have handled it?

Pool Party Gone Wrong

I really felt for Alayah at the pool party. I do think she thinks of the whole experience as a game, but I don’t think that mean she doesn’t have feelings for Peter. She just has ulterior motives. Like Victoria’s said, something about some of the things that Alayah has said, and the way she has carried herself just make it seem like she’s in this for the potential benefits of being on the show and not necessarily for love. That said, I still felt sorry for her. Especially when she broke broke down in tears after her conversation with Peter. You can tell she felt defeated.

peter alayah talk bachelor

And I agree that you should not base your opinion on somebody based on the opinion of one other person. But like Peter said and like we all saw, it was way more than one girl who thought that Alayah wasn’t being genuine. So I think Peter definitely made the right choice and sending her home. This process absolutely can’t work if you were putting on any sort of front. I know that for sure from experience.

The Return of Alayah

So what do you guys think? Do you think Peter let’s her stay in the house and that’s why the girls are upset? Or do you think that was just good editing? My gut is that it’s just good editing. Plus, to be honest I feel like this episode was pretty boring. At least it was for me. I found the drama to be forced and it just wasn’t that interesting to me. So maybe the show needs to do this creative editing to keep people hooked? I mean, I’m watching every week no matter what! What are you guys think? Let’s chat about the episode in the comments below!

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pink sweater 3 sweaters under $25


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Favorite Things pant outfit


Thanks for stopping by my Bachelor blog today – now let’s chat about Victoria’s date, Alayah, and what you all thought of the pillow fight!

184 Thoughts

184 thoughts on “The Bachelor – What Is Alayah Up To?

  1. Alayah is the bad guy this season.
    I initially thought Victoria was going to be the fake one…and I was surprised.
    In the end, it will be the lawyer and Victoria.
    Much much more to say, not enough space!

    1. Pillow fights are very middle school.
      I wonder what Alayah will have to say after seeing the show, she was different on camara and her eyes were like deer caught in the headlights of a car on the second talk. He knows what happened to Hannah B. And he is really trying to protect his heart. I am way over the drama, just give me wine, at this point the color doesn’t even matter! Madison, Hannah Ann, Kelly and Victoria have my vote.

  2. I felt SO bad for Sydney when Peter called her out. Her face totally dropped! I also felt bad that no other girls were bold enough to make a comment in the group, but then at the pool party, several girls voiced concerns.

    As a former contestant, are they really not able to see through the drama? Or do you think he just really likes Alayah and so he doesn’t want to believe it??

  3. I was a huge fan of Alayah from night one. I don’t think the whole second half of the show should’ve been about her… and all that went on. I don’t think she was in the wrong. Should’ve sent Sydney home too, because she’s just stirring the pot.

    I’m rooting for Madison! : )

      1. Hi Ali,
        I love reading your blog! I always agree with so many of your opinions and ideas. Missing you on the podcast! You and Rachel were my top fave bachelorettes.
        As for the wine, I love red too but it does stain so I bet that’s why she went with white. Or maybe their red selection wasn’t good.
        I agree with you on the no violence group dates. They always annoy me. It just seems silly and immature.
        Peter just looked exhausted to me on this episode. I felt bad for him. I didn’t like how he called out Sydney but I think he was so tired he wasn’t thinking straight. He said he felt bad later about it. It would be so tough to be the bachelor and have to deal with all those women and listening to all the drama.
        I really like Victoria, the nurse. She was one of my faves from the beginning. However, I totally agree with your comments. I think she’ll make it far. Peter likes her and thinks she’s a wonderful person but she’s not his soulmate. I’d like to see her as the next bachelorette. I just can’t get over his chemistry with Madison. Last week I was telling my hubby(who is so nice to me listening to all my opinions about the show lol) that I would put money down on her being the final one. There’s just something extra special there with them. I hope she stays so likable. I adore Peter and want him to get with an amazing girl at the end. I’m excited for next week!!

  4. I also thought this episode was boring. I get annoyed with all the drama the producers clearly organize. At least some of it is. I also agree that Victoria will probably be in the top 4 or so but they do not have as much chemistry as him and Madison. Also, I did not like how called Sydney out.. I felt like she was trying to have an honest conversation then got called out on it so I did feel bad for her. Hopefully next week they will show more of him and actually building relationships!

  5. I agree about Victoria – I think she makes it to hometowns or too three, but doesn’t end up with him. I actually thought tonight that she might be the next bachelorette.

    1. Ohhhh… I’d be on board for that! She is so sweet! I don’t even know her and I’m like “girl… I just want you to be happy” lol

  6. Hey Ali!

    I missed the first half of Victoria P’s date so I can’t comment on the wine thing haha I do really like her though! I’m not too sure if she will be the final one but she is my favourite so far!

    I felt so bad for Sydney when Peter called her out. I honestly felt like Peter made that situation way more dramatic than it needed to be. I agree that it felt forced and I really didn’t think it would take up the rest of the episode.
    I’m going to say something that might not be a popular opinion lol but I feel like lately the bachelors/bachelorettes all seem super emotional and “damaged” from the previous season to be able to handle this. This is just like Hannah B’s season with dates being cut short, jumping right to the rose ceremony etc.
    I also feel like if Peter feels this strongly about Alayah then why did he even bother getting everyone else’s opinion. It just seemed overly dramatic. I mean I didn’t really like her and agreed with the other girls but at the end of the day it’s about Peter and how he feels. It felt like he was forced to send her home. I don’t know this episode was very strange lol

  7. Just wondering if you caught the absolute deer in headlights look on alayah’s face when Peter mentioned what Victoria had said?! The look clearly said she realized she was caught and had to immediately come up with a coverup! I also felt bored of this episode, the biggest takeaway for me was that at least right now I think Madison is definitely in his top 2! Either that or we’re going to find out some huge secret about her late in the season! Love reading your blog!

    1. Completely agree! I actually wish he would have pressed her on it more. He really let her have it pretty easy. I wonder why he didn’t question her more when she said they knew each other really well- the other girl said it was like a 3 hour thing- Alayah also made reference to being concerned about not being accepted (that’s not the right word but I can’t remember what she said) and it made it seem like it was just a competition to her. I also think some of the girls are too young- there should be a minimum age.

  8. I completely agree with your statements about the overall episode, it was super boring and all centered around petty drama. I do have a question for you, why do the girls who already have roses have to get dressed up to stand at the rose ceremony? My thoughts is they can sit in the living room and lounge around and as the other girls get given the roses, they can enter the living room. This would provide some suspense for the girls who already were guaranteed a rose! Just my thoughts to change things up a bit 🙂 .
    My favorites are Victoria and Madison. Every time I see Madison, I’m reminded of Raven from another season (mind blank). Hoping for a more exciting episode next week!

    1. Oh I love that idea! Also remember when there was that room with every girl’s framed photo in it ? I had forgotten about that.

        1. Usually there is a cocktail party and even if they have a Rose, they want to see the Bachelor again – and BE seen!

  9. I don’t even have 4…I’m with you. All I can think about is why the white wine?! 😂😂 i immediately said something about it to my husband. 🤷‍♀️ So strange.

    Also, Alayah needs to go and not come back..she clearly isn’t there for the right reasons even if she has begun to care a little.

  10. Hi Ali,
    First of all I am an addict to this show. And I think Peter is awesome but….
    I am kinda where you are. I did not like the pillow fight and the fact that someone could get hurt. I think it’s a lot of same drama and getting old and boring. I like you just love Peter. He is so cute sweet and genuine but he needs to quite kissing all the girls. It’s like he feels like he has to and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.. Also explain why some girls are still there that you know Peter doesn’t click with. Do the producers make him keep some that they choose.? My favorites right now is Victoria and Hanna Ann and Madison. Nut you will always be my favorite of all the bachlotettes. So happy you found your forever.

  11. I agree with you in that Victoria seems like she has such a beautiful heart and will prlly make it to hometowns, but I don’t think she will be the one in the end. I thought the same thing as you when she made the stars comment and his reaction to it. I honestly think she is going to be really broken hearted at the end of this if she makes it that far bc she is so genuine.

    I am also so bored with the drama this season….first the champagne and now this! Please…

    I think it is going to come down to Madison, Hannah Ann, Victoria (the nurse) and Kelly. I am rooting for Madison….I think she is sweet, gorgeous, genuine, and he seems to really like her (and his family too!).

  12. I wish Peter handled the situation with Sydney and Alayah better. He could have asked Sydney privately who she was talking about and then decided on his own if he thought the same. Bringing it out in front of everyone I feel kind of gave everyone a reason to choose a side. I don’t think Alayah has the right intentions but feel that would have came out. I feel Peter is way to much in his head and is having a hard time having fun at this point.

  13. I noticed her ordering a glass of white too and thought it was strange! But then I thought about a picture that got taken over the weekend and how purple my teeth were 😂 then I semi understood why she ordered white lol

  14. I agree, I don’t like violence for date time and didn’t watch it. Tonight was crazy and maybe Peter should just have fun, get to know the girls and he’ll figure out the ones he doesn’t want to stay. I’m for Madison, Hannah and Victoria.

  15. I agree, very boring episode! All that drama could have been condensed and then on with the show. I think the Bachelor franchise is banking on the drama and ignoring the substance. Yes, we love the drama but come on, don’t drag it on. And don’t get me started on the lingerie pillow fight. Women have progressed much beyond this caveman persona. Maybe they are trying to get more men to watch the show. But I’m sure 75% are women who watch so why are they showing helpless women pillow fighting?! Alayah showed her true colours. I mean how can Peter trust her now after she asked someone to lie for her. Just one girls opinion.

    1. yes please why can’t the producers realize this and actually bring some substance. I hope they read this blog haha

  16. I personally think it was one of the worse episodes in bachelorette history. So boring. I’m obsessed with Peter and will always love watching him but what a horrible and boring episode to watch. I’m tired of the drama and I’m not even there. We want to watch Peter in love. Not the girls having cat fights. And I think Peter called Victoria out in front of everyone to cut the “he said she said” crap. Just a way of getting right to it. Maybe it wasn’t right, but he’s not messing around. I just wish we could skip ahead like 4 weeks and get rid of the girls it’s pretty clear he doesn’t have chemistry with. I’ve only been impressed with like 4 of the girls total so far. I don’t think he has a fair amount of girls to choose from that they picked out for him.

    1. I agree with one of the worst episodes in bachelor history. I also just want to skip ahead to some real relationship stuff. Too much drama.

  17. My biggest thing is we are trying to get away from the drama of Hannah, so we invite her best friend, Demi onto the show? If she truly is very good friends with Peter, it’s through Hannah or produced. Don’t get me wrong I love Demi. I totally agree with your thoughts on “Demi’s date” also.

  18. I’m getting tired of peter cutting dates short over his own feelings. Those women sacrificed a lot to be there and first it was with Hannah, then he made the whole pool party about A and then cut it short. I don’t know-I like Peter from what I’ve seen but I just don’t think this is a good match for him. Makenna was right time is important and he isn’t giving the women enough time when he is focusing on the past, or on drama.

  19. I’m a red wine drinker too.. but am always careful about drinking red in public because my teeth and lips turn purple! At home or with close friends though? Red through and through!

    1. This was my thoughts exactly! I love red wine, but any public events make me hesitant since it stains my whole mouth!

  20. I agree with you about Peter putting Sydney on the spot in front of the other girls. It made me super uncomfortable and I felt bad for her. He clearly felt bad for her too because he pulled her aside before the pool party started and apologized! As far as Alayah goes…girl I’m just sick of the high pitch voice she had when Peter or the cameras were around. I don’t think she was a bad person at all and I’m actually shocked he sent her home! I doubt she’ll stay when she comes back because I feel like he will have solidified other relationships by that point but it is the Bachelor so who knows! Haha

  21. I think the way he called out Sydney was too much! She told him something in confidence and he threw her under the bus. That’s 1 way to ruin someone’s trust in you as their “safe space”. I also think Alayah is fake and needed to leave! I want more romance and less drama-rama!

  22. I really just felt so uncomfortable when Peter called Sydney out in front of the group. I can appreciate being open and honest, but this just felt like it was handled with emotionally-reactivity rather than thinking about what was best for Sydney. However, you never know what happens behind the cameras and maybe he spoke with her and asked her if he could do it beforehand – that would be the only way I would think it’s appropriate. But her reaction didn’t seem like that was the case, and I also found it really odd that no other girls spoke at all. But again, could be editing. Overall the situation just made me feel a bit icky.

  23. When Peter called out Sydney to give specifics the words I said to my husband were, “well this is new..I dont know how to feel about it..” but in the end I kind of respect it. Because honestly let’s just cut the the chase right away. The comment I laughed at about Alayah was when Lexie said her voice goes up like 5 octaves when a camera or Peter comes around, and if you noticed every time Peter came by her she always “Hi” in the highest pitch humanly

    1. I just watched this weeks Bachelor and Oh Lawd!! I wanted so bad to fast forward through the pillow fights but didn’t want to miss any important drama (I know, crazy!) I don’t ever need to see that again. Peter is seriously confused and needs to reserve his affection for the women who he really feels attracted to. No wonder his head is spinning! If the girls are going to rat each other out, they better be prepared to face the music. He has shown he’s not afraid to call them out. I like he’s gumption! Time to move on to some real content though, I’m over all the pettiness.

  24. You are spot on with my feelings on tonight’s episode. The drama was over the top and Peter is so confused and leaning on the girls too much. It’s unfortunate the dates are so dumb instead of real and genuine. I feel they are a waste of time. Victoria’s date was more real life and I totally missed the white wine deal. I’m mad at myself for not noticing that detail. Man… you’re good. Anyways…. I sure hope he starts to figure out what he’s really looking for and start trusting his feelings. That’s all I have for now.

  25. Do they serve red wine in a saloon? I feel this show is so over produced so far. And next week his date (I can’t remember her name) went out with chase rice and that’s who is singing during the date? Come on!

    1. I was there on Saturday and had 3 large glasses of red wine, so I can confirm haha!

      Yeah they definitely had to set that one up. Someone must have tipped them off

  26. Hated the pillow fight…I find it boring and pointless. Hated him calling out Sydney also! I probably would have left the show that moment if it were me. I wish the other girls would have spoke up at that time. Alayah is fake and I’m glad she’s gone and I hope she stays gone. I’m Team Madison or going back to Hannah B

  27. I’m in the west coast and the program just started 15 mins ago……how do you know what’s already happened?

  28. Hi Ali,

    I bought the black dress. It was already delivered this past Saturday and it is so soft. As far as Alayah my personal opinion is a gut feeling of not trusting her. And I also agree with your comment. Victoria’s upbringing she shared with Peter is SO sad and upsetting that ANY child has to be faced with that situation yet I do feel she will receive the final rose.

  29. First – you didn’t mention the drama again regarding that dang champaign. I do think Bully was a harsh word for Hannah to use, but Hannah tried several times to talk to the other girl (can’t recall her name) and the girl was so rude to her each time Hannah tried to approach her. I think the producers led Hannah and Peter to that champaign and that whole things has created a bunch of nonsense!
    Aliyah – I think she is a dang good actress, but I do think she had feelings for Peter. I hope she doesn’t come back
    victoria – I agree she won’t be the last one standing. she has a very hard and sad life growing up. Peter is all about family And so I think they just won’t connect on a deeper level due to background difference. I would love her to be the next Bachelorette. She deserves a good life.
    I told my husband I think so far this season has been about the producers trying hard to create “drama” – Peter has only seemed sad and stressed out. We haven’t seen any of them really just have a good time. Every episode has been all about some fake drama. I hope that changes because I am not digging this season.
    Oh – one last thing, Sidney being called out was terrible. However she may have previously told Peter who she was referring to in their private talk and that been edited out.
    I hope when Aliyah sees the episode she knows Victoria was truly not being mean about her.

  30. Have been a fan from the start, but this season is even more petty than ever before. I also caught the wine thing. I was like wait…rewind. lol.

  31. Omg yes!! I texted my friend right away and said “what the heck, she’s drinking white wine”!!!! It really bothered me too.
    And I also thought this episode was quite boring.

  32. I 100% agree with you Ali. This episode was kind of boring compared to the last two weeks. It was definitely centered on too much cattiness and drama between the girl. We want to see more dates and Peter building relationships with these girls to see who is most suited for him.
    The date he had with Victoria, I thought they hit it off but I feel she is more into it then he is. Idk just got that vibe from it. That totally bothered me too when I saw her ordering white wine, I’m like didn’t you just say you loved red. Lol. I see her going far but ehhh not all the way feel they match but he has more chemistry with the other girls.
    That whole Alayah drama was just too much literally went on for an hour of the episode which was too much time taken I feel. She seemed like she was acting but idk maybe that’s her personality. I mean it sucked when Sydney got called out but I think she handled the situation pretty well by just saying her thoughts and the truth. I’m hoping next week’s episode is better and all this girl drama between the girls calling each other out can just stop and everyone just be there for Peter. I want to see connections! Still rooting for Madison!

  33. Hi! I would love to jump in on the red vs. white wine debate. I LOVE red wine, I enjoy white too, but I am a much bigger red drinker. However, when I go dancing I will ALWAYS order white wine (I‘m a swing dancer – and actually swing dance, not whatever Blake calls swing dancing – apologies about the shade on that, but he just has “moves” to try and impress girls. Rant over.). I just find red too warm when I’ve been up moving and dancing, and white helps quench my thirst. So, if she got warm line dancing, she may not been craving red, so I’m not going to hold this section against her 🙂

  34. Ali you are RIGHT on with everything.

    UM the wine I noticed and it annoyed me too. Didn’t you just say you were a red wine girl and agreed with Peter- but had white at the bar? Not that you can’t like both but you made a pretty big deal about it. So odd.

    I also agree the pillow fight date was awful. Cringe worthy, gross, sexist not to mention aggressive for no reason. Like nobody wants to do that!!

    Producers are really stretching it this season.

  35. Ali,

    First thing I noticed was the white wine on date. Hmmmm. I like Victoria and think she might make a good next Bachelorette. Some may disagree. I’m tired of Champagne Gate. And the lingerie date was dumb. Gosh I’m usually not this negative. I love Peter. He is from my county. I hope he finds the one but so far these girls don’t have much substance. Until next week. Hoping things pick up. PS-Love the clothing links. You always dress so cute!

  36. I am SO SICK of this happening at every Bachelor/Bachelorette! If I was the Bachelor and someone came up to me to talk about another girl I would stop her in her tracks and tell her to keep her opinion to herself and let me find out on my own who I like and don’t like! Then I would send her home and tell the other woman that I am not interested in anyone’s opinion about another girl. I will make up my own mind about who I like and don’t like. I am sure the producers have something to do with this but it has to stop. I really felt sorry for Alayah. I don’t think she is that bad and Peter fell in love with a beauty pageant girl last year!

  37. Hi Ali! I completely agree w/you and couldn’t believe Peter threw Sydney under the bus by calling her out in front of all the girls yet…he said he trusts her. The way he handled it wasn’t cool. He was right to give her the rose after making her go through that. I honestly don’t think he meant any harm to Sydney, but definitely could have/should have handled it differently. It’s not just this episode that’s boring. I’m finding this season to be a big snoozer 😴

  38. I can’t help but think that producers were involved with how Peter called out Sydney in front of all the girls. Such a disrespectful thing to do … Peter is a nice, caring guy … it doesn’t seem in his nature to intentionally put women on the spot.
    Ali … thoughts? Could that have been a result of producers needing more drama?!

  39. I agree with all you said! I have mixed feeling on all of the same things!

    I think top four is going to be
    Hannah Ann
    With MyKenna let go somewhere around fifth or sixth.

    And then I’m super conflicted about who will be the top two but I’m really rooting for Madison or Hannah Ann!

    1. Just can’t get on the Hannah Ann page. Something doesn’t sit well with me with her. But I love love Madison and Kelly.

  40. I totally understand the wine thing actually. I love red wine, but if I’m at a place I know might now serve the best reds I’ll go with white. I can taste the difference between a good red and a crappy red much easier than white so it’s a safer bet. Also she might be worried about red wine teeth on camera… I know I would be!

  41. Ali, I too agree with your observation and breakdown of this Bachelor tonight ..I do like Peter but he just is a little childish about somethings and he seemed all in about that useless pillow fight ,that’s like a kids sleepover end of a birthday party .. Demi needs to keep walking we have all seen enough of her in the past seasons .. and the show needs to stop leaving us viewers with with oh what will happen next week with showing us Alayah popping up ..she is very flaky .. was a lot of wasting time for 2hrs. of the same crap over and over .. Carol ..

  42. This was a weird and twisting episode for me. First,I love Peter’s honesty. He’s trying to be so authentic and emotional and I admire that in a partner. I think in a really weird, unpopular way he did the right thing by bringing it out in to the open for both sides, with Alaya. Hear me out, here is why. This stuff happens every single season whether on the Bachelorette or the Batchelor, someone always goes to them and says so and so is not here for the right reasons it like clockwork. It usually gets drawn out and most times the person never goes home this fast, even though we are yelling to the tv to send them home, alao,they usually don’t work out if they do keep the person.
    Lastly, I agree with you Ali about the violent dates it’s not my thing at all and I wish it would end.
    I’m a huge fan of the show and if your blog.
    Thank you for being so real.

  43. It really bugged me the way he addressed all the women on the group date. Poor Sydney, he totally threw her under the bus. The drama was totally not necessary (but obviously entertaining, still sad).

  44. I agree that Victoria P is not the one even though I adore her and thinks she’s so sweet, they just don’t have that spark I saw him have with Madison. I totally think she should be the next bachelorette though!!

  45. Yes boring it was!! Pillow fight was dumb!! The cattiness is just pathetic. The group dates need to be better. Peter needs more positivity on his dates for sure. Hopefully next week will be better!!! Until then.

  46. All I could think about was that glass of white wine too!!! I’m a big wine drinker, and after Victoria’s comment, I was thinking….wait, what? Huh?? Haha.

  47. My thoughts on this episode are pretty closely aligned with yours. I hated that he called Sydney out in front of everyone, but I loved the way she handled that in the end. She is a very strong willed person and is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Alayah needed to go home based on what Peter heard. I am surprised that he questioned his decision. I do think next week is good editing. She will come back but he will realize he made the correct decision- there is always one of those right? A boring episode overall but I am glad we are caught with rose ceremonies at the end of the episode again. The biggest take away was that he is really hooked on Madison. They are adorable together!! I’m calling Madison, Kelley (top 2), Victoria P., and Sydney for top 4. I do agree that he and Victoria are not meant to be forever, however. Thank you for your thoughts! I love talking Bachelor on here! ❤️

  48. I totally noticed that Victoria ordered white wine too immediately after saying Peter passed the test by liking red wine better! So strange!! There is something off with Peter and Victoria in my opinion… I’m rooting for attorney Kelly!!

  49. You nailed this review, Ali! At the end of the show, I said the whole episode seemed contrived as if the producers didn’t have enough footage for the whole season. There were so many ridiculous scenes and conversations that I totally lost interest. I’m also not a fan of Peter kissing girls in front of others, putting Aleyah on the spot during the group date, and telling practically everyone that he feels a great connection to them! I also feel like the show is focusing so much on certain girls that viewers are not having an opportunity to get to know the many of the others. Ahhhhhh, I wish we could go back to when the show was about finding LOVE rather than becoming famous!

  50. Plus, she was holding the wine wrong, Ha!
    Hated the pillow fight. It was cliche and what Kelley said was right
    I think it was good editing, if it wasn’t, it’s just mean on Peter’s part, eventhough I don’t like her and I didn’t think she has an agenda, I think the also has feeling for Peter.
    Hannah Ann has my vote

  51. I think Peter putting Sydney on the spot was almost a genius idea for the franchise – I think his initial thought was , there are always villains that show a different side in the house than to the bachelor/bachelorette and if they start talking about what’s going on as a group, maybe those people will go home earlier . However, when no other girls spoke up, that back fired.

    Now I am curious if they didn’t speak up because Alayah is genuine or if they were just scared.

    I feel bad, I don’t think he meant to make things worse, but it would have taken the others to
    Speak up for it to be effective.

    This would have been a good play for Hannah when she was confused about Luke P 🙂

  52. I picked up on the Red vs white wine With Victoria too… i thought it was odd too. At first I was thinking she was just wanting to agree with him but I thought they had some connection throughout the date. The pillow fight- just ridiculous! I don’t do violence- I’m a lover not a fighter 😂. With regard to Aleyah, so glad she went home and I’m embarrassed she’s from Texas! I did feel bad for the way he called Sydney out.

  53. I can’t stand Kelsey! I can 100% imagine Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Aalyah, and Sydney all in Paradise.

    The way Peter interacted with Madison at the pool party made me feel like she is his #1 choice. But if she ends up being the virgin who doesn’t want him being intimate with anyone in the fantasy suites (as they showed on the previews) I think that will lead to some problems.

    I can’t imagine any of these girls as Bachelorette. I wish they would choose Angela from Paradise!

  54. Victoria is adorable – good observation about the wine. Their date seemed like real life which I liked. There should be more of those. 👍🏼

    Pillow fight date. Poor taste. 👎🏼

    Loved when one of the girls said Aliyas voice goes up 5 octaves for the cameras. That cracked my shit up.

    Worst pool party date of all time, did anyone swim!?! Ha! I can’t help but think if I were on the show how I’d be in relaxation mode just watching all these chicks implode.

    I wish they’d stop putting 22 year olds on this show. It should be a minimum of like 27, maaaaybe 25.

  55. I immediately saw the wine too and thought it was strange. Here’s my take from personal experience. I am a huge red wine person, 100% prefer it over white. However, when I am at a work function or a new social setting, I always opt for white because of teeth staining. It seems silly and simple but I think that could easily be the answer.

  56. Alayah does not see anything wrong with her own behavior. She is the victim of all these mean girls. This happens every season. It is so predictable. I can’t believe Peter called Sydney out in front of all the girls. I think there is a strong connection with Madison and she is my frontrunner right now. I also think Peter is too nice to be the bachelor. He is nieve if he didn’t realize what calling out Sydney would set off.

  57. I agree with you 100% on everything. I did feel bad that he basically called Sydney out in front of everyone, but then I feel like he actually listened to all the girls basically saying the sane thing and acted on that. Which is kind of rare for a bachelor or bachelorette. Usually they just ignore every red flag. Bottom line though, the snitch never is the last girl standing. I think he appreciated Sydney telling him but that took her out of the standing. I feel like he is kissing everyone, telling every girl he could dance with them forever, basically trying to br the nice guy. I think it’s going to be very hard for him to choose once he weeds out the last couple of non-memorable girls (I swear there were girls there last night I’ve never seen before!)

  58. I am just so tired of the silly drama, maybe it’s their age? I really hate to profile young women so I am really not sure what is going on, but this silly drama being drug out for 2 hours is killing me! I hope Peter finds love, but it’s looking very grim right now to say the least!

  59. You were so on point.

    Actually, I didn’t pay much attention on this episode, the drama was too much.

    Sometimes Peter was not thinking how he approaches the issues. I really hope he was a little discrete on how he deals with these women’s opinion/observation about someone else. Some women maybe direct and opinionated but Peter was the center of it all, he needs to be more careful in commenting on his conversation with the ladies because it might create more chaos in the house.

  60. I also wonder if a bar like the one Peter and Victoria went to would even have a good red wine in stock. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was nothing of quality there, and I think cheap white wines are usually easier to drink. It really wasn’t a red wine setting.

  61. Can we please talk about how Kiarra mispronounced lingerie?! It may have been the best part of the episode! Haha!!

    1. Omg, I laughed so much over this and was hoping someone else noticed it too. I played it back 3 times because at first I thought I was hearing things! So funny!! And yes, definitely the best part of the entire episode.

    2. Yes! And it was Hannah I believe who said finasco at one part! Other blogs are totally making fun of this stuff. Ha.

  62. I’m so over the drama! I understand they need to show some for “good tv” but it’s been 3 weeks and I still feel like I haven’t seen hardly any connections or deep conversations with any of the girls!! Drama has taken over and I’m ready to see Peter really form a connection.

  63. Maybe I am alone in this feeling but I really want Peter to realize he really wants to be with Hannah B!! I love those two!!! But if not I am hoping it comes down to Hannah Ann, Madison, and Kelley. He seems to have the strongest connection with them right now.

  64. I also noticed the white wine!!! I wonder if she chose that so she wouldn’t get stained lips/teeth. I think putting Sidney on the spot on the group date was awful; however, it was probably the producers choice. I have to say, I can’t handle Sidney anymore. She’s always so down and negative. I don’t think I’ve seen her smile.

  65. Hi Ali,
    I’m not watching The Bachelor for the drama. He is missing out on getting to know these wonderful women. The bachelor use to go on great dates and have wonderful experiences and get to know the women. This season is all about the drama and that is not entertaining. Peter is missing out on meeting his wife.

    Also glad Alayah is gone. So obvious she wasn’t there to get to know Peter. I felt bad for Sydney when Peter called her out in front of the other women…not cool. I think he should have talked to Alayah and Sydney together in private. Not sure it was Sydney’s place to call Alayah out but seems many other girls agreed with her. She did look super guilty when he asked her about Victoria P. being asked to lie about knowing her prior to the show. I am glad she and her drama are gone.

    Producers get back to the basics of the show. We don’t care for the drama. The show stands on its own without it.

    So far my choices are the more mature women Kelly or Madison.

  66. I wish we could just start watching from the final 4 on…. Like episode 1 he meets 20.. cuts it down to 4 or 5 and then we watch the final 5 for the rest of the episodes.
    Especially since we’ve heard from multiple leads that they already know who their top few are after night 1.

    It’s been what? 18 years?!?! I think it’s time we cut out all the drama!! I’m too old now, can’t watch it. I fast forward to the actual dates cause that’s what I want to see.

  67. I think you analyze things a little too much! I didn’t even notice what wine they ordered. I didn’t even notice a drink at all! Maybe they had crappy red wine at the western bar. I have never liked any episodes on Bachelor or Bachelorette. Why they continue to do this is beyond me. I agree with you that Peter should NOT have put Sydney on the spot in front of everyone! I think a lot of the situations are done without totally thinking them through so I take it with a grain of salt. And I have to say, your outfits are really cute except for one item. The little white bootie shoes! I don’t know how that trend started but I don’t think they are attractive on anyone! I honestly can’t think of 1 outfit that they would be appropriate with but it’s not with the cute blue dress you had on

  68. Man on man, I was so over this episode by 10pm last night. We are three episodes into this season, and we have had 3 major drama issues: Hannah B’s return, Champagne Gate, and the Sydney/Alayah drama. I hate to say it, but the girls’ ages are really showing here. Every season I feel like the contestants get younger and younger, and therefore there is more drama. I miss the days of a good ol’ fashion love story.

    I really like Victoria P. From night one, I have said I think she will go far and she will be the next Bachelorette. She is gorgeous and seems very genuine and kind… plus she has the sad backstory. She would make a great bachelorette and I think the men would line RIGHT UP! I also noticed the order of white wine after the proclamation of her love of red wine. The only thing I can think of, is maybe this part of the date was early in the day and white wine is definitely more of a day time drink.

    I am ready for some more deep episodes. I want to get to know the girls minus the drama!

  69. Okay, so, I thought Peter was totally in the wrong by calling out Sydney in front of the other girls. She has to live with those girls, and now she looks like a grown tattle-tail. Just my thoughts… he should’ve asked her in private and then confronted the situation.
    Victoria is a sweet, sweet girl who had me in tears also; however, I do not see her as a front runner. He is way more physically attracted to Hannah-Ann and others, and clearly that matters to him.
    The Return of Alayah (lol) has to be good editing. But I’m really excited to see what plays out with Victoria F. going to see her ex-boyfriend on a one-on-one. The producers really outdid themselves with that one.
    This episode was boring, and I wish we would’ve seen more of Madison! I really like her, and I feel like she’s gonna go far.

  70. The wine was weird… but maybe she prefers red but didn’t want her teeth to turn purple so she ordered white instead..

  71. What about the preview for next weeks episode when Victoria goes to the concert and says she dated the singer???!!!

  72. A couple points crossed my mind last night….
    1. Pillow fights are SO immature….if this is how Peter is going to choose a “co-pilot”, lord help him!
    2. Alayah is in it for the publicity. Period. If it were just one of the other ladies in the house thinking she’s fake, fine but more than one? Hmmm…. I think she needs to go! From what I’ve read elsewhere, she seems to be making her way back…hopefully not for long!
    3. Wine…..I noticed the white wine but I’m not thinking its a game changer but hey if Peter is stuck on red, who knows? Haha!
    4. Lastly, poor Sydney….when he called her out in front of the other girls I wanted to reach through the TV and smack him upside the head. That poor girl….she was just trying to be honest with him! If he wants the girls to trust him, he can’t be calling them out in front of each other. So uncomfortable, Ugh! Cant wait til next week 🙂

  73. Regarding the white versus red confusion, I too couldn’t figure out why she got white after the car conversation. However, they did another close up of the drink and it actually look more like water than wine so I wonder if it was water?

  74. Wow I didnt notice the wine thing until you mentioned it, you’re right, thats so strange! I agree with this episode being kind of boring and filled with so much alayah drama.. I think it was a little much the entire show was basically about her drama. I did not care for the lingerie pillow fight, I hate all of the fight dates every season and then to put them in lingerie is just not ok. I kind of like the fact that he called out Sydney, I hate drama and I think ita a good way to just nip it and see if its them being petty or really something he should be concerned about especially after what he has been through with hannah. I’m always a fan of getting it out in the open and not gossiping so that’s why I liked it I think. Those are my thoughts. I’m super curious what all of the drama at the end of the season will be about!!

  75. I think it’s so unfair to the other girls when just a few girls monopolize Peters time with their drama. I do feel like Victoria is sincere. I’m glad he let Sydney go. It wasn’t her place to tell him who is real and who is not.

  76. I agree with everything you said. I felt exactly the same way when he called Sydney out, I felt also that he gave her the rose because he felt bad after. You brought up an interesting point on how he kisses the girls in front of the others. That really puts the other girls in an uncomfortable situation. I know this is a show but if you were out with date and another girl you were dating came along would you kiss her in front of your date. It’s just not something you would or should do. Again calling Sydney out was something he should not have done in front of the other girls either. There is something not right about him and Victoria. I can’t put my finger on it right now but will see how this all plays out.

  77. I totally noticed the white wine as well, and felt like the show got a little kick out of basically mocking her choice!
    With Alayah, I think both sides are right. She is dramatic and “pageanty”, and loves to put on a show. But I don’t think that’s fake, it’s who she really is. If Peter likes that type of person, I don’t see why it’s a big deal. He just needs to decide if he likes it or not.

  78. I just wanted to comment on the white wine! I remember in Ben F’s season, Courtney would always drink red, and it would stain her lips and tongue, which was very obvious in interviews. I love red wine, but white wine is definitely the safer choice when you are on camera, and don’t want any spills to be obvious!

  79. I feel that Peter don’t know what he wants and that putting Sydney on the spot was bad move. He looks very confused in what to do or who he had real connections with. I am a bit disappointed in the girls of this season. Usually cant wait to see what happen, but not with this season.

  80. I agree with the boring factor. I didn’t even know who got the group date rose because I just found my attention wandering, and honestly this season in general is kind of like that. This is mean, but I just don’t care for this group of girls. There’s only like maybe 3 of them that I can even imagine him ending up with or that he’s even into at all, and when he’s not talking to one of those 3, I feel like he’s totally checked out and not ready for this process! I love peter and totally wanted him to the be The Bachelor but I think it was maybe too soon. Next week looks pretty good, I was dying laughing at the preview of Victoria F’s date! 😂😂😂

  81. Ok so primarily women watch the bachelor right? So I’m kind of insulted that the producers think we all want to watch a bunch of women be forced to wear lingerie and have a pillow fight. Come on, it 2020 now. Does anyone else think this has to be a guys idea not Demi’s?

  82. I was shocked peter called out Sydney in form of the other woman. So unnecessary!! Alayah is bad news. she’s putting on a show for him. And I get a weird vibe from Kelly. I know he really likes her but something is off. Champagne gate needs to stop. I think Hannah Anna is handling it way better than Kelsey and with a lot more maturity. Kelsey acts like a prima Donna and is so condescending to Hannah. Madison is my fave and seems very real and down to earth. Victoria F has received a lot of hate on social media but I like her and everyone has a past!! Victoria P is sweet but I agree with you about not maybe being a match for Peter. I do think Alayah will come back next week for drama and ratings. Hopefully she doesn’t stay though. I think peter gets “intimate” with one of the girls and that’s what sends everyone into a spiral ! It’s been reported that Madison is a virgin and the girls think she is wrong by not having told Peter yet 🤷‍♀️ I just hope the next episodes aren’t just focused on a few girls that are still crying over things that happened weeks ago and we can actually have more content. I mean other than peter and Victoria P’s date the whole show was watching a few girls beating a dead horse over the same crap from previous episodes. Snooze 😴 I

  83. That whole Sydney situation was handled so poorly by Peter. He has been on the other side so he should have known the affects this would have on the dynamics of the girls. She was trying to be discreet and he put it all out there.

  84. I love Peter, but this season suuuuuuucks. I only like Madison and Victoria. The rest of the girls seem pretty immature and blah.

  85. Ali, you are spot on about the pillow fight. I don’t like any of the fighting dates either. Not a good example for young women watching the show, and as catty as these girls are, they can definitely be out to hurt someone. And about Kelley the lawyer, I absolutely would not, could not, take my lawyer seriously after watching that. Lawyers have certain codes of conduct, and she has violated it. I’m probably the only one, but I don’t see a connection between Peter and Madison at all. It seems very fake to me. I’m not sure who I see as the front runner right now, but good riddance to Alayah!

  86. Thank you for your thoughts on the bachelor this week. I agree 100% with you. White wine? Noticed that too! Peter calling out Sydney . That was not cool! I don’t think he thinks sometimes before he speaks… I know and you know way better, that editing is what makes the shows so dramatic, just want to see more about their dates, and not so much of the cat fights. Getting a little boring! Thanks again for your thoughts!!😁

  87. I LOVED how Peter put Sydney in the spot to call out Alayah. If more bachelor/bachelorettes did that maybe it would eliminate the he said she said! About the group date…I think it’s so lame making men and women fight each other in the episodes. Like you said someone most always gets hurt and I just think it’s stupid. As for the other girls, I want to see more of savannah! And mykenna is wayyyyy to young for Peter!

  88. I agree with everything you wrote. I do love Peter but so far I’m not loving the season. All of this drama needs to stop. I know that want drama for ratings but this has been too much. It’s all that’s ever talked about and I feel like it’s taking away from getting to know these girls. I won’t stop watching either but something needs to change!

  89. I think you are right! The show needs more creativity. It’s like you can almost predict what happens, because the same drama happens every season. Question, I thought the contestant Sarah was so cute and sweet. I wonder why they didn’t show her at all on the show. Didn’t even give her an exit interview like the other girls. Do you have any thoughts on that?

  90. Hi!
    Honestly, I think the reason the glass of wine bothered you so much is because Victoria P. comes off as either disingenuous or trying to vibe too much with Peter. She’s always kinda irked me for some reason and seems to be willing to say anything to show Peter that they have things in common. Yes, Alayah asked her not to mention they knew each other, but Victoria seemed to go along with it too. Also, Victoria told Peter that she’s spent “a whole 3 hours total” with Alayah, while Alayah claims they’re good friends. Someone isn’t being honest, and my intuition says Victoria isn’t! Don’t get me wrong, Alayah lays it on for the camera, but that doesn’t mean she’s a liar or a bad person.
    Just curious if anyone else gets a weird vibe from Victoria P.?

    1. I think Victoria seems sweet but I also see what you are saying. She looks completely different in every scene. I’m always like that’s Victoria?! It’s odd. The wine thing might just be because the bar didn’t have the red that she likes?

  91. I believe Alayah got caught in her deceitfulness. Goodbye Felicia! Even though I know she comes back but hopefully that will be brief. I agree wholeheartedly with you Ali in that I am so over the drama this season and we are only three episodes in.

  92. I’ve been listening to podcasts waiting for someone to comment on Victoria’s white wine! You’re the first to have mentioned it and I thought it was too funny that she made a big deal about him choosing red wine like her but then chose white!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought that.

  93. So I agree that this was a pretty morning episode and I have a few thoughts on certain things; first, totally annoyed by the white wine thing too – I mean that also could be poor editing lol. I also think Victoria is sweet but not for Peter. Just something about them seems a little forced. I see much strong Er connecting that seem so much more real to me. Peter shows a lot of his emotions which I love but you can tell when he’s really feeling it. Second with Alayah, something about her just does not sit right with me at all and I totally agree that there are no true feelings there. I don’t agree with Peter calling Sydney out. I just didn’t think that was necessary at all, but my thought was that maybe he just did it without thinking it through and then once he started he couldn’t take it back and needed to keep going with asking her to elaborate. But even for the show very strange that he did that, I’ve been watching a VERY long time and not sure I’ve really seen that done before.

    I think Alayah’s return is for drama purposes only and I truly don’t think he made a mistake letting her go home. I feel like that doesn’t happen often on the show when the thoughts and feeling of the other girls/guys gets someone sent home. And so with that, I think they want to make it look like Peter thought it was a mistake.

    Definitely an interesting season. I think there are such obvious front runners that will make it at least to final four. Don’t you feel like so many of the girls are just very much in the background?!

    Great blog as always! <3

  94. Alayah is so fake she needed to go & stay gone.

    Pillow fights in lingerie is tacky & was awful to watch.

    I felt so bad for Victoria. Her face said everything when he called her out.
    I adore peter and think he’s a great dude, but there are moments where he seems out of his depth and handles it poorly.
    I wanted her to tell him my future husband doesn’t throw me under the bus in front of other women!
    He could have called out the situation without pointing fingers.

    He also needs to stop kissing in front of other girls. I feel like he’s gonna regret that.

  95. I think Sydney was awful! She was so mean to Alayah and just going and going. She barely knows her! And who wouldn’t act a little different when cameras are around? I think that’s normal. I think the whole thing was blown way out of proportion. Basically Sydney is saying if you are in pageants you can be real? And everyone single girl there and on every season is there to get Instagram
    Famous and hopefully fall in fall. It’s a perk of being on the show. We all know this by now so why the whole “not here for the right reasons” storyline needs to go

    1. Totally agree. I felt like it was a witch hunt. We are all made differently. Some people have bigger personalities and try to ham it up. Sydney’s persona on the show is apparently to try to act as low key as she can in front of cameras to try to not look fake. So one could suspect she is being fake as well. I think it was wrong of all of the girls who were involved on thIs witch hunt. If Victoria felt it was so wrong for Alayah to say let’s not tell the producers we know each other, she should have questioned her in the conversation. So many times people say let’s not say this and are joking anyway. Also Victoria is being fake because she has loads of hair extensions and injected lips whereas it appears Alayahs hair and lips are natural. So how come it is not okay to bring that up? When the girls were calling out Alayah I do think it was because of their own insecurities and when Alayah left she said I love you all and just went forward. To me that speaks volumes.

  96. Found this episode to be BORING. I am also losing some interest in Peter. The kissing in front of all the girls, calling out Sydney in front of other girls, the indecisiveness- I am not sure he was ready for this, or he seems a bit immature (which I didn’t think before). I will, of course, keep watching but hoping it gets better.

  97. So I thought the same thing about the wine, but maybe because they were dancing she didn’t want heavy red wine?? I’m not a huge red wine drinker, but maybe she wanted something cold?? Not sure, but I totally agree!

  98. I think Alayah seemed super fake. When she had that time with Peter, my first thoughts were she is very fake and she reminds me of Crystal from Arie’s season. Then all the drama unfolded! And she looked like a deer in headlights when Peter asked her about the thing about the producers not knowing. She had been caught red-handed and it was written all over her face. Over this drama!

  99. First off, I’m so glad someone else noticed that wine comment/action by Victoria! When I saw her glass I LOL’d. She seems so nice but there’s something off about her to me and I can’t put my finger on it. I was not a fan of the pillow fight either but I definitely see where the producers had that idea and Peter shouldn’t be kissing the girls in front of each other, bad form. I thought the episode portrayed the girls in a negative light and very juvenile. I’m hoping they will stop shifting the focus on all the girls hating each other and more on their relationships with Peter.

  100. Didn’t love that peter made Sydney give a name. That’s awkward! And if he wants to know if Alayah is genuine, ask her questions, get to know her. Don’t just keep talking about the same thing. She just kept covering her tracks and then he had to believe her or not. I do hope she stays away though, she’s not a good fit for peter. In my opinion!!

    1. 1. Boring episode.
      2. Like Peter, but he needs to mature more, you don’t call people out after they have put themselves out there to share the truth with him. He did it twice last night to two girls that told him the truth and then he rats them out in front of the others. Does not build trust amongst the girls in the house.
      3. Aren’t they suppose to be going on dates, the drama needs to go away and they need to get with the one on ones.
      4. Very little conversations happening with Peter and the girls that contain substance.
      5. Pillow fight was so silly and of no importance.
      6. Is Peter so vanilla that they can’t cast things of more interest? Like him but he needs to get a fired up in personality. Can only take so much kissing, some substance would help!

  101. I guess I’m old but I couldn’t make it passed 30 minutes of watching this season. The girls seem so immature and I’m so over the drama whether it’s natural or contrived.

  102. I think Alayah is not the girl for Peter. She doesn’t appear to be very genuine, my opinion. I love Peter, I wanted Hannah B to pick him. She also didn’t trust her gut. My pick for Peter is Madison or the girl who was up against Hannah Ann in the runway competition. I don’t believe Hannah Ann is the one for him. Maybe Ashley. Can’t wait to see next week.

  103. I thought the same thing with the white wine. That was a red flag to me. Then I wasn’t too keen on Victoria ratting her friend out. I got the feeling she did it to bolster her standing. I know she needed to be honest, but it wasn’t nice the way she said it. I hated the pillow fight. Stupid. I had the violence too.

  104. I noticed the wine too! But I would call myself a red wine drinker and that is def my go-to. However if I was out on a date during the daytime and it was warm out I would be ordering white! And I really like Victoria so far but I’m still stuck on Peter and Hannah!

  105. Did anyone else find it odd that alayah used The word “disqualified” like this is all a game? When peter asked if she asked Victoria to lie about knowing each other prior to the show she said “I was afraid we would be disqualified”. Rubbed me the wrong way

  106. This episode was really boring.. the drama feels like high school (and forced) and i would rather watch some relationships develop. peter is an amazing catch but the producers are only putting small amounts of his dates and relationships on camera for us to see. i really hope the episodes evolve going forward…

  107. One thing I notice over and again with the Bachelor vs the Bachelorette is these guys ALWAYS throw the girl, who spoke poorly of someone else, under the bus.. Are the producers that desperate for drama? Or are guys just stupid? (duh) The way Peter put Sydney on the spot this week was just so junior high. And last week he threw someone else under the bus. You’d think by the time a man hits 30, he would know better than to do that. Tacky!

  108. I agree with all of your thoughts regarding Victoria and Alayah (sp) and as far as bringing her back clearly that was all producers. He better not keep her around.
    Honestly I was sucked in the first two episodes strictly for Hannah Brown and lost interest when she left. Secretly hoping they end up together. However I read a very interesting theory today about the ending. Basically saying the last seen where Chris tells Peter something so shocking and it’s the fact that one of the girls is pregnant! Now that would be quite the twist!! Guess we will have to wait and see!

  109. Hi Ali I’ve been following along for so long since you were on the bachelor! I grew up not far from where you grew up in MA! After watching the episode I so hoped you were going to say something about Peter calling Sydney out. That was uncalled for I think because now other girls will feel like they can’t totally be honest with him in fear of him sharing it. I think he clearly cared for alayhah a lot to have shared the names. But ultimately, I think it did more harm than good. With all that said, I think Peter really has the best in mind and is trying to find love! Thanks for always providing honest feedback here, FB & Instagram! I’m also in your Facebook group connecting with a ton of wonderful women!


  110. Hey…I used to enjoy watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette series when group dates were truly group dates…now they seem to humiliate the girls/guys…asking them to put themselves in situations that are uncomfortable…reminds me of fraternity and sorority hazing…putting pressure on people to belong…so sad ABC or the audience is accepting this. We will never get the college kids to stop this behavior if we keep letting it happen on tv…

  111. Did anyone else feel awkward and on the spot watching the episode? 😂 I felt like I was on the group date too and had to look away when he called out Sydney. I don’t get why he called Sydney out, unless it was to test her genuine character. (The rose definitely was an I’m sorry I did that rose). I think it’s good editing and Alayah comes back to finish off on a good note, but not to stay. Ali has always said the Bachelor/ette has to give permission for them to come back, so obviously he did. However, I don’t think it’s for her to stay in the house. About the red wine/white wine comment. It could be that at this particular bar there wasn’t a great red wine selection, so she just picked what sounded good. If Victoria is a red wine snob, she knows what’s good and is not going to drink just any red wine. I don’t like the violence dates either. I wish they would stop with these dates. I do feel bad for Alayah, though and I truly hope Peter didn’t pick her based on other opinions. I understand that people are looking out for him by pointing other people out, but I’m always under the opinion if you have to bring someone else into the conversation then your relationship is dying. With Victoria, he did ask her, but the editing made it sound like all the other girls just brought it up in their conversations.

  112. Ali, first off, I think you are an amazing and genuine woman, and I love everything about your website…..from motherhood to fashion steals, but I have to admit, Bachelor Nation is my favorite!!

    This episode was beyond BORING, and the pillow fight….purely stupid! Alayah definitely showed two sides and is not for Peter….good riddens girl. There are so many girls who honestly seem to be there for him, and I do love Peter, but, and you said this previously, Ali, the gift of his picture from his parents’ vow renewal to Madison…..? To me, HUGE that she’s the one. So, we’ll see as the season progresses…..keep the blogs coming Ali💞

  113. i think the lawyer is too smart and much mature for peter she needs an ivy league guy or someone in her circle glad the pageant girl was called out shes as fake as fake can be did not like pillow fight at all such childish behavior cant believe they put themselves through humiliation not sure peter will find his wife here too soon to tell for me and too much immature behavior

  114. Anyone else think dressing girls up in lingerie and pillow fighting is some weird sort of gross misogynistic fantasy? Honestly I think it’s fairly degrading, can’t they do something fun and adventurous without this spin? I wouldn’t want my daughter to see this and think this is the way to *get a man.* Anyway, I’ll step off my feminist soapbox to say that I agree that this was all fairly boring and I’m over the Alayah drama for sure. I’m team Madison and also like the lawyer (Kelly?).

  115. I must say, I was NOT impressed with how Peter handled the Sydney situation. I love Peter and was rooting for him to be the Bachelor, however, I don’t think he is making good decisions in the moment. Later on in the episode he talks about how much he wants to be with someone who is honest with him, and how much he appreciates Sydney for this reason. If I were Sydney, I would have lost trust in him in that moment. She came to him in confidentiality and he turns around and puts her on the spot. HOW UNCOMFORTABLE! He could have at least asked her to reveal the name(s) in private. That rose was definitely his way of saying “sorry for doing that to you”.

    I think it’s interesting that even the Bachelor alum are conflicted on whether or not they feel Peter made the right call in sending Alayah home. I’m 100% with you, she was very different in the house and around Peter. I also HATE when girls change their voice around guys. The high pitch squeaky voice is awful! Regardless of whether or not she was being disingenuous or not, if Peter was having all these doubts this early on the likelihood of them recovering from that as other relationships are flourishing are slim to none! That’s my thoughts anyways.

    Always love reading your blogs and getting your perspective on the show <3

  116. You and I think exactly the same! I also noticed the white wine 😂 I cried too while Victoria was telling her story. I think she is SO sweet and genuine but don’t think it will be her in the end.. maybe the next Bachelorette?! I thought it was wrong to put Sydney on the spot. Plus I was frustrated that more girls didn’t admit to Alayah that they thought the same thing Sydney did.. they just only said it to Peter. Every season has a bad girl and even when some of the girls try to warn him (remember Jake’s season 😉) the truth always comes out in the end!!!

  117. Ever since Krystal’s editing as a villain (and then redemption in BIP)I feel bad for the girls that are painted badly by the other girls or by producers for the sake of drama. Cameras mess people up sometimes! I feel like unless there’s like bullying, name-calling or straight up sabotage, “villains” are just the producers victims of bad editing. All the girls there know they’ll get sugar bear hair/revolve sponsorship so it’s a little hypocritical to call others out for that. Boring episode!!

  118. totally agree about the wine. I caught that as soon as I saw it. Way too much drama this week. i felt like the group date could have been something else.

  119. Omg. This season is such a snooze fest so far! I mean I love it and will still watch but it’s so focused on the drama rather than relationships!! Also, totally don’t think peter should have called Sydney out. I was honestly cringing because I felt so bad for her and she totally wasnt expecting that!!

  120. I am a long time lover and viewer of this show, but SO OVER the producers VERY OBVIOUSLY sitting women who do not get along next to each other or having them stand next to each other at the Rose Ceremony. TOO MUCH forced behavior that wouldn’t happen in real life. Do not like the group date activities to date! The show needs to mature a bit.

  121. OMG! I’m so annoyed that Peter is sticking by Alayah! He saw what Luke P. was like with Hannah and the struggles of Hannah not listening to the other guys because of her feelings towards him and that relationship ultimately ending in flames. This is the same thing! Alayah = Luke P.

  122. My thoughts on Alaya…..first of all it really bugged me that when the girls were hanging out in the kitchen when she had put on the pilot hat, she plain out said “I know how to turn it on and off” meaning like her emotions, etc. then she said she likes to get nasty and at that point my jaw dropped like why are you saying this stuff? To me it’s completely inappropriate. I am happy she left and hopefully she doesn’t get let back in the house but we will see. I agree with Ali on Victoria, the one on one. I really love them together, they’d make a cute couple but I am not sure if I see them ending up together. I really have a good feeling about Madison or maybe even Kelly. Idk yet it’s still early on to pick a favorite for me. I hope next weeks episode is better, because this one was just soooo much drama. It was one thing after another. Anyways this is my opinion. (:

  123. I agree with you that the episode this week was kind of boring. I think it is obvious what Alayah is up to…I think it was good that he sent her home. I feel like the it factor or connection is not with him and Victoria…he trusts her. I really hope the whole champagne issue is squashed.

  124. Hi Ali: Hope you’re feeling better today! 🍵🛌💤 Thanks for the Bachelor commentary.🌹 Ditto, to everything you shared. That said, I feel strongly there exists great opportunity for more intriguing group dates/activities, that explore the womens’ or mens’ inner workings -personalities, heart, sensibilities, intellect, leadership, creativity, courage, character, strength, etc. (and don’t involve scant clothing and/or aggression🥀) that align with the Bachelor/ette’s life/style, hobbies, values, adventures, passions, family, etc. I feel a paradigm shift for the show on this aspect would draw more people in, and allow the Bachelor/ette more insight into their suitors, and allow the audience to go deeper and be more invested in the outcomes each week. On the matter with Sydney, Peter handled that very poorly; thankfully, though, he’s a good person who reflects on his own actions. Peter owned it and apologized the next day. Well done, Peter; we need more ‘honesty and owning’ on the daily in these times! I do hope the episodes get better from here on out. If not, I may not follow, but will hope for Peter he makes it through this journey to land in a happy, contented place.💚 (And, I hope Miss HB’s heart either soars with his, or she is finding closure without, and one day she falls deep into another’s♥️she deserves it🌹🙏) Take care, Ali 🍵🛌💤

    1. So far this season is a complete trainwreck …..

      And om.g Demi and her what club…..

      @bravo needs to rethink this….
      Bedn watching since #1Alex…yikes

      From freezing FL gulf….gn .

  125. Ali,
    We are on the same page with Victoria loving red but drinking white at the saloon. I will say I’m a huge cab sauv lover but if I have a drink during the day, I prefer white- Sauvignon blanc. Maybe that’s why she chose it…not sure!
    Either way I’m over the drama llama! I do feel bad he listened to everyone without finding out for himself but I was also relieved for him that he chose to let her go. Hoping he could put it behind him…until I saw next weeks preview!! UGH!!! I think it’s all for the show and ratings but nothing ceases to amaze me anymore LOL!
    My picks for the end are Hanna Ann, Madison and Victoria!!

  126. Hi Ali, loved your take on everything! Wanted to share some additional points. Whenever there is a drama about someone being fake and lots of conversations/interrogations about it, it is very easy to see who the bachelor is really into, since with their favorite person they don’t discuss the drama at all! It was very clear that Madison is his one and only, the way he looked at her and wanted to just be with her without talking about others. Maybe, since he already invested in her, concentrating on the drama with others allows him not to really get connected with them, like an excuse to talk about something else, cancel time with them etc. Another thought was about the way he exposed Sidney showed that he didn’t really caring for her, since he would not do it to the person he is really into. I don’t get why they keep bringing Demi to all the shows, I personally don’t think it adds good content to the show.

  127. I was so disappointed seeing the show this week and with the bachelor so far in general. It just seems there is so much more drama and I honestly don’t really like Peter anymore. When he was on the Bachelorette he seemed sooo good but now it seems he cannot decide, he feeds into the drama instead of stopping it, does things he shouldn’t do (call out people in front of others!!!! Like really???? Or kissing girls in front of the group??? That’s just not right or fair!). Some of Alayah’s reactions also showed what kind of person she is so I am happy she is gone and hope she won’t come back. As for the end, I think that Victoria, Hannah Ann, Maddison and the lawyer have a good chance.

  128. I felt so bad for Sydney. I feel like Peter doesn’t understand girl drama and how to deal with it. He wants to address everything in front of the group. That always goes so poorly! I wish that he would take what they have to say, move on to a different conversation, and then deal with his feelings and questions about it privately (in front of the cameras haha). I’m sure he’s pushed to do that though because drama is what makes the show. He just always seems to have the shocked look on his face when things are awkward like after he called Sydney out. I was cringing!

  129. I really wanted to watch Peter’s season, but I can’t stand listening to the majority of these girls for more than 4 or 5 minutes. I will say that I’m so glad Hannah B. is gone. Her confusing mess of “I don’t knooooow” never should have been reintroduced. I wish the best for Peter because he seems like a good guy, and I liked so much of what I saw of him on Hannah B.’s season. I’m interested in the outcome, but as for the journey, I’m out!

  130. I’m bored this season. I feel like most of the ladies are just too young and/or immature. I wish they would have a 30 something bachelor or bachelorette.

  131. Just a thought on the Victoria & red wine thing. I’m a red wine drinker day-to-day and would whole-heartedly call myself a red wine girl, but at weddings/important events where I know I’ll be in photos, I drink white wine (or vodka sodas). I learned the hard way when I was in a friend’s wedding and had purple teeth in all of the photos from the reception. Whoops!

    Anyway, I’ve noticed before that none of the people on the show drink red wine, and my assumption was that they didn’t want a purple mouth on national television 🤷🏼‍♀️. I’ve even wondered if the producers steer them away from it. Curious to hear what you think/what your experience was on the show, because I’ve actually pondered this frequently, haha.

  132. I completely agree with the pillow fight group date. Immature and not necessary. I think Alayah seems completely fake to me and her voice seems completely fake. I also thought MyKenna was over the top with her facial expressions at the rose ceremony. I’m sure part of it was editing but every time they showed her or she was in the background, so looked like she was going to pass out if she didn’t get a rose.

  133. I have to admit to not being glued to my television this week. I watched part of it Tuesday (I usually DVR it!) and finished Wednesday. But I wasn’t focused because like others have said, it was kind of boring. Of note, Aliyah was the first out of the limo – a prime spot for an expected favorite according to Ali! I saw a spark with him then. But as a viewer, I couldn’t connect with her (or even Sydney) so I couldn’t focus on the drama!

  134. Behind watching… a toddler and teaching will do that to you lol but yessss such a boring episode. To be honest, the whole season has been. I think Peter is so sweet, but has he really had any real conversations about life other than on one-on-one dates? It seems he cuts everything short. I know drama is for tv, but it seems very forced. I hope he can start to enjoy the time and the girls. I want to see more of the relationships building, not watching fake girls like Alayah. I really hope she’s gone after her return (which I think will happen). Anyways, thanks always for sharing!

  135. Peter was the only guy at the line dancing place. The whole pillow fight thing was ridiculous. How about the girl mispronouncing lingerie? I couldn’t believe it. The pool party was no party. Worst episode ever !!

  136. Bad red wine just isn’t worth it at a line dancing establishment – white wine or a mixed drink is the only way to go. I did not appreciate the pillow fight group date format, calling Sydney out in front of everyone added forced drama but I was impressed how well she handled it even the next day at the pool party. I hope Alayah isn’t coming back and that was just producers pull for viewers, we all know the girls are not happy seeing her. Can I also say that preview of the private concert date with Victoria F looks like another producer play on forcing/orchestrating drama.

  137. I wondered if production handed her the white wine-The disconnect was obvious.
    I thought Peter was unfair to Sydney putting her on the spot like that.
    The pillow fight was stupid as most of the challenges are. We don’t get to see real deep conversations.
    Am I the only person who thinks Maddie has zero personality? And Hannah Ann is so aggressive.
    I just can’t get past Peter-Hannah B relationship. He should explore that in private.

  138. I feel like Peter is not into it. He seems to be going through the motions. I think he still loves Hanna.

  139. I think this is the very first time I have ever not been entertained by the show. I wonder if we are seeing the result of Elan leaving the show. The pillow fight was LAME, I’m really OVER these “fight” dates. As for Victoria…. I am sorry she had such a difficult childhood. But every one has a story…it’s not how you fall down it’s how to get up… And Aylayah? Really? Is that really the type of person Peter is interested in?

  140. I feel like the girl who also didn’t tell the producers that she knew knew Alayah before the show should have been removed from the show as well. After all, she kept it from the producers as well.

    I think,a part of Sydney is jealous over Alayah having been a beauty pageant girl. After all she kept the silence.

    I did not like the pillow fight whatsoever. Totally childish and so inappropriate.

    It would be interesting to see if when Alayah foes back I’d he does allow her to return.

    If they really want to say someone is fake they need to look at Hannah Ann.

  141. When Sydney lost the pillow fight, the look on her face was sickening and mean and childish and almost like mentally disturbed. When Sydney stood over Alayah and asked “Do you work?” it was so judging and bullying and hostile, like really, who does she think she is, to judge anyone? From the very first night you could see Alayah kindly doing other people’s makeup, and always being kind to everyone. Why doesn’t anyone see that? Just using a higher voice at different times – that makes her fake? No, it really doesn’t! She is bubbly and playful and happy and goes into character mode sometimes – to be funny and cute. I know tons of people who suddenly have a high pitched voice when they are being playful or maybe when they are nervous. Sydney clearly has an attitude against “pageant” girls. And it was horrible what she put Alayah through. Alayah didn’t do anything wrong! And then Victoria (who everyone thinks is so innocent) she turned Alayah into this monster liar? Really? Alayah probably just said hey maybe we shouldn’t talk about how well we know each other. And Victoria totally lied about how well they knew each other! So who is the real liar? I am disgusted at how easy it is to ruin an innocent person’s reputation, just to create some fake drama.

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