The Bachelor – Kelsey Drama

Happy Bachelor Monday everyone!! Hope you all are having a fabulous start ot this new decade. Everyone has been anticipating tonight’s episode so I will jump right into it!

Saying Goodbye to Hannah

I told you guys in my blog last week that there was no way Hannah B was staying around. And I know a lot of you think she’ll be coming back at the end of the season, but I truly don’t think that’s the case. Last week when the episode aired she tweeted the following:

hannah brown tweet

Does that sound like somebody who ended up with Peter?! It doesn’t at all to me. If she did think she was going to end up with him, I feel like that would’ve been much more lighthearted but that tweet feel sad to me.

And I feel for her. It’s just a sad situation all around, but I think Peter said it perfectly when he wants to be loved by someone as much as he loves them. And I’m just not sure that’s what’s going on with Hannah here. She’s been through so much and she’s hurt and she’s looking for love from an amazing guy like Peter. Which I don’t blame her for because I would too. But I think it’s time for both of them to move on for good.

hannah b peter kelsey

The only thing I will say is that there is a chance they could end up together and that is if for some reason Peter goes through this entire thing and still keeps thinking about her. Peter and Chris Harrison have said multiple times publicly that it’s not the normal ending. And there’s been rumors flying around that the ending will happen live. So maybe Hannah tweeted that because she doesn’t know that they’re going to end up together because a live ending hasn’t happened yet? I don’t know. But I would honestly be willing to bet quite a bit of money that he won’t end up with her in the end. So I think it’s time to close the chapter on Peter and Hannah B.

Hannah and Peters Connection

One thing I want to address real quick is that I know a lot of you might think based on the last episode that Hannah and Peter have such a strong connection that they’re meant to be together. I highly disagree. While I do think they have a strong connection, I also believe they’re exes for a reason. Take it from someone who has been on the show. Yes, there could be some confusion on how your heart feels. But when you send someone home there’s a reason for it. And, I can say with absolute certainty that if my ex had shown up on night one when I was a Bachelorette and on my first group day I would’ve absolutely been an emotional wreck!

hannah b peter kelsey

Especially if they had showed up telling me they wanted me back. And I’m not talking about my ex from the Bachelor. I’m talking about my actual ex from before I went on either of the shows. Honestly I might’ve quit the show at that point and just gone back to him. Or at least felt like that could’ve been a possibility. I’ve been very open about the fact that I went on the Bachelor and then the Bachelorette to try to get over my ex-boyfriend. So while I saw the connection between the two of them, I absolutely don’t think it means are supposed to be together.

The rest of the group date was really too short to say much about. I do wish he would quit the move of picking girls up and putting them on a table to kiss them. I think that’s sexy but only when it’s in a moment of passion not with every girl to try to force passion or feel sexy/masculine. Do you guys get what I’m trying to say? Anyway, I hate even saying anything remotely negative about Peter because I adore him so much. But I’m just not into that move with so many different girls.

Champagne Gate

Oh my goodness. Where do I even start with this? I get why Kelsey was upset, I would’ve been upset too. That looks like a bottle of Dom Perignon which is very expensive. And she’s been saving it for something special, plus emotions are just running so high on the show that I’m sure she wouldn’t of acted quite the way she did if she wasn’t on this dang show. So while looking at it as an outsider, it seems absolutely ridiculous that she’s crying over a bottle of champagne. Being in her shoes before on the show and knowing how crazy emotional you can feel because of the scenario you’re in, I get why Kelsey lost it. What I don’t get or respect is how she treated Hannah Ann.

hannah ann champagne kelsey

I know a lot of people don’t like Hannah Ann already and think that she seems manipulative. And I get why people are saying that. I don’t necessarily agree but I get it. However, that’s no excuse for how rude Kelsey was to her for no reason. I 100% believe her that she had absolutely no idea that that was the champagne Kelsey brought. And, the producers so set that up! I’m sure they directed Hannah and Peter over to that location. And they very well could’ve stepped in and told them that was Kelsey’s bottle. Producers do that all the time! Sometimes they let things ride but if they really cared about Kelsey’s feelings they would’ve stepped in.

Anyway, Kelsey ended up getting a rose really for one of two reasons and neither of those reasons is because Peter is into her. I feel strongly about that. If anyone else thinks differently please share. But I think those reasons are 1, the producers asked Peter to keep her because of all the drama. Or 2, which I think is the more likely of the scenarios, Peter felt bad for her because she had such a crappy night. Needless to say, I don’t think Kelsey will be around that much longer.

And before I move on from the cocktail party/rose ceremony, how cute was that photo Peter gave Madison? I’m convinced he’s going to end up with her in the end. And I think he thinks that right now too. Why else would he give her a framed photo of him with his family? That’s something you immediately throw out if you don’t win the Bachelor. Ha! I think he thinks that photo will be with her forever.

madison peter picture frame

Revolve Group Date

Not to toot my own horn, but I did call last week that when Victoria walked away saying “he can be with Hannah” that it would be about Hannah Ann not Hannah B. Okay, I’m totally gonna toot my own horn because I’m pretty proud of that. Ha!

Victoria is a cutie and I’m glad she was able to come out of her shell a little bit. It was driving me crazy trying to figure out what celebrity she reminds me of and I finally think I figured it out! Shailene Woodley! Anybody else see that?!

Kelsey Drama

Kelsey was bullying Hannah Ann plain and simple. She even went on to say that calling somebody bad names to their face isn’t the same as constantly bullying them. And she’s right. But Hannah Ann didn’t say Kelsey was constantly bullying her. She said she was bullying her – which she did. I feel for Kelsey because this is obviously extremely emotional for her. But the way she’s treating Hannah Ann just is not okay. What do you think about how Kelsey acted?

kelsey hannah ann

Going back to what I said above that some of you feeling like Hannah Ann is manipulative – honestly so far there’s really nothing she’s done to justify feeling that way about her. I honestly think it’s the way she’s being edited and maybe just some of the faces she makes. She has given us no reason whatsoever to think poorly of her at this point. She’s just absolutely stunning and other people are intimidated by that. I would be intimidated by that. But I was kind of feel like she’s being body shamed in a way. I don’t know if body shamings the right word, but maybe pretty shaming? I’m really curious to know what you guys think about this. Or if anyone can pinpoint something she did that makes her manipulative. Cause I can’t.

Final Thoughts on Peter

What I absolutely love about Peter as the Bachelor is how closely he listens and how thoughtfully he responds in every conversation he’s in. That seems like something anybody with any sort of manners would do on the show, but that’s way easier said than done. What I mean by that is when I was the Bachelorette, I was so exhausted from all of it and quite honestly the first night knew my top two guys. So during these group dates where I had to go around talking to everybody… it’s a very repetitive to be honest. I know I sound like a complete jerk right now. But it’s just the truth. And I can tell it’s the truth for almost every other Bachelor Bachelor/ette because the conversations are always the same. Where as Peter it feels different. I’m just so impressed with him not only as the Bachelor but as a human being.

My Updates!

I’m just getting back into the swing of things after the holidays, so I haven’t had a ton of outfits to share (don’t worry, I just took some new photos today!). I thought I’d share with you one of the things going on in my life, and that’s that we finally got Molly a big girl bed. I blogged all about it the other day, from the decor I decided on to how our transition went. I have to tell you, it was so much easier than I ever could have imagined. She was ready! All my doubts that I had and fears that she would come running out of her room did not happen. She actually has been going down even easier now that she’s in her new bed!

You can read all about it here, but I’ll share a few details now for you. You might have seen on Instagram but I was SO close to getting Molly one of those little house beds! Ultimately because we live in California I decided not to because of the earthquakes. I just think it’s not safe for anyone that lives here to have something over their head. So if you live in a state without earthquakes and can get one of those cute beds, I am jealous! Ha! Here are a few options at different price points.

molly's bedroom


In the end I decided on this simple farmhouse style frame. It’s classic and clean, but also has adorable character! I did kind of wish the headboard was a little taller to be honest. But I was able to give the head of the bed more height with pillows. Originally we had purchased guard rails for both sides of the bed, but with a bed of this size I really think that 1 is plenty. When I make the bed I drape the bedding over it to make it look cute! Unless you have a kiddo that thrashes around, I don’t think they would need both unless they are in a twin! I would base it off the way they sleep and the size of the bed.

molly's bedroom

Next, I wanted to show you all this sweater that I posted for an Affordable Friday post a month or so ago because I realized that it is still in stock! Plus, it is still pretty cool outside, but it’s not really the time of year where you would want to splurge on an expensive new sweater. The best part is that this sweater is only $11 right now!

I really feel like it’s going to be super flattering on so many different body types. It’s got a really nice shape to it and it’s super long, so it will cover your booty and your hips. And it’s just ridiculously soft! When I ordered it, I had high expectations because there’s over 70 – 4.5 to 5 star reviews on the website. So I knew it was going to be good but I really didn’t think it was going to be this good! And it’s available in eight colors total so if you really love it you can get in multiple colors! And it’s $17 you just can’t beat the price. I got a medium, my normal a size.

ali manno sweater


If you like the style of that sweater, I want to show you this beautiful blush turtleneck sweater that I purchased recently!

I originally bought the sweater in the blush color I’m wearing in these photos and was unsure of what I would think of it. Only because of the low price. It’s funny, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over my years of blogging about clothes, it should be that price doesn’t mean an item is good or not. And that’s the truth! Some of my absolute favorite things I’ve ever found are an absolute steal of a price! And this turtleneck sweater is on that list! When I got it in the mail, I fell in love instantly! It’s super long, so it’s great for covering your booty and hips. Especially when wearing leggings. And it is so so so soft. You will not be feeling itchy whatsoever in this sweater. Plus, I loved it so much that I bought it in gray as well. I love wearing the gray with a pair of black leggings and knee high boots!

bachelor ali manno kelseybachelor ali manno kelsey


I just love a sweater with a big neckline like this because I feel like it looks so nice layered underneath jackets. I don’t have a picture of this exact sweater layered with a jacket. . I just feel like sweaters with big necks like this kind of double as wearing a scarf and make a look instantly feel styled even though you’re just putting on a sweater and jacket.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! Can’t wait to see what you have to say about Hannah B and all the Kelsey drama!

160 Thoughts

160 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Kelsey Drama

  1. It’s not Shailene woodley! Victoria looks like Shay Mitchell! From “pretty little liars” and “you”!!! I’m pretty sure that’s who you meant!!!

      1. I totally see Shay as well but after Ali pointing it out I actually feel like she’s Shay and Shailene! Like if you put the two together you get Victoria!

  2. Kelsey was for sure bullying Hannah Anne! It was just a little ridiculous that whole event. I get it she wanted the champagne thing to be special, but there was no need for all of the drama and the hurtful words.

    I was really proud of Victoria for going out on the runway and owning it! There is something about Hannah Anne that I don’t really like and I can’t really figure out what it is. She bugged me a little bit at the end of the fashion show when her and Victoria walked out together but that’s just her I guess. I’m not sure if she is just super confident or she’s super fake. I could be wrong but I just don’t get a great vibe from her. I hope that changes because Peter seems to be really into her!

    What are your thoughts on that preview of the end of the season?! I’m so curious as to what Chris Harrison was talking about “we all just found this out” I have a thought of what it might be (I haven’t read any spoilers or anything) I’m just curious to know what you think it is!

    1. I kind of agree with you about Hanna I don’t think there’s been much to totally judge her on, but something does rub me the wrong way. I also, don’t know what it is about the girls like telling on each other that bugs me too. Yes Peter should know, but I feel like he might see that side of her on his own too and telling him just seems kind of child like. Obviously if she continually was harassing her or something thats different, but I dunno. Show up to the date and show your true colors so he can see you. Not waste the time talking about some other chick.

    2. I also don’t like Hannah Ann and can’t figure out what it is. She does come off as fake, so maybe that’s it, but I can’t say for sure. I also don’t like how Hannah Ann and Victoria walked onto the runway together. I feel like it would’ve been more fair to have them do it separately. Did you see how Hannah Ann kind of threw the bottom of her dress over Victoria’s leg at the end? That seemed really rude and unnecessary to me. I’m so bad at predicting stuff, so I can’t even guess what Chris Harrison meant! Haha

      1. Agree that I don’t like Hannah Ann, ok we get it you’re a model, but I honestly don’t think she is the prettiest girl there and she seems very immature like a baby to me.

    3. Totally agree!! I don’t know what it is exactly either, but Hanna Anne doesn’t give me good vibes!! I don’t think Peter will end up with her.

    4. I think Kelsey was upset and said some hurtful things but it wasn’t bullying. We need to stop throwing that word around so lightly. But I would have been mad as well, it was a nice bottle and a moment for Kelsey. You should google Victoria F because some not so nice things have surfaced.

      1. Agreed. Bullying would be bad mouthing her to the whole house more then once, not yelling at her one time. This reminds of me if when Hannah g (Hannah Ann’s good friend) said taysha bullied her. There’s a difference between being mean/upset one time and bullying. I don’t care for how Kelsey handled that situation and feel Peter should have eliminated get but I equally don’t care for Hannah Ann’s use of that word.

      2. Agree! While hurtful (and could have been handled differently), it definitely doesn’t constitute bullying. It’s a big word and shouldn’t be taken lightly! And super disappointing Hanna Ann ran to Peter with it!. She’s a grown woman… address it directly.

        The whole situation was manufactured by the production team. Sad to force the women into this kind of un-needed drama. Frankly uncalled for. Let them be and let whatever plays out naturally be…

        1. Agree! The champs situation was either set up by producers or they did not intervene as it played out. Emotions were running high and Kelsey overreacted, but Hannah Ann was NOT bullied. For her to take this to Peter claiming she cried all night and felt bullied is highly manipulative and immature. He should take a step back from the ‘champagne’ and consider how both girls handled the situation. It speaks volumes. Not the qualities of a life partner or future parent that I’d be looking for.

      3. I completely agree. We cannot use the word bullying so casually. Bullying is repeated over a period of time and involves a power imbalance. As far as I can tell, Hannah Ann has the power here, and always has. I don’t think what Kelsey was kind or ok by any means, but I don’t think it was “bullying”—I think she lashed out and overreacted

        1. You’re right! I agree and take back the words “bullying” I do think it gets tossed around too easily. I think I was just agreeing that she wasn’t being nice and just used the word bullying. Totally my bad. I do feel for Kelsey like I said I get she had something special planned and I would be upset as well. But there was no need for those hurtful words, Bully or not, it was not nice. I just hope she doesn’t continue to attack Hannah Ann Or anyone else for that matter when she doesn’t get her way.

      4. Totally agree! Bullying is only when someone is repeatedly doing something or saying something hurtful to you. The word is thrown around way too much when people are just being mean or hurtful. It has to be repetitive.

    5. I don’t think Hannah Ann is necessarily manipulative. I hate to be mean but I think she is very stuck up and thinks she is better then everyone. And hasn’t anyone heard of Victoria’s history? 😳. It’s not good 😬

    6. I think that Hannah Ann’s reacts to situations with a facade, doesn’t show her feelings, and has a snob vibe, so that is why I think it’s harder to connect with her. When she is with Peter, she is suddenly becomes a sweet girl, so it feels fake..

  3. You know who Victoria looks like?! Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars! Look it up, trust me, they’re like identical!

    1. Also part two to this… what if in the end a girl ended up pregnant and that’s what Chris tells him. How insane would that be 😱

      1. Girl I just put that in my comment. It just seems like it fits. Dang I wish there were some good spoilers out there! Ha!

        1. I was thinking the same!!!! I don’t think the end has actually happened! LOL! I think that is what Peter is meaning behind his words that it cannot be spoiled… nothing to spoil yet…

          1. Ina interview withPeter he said he was engaged.
            I think it will be Madison from
            Auburn Al my pick also she met his family…great chemistry.

      2. I’ve had the same thought about one of them getting pregnant last week and after they talked about sex in the preview tonight I thought it even more!!!

  4. I am assuming you haven’t read the spoilers on Victoria ? If true she has had numerous affairs with married men and broken up homes which I find unacceptable and it makes it look like the producers will cast just anybody for ratings..Peter should run as far away from her as possible !

    1. While it’s not cool to have an affair with a married man, SHE didn’t break up their home—HE did. She is not the gatekeeper of a relationship she’s not in.

      1. I kinda agree with both of you. It definitely mostly on the fault of the men! However, when her date happened I was reading tons about this, and it seems to me like she went after like 7 or 8 married men… who’s weddings she went to. So idk. Seems like she might have a “type”

      2. Yes the men broke up their marriages but what does that say about her moral character that she slept w married men multiple times? And the spouses of her friends? If that someone you see as wife/mother material?

    2. Wow. I didn’t know. I am not a fan at all of hers any more at all. That is disgusting. While she isn’t the one married, you should respect yourself and other people enough to stay away from married people.

    3. I heard they don’t fact check anything. A previous person on the show said the person she almost married lied about everything he said on the show.

    4. If the married men fetish doesn’t do it, maybe the modeling (and pretending like she can’t model) in White Lives Matter apparel will sell you that she’s not a great human.

      1. The wording was a horrible decision on the clothing companies end but it is actually for a white marlin, the fish. They have the same thing saying blue lives matter (meaning the blue marlin).

  5. Kelsey was totally acting out of the line. Hannah Ann has not shown actions to be manipulative so far but something about her rubs me the wrong way but I can’t pinpoint what it is. It’s almost like she’s cocky versus confident. Hope Madison is the last one standing! She is so adorable!

    1. I think she is cocky instead of confident! Maybe that’s why she rubs me the wrong way. Like, she knows she’s beautiful and use it, by all means, but I feel like you should only use it to an extent. It comes off as cocky if you act like that constantly.

  6. I totally agree I think Hannah Ann is getting some bad edits, but handled the confrontation with Kelsey with grace. I hate how everyone is hating her and I just don’t see why! Kelsey staying I think was a favor Peter did for the Producers for the drama and ratings. I’m ready for her to go and the drama to go with her. ( I mean in the most positive way.) I’m so excited to see what comes next because I feel like we are only getting to know 4/5 girls and Not seeing any conversations from the rest, do you think the same?

    Loving your blog posts usually I have the opposite views as you and this season we are having close to the same and that’s really cool for me because I’m such a fan of you!

  7. Ali, love you and your blogs, I read it everyday.

    I think if Hannah was completely out of it, she would just wish Peter all the best on his journey and bow out….but it was left open ended…or edited that way…

    Her twitter and instagram are purposely vague….or double meanings….

    So either ABC is paying her not to say her ending or it hasn’t happened like you said…

    Peter’s parents say to Peter…go get her…so either Madison left on last day or he is going to get Hannah…..

    I think final 4 it is Victoria, Kelsey, Hannah Ann and Madison, and Madison being final one, along with Hannah on live show…and he is dating both…..

    The rest of the girls sad to say seem immature and not for him…

    Hopefully Peter is happy..

    Glad everyone healthy at your house to read all you updates

  8. I don’t like how Kelsey treated Hannah Ann, but I don’t think Hannah Ann should have went and told Peter about it. I think as a mature woman you go and talk about it with the other person involved. I know Kelsey did not want to talk initially, so let her cool down then talk the next day. Kelsey also wasn’t very nice to Mykenna, but we didn’t see her go off and tell Peter. So far I haven’t gotten the best vibes from Hannah Ann. I honestly thought she seemed fake from the get go.

    I really was impressed with Victoria showing confidence during her walk for the fashion show. I think she should’ve won since Hannah Ann is a model. I get why she was so upset since she put herself out there and the whole show is definitely an uncomfortable setting..

    I don’t think Kelsey will last that much longer. I don’t see her connection with Peter being that deep. I’d say Madison is the only one I really like so far and think will go far!

    1. Agree! Mykenna responded well and didn’t push it. Hannah kept insisting to get her words out rather than just letting her cool down. I also don’t buy that she cried all night.

  9. Don’t forget she also bullied Mykenna. Hannah Ann strikes me as fake and manipulative. I want to like her but something feels off. I totally know what you mean about pretty shaming but there are some other beautiful girls there (hello Madison!) and I don’t get that instinct to hate on her.

  10. Oh gosh, where to begin. I will be the first to admit I really thought Hannah B would play a more pivotal part. I do however still believe that she is ABC’s “ace in the hole”. The one preview of the end of the season where Chris says “we just found out” makes me wonder if someone ended up pregnant. 🙈 I cant believe I’m actually saying that but it’s so obvious sex is going to play a HUGE part of this entire season. So it makes me wonder if someone ends up pregnant. I mean nothing (except abstinence) is full proof. Just my thought 🤷‍♀️ As always Ali, I adore you and this blog!

  11. Love reading your thoughts and insight!
    Hannah Ann comes across as really cocky in my opinion, not just confident. I think that’s why she rubs people the wrong way. And it totally could be how the producers are spinning it. But I wasn’t a fan of her tattling to Peter about Kelsey (even though it was true.)
    I agree with you about the photo to Madison! He is DEFINITELY thinking she’s the “one.” Why else would he give her something so personal? I’m ok with that though, she’s my fave!
    I also thought it was interesting we didn’t see much of Victoria P (the nurse) in the promo…I thought she would go pretty far, but maybe not!

  12. I’m proud of Victoria, and Madison has a crazy connection with him! I Can hardly wait for the end already With the lil clips we are already seeing!

    Glad you and your kiddos are finally healthy!

  13. I am completely with you!! First, I wish Hannah B and Peter would hav ended up together, but they didn’t and it’s time to move on. Second, I agree that Kelsey bullied Hannah Ann and I think the producers are so behind that part of the drama. I think Kelsey will be around for a bit longer than you think, especially if Hannah Ann is in it for the long run. I strongly think the top two are Hannah Ann and Madison. I want Madison in the end, but I think it may be Hannah Ann during ATFR. I totally agree that I think it cannot be spoiled yet because it hasn’t happened and something big will happen during ATFR. I love reading your insight from you being on the show! It helps make sense of some of the behind the scenes things! And as always… Lovelovelove the outfit!

  14. I believe the whole Hanna B thing was another set up by producers knowing Hanna would get all emotional! Never thought they would get back together or she would join the house! Producers would never had asked him to be the bachelor had they thought they would want to be together all
    For ratings! Sad that some of the girls on group date really thought Hanna was going to get Peter back, majority of viewers know producers pull this crap for ratings and prey on the ones that have they can get all worked up for drama/ratings! I personally love Hanna Anne and Madison and they will be the last two standing! Chris Harrison always says there will be a dramatic ending! The dramatic ending will be one of these girls dad won’t give his blessing to an engagement and he doesn’t get engaged! These women are Definitely

    1. For some reason my post submitted before I finished with my post….The most beautiful group of women ever on one season! Why do the women all Have to be so caddy, emotional train wrecks, bully, and/or cause so much drama? makes it difficult to watch such immature women behave like this! I thin Hanna Ann handled herself with class and grace! The women hating on her in the house are jealous because they see the connection she has with Peter and want to ruin it for her, how sad!

  15. Hannah Ann is manipulative. She didn’t have to take the night to tell Peter these things. She knew what she was doing. When Kelsey came back in from talking to Peter and she said that I guess I’m a bully. Hannah had a smerk smile on her face. She knew what she did and she’s proud of it. She’s one of those pretty cheerleader girls in high school who always get what she wants. I really hope they don’t end up together.

  16. I’m sorry but that’s not bullying. Am I the only one?! The term “Bullying” cannot be thrown around like that. Bullying is a serious matter that is TARGETED, ONE SIDED, and occurs over time- repetitive nature. To me, that was not this. Was she rude?! Absolutely. Although, extremely upset…. we all overact when upset. But I’m not liking Hannah Ann. She has kind of played this in a few different situations. (Again possibly editing) but idk. Obviously a front runner, and the rest tend to get jealous of that, happens every year, but I think she’s being a little more intentional in her actions than she seems to be leading on.
    I’m really liking Madison. Idk we’ll see how the story unfolds!

    1. Yes!! I agree 100%! I was saying this to my husband: she was NOT bullying Hannah Anne. They overuse that word on the bachelor/bachelorette. It’s like a trigger word, just like “journey” and “open” and “honest”. They throw these words around blindly. She is not a bully. She was pissed at Hannah Anne and spewed words at her, that’s all.

    2. Not bullying, just being a bitch. We always tell our students “there’s a difference between bullying and just being a jerk”. If she was seeking out and saying mean things to Hannah Ann every night, just to hurt her, then she’d have a case for bullying, but this was not bullying. On another note, Hannah Ann Gabe one of those backhanded apologies “I’m sorry that you’re upset”. I hate when people do that!

    3. THANK YOU! Not bullying, your definition of bullying should help clarify to those who think she bullied. Rude? YES. Bully? No.

    4. AGREE! Wrote the same thing above. As a teacher, and a believer in restorative justice, we need to stop overusing the word ‘bullying’ and labeling ‘bullies’ and ‘victims’ so casually. It’s frustrating to see people who are not familiar with the term using it.

    5. YES I love all the teachers chiming in! I’m a teacher too and I’ve heard our guidance counselor talk about this sooooo many times. And it’s disturbing and frustrating that this many ADULTS are misusing and abusing this term! Being a jerk is NOT being a bully! And I truly think Kelsey understood the weight of that word when Hannah called her that.
      She was, as we would say at school, in the “red zone” Kelsey acted out while operating in the red zone. Basically when we are that heated, in the moment, our brains do not function. She acted out in that angry, frustrational state. However, DID NOT BULLY.

      1. I agree 100%!!!! This was not bullying!!! This was just mean girl behavior at best. They were both guilty of it. One just came across more crazy then the other one. Is Hannah another Luke P manipulator? 🤷‍♀️

  17. I wish Peter would stop the putting girls on the tables too. For me, It has happened too many times. I almost can’t watch anymore. I’m kind of embarrassed. If that makes any sense.
    I agree with you regarding the whole Kelsey/Hannah Ann champagne drama. I don’t think Hannah knew it was Kelsey’s. I could see why Kelsey was upset but that whole mean hatred side towards Hannah was so uncalled for. I think she should have gone home and agree with your reasons why she didn’t. I think it’s sad that the producers would want to reward that kind of behavior by encouraging or making you keep people who act like that around. Side note: I live in Iowa & I’m so disappointed in the representation it’s had, between Chris & her. Not a lot of Iowans get chosen to go on the show…
    I love the framed photo that Peter gave Madison. It’s pretty special so I do think he really see’s something there.
    I really like Victoria but she seems so fragile when it comes to being in this sort of environment. I’m not sure she’s cut out for it.
    I agree with you on how Peter handles situations & the girls individually. He does listen & seems like he genuinely cares about how they are feeling & doesn’t like to see them unhappy. You know he can’t be falling for all of them but he still cares, just as a person. He seems like a really great guy! I can’t wait to see who he ends up with. She’s going to b one lucky lady.
    I was so happy when you picked Roberto & then so sad when you two broke up. But you found Kevin & he seems like a great guy too. Happy for you. 🙂

  18. I never believed Hanna B and Peter would get back together or would she join the house! All
    Done by producers for ratings and to create drama! There is no way producers would have asked Peter to be bachelor if he had any thoughts of reuniting with Hanna B! Producers knew Hanna B would get all Emotional, what they do for ratings! Producers preyed not the girls that they could obviously use to create drama! Majority of viewers know producers prey on the ones they can get to be upset cause a scene cry bully and/or do whatever it will take to get his attention! I personally love Hanna Ann and Madison and believe they will be the last two standing! Chris Harrison always says there will be an ending like never before! I think one of the girls fathers does not give blessing to an engagement and he doesn’t get engaged to either of the two women at the end! The women on this season are by far the most beautiful group of women ever on the bachelor! The Women are always so caddy

    1. So sorry I tried to write two post and both submitted and I never even hit the submit button before I finished both post?? I apologize not sure why this happened when I did not finish either post and did not realize they both were posted! I replied to the dirts one to finish my post! Again sorry 😢

  19. I also have a theory about the ending. When chris comes to tell peter something it is about Hannah B winning dancing with the stars. They both ended on the same night. I think Hannah B was like I may have won, but there is only one person I want to share it with and it’s Peter. So now Hannah wants him now that she’s done and won.

  20. I agree with everything you’re saying about Hannah B. I love her and I can totally understand where she’s coming from. I would love to see her get another season like they did with Brad Womack. If anyone deserves another chance at this it’s her.

    I thought the way Kelsey treated Hannah Ann was downright nasty. I really don’t think she had any idea it was hers. Hannah Ann kept saying there was a mix up. I think it was either set up by the producers, or an honest mistake. I get that they want drama, but if a producer set that up it’s going a little too fat in my opinion.

    When Peter gave Madison that photo it sealed the deal for me that it’ll be her in the end, or he felt that way at the time. I mean that made it pretty obvious that she’s one of his top two.

    I don’t think Hannah Ann is manipulative at all. I haven’t seen her be nasty to anyone & the way she told Peter about what happened was very honest. She told him exactly what happened & it was the truth. I get that Kelsey was upset but she totally lied to Peter. And she was bullying Hannah Ann at the cocktail party. Sometimes I really wish the producers would show the Bachelor/Bachelorette the tape of what happened. Especially after what we saw with Luke P. Heck, if they want drama show it to all three of them.

    I do agree that Peter seems very invested in his conversations with the women. I also think part of it is the format. It
    seems less repetitive and more real.

    Anyway, I love you insights Ali. This season will be super exciting.

  21. I agree with so many of the comments this evening, but do wonder what the perception of Hannah Ann will end up being? Did anyone notice after the rose ceremony the smirky way she tipped her glass and pretended to drink as everyone toasted. It was definitely a moment she probably wishes hadn’t been caught on camera.

  22. Kelsey was NOT bullying Hannah Anne. They overuse that word on the bachelor/bachelorette. It’s like a trigger word, just like “journey” and “open” and “honest”. They throw these words around blindly. She is not a bully. She was pissed at Hannah Anne and spewed words at her, that’s all. Did she overreact? Sure. Should’ve Hanna Anne kept her mouth shut and just let it go? Absolutely. I wouldn’t say Hannah Anne is manipulative. I would say she’s overly confident and her personality is meh. She isn’t likeable. She’s beautiful, yes, but not likeable.

  23. I’m starting to really lose interest in this show and that’s solely because of the producers. You cant even call this a reality show because of the editing, clearly keeping kelsey around, bringing hannah B back (waterproof mascara is a normal thing)!!! Setting up hannah ann with the champagne. I can’t anymore. It’s getting too scripted. What happened to the reality show you were on? 😑

  24. I personally don’t feel that Hannah Ann is being manipulative at all. I guess we all have to remember that this show probably shows certain sides of us when we get in situations that wants to make the viewers think a certain way about the girls but I have liked Hannah from the beginning, I think she is a good girl. Kelsey is tooooo much!!! It doesn’t really matter What she thinks the definition of bullying is, if Hannah felt bullied then she is entitled to how she felt to all of Kelsey’s name calling after she tried to make it right twice.
    Why in the world would Hannah willingly steal her champagne if for no other reason than making herself look bad to Peter!!
    I’m enjoying this season so far. I LOOOOVE Peter as the bachelor!!!

  25. I agree with you about Kelsey! Not a fan of her and she was being a bully. I adore ally like Hannah Anne. She’s adorable and seems genuine.

  26. So funny that many of us think Victoria looks like someone famous. I do too….a combination the “catch me outside” girl and Snookie, lol.

  27. Kelsey is absolutely stunning – until she opens her mouth and calls names and gets beeped for cussing all the time. Not classy at all.

  28. What I loved about Peter tonight was the way he seemed to looked at Victoria when Hannah Ann was announced the winner. He clearly noticed Victoria a great deal and it almost looked like he would’ve picked her if it was his decision. The look itself was very sweet and validating to who she is. As a shy girl, I appreciate that a great deal. Also I think that date was set up for Hannah Ann to win. Isn’t she a revolve model already? I mean I have no idea but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  29. I am beyond over Hannah B. I think Jake Owen sang it best 😀. I really like Madison and Hannah Ann. I don’t see the issues people do with Hanna Ann. I can’t stand Kelsey. She yelled at two people tonight and spoke in a way that is uncalled for. She is a hot mess. I do think she will be around awhile though because the previews showed her saying she thinks she is in love with him. I do think someone is pregnant in the end. This season is going to focus a lot on sex, you can see that. This shall be interesting.

  30. I agree that Kelsey was being a bully. She seems a little unstable not to be mean. I think like you said though the emotions are running high in those situations regardless. It’s funny you said that about Victoria because I was thinking the same thing! I think she also looks like an actress named Shay Mitchell. She played Peach on the Netflix show “You.” Now that you said Shailene Woodley though I definitely see both! Like a cross between the two ha! Thanks for the great feedback on tonight’s show.

  31. Honestly ,I think I fully disagree with you on the whole Hannah Ann situation. I feel like she is very manipulative and it kind of coming off as a Luke p situation,always running to “tell on” ya know ? If that makes sense. But I do feel like of course Kelsey was very rude , just not actually bullying persay..

    I just hope the end does NOT involve Hannah B ,but my strong feeling tells me it does ! I really hope he ends up with Madison ,she seems real & sweet and that gift for her seem like something special.

    The whole table thing ,I agree ! I feel as if it should not come in certain moods,not every time you want to make out lol

  32. I love that you got Molli a big bed. Dont wait so long with the little guy. In some ways it will be harder for YOU to put him in a big bed.

  33. Hey Ali! Love you and your blog. Follow you daily <3

    Do you think the champagne bubbling up in Kelsey's face could have also been set up by producers? Maybe they suggested to Peter to offer to her to drink directly from the bottle. However, after it tipped over and they shook it up, didn't they both know that it would come out like that?!

  34. Regarding Hannah Ann, it is hard to know how she is in real life, but some of the ways she has acted on the show do make her seem fake or manipulative to me, although you never know what’s going on inside a person. For example, it seems she smiles a lot with her mouth but not her eyes, making her seem insincere. Also, the way she responded to Shiann on night 1 when she told her she was upset that Hannah interrupted her time after she already had time with Peter twice. Hannah smiled and acted like she was on Shiann’s side which seemed fake and condescending, and never acknowledged her role in Shiann’s hurt feelings. Notice the way she flung her skirt at the front of the runway and it looked like she actually hit Victoria with it. She knew there were 2 of them on the runway yet she acted like she was the only one. Finally at the cocktail party she acted sad and pitiful with Peter and not at all interested in spending quality time on their relationship (in fact I haven’t gotten the impression she’s even into Peter), yet during the daytime portion of the date she looked like she was having a blast despite supposedly being up all night crying. Just wanted to explain some of the things we’re seeing that have nothing to do with “pretty-shaming” 🙂

  35. Once again, love your Bachelor blog- thank you for your time, Ali! Such genuine thoughts mixed with your Bachelorette perspective, which makes the read just that much more interesting. Ok, so, I really like Peter, too. I also, personally, don’t like the counter play aspects… But, here’s the interesting part to me. All of us viewers are oddly given this voyer perspective into another person’s intimate life, which isn’t common. And so, Peter is brave, bold, and being very vulnerable as to who he is this way, with the consenting women he’s dating, and they’re sharing just the same-agreed to it for TV, in fact. So, we choose to watch, and I wonder to myself now, who am I to judge their choices just because they may be different than mine for TV? Anywho, deep thoughts…Onto Miss HB: I do believe she’s shown in the closing dramatic clips, walking as she does very confidently through a stairwell, with her long, sleek hair and edgy black (leather?) jacket, heading into a TV-lit space. So, I feel confident we have not seen the last of them together, as I feel they both know they must explore their string feelings fully to be certain they both know they’ve made the best life choice, together or apart. My hunch is she *may* be the girl in the green dress and/or the one in the steamy bathroom and/or bed scene…Regardless, through all Peter’s explorations, my hope is he gains a resolute clarity as to whom has enraptured his heart&soul. And, I wish the exact same trajectory for Miss Hannah, whether with Peter or with another beautiful soul to share her fabulous journey. 💕🙏🌹

  36. I have a bad feeling about Hannah Ann. Not that she is a bad person. Just get the impression she is “here for the wrong reasons.” Last night when here and Victoria had the walk off she was talking about getting all the clothes while Victoria was just all about Peter and did not care about the clothes. I’m not against her, i do think she is nice and likes him, just think she has her eye on 15 minutes of fame as well. Like you said, it could be editing too, they want some one to play that role and her confidence allows for that.

  37. Did anyone else notice when Hannah Ann and Victoria walked the catwalk together and at the end, Hannah Ann through her dress over Victoria’s leg, almost as if to intentionally hit her with it? That’s when I lost interest in her and realized she’s no different than any of the other girls trying to stir up the pot. Her intentions are definitely not innocent.

  38. Ali,
    What are your thoughts on this…. What Chris tells Peter is that someone on the show is pregnant 🤰 so now he is conflicted on what to do. Just something that a friend and I were discussing. From the promo for next week it seems like this could be a possibility. If he is having sex with women before fantasy suites.

  39. Who knew so much drama could come from a champagne bottle! I don’t know if I buy just how special this bottle was but rather it was a move she had planned out to make herself stand out (which there is nothing wrong with that). She got the bottle for her birthday (27th birthday so it’s not like it was a milestone and extra special birthday) and brought it with her. So what? Ok even if it was an expensive bottle- I just don’t see how it’s so special. Having said all that I can see why she was upset because she was excited and built up for it and wanted that special moment with him. She had the right to be disappointed and to voice that. But her reaction was overboard and she was verbally abusive towards Hannah Ann. Even if Hannah Ann did this intentionally (which I do not believe at all) she swooped much further down by calling her names. She could of voiced her thoughts and emotions and agreed to disagree without calling her a b***** and such. I’m glad Hannah Ann did say something to Peter because to me Kelsey is very over dramatic and cannot handle conflict and I think that’s a red flag for a relationship. I wish Peter had pulled both woman aside and helped hashed it out right there to clear the air.

  40. Hi Ali
    bachelor talk:
    the scene about the champane was silly don’t youthink?
    could have handled the situation differently don’t get me wrong the champane spilit on Kesley was funny so lets see about next week.

  41. Yes, ChampagneGate REEKED of producer manipulation to me! I’m totally with you on getting why Kelsey was upset, but definitely that’s no way to treat Hannah Ann. I’m not sure if I totally buy that Hannah Ann had no clue, but I don’t think she knew for certain if it was or wasn’t (based on her reaction when Kelsey confronted her) — it seemed more like she was suspicious it might’ve been but then assumed it wasn’t (because either the producers would’ve stepped in, or because she assumed Kelsey wouldn’t leave it out where anyone could make that mistake, or whatever reason). But I don’t think she did it maliciously.

    I was amazed at how baffled Kelsey was that Hannah Ann called her out for bullying! She seemed like she really didn’t think she did anything wrong even though she called her a b*tch to her face/as she was walking away! And I was a little disappointed that Peter was like “I don’t know who to believe” since Kelsey didn’t even deny calling Hannah Ann those things and all she said was that she “knew” Hannah Ann knew what she was doing (but didn’t provide any proof for how she would’ve known…unless that’s edited out but unless she straight up told Hannah Ann her plan AND where her plan was coming to fruition, I don’t know how you could say that with any certainty).

    One thing’s for sure — they are coming out HARD with the drama this season!

  42. I agree with your bachelor comments…Hannah has done nothing to be bullied and hopefully Peter sees that…I love Victoria too and she is so pretty and sweet, but was a little annoyed how she acted after losing the runway contest…Kelsey has too much drama and needs to go on home 🤷‍♀️

  43. I totally agree with you! I’m not 100% sure how I feel about Hannah Ann yet but she didn’t deserve to be treated that way last night. She was trying to make things right and Kelsey was being a total B! But, unfortunately, I think that probably guarantees that Kelsey will be around for way too long. The producers will want her there for the drama. Ugh! I was so happy that Victoria found her confidence and rocked that runway! But I also wish she could’ve been a better loser. She should’ve been proud of herself for “being seen” and getting to the end. But, I’m sure part of that was emotions from the show as well. I can’t imagine competing with all of those gorgeous women for a man… matter how stunning she is herself.

  44. I didn’t like how Hannah Ann walked the runway with Victoria and looked like she hit her when she flung her dress. She was very forceful with it knowing she was right there. All these girls remind me of things my daughter is going through in high school right now and it is very childish. I don’t like the bullying but something with Hannah Ann is off for me. She knows more than she puts on.

  45. I felt bad for Kelsey because that really would have been devastating. It was just very unfortunate that she handled the situation the way that she did! She was so mean to Hannah Ann. I don’t think that Hannah Ann is necessarily the innocent doe eyed sweetheart she looks to be, though. I get the sense that she is so recklessly out to “win” Peter that she doesn’t really care who’s feelings get hurt in the process. I know that they aren’t there to make friends but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have compassion! The Kelsey situation is a great example. Had I been Hannah Ann, I think I would have reacted sooooooo differently when someone told me that I had ruined a special surprise set up. I truly think I would have been close to tears! And even though Hannah Ann took the initiative and attempted to say she was sorry, it seemed like she was just doing it just to do it – a formality thing. She also never felt the need to tell Peter she was being bullied until Kelsey came back from the one on one time w/ P and gushed about how well it went. I don’t know, it could be the editing! I’m sure it’s hard to be yourself with a camera in your face! I wouldn’t label her a mean girl, but I confidently label her a nice one either. Not yet!

  46. I totally agree with most of your interpretation, but definitely don’t think what Kelsey is doing is bullying. Her meanness was totally out of line and I felt bad for Hannah Ann, but in order to bully, you need to 1-Have a power imbalance (which doesn’t seem to exist. If anything, Kelsey is the underdog in the situation) 2- Be repeated. It’s possible more happened that was just edited out, but we only saw the one instance, so it doesn’t seem like the behavior was repeated. Sorry, I am a teacher and am a stickler with the word “bully.” Misuse of the word makes it less powerful in instances where there is actual bullying happening.


    I’m glad hannah B and peter were able to talk…Normal relationships end when one person isn’t into it anymore…or they want different things…the way the relationships ends on the bachelor leaves this open ended what if
    I don’t think hannah b was trying to do anything other than show up to do what was asked of her for peters group date.
    She went off in a private room to be emotional …she didn’t ask peter for a conversation…the cameras found her and I’m sure producers told peter to go talk to her (makes good tv)
    I will say that peter gave hannah TWO in’s
    1. Come stay in the house
    2. I just want someone to want me as bad as I want them…she said nothing
    He did the right thing by telling her he had to get back to the girls
    Hannah and peter are both good people that deserve all the happiness in the world
    I pray they find the right people for themselves

    The way Kelsey problem solved with McKenna AND hannah Ann is a CLEAR sign of her lack of maturity and willingness to be a half of a couple…
    It’s a HUGE red flag and speaks volumes to her skill set as a person…

    You have to pick your Battles in life…you can’t make everything a battle
    She said I’m so tired of being hurt…I just want to be happy
    Well…someone should have taught her that SHE is in charge of her happiness…and it doesn’t happen when you are making mountains out of mole hills

    To anyone that is married…you know how important it is to have a partner that listens and is willing to work things out…as peacefully as possible
    When this girl gets upset she throws a temper tantrum…cuts people off and starts to devalue their character

    Her emotional outbursts were equivalent to a two year old stomping their feet and throwing themselves down on the ground…🙄

    I have 4 children (15,13,11,8)
    and if I saw my child acting like this I would feel like I had failed to prepare them for life
    To Kelsey, Life isn’t fair sweet child
    You need a BIG LESSON in making lemonade out of lemons…and a hefty dose of find some respect for yourself and others
    you aren’t even close to being ready for marriage…you need to grow up first
    And I promise you if you get married before you have some self growth…you will be miserable and make your partner miserable too

  48. I felt like the runway was planned for Hanna Ann to win; I don’t know but it was obvious by the way the judges were reacting. I knew Hanna Ann would win; kinda of unfair with other females that even the cameras didn’t focus on them but Hanna Ann. Just my observation.

    I think Kelsey has the right to be upset but it just that she didn’t handle it well. Name calling is so immature.

    I didn’t like this episode, it was a downer when Peter and Hannah B. parted ways…and the champaigne drama.

    Hopefully, next week will be a pleasant one.

  49. I agree with you on all of this! One thing I was thinking….Peter drank that champagne too…why was she completely blaming Hanna Ann? Sometimes women are illogical! High emotion situation I know but Peter was to “blame” as well! How were they supposed to know it was her set up? I was wanting to change the channel with how childish it was! I agree with the Madison situation as well! He’s way into her! Hope he picks her!

  50. I agree that the producers could of prevented that whole champagne fiasco! Sooo…makes me wonder if that Dom wasn’t provided for, for the drama??? I don’t see that Hannah Ann as mean or calculated…Kelsey, well…she’s a hot mess and drinks waaay too much and I think that makes her sloppy. After week 2, I’m struggling to watch this season but hoping for the best!

  51. Something I have not seen anyone question….who is Peter’s Mom wanting so badly for him to be with? I think it has to be either Hannah B or Madison. Unless they connect with another girl at some point. I felt like they really liked Madison but enough for all Moms tears? They are the only parents I recall showing up at ATFR when their son was not the final choice.
    They really liked HannH. Thoughts?

  52. I love, love LOVE Peter! I think he’s kind and genuine and I do believe he is giving or trying to give his all to everyone. I so hope this works out for him. I loved Victoria waking the runway. It was great to see her come out of her shell. I love Madison too. I hope that Hannah B finds her man but I agree that it probably won’t be Peter. Champagne gate was a little much. I get the initial upset but it went on way too long. This season is already good and we are only on episode two. I’m really glad that as of right now they are saying nobody knows what happened. I don’t like to have it spoiled for me and the more I get involved in bachelor nation the more I see spoilers. But I also agree about the counter move.. super sexy but have a couple moves 🙂

  53. I don’t like Hannah Ann, but the way Kelsey treated her was so disrespectful. I can’t believe she bullied Hannah Ann that way and then when she talked to Peter, she acted like she had never bullied her. It bothers me even more that she started crying. I get that champagne bottle meant a lot, but I also agree that Hannah Ann and Peter more than likely didn’t know it was hers. Kelsey needs to go. She is definitely not right for Peter and even if she doesn’t like the other girls, she needs to be respectful.


    At the end when Peters mom says, you love her, and bring her home – seems like how could a mom want Hannah B who did sent her son home the first time and was not the one she picked.
    Victoria is very sweet but not on the same level as Peter and he would always be trying to make her more positive and confident

  55. Hi Abi,
    I always enjoy reading your blog n following the days of your growing beautiful family.

    I agree with your insight on the whole Hannah Ann n Kelsey saga. Crazy!

    However, my thoughts on the outcome of Peters heart. I believe he will fall in love (maybe with a few ladies), but ultimately I think the news that Chris Harrison Alludes to at the end, a small give away, if that chris says, ‘ we ALL just found out….
    I’m thinking it was filmed the exact day on the finale of dancing with the stars when Hannah won the title n the whole world knew the news as well (except Peter).
    Hannah wanted to share her news n celebrate with Peter as well. Note: Peter did tell her at the end of her season to ‘go win that trophy’!!
    She wanted to share that win with him.

    Given his strong love for her, it took him back to that connection they shared together! 💝

    I really think his mom (in tears) meant her statement when she said to Peter in tears, ‘go get her (2xs), bring her home! That she meant it for Hannah B!!!!!

    I hope my prediction is correct!
    Look forward to watching the season unfold!

    Also, can u please share where u found your large round wood clock? I’m in love! Thank u

  56. I agree with you, Ali that Peter and Hannah B. will not end up together. No one wants to be the 2nd or 3rd pick. You want the one you are suppose to be with to be head over heels in love with you as you are with them. I hope Madison is the one for Peter! I really like her and she appears to be drama free so that’s a plus!

  57. So if Kelsey doesn’t stay around long why did they show her on previews last night saying she is in love with Peter. I agree though that she kind of went over the top with drama on the champagne. Yes she had every right to be upset but you gotta play things a bit cool. I wouldn’t want to be known as the source of drama anyways!

  58. I think Victoria looks like and makes facial expressions like KelliE Pickler (but with brown hair)! It took me alllll night to figure it out then she made a face during one of the interviews and now I can’t stop seeing Kellie Pickler! Ha!

    Also, poor Kelsey, she needs to go home. I feel like she’s embarrassing herself and I can’t imagine that she doesn’t see how she was bullying now that she is watching it back.

  59. My thoughts on the finale…has nothing to do with anyone being pregnant. I think he’s planning to propose to Madison. She leaves for whatever reason (sex, who knows)…he gets the word which is why he can’t breathe. I think the scene with his parents telling him to go get her is about Madison. Just my thought 😊

    1. I agree- definitely not pregnancy related. The timeline of the show wouldn’t match up with a positive pregnancy test, unless he started having sex like night 1.

  60. It has been driving me crazy trying,to,figure,oit who kelly looks like? I feel like she looks like a past contestant but dont know which one….help!?

  61. Thanks Ali for the blog, I totally agree with you about Kelsey. And I like Hannah Ann, alot. Kelsey was awful and should let it go. And I also agree that Peter gave her a rose because he felt badly about the Champagne Gate situation. I am a little concerned about something. Reality Steve posted that Kelsey and Victoria made the final 4!!! WHAT??? I dont agree, I like Madison alot , and Hannah Ann. He went on to say that Victoria had an awful reputation in her town as a man stealer!!! Not sure what is true or not but thought that was worth exploring. Peter is a great guy and I truly hope he finds love. I really enjoy your blog, keep it up and good job. I am way older than most but my husband and I love the show and love you!

  62. I secretly want Hannah B to still be a part of it in the end 🙈 As far as Hannah Ann, I think what is rubbing people the wrong way was the way she responded night one about stealing peter so many times. I can’t remember who she was talking to, but her body language came off as “i don’t care how you feel.” And then the whole Kelsey drama she never actually apologized (from what we saw) she just kept saying “I acknowledge your feelings and I apologize.” It just wasn’t sincere and I felt like it would have been better for her to walk away than repeat what she kept saying about acknowledging her feelings and what not. It just didn’t give her a good look. I think Madi goes far, maybe the last one standing, but I feel like for the producers to show that so early on means something will happen between them.

  63. Love your analysis but I disagree with one thing! Victoria totally reminds me of Shay Mitchell!!! Not so much shailene Woodley right?!?! Someone else tell me they see it!

  64. Hey there…could not wait to see your Blog today. First off I think Kelsey is AWFUL..PERIOD! I don’t think that totally set up champagne thing was fair to either girl. Hannah Ann seems immature and clueless but I like how she didn’t get into it with Kelsey like she could have. I’m really surprised at how this season is being manipulated and how MEAN so many of these girls are Makes it hard to even follow along …very over Hannah B and Peter, that ship should sail. Totally agree that Morgan is a serious contender.

  65. I’d be pissed too if someone drank my $200 bottle of Dom and then a $12 bottle of Prosecco exploded in my face on national television!! Haha

  66. I agree with what you have said.
    I thought it was stupid to bring Hannah B on the show at all, so unfair to everyone.
    Don’t care for Kelsey, she’s a drama queen, several way too emotional gals on the show.
    Really like Madison, she seems together and
    genuine…maybe a keeper.
    Love Peter, but wish he would keep his hands off all of their legs, and they wouldnt drape them all over him…too much
    Take it back a few notches…

  67. I think Hannah Ann using the term ‘bully’ was a little extreme and she was trying to manipulate Peter. I don’t think she knew that it was Kelsey’s set up however I would have been upset as Kelsey was. I’m just over Hannah Ann and she is too young to want to be married. Victoria F looks like Shay Mitchell. I hope the stuff that has come out about her from Reality Steve isn’t true but it doesn’t look good at all.

  68. Ali, concerning Kelsey vs. Hannah Ann, I got the impression at the Revolve fashion show that Kelsey is just straight up jealous of HA. HA is petite, has a precious little face, cute nose, looks good in anything she puts on, has style and class. All things that Kelsey is not. I get the feeling that Kelsey has been competing against HA’s type all her life and it just got the best of her in this situation. The green-eyed monster was just rearing it’s head. Straight up jealousy!

  69. So I’m not a fan of Kelsey, but I’m not a fan of Hannah Anne. Clearly she “always wins” and that gets under the skin of other girls. It’s like that girl in high school who always steals the boy after you told her about why you liked him (worst example ever, I know!) I think what it is with Hannah Anne is that she knows she deserves to win. When Victoria got the group date rose, Hannah Anne didn’t look happy. She had this smile and then “oh! I didn’t get it!” type of look. Lastly, the group date was definitely centered around her. She’s a model and this group date was made for her! It almost makes me think that possibly she’s using it as a platform (??)

    With the champagne crisis, I think that the girls are just as tired of it. However, I’ve also noticed that this group of girls are completely different than the past. I’ve seen so many look after each other, have fun with each other, celebrate one another, it’s so sweet!

    Lastly, my theory is like an accident happened on the way to the final rose to where she had to be taken to the hospital, but is okay now. If so, then maybe live, he will propose to her? Also, what we see could have nothing related to the one he chooses. Also, I think the part about him feeling like he is going to pass out is from a different episode. The reason why I think this is because towards the later episodes in the preview, a scar randomly appears on his forehead, like something happened on a date or something. I am also curious about who his mom is referring to!! Can’t wait for next week!!

  70. Aly, I always love reading your blogs and the comments. What really got me going tonight after watching this week’s episode
    was how wrong it was of Kelsey to treat any other human that way. And then to lie or beat around the Bush about it with Peter. It was bullying and she was awful to both girls. How is this even accepted in our world today? When I see this broadcasted on national tv it makes my heart and head hurt so much that girls can be like this to one another. I have worked in the beauty industry for 14 years with almost all women, day in and day out, and we have never talked or acted this way to one another. Plant your feet where you want to grow and stand to be a wonderful, loving and caring human being ladies! Sending love to everyone!

  71. So normally I agree with you 99% of the time. But I do hate how the word bullying gets thrown out there. It makes it less impactful for when it is truly happening. I agree, Kelsey’s reaction was horrible and just ridiculous. However, having a rude confrontation in an emotionally fueled moment shouldn’t be called bullying. It is bad form and she should most definitely apologize for her behavior, but she (this far) isn’t a bully. Also, for those calling Hannah Ann manipulate and calculated… I want to throw on my feminist hat and say she is strategic. She is taking advantage of situations as they come. It is a dating show. She should! Girl can also keep a calm head when being confronted, which I admire.

    Thanks Ali for your insights, I always love hearing your perspective. You should host a live discussion or final rose watch!

  72. Hi Ali! I love your blog and look forward to reading it every week. I totally agree she looks like Shay Mitchell and Megan Markle! Lol Also I have to completely disagree about your take on Hanna Ann. She’s totally manipulating situations. You can tell that’s the person she is and tries to play the innocent card. Don’t let those innocent pretend looks fool you. 😆😆

  73. I think Kelsey and Hannah are both playing games. I don’t think Hannah knew it was Kelseys champagne.. but I don’t think she would have cared either way. It’s not like she would interrupt a romantic moment with Peter to spare Kelseys feelings. I also think she was stirring the pot with Kelsey by continuing to approach her. She’s a model and is probably used to working with other women right? So she should know that when someone is THAT upset you should back off.

    Having said that.. Kelsey was so childish in the way she handled things. I mean She showed absolutely no grace. I also think she says things just to win sympathy. Like when she was accused of being a bully and then she burst into tears and said “but I actually was bullied!” Come on. Just apologize. I hope Peter sees through both of them.

    Anyway.. this is the first season of the bachelor I’ve ever watched so maybe my instincts are way off lol

  74. My thought, something happens where Madison has to go home at the end (family emergency maybe??) and so Peter is going to wait to propose to her at ATFR. Hence his mom saying “bring her home to us” OR someone is pregnant 🤣 hahaha

  75. I think Kelsey getting upset over the champagne was totally ok BUT she went off on Hannah Ann for no reason.

    I think he kept her for both of the reasons you listed above.

    I don’t see the problem with Hannah Ann at all.

    The preview for the season has me dying from suspense. I do everything in my power to stay surprised because I LOVE SURPRISES! I do hope he finds “the one”

  76. I really like Madison. However, I honestly feel like I am not starting to really like any of the other girls. The show really seems to be highlighting this petty champagne drama (perhaps because there isn’t any other drama going on), while at the same time not showing the sweet side of the other women or genuine relationships forming with peter. Its kind of getting annoying.

    In regards to Hannah Ann…Ali, Did you see the face she made at the end of her confrontation with Kelsey??? Oh my gosh! I don’t think she knew the champagne was hers, but the way she handled that conversation was so ridiculously terrible. It was like a smile and a wink knowing that she was “winning” the situation and didn’t really apologize . ugh!!

    1. So to a certain extent I agree about not liking many of the other girls, but it is early so I am holding out hope. That being said, Tammy was HILARIOUS this episode. I loved her “My curls are falling out because of this stress” comment. I don’t think she will go too far with Peter, but I want to see her on Paradise in the future.

  77. 1st. I think I’m one of the only ones that agrees that Victoria looks like Shailene Woodley. And not only do i agree but I thought the same thing during her whole conversation with peter…and her voice reminded her of her too (esp from that show she was in. Secret life of the american teenager)
    2. In the promo of Peter’s mom crying i think its 100% about maddison. They met her on the first date and loved her and then I’m sure they spent time with her as the final 2 and something must happen with her that makes his mom beg him to get her back.
    3. Kelsey- and I the only one that seems to think hanna Ann and champange gate aside that she seems really sweet. They showed her more then once being the girl to console the other girls when they were upset and her first interview before the champange thing happened she seemed sweet. I dont totally buy Hannah’s whole story about how things went down at night after the rose ceremony. I feel like that may have been exaggerated.
    4. The theories that someone gets pregnant I highly doubt…if that were the case in think there would be much more build up to it being THE MOST DRAMATIC SEASON EVER.
    5. Tammy is my favorite. We need to see more of her! Hopefully in paradise. Love her

  78. Agree with everything you said Ali, aside from the ending. I’m hoping Peter’s mother is talking about either Madison or Hanna B!
    By the way, does anyone else think that Madison looks just like Katherine Schwarzenegger?

  79. So I was watching the bachelor and noticed an syrup bottle at the rose ceremony. On the main coffee table area. While the girls we sitting down talk? Guess we missed that part.😜

  80. In my opinion, I don’t what it is either but I don’t like Hannah Ann. She is a beautiful,pretty girl but She just reminds of pettiness, sneakiness, and manipulation which is something that girls do at a young age. I mean she is only 23.
    The whole champagne thing I was honestly on Kelsey’s side because I can see that she set that up to be a moment for her and Peter. To have it be ruined just like that, I would be upset but then again I would of holded onto that bottle and set it up when I was with Peter. I don’t think Hannah Ann knew it was her bottle but I do believe that Kelsey was acting out of her being upset on her since she was the one who opened it. She probably should of not have cursed at her but maybe talked it out instead.
    There was no way she was bullying her she was just saying stuff to her because she was upset in the moment which every women can vouch for. There are moments though you have to act like a lady though. In the end though Hannah Ann should not of told Peter, that’s like being a little manipulative tattle tale like she’s a child. Yes sorry I don’t like her or Mykenna. They seem very into drama to me and they don’t mean to do it on purpose it just happens.
    I absolutely love Madison now she is genuine and real. You can just see it. I’m rooting for her! I was so happy for Victoria F. to come out of her shell in the fashion show she is honestly gorgeous. I agree with you guys they should of gone separately.

    1. Just wanted to add to my post, Ali I have been following you for years now. I love watching you with your kids, your such a great Mom and their so adorable. I’m so happy you found your happiness with Kevin. You guys make my day ❤️

  81. @forevertitianna on ig

    Ooh girl! I’m actually quite surprised you don’t think Hannah and Peter belong together. I’m quite, impressed actually lol I thought you’d be more on Hannah’s side.
    I love Hannah and Peter together. I think they look good together, I think they both have that dorky quality that makes them a perfect match. But I agree with you, I don’t think it’ll be her in the end (although I would love to see it) It just seems so backwards for her and for him as well.

    Also, when you say you were too tired to keep having the same conversations over and over again girl I understand! I always say I don’t think I could ever be the lead. I’d probably have a serious migraine trying to connect with so many people at once.

  82. Does anyone else love the evolution of The Bachelor with social media?! First of all, 14 year old me that watched the first episode would have loved to have twitter the day after because the memes are even better than the show sometimes! The Champagne-gate memes are just too much!

    Second, I believe on Colton’s season it was referred to as “glam-shaming” not body shaming. I haven’t seen any of that edited into the show.

    Third, Hannah Anne isn’t manipulative as much as she is disingenuous and she really doesn’t seem innocent for Peter at all. I think he and Madison will be a great couple!

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