Have Fun with Fashion – Colorful Dress and White Booties

Oh my gosh you guys, I’m so happy you came to my blog today because I am absolutely obsessed with this colorful dress! Truly it is one of my absolute favorites ever and I know you you will love it just as much as I do. I am wearing it at work today so check out my insta stories if you want to see the dress in action! Plus, I think this dress would be such a fun NYE option so I figured today was a good day to write about it so you can order it in time!

floral wayf colorful dress


I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately but I’ve definitely been having more fun with my fashion lately. Like with this look below. I feel like in the past I stuck to really classic simple outfits, which I love, but lately I’ve just been feeling a little bit more funky! And it’s exciting for me because I think fashion should be fun and you should be able to wear whatever makes you feel good. You can see more details about the outfit below here! I also paired it with some amazing pants!

mystical top and skirt


Okay, let’s talk about this gorgeous, colorful dress. I’m wearing a size medium in it which is my normal size. So I would definitely say it’s true to size. I love the exaggerated sleeves on it. Not only the puff sleeves, but it has these incredible built-in details down the lower third portion of the sleeve. It has a vintage feel with a modern twist.

And the lip I am wearing in this is a Nars Lip Pencil in the color Red Square FYI.

floral wayf colorful dress


The colors are so vibrant! I almost wore pair of black pumps with this but I thought because of the super fun vibrant colors a white bootie just made it so much more fun! But you could totally do a black pump with us and it would still be such a showstopper! It’s definitely a little bit more of an investment than I normally spend on clothes but is just over $100. I still think it’s a steal because it’s just so so so beautiful!

floral wayf dress


And right now, I just noticed on the Neiman Marcus website that you can earn a gift card with your purchase. So I think if you buy this dress, you might be able to get a $50 gift card back. I could be wrong though. You might need to spend a little bit more – I’m not sure. The code for that is BONUS.

floral wayf colorful dress


Anyway, let me know if you’ve any questions about the dress or just wanna chat in general! I always love it when you guys leave any comments! Have a great Monday everybody

13 Thoughts

13 thoughts on “Have Fun with Fashion – Colorful Dress and White Booties

  1. So fun! In response to your email, I’d love to see swimwear! We are doing a spring break trip the first week of March and it will be our first vaca after baby. First swimsuit purchase post partum (my daughter is 16 months lol). Would love affordable recommendations!

  2. Ok, you asked for comments so here you go!
    1. The dress print not for the upcoming holidays.. the print is more appropriate for spring/summer
    2. The lip color MUCH too red on you
    3. The hair needs help…try a hair makeover. Just my personal opinion

    1. Leila I have feedback/a question

      Why are you SO mean? Do you not work or have anything better to do then bully a fashion blogger? We’re you bullied growing up? You should seriously consult with a mental health professional. Anyone who thinks consistently commenting negative things in a strangers blog had deep seeded issues.

      Ali thanks for providing this FREE blog for us. I read it while taking my “pumping breaks” at work 😁Keep up the great work and happy holidays!

    2. Everything you post is always negative, I suggest you find a blog you enjoy more and stop following one you obviously do not.

      1. Amy, Leeanne, Jackie:
        So, I’m not allowed to state my opinion, like everyone else? First of all, my response is not directed at any of you. It IS directed at the blogger! Second of all, she (Ali) asks for comments to her posts, whether positive or negstive, If she has a problem with my response then she should not be blogging. Like the saying goes “if you can’t handle the heat, then get out of the kitchen”

        1. Your comments are always very critical and rude. You never have anything positive to say. I believe that you are an attention seeker and just want people to respond back to you.

        2. Leila

          I believe in standing up for others when they are being bullied, which Ali is, by you. Other sayings I prefer are “do onto others as you want done to you.” And “treat others how you would want your daughter treated.” Ali I’m so sorry you have to deal with people like this. Leila please just find a new blog that you enjoy!

  3. Ali you are gorgeous! I love your blog your hair and your lipstick!! The dresses are different and cute and also look amazing on you!! Thanks for you positive attitude and all of your great posts!

  4. I think Ali looks positively striking in each photo shoot. I love Ali’s lip stick color and her hair style is always adorable on her! The floral dress is beautiful and how stunning to wear NYE! Winter where I live is super cold and overcast. What a lovely dress to brighten up the New Year!

    Thanks for sharing, Ali!

  5. I love this! I have been in the same boat – I’ve been getting more fun and funky with fashion:) Especially having two little boys, I love showing them I can be fun and love my look…I also love when they love it so I’ve been wearing more Dino’s haha Anyway, love the dress and booties!

    Side note! I love your makeup! Would you ever do like a quick overview of the products you use? Foundation and what not?

    Merry Christmas!

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