I’m 35 Today

It’s officially my 35th birthday today. It definitely feels weird to celebrate this one because part of me still feels 25. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware how lucky I am to be aging at all. And even though part of me feels 25, other parts of me feel 55 because these kids make me so tired all the time! Ha! Anyway, since my birthday falls on a Monday, Kevin and the kids had a special little day for me yesterday which was pretty awesome. Kevin let me sleep in, like he always does on the weekends, and I woke up to the kiddos jumping on me in bed! It was perfect. Kevin and the kids brought pancakes so we all sat in bed and ate heart shaped pancakes. I know I know, we are kind of crazy to let our kids eat in bed. It was a special occasion 😉

ali manno 35th birthday



Anyway, then I went to my workout class which was so nice and followed that up with some pool time. While we were swimming, Kevin’s mom (aka Mimi) showed up! She flew in from Indiana and she’ll be with us for a week! Both kids are battling colds right now, so Molly got tired of swimming pretty quickly. Poor thing. After we came in, I went upstairs to shower and get ready and when I came downstairs I was so happy to see my sweet kiddos smiling faces, with party hats on, and a little birthday cake to celebrate my day! Molly could not have been more proud holding that cake when I walked down the stairs. And I was pretty impressed with Kevin because he’s the one who got her dressed! And I have to say, her outfit is pretty stinkin’ adorable. Both her top and skirt are from Tucker and Tate at Nordstrom. I love that brand for kids clothes at Nordstrom, so if you’ve never checked them out please do! They have the absolute cutest stuff and it’s all relatively affordable.

In her top, I got a size 2T and if it her perfectly. She’s normally a 3T FYI. But I also got a 2T  in the skirt and I think it appears a little bit more high waisted on her than I think it’s intended to look. But I was so excited about her outfit that I didn’t return it because I thought the high-waisted look was pretty cute. And speaking of things being too small, the cowboy boots she’s wearing with this outfit just barely get on her feet. I’m sure you recognize these because she’s had them for a year and a half now. I just haven’t had it in me to let them go because I love them so much, and so does she!!! But her poor little feet are starting to squished in there. However, Kevin knew that and keep reading to see what he did for me as a little birthday present – which absolutely blew my mind! Just because it’s ridiculously thoughtful.

ali manno 35th birthday


ali manno 35th birthday


Back to the party, Molly, Riley and I sat down at the little kids table so we could sing happy birthday and eat some cake! We ditched the candle just because Riley kept digging his fingers right into the cake and an open flame just would’ve been dangerous. Ha! But Molly could not have been cuter singing happy birthday to me. As you guys know, if you watch my Instagram stories, Molly has a little birthday party for herself and all her stuffed animals pretty much daily. So she’s constantly “practicing” singing happy birthday. Now that it was my birthday, it was her chance to show off her singing skills!

ali manno 35th birthday


The Most Unique and Special Gift

And now onto the ridiculously sweet thing Kevin got me for my birthday. Let me start by saying it’s really hard for Kevin to buy me gifts. He knows that I don’t like big expensive gifts because I don’t want him spending too much money on me and all the little stuff that I really want I treat myself to. And I know how lucky I am to be in a position to do that because I know many people cannot.

So Kevin told me that when he was thinking about what to get me for my birthday, he knew something that I would absolutely love is mommy and me matching outfits with Molly! And just to be completely upfront and honest with you guys, that’s because he knows that I’m always looking for content for my blog and he knew I had a Nordstrom post to write (I work with them) – so he thought mommy and me matching outfits from Nordstrom would be a great gift. I mean how thoughtful is that? He knows I tend to take on too much and he is always looking for ways to make my life easier. That’s love my friends. Truly the most thoughtful way to give a gift.

leopard dress for moms and kids


Not only did he want to get me something because it was my birthday, but he wanted to get me something that I really needed and would help me with my work/blog. Honestly, I don’t think of things that thoughtful for him! He just really listens and cares about me and cares about what’s going to make my life easier and I love him so much! Given that he bought this so I would have something to write about, I almost saved these dresses to do an entire other blog post. But I decided that the gesture was just so thoughtful that I wanted to share them now. As soon as Molly saw that we had matching dresses, she immediately wanted to put them on. Well actually, she wanted to wear my dress and she wanted me to wear her dress. Ha! Now that would’ve made for some interesting pictures.

Also, I’ve got to give Kevin major props for getting mommy and me matching dresses that aren’t super matchy matchy. I feel like that was very smart of him. When I think of mommy and me, I always think of things that match exactly. But I actually kind of think it’s cool that he didn’t go so matchy matchy with these. Well done babe! He also nailed getting me outfits to write about for my blog that are affordable! My dress is under $80 and Molly’s is $35!

mommy and me leopard dresses


And I forgot to mention one of my favorite things he did! I casually mentioned the week before at the mall that Molly needed a new pair of cowboy boots because her other ones were too small for her and he went out and got her a pair! Again husband of the year award! And I have to say these new ones are slightly different than her old ones, but I think I may like them even more! I like that they’re a taller boot than her other pair that she’s wearing in the photos above. I hope she gets another year and a half or more out of these like she did the others! And I’m sure she would get even more years out of them if toddler’s feet didn’t grow so dang fast!

mommy and me leopard dresses ali manno 35th birthday


Oh and real quick the clip in my hair comes from a set of three clips that I’m obsessed with! You’re going to see me wearing these clips a ton moving forward. I just got them and I love them! I also wore them with my outfit from last week’s Affordable Friday post if you want to check that out!

So I just want to end this by saying thank you so much to my incredible husband for making my 35th birthday so special! Thank you for listening to me, thank you for caring about me, and thank you for always putting me first and looking for ways to make my life easier when I know your life can be just as hectic! I love you so so so much! We aren’t perfect, no couple is. But man are we better together.

And like I mentioned, he knew that I had a post to write about my favorite store ever, Nordstrom! So thank you Kevin for making it so easy for me to write this sponsored Nordstrom post!

56 Thoughts

56 thoughts on “I’m 35 Today

  1. Happy Birthday, Ali!
    what a heart-warming way to start your 35th year with Kevin’s very thoughtful gifts for you (& Miss Molly). Mollys new cowgirl boots are darling & the dresses he chose are soooo pretty.
    Wishing you a great week with ‘Mimi’
    p.s. watching Owen eat his heart-shaped pancake in bed made me smile. 😉

    1. There isn’t one single part of this post that’s “over dramatic” – Ali is clearly happy and grateful for the thoughtful birthday surprises her sweet family gave her and she should be allowed to celebrate that without your snarky judgement. Sheesh.

    2. Maybe you’re jealous that you didn’t have someone do something that special for you on your birthday??

      Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As a mom of three that sounds like an absolutely perfect way to celebrate another year of life! 🥳

    1. Thank you Danie! Mimi is making me avocado toast right now and then I am off to my spin class. So I am definitely taking time for myself this morning 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Ali!! I couldn’t help but smile at all the thought that went into such a sweet simple celebration. Here’s to your best year ever!

  3. Happy Birthday Ali! Your little family party was just perfect. You and Molly look adorbable and Kevin is so thoughtful. Have a great day today!

  4. Happy Birthday Ali! My birthday is in 10 days myself 🙂 September birthdays are the best. I love watching your family and how real you keep being a mom because it is a STRUGGLE sometimes! 💕

  5. Happy Birthday Ali, enjoy your day! I hope you get some “me time” in addition to celebrating with your family and friends. Remember, it’s YOUR day! 🎂

  6. Happy Birthday, Ali!! Hope you have an amazing day. Love the matching outfits. Nice work to Kevin! Enjoy your special day!

  7. I love everything about this! So thoughtful and kind! That in itself is a beautiful gift! Sending you all the birthday love!

  8. North Adams native here and I worked for years with your mom at the hospital. We share a birthday today…so happy birthday to you! I enjoy reading about your life and family on your blog and all the beautiful photos!

  9. Happy Birthday Ali! Hope you have a great day. You have such a cute family! Love the mommy and me matching outfits…too cute! I’ll be celebrating my son’s 10th birthday tomorrow. They grow so fast! Cherish every moment you get with them. Love reading your posts. Have a beautiful day.

  10. Imagine my surprise when I learned that today is your birthday. We share a mutual birthday though I’m twice your age today.

    I love Home and Family. You and Cameron are my favorites – and I was pleased to hear that Cameron is doing well. Also pleased to see you on air again, Ali.

    Happiest of Birthdays to you,
    Gina F.
    Kansas City, MO

  11. Happy Birthday Ali….🍷
    I must say I love seeing your Instagram stories and your posts everyday! You and your family are so adorable! Have a great day and love your new mommy and daughter dresses. 💕

  12. Happy Birthday Ali! I hope you have a wonderful day and that this year is filled with happiness! Thanks for sharing your joy, your great ideas, and your family with all of us!!!

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!! I love following you on Instagram with your amazing family. Hope you have a wonderful day and many best wishes.

  14. A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Ali….you always bring smiles to your posts, so THANK YOU!
    Such an awesome supportive hubby, way to go Kevin!!
    The matching dresses and new boots are too cute!!

    Wishing you a magical birthday today!!

  15. Many happy returns of the day! You are a truly lovely family and I can always be guaranteed a big smile on my face after seeing your pictures each day. Enjoy your special day! You deserve it!

  16. Happy Birthday!!! I look forward to your blog every day!! Both of our daughters are pregnant (yay) so take a lot of advice and share it with them. What a sweet lil family you got there! BLESSED

  17. Happy birthday Ali! May this day bring you many more blessings. Thank you for opening up your life to us. You are so inspiring. Oh and FYI…Kevin and I share the same birthday!!! June babies rock 🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️

  18. Happy Birthday! I really enjoy following your newsletter, your IG account, and your podcast. Your children are adorable. Molly is so cute and smart and full of life. Riley is also very cute. He makes me laugh when he walks around carrying his cup with the straw in his mouth. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life. You are blessed! I hope you have a great birthday!!

  19. Happiest of Birthdays to you Ali. I hope you have the most fantastic day today. Hope 35 brings you all the happiness you deserve. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  20. Happiest of Birthdays to you Ali!! I hope you’re having the most fantastic day with your beautiful family. Hope 35 brings you the happiness you deserve. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  21. Happy birthday Ali!! I hope it’s the best one yet! I have followed you and your family for quite sometime now and I love what you do! You’re amazing a deserve the best! Best wishes from Indiana!!

  22. Happy happy awesome birthday Ali. Hope you had a fun day. I like all the outfits. Just adorable for the kids.
    Hope your motherinlaw gives you the good break you need.
    Take care and have fun today xxxxx

  23. Happy 35th Birthday Ali! You have the cutest family ever. Love that you share each special moment with us. You are such a class act and just so down to earth. Hope you enjoyed the day celebrating fabulous “you”!

    May I ask how you keep all your white furniture so clean? I want to redecorate with farmhouse touch, and e/thing I see is white but I cannot imagine keeping it clean. Do you battle with this? Any secret tips you can offer?

    Happy Birthday again!! 🙂

  24. Hi Ali!!! Happy 35th Birthday!!! I love September because it is also my birthday month (mine is on September 23rd) and I love the fall season!
    I truly enjoy watching your instagram stories and reading your blogs, and now I am just getting into your podcasts! I have been a fan of yours since The Bachelorette and love to see that you have come so far in life and are obviously so happy. I like the fact that you share the not so good times too, it makes you very relatable!!!
    Again, Happy Birthday!!!

  25. Happy birthday Ali!! I think that your family did an awesome job for your special day. I love all your blogs and the pictures that you post. Have a great time with Mimi.

  26. Happy Birthday Ali, mine is Friday thats why we have alot in common. Are you being taken out tonight for your birthday, you have a built in babysitter. Enjoy your day. Love from one Virgo to another!

  27. Happy Birthday Ali! What a special day, with all the effort your family put in for you.
    I love the matching outfits for you and Molly (and that they are a little different too).
    I hope this year is full of blessings for you 🙂

  28. Ali what beautiful memories you made on your special day , kevin is so special to you indeed , that is so awesome how he thought of them outfits there both adorable, them boots of molly shut the front door 😁 I love when little ones wear cowboy boots it gets my heart 💖 riley also omg he so had blast hes getting so big ,
    Glad you had awesome Birthday and Blessings to many more

  29. Happy birthday Ali! My daughter’s birthday was Sunday and mine is in a couple weeks. Yay for September birthdays! And Kevin is too sweet. So very thoughtful of him. I love the fact that they’re matchy but not matchy matchy 🙂

  30. Ummm how freaking cute is your daughter in that dress? Good job, Kevin! I agree… very thoughtful! Happy late birthday!

  31. Happy Birthday, Ali!! Wishing you love, joy and laughter for the year ahead! Enjoy each moment and every wonderful day with your beautiful family! xxx

  32. Happy belated birthday Ali!!
    May I ask how tall Molly is and what size she is wearing in her match mommy and me leopard print dress? We have kids similar age (I just have two girls), and I love the leopard print at my big girl. Thanks in advance 🙂

  33. Happy Birthday Ali!! Love your blog. What a great Mommy and person you are. Keep up being the sweet person you are. Love and Hugs, Barbara

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