Affordable Friday – $12 Duster and $29 Leggings

Happy Affordable Friday guys! I wore this duster outfit a few days ago and I got a ton of DM’s about it. In that a moment I realized that it was a perfect Affordable Friday post, so I decided to write about it today. Are you guys still liking these Affordable Friday posts? A few of you asked me to include multiple retailers, so I am trying to do more of that lately. I listen when you guys ask me to try new stuff on my blog – so keep the suggestions coming!

Affordable Friday!

$12 Duster

I wanna start with this $12 duster! I absolutely love the rich blue color of it and it’s really perfect to throw on over sleeveless summer dresses or tank tops to transition to fall. Plus, in general, I just love a good duster or kimono because I like that they cover my hips and butt. This one is a very lightweight material and you really just can’t go wrong with the $12 price tag.

affordable duster kimono


White Cami

I think the one that I am wearing with it is actually sold out. Which I’m totally bummed about! I got it from Vici. It still is available in black if you wanna get it. And I’m pretty sure code VICI25 will give you 25% off – worth a try! But in the meantime, I just got this white cami as well and it is truly so so great! I think everyone should have a great cami in their wardrobe because you can create so many looks with a white cami. So definitely snag this one if you don’t have one. I love that there chiffon around the neckline! This one’s not really on the super affordable side thought. It’s $59.  So it’s not that it is unaffordable, but really it’s more than I would normally spend on a tank top. And I’m sure you all agree. But it’s just a really good one and because the duster is so affordable, I thought I’d post it in case maybe you could spend a little bit more on the tank. I also found the same one, in white with leopard print texture, and that one is on sale for $40!


My leggings are $29 and they are truly the best! You can see that the reviews are so good! They have a plus size version as well. As you probably know, leggings are key to layer looks with for fall. Especially to wear with boots! I’m so excited that legging season is coming up! Well, in Southern California it’s still three months away, but I’m still gonna be styling a bunch of looks with leggings and vicariously live through all of you around the rest of the country who actually get a proper fall!

affordable duster kimono


Hair Clips

And then last but not least, is this hair clip in my hair! It’s one clip in a set of three that is $25. So really each hair clio is only about $8. And for a statement piece like this I think that’s totally worth it! I love this clip so much and have been finding myself wearing it all the time lately. I just think it’s so pretty and looks really expensive! What are you guys thinking about it? Do you love as much as I do? I’ve even seen some people stack hair clips lately, and wear 2-3 at a time! Are you liking this new trend?

affordable duster kimono



I wanna tell you about the giveaway that I started doing on my Instagram – I’m going to do a big prize package at the end of every month and one of my followers who likes all of my photos on Instagram will get it!

Essentially, I will be I collecting items or products that I love and give them away to one of my followers every month! Maybe if I have a ton of stuff I’ll do multiple winners sometimes. All you have to do is like all of my instagram posts and you will automatically be entered to win!

So when you see me post, just give me a “like” to show your support for me! And to show my appreciation for all of you I’ll be doing these giveaways every single month at the end of the month! I’m honestly really excited about it. And I hope you guys are too! So comment and let me know the types of things that you would like to see in the prize package! Are there things that I post about frequently that you would really love to be included? I’d love to know! So tell me what you would like to win! Love you guys!

Have a Great Weekend!

I hope you all loved this duster post and it inspires you this weekend to bring out some fall pieces into your wardrobe! Is there something that you are super excited to pull out of the “fall” section of your closet? Let me know!

30 Thoughts

30 thoughts on “Affordable Friday – $12 Duster and $29 Leggings

  1. I have to agree with this. And I don’t mean it in a judgemental way. But as outsiders looking into your life – we see you drinking every single day. There has to be a better way to decompress from your day? Or maybe don’t take so much on that you need the wine. It’s just worrisome. And I drink. I like my drinks from time to time. But not on a nightly basis. We are just concerned for you.

    1. I agree completely. I’ve actually felt a bit uncomfortable watching some of her posts about her wine. And the most recent one from last night about how it doesn’t make her sleepy like it used to. It is concerning.
      Ali, take this as a concerned friend just checking in with you.
      I would worry if one of my friends was drinking that much wine every single night.

  2. Thanks for the awesome parenting, fashion, and household tips, Ali! You are appreciated. 🙂

    I’d love to see prize packages include splurge items for our little ones (e.g., finds from Molly’s reading space, nap mat, sandwich shapes, water table, etc.).

  3. Love this post! The duster is adorable and those leggings look so great on you! Love everything you post, especially about your kids. Keep doing you!

  4. Wow so you deleted the 3 comments that people left about your drinking.
    You can delete all you want, truth remains the same.

    1. If her “drinking” bothers you so much then don’t follow her. She is an adult and can do what she wants…and hopefully you can be one too and remember that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but why go out of your way to be cruel? I’m truly sorry if there is something going on in your life that you feel the need to try to break someone else down.

      Personally, I really enjoy all the content that Ali puts out, and as a parent myself, I find her willingness to share her struggles and triumphs as a mother, wife and working women to be admirable. You keep doing you Ali!!

      1. Well said, Kate. Having a few glasses of wine after the kiddos go to bed (or while cooking dinner) is not a sin. Ali is a good mother, a responsible adult with multiple jobs and not a ‘problem drinker.’ Not hurting anyone or anything to have something to help you relax and unwind. I’d venture to say we all do it. Like Kate said, simply unfollow if you don’t like. I happen to like.

    2. I deleted them because they are ridiculous. And I laughed when I read them. Any parent knows that a glass of wine after the kids go to bed is sometimes a necessity – and I don’t eve do it every night.

      To be honest, and I am not trying to be mean, I think you should focus your energy elsewhere. I’m not sure why you came here to leave a nasty comment, came back to see two others commented and then came back again to leave this comment. I wish you the best, but I rather not have you a part of my community. Thank you.

  5. hi Ali
    I love the hair clips.
    i found an awesome tiera at a 2nd hand shop for 3$) its sparkles
    (I only wear it around the house on occasion. makes me feel special) 😉
    have a great birthday weekend! 🥂

  6. I love that hair clips are making a comeback. I used to put fancy little barrettes in my daughters’ hair when they were little. Then I didn’t see that for a long time. Now seeing it again! Easy cute way to dress up or add to an outfit!

  7. Love this outfit! I’m so thankful for your affordable Friday posts. I need a few new things for fall, but am on a strict budget and this is so helpful. I also want to say thank you for being so real. I’ve been following you and a couple other women on Instagram and since then, I honestly feel so much better about myself. I’m proud of my body, that my body has carried babies, and that is beautiful!! I’m thankful that I don’t have to feel ashamed that I have a (giant) glass of wine t night. So thank you. Thank you for helping me love who I am!! You are a blessing!

    1. This means a lot to me Kate. Thank you for leaving this comment and for sharing. We can be so hard on ourselves sometimes and it’s important that we stick together. xoxo

    1. Then if you all don’t see anything wrong with her drinking problem, then why did she delete the posts???? She should have responded to them instead of letting others speak up for her. I personally see it as a problem being that it’s on a daily basis. Just sayin’!!!

      1. Agreed. It’s really uncomfortable to watch her stories sometimes. I love Ali, but I’m not going to lie, I am a little concerned about her. And not just regarding the drinking. She’s got a lot of anxiety (and I totally get that) but there are many other, more effective ways to help with that than drinking large amounts of wine every night.

      2. I deleted them before anyone else commented. People are commenting because you guys are coming back to leave more comments about me having wine at night. I didn’t think they warranted a response and still don’t. I have 1 or 2 glasses of wine most nights. That is not a drinking problem. And if you think it is, then we will just agree to disagree.

        1. Ali,I am so sorry that people are being so mean and judgemental. Why does everyone think they are above everyone else? Seriously,if people judged them all the time about every little thing…you are so kind,beautiful and an amazing mother. I dont understand why people have to make these comments. Especially on your page. If,they dont like your content,then why are they even following? I know lots of people that have a couple glasses of wine every night. Some of them have kids,and some of them dont. Either way,lets just have a little enjoyment in our lives,whichever way we choose to. To each their own. I dont drink,but it doesnt bother me that you enjoy it. You are not hurting anyone. You are living your best life. Keep up the good work,and im so sorry you have to deal with people who have nothing better to do then to put others down. What a sad world we have to live in. Its really heartbreaking.

  8. Ali,
    I have followed your posts for awhile now. I have watched you since your first time on the Bachelor. I have never commented before, I absolutely enjoy all your posts, you remind me so much of my daughter. Be proud of who you are! You seem to balaance so much and good for you! I LOVE LOVE Molly ,I laugh every time you post her reading or dancing and singing and not inviting you to the Birthday Party she was having. HaHa And Riley is just so adorable. So for the comment you got for drinking a glass of wine at night do what you did . Delete them! Its not worth commenting to these people.
    Keep up your good work!

  9. I was really enjoying reading your post about turning 35. It seemed so sincere and honest. Then all of a sudden it was an ad. Super disappointing. Takes away from the whole post. Is everything you do just to earn money? Asking people to go like your stuff. In fact the constant mention of it just because you have been lacking in likes. I want to follow real people who aren’t just money hungry.

    1. Lauren,
      I totally agree. It frustrates me when I ‘m reading her post and views about BIP then all of a sudden it turns into a fashion link!! Really?? Then people start asking about where to buy, size, etc.. …then oops, sorry, it sold out!! Hilarious, but frustrating at the same time.

      1. One more thing I need to mention: why the big fuss over a white cami and black leggings? I see them at the mall and every department store where I shop! Pretty basic I must say!

        1. I agree, they are classic items, but I love her style! The kimono takes a “basic” cami and leggings to another level. It’s nice to get ideas from Ali, even if it’s the classics that I already have in my closet because it may inspire me to wear different items together than I what I’d normally pick. P.S. I also love a glass of wine most (not every) evenings and don’t feel bad at all!

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