This Dress Makes Me Feel Like Kate Middleton!

Happy Friday, everyone!! Today when I was on set for Home & Family, I posted a few stories while wearing this Eliza J dress and I got so many questions about it, so I thought I would do a post! Honestly, I LOVE this dress, and I am so glad that all of you do too!

FYI some of these photos were taken 8 months ago or so! I happened to have them so I put them into this post quick! It’s funny because I haven’t lost any weight since I started working out regularly. But looking at these pics, I have definitely lost inches which makes me really proud of my hard work at spin class!


This Eliza J dress truly makes me feel like I could be the Duchess of Cambridge! Ha! Ok not really. But I feel really sophisticated in a chic way! It’s also so versatile – I feel like this dress could be worn to a brunch, to work, to a dinner party or even to an event such as horse races. Seriously, it can be worn for so many different occasions! There are so many different aspects that I love about it – not to mention that it comes in plus sizes as well! The plus sized version is more than %60 off! It’s 60% off plus an additional 25% right now.

It is a beautiful chiffon material, that makes it feel so expensive and such a treat to wear. It is fully lined inside, so you don’t have to worry about wearing a slip with it, which is awesome! As I mom, I totally believe in outfits that are the least fussy – the less fussy the better! I also love that the hem of the dress comes to just above the knee, and then there is a sheer “ruffle” at the bottom that adds length to the dress. This really elevates the dress for me, because it takes a more cocktail style of cut to something really classy.

eliza j chiffon dress home and family ali



How cute are the sheer sleeves on this dress?! They come down just below the elbow, and I love that they hide my arms, since you guys know that sometimes I am self-conscious about them. The sleeves are truly so slimming and flattering! The waist has elastic, and the belt is adjustable and you can remove it all together if you prefer. I personally really like the belt! There are also tiny buttons that run down the front of the dress. I love that the neckline is not super deep, because it makes it work-appropriate!

eliza j chiffon dress home and family ali


This dress can also be worn with a few different colors of shoes and in varying styles depending on what you are wearing it for. Here, I am wearing it with these nude pumps.  You could also wear this dress with strappy heels or some cute flats! Personally, I would mostly wear this dress with either nude or white shoes, but depending on how you accessorize, you could also do gold, silver or black!

eliza j kate middleton styled dress


Just as I was about to post this, I realized that the regular sizes are no longer in stock! What a bummer! I hope they come back! But there are a TON of chiffon dresses available! Here’s a link for some in similar styles!

Oh! While you’re here, don’t forget to head over tomy post about Vanity Fair Bras! We are giving away bras to 100 of you and I am so excited for you all to try them!!!

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my dress via Insta DM! What is your favorite dress to wear to work? I’d love some suggestions!

22 Thoughts

22 thoughts on “This Dress Makes Me Feel Like Kate Middleton!

  1. hi Princess Ali 👸
    the sheerness of the arms & hemline of your pretty dress is very flattering.
    Owen is such a sweet dog & I must admit when my dog Lucy is lazing on the couch I sometimes feel a wee bit envious. 🐶
    Happy labour day weekend to you & your family.

    1. Noooooooo compaison to beautiful Kate Middleton……she is beautiful and classy and her hair is ALWATS perfect!!

    2. Plus Kate doesn’t pose for pics in front of a nasty looking garage…..don’t mean to sound cruel but……c’mon!!!

          1. Although you don’t mean to sound cruel, it does sound insulting, I’m sure the location was chosen it for a better light so that we will be able to see the colors of the dress in different light nice people!

        1. And, while I absolutely adore Kate Middleton, if you Google “Kate Middleton gray hair…”

          Ali looks beautiful in the dress! I love how real she is! I also love that Kate, Jessica Biel, and others aren’t obsessive about their gray hair! Imagine how amazing we would all look with blowouts and hair care like Kate has!

          And finally, I just have to say it… after every horrible mass shooting we preach about mental health…one way we can ALL help is by spreading kindness. If you don’t have something kind to say then maybe DON’T say it/write it/post it??

  2. Sold out! Such a beautiful dress that looks perfect on you. Let me know if you’re ever willing to part with yours and I’ll buy it ! Already have several events I’d love to wear it to. 😬

  3. Beautiful and classy….both you AND the dress. I love it and agree 100% with the Kate Middleton comparison! Seeing all your pretty dresses you’ve posted lately almost (I do say ‘almost’, haha) makes me want to come out of retirement and go back to work!! Keep up the great work, I love this blog!

    1. Jackie
      What an insult to Princess Kate……..the most beautiful, classiest, and most admired woman in the world…..shame on you!!

      1. LEILA…

        Ever heard the saying…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at ALL..

        Take your hateful comments and get OFF social media …. and more importantly don’t read someone’s blog or post to it, when you clearly don’t have any respect for them….women support women….so stop posting here and go get a life full of love and support…there was NO NEED for these posts by you!!

        Ali, you are fantastic and love your blogs, you are a beautiful, kind person, ignore hate filled comments and good for you for taking high road..there is absolutely nothing false or bad about your post….Just put people who say negative things about your blogs or you….out of your mind…YOU SPREAD JOY……………………..THEY ARE WRONG !!!

        1. Carol:
          I don’t need to be lectured, especially not by YOU!!! My comments are not directed to anyone else but the person this blog belongs to. I have the right to state my opinions, just like everyone else….In case you haven’t heard it’s called “Freedom of Speech” …Time to educate yourself 😊

          1. LEILA….

            I am educated…Freedom of speech is not intended to be cruel and insulting…
            If you don’t agree with the blogger, go to someone’s blog you agree with…
            you made your comments insulting and CRUEL towards ALI. Ali is entitled to her freedom os speech as well…..
            No one wants to read your negativity…..learn when enough is enough and MOVE ON….

        2. Carol, perfect comment, thank you. And Leila, just for the record, there can be more than ONE beautiful, classy and admired woman. I happen to think my Mother was also. And I am NOT insulting anyone.

          1. No insults…just saying it like it is!! I happen to love fashion, with class, along with my lovely Mom, sisters, and aunts. We all grew up doing fashion shows so I KNOW quite a bit about fashion and class. Why so defensive? My comments are not directed at anyone else but the blogger. That being said, try to have a great wknd! 😂

  4. Ali you continue to be a hot mess.
    So attention seeking with your recent instagram “stunt”.
    “Hey guys did you miss me?”
    Um, no. We didn’t, actually.
    Just be a freaking normal person.
    Stop. Trying. So. Hard.

    1. Why why why are so many people so mean?! I will NEVER understand it! Be jealous of Ali, it’s okay to feel that way but just don’t come to her blog if you don’t like her. Stop. Spreading. Hate! Put your time and energy into something positive and productive. Goodness!

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