100 Years of Vanity Fair

UPDATE:  PLEASE please please do not post your address in the comments! Only in the private form listed below the entry instructions in my post!

If you would’ve told me when I was an 18-year-old girl or even a 21-year-old girl or even a 25-year-old girl, that I would partner with a lingerie brand I would’ve called you absolutely crazy! But even though I didn’t see myself here, here I am, years later working with Vanity Fair® Lingerie as an ambassador for an incredible company, during their 100th anniversary year! I am so unbelievably proud to be part of it.

vanity fair lingerie ali manno

When Vanity Fair first asked me, I was totally honored because I’ve honestly worn their bras for years. And I remember going to the store with my mom when I was a young girl and her shopping for their bras. So the fact that here I am almost 20 years later being asked to represent them just blew my mind. I want my daughter to have the same memories of me as I do of my mom. It’s just really awesome that it’s come full circle and crazy to think how they designed for decades for all kinds of women.

Confident, Strong & Beautiful!

No body is perfect but, I believe EVERY body is perfect all at the same time. When, I put on my Vanity Fair bra, I feel confident, strong, and beautiful and that’s just what the brand represents.

vanity fair lingerie ali manno

Vanity Fair designs bras for all kinds of different body types, is ridiculously good quality (they have been around for 100 years and know what’s up) and is affordable. A bra really can be stylish, it can be comfortable, and it can be designed to help you feel your best. Plus they have a ton of fashion firsts under their belt. Like, did you know they were the first EVER brand to introduce leopard print on lingerie?! Talk about trendsetting!! The print on the bra I’m wearing is the original leopard print reimagined. Vanity Fair brought it back for the 100 year anniversary.

Beauty Back Boosts My Confidence

Real quick just to explain why this bra helps boost my confidence. Not gives me all of my confidence. But boosts my confidence. This bra has innovations that does wonders for your body and creates such a smooth look under any outfit. The innovative design of the bra’s band smooths out your back, with its unique 4-way stretch fabric. Have you ever had a bra where when you put it on, it pinches so tight that it makes your back look lumpy and can be seen through your clothes? It definitely has happened to me! But with Beauty Back bras, they have the silky soft stretch fabric that helps keep your back looking smooth under your clothes. The instant I put on the bra I felt supported, comfortable, and smoothed out in all the right places.

vanity fair lingerie ali manno

I’m linking where you can get the bras in this post, but you may have seen them when you’ve been out shopping because they’re available at a bunch of different stores you already shop at. I also linked the bras in last week’s Affordable Friday post so that you can see which style of bra I wear with different outfits!

The Next 100 Years of Beauty

I love that Molly is in some of these images with me. I hope she’s proud of her mom for working with an iconic brand that’s allowed women’s confidence to shine for the past 100 years, and will continue into the next 100!

vanity fair lingerie ali manno

100 Bras for 100 my Followers!

I’m also really excited that Vanity Fair has agreed to giveaway 100 bras to 100 of you to celebrate their 100 year anniversary! Their bras range from a 34B-42DDD, so keep that in mind if you enter! When I started working with them, I told them how much it would mean to all of you and to me if they would give back to some of the incredible women that follow me and read this blog.

Here is all you have to do to enter. And my apologies but this is only open to US residents! But I love you ALL!

    1. Tag a friend on either my Instagram post or Facebook post (which will be up later this morning) where I’m wearing the limited edition leopard Beauty Back Full Coverage Underwire bra.
    2. Then, enter below in the private form with your full name, bra size and mailing address and hit SUBMIT! We’ll select 100 winners at random to win a fabulous new bra!


  1. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck my friends! I want you guys to know how much I love and appreciate you and I want you to feel your best in general. A beautiful, well-fitting bra can boost the confidence that you already have and I want to share that with you all. I love you guys!

143 Thoughts

143 thoughts on “100 Years of Vanity Fair

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you all but PLEASE DON’T POST your address in the comments!!!!! Just in the private form above!!!!

    2. 34A
      This is so cool because I have such a hard time finding a good bra and it’s so difficult to actually afford good quality ones, this is such a cool idea as well. Love you girl!!!

  1. I believe your words Ali and I want to try a good bra that you recommend! I hope I win! My size is 34B and my mailing address is

    1. Navodya Dharmasiriwardena

      ( Nothing against you, but I don’t want to put my address on here. Maybe contact us if we win for the address)

  2. There’s a link to enter in the post. Nothing against Ali, but I wouldn’t want to put my address and bra size on the Interwebs..lol

    1. Yes! I didn’t want ANYONE to put that info in the comments. Sorry for the confusion! Just put it in the form above. It’s private.

  3. Omg this would be awesome especially since I currently only have 1 bra embarrassing as it is. Mom life always taking care of my little ones I never myself.

    Johanna Rodriguez
    44 C

    Love you Ali
    You are the best.

  4. Omg, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews on these but don’t own 1. I’m currently pregnant and need all the comfortable and sexy feels lol.


    Love you Ali!!

  5. I usually buy this brand already. Really like the fit and material. I hope I can win a free one too 😁. My size is 36C and the address is

    Thanks Ali!

  6. Hi Ali,
    Vanity Fair has chosen a very well-informed lady to be their representative! Congratulations!
    Molly will be very proud of her Mama.
    I love the leopard print bra & knowing Vanity Fair 1st introduced the print 100 years ago is very impressive!
    With a contest like this one, I wish I lived in the USA but I live in Canada.
    Vanity Fair bras are the best.
    Have a nice day & both you & Molly look adorable

  7. I started following you when you were pregnant with ryley. You’ve been such an inspiration and motivation as a mom myself. You motivate me to keep going and stay strong even though lately most days are tough with losing our third angel. I would love to win just for the fact that I have yet to find a bra in my size that fits comfortably if at all 😩 I entered the giveaway but let me enter here as well if that’s allowed


  8. I entered my address and size using the link but it didn’t let me enter my Instagram handle…it’s amberrrr0604. Thanks Ali!! Hope I win!!

  9. Hey Ali — Love following you. Didn’t feel comfortable posting a public comment with my address… that seems like maybe not the safest thing for a lot of women to do (I hate that we live in a world where we have to even think that, but alas) maybe something to consider coming up with an alternative for next time!

  10. I entered, but I don’t do social media, so hopefully I’m still eligible. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  11. 36D

    Hoping I can send you my mailing address privately if I win. I don’t need/want to share it with everyone. 😉

    1. Hi Kelly! The form above is private, thank you for not commenting your address here! Please enter using the form above!

  12. IG name – kpow1013
    Full name – Krista Pownall
    Bra size – 36 D
    Mailing address :

  13. I literally have never found a bra that comfortably supports me and everything I got going on in the front, I’m a DDD34. My boobs are massive for my body and I just cannot bring myself to pay $100+ for a bra !! Every time I walk into Victoria’s Secret they always say they don’t have anything for me and suggest I go to a store for obese women. I’m 20 years old and 140 pounds! I can’t bring myself to go in there either. The struggles 🤦🏼‍♀️
    I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to get a chance to win a bra, to actually feel comfort and not always need to wear 2 sports bras anymore.
    Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats! You’re changing the comfort of women everyday.
    Reya Lehoux

    1. OMG!!!!!……this is hilarious 😂😂😂!!
      The extent people will go to for a free bra!! Good job Ali….!!!! Hahahaha!!!

  14. THANK YOU! I am 8 months postpartum and I feel like all the moms around me are in prebaby shape already. You look fabulous and real and like me.

  15. Hide these addresses Ali. Do a better job to protect our privacy. No need to publish, you can hide it as the site owner.

    1. Hi Arizona! Thanks for the concern, I am deleting address comments as much as I can. Comments are auto-published and I am manually erasing the addresses out!

  16. I am a fan of you and your lovely family. I know you started at Facebook where my daughter was and she now has launched The Returnity Project and also a return to work kit for moms returning back to work. I hope she becomes as successful as you have.
    My bra size is a 34C in case I win one of your bras. Thanks.

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