Bachelor in Paradise – Hannah, Blake and Dylan

Phew! Tonight’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was a doozy. Crazy emotions, happy emotions, surprised emotions! It was all over the map. Let’s discuss!

The Fight

The fight was really scary. Jordan was a jerk and was trying to prove he’s all tough by bodyslamming Christian. And Jordan started it plain and simple. Not cool. But man, Christian terrified me. I think he scared everyone. Again, I fully blame Jordan for starting it, but the way Christian couldn’t let it go and kept breaking away from the crew to try to attack Jordan was extremely frightening to me. Both guys are in the wrong and just like the producer’s and Chris Harrison said it doesn’t matter who started it or whose fault it was or who is the more aggressive one. At the end of the day they both resulted to physical violence and that’s never OK.

bachelor in paradise jordan and christian fight

Clay and Nicole

But to be completely honest I’m kind of glad Christian is gone. I could just see Nicole getting swept up with him and I really adore her with Clay. Some of you might think Clay was her second option but I don’t. I think Christian was more of the fun guy to make out with because she found him super sexy. But Clay is more like her rock and the guy I think she would’ve ended up with anyway. And yes, I’m predicting that they will end up together. I think they make a really solid couple and I hope it works out for them. And I’m glad that Nicole acknowledged that Clay is not going to be that aggressive type. And I’m glad the Clay was firm on if that’s what she wants that’s not him. He’s just the best. One of my favorite contestants ever on the show! I would be proud if one day my own daughter ends up with a guy like him! Such a class act!


I was so mad at Cam when he told her that Mike said, “she’s not worth my time”. Why would you ever tell somebody that?! It’s fine to tell somebody that he said he wasn’t interested. If Cam had told Oyneka that Mike said she has a cool vibe but isn’t interested because he’s interested in somebody else, then I would’ve stood by what Cam said. Even if he had to bend the truth a little bit to preserve her feelings. Some of you might disagree that lying is never the right case, but I also think hurting somebody like that isn’t okay either. So if he felt the need to tell her that Mike wasn’t interested, he should’ve done it in a lot softer way. He made her feel like crap about herself just so he could potentially get a rose. Not cool. I was really sad to see her go. She could’ve given her rose to a great guy like Wills and then stayed another week and her dream guy could’ve walked down the stairs who was totally into her. But I feel like Cam took that away from her. And took it away from another great guy there who could have stayed.

onyeka and cam bachelor in paradise

Kristina Giving her Rose to Blake

I know so many of you are probably scratching your heads wondering why the hell Kristina would give her rose to Blake. I’m not wondering at all, though. I know why. And that is because a producer asked her to. I don’t think she was forced to give her rose to him. But I have no doubt in my mind that a producer pulled her aside and asked her if she would be willing to and told her it would help the show. There is no other explanation! He completely played her and screwed her over at Stagecoach. She took him on a date and ambushed him. So obviously she doesn’t care for him or like him much. At least not at this point in the show.

So why would she keep him around? Why would she want to keep creating more drama. There’s no personal gain for her there. The only thing that makes sense in my mind is a producer asked her to do it and she wants to play ball with the show. I don’t believe for one second that she wants to give him more tv time and become more famous to “live in his personal hell”. The real punishment would be sending him home. I also just don’t think that’s the type of person Kristina is. And how could she possibly think that another girl wouldn’t walk in and fall for “The Bachelor of Paradise.” She for sure did it to make a producer happy. You have to remember that there are perks in keeping producers happy. Like getting to come on BIP season after season.


It seems pretty obvious that he wasn’t very into Caitlin. And that he only has eyes for Hannah really. Which makes me so upset that he didn’t take her on the date in the first place. And obviously he’s realizing now how much of a mistake it was. He wanted to play the field, which it seems like he likes to do. So he asked Tayshia when he should’ve just gone for Hannah. The fact that he flew to see her a week before makes it so ridiculously obvious how into her he was.
blake caitlin date bachelor in paradise

Hannah and Dylan

I hate even saying this, but up until the end of their date I did not see a future for the two of them. And I hate saying this even more, but I kinda felt like Hannah was a little bit out of Dylan’s league. And I hate saying this even more than the two things I just said, but I kind of agree with Blake when he said Dylan seemed kind of clingy.

hannah godwin dylan bachelor in paradise

All of those horrible thoughts aside, I was so happy to see Hannah commit to him like she did on their date. I almost feel like it’s a Fifty Shades of Grey love story. Ha! That’s going to seem really weird. But let me explain. It’s almost like Hannah is Christian Grey. Meaning she is super sought after because she is just one heck of a catch! And then Dylan is Anastasia Steele. On the modest and a little bit more plain side, but in the end Anastasia got her man. And it looks like maybe Dylan will get his dream girl! Sorry if that was confusing to follow. But that’s just my best example to describe how I feel about their relationship. I really hope it works out for them. I have no doubt in my mind and Dylan would spend the rest of his life doing everything in his power to make Hannah the happiest girl in the world. That said, I still have doubts and worry about Dylan’s feelings. But I am so so hopefully for them.

Tayshia and JPJ

Oh my gosh, they are the couple in Paradise that I didn’t know we all needed! When Jordan was sent home at the beginning of the episode, which he deserved to be sent home, I was slightly bummed just because his commentary on the show always makes me laugh when things are getting a bit too intense. But it was so awesome and such a relief to see JPJ and Tayshia together. They had me giggling and smiling the entire time. I, like Tayshia said herself, did not see them getting together but I am so glad that they are connecting!

john paul jones JPJ tayshia bachelor in paradise


I know there’s some conflicting opinions about Demi having somebody else back home. And I hear you. Some people are choosing to compare it to having another boyfriend back home and I just don’t agree with that. From what I understand, the woman that Demi is referring to back home is her first serious relationship with a woman. And if that’s the case, she is still figuring out this new side of herself. I’m sure it feels very confusing and new and I can’t imagine what she’s going through. Honestly, I shouldn’t even say what she might be going through because none of us know. Unless of course you’ve been through something similar.

However, I don’t think this situation has ever happened before. Meaning this hasn’t happened to somebody who’s gone to Paradise and Paradise is unlike any situation you could re-create in the normal world. The only instance where I feel like Demi maybe could’ve done things differently is she could’ve been more honest from the getgo with Derek about how serious her relationship was. But she acknowledged that and Derek even told her that. At the end of the day it’s not like Demi was telling him how much she’s falling in love with him. She’s been very honest about being unsure. I just don’t think any of us can really judge her for what she’s deciding to do in the situation because it’s unlike any situation we’ve ever seen on the show before. She’s just trying to figure it out because literally it’s never happened before. I’m here for her, I’m here to support her and it seems like everybody else in Paradise is there to do the same. What she’s doing is so brave. And I admire her for it.

hannah b demi bachelor in paradise

I know we see her go sit down with Chris Harrison and it looks like she might be asking to leave, but I highly doubt that’s the case. I have a feeling that Demi is going to be around for a while. If she were leaving, I don’t think Hannah coming down to talk to her would’ve happened. The producers had to let that happen. There’s a bigger storyline going on here. And I’m glad! I feel like this narrative is important not only for Bachelor nation, but for our culture and society as a whole. The franchise has been criticized for mainly showing Caucasian/straight relationships. And little by little we’re starting to see things change for the better. To show much more diversity. And this is diversity that I really feel is needed.

Until tomorrow’s Paradise….

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. They left us on such cliffhangers with so many situations like Demi, Chris + Katie, and what’s going with Kristina and Caitlin?! What are you most excited to see? Let’s chat in the comments below!

This Week’s Recap + BIP Outfits!

I was able to hunt down a few outfits from today’s episode, and a few from last week too! Since Paradise was filmed awhile back, a lot of things I found were out of stock, but here are some I found that are still available!

First off, while on my hunt for the BIP clothes, I noticed that Show Me Your Mumu currently is 60% off! Which is huge! The girl’s have been wearing a ton of clothes from here this season, like Katie’s tropical dress from tonight, so be sure to check it out! It looks like it also includes their bridal collection.

A few of you asked me about Nicole’s white ruffled swimsuit last week, and I found it! Click here 🙂












And now onto the recap of my favorite finds from this past week’s posts!

Let’s start off with this one, because I just love it!  When I bought this dress I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it. Just because it’s very fitted. And I tend not to wear fitted clothes that often. However, I will say I’ve been working out a lot more and feeling a bit more confident in my body. But definitely not confident enough to wear a fitted dress on its own. That’s why I tied the light wash denim jacket around my waist. By the way check out this denim jacket it is the best! It’s only $18! And it’s got over 60 reviews that are all super positive! If you’re looking for great light wash denim jacket for fall, this jacket is it!

 1. $15 DRESS | 2. JEAN JACKET

Anyway, the dress is under $15 and a bestseller at Forever 21. I sized up in a large and I’m so glad that I did. The medium would’ve been way too tight. But by tying this denim jacket around it I feel super comfortable and even skinny! I can’t even believe I’m saying that. You could also tie a chambray shirt or even a sweatshirt around your waist. I paired my outfit with these gray slip on shoes that are under $20. These shoes also have ridiculously good reviews. So I’m not the only one who loves them. Plus I’m finding that I just really love slip on shoes these days because of the easiest to throw on when I’m running out the door with the kiddos.

I also found these amazing and affordable pajamas recently. When I was on the hunt for some pajamas for Riley (I found 2 sets for $15!), I also found these super cute ones for me! The top and bottoms are sold individually, but the combined they are only $18! I have been loving them so far because they are really soft (especially the shorts!). And a plus is that they don’t really look too much like pajamas! So if I am having a “mom day” and staying in my PJs and cleaning etc, I feel a little more put together even if I am just wearing these pajamas! Ha!

affordable pajamas ali manno walmart


And last but not least… well actually it is the least because it is a $3 dress! Yes THREE DOLLARS! Can you believe that? I definitely saved the best for last. And actually, now that I am looking at the link, some of the colors are even on sale for $1! I don’t even know how it is possible but I am here for it! The baby doll sleeves are so darling, and I feel like it cinches your waist at the perfect spot! Not to mention it has the cutest buttons down the front. One thing that I will point out is that it is on the shorter side, so you might want to size up to help cover your booty a bit more. I mean at $3 you might as well order both sizes and return the one you don’t like! Especially since their returns are so easy!

affordable vanity fair bra beautiful back

 1. $3 DRESS | 2.NIGHT STAND | 3. LAMP

My Affordable Friday post from last week had TEN looks, and I also included what bras I typically wear with each type of dress or top. So for more details on the outfits above, and a bunch more outfits, make sure to head over to this post!

Thanks so much for stopping by my Bachelor in Paradise post! See you tomorrow 🙂


80 Thoughts

80 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – Hannah, Blake and Dylan

  1. I love that Blake is getting a taste of his own medicine! He is going on about how hard it is to watch Hannah and Dylan! Well now you know how poor Dylan felt. I know Hannah is getting a lot of crap for her love triangle but she has said several times she is just trying to make she she chooses right. Nothing wrong with that as long as she is being honest with the other people involved.
    Mike jumped up and his face said it all when Alabama Hannah entered! Man he was crazy about her. I think he had hoped she was their as a contestant.
    Demi – I wonder if they had her go on the show to run the story line of coming out. I am so glad to see this happening! I just can’t help but wonder how authentic this is or if it’s just for the show.
    Great season so far. I don’t see any really strong connections thus far, but some fun none the less.

    1. I am just so happy that Hannah chose Dylan! He seems so good for her and it was nice to see someone NOT go for Blake for once! Ha!

      1. Hannah wants to be with Blake. She didn’t because people like you are giving him such a hard time and can’t get past mistakes hes made. Jeez. People are sending him and Kristina death threats for goodness sake. I think you, Ali, and everyone else need to get over what Blake did. All he can do is apologize and learn from it. I think he has clearly done that. The bullying and threats need to stop. Including little jabs like this.

  2. I love your blogs each week, but I just can’t get on board with Demi having someone back home. I respect her being brave and bringing light to something like this bc the show does need more diversity, but ugh, it just seems staged to me (esp with Hannah coming to Mexico to talk to her). Maybe my opinion will change when we see how everything plays out, but for now I’m just not liking it.

    Anyways love your opinions. I have to admit you have changed my mind about things or people in the past and I love reading your blogs for that reason. I know I can be a bit closed minded sometimes, but I really do try to be as open minded as possible and head everyone’s opinions.

    1. Marcie!!!! Thank you so much for saying that. I love that what I’ve written has made you look at things differently in the past! What you guys share with me makes me think about things differently sometimes too!!!

    2. Agree on all the above. And I also think Derek has shown how much he is a stand up guy! He would make a great bachelor in my opinion- he’s also older and seems ready to settle where as a couple on Hannah’s season that I love I just don’t know if they are ready! 🤷‍♀️

        1. I completely agree that Derek would make a wonderful Bachelor! Proud of him as a fellow Iowan! How do we make this happen?

          1. Agree with Derek being the next Bachelor!! Didn’t really consider it until this week but he’s been so mature and supportive of Demi, I think he’d be a great Bachelor!

        2. I failed to mention how handsome Derek is, too!!!

          Ali if you see this:
          Please ask Derek abt his Skin Care!!! We need to know!!

    3. I totally agree! I can’t say what she’s going through because I’ve never been there. However, I don’t like that she wasn’t honest from the beginning. If she wasn’t ready to do that she shouldn’t have come; she should have stayed home to figure out how she was feeling. It all seems very pre-planned. If this were not a same sex relationship we would be giving the person hell! Especially if it was a guy, and that’s my biggest issue.

  3. This is the first season that I’m not really digging Kristina. Did she come for love or just to be a b? Cause I’m not liking it at all. Demi. Love her. Hannah! How I’ve already missed seeing her on Monday nights! Mike Johnson. There’s just something about that smile that makes him a true catch! I’d sure love to see him as the next Bachelor. Ok back to Kristina. Are they just editing her to be a b? Cause I’d rather see someone who’s truly ready for a second chance than her revenge on Blake saga. UGH!

    1. I feel you. Kristina is not being herself and I am bummed for her about it! She is such a sweet girl and we aren’t seeing that side at all!

      1. The Kristina Russian Interference stuff seems totally scripted – just a role on a tv show.

        The Jordan Christian wrestling exit: t o t a l l.y scripted.

        Oneyka falling on her rose: did Production give her a bonus to leave early or promise an invite on next BIP?

        Even Nicole’s Bachelorette In Paradise throughline felt fairytale scripted.

        Only Dean and JPJ seem capable.of freely handling themselves- Blake, Cam, and Dylan are being played by production. Bukowski seems to be only slightly toyed with.

        I finally liked Mike when he outes Hannah G for kissing in front of Dylan…obviously this is his Bachelor Audtion, so: we’ll see!!!

        John Paul Jones is Miracle TV. I am indebted, ABC.

  4. I haven’t had a chance to watch yet because DirecTV has dropped ABC in my area because they are in a dispute with the onwer of the channel! I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it on the ABC app. So annoying. I am bummed to hear Jordan is gone. He is definitely some great entertainment! I love reading your blog after each show! Thanks for the update! Also I love watching Molly on your insta stories, she’s so darn cute!

    1. This can’t be the last of Jordan. Like did he havr a scheduling conflict, and they only had him for one week?

      I look forward to more Jordan, too!

  5. I thought Kristina keeping Blake was 100% coerced by producers, too. But I also didn’t think she had any connection with the guys that went home so it would’ve been a waste of a rose. She said on Twitter Blake is her friend despite everything that happened.

    I’ve heard rumors that the Demi situation was also a plan made prior to filming. I’m fully supportive of her being sexually fluid. However, I don’t like that she came to paradise if she was as confused as she is. Wasn’t it her first or second day there that she was talking about it? I’m not so sure she was ready to explore options yet.

    I can’t tell if Dylan is a hopeless romantic or a stage 5 clinger. Lol!

    1. I’m so with you about Dylan confusion…I get frustrated sometimes about production and editing changing and manipulating the situations. I get it makes for “good tv”, but sometimes I just want to see a true and honest connection and how it plays out.
      As for Demi. This girl has never been one to be coy or hide how she feels, so for her being so conflicted, I feel for her. She is used to being attracted to just guys, and that’s what’s she’s known, so I don’t fault her for coming on the show at all. I also give like a gazillion props to Derek! Way to be a MAN and accept her and be supportive, instead of a douche as a few others have been *cough* Cam…again! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyhoo…Ali I love your tales and look forward to reading them twice a week! 🙂

  6. The scenes at the end without a Demi were filmed before the rose ceremony. They were all in different outfits! Just had to point that out. So I don’t think she’s going home either.

  7. I think Demi is meeting with Chris to ask if they can bring Kristian in to have a date with her to help clarify her feelings. I know she probably ends up with her and I just feel bad for Derek in this whole thing. I’m liking him way more this season then last.
    I’m glad Hannah didnt pick Blayke and I can see where you say he seems a bit clingy but I think hes just the definition of a GREAT guy and he has handled himself very well in the whole situation. I think he would make an amazing partner to someone so I hope he finds his happy ending. …also having a hard time handling Kristina this season…I feel like maybe her head is getting a little big from being on shows from the franchise so many times. Not digging it.

    1. People have said that the producers bring in Demi’s girl from back home so it’s not anyone in paradise. To me her entire story seems fake. She just wants the attention and I don’t like how she said she really likes Derek but ends it with him when her girl comes. That’s so unfair to him.

  8. I think Dylan is great! I like Clay too but Dylan is the kind of guy I’d like to see my daughter with. I like that he’s not slick. And it’s evident that he’s completely devoted. That’s so rare for a man his age. He’s also adorable. In fact, I think he’s out of Hannah’s league!

    1. I like the *out of Hannah’s league* meme, Megan. And I like Hannah- her explanation was totally reasonable this week- I just like how you flipped it – yes, maybe Dylan is The Prize.

      My real concern is how early his *devotion* is. So I still question if D is blinded by H’s beauty – which is understandble. Their chemistry is sweet, but its hard to tell onscreen how core -or not- it is. All I have as a viewer is Hannahs words validating him, Dylan’s giddiness, and Dylan’s sideeye.
      ( As I think of it now, the visuals w Blake -BL-ACHE?- showed H swooning. And that Well’s comment them being d r a w n to each other…) Dylan’s side eye is a real red flag. The *how can I not watch* comment points to some past drama, to me – a sign that Dylan’s attachment to H may not be healthy.
      It looks like it’s the major story of Paradise, along w Demi’s gender triangle. So, w e e k s more of H-D-B…

  9. I thought Cam told Onyeka that Mike said she wasn’t his type. Either way, Cam claims to be her good friend on the beach but all he did was dig his own grave with that comment.

  10. I love Dylan! I don’t think he’s being clingy or insecure as Blake said. Dylan is the only guy who is there that knows what he wants and is sticking to it. He doesn’t feel the need to explore other options and I highly respect that. Of course it is hurtful to Dylan when Hannah kisses Blake right in front of him! That’s not being insecure. He’s having a natural reaction. He is a class act and deserves all the support! He’s a cutie too!

  11. I just can’t with Demi. I absolutely do think it’s the same thing as if a guy had a girl he was figuring things out with at home and then coming on a BIP and “dating” other women. If she is that confused about her sexuality then she should’ve stayed home not gone on a television show. Sorry but I don’t think she’s brave at all. Then Hannah B. comes to talk to Demi and says that Derek is so confident and mature because he’s okay with Demi dating other people?! What?!
    Also, I really do love your blog and your podcast with Rachel. I listen to you when I’m working out LOL! I love how well spoken both you and Rachel are and how brutally honest Rachel is with her opinions.

  12. Sorry, but I disagree about Hannah and Dylan. I think Dylan is obviously smitten, he’s honest, he’s “steady” as he said. Hannah is not out of his league. In fact, I’m not sure she deserves his attentions with how she has been acting. I’m glad she has chosen to focus on him now, but sheesh! I just don’t see what’s so amazing about her. I don’t know her personally, so I can’t say. I’m sure she’s super nice, but I’m just not seeing the appeal based on what I see on TV. 😕

    Tayshia Paul Jones is my new dream team.

    1. I think production planned to bring Kristian in to BIP all along. Remember a preview a few weeks back showed Demi kissing a girl in the pool?

      1. a lil more than kissing, Jo!
        production is l.o v i n the sidt porn girl in girl aspect:
        would they give us 2 men groun to groin???

        Super TAY PAUL JONZzzz

  13. I have to disagree about Hannah and Dylan to an extent because I don’t seem to be seeing Hannah the same way everyone else does. I get that she’s totally gorgeous, and I’m not saying she isn’t a sweetheart. but I just find her personality to be almost non existent honestly. Dylan, while yes, is a bit clingy, is extremely attractive and very sweet and just worships her, and I can forgive him for the clingy because I think he has confidence issues based on the fact that’s he’s so in awe that a girl like her could be into him. Will that dynamic last long term? Not so sure.

    1. I literally just said the same thing to friends. What is it about Hannah G. besides her looks? I don’t get it at all.

      1. Nothing that we see, which is why I DON’T like Dylan. He’s superficial and hanging on for dear life for a trophy, not for love. He barely knows her but zeroed in on her and tolerates looking foolish because he likes her outside. Not an admirable character trait.

        1. Hey Sara
          Remember Rappin’ Hannah during hometowns on Colton’s season? She’s gpt more glee and game in her than we are being shown.

  14. I am just not a fan of Clay and hope he isn’t the next Bachelor. I can’t stand it when I hear about guys who talk to their girlfriends (Angela) about what they should name their future kids, then blindside them with a break up the next day. Reminds me of Peter who was in a committed relationship, talking to his girlfriend about her moving states to be with him, all while applying to be on the show. I’m over these guys! If I had to choose between the two I guess I would go with Peter. Clay doesn’t have the right personality to be the bachelor in my opinion.

    1. What I had heard about Peter is that he was really into his girlfriend but realized she wasn’t the one. I think on Nick Viall’s podcast they discuss that Peter was recruited to be on The Bachelorette.

      1. Peter was on an episode of Total Bella’s last season. He went on a date with Nikki Bella. He seemed like a great guy, and he was my fave on the Bachelorette that season up until he left.

  15. I totally understand about what you are saying about how it is different with Demi having a girlfriend back home than it was with Jed. My issue is, her being aloud to bring her to paradise. If one of the other cast members wanted to bring their boyfriend/girlfriend from home onto the show, production would have said no.

  16. This is the first season I have ever watched of BIP and basically the first Bachelor/Bachelorette season I have watched since Bob Guiney’s season). I am sucked in with these people. I now wish I have watched previous seasons.

    I appreciate your honesty of just putting it out there that you feel it was a producer that asked Kristina to give Blake the rose. As I was watching it my perception was that Kristina is this drama fueled woman who none of the men deserve since she appears manipulative. The confrontation with Caitlyn (sp?) at the teaser doesn’t help. Was Kristina like this in previous shows? We will see where this goes and I’m looking forward to it!

    1. I’m not surprised you stopped after B Guiney’s season. He was the WORST bachelor ever, totally phony, HE had a girlfriend back home (and he was the bachelor!) that after the show he returned to and ended up marrying (she is a soap actress). He went on the show to promote his stinky music career too, and slept with 6 girls (starting having sex with them before the overnights).

      He was a creep, and I still can’t believe Rebecca Budig from All My Children let him go on the show to promote himself, didn’t care he slept with a bunch of the girls, and waited for him. He also seriously mistreated the girls, sleeping with them and then dumping them (remember Mary Delgado? He planned to dump her but kept her to sleep with her first because she was so hot).

      He was the WORST, and the reason I stopped watching the Bachelor for years. I realized they weren’t picking guys who wanted to get married. I was watching only the Bachelorette instead.

      1. O Happy Girl – what an Unhappy Tale.
        It’s like we need a Bachelor Documentary to get the real dea(. Basically Bachelor was Guiney’s Bachelor Party.

        I missed his season – but I do remember some Lookibg Back show where Fleiss was laughing when asked who slept with the most girls. And he said Bob Guiney had 5 and 1/2. The blind/not blind misogony in that answer has defined Mike Fleiss for me.

  17. I can’t stand Nicole. People that think they are more important than they are run my the wrong way. I do not see the appeal. The way she looks at Clay when she leaves for a date and comes back is so immature. She is just screaming for attention and I hate that. I didn’t care for her on Colton’s season and my dislike for her now is only greater.

  18. Just because Demi is showcasing something “different” doesn’t excuse the fact she left someone back home that she had been dating and exploring a relationship with. That is no different than when anyone else has done that and received heat for it.
    Also, Dylan is not out of Hannah’s league. Hannah is not that special. Looks can’t carry it all for her, she is clearly lacking in the personality dept. I would not want my son with a girl like her. Ugh!
    I’m not happy she chose Dylan. She chose Dylan this time…for now…until she gets bored and wants attention from another guy. Because that’s all she wants is attention.
    Have a hard time reading your blog. Super all over the place and weird ass opinions. At least it’s just your writing and not your voice speaking it all – can’t stand your podcast for that reason. Rachel carries that show for you…when you allow her to speak, that is. I’ve never heard someone be more interrupted than Rachel is by you. Ooof.

    1. Don’t read it then or listen to the podcast. There is absolutely no reason to leave comments like that so harshly. You may need to take a look in the mirror and do some self reflecting. It obviously fine to have a different opinion than Ali or anyone else for that matter but there is no need to voice it in such an “attack” manner as you do.

    2. Hey Dana – thanks for raising the question of how Demi and Kristian left off.

      It would seem Production knew of the relationship and that D and K hit the pause button knowing they would have some access to each other. Like the show is Exploring W i t h them ( and not at Derek or Krisitan’s expense) Demi is FEARLESSLY honest. It’s a gift to viewers, and certainly one of the main reasons producers are rewriting the rulebook for her. Her keen perceptions, unique sense of humor, stylin ways, and beauty are just some of the others.
      I’d be remiss if I didn’t note her Awesome Respect for others, her Poignant Vulnerability, and Brave Willngness to Face Realities.
      Is she flawed – yes, calling someone a cancer in the house, and doubling down at times in righteosu anger, those things were awful/immature. But this is also the Beauty Of Demi. The good SO OUTWEIGHS THE BAD. And it reminds me that even the Best, Most Worthwhile and Life Changing people have absolute crap moments- and deserve total love. That it would be my loss to judge someone Only on their flaws.

  19. My thoughts:
    •Hannah chose Dylan because that’s who she thinks she should choose but is still hung up on Blake.
    •Kristina is doing what she always does: getting herself in the middle of a love triangle. Girl thrives on drama!
    •Demi is in a tough spot. Yes, she sugarcoated the truth about the girl back home, but she could have easily not said anything to Derek at all, so I think she deserves some credit for being upfront.
    •Derek is one hell of a guy!
    •Production made the best decision to send Jordan and Christian home, their behaviour was atrocious and scary.
    •I love Clay and Nicole together! I think Nicole is spicy enough for the both of them and Clay is the calming, centered one in the relationship.

  20. Hi Aly! I LOVE reading your blog and listening to the Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast each week. Truly, truly love them and enjoy hearing your insight. One question I have that regarding the situation with Demi. First though, I must say I am so happy for her and happy that she is breaking new ground with this for bachelor nation! Still, I have a question. I understand this is new territory, and she is trying to figure herself out going through all of this. But how is that fair to Derek or any other person on the beach? She is trying to figure out her relationship back home with Christian at Derek’s expense, and that doesn’t feel right to me. I know you play devil’s advocate a lot on your blog, and you’ll say things like in the Blake and Caelyn situation (if roles were reversed, etc.) Well, what if roles were reversed here and Demi was simply trying to figure out her relationship with another man back home. I don’t think reactions would be the same. Is the difference in sexuality here a justification for her trying to explore things with Derek while still having another serious relationship? I do not mean this to be offensive at all. I’m simply wondering what your thoughts are! Again, proud of Demi for breaking new ground this season!

    1. I hear you Marlee – part of me feels that way. But these are the key differences I see:
      Demi disclosed early on – she didnt deceive Derek.
      Demi is having a crisis around it – not an *oh shit I got caught crisis* but what looks like a * am I suppose to be with a woman as my life partner ?* crisis
      Derek d e c i d e d to continue. (sigh) He wasn’t locked in an engagement (or near engagement) and t h e n having to *decide*

      I love D and D- they are good people. I was disappointed for Derek that he is in a compromised dating situation – but as I write this i see how Very Real Life that is. People often start out serious relationships while playing the field. So, good on them. It’s two people who truly care for each other , what ever lies ahead. The word you use -Explore – seems to be the true justification.

  21. I completely agree about Hannah and Dylan. Hannah is with him because she is too sweet and nice and a people pleaser. She went with who everyone wanted her to with the fear of being judged for choosing Blake. Which is who she clearly wanted to choose. They are great together and make a lot of sense. So much chemistry and he sincerely cares about her. She even did interviews before paradise about wanting to meet Blake there. There must have always been a little something between them even before paradise and even before meeting in Alabama. Blake should have taken her on his date. He knows that and is very much hurting. I feel bad for him. He knows he has made mistakes and he is definitely suffering the consequences. Worse than many others who have done the same. I just don’t think everything that happened at stage coach and what not defines him. He showed us a lot of who he is on Becca’s season. Hes human. He made mistakes. And he lost the girl he truly wanted because of it. I truly believe Hannah would have chosen him if majority of the people on the beach wasn’t pushing for Dylan so hard. And yes Dylan is clingy. Hes very sweet but their feelings for each other are not in the same place right now. I almost hope that for his own mental health that Blake goes home soon. Paradise is no good for him right now. He seems a little lost and I hope he finds his way again because Blake is a good guy. And I hope Hannah does what makes her happy and what everyone simply wants her to do. She is a sweetheart!

  22. ALI on CLAY:*He’s just the best. One of my favorite contestants ever on the show! I would be proud if one day my own daughter ends up with a guy like him! Such a class act!*

    Y e s. Early on when he tslked.about being a One Woman Man, it totally rang true. Out off all the Bachelor’s Clay feels like the most what-you-see-is-what-you-get guys.. Major Keeper. Grown Up. Sexy – and Good. What put me over the top this week was when he was naming how sexy Nicole is to him, and it wasn’t cheesy. Just a MAN digging his lady. (In reality Jennifer Lopez is a Rock Star and Nicole is Gorgeous, but to him Nicole IS IT, and all others dim)

    Contrasting that with Dylan’s adoration of Hannah – I’m not sure. I watched Hannah when he was praising her, and wondered if it was objectifying – and fairly common – for her.

  23. Oof. I don’t think Hannah is out of Dylan’s league. I don’t like that expression to begin with, as it adds superiority to someone, BUT I do think he’ll clingy and always want to make her happy but in the – you’re smothering me kind of way.

  24. I totally agree with almost everything you said! Except… does anyone else think Nicole totally loves the drama and the guys fighting “over her”? I think she was acting more “scared” than she really was. She was digging all that attention. And Clay does seem so nice so I hope she’s genuine!

    And I thought Cam told Onyeka that Mike had said she “wasn’t his type”. Still a little rude to throw it at her like that just so he could get a rose from her.

  25. Honestly I don’t mind Cam at all. I think he means well and it comes off strange. The real issue is Blake.

  26. I absolutely want more of the Katie and Chris love story, so I’m hoping for more of that tonight. I’ve seen Chris go through a lot since his original days on the bachelorette and would just LOVE to see him get his happy ending! I feel like the only relationship the show has focused on so far is Dylan/Hannah and Hannah/Blake, so hopefully now that she has made her choice, they will give other relationships more air time. Love your recaps, Ali! And love your cute little fam on Insra! 💕

  27. One of the things I keep wondering is if the final “dates” with Blake and Dylan are what decided it for Hannah — Blake’s use of the mariachi band was straight out of a playbook. Its the same thing with the dance moves he uses on all the girls. He acted like he was doing something really special for her, but there was nothing personal about it. Dylan’s picnic — while a little sad looking — had her favorite candy and a version of charcuterie, which she had said is her favorite food. Dylan showed that he actually listens to her. I would loved to hear an ITM with her after the rose ceremony, explaining how she decided. But I would bet this was part of it.

  28. I agree that violence cannot be tolerated but I was sad to see Jordan go. He really makes me laugh.
    But I was happy to see the interaction between Tayshia and JPJ – it was so real and did not feel contrived like so many of the conversations do on the show. I loved it and hope to see more!

  29. I am so tired of the whole Demi storyline. Yes, it’s great that the show is becoming more diversified but she has had way too much screen time, mostly saying the same thing over and over. It was ridiculous that Hannah went on the show to check up on her – it was so dumb and scripted.
    Would like to see a lot more candid moments between the couples.

  30. I disagree that Dylan is out of Hannah’s league. I honestly feel like it’s more the other way around if anything. She is definitely beautiful and seems nice enough, but Dylan is a good-looking guy and has a better personality, in my personal opinion (at least from what we’ve seen on the show). He’s definitely coming on a little bit strong, but at least he’s being honest about his feelings and not playing games.

    1. Dylan is so not out of anyone’s league. Yes he’s a little shy and awkward – but it’s endearing. His ‘clingyness’ or need to constantly prove to Hannah he’s into her comes from her making him a little unsure and insecure (making out IN FRONT OF HIM all the time – very disrespectful). I think he handles it quite well actually – many would not handle that as well.

      1. Woops I got that mixed up – I agree, I think Dylan is the better catch between the two of them if anything!

  31. So many things I disagree with this week. (which is unusual bc I usually think you are spot on, lol) First, I think Dylan is way too good for Hannah! (not the other way around) She is definitely not out of his league. He deserves better! I still think she’s going to screw him over. Also, I’m not saying Jordan was right by going over and messing with the piñata, but he was not the first one to get physical. He simply defended himself and did a better job of it. Christian put his hands on him first and Jordan took him down. The piñata wasn’t worth getting physical over. I do agree that Kristina giving Blake her rose was probably prompted by production. That made no sense at all.

  32. First off, it was so nice to see Onyeka and Nicole being friendly with each other!! Onyeka went to comfort Nicole after the fight and I just thought that was so cool!! That is girlpower!

    I like what Kristina said to Blake when she was handing him the rose. He is not a bad guy- just got caught up in the wrong things. I am sure everyone else on this show has made unfavorable decisions with dating. But we dont get to see/hear their pasts. Taysia and some of the other girls laughing and making fun of Blake getting hurt was not cool last week or whenever that was! Imagine if guys were laughing at a villian woman getting hurt on BP???? Why do women get away with saying and doing things towards men in revenge and men dont?? Double standards and inequality in my opinion. Lets just all treat each other as human beings no matter what gender!

    JPJ is freaking hilarious! That is all.

    Chris- the “old man” contestant…what a cool guy he has turned out to be!! Chris for Bachelor!!!! Lol…

    Love the blog Ali- keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

  33. Why is everyone okay with Demi on what she is doing? She has feelings for someone at home then you need to stay at home and figure it out. Instead of using poor Derek just for the extra attention.

  34. I’ve got a theory! I truly think Production asked Blake to take Tayshia (or anyone but Hannah) on that first date. I’m willing to bet they knew of the Blake/Hannah visit and saw an opportunity to create a little drama. If you think back, they really focused on Hannah being so excited and confident that he was going to ask her. There was a major focus on her wtf face when he asked Tayshia. I can absolutely see them saying something like, “Hey we know you’re interested in Hannah, but how about exploring someone else for this first date. We don’t want things locking in too early.”

    To me this is the only explanation. He knew his feelings for Hannah. He knew she was going to be a hot commodity. He “let go” of Tayshia WAY too easily for someone truly interested in getting to know her/playing the field. It was 100% Hannah from Day 1. I think production influenced that date & unfortunately he went along with it.

  35. I love JPJ and Tayshia!! But I’m also sad bc I recall in a preview him rubbing sunscreen all over some chick – or maybe I’m remembering wrong? I just think him and Tayshia are great!!

  36. I’m all for the diversity this show is trying to have, its long overdue. What I don’t understand is why Demi, Blake and Hannah all had relationships they wanted to pursue prior to the show and felt that coming on the show would help them figure out their feelings. That seems completely nonsensical to me and kind of greedy! ha. Like having your cake and eating it too. I think Demi coming out is clouding people’s judgements on how hurtful to Derek her actions are. Her actions are only marginally different from Jed’s.

    1. I so agree with this comment! Whatever someone’s sexuality is- hurting someone is hurting someone. I get Derek was okay and supportive of this but not everyone would be okay with that. It wouldn’t be wrong of someone to not be okay with that- it would be completely understandable if Derek wasn’t okay with that. I hope no one would paint him as a bad guy. I am wondering if he really isn’t okay with it but said he was anyway for fear of backlash…

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