Bachelor in Paradise – I am HERE for Demi!

Wow! It is so exciting to see where the Bachelor franchise is heading after this episode! So much went on during last night’s episode but it’s really hard for me to focus on anything other than Demi. Let’s get right into everything.

I am HERE for Demi!

When Demi opened up about her relationship with a woman and how she is attracted to both men and women I was glued to my television screen, hanging on every word that she said. It was so brave and beautiful and I’m just so proud of her. Honestly there’s not much I can say because I think she said it all absolutely perfectly. Demi is who she is and she’s had a mask up for all of her life and she’s finally peeling away that mask and being her true self. I think that’s all we can really ever ask anyone.

demi dating a woman bachelor in paradise

When she talked about telling her parents and how supportive they were I couldn’t help but think about if Molly or Riley had that conversation with me and how I would want is for them to know how much I love them. And how I’d support whoever they choose to love because at the end of the day the only thing that matters in this world is love no matter who that is with. Love is what keeps us going – even love from your family, co-workers, and friends. Love is what makes us feel alive. And it truly does not matter who that is with. All I hope is that every person on this planet finds it. Even if that love is the love you find in yourself. Because truly that is the most important love of all.

Tayshia Confronting Hannah

I’m so disappointed with Hannah! Just because I really like her! Full disclosure, I’ve messaged with her back-and-forth on social media and she’s just such a lovely human being. Truly. But she messed up. When Tayshia sat down with her and called her out for not being upfront, she said she didn’t think that she needed to bring up a private thing between them. And if that was the only drama surrounding Blake, I would agree with that. I don’t think she necessarily needs to tell anybody they met up before hand. That’s their decision. Although it would’ve been nice if they were upfront about it. But where she really went wrong in my opinion, is when all the information started coming out about Blake and all of the different women he had played. She should’ve come up and been honest about it at that point.

Also, it upset me that she said Tayshia “attacked” her. I did not see that in any way. Tayshia could not have been more respectful. Somehow Hannah did not see that Tayshia was actually trying to help her.

BIP tayshia confronts hannah bachelor in paradise

And I guess I’m super confused as to why her blinders are on about how he’s played other women. Again, last night on my blog I talked about how if they have a super strong connection then none of that matters. But if they really had that strong of a connection wouldn’t they have known that when they met up in Birmingham? Why would he go on a date with Tayshia? None of it adds up but I just don’t get it. And it seems like nobody else gets it either. It seems like they were both playing a bit of a game and I don’t understand why. There was no need for it. They should’ve just showed up and said were super into each other, “we met a week ago and we are head over heels.” Why all the trouble and games?

Caelynn and Dean

I want to say that the show is not fake. Truly! It’s not. It’s real people and real emotions. However, I do feel at times that people play up what the producers want or what they think people want to hear. But what I loved about Caelynn and Dean’s date is that there was none of that BS. They were both completely and utterly themselves. Dean didn’t play up who he was and Caelynn was honest about being apprehensive about him. I loved every second of their date. And after everything she’s been through.

Regardless of the whole Blake situation and the text message she sent him the night of Stagecoach, I think Caelynn got really screwed in this whole situation. And it just made me so happy to see her happy! Really I want everybody on the show to be happy! And if anybody out there wants to be mad at me for not throwing somebody under the bus so be it. That’s not who I am. Maybe five years ago when I was in my 20s, okay maybe that was actually more than five years ago. Ha! But maybe when I was in my 20s I was more ruthless. But I’m just not now. I’ve grown and I’ve experienced life and I know that people are in general good. And it made me so happy to see her smile and to see her and Dean start something together. I hope it sticks and I hope we just witnessed the beginning of something really great.

Christian and Nicole

I honestly loved that Christian zeroed in Nicole right away and didn’t bother talking to any of the other girls before he asked her on a date. But my heart broke for Clay! I just adore him so much and I hate that she formed such a strong connection with Christian right off the bat.

Tayshia and JPJ

I found myself glued to their conversation and laughing out loud at the same time. It’s funny because I’ve heard a few girls from the season talk about JPJ being super hot outside of the show. But I just don’t see it watching the show. But if Tayshia is interested in him, then he must be attractive! And I just love to seeing their bond and their relationship just makes me happy! I really hope it works out between the two of them!

tayshia and JPJ John Paul Jones kiss

Clay and Christian

I am so team Clay! I just think Christian is bad news bears. As much as I liked how he zeroed in on Nicole I just don’t think he’s there for the right reasons. It’s almost like he’s just there to get more air time rather than to actually spend time with her. And when Clay went over and tried to assert himself, I thought it was so amazing how he respected Nicole and didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. What a man! I am so obsessed with him and I hope more than anything he’s the next Bachelor!

Last Thoughts

Can you believe we are only 4 episodes in?! I feel like so much has happened already. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes! Who do you want to see together in the end? What do you think is going to happen with Demi this season – I am so proud and excited for her!!! Be sure to check out last night’s post if you haven’t already!

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Outfit Sneak Peek

Since there are two episodes back to back, I can’t really give you guys two days of weekly recaps. So instead I’ve decided to share a few outfits items that I purchased today! Plus a few of the outfits from tonight’s episode!

hannah godwin swimsuit BIP bachelor in paradise


demi yellow dress bachelor in paradise


DEMI swimsuit bip bachelor in paradise


Okay now for the items that I got today…

First, I wanted to show you this super cute swimsuit that I just got Molly for only $5! Wednesday’s are water day at her school and she is so excited to wear this, and I am even more excited that it was only $5! You never know what can happen to clothing items at preschool. Ha! She loves watermelon and is so happy that it’s on her suit! Btw, a two piece is great for potty trained kiddos! Easier to go to the bathroom.

affordable $5 swimsuit for toddlers

affordable $5 swimsuit for toddlers


Here’s my viewing outfit for tonight! If you saw on my stories, we’ve had quite a night filled with Molly talking to her imaginary bestie and the bank, plus some dancing filled in there too. I love this new sweatshirt! It’s cropped so you will want to wear it with high waisted bottoms! And the best part is that it is only $9! Woo! I am wearing a medium here and I would say that it is pretty true to size.


Thanks for coming by my Bachelor in Paradise post!

139 Thoughts

139 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise – I am HERE for Demi!

  1. I didn’t like Hannah’s response to Tayshia. I mean, she said it was like mean girling her and that is way off what Tayshia was doing. She was being respectful and really trying to make Hannah see who Blake is, but Hannah is all into herself and I just dont get why if she and Blake where into each other, why did they go to Paradise?

      1. I bet Hannah said she felt attacked because deep down she really knows that she was wrong but doesn’t want to admit it. That’s what people do when they’re called out and not mature enough to recognize and own their sh*t–they deflect and blame the other person!

    1. Hey Arlene- my take is a little different – it felt like Tayisha didn’t have anything better to do, so she Had A Talk With Hannah.

      Just imagine if JPJ gave T the Romeo Recitation earlier on- do you think T would even c a r e what Hannah was up to?

      Boredom…production push…Tayshia just needs something juicy to look forward to.

    2. I don’t agree. I feel she was attacked. Tayshia was gossiping with the other girls right before her approach to Hannah, and they were like saying. Shits going to happen, go get her.. so she was full on attack mode. Why did she need to have that conversation? Why did she feel she needed to know that she met up with him beforehand. I hate what Hannah is doing to Dylan, but I feel like she’s struggling finding who she wants to be with. She only needed to be ipfront with Dylan, not Tayshia. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just my opinion.

    1. Do you follow Tanner? He said that her girlfriend is coming…. I am assuming Hannah comes with her and this was all pre planned 🙁 He knew about it long before Paradise.

  2. I’m going to be 100% honest I did not think I was going to enjoy this season of paradise as much as previous seasons because I haven’t really been into the most reason seasons of bachelor/bachelorette and everybody from that is now in paradise. I was COMPLETELY wrong this is one of my fav paradise seasons so far.

    I love Demi and I think that she is putting herself in a position where she could receive a lot of hate. She knows that. And she’s willing to take that on knowing that her story will help at least one other person out there.

    I feel so bad for clay however that is the name of the game. People come in every week and it is naturally going to upset somebody. We shall see if he gets the rose.

    I also hope that Hannah gets it together next week because I loved her when she was a contestant but she is not being portrayed very well right now.

    Lastly, Ali I cannot wait to hear you talk about paradise on the pod with Rachel tomorrow. I watched your Facebook live earlier today and you don’t need any validation from anybody but even though I don’t agree with some of your opinions I appreciate you sticking with what you feel instead of what others want you to say. That takes guts. It’s almost better for people to hear opinions that they do not agree with so that they are exposed to other thoughts besides their own.

    Love you so much Ali! Thanks for getting your blog up so quick! XoXo

    1. Annaliese you are a gem of a human being! Thank you for leaving this thoughtful comment. Love hearing all your thoughts and thank you for the love girl!

  3. Your story says something about Hannah and Blake. What is so confusing! Hannah is doing what literally everyone on the beach is doing! She is figuring out who she wants to be with. Everyone is dating and yes it hurts people at times but it is all apart of this. So why is Hannah the only person disappointing you? Because it’s Blake?? We aren’t at stagecoach anymore! Get over it people! A weekend of bad choices doesn’t mean he is a bad person who shouldn’t be able to pursue Hannah. Many of them seem to like more than one person right now so why is just Hannah being hated on for it??
    Taysia is so jealous and petty. She is driving me insane. She needs to spend more time getting to know the men rather then blaming Hannah for apparently tainting her experience. That was a ridiculous of her to sit Hannah down like that. Hannah owes her nothing.
    I feel like many of you people are forgetting how this show works! No one is doing anything wrong. Some people are interested in more than one person and they are figuring it out. It’s two weeks in – if that. I applaud Demi as well! It’s just very annoying of you to praise Demi when she has someone back home that she didn’t tell Derek about. If someone else like apparently Hannah. Blake or probably any of the other men they would be hated on huge. Again – I love Demi and applaud her. I just think there are so many contridictions in your blogs as well as many double standards!

    Hate how much hate I see Hannah and Blake getting online. Dylan is a sweetheart but Hannah isn’t doing anything wrong. She has not committed herself to only Dylan yet. Just like Nicole hasn’t with Clay. And Caelynn didn’t with Cam or Mike. People can date around. It’s literally how the show works!!!!

    1. I see your frustration. There is nothing wrong with Hannah pursuing numerous people, but I think that an issue that comes up is that it seems like she and Blake are keeping secrets while also being public about pretending to fall for eachother for the “first” time. Her actions don’t show honesty at this point. Another example of this is when she turns Jordan down, and then goes to Dylan and says that her reason for not going with Jordan is because she wants to spend more time with Dylan (there is more to this that I could be missing!) The issue is that Dyland does not seem to be her main reason for not being interested… Again, totally nothing wrong with numerous love interests. I agree with you that this is what the show is for. She just seems to be purposefully misleading the cast.

      1. I hear you too. And yes, I agree with Julia that the frustration is being deceitful and making it seem like they didn’t have a relationship of any sort (even as friends) when they arrived in paradise. It’s not fair to the others there.

        1. Tess I 100% agree. I have been thinking the same thing this whole episode! Also so many of these people meet or know each other in some way before coming on Paradise. Do they owe everyone on the beach a full accounting of their last 6 months when they get there? The whole Blake villain edit is just really falling flat for me after seeing his side last week. Whether you agree with his actions or not it is very clear there is more to the story and the constant harping on him from Caelyn makes it seem very much like she came on the show with the express intention of making his life difficult. Also I don’t think Hannah and Blake necessarily pretended not to know one another. They didn’t say nice to meet you or anything the first day, it just seems like no one thought to ask if they had met before so they didn’t say anything about it. I don’t know I am just finding the double standards frustrating with this season.

          1. As Tess wrote it felt a.little pateonizing on Taishyas part to *sit Hannah down like that* – given what both T and H went thru with Colton ditching them, oy makes sense that Hannah would be secretive/protective about Blake visiting.

            Regarding Danielle’s thiught abt Caelynn being sent in to tear away at Blake : let me add thar Jordan was completey programmed to diss Blake upon entering the show. I l o v e Jordan, but it was a pretty heavy jand at revealing proscutiona plot to make Blake the Villan.

            Back to Hannah for a sec- she was very contained – and classy – on Colton’s season. I think she’s a still waters run deep type. It moret her internalness, than the trait of deceit. Her demeanor with Tayshia didn’t come off as defensive, hostile, or unfriendly. Hannah keeping to herself may be part of her character, and not a fault.

      2. I disagree. I don’t think the fact that Hannah and Blake met up outside of BIP is really anyone’s business. Tayshia shouldn’t if gotten upset. It doesn’t include her.

    2. Love how you think, share and express love to others. I enjoy following you across several social media platforms. I appreciate Tayshia being genuine and giving JPJ a chance. She embraced his nervousness and handled the poem in the most supportive cute way! I am here for it, even if it isn’t a forever thing.
      Demi is a bright ray of sunshine. Thank goodness for her presence this season. She may feel hesitant with expressing herself but she has chosen all the right words and handled everything very mature, genuine and honestly. Derek earned a few points in my book with his responses also.
      I am with you on feelings about Christian and Clay to a T. And when Clay decided to try to be assertive because Nicole told him to be, but then respected her AGAIN to not make her choose just shows his character and I now stand for Clay. Maybe not for bachelor as you mentioned. But I’m rooting for him.
      Blake and Hannah G better be happy together right now if they are putting us through this all season. I think I would love them as humans in real world, but don’t wanna date either. And yes that breaks my heart for Dylan. But I have a feeling Dylan will find his love soon enough and probably not in paradise! It appears Blake took The Bachelor world on a little too naive.
      I do feel producers have played up Hannah B/Demi tease up in previews even if i feel that is untrue, but if it wasssss I’d be alllll for it lol. Wanna top a windmill Demi!? Can’t wait to hear your podcast tomorrow!! I share with my grandma what i learn from you all since she is only a episode viewer not into the reality&social media side. Makes for fun dinner talk i assure you! Okay I’ve never got all into bachelor talk in response before, but I had alot of opinions and this was fun and who better to share with than you!!

      1. Props to Derek for being, essentially, PERFECT.
        Like.D said:
        It couldn’t’ve gone better.

        A MAJOR pro-love pro-life moment on the show

    3. Completely agree. Tayshia is petty and immature – she needs to move on and mind her own business.

      The Demi situation is a complete double standard. If anyone else had a side piece at home they’d be chastised for it — but because it’s a woman it’s ok?! Complete double standard, if love is love and everyone is equal then we should be treating it as such. Demi hid the fact she was dating someone else from Derek for what – two weeks now? Date whomever you want, but why are you on paradise is you have a gf?

      1. I totally agree about the Demi situation being a double standard…I don’t understand why because it is another girl people are ok with it?! If it was a guy saying he had been seeing (and still is?) a girl at home then it’s likely a lot of people would be bashing and tearing him down! I think it’s great Demi being so open and it is refreshing to see it, especially on this show, but I still don’t necessarily think it is fair.

    4. Can’t agree more with Tess! I think that Hannah is getting lots of fire just because people are bored and have nothing else to talk about. Demi was also not telling all the truth to Derek, and it seems as a much more serious relationship then what Hannah shared with Blake..After just one date and a kiss with Blake, Hannah probably didn’t really know where it stands between them, and they both might be thinking to stay open for other people..that is why she might not be wanting to start her time in paradise with people categorizing her with only one person. Also, Tayshia did had an aggressive vibe when approaching her, since she was blaming Hannah for tinting her experience..she wasn’t there just for helping Hannah, she was angry at her.

      1. I think Dylan’s heavy interest in Hannah makes it s e e m more coupley than it is.
        How’d we all go from Oh its a little squeamish week One to HB is toying w her boyfriend.? Nah. Dylan w a n t s to be the b.f…..but Not So Fast, just like real life. Nobody cements that quickly (almost). We never saw Hannah into him ghe way he was into her.

        The only screw up I see on her part was completely diaregarding that he could see her dance kissing with Blake. Insensitive- but also something Dylan is better off knowing. He isnt blinded by love afterall- and that is Great!! Iy looked lkke he night have been ( Cam !!)

    5. Tess I’ve been thinking the same thing for both Hannah AND Blake. I haven’t watched BiP before but have watched the Bachelor / Bachelorette for many seasons. It just seems to me that they should all be used to someone dating and connecting with multiple people! I do see where others are coming from about the secrecy, and questioning why Blake didn’t start with a date with Hannah in the first place. But I don’t think either of them deserve the hate!

      Strat thought about the process – with the eliminations and new additions, the thought occurred to me that the perfect match for the new arrivals could already have gone home! I wonder how much the producers know about the contestants beforehand?!

      1. Hi Elizabeth – ober past seasons of BIP it seems contestants indicate whi they habe crushes on, but don’t know who is making it to the Island, or when .

  4. Is the Bachelor Franchise intentionally leading viewers to think that Hannah Brown is Demi’s love interest? I am excited to learn more, but feel confident that Hannah Brown & Demi are not a couple.

    1. I have never thought that! But interesting that others are thinking that! I am confident they are just friends too!

  5. I really respected Demi’s chose to come out as bi on the show. It’s makes me truly happy. I love Caelynn and deans relationship. I love how they were both so vulnerable and true to themselves. I was so shocked of JPJ and Tayshia’s relationship, but I hope it works out for them. P.S. I love flowing along with your blog.

      1. Most definitely!!! I’m so with you when it comes to seeing where bachelor nation goes after this new arrival of news!

        1. Maybe THIS is why no Bach has been announced??!!!
          Is the show waiting to see if B Nation can handle a rainbow of contestants for our GOLDEN DEMI ????

  6. I hate that Caelynn acted like there were no good guys on the beach after she had such a great date with Mike! I know it was probably editing, but I think Mike deserved better! I hope he finds someone.

    1. It felt like Mike was bullshitting her a little bit. He needs a more refined woman. She was soooo muxh more comfortable with Dean. Loke she was her true self and discovering things.
      Seems like she needs Dean.
      Mike.just wants her for sex.

  7. I love how you see the good in everyone it’s so nice and refreshing. I haven’t watched yet bc I’m putting my two babies to sleep. But what happened with Mike and Caelynn?

  8. So a wise therapist once told me when overwhelmed pretend your plate is stacked high with stuff. Unpeel top three layers first. Deal with each. Kudos to Demi! True to self. I am very disappointed in Hannahs behavior. She’s just as much a player as Blake in some ways. Sigh! Chris is mature which puts some feathers in his cap!! Ali where did you get the boho shirt you had on in FB post about FItFanFun box? Loved it.xo

  9. First of all, I am LOVING this season of BIP. In addition, I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs and listening to your podcasts with Rachel.

    I think Demi is a QUEEN. But can we talk about how incredible Derek’s response to her was? He had so much love and respect for her. I just adored the conversation they had and the vulnerability from both of them.

    I’m a fan of JPJ and Tayshia.
    I would like to see Dean and Caelynn stay together as well.
    I think that Clay and Mike are two of the best guys on the beach and I really hope they find love and do not settle for less than they deserve.
    And last but not least, I really think that Dylan deserves better. I have always loved Hannah G, but the games she is playing with him right now hurts my heart for him.

    Can’t wait for next week 💕

    1. Hi Rachel

      I l.o v e Clay – steady, classy, and Good!
      I see Mike as a complete f l i r t
      Completely different dudes, except both are E-Z on the eyes!!

  10. Totally agree with what you’re rote Ali! One thing you didn’t talk about was Derek and Demi’s conversation. Interested your thoughts on that. I thought he showed what a stand up guy he is! He was so supportive of her. Brought tears to my eyes! Love your blog!!

  11. Love reading your take on the episodes! I’m also confused as to why Blake took Tayshia on the date instead of Hannah if they hit it off the week before? Seems like he wanted to see what other options he had. Then when everything blew up he went right back to Hannah like she was the one he was interested in all along.

    The part about this season that is bumming me out is they are barely showing any relationships, it’s been mostly Blake drama. I get that the drama is entertaining – but it would be nice to see some more of the relationships. Chris and Katie seem to be hitting it off, but they’ve had all of 3 minutes of screen time. I practically forget they are there! I completely forgot about JPJ until the end of tonight’s episode. So I hope if/when Blake leaves, they’ll start to show some more of the budding relationships.

    1. Yes.
      We are being cheated out of Chris and Katie.

      John Paul Jones is Endless.
      A gift among gifts. All I really want is to know we’ll get JPJ *now* and be y o n d BIP.

      I need him.

  12. I personally disagree with the hannah tayshia situation..i really don’t think that hannah necessarily had to tell anyone about what happen. do i think it could’ve helped put some pieces of the story together? absolutely. but i think to her she really just wanted to respect that private moment between them. and i honestly think she was just as blind sided when blake asked tayshia, like blake was just a jerk. i personally don’t think tayshia needed to talk to hannah about it and i probably would have thought it was disrespectful too! idk, i might be biased because i love hannah and i don’t like tayshia as much…but i just think blake is really the center of all this and he just really screwed every body over. i do think hannah should be handling the dylan/blake thing better because dylan is obviously the better choice. i just think she is such a people pleaser that she is just really confused, which she has a right to be! love you and your blogs ali!!!!!

    1. It may be that Blake and Hannah wanted to keep things quiet bc they knew they would pursue their connection, and hoped to win the show.
      Everyone is questioning why he asked Tayisha out, and then just beelined for Hannah. It makes sense if they had a prior agreement. no dummy – she probably feels used, by both Blake and Hannah.
      T isn’t my favorite either, Kaylee. It feels like her head rules her heart mostly. But I would l o v e to see JPJ prove me wrong!!

      1. Totally agree with all of this!! In the end, i just hope blake can grow from all of this, hannah can find happiness with dylan, and maybe JPJ and tayshia will make an unexpected couple!! im just ready for all the silly drama to be over so that the love can come out!

  13. Hi Ali- love your blog.
    I whole-heartedly agree that Clay should be the next bachelor!!! I have loved him since Becca’s season, and just find him so kind-hearted, loving and just seems like the real deal.
    I am so over the Blake drama. I agree he did not handle himself in a way that was respectful to the women he was with (regardless of their prior history, or understanding of what their time together was). BUT Caelynn is not innocent either – I cannot imagine the BS she has endured because of the show, but I felt her actions / words were childish and immature (as were blake’s) and I don’t feel like she was accountable for her actions / role whatsoever. Personally felt like she just had a vendetta against Blake because he only wanted to hook-up.
    Also, Blake should have just bowed of of the show.

    1. Caelynn also seems Completely Over It- so just how big a deal was it, really??
      The beach is big enough for both of them.

  14. I did not get to see the whole episode, so if I am missing something please correct me. The thing that baffled me the most about tonight was that Christian and Clay fought with each other more than once about “stealing” Nicole and said they would “bring her right back”. Everything about that seems wrong to me. I kept waiting for Nicole to speak up and say, “excuse me, but neither one of you own me and I can go wherever I please and make my own choices about who I talk to”. Instead, she stayed quiet and watched them go back and forth. I just wanted the “You don’t own me” song from First Wives Club to start playing in the background.

    1. Agreed. I also don’t think it was fair for Nicole to ask Clay to be more aggressive. That’s not who he is and he shouldn’t have to change because you are doing things to try to make him jealous. Then when he did something – she just left him high and dry anyways. I like Nicole but seems like she’s trying to incite drama to get more screentime.

      1. Hey Shawna – it Did seem/feel like a fundamental *thing* to request be changed (sooo early on too ). It isnt how Clay rolls, and I’m sure when he tried and saw it flop he was like WTF.

        I do get Nicole’s point- excitement matters, but God he’s gorgeous, decent, confident (!!), disciplined, and reliable. I like his quiet assertiveness.

  15. Hi Ali
    I agree with you about Tayshia however Hannah is acting or is immature. When you can’t look someone in the eye as you’re talking to them, big red flag. She just seems very different than on The Bachelor and doesn’t seem honest. She is hurting other girls chances.
    Loved Dem’s convo with Katie but is it ok that she was in a relationship with someone and came on this show?

    1. I think she’s great. But I think she came on the show to moreso come out to everyone as BI, I don’t recall her saying if her and the other girl in Cali broke up so I was confused as well why she’d come on paradise besides boost in ratings and bringing another point of view to the show that really hasn’t been explored or addressed too deeply. I feel a little sad that Derek won’t have a shot but she was upfront. In the previews it shows Demi with someone who I don’t recognize from paradise so I wonder if it’s that girl from Cali and if so why they’d bring someone outside of the bachelor family on the show.

  16. Auguat 13th 2019- the night Ali rivaled Shakespeare ( even JPJ recitation of it):

    Love is what makes us feel alive.

    Whomever that is with.

    I hope every person on this planet finds it -even if that love is the love you find in yourself

  17. I was so proud and happy for Demi! I have always figured she was the type of person who would not care what anyone else would think about her, but tonight we saw her so vulnerable and it just made me love her more! And then we got to see her with Jordan and I was cracking up. That’s the Demi we see most often and she is hilarious.
    But it also made me think that it’s sad we live in a society where people are scared to show their true colors. I agree with Ali that love is love is love and everyone deserves love no matter what that looks like for the individual or couple.

    I doubt that Caelynn and Dean have anything past a summer fling. When Caelynn said she loves to travel, I got the feeling she meant to 5 star resorts, not to the back country. Lol.

    And I just don’t understand why Tayshia had to confront Hannah?! I don’t get how Hannah leading two men on effects her life. She already said she’s no longer interested in Blake and if you want to talk to Dylan than do it. Otherwise, who cares? It seemed so petty. I think Hannah’s response is irrelevant because it was a conversation that never should have happened in the first place.

  18. DYING to know where Nicole got her white bathing suit from!!! That would be awesome if you found out! Love your blog every week Ali ❤️

  19. I have really enjoyed Demi so far this season (minus her mean girl moment tonight making fun of people on the beach with Jordan). I feel she’s more mature and a better friend than she was on bachelor. That being said, I feel it’s double standard that she’s said she’s been dating someone for weeks, but wanted to come on show and explore her options!? Does she get a free pass cause she’s dating a female? Anyone else would have been questioned and scrutinized for this. Anyone agree?

    1. Julie H~ I c o u l d agree IF:

      – Demi was keeping an IRL love affair waiting for her whiile Insta building on BIP

      – She lied about it

      BUT she really didn’t know where she stood in the L.A. Woman relationship ( it seems there was no deceit that Paradise was.coming up and no promise/deceit made abt continuing) And: it’s week 2 and she’s come forth – f u l l y.

      But I DO agree with you abt J and D riffing on the contestants – I felt a little guilty enjoying it as much as I did.

  20. I feel like I’m being mislead on this show now! Why is everyone being so secretive about meeting up/hooking up prior to the show and then portraying like they don’t know each other?!!! It’s is so inauthentic.

    1. Sooo much snaking around. Since Hannah Bs season it’s gotten way worse. I don’t really get it- wasn’t the old level of tricks and wonky edits *enough*?

      There were times in Hannah’s seasin where I got too stressed from the unnecessary set ups. I wish we could petition production to knock ofd the *extra*. It can be toxic, bs tje guilty pleasure – and LOVE – we all tune in for.

  21. Hi Ali! I love your recaps and really look forward to them! I have to admit that I am totally against Clay being the next Bachelor. It would honestly be too hurtful to Angela. I know they’ve been broken up for awhile but still. I can’t stand it when guys are talking about marriage, kids names, moving for each other (Peter) then break up with the person the next day, out of the blue. I just think it’s mean. I am not thrilled about Mike either, based on how he treated Cam on Hannah’s season (and I am not a Cam fan!) But if we choose between Clay, Mike, and Peter, I vote Mike. I really want it to be Tyler but why would he do it if he’s dating a famous super model?

    I thought it was amazing that when Hannah posted her “I’m struggling” post on Instagram, she got so much support from bachelor nation, including former bachelorettes. I can tell you all really are a supportive group. Which is why it is so shocking to me how Meredith has been treated. She was the only bachelorette not invited to the reunion. Why? Because she told Reality Steve she was sexually assaulted while on the show? ABC can support Caelynn and not Meredith? Isn’t this the time of Me Too? I am a huge Bachelor fan and fan of Chris Harrison. But how hard is it to say, “Oh my God, we are shocked and saddened by Meredith’s allegations and will support her any way we can.” ?? I just don’t get it. I know you are very busy but I beg you to listen to Meredith’s podcast with Reality Steve. It is heartbreaking (she lost both her parents) and she is so resilient and strong.

    Finally, I want to mention Hannah. I truly do feel for her. It would be one thing to be dealing with everything she is dealing with if she had a fiance to lean on. Then it would all feel worth it. But Jed screwed up everything for Hannah. I honestly think she deserves a redo one day…she should be the next Brad Womack! I don’t think Tyler owes her a thing honestly…she broke his heart and only pursued him because Jed turned out to be a liar. But I so wish Hannah had found out about Jed before the final rose ceremony. Maybe then she and Tyler would be together but I guess it truly just wasn’t meant to be.

    1. There is a BIG difference between Caelynn revealing that she has been sexually assaulted in the past and what happened to Meredith. Meredith was assaulted by someone who worked with the show. I’m sure there has been litigation and they aren’t allowed to comment on it. Especially now after the fact. I can totally see why they are not brining Meredith on the reunion show and I’m sure it’s a legal issue.

      I’m not trying to say anything bad about her at all, I loved her and am so sorry for what she went through, I’m just saying those are two very different circumstances in the sense that one was an accusation against the show itself. Caelyyn’s assult did not happen while she was on the show.

    2. Completely On Board With Hannah B 2.0 !!!
      G r e a t idea Sara!!!!!

      I also think she and LP have unfinished biz.

  22. I’m just really not sure why Hannah Gets such a good edit!!! I’m not a fan and think she is SUPER messy. She is the reason for half the crazy in paradise and when Tayshia confronted her she said she was “mean girled????” Seems like Hannah is entitled and doesn’t want to take ANY responsibility going on.

    1. mmm..
      I see what you’re saying abt responsibility taking…yet…she did say * I suck * to dylan as a sorta apology thingee.
      I think we need more data on Hannah before labeling her. She is in a funny position – alot.of attention because of her looks and a background that leaves her passive around conflict ( the angry divorce fallout ). Not making excuses for Hannah- but I do think she is deep, and not a mean spirited person. I believe she will come through this with real insights and execute change.
      I guess I feel for her bc the Colton thing was so tough.

  23. While I don’t agree with how Hannah has handled it. I understand the situation she is in. At some point majority of us have been in that situation where we are into two people at the same time and we don’t want to hurt them because we’re still trying to figure it out. To me they are all beating Hannah down instead of being a friend and helping her because honestly she may just be needing a friend to talk to. At some point also you can’t always go off of what everyone else says and go with your heart & hope you choose right.

  24. Sorry if this has already been mentioned (I haven’t read through all the comments) but I find it so odd that the Onyeka/Nicole drama from season past has not even been mentioned or resurfaced! They really had it our last time around, I wonder if producers decided there was already enough drama to go around or they are getting along now?? Also, I love nothing more than the Demi and Jordan commentary. It really makes the show so funny and entertaining!

    1. the N.O. lack of drama this round just proves the fake side of the show. Back om Coltons season Oneykas time was ending, so it seemed she was happy to get more screen time….noe.its like prodcuers don’t need her much.

      I.agree: Demi and Jordan are a match made in paradise. Iove how they handing alot of narration over to Demi. She may be The franchise s t a r.

  25. Christian?? He comes across as a sleaze. No one even remembered him from Becca’s season. He is no grocery store Joe, that’s for sure. I actually was routing for Clay on Becca’s season until he got hurt and left. Stand up guy, that’s for sure.

  26. I’m so confused why Hannah is getting so much hate. Isn’t Nicole doing the same thing? Isn’t it the point of paradise to explore your options? I like Dylan but it’s also shitty of him to make her feel like she has to be exclusive with him from day 1!

    I can see why she shouldn’t have kissed someone else in front of Dylan. One error in judgement, in the heat of the moment. No big deal to me. You should see the comments on her instagram. People are mean.

  27. The conversation between Tayshia and Hannah made me uncomfortable, to be totally honest. I made the comment yesterday that I wanted Tayshia to talk to Hannah, If how Hannah was acting was so upsetting — but watching how Tayshia actually went about it, I agree with Hannah. It was Mean Girl-ish. I don’t think that Hannah had any obligation to tell anyone that she’d met up with Blake before the show. For her, it wasn’t a definite that she wanted to be with him or explore things with him, it was a possibility that she’d rather entertain in paradise than in the real world. She doesn’t owe anyone, anything. Tayshia also knew she was interested in Blake before coming on the show. What Blake and Hannah did, or had, pre-paradise has nothing to do with Tayshia and considering the fact that Tayshia has long since written Blake off, Hannah isn’t bringing her into the middle of ANYTHING. She’s inserting herself there.

    Also, I think the way Nicole, Sydney And Tayshia are acting like this judgmental gaggle is disgusting. Especially when Nicole was celebrating that “it was going down” when Tayshia pulled Hannah aside. It not only set the tone for Tayshia being less than kind, but it looks like Nicole wants Hannah to be attached. Gross.

    Tayshia had the opportunity to really address Blake to Hannah, to not make it about Hannah being bad and Hannah doing this and not doing that, and instead offering words on Blake that enabled Hannah to see into the situation with maybe more insight than she had in the moment – and she didn’t. She made it about her, and she made it about Hannah, and it took away completely from what she could’ve done.

    I wish the energy and kindness and heart that Tayshia showed in her conversation with Demi was visible in her conversation with Hannah, because I think it would’ve gone much farther and been much better received.

  28. Real question: Do the producers encourage the cast to get involved in each others’ business? Personally, I thought it was mature and respectful of Hannah to keep the Blake visit to herself. Their business is their business. Did Dylan deserve to be informed, given how his relationship with Hannah was progressing? Originally, I would’ve said definitely… but then he spread it to all of Paradise. To me, that confirms that Hannah was justified in keeping it to herself. She seems like someone who was truly struggling with her feelings and was trying her best while having it broadcast on national television. Sure, she had missteps, but I see them as her personal growth – not as malicious or puppeteering.

  29. I always love reading your recaps because I feel like I always miss things and when I read them I fill in those missing things. Thank you for writing these. I love hearing your opinions on everything. This season of bachelor in paradise is very interesting

    1. It interesting AND confusing!!!!! I feel like I am always very firm on my opinions, but they have been changing a lot this season!

  30. I contemplated commenting about this here because no one else did here. I know I am not alone in my thoughts elsewhere. I am all for Demi and everyone finding themselves, but I am confused how coming on the show with a partner is ok. She is in a relationship at the end of the day. We all know this is not going to end well for Derek, who is amazing, or any guy she chooses. I don’t think Bachelor in Paradise is the best place to figure things out but that’s my thoughts.

  31. Here’s what I find interesting about the Demi situation. Good for her for being who she is, love who you love! BUT this situation is a complete double standard! It actually makes me a bit frustrated when I think about it.

    Why is it ok that she has an ongoing relationship back at home? If she were a guy doing this to a girl, heads would roll and everyone would be pissed!! Why is this ok because it’s two women? Especially since she been putting in her two cents about everyone else’s business, ie Blake and Hannah being interested in multiple people. Pot meet kettle. I just don’t get why this is viewed as ok but everyone else with preexisting relationships is getting shit on for it. That includes people going on the bachelor with gfs back home – JED – isn’t the point of paradise to find love??

    Also, Tayshia is getting involved in Hannah’s business as ifit’s her own. Actually in general I wonder if the ladies have nothing better to worry about than Blake. But why did she take it upon herself to confront Hannah? Who cares! Tayshia doesn’t want Blake anyway so…just all seems very childish to me. I like Tayshia a lot but that interaction put a bitter taste in my mouth – none of your business!

    1. I literally posted the same thing about Demi. I agree 💯. This is only the only place I haven’t seen people saying they are ok with what Demi is doing. Everyone else is saying it’s a double standard, which I feel it is big time.

    2. I think what makes it different is that she is being TOTALLY upfront and honest about it. But I believe it’s her first serious relationship with a woman and she just wants to make sure that’s what she really wants. And everyone is on the same page and there are no lies. But I hear what you are saying. I would be annoyed if it were a guy leaving a girl back home. But I think that’s comparing apples to oranges. Since Demi is navigating a different side of her sexuality. What do you think?

      1. I disagree. I don’t think she has been honest. They are two weeks in and has been in it with Derek since day 1. I don’t think it’s fair to expect someone (Derek in this case) to be the experiment without knowing about it up front. It’s one thing if she had previously been interested in women and was mentioning this on the show, or if this was just a hook up scenario. To me it’s quite another to be in a relationship back home (gender irrelevant), start a new relationship on a tv show geared towards finding love, admit that you’re thinking about the person back home…and have everyone pat you on the back for it.

        If we are treating everyone equally, then respect and transparency should be expected from everyone regardless of their sexuality.

        1. Ya know what. You are right. She should have told Derek sooner. I agree with that. I think it just scary for her to open up about at this point. So I feel for her.

        2. I would normally say I agree that two weeks would be too long. But I also feel like it hasn’t been a full two weeks. Last week someone (can’t remember who) said what a crazy week it has been and another person corrects them and says 3 days. For all we know day 3 was the rose ceremony and day 4 is when Demi talks to Derek. If that is the case I would say that would be the perfect time. It’s not something she should have to share from the very first moment, maybe they don’t have a connection then you shared it for no reason. Just my two cents!

        3. Jen I completely agree!!! 💯Demi was not upfront and regardless of how hard that is to come out as BI, she used Derek as her test. I just think it’s so wrong… I like Derek and he was a gentleman about it.

      2. I think it is 100% a double standard. Derek is going to be hurt. A relationship is a relationship. You don’t come on to a show to find love with the hopes of getting engaged, while you are in a relationship with someone. You figure it out with the person at home, with them on vacation, alone, etc.

        1. Could she thought it was a pre-show dalliance?

          If previews are accurate it seems absence has made Demi’s heart grow fonder.
          She seems surprised by her connection a f t e r leaving L.A.

          DB is leap years ahead of Jed – D seems to have made no promises to LA Woman, we know Jed told his gf I’ll Be Back and never told HB during filming. Demi risked Dereks rejection by revealing she was not over a recent flame. It’s above board to me: romantic feelings persisted and she came clean.

  32. First off, I absolutely love reading your thoughts. Its my favorite thing to do after watching anything Bachelor! Im surprised no one has really mentioned this but it really bothered me the way Nicole handled things after Christian was in Clay’s face about spending time with Nicole. She keeps saying she wants an assertive man, which is great..but Christian was disrespectful to me. THEN for her to tell Clay “dont be afraid to stand up and be assertive” on the beach afterwards…like she wants them to get physical over her. I get its nice to feel wanted. BUT I believe it took a lot more strength and “manliness” for Clay to sit there and remain calm versus standing up and “towering” over Christian. I guess it might just be my preference, I just do not find arguing/fighting attractive at all. Clay became so much more attractive for NOT reacting to Christian. Just my thoughts…LOVE the blog!! <3

  33. Thanks for getting your blog up so quickly! I always look forward to reading it after an episode airs!

    Honestly, I do not think caelynn is being fair at all! I was so disappointed in her for calling Kristina a bitch and saying that she was slut shaming her. I do not think Kristina was doing anything of the sort! Kristina was affected by what happened at stagecoach and even took an opportunity to talk to Blake about it. And Kristina has a right to talk about it the same way that caelynn has been talking about it everyone! It seems like Caelynn is having trouble even communicating her feelings about the situation and some of her conversations with the other girls about Blake seem so petty! And she used Cam for a rose after saying how hurt she was that she was used by Blake. Such a double standard!

    At any rate, I am so excited to see how Demi and Derek progress and was happy to see her be able to be supported by him!

    1. Hey Chelsea
      Thanks for.bringing up the Stupid Bitch comment by Caelynn. Glad she didn’t do that to Kristina’s face, but its still inappropriate name calling.

      Not the first time we’ve seen this side to Caelynn.

  34. I’m frustrated that Demi came on with a really strong relationship at home. If any guy had come on in that situation he would’ve been blown to bits, but Bc Demi has a woman back home it’s overlooked. It wasn’t fair for Derek to fall for her thinking she was open to a relationship when she clearly isn’t, and that’s being completely overlooked. I love Demi, but her fluidity doesn’t make what she did fair.

    1. D said she was *casually* dating the L.A. woman – and was surprised that she kept thinking of her while on the Island.

  35. I think Hannah missed the boat load of Blake’s playing when he didn’t take her on the date, especially after flying down to Birmingham. Did she not find that a little weird? He’s spending so much time with her then out of the blue takes someone else on the date, then she hears about the other women? Hannah must really be drawn to something in him to ignore the giant red flag!
    Maybe Hannah was on the defense of Taayshia because in her heart she knows she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing. I know for me, when I’m on the defense it’s because I feel I need to be.

  36. I don’t understand how people aren’t more made about Demi having a relationship at home? I don’t care if it male or female. Not fair to anyone there, especially Derek. Also, in the previews it shows her kissing a woman so the show brings her girlfriend on when she has nothing to do with the Bachelor? Not fair and such a publicity stunt.
    Also, what happened to Mike?! A guy who lives in a van and doesn’t shower over him?!
    Did no one want to go on this season or why are there people on there no one knows?! Desperate it seems.

    1. Dean showers, btw.
      You know, at friends houses, the local Y, maybe a Starbucks in a pinch.

      I dig his Jack Kerouac *trip* but it also feels like real esteem issues need working out. I gove him credit for showing up…takes some balls.

  37. I was literally crying when Caelynn and Dean hit it off. They genuinely seem like they are into each other and they seem like they had the most real conversations (asking him about his van and where he showered). They seem really happy together and I really hope they end up together in the end.
    I kind of feel bad for Hannah because I think she is really confused. She knows Dylan is an amazing guy but she really likes Blake. I just wish she would be more honest with Dylan instead of leading him on.
    Also can we talk about how hilarious Demi and Jordan are together. I hope they stay on all season just for the commentary.

  38. I agree with you in everything but Demi situation. I love that you find the good in everyone. The situation with Demi though I don’t agree with due to she has someone at home but still comes to the show and doesn’t get judged like Jed. I have nothing against gay people but I hope this show doesn’t turn into that now. Love is love but it’s more romantic watching two people of opposite sex fall in love.

  39. Love your recap and thoughts! I semi agree but also am like wtf is going on with paradise this season LOL. The whole Blake Hannah things- since watching them both get dumped I was so hopefully they would meet and hit it off- but I feel all that was ruined when Blake got to pick a 1-1 and chose tayshia! That seemed SO out of the blue to me- and that’s when I’m like “‘mmmm producer driven for sure”…. and then when he realized he was out of options and goes back to TRY and salvage anything her (Hannah) and him had- even though she seems to be pretty into Dylan? Not cool. Also tayshia and Hannah having a chit chat? Def was not a mean girl about it- I think Hannah just didn’t like being called out and not seeming so innocent anymore. Still love her but don’t like how she pulled the “what did I do card”

    Demi is amazing- can’t wait to see her find her happiness!

    Can’t wait for more drama next week and your take on it all!

    1. Monday night episode……..Ok I don’t know what the heck is going on with this show anymore! Like I’m truly feeling awkwardly uncomfortable watching it last night. Over the last while I’ve gained a heightened sense of noticing the fake sh$t occurring; not just with this show, and honestly I don’t want to watch a scripted soap opera. That’s not what the original premise was behind this show but it feels like it’s changed to that. Maybe there’s a bonus of some coupling happening but they’ve definitely got a few actors/actresses on there. BIP used to be fairly authentic and I enjoyed watching and there was love that came from it. I just hate that they’ve decided to try to turn up the drama on their own but in doing so created something very fake feeling. I may very well stop watching altogether because it just is becoming something I’m not interested in. To start off with the worst fake crying scene that I think I’ve ever seen in my life is with Katie. Like girl….you cannot act so please DON’T!
      Like am I the only one that felt that the scene between her and Wills was completely scripted?? Those were not real tears from emotion and her blabbering was almost psycho. Then she continued her ridiculous act with Hannah. Puulllease!! Ugh
      Then there’s Caelynn and Cam. We all knew Caelynn lead Cam on to get a rose. But all of a sudden after like 2 or 3 days Cam is deeply convinced that this is the one; that he’s gonna propose to her at the end of Paradise?! Umm love doesn’t happen in a couple days; sorry not believable at all and if that part wasn’t scripted then I say call the cops cause we’ve got a potential stalker and his attempt at tears for the camera was pitiful. Then there’s Annaliese who thankfully went home but I honestly think there’s something wrong with this girl. Like truly she’s needs to get into therapy. Again she spends like 3-4 days with Chris and she’s making the statement that it’s her and Chris all the way to the end where they get engaged. Like are you that desperate to cling on to anything or anyone? And she’s done this with every show she’s been on. Very unstable behavior. But Chris with Katie? Huh?? I feel like he’s just taking advantage of a situation but then I question if it’s an actual real encounter which really peeves me off that now I have to constantly assess if what I’m watching is real or flipping scripted!! Ugh Anyway Nicole surprised me with her immature stunt to get Clay to be jealous. She apparently needs to grow up some more. I’m not sure she’s taking the process seriously. Onyeka….hmmm all I can say is the girl is strange. I’ve said it since she was on the bachelor. She’s cooky. I hope Hannah stops playing around and realizes that real feelings are involved and can be crushed. I like Sydney and hope she finds love. Demi is a surprise. I hope she doesn’t break Derek’s heart. I think Blake needs to leave. He’s kinda made his bed and needs to go home to do some growing and soul searching. He really sealed the deal with pissing me off when he stole Hannah and then did that ridiculous dance move that is directly intended to put her in a position where she’s close to him and he can lean in to kiss her. Totally calculated which was confirmed by Kristina, Caelynn and Tayesha! I have to say that I’m surprised Dylan went up to her to try to talk but I’m glad he did. What it reveals to me is that Hannah is in fact playing him and she’s not little Miss Innocent! That encounter really made me mad. What sealed it for me was the preview of tomorrow’s episode where Blake admits to flying to see Hannah before the show! So I think the question is is Hannah playing hard-to-get?! I certainly don’t like her as much as I did now that her true colors have shown. I think Kristina is at the point of teetering on to desperation and I hope she pulls back and gains some control. She’s a really nice girl so I’m routing for her to gain some perspective. But honestly this episode left me feeling like I don’t want to watch anymore so I hope it gets better or I will because I don’t watch soap operas for a reason. BIP Producers…..NO MORE SCRIPTED DRAMA PLEASE!!!

      Tuesday night episode…..this episode just confirmed to me that I do not like how Nicole is acting! She is absolutely thrilled that she’s being chased by three different men and her conversation with Clay to be “more manly” and to be “more aggressive” for her was ridiculous. You either like the guy for who he is or you don’t. She wouldn’t want someone to expect her to change and fall in line with her expectations. Not to mention that when he did become assertive and ask for time with her she basically threw him to the wolves and left him hanging and feeling guilty about making her feel uncomfortable. Like really?! Grr 😡 Christian….I had no clue who he was. Honestly I’m surprised that they are picking the men that they are. Slim pickings?! Anyway I’m sorry but I think the guy is a douche. Pardon my language but really he is. He thinks he’s some hot Latin lover. He’s a player. Clay is a real man looking to settle down. After seeing how Nicole acts I think he’s better off not pursuing her. Derek and Demi…still love them as a couple and I was proud of him for how he handled the conversation they had. Both Kristina and Caelynn are a mess. They don’t know what they want. I am surprised by Katie and Chris. I guess we will see where it leads. I have nothing to add about Blake and Hannah because my opinion hasn’t changed. Both of them are a disappointment. I will address Hannah’s comments that Tayesha “mean girled her”. I don’t feel that at all. She discussed her feelings in a respectful manner and kept her body language open waiting for a response from Hannah and instead Hannah coped out. She knows what she’s doing and she is enjoying playing games. She wants to be pursued. I’m not really sure what’s happening with Sydney. I really am holding out hope for her. I love Mike and hope he finds love. Lastly I have to say that I laughed my butt off when Jordan took Christian down! He’s a model but that model picked Christian up like a ragdoll and laid him out. Lol I didn’t realize he had so much strength behind him. He’s not all hair mister after all. I do wonder if Christian gets booted off the show for violence. I guess that’ll be shown next week. Hannah Brown’s visit next week leads me to wonder if SHE’S the woman in Demi’s heart. It could very well explain the elusive answers Hannah was giving on the podcast. So far I can’t say I’m really invested in any of the relationships this season. Well except for Mike but he doesn’t have anything developed. Something’s off. Too much strange editing…maybe? Too much scripted stuff….probably.

  40. I’m not a fan of Nicole.

    I really like Dean and Caelynn together!

    I still want Kristina to find love!

    I LOVE Demi and Jordan! Hilarious!

    1. ABC.could spin a Dean On The Road show out of this. Caelynn would be transformed – freed of what ails her.

  41. how is Demi being brave when homosexuality is the most applauded thing in our culture right now? Anyone against homosexuality is literally called a bigot and “homophobe” by the dominant culture. Brave are those who stand against what’s popular for the sake of truth

    1. Aleksa- D felt it. She has always been so honest on the show. When she said it was a hard thing to talk about I have to believe that/her.

      I agree with you about the popularity of the LGBT movement, and that anyone slamming her would be asking to be blacklisted. But that doesn’t mean it was an easy/capitalist move to Publicize her own fluidity. Sadly we still hear about hate crimes in this area. Also, she was facing a new boyfriend in Derek, and really couldn’t know if he would personally accept it And embrace her. It was gutsy – on national tv, new dood, disclosing a prior relationship = Yeah!

  42. I have to say Blake needs to just leave paradise… he’s brought so much drama with him! &&& hate the fact he hung out with Hannah before the show.. like what?! Another girl! Poor Dylan .. he is just too nice! I did die at Jordan and the piñata 😂😂. He by far is the funniest! I loved your podcast today was Tayshia! I’m interested to see her story play out! And I actually really like Dean and Caelynn… hopefully she gets her happy ending finally!

  43. I can’t stand that Demi goes on Paradise when she has a girl back home and didn’t tell Derek right away. You go on Paradise to find love not to play games. Hannah’s first night as the Bachelorette Demi calls out that one guy for having a girlfriend back home and the guy gets sent home. So why is it okay for Demi to do that to Derek. What happened to the old Paradise when people went on the show not having anyone back home and coming in not hookimg up before the show. I agree 100% of what Tanner said on his Instagram about Demi.

  44. What about Katie and the weird crying conversation with Wills? Very strange but I feel it was edited that way!!

    Also I am loving her and Chris!

    1. In ABC Wednesday Ingrid ( last years BIP ) speculated that Katie may habe been tipsy rrgardibg all those tears – I can buy that !
      I 💙 her with Chris 💍.

      I wish Chris could.give Blake a little perspective, too….

      1. Ohhh that would make sense! Ha!

        I agree I want to see more of the guys talking. But I guess that doesn’t make for good tv like the drama!

  45. I saw a new side to JPJ in this episode when he was reciting the poem to Tayshia. He had such love in his eyes and a beautiful boyish grin. Made me think he’s not so tough after all and just looking for love. I hope it works out for the two of them.

  46. I love Hannah. I love Hannah and Dylan. I am rooting for them. I was happy to see her on the show especially how heartbroken she was after Colton. But right now on the show I am kind of disappointed how she is acting and showing it off on the beach in the wide open. I think she’s just stuck in her head and doesn’t know what to do but I hope she figured it out before she looses Dylan!

  47. Yeah, i’m really not understanding the whole Blake and Hannah thing either. There have been people who have happened to meet before coming on paradise, so why did they both act like they had never met before? They could have just said hey we have met before and want to see where this can go. Instead, Blake takes Tayshia on a date!! Was he just using her to make it not obvious he was into Hannah at first? Ugh!

  48. I absolutely love Demi! But with that being said I do agree with some people that have been complaining about all of the stuff that’s being done before the show. I love her and I support her in her journey but I do think it’s wrong to be involved with somebody and knowing your heart somewhere else and come on the show. I personally am more team Blake then I am any of the girls. I think Kristina and Caeylan came in with hurt feelings and I get that but I do feel that he isn’t being represented fairly here. He was single he has the right to sleep with them even in back to back whether we like it or not and I feel that they should’ve handled it before they got on the show.

  49. Hi Ali!
    I’ve been listening to Happy Hour and love you, but Rachel is occurring as so judgemental, hypercritical, and bordering on paranoid about people’s behavior. How she’s been speaking about Hannah and Caelyn is just off base. For a lawyer, it’s coming across to me as unintelligent- almost conspiracy theory leaning. On the other hand, you are so balanced and empathetic, putting yourself in others shoes and being understanding. I feel a need for Rachel to hear this because I can’t keep listening to Happy Hour if she’s going to move with as little empathy as she is. Let me know if there’s a better place or way to share.
    Thank you!! ❤️❤️

  50. I was listening to your podcast (which I love by the way) and I wanted to comment on the whole Nicole and Clay situation. I love Clay I think he is a class act. I was a little put off on how Nicole said that she needed him to be more aggressive and then when he was she was all deer eyed at him and pulled the whole “I don’t know what to do Clay” and just sat there in front of Christian, as Christian sits there and speaks for her and “wont let her go”. What is all that about? I just found it weird that she asked Clay to step out of his box/comfort-zone and he did and she just completely ignore that. I think Clay can do much better. What about Clay for bachelor???? #clayforbachelor

  51. I really liked what you said about hoping everyone finds love in this world, “Even if that love is the love you find in yourself. Because truly that is the most important love of all.” I think that message is so important, and I think sometimes people, including myself, really need to hear that. So I really appreciate your supportive commentary!

    In general, I love reading your blog posts and listening to your podcast! Since you are very in-the-know regarding fashion, I was wondering if you knew where someone could find a swimsuit like the one Caelynn had on her date with Dean. It was a black 1-piece that was super cute! Thanks and have a great rest of your day!

  52. I’m so disappointed that Demi chooses to be cruel and disrespectful about several of the people on the show. Some of the things she has said and done are downright bullying. No need to speak so cruelly of Annalise who seems to be one of the kindest and most genuine people on the show. Very immature of Demi and Jordan to make fun of others. Ratings and shock factor are no excuse for ANYONE to be mean and then laugh about it! I for one am NOT here for Demi when she speaks so poorly of others! 😢

  53. Just got caught up on BIP tonight and came right over to read your blog when I was done. Did anybody else wonder what happened to Mike and Caelynn after their date?? They seemed SO into each other. Along comes Dean, and Mike who? I felt like we missed something from Mike and Caelynn’s storyline.

  54. I agree with you that it is nice to see Caelynn happy with Dean. I am excited to see what happens.
    I think that it’s great that Demi has been so open about her preferences but I am a little fed up with the amount of screen time she gets. It’s as if she is the star of the show!
    I also find it a really HUGE double standard that she has a girlfriend back home that she is supposedly in love with, yet she has started a relationship with Derek and has not been upfront about it. If a guy had a girlfriend back home and did the same thing everyone would be in an uproar, but because it’s a lesbian relationship it makes it ok?? It doesn’t make sense to me.

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