Bachelor In Paradise – Jordan Kimball is Back!

Wow! So much has happened since last week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and SO much happened in tonight’s episode. I cannot wait to chat with you all about it!

Jordan Kimball!!!!

Jordan is back! Heck yes! He is one of my favorite people from the Bachelor franchise ever! Yes, he can be a bit rude at times and he says the most ridiculous things but he’s just a character and I find him hilarious. Honestly, I was super surprised that Hannah was talking about how cute he was when he walked into Paradise. Not that I’m saying that he’s unattractive. I get that he’s a model. I guess it’s just his personality and how he is so ridiculous that it makes me not look at him that way. But I will say that I have met many people from Paradise who I didn’t think I would find attractive while watching on TV and then I met them in life and was like oh wow I get why they’re so attractive. I’ll keep it to myself who those people are. Ha! I’m a married woman.

BIP jordan is back bachelor in paradise

Anyway, he had me laughing out loud the whole episode. I am soooo glad he is back because he brings the “funny” back to Paradise! And because of him it made me think a little less about all the drama.


I totally feel for Dylan because it’s got to be so terrible being in his position. But I also think Hannah just needs to cut it off with him. It’s just so obvious to me and I’m pretty sure to her that she’s not gonna end up with him. He is way more into her than she is and to him. And I feel like she’s just waiting for what she really wants to come along. And it seems like that person is Blake.

bip bachelor in paradise dylan hannah g

And I wish that after she turned down Jordan she didn’t go to Dylan and say it was because she wanted to spend more time with him. Because it’s pretty obvious that wasn’t the case. What she told Jordan was that she wanted time to figure out her relationship with Dylan and her relationship with Blake. And she didn’t want to add another person to that. So it wasn’t JUST about spending time with Dylan and I wish she was honest with him about that. I really think Hannah is a nice person but she’s isn’t doing very nice things. And unfortunately she’s stringing Dylan along and in the end I know she’s going to hurt him so badly. I mean…she already has. I will get to her kissing Blake at the end of the episode in a minute. First…

…A Random Thought on Clay

I freaken love him. He’s a super attractive guy, confident, and just a huge sweetheart! Honestly, I kinda hope he doesn’t end up with anybody on Paradise because I think he would make a great Bachelor! That is, if he doesn’t end up with Nicole. I really like them together!

Blake and Caelynn’s Text Messages

Let’s just backtrack to last week for a minute. As many of you guys know, Blake released text messages between him and Caeylnn from the night they hooked up at stagecoach. And without getting into it too much basically she let him know that she was coming over only for sex and “no cuddling” even when he told her multiple times not to come over. He didn’t flat out say don’t come but was saying not to come in a somewhat flirty way. Anyway, that’s how I read them. So I do think that Caelynn was a bit dishonest about the way she portrayed that night. But regardless of those text messages, Blake is acting like a player. And noticed I’m saying “acting” instead of saying he is a player. Even players eventually end up with the person they’re supposed to be with. So do I think Hannah should totally ignore him? No. I just don’t because I honestly think there is a really good connection between the two of them. And I am all for them getting together if Blake would focus on her and if she would so we focus on him (and leave Dlyan out of it).

Blake and Hannah

If I were Hannah would I go after Blake? I don’t know. My gut reaction is to say absolutely not! Because I agree with Demi when she said that pursuing Blake is sending a bad message to date a guy that has screwed over most of the girls over in Paradise. But at the end of the day if you have a super strong connection, I think just go with that. Because I think a guy could be a player until he meets the right person. Maybe Hannah is the right person for Blake.

That said, I was really disappointed in Hannah’s decision when she made out with Blake out in the open. I’m sure she didn’t think Dylan was watching but why would you do that there was even a possibility of him watching? Especially when you’re out by the water which is totally open to everything. It’s not like they were in a room somewhere or even in the hot tub surrounded by trees. I just feel like that was really mean. Again, I really think Hannah is a good person and I don’t think she means to be mean – but poor Dylan!

hannah blake bip kiss

I guess this is where I stand with them getting together. If Hannah and Blake have a strong connection they should absolutely pursue that! Even people who do terrible things can turn it around especially when they meet the right person. But I think they’re both really going about things the wrong way. Like how Blake uses the same dance moves on everybody. OK cool that’s his thing and he thinks he’s a good dancer. But if you do that with Tayshia don’t do it to days later with Hannah on the beach when you have a target on your back already.

And I got to say something about Blake reminds me so much of my ex-boyfriend. Honestly now that I think about it they even kind of a look-alike! And that ex-boyfriend was not nice to me. And he was a huge player! But, that same ex-boyfriend has been dating the same person for many years now! So I think when you meet the right person you can settle down. And maybe Blake and Hannah are the right people for each other. Who knows. But that doesn’t excuse their lies. Which brings me to my next point.

Hannah and Blake Met BEFORE Paradise?!?!

My jaw just about hit the floor when we found out at the end of the episode that Hannah and Blake saw each other before Paradise. And if he flew to meet up with her, I can only assume they hooked up. So why on earth would Blake take Tayshia on the date when he got to Paradise? And from what we see, he’s acting like he never met Hannah! I almost wanna go back and watch the first episode but I’m pretty sure Hannah and Blake are the first people in paradise and they act like they were meeting for the first time. Those two are playing games!

I stand by everything I just said about that making mistakes and then changing for the better when you meet the right person. But why are Hannah and Blake just flat out lying to everybody?! I mean they very easily could’ve come to Paradise and said they met up before hand. And that they have super strong connection and they are so psyched that they get to explore it more in Paradise. They could say “yeah we met a week ago and totally hit it off. And honestly we hit it off so much that we almost considered not coming to Paradise. But then we thought coming here would be an opportunity to really figure out if we could work long-term.” Right? Or just say they met up and hooked up once and are super happy both of them are in paradise. I don’t know! Just why the flat out lies?!

bip bachelor in paradise hannah blake

I just don’t get it and it makes me super disappointed in both of them. I really hope we get more answers and there’s some sort of exclamation because they’re both looking pretty bad at this point. And I just want to encourage all of us to be kind when discussing this. I can say what I’ve said so far in this post with my head held high knowing that I’m not just trying to tear anybody down. That’s not helpful to anybody. It’s not helpful to Hannah, it’s not helpful to Blake, and it’s not helpful to any of us. Having hate in your heart only affects you. Anyway, I’m just saying that because I think we can question people’s decisions and even be angry with them but let’s just try to be careful with our words.

All that said WTF?! I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that there is some sort of explanation although I’m racking my brain to figure out what that could be right now and I can think of something.

And honestly, I feel like this situation is so messy and hard to even explain. Which makes my opinion on everything go back and forth. I mean, I feel like my opinion changes by the minute because there are so many moving pieces. And quite frankly, my head is just spinning.

Can’t Go Without Mentioning Mike!

Mike is back too! Yay! I know Mike is back and people are really pulling for him to be the next Bachelor and I have kept saying that I didn’t think we got to know him well enough to be the Bachelor. But now that he is in Paradise we will really get to know him. I mean, obviously he is attractive and super sweet. But I want to know so much more about him! And I am so glad he is back. Although my heart broke for Onyeka a little bit. She wanted to go on his date so badly.

mike BIP bachelor in paradise

Final Thoughts

Holy moly. This was such a good episode! I am so excited to hear what you guys have to say about today. I cannot wait for tomorrow!!! I so feel for Dylan. What are your thoughts? Are you seeing any couple’s form that you could see outside of BIP? Are you as happy that Jordan is back as I am? Let’s chat!

This Week’s Outfits (plus some from the show!)

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affordable tank ali manno walmart

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affordable striped tee for work pink ali manno


92 Thoughts

92 thoughts on “Bachelor In Paradise – Jordan Kimball is Back!

  1. I wish you would have mentioned Katie and wills lol!! I was so confused by what was happening. Surely that was all editing, right?! I feel so bad for him. He seems like a really nice guy but not having any luck.

    1. Oh my gosh… I had to rewind the DVR because it seemed so out of the blue like we missed part of their conversation. And because it was impossible to understand her. And who knew she had a thing for Chris?! Crazy!

      1. I think Katie and Chris get engaged.

        I l o v e d the show giving us Wills disappointed , but not t h a t disappointed – and kind of WTF
        at ber tear-fest Just a grest moment.

        Wills – you’re probably the only sane one on the Island

  2. I heard The comment about flying to see Hannah and someone says “you flew down to Alabama?” So I’m thinking he met Alabama Hannah? Is Hannah G from Alabama too?!

      1. It’d be pretty Epic of Blake *did* Hannah B too.
        Like be would become Legend.

        It’s also hilarious in absurd way. The bullshit factor of the way the show actually works is Blake’s gift to us viewers…I see that now.

  3. I felt bad for Cam as Caelynn had led him in with the kiss and rose and clearly was not interested.

    People need to be more truthful this season to avoid unnecessarily hurting others.

    Also felt for Dylan – hope Hannah can be let him go rather than lead him on as well!

    1. I feel really badly for Cam. Caelynn was going to dump him no matter- but to get ditched for Mike. It’s really cruel. Mike acrewed him over on HBs season – hard.

      That said- Cam is overly romantic in a self harming way. He and Annalise vibe the same way- glomming on from the first second with someone.

      Sidw note: Mike.just wants to bang Caelynn. But he’s acting like she is of substanial interest, and she just isn’t up to his level. Nonetheless: plenty of sex ahead for both of them, and not just with each other.

      1. Why weren’t we given Caelynn’s reply to Cam????

        That little pat pat hug looked like she gave him the news thar she would not be exclusive with him

    2. it’s hard to see Dylan *recovering* whilst on the Island…but it would Rock if he found worthy love there. right under HGs nose.

  4. I feel so bad for Dylan 🙁 He’s head over heels for Hannah & she either doesn’t see it or is totally playing games with him.. I was rooting for those two, but now I want Dylan to find someone who treats him the same!

  5. I agree with your thoughts. Hannah & Blake should have been more upfront with the group from the start. That whole thing with Katie was SO weird. Her and Chris seemed to come out of nowhere. Mike and Caelynn seem like a good couple. Cam is just so desperate. He needs to go!

  6. Anyone else feel bad for Cam?? Honestly you can tell Hannah won’t end up with Dylan. He’s obviously sooo nice and a good guy, but I think it’s so early on for him to be so pushy.

    1. I do! But he’s delusional lol. They have NO relationship and he’s talking about getting down on one knee. Heel be gone next rose ceremony. But he is sweet.

      1. Yes.
        Cam – sweet, smart, and decent.

        It made me.wish there was a Rehab Bachelor Season. Where a needy candidate (who is genuine, lile Cam ) gets coached by some of the Good Alumni…a kind of Bach dating Camp.

  7. I only feel bad for Dylan because Hannah is keeping him on the bench. But, it’s so hard to watch him fall all over Hannah. Some may say it’s sweet but it’s not very attractive. All we have heard him say is, “you’re so cool. You’re so awesome. And you’re so hot.” There’s no way Hannah respects him but she knows he’s so into her that she can keep him just in case. I want him to “man up” and show her he has more to say and offer or to “man up” and break it off with her.

    1. I agree with you. Dylan is very shy to the point that he is not able to deal with Hanna’s situation. I really thought he would confront Blake and Hanna but he didn’t man up enough to ask Hanna ‘to make up her mind’ and ‘choose’. I could almost scream in front of TV. Ha ha … OMG!

  8. This was my thoughts on Hannah. I really do like her. Her actions are questionable but I just wonder if she is just making 100% she is in control this time. With Colten, I feel she really did love him and she was so heartbroken. I think she is just making sure she calls the shots this time. That’s just my take on some of her actions. Love the blog Ali and I am a firm supporter of you! (I’m also a Walmart associate so it makes my heart feel good that you have good experiences there. We get so much negative that it’s nice to hear the positive!

    1. Because of Hannah Bs *star* standing on the Island it is easy to forget how annihilating Colton’s Cassie Bomb was for her.

      She has been burned badly in tje not so distant past. and that warrents gibing her some leeway

  9. I have a friend who is friends with Blake and the producers wouldn’t let Blake take Hannah on the date and the edit was horrible for him. There is way more to the story and they aren’t telling it all!

    1. Oh wow! I thought it was CRAZY he didn’t take Hannah because I had also heard they met up before paradise and I kept telling my husband Hannah should be upset Blake didn’t take her on the date and be done with him.

  10. Jordan is back and I’m TOTALLY here for it! I adore Jordan’s dry sense of humour, his quick wit, the one liners…The Mayor Of Paradise is back! He is ratings gold! As for Blake…his ego is becoming bigger than the coconuts in the palm trees! Amazing that he looks so shocked when the women call him out. Then tonight I thought it was uncalled for how they were kissing right in front of him. I agree with you…maybe Hannah didn’t see him but if the roles were reversed, Hannah would have been upset if she was watching that. I felt for poor Dylan. For Dylan…she is just not that into you. Then there is Mike It will be interesting how his Paradise experience goes as they seem to look at him being possibly the next Bachelor! Loved this episode! Btw…I absolutely LOVE your new podcast with Rachel! I love your honesty and Rachel brings the spice! You guys are doing amazing! Love your sweet instastories with your sweet Kiddos! I do think you got a little singer/superstar in sweet Molly! Love her little singing episodes

  11. I could not understand Katie at all! She was rambling so fast! Hannah is screwed up. I have read spoilers and she is just not being honest with her men. What is she thinking!!!?

  12. Last week, someone was talking to Blake, a girl but can’t remember exactly and they asked “did you tell Hannah or does Hannah know” and he said yes. This moment confused me as to why they were asking this. It was a weird edit, I would have to go back and watch to give the right details BIT now, it makes sense if someone knew they had hooked up before the show.
    I can’t stand Jordan. He is funny, but tries way too hard to go above and beyond in his funny antics. I think him and nicole would be an odd match up. So I think she will stay with Clay.
    Mike – I do think he will be the next Bachelor. I don’t think it works with him and Kaelynn because the preview shows her crying.
    Katie – what was she even saying to Wills???? She made no sense and I couldn’t really understand her. She should have explored that relationship.
    Chris And katie? What happened to him and Kristina? I don’t recall seeing him and Katie having any prior connections here. That was weird to me too.
    Great episode.
    Demi’s commentary cracks me up. They haven’t shown her with Derek at all anymore. And they haven’t shown Derek trying to pursue anyone either … so wonder what’s up with that. Did they decide not to be a thing? And maybe producers never showed that conversation to viewers?
    A lot of people don’t seem to making any connections at all. And the few there are seem like loose cannons. Haha.

    1. I heard that comment too! “did you tell Hannah or does Hannah know”? I thought they must be talking about Hannah B but clearly they were talking about THIS Hannah.
      I thought Katie had too much tequila which explained her drunk cry!
      Blake is really starting to gross me out with his awkward kissing.
      This episode was fun – I love Jordan being back although I’d never date him. I thought Jenna was perfect for him with her quirkiness. Too bad that didn’t work out.

  13. The best part of the episode was demi tracking down the six toed man. I also feel like if you cant say something nice then dont say anything so I’m glad you are always willing to consider both sides of things. That being said I really find people who lie so blatantly troubling…we will see how it goes.

  14. I’m gonna try to say this respectfully. Hannah knows what’s she’s doing but does not have the emotional integrity and maturity to be direct. Sometimes it hurts feelings but do not be spineless. That is more hurtful. I get the feeling Hannah floats from boy to boy trying not to hurt feelings but does it anyway because she is not respectfully direct.
    Blake is being a player because he is VERY immature. He is not used to the girls throwing themselves at him and he is not mature enough to handle this lifestyle with class. Maybe in the future? I hate to say it but hitting rock bottom may help him.
    I believe Hannah and Blake have met their preverbal match and they deserve each other.

  15. I love Jordan,Glad he is back.
    I wanted Clay and Angelina to stay together.Dykan is a sweetheart and they way he looked at Hannah you could tell he has true genuine feelings for her.Cabt stand Blake and can’t stand Caelynn.Caelynn plays the victim and lies.Hannah reminds me of crystal and grocery store joe.It worked out for them I hope it works out for Hannah and Dylan.

  16. I mostly agree on the Dylan stuff BUT I’ve moticdx from the previews that when she is accepting a fantasy sweet date it looks like she’s talking to him. So…at least how it looks…is that they at least make it to the end of the show.

    I’m kind of shocked you are thinking Clay for bachelor…I guess I just don’t see it. Nothing bad about him but idk I guess I just don’t feel like I’d enjoy watching him.

  17. I love you but the Wal-Mart clothes are too much. All the bloggers are doing it and I find it to be not authentic at all that you’re ALL suddenly wearing clothes from Wal-Mart..please..

    1. Have you tried them? I ordered the under-$10 ($13 w/shipping) printed Walmart sweatshirt Ali told us about a bit ago, and it is super cute! Will need to wait for cooler weather to wear it but it is super cute!

  18. I can’t believe that I got sucked into another episode!! These girls act like a bunch of Junior highers leading these guys around by the thumbs. I think Hannah is a twit, she reminds me of a cheerleader in high school just trying to get all the boys to look at her with those big eyes of hers. I think she’s treating Dylan terribly … I felt really terrible for him watching her make out with Blake. I feel that some of these people are obviously just there for the attention, but their maturity level is not adequate to develop a real relationship.

  19. Dylan! Go for Kristina – she would treat you well and you would make a good couple! That’s what I wanted to shout at the TV tonight. Yes I think Hannah revealed herself to be selfish and disrespectful and I think Dylan should say forget It. She’s a player like Blake. She can go w whom she likes but be respectful, please. I love Clay and I am glad Nicole went back to him after her date. I’m kind of sick already of the show focusing so much on Hannah, and on Blake.

  20. Dylan! Go for Kristina – she would treat you well and you would make a good couple! That’s what I wanted to shout at the TV tonight. Yes I think Hannah revealed herself to be selfish and disrespectful and I think Dylan should say forget It. She’s a player like Blake. She can go w whom she likes but be respectful, please. I love Clay and I am glad Nicole went back to him after her date.

  21. Blake”s a player, I don’t like him. Hannah seems the same and ditzy. Something about those two I don’t like. Just a strange episode,but it took me away from the tragedies of the evening (news).

  22. If you remember from the texts that Blake released with Caelynn, when they were chatting 1 week before paradise she asks him “Did you tell Hannah?” and he says “No not yet”, and then Caelynn says “I’m hoping she won’t think it’s a big deal.” So from that conversation we see that Blake and Hannah did start something before paradise, and that Caelynn knew about it.

  23. I just find this whole show to be ridiculous now. I don’t feel like anyone on this show is real anymore like in previous seasons. I feel like it’s time for the Bachelor franchise to come up with a new show. Bring back bachelor Pad or something more fun!

  24. Thank goodness for Jordan’s comedic relief!! I agree with you and I think he’s hilarious!! And I also think that Hannah and Blake are both trying to play the innocent card a little bit (especially about meeting prior), and I feel like all of this may catch up with them and turn out to be a bad look for them.

  25. I just feel like the premise of this show doesn’t work anymore now that all of “bachelor nation” hangs out and hooks up. It seems like they all know each other and it’s all pre-planned, and they just beeline for the person that they were already seeing in real life. Also, Dylan seems sweet but he needs to have a backbone. He “confronted” them on the beach but then just mumbled some stuff. Just be like, “do what you want Hannah but have some respect about it.”

    1. Exactly. People go onto this show knowing who has been cast and make deals to keep each other around until the person they’re waiting for to arrive shows up. It’s all been discussed by former cast members. I’m suprised anyone would be shocked that people have hooked up before going on!

    2. Totally agree! I think Hannah knows what she is doing but also prefers a bit of a chase. She mentioned to Blake that she was surprised he didn’t come find her to talk to her that day. She seems to be intrigued by him because he wasn’t all over her all day. Dylan shouldn’t have to play the game but I think if he distanced himself from her, she would come running. I felt bad for Dylan when she was making out with Blake. It’s crazy how many from the franchise know each other and hook up in real life. It makes the show seem even more fake than it has in previous seasons.

  26. Do I think Hannah could be nicer and more forthright about how she feels about exploring things with Blake, yes – but I don’t feel bad for Dylan. I know some of it may be editing but there has been no substance to his conversations and attempts to woo Hannah, it’s all just I like you over and over again without any depth.

  27. I love that Jordan is back! He is a character. Last year I was kind of turned off with his behavior but he fell hard with Jenna and changed. Too bad it didn’t end well.

    I like that he talked to Blake. Geez, he sounded like Bibiana in Bachelor Winter Games acting like counselors to everybody. LOL. The two should meet and might hit it off. LOL

    I think the reason why Blake and Hanna decided to go on BIP is that they are being paid. But at least they should show the real connection and never lied to everyone and played innocent.

  28. I have a few opinions on the Blake & Hannah situation, as everyone naturally does. While I am disappointed that Hannah is giving Blake so much attention, they met outside of Paradise and going into this show she knew he was someone she wanted to explore. Tayshia also met Blake outside of Paradise, at Stagecoach, and while it seems they didn’t sleep together, we can’t deny that their initial attraction to each other was in part due to the charming interaction they had there.

    On the first couple of episodes, we see Hannah interested in Blake. Before she forms a connection with Dylan she’s already interested in him. I don’t agree with her making out in front of Dylan with Blake, but communication is lacking all around. Dylan has yet to express to Hannah how that is making him feel, and while it was bold to walk up to them having one on one time, Hannah was put in a tough spot and I think she wasn’t picking sides – I think she was trying to be fair with her time. Additionally, Hannah hasn’t asked Blake any of the questions that I’m sure she has and Blake, well, he’s just smooth talking his way into keeping Hannah’s attention.

    My biggest issue of last nights episode, however, was all of the women trash talking Hannah without ever walking up to her and saying something. With the exception of Demi, not a single person sat her down and said girl what are you doing?? Tayshia spent almost every single one of her solo interview screen moments talking about Hannah and how shady she is and how untrustworthy she is and insulting Hannah left, right and center. If what Hannah is doing is so upsetting to Tayshia, enough for her to have so much to say, why isn’t she saying something TO her. Not to mention when Tayshia said Hannah was the sort of shady to go on a date with Jordan and that Nicole would never do something like that to Clay, just for Nicole to go on the date with Jordan and for Hannah to turn him down. Hmm.

    There were a lot of opportunities for women empowering women last night, and instead we got a lot of the older women on the beach bashing one of the younger. Demi might’ve talked about Hannah too, but at least everything she said to the screen, she also said to Hannah’s face.

    And can I point out, SEVERAL successful BIP couples weren’t together from day one and went on a few dates with others (or even were stolen from others) before getting together.

    Tldr; Tayshia met and was charmed by Blake before paradise, Hannah needs to communicate with both of the men, and I think some of these other women need to focus on connections rather than bashing those with connections.

  29. The scene when Hannah went to Dylan after Jordan was so awkward! He was all giddy and kissing her neck and her face was so bored looking. Maybe that was the editing??? Didn’t Caelynn and/or Cristina say they had talked with Blake about skipping paradise to be together? And he said that with Hannah? I can’t keep it all straight!! I hope one of the other girls gives Dylan a rose so he can stay and see if someone else comes for him!

  30. Oh you just said everything I’ve been thinking except that I wouldn’t go near Blake with a ten foot pole. Not only is he a player, but I don’t think he’s even attractive nor charming or anything really. I don’t understand Hannah. She seemed sweet, but Dylan deserves a clean break from her because it is clear that she loves the adoration but likely won’t ever love him. I hope someone new comes down those steps that he just falls head over heels for. I love Mike and Clay. Am so glad that Bibiana and Annaliese and all their potential drama left. And like some other comments, feel like the whole Katie/Wills/Chris thing was edited badly and we were left not getting the first 2/3 of that whole story! Oh, and also love Demi!

  31. Oh and forgot to mention Jordan! I was so happy on Paradise last season that everyone got to know him and the guys took him into their fold and he wasn’t a villain any longer. I think he’s a good guy. He’s a riot, so funny, I love that he’s unfiltered and doesn’t take himself seriously any longer.

  32. First – my thoughts on Hannah and her love triangle: I 100% think she is physically attracted to Blake and is scared because Dylan is an amazing guy that comes off as a relationship material kind of person & Hannah doesn’t want to lose him. I really liked Hannah from Colton’s season and thought I would like her in paradise but I don’t; she needs to be straight forward with both men and stop going back and forth. As for Caelynn, it was very clear she said those things and kisses Cam to get a rose. But she needs to be clear with him about what she wants because she led him on & I feel bad for him. I hope Caelynn doesn’t end up with Mike. I think he deserves way better.

  33. Great episode!!!!
    Demi was hilarious. So was Jordan.
    Cam was a bit ridiculous… I get that he likes Caelynn, but I think it’s a bit premature to be talking about marriage after one rose ceremony.
    Katie – what the heck? Was she just drunk? So confused by her meltdown with Wills! And poor Wills… he keeps getting turned down. I feel for him.

  34. Ali!!! I love you so Much. And i think you are great on the podcast! Wrote a review and gave 5 starts because women can be so mean! I think you handle yourself with grace, and show the guest that same thing and i applaud you for it! But can i just say this!! AHH! I can’t believe you aren’t spoiled!? There is a section of this post this is SOOO WRONG! But i know it’s rude to spoil so just come back to me when the season is over! LOL

  35. Omg people. This is BIP. Everyone is going to explore different relationships especially in the first week or so and that is what Hannah is doing. Are you all forgetting how this show works?! And so what if they didn’t disclose that they hung out prior to this? Who do they owe anything to? The only person Hannah will eventually owe the whole story to is Dylan once they decide they are exclusive and committed to only each other! But not at this point and this early on. I think your post Ali and how hard you are stressing over this is ridiculous. Blake clearly made a post recently explaining his mistakes with the women and how he got way in over his head. He is a young guy that got a lot of female attention fast after his season. He didn’t handle it the best but has apologized and grown from it. You are so hard on people. How many times in your IG story have you said “I’m only human”. Well so are these people. All of this has taken its toll on Blake and other bach nation friends have commented on the toll this has taken on Blake’s mental health. But you care about that right? You made comments before about you advocating for mental health on your blog. Except that you DON’T. When I saw your awful post with the roses this morning I decided to unfollow you and will no longer read your blog. You contradict yourseld constantly. You feel bad for people like Luke P because you are a Mom with compassion. But attack Hannah and Blake? Who have shown who theu truly are and maybe have gotten a little lost along the way. Like most people. Except they are vulnerable and on tv.
    I think you have become a terrible influencer and you should really consider actually listening to people when they tell you the way you express yourself is that of a judgemental BULLY.

    1. Rachel, I totally agree with you. i also don’t understand her constant whining when it comes to being a wife and mom, not getting enough sleep, blah, blah, blah., yet she has time to watch this ridiculous fake show and has time to comment on it. She needs to focus on her family and give them 100%. just saying.

      As for Hannah Brown: she got what she deserves: nothing, nada, zilch!! She was rude, immature, and made some really bad decisions. She is a bad influence on young women that watch the show.

    2. I have to agree with you 100%! I am sorry but your bachelor nation blogs cause so much negativity that allows your followers to say very hurtful things! BIP is so much different than bachelor/bachelorette every week someone leaves and new people come on for a reason, to see if one person maybe more compatible with the one they thought might be the one! I think this blog invites cruel comments that are unnecessary! BIP is all about the drama and hookups that is why it is fun to watch and is so different than bachelor/bachelorette! Makes me sad to read all these comments

    3. I 100% agree. I recently unfollowed Ali on social media. I have followed her from the VERY beginning. She has posted on her blog, instastories, everywhere how she responds to DMs, comments, etc. Then when she got comments saying she didn’t, she got butthurt. I have emailed, Fb messaged, and even DMd – questions over the last year and not one time got a response. I find the people she responds to are those that are self promoting. The last question I asked was about a toy I wanted to buy…a toy. I am truly sad for how she has changed over the years and now teaming with Rachel – a big no thanks!

  36. The number one problem I have with Blake is picking Tayshia on his date. I wish Hannah would’ve said something to him about that from the beginning. Because they did have a thing and then out of left field chose Tayshia. And all of a sudden brought another girl into the mix for no reason. Not to mention, if Hannah went on the date with Blake, it wouldn’t have given Dylan time to mingle with her thinking she’s available. That really bothers me! Dylan is so stinking cute and I really hope he just let’s her go to find someone who is actually into him.
    I freaking LOVE Jordan and how he called Blake out on his shit!!! Like someone had to! And all the other guys were just kinda tiptoeing around it. So props to him!
    I just feel like this whole cast is not trying to form relationships… or they’re looking for specific people and having to lie and fake people out just to stay longer. It’s kind of gross really.
    Excited to see where tonight goes I guess.

  37. I love your take on everything Ali and agree with you! Love Jordan!! He’s so entertaining! I feel bad for Dylan but also feel like Blake and Hannah should be up front about meeting previously. I didn’t understand where the Chris and Katie connection came from and felt bad for Wills. The show is so entertaining! Love it and love your blog and following you!

  38. Although I agree with a lot of what you said, it troubles me a little bit about the comment on Caelynn and Blake releasing the texts (which I read too). First of all, Caelynn never said they didn’t have sex. What she was hurt about was the fact that they had been Facetiming several times a day for a few months and she “liked him a lot.” She was also hurt by him wanting to hide their night together. Did Blake release that part of the text exchange? No, of course not! He wanted to make himself look better, so he did the classless thing and released a private exchange to the public? All to make himself look better and everyone seems to buy into it. In the meantime, yet another women is essentially being slut shamed for being sexually active with someone who she’s attracted to. I think Caelynn’s getting the short end of the stick here and it’s not fair. Blake was the classless man who used two women in less than 24 hours and then released the text exchange. He’s been given too much credit for something that is wrong. How would any person feel if someone from their past did the same, not to mention, so publicly. Blake was wrong.

  39. I for one have read Reality Steve spoilers and I cannot for a second see how what he says comes to fruition. He always hits the nail on the head and knew everything that happened to Hannah and Jed halfway through the season so I know he has his stories straight but hard to watch and believe how some of these relationships will land out! But on another note, Jordan and Demi are making it very light and enjoyable to watch.

  40. Jordan as Mayor of Paradise is amazing, I’m totally here for it!

    I want Hannah to find her voice, she comes across as quiet and nervous where I think she would be better off if she owned up to things like you said. Even if she said I see potential with Blake and Dylan so I need time to figure it out. I think Dylan is so worried about losing her that he’s being clingy and it will push her towards someone else.

    As for Mike, I SO wanted him to be Bachelor but feel like that won’t happen since he showed up at Paradise. Isn’t this his second chance at love… would he be given a third and become Bachelor if it didn’t work out?

  41. Dylan seems like a nice guy and all, but he also needs to back off. It’s hard for other guys to have an opportunity with Hannah when he’s constantly hovering. I don’t understand the cast’s viewpoint that if you hit it off week one, that you need to stick it out with that person the entire season. I don’t think Hannah’s “friends” should be pushing Dylan on her either. If it’s not there, it’s not there, you can’t force it. Or do they just want her to be with Dylan as a means of punishing Blake?

    I actually don’t think Blake’s sleeping around is a terrible thing. But, he should have been more open and honest about it with the women involved, given that they were all going to be at BIP together. In real life, there would be no obligation to share that info with them. He doesn’t owe BIP cast or us viewers anything by way of explanation. On a side note, I noticed people saying Blake is young. He’s 30? He should have his act together by now.

    Random thoughts: Not liking this new mob mentality of Bachelor Nation going after the season “villains”. You know the producers stoke situations for ratings, so take everything with a grain of salt. Ali, don’t feel like you have to apologize for your opinions every week. There will always be someone who thinks you are being too nice or too mean. I wish cast members would stop using Carly and Evan’s love story as a yardstick for theirs. Although they seem like a happy family now, they seemed to have forced that relationship to stay Bachelor relevant and for the desire to just be in love with SOMEONE. I thought their airtime was cringey!

    1. Totally agree! Ali, please stop apologizing for your opinions! Someone somewhere will always find something negative to say – just ignore them and move on. You simply can’t please everyone, and that’s ok!!

      I remember watching Carly and Evan on Paradise and Carly literally puking at even the thought of kissing Evan and now they’re happily married! I sometimes wonder how genuine their love connection is too, but in the end it’s their lives, not mine!

  42. I first have to start off by saying that I didn’t listen to Bachelor Happy Hour at first and then I binged all of the episodes that were out in the SAME day. The dynamic between you and Rachel is AMAZING and I cannot wait for more!

    Now onto the episode/your post. I was so interested to hear about what you had to say about Caelynn and mike. However you did touch on the most important part of the night which was Hannah and Blake. Those are two wild people and I think they are like minded and therefore should be exclusive with each other. I do feel for Dylan because when you are in love you let your person get away with so much. I hope he is clear on Tuesday’s episode week 2 that she’s either choosing him or she’s not but she doesn’t get to continue to hurt him. Also I’m so interested to see what happens with DEAN!

    Love you so much Ali!

  43. I was SUPER surprised by the Chris and Katie thing! It seems Chris is really into her, so I hope that more of that story line gets shown. (And what was up with her and Wills?! So strange. I’m not even sure what she said, to be honest.🤷🏼‍♀️)

  44. I am so glad to see Mike and Jordan! I love them both! I did want Mike to be the next Bachelor though… 🙁

    I love Kristina and hope she finds love. I thought her and Chris had a thing, so I was surprised to see that he has a thing for someone else.

    I was so sad that Bibi didn’t find love. I am always rooting for her.

    I have nothing to say about Blake and Hannah, except yuck…

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

  45. 1. I’m loving Clay and Nicole together and agree with your thoughts on Clay completely. I’d love to see him as the Bachelor if him and NIcole don’t work out! He’s such a sweetheart and his confidence is so HOT!!
    2. Not happy to see Jordan again, at all. Sorry, but he just rubs me the wrong way.
    3. Totally agree with all your thoughts on Blake and Hannah! Hannah needs to end things with Dylan. I so feel for him as well. It’s really unfair what she’s doing to him.
    4. I really hope that Mike coming to Paradise doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to be the next Bachelor. I know that Colton ended up becoming the Bachelor after being on Paradise, so I really hope that they do the same for Mike!
    5. I really hope Cam gets sent home after the next rose ceremony. His constant talk about marriage and having children is really off-putting. I understand that the “goal” of coming onto this show is to end it with an engagement, but I think he’s taking things WAY too far by bringing up marriage and kids to people he’s known for 5 minutes. That would have me running for the hills for sure!

  46. Hi Ali, I just wanted to say that I love Hanna G, and think that she was sincere and told everyone that she wants to explore in paradise and not to just get involved with one person. She is single and that is how she feels at that point. She was upfront with Dylan as well and I agree with you that he seems much more into her, but he knew what he is getting into. Regarding her knowing Blake beforehand, aren’t they all texting an DMing everyone as soon as they know the cast for paradise? i think that it is just the way it works nowadays..and they might be afraid that they will not let be in the show if they started something, It looks like she is on the same page with Blake, and wasn’t too hurt of him going on other dates..anyway, they do look great together.

  47. What do these women see in Blake?? He’s not attractive AT ALL. IMO.
    I know I’m older than these people but I know for a fact that at 25ish I wouldn’t have given him the time of day.

    As for him sleeping/hooking up with several women… he’s a guy that’s what young men do. But to put his crap out there and pretend to be innocent is BS

    Hannah is not a nice person either. Playing Dylan is cruel. But again acting innocent and then carrying on as she is, tacky girl.

  48. Okay. Hannah and Dylan are all kinds of wrong in my opinion. She CLEARLY isn’t super into him… and I can’t say I blame her. He is SO clingy. The way he’s constantly grabbing onto her and cuddling her with his head on her chest and kissing her neck. Like it makes me feel claustrophobic just watching it. (Like she’s constantly in the protector pose, like why isn’t he ever protecting her with her head on his chest? It’s not balanced at all.) I genuinely think Hannah and Blake make a pretty good couple and have a great connection and she’s clearly into him — and while I don’t think he should have slept with multiple girls who all know each other, he was SINGLE. Like, let’s not pretend this doesn’t happen in the real world. And him asking Tayshia on a date, maybe he and Hannah has discussed it before the show? And wasn’t Dylan already kind of cozy with Hannah when Blake hit the beach? I dunno…

    Jordan is epic and hilarious, but I don’t think there’s anyone in paradise for him right now. Love having him back though and I hope he sticks around.

    Cam…. I feel like he just has a thing for pageant girls. Hannah B and now Caelyn? Like… in what world would Caelyn be with Cam? (Sorry but it’s true). It’s a little cringe worthy because how does he not see she was using him for a rose and how uninterested she was in his letter?? Like dude. What are you even doing? I feel like he and Onyeka could be good together cause they’re both unique individuals and a little quirky. 🙂 like Carly and Evan.

  49. I also laughed out loud more than once last night because of Jordan. He is really funny!! I like him more this season. I’m also already tired of Blake and Hannah.

  50. Onyeka… I feel like you can’t seriously be attracted to JPJ and Mike?? They are sooooo different!

    Katie and wills… what the heck. I didn’t understand any of that conversation! Hah

    And Cam, whoa… he needs to simmer down.

  51. Who cares if they met up before and didn’t mention it. This happens literally every season! A lot of the more popular people usually have someone they have already atleast spoken with. Hannah would have ended up with Blake if it wasn’t for all the negativity. But she wont because of how invested people seem to be in bringing down Blake because of one weekend of poor choices. Hannah is not doing anything out of the norm for BIP. Social media has gotten so bad that a lot of the cast this year is really being attacked even though this has happens every year on the show and is what is meant to happen on the show. Especially this early on! Dylan may have 100% chosen Hannah but that doesn’t mean she has 100% chosen him and she should be attacked because Dylan is upset. Hannah has told no one she is all in with them.

    Ali you are “disappointed” in them but honestly I am a little disappointed in you. Your caption on your picture is unnecessary especially when you have said Blake and others don’t deserve to be attacked online. So why do that? You also state in a comment that Hannah is so sweet and nice. So why put her down? Knowing she has such a good heart and is maybe caught up in a tough situation. These are real people and honestly to assume you and anyone else would handle themselves any different seems ridiculous. She’s a popular choice on the beach and she’s just trying to figure it out.

    Blake making mistakes at stage coach shouldn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to find someone if he connecting with someone. Be owned up to his mistakes. It’s unfortunate that due to other people’s bullying and negativity he wont end up with Hannah.

    I think it’s fair to say pretty much everyone on the show will or had made a mistake in this process. Has probably hurt someone or offended them in some way. None of them are perfect and these mistakes don’t define them. I hate seeing how awful they are being treated. Especially by the people who have been on these shows and should have some more understanding of how challenging it can be.

  52. I actually went back to the first episode and watched because of what you said about them acting like they just met. They actually didn’t act like they just met in my opinion. Blake entered the beach saying “Hannah!” And they asked how each other were doing. They never introduced themselves to each other🤷‍♀️

  53. How did you feel about the awkward disruption with Katie and Wills? Was she drunk and confused? And then she just randomly went and made out with Chris? Was the editing so bad we missed something? I am so excited for Jordan to be back! He just makes the show that much better, I mean he is the Mayor of Paradise! I really hope he finds love too, he deserves it. I cannot wrap my head around Hurricane Blake and Hannah! It’s so confusing. I really like Blake! He’s made some mistakes but we all have. I also like him with Hannah but the way they are going about being together is hurting a lot of people, including themselves. I am silently crossing my fingers Mike doesn’t find love because he’s going to the next Bachelor! We can only hope! This was such a great episode and a great blog recap!

  54. No comments on Willis and Katie?!? OMG – so entertaining and so bizarre. I did not see that coming!

    We need to hear your thoughts!!!!

  55. So many thoughts!
    Personally, not happy Jordan is there. He annoys me and not sure how his ego fits on the piece of land with everyone else. I had to laugh when he said Paradise worked for him. Ummm…his relationship didn’t end well if I remember right.
    Hannah and Blake – maybe deserve each other? Both coming off not great. (Understatement of the week). What drive me most crazy about Hannah though is when Blake kept telling Dylan what she wanted or didn’t want and she just stood there and played with her hair. Probably her immaturity, but, well, I don’t let any man speak for me so I found it infuriating.

  56. I just can’t get my head around how Blake has been acting in Paradise & apparently before. I would never have expected this of him, he seemed so different on Becca’s season certainly never thought he was a player.

  57. There is something really bothering me about Hannah. I feel like regardless of who she’s talking to, or what they are talking about she just listens and nods. I don’t know if this is the editing, or if that’s really the case. The most actual personality I’ve seen from her was when she was talking to Jordan! I know she looks like a dang Disney princess, but I’m struggling to see the draw beyond that. I hated when Blake was speaking for her when Dylan confronted them. “Now she feels awkward”. How do you know she feels awkward? You’re not letting her say anything. Or maybe she’s just not saying anything? Is anyone else seeing this? Even when Demi is telling her Blake is a scumbag, she’s just nodding along. Regardless, Dylan is a sweetheart and he needs to move on. Also, what the heck with Katie??

  58. Blake is 30 and is acting like a child. At least Caelynn and Hannah are basically still kids at 24… but Blake needs to put his adult pants on.

  59. I think that if Hannah gonna cont. being like this to Dylan he should just say forget you. If she gonna be a player let her be with the other player. They all still young and he has time to find someone.

  60. Totally agree on the sort about hannah and Blake acting like they just met fir the frost time. I didnt even think about it untill you wrote something. And you’re totally right and I kinda want to watch the first episode too lol. I honestly think BLake might’ve said something about let’s not mention this to anybody. But hannah just let him play her when he asked Tayshia out on a date instead if her. And I’m just shocked that she even considered blake after that. So disappointing.

  61. I honestly don’t think Hannah G has done anything wrong. Paradise is all about testing the waters. Caelynn and Nicole have gone out with 2 guys and no one is sitting around gossiping about them. At this point, what is so different about Hanna G. Yes, Blake has a past, but you can only protect people for so long. You don’t know Hannah and Blake’s connection, so who are we, or even the girls on this beach to judge. I truly feel bad for hannah in this episode. Every girl at Paradise is talking about her, judging her. It seems she has not girlfriends on the beach at this point, and that breaks my heart for Hannah.

  62. I’m late to comment, because I only now just finished the episode, but holy moly are people all over hard on Blake! Dylan likes Hannah, he monopolizes her time, and she clearly is meh about him. Just because he’s sweet and dotes on her doesn’t mean she owes him ANYTHING. I can’t stand it when people think women should be grateful for a guy’s devotion (whether she wanted it or not) and should be vilified for turning him down when her interests lay elsewhere. It’s such an obnoxious way to control people. You may LOVE someone (here Dylan is the fan favorite) but that doesn’t mean anyone they are interested in doesn’t have say about them as a romantic partner, or are bad because they aren’t interested.

    Hannah wants to have fun. Hannah is curious about Blake. Hannah is a grown woman who is young and has many options. Dylan may be thrilled at the idea of locking down a desirable prospect, but that doesn’t mean he deserves it, just because he wants it so badly. Frankly, he’s superficial, because no one on that beach (or us watching at home) know Hannah that well, and his craziness about her is based solely on her beauty. He doesn’t care about getting to know anyone else because he finds her the most attractive. Her actions show she is not sure about him, he doesn’t know if she is a worthwhile or good person, all in a very short time, he has become possessive of her because of her external and him not wanting anyone to take his trophy away.

    She is a people pleaser (clearly) and non-confrontational, but that doesn’t mean the first guy to claim her gets her. She is a person. She owes him NOTHING, and if she was goofing around with someone else and they started to kiss, well… why was everyone watching them? Mind your business. Stop egging Dylan on. This whole thing annoys me. Hannah doesn’t belong to anyone, and I’m riled up about it because I see this happen to women a lot. She is bad if she doesn’t want a guy back who wants her JUST based on her external, before he even really knows her (or cares to really know her), and everyone thinks his weird, superficial devotion is so sweet. It’s not. It’s weird.

    1. I completrly agree with you. Nicole went out with 3 guys and no one is calling her a player and saying all this stuff behind her back, even when she went back to Clay after the date and said no one is better that you. Its Paradise, it’s what they all do, and it upsets me that every girl on paradise is attacking what Hannah is doing. This is what Dylan agreed on by coming to paradise. Hannah isn’t leading him on.

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