Bachelor in Paradise Begins!

Welcome to my very first Bachelor in Paradise blog! I am so excited to dive into this season with all of you – I truly love BIP!

First let’s starts with a few thoughts on some of the cast.

Paradise Crewbachelor in paradise season 6 cast

Hannah G

I mean could she be any cuter! I just adore her!


I’m really proud of her for being open about who she loves. I’m excited to see what happens for her this season. I can only imagine that we will be seeing a lot of her. And I think it would be pretty incredible if the LBGT community and just people in general can see all types of love on the show.

Chris B

I can’t believe this is his 6th season of the show. I just don’t get it! I’m not trying to be mean to him but I don’t think I’d recognize him if I saw him on the street. He’s just not the most dynamic personality. I’m getting that the producers see something in him, so I’m sure he’s great, otherwise he wouldn’t be on so many seasons of the show.

Chris Bukowski bachelor in paradise BIP 6


I really liked him on Becca’s season, so I’m hoping he finds love. But other than him and Dylan, I feel like the guys aren’t really on par with the girls. I feel like a total asshole for even saying that. But I’ve actually talked to some of the girls that were on the season and I think an overall feeling from them was that there wasn’t a ton of guys that they felt interested in. Like where are the Tyler and the Mike’s of the Bachelor world?! Even Joe MacDonald who got sent home night one on Hannah’s season. Was that his name? Can’t remember. I just remember that I really liked him!


I liked him last season of Paradise so I am looking forward to seeing his this season. But I do feel bad that he got engaged to Taylor last season and now he’s back. I just think about Taylor’s feelings.

John Paul Jones

I wouldn’t be attracted to him if I was on the show, but I hope he stays around a while because I just love him! He is hilarious!


Don’t even get me started. Actually let’s start with him!

Caelynn’s talk with Wells –

I could not believe what Blake did to Caelynn. Can you imagine being her in that bed with Blake? I’ve been in that position. I’ve literally sat next to a guy who I was head over heels with and literally he sat there and watched porn. I remember sitting there after spending the night with him and feeling like complete and utter trash. Honestly I could cry even as I talk about it, I remember feeling worthless and dirty. So when Caelynn told her story I couldn’t help but hold back tears. So many young women have been in that position. It is so disgusting.

caelynn tells wells about blake and kristina BIP bachelor in paradise

And to hear her talk about it with the juxtaposition of Blake sweet talking Tayshia made me want to vomit. Because that’s exactly how this guy was to me. He would treat me like dirt and then I would see photos on Facebook of him at the club with other women. It broke me.

Kristina Asks Blake Out

Whhhhyyyyy?!?!?! I get that in the teaser it sounds like she asked him out only to mess with him but why even do that?! I guess we’ll have to wait to see what happens in tomorrow night’s episode to decide whether or not was it was worth it. But the whole point of Paradise is to fall in love. I wish that she used it on somebody else and focused on building a good relationship not even wasting time on a shitty one.

kristina asks blake out on date BIP bachelor in paradise 6

Dylan and Hannah G

Seeing how much he was cheesing with her was uncomfortable to watch. I think he is adorable. I mean, I bascially look at him as a little brother. But I can’t believe how nervous he was around her. That couldn’t have been attractive to her. Right? I mean it was cute to us but she must’ve thought it was too much. At least I think I would have if I were her.


And this whole Blake situation is extremely upsetting to me. You can tell he isn’t truthful. He claimed he was happy when Kristina showed up, but his faced told a whole other story. Unless that was edited from a completely different time. But he was wearing the same board shorts. SO I don’t think so. Why else would he throw his head back like that?

And the way he’s treating Caelynn is just absolutely disgusting and I don’t think I can look past it. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt and wait until I hear their side of the story but when we have both Kristina and Caelynn saying that he did what he did – it’s hard to look the other way. And being a girl who’s been hurt by a guy like Blake makes me so angry with him. Angry for me because of the guy who treated me like shit years ago and angry for all the other girls out there in this world that get treated like crap by men.

And he never even acknowledges Caelynn!!! I mean maybe he did for a split second and it was edited out, but if they we facetiming 3 times a day before the show, then she deserves WAY more from him! What did you guys think? Do you cut him any slack whatsoever? Let’s discuss!

caelynn miller keyes bip bachelor in paradise season 6

Blogging this Season

For this season of Bachelor in Paradise in general, I’m not sure if I’m going to blog after every episode. Right now my plan is to blog after Monday nights episode and then I might leave all of my thoughts on Tuesday night’s episode for the podcast! But if I have time, which isn’t often, I’ll try to get a blog post up Tuesday night as well! Ok let’s discuss this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise!

This Week’s Outfits

Also, for those of you that are just joining us here on my blog, welcome!! I end all of Bachelor posts with a round up of outfits from the previous week! Without further ado….

Let’s start with the $20 outfits that me and Molly are wearing here! And really, they are both less than $20! My pants are MY FAVE right now and only $15!!!!! They are true to size. I am wearing a medium. My tee is from a 3 pack that is only $8.50, making it under $3 per shirt!


Molly’s adorable unicorn jean shorts were only $10, and her top was $9 for a 2 pack! So if you add that all up, to get both myself and Molly dressed, it cost just over $35! That’s insane if you ask me!!!

Back to School Attire

These outfits are from my Back To School post, and if you have any kiddos from preschool to high school I totally recommend checking it out! I added a few unique items and tricks for each age group with a little help with some friends!

My jeans are only $9!!!! You guys, I am honestly blown away by them. I thought they would be low quality because of the price, but I would think they were $50 jeans if I didn’t know how much they cost. The quality is that good! I’m wearing a size 11. I’m normally a 28/29 for reference. The are slightly snug so I could’ve sized up too. Also, my duster is $10. Great to transition to fall in. I got a size small and I’m typically a medium, so I think you can size down in it.

I’ve also linked Molly’s cute school outfit, her boots are less than $20!!!! I try my hardest to get her cute and affordable clothes for school. Affordable being the key word here not only because she grows out of everything so quickly, but because at school they tend to get messy and I’d much rather her painting in a $14 outfit, like the one pictured below! It is SO adorable, and perfect for school. Since I’m talking about all our outfits, I will also mention Riley’s cute PJs! They are less than $8 per pair!


Last but not least this pink dress below is what I wore all day today and I got a few DM’s about it so adding it here for those curious.


Thanks for reading my Bachelor in Paradise blog! I can’t wait to chat with you all more below!

41 Thoughts

41 thoughts on “Bachelor in Paradise Begins!

  1. I love your blog Ali. I’ve loved watching your journey from bachelor to mom of two. I have two littles about the same age as yours. Thanks for the fun recaps and the new podcast!

  2. Oh man I was so confused about the whole Caelynn and Blake situation. It took awhile for them to get to what actually happened. I have to be honest at first I was sort of thinking Caelynn was stirring the pot a bit, I don’t know why I always had a soft spot for Blake. And after Colton’s season I’m not sure if I trust Caelynn- But then when Kristina showed up and I saw Blake’s face and then she had the same story- ugh damn you Blake. That being said I just hope Caelynn can get passed this and move on because it’s already getting a bit old and I feel like she won’t be able to focus on her own relationships!

    Also is that MIKE coming to paradise??? Whaaat??

    1. I feel the say way. After watching Caelynn stir the pot on Colton’s season, she just seems to like drama, but I kind of feel like what she said is true.. either way, I agree, move on and have fun and focus on finding a new relationship.

  3. I was out with friends in Nashville over the summer and my friend thought Blake looked familiar, mistaking him for someone we volunteer with, and Blake actually came up to us and said “Yes, it’s me, from the Bachelorette.” And asked if we wanted a picture. It left us with such a bad impression because he thought everyone was talking about him, thinking he was so cool, but really none of us had even recognized him from the Bachelorette. He went on bouncing between girls the rest of the night definitely feeling himself.

  4. I loved Blake, until now :(. So upsetting, I honestly feel like fame got to him and he’s using his ego now to play girls. It’s sad. But I am so excited to watch Mike!! I just love him. I really thought he would be the bachelor but I guess not now! But I guess Colton was in paradise last year and then was bachelor so you never know! I’m so excited to watch this season and always look forward to your blog! And the podcast is so great too!!

    1. I’m excited to see Mike too! And didn’t both Nick and Colton come off Paradise and become the Bachelor?

      1. Only Demi and Hannah G stand out as future lead material to me. ( Not a fan sh*t talker Mike, so…)
        I suspect Chris B will have a good outcome – since Ali pointed out being a producer fave, and thst he is set-up now IRL- I also had the thought Crap- I hope this isn’t a *test* for an older lead, cuz he isn’t a clean slate for us B Nation veterens.

        1. I could watch Clay all day long.- need to see more to.figure if he is a Lead contender.

          John Paul Jones is a Gift- thank God, an absolute joy maker.
          SO GLAD WE HAVE JPJ!!!!!

  5. I think Derek was on BIP two years ago?! I’ve read that Taylor is dating a non-bachelor guy so I think it’s great that he’s there if it was actually two years ago. .

  6. Hi Ali,

    Derek wasn’t on last season, he was on in 2017,
    they broke up last spring/summer I believe.

    Love the blogs & podcast, can’t wait to hear
    more of the podcast.

    1. Hi Ali,

      I think your spot on with your analysis of Blake. I always thought he was a little off-kilter on Becca’s season. He was very insecure if you remember. Maybe it’s why the “stardom” has gone to his head. All the girls he can use to fill up his bucket. Im not real sure why Kristina would ask him on the first date. I don’t think it was to mess with him. It’s more like she had feelings for him like she did with Dean and cant let go. Remember how she kept going back for more even though he showed her who he was? This should be an interesting season for sure!

  7. Do you know what bothered me??? The was Kristina seemed towards Caelynn. The typical blame the other girl and let the guy slide. I hate it!

  8. I liked Blake a lot of Becca’s season, but tonight was disappointing. I do want to hear his side of the story though because I don’t totally trust Caelynn and I wish she would’ve just gone and talked to him instead of going and talking to every other person about him and telling her story. Don’t get me wrong, what he did was really crappy and I’ve never had that experience so I’m probably reacting to it differently, but I just felt like both of them should’ve hashed it out straight away.

    1. Caelynn plays small.
      Let’s hope she sees watches the show, sees that she had other.choices, and overcomes her error.

  9. Sooo.
    The Monday AND Tuesday schedule:
    Seems like a pitiful way to spend the twilight days of summer….

    There’s gotta be a better way.

  10. I’m confused towards your lack of anger at Jed compared to the anger towards Blake. I would like to hear how you think this is different.

    1. I thought the same thing. Blake definitely deserves the critic- but so does Jed. Ali, why do you give him such a pass? The podcast was so hard to listen to b/c of how many softballs you threw him and how many times you answered for him. Jed not only broke some poor girls heart with his lies (also I’d like to point out that even if the dock is metaphorical, he still said he would meet her there, so metaphorically with her…) – he was deceitful with Hannah and never once truly owns up to it- instead he tried to make Haley look unstable and like some crazy chick. His gaslighting is almost as bad as Luke P’s…

      1. ICAM Nicole.

        I listened to their podcast too and was very disappointed in Ali and the way she was with Jed. Happy Rachel stood up and asked great questions to Jed, and yes, with her lawyer hat on. Too bad Rachel went a bit soft on Jed at the end too. They let him get away with his BS answers. Jed is an absolute creep and crappy to women and a cheating snake. Being 25 yrs old isn’t an excuse for treating women like garbage and he is a lying, nasty gastlighter.

        Jed also can’t sing, his dog jingle is horrible and so are his lack of dancing skills with his side gig of being a stripper Nashvill Revue dancer. He NEEDS to get a real day job and stop sponging off his folks and perhaps find where his “real talents” lie because they aren’t in the entertainment industry. Perhaps he can become a city worker and pick up garbage for a living. He would always have work and be able to pay his bills himself.

        As for BIP, oh Kristina. Try not to find love on Bachelor Nation. She is barking up the wrong tree and reminds me of a desperate women to stay relevant in BN. She, like Hannah, isn’t a good man picker.

        My favorites on BIP so far is Katie, Hannah G., Dylan and Tayshia. Blake is a let down and disappointment. Fame has went to the wrong head.

        1. I know I’m late to the party but I have been watching the show. Omg everything you said is spot on for me! 🙌🏻 I didn’t like Jed from the start. He only told Hannah about his “original” reasons for being on the show so he didn’t get caught in that lie later. In reality his reasons (to me) never changed. Any chance he had he was whipping it out – his guitar that is!- and trying to promote his terrible singing skills. That would have turned me off in a second!
          Agreed about Kristina! My issue with her is she seems like one of those women who don’t want to lift other women up either. She has constant RBF & doesn’t seem happy to be there & not trying all that much. I feel like she went bc she DOES have feelings for Blake & was hoping to play them out. Which as we see turned out to be true!

  11. It was old Matt Donald and I’m disappointed he wasn’t there too! Ha seemed adorable!! I totally agree with you about Blake, it all seems so shady! I agree I think the girls are too good for most of the guys too!! Should make for an interesting season!

  12. I just listened to the podcast and loved how you were so kind to Jed. I was disappointed though that you said the F word. Is there any way for you guys to edit out the swear words?

  13. I love your blog! I love your thoughts on the bachelor shows, and fashion. I have bought multiple items for myself from what you recommend. I love when you provide the size you are wearing. My little girl is around 6 months younger than Molly. I loved your potty training tips. We have bought multiple things from you sharing. Thanks so much. Xoxo

  14. I think Blake is clearly an ass, but something is not right about Caelynn. She did this to Hannah on Colton’s season, bad mouthed her and was overly dramatic. I honestly think if you say something wrong to her, don’t agree with her she pins you out to be a bad person I think what Blake did was absolutely terrible, but why is Kristina going out with him again if he’s that’s bad ( unless it’s for revenge) ??? I’m just not sure I trust Caelynn and I think something is off with her.

  15. I like when you give your opinions as a mother. 🙂 Like asking yourself if you would want your daughter on a show like this? If you think the “celebrity” status afterwards is a good way to make a living. If you’d be proud of her for being so intimate before she really knew them? My daughters aren’t perfect by any means but I’m glad they have standards and value themselves. They’re not better than anyone else ……. just better off in the long run maybe. The women on the show seem intelligent, kind and have a lot going for them but I don’t see them portraying that in their actions.

  16. Derek wasn’t on last season of paradise, he was on the season that got shut down! And Taylor has a bf so why can’t he try and find love?

  17. How is Blake sleeping around any worse than Hannah B. sleeping around? Why is she a powerful woman because of it and Blake a dog? She wasn’t that sensitive with her 4 times vs. 2 times comment, either, but we give her a pass. Maybe he thought that hooking up at a music festival is a casual sex situation? (although he shouldn’t lie or ask anyone to lie about it) Just playing devil’s advocate here.

  18. $246 for a pink sundress?!?$ wowzers!! Had to get that out before I talk about the guys on BIP….waaaaay too much attention on Blake. I liked him on the Bachelor, but wow he doesn’t deserve the air time if that’s truly how he views women. Not sure if I’ll watch this season…way too much drama!!!

  19. Ali! How are you feeling about Tyler going on two dates with a famous supermodel?! I want him to be the next Bachelor! But why would he if he could choose Hannah or Gigi?? I still think having Luke as Bachelor would be the craziest choice that would give ABC the highest ratings. But Luke would be perfect on Paradise next summer too!

  20. I never thought that Blake was that attractive. Maybe you need to see him in person… I am shocked that he is a playboy. I had no idea that he was such a douche bag. Now he is even less attractive.

    I love Caelynn and Kristin. I hope they do find love. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.

  21. I love your blog and podcast so much. I think all your points are spot on. As for Derek I think he deserves to find love as Taylor has already moved on with someone else. It didn’t work out for them for some reason which I was so upset about because I loved them together but I hope that they both find happiness and can support each other in that. With all that said again I love everything about you and what you stand for. Your amazing and awesome!

  22. Love reading your blog! This season is going to be crazy. I agree with most of what your saying. Except for the part where you feel bad for Taylor to watch Derek be on paradise again. Correct me if I’m wrong but, she had a boyfriend quickly after they spilt. He seems like such a sweetheart.

  23. Laughing so hard right now “Joe MacDonald” It was Matt-Donald 😂 idk why this was so funny to me maybe because I get stuff like that wrong all the time lol Also my husband actually said he wished Matt Donald was on it lol

  24. Hi Ali! Love love love your blog. Just started reading all your bachelor posts this season (I’ve been missing out) and now, I obsessed with the podcast, too! The main reason for the comment–how tall are you! I love those first pair of pants and just want to know how tall you are to see if they’d be too long on me! Thanks!

  25. Hi Ali! I think my first comment didn’t go through! Love your blog and podcast and read/listen every week! Main question today though, how tall are you? Curious about the pants you posted and if they would be too long on me! THanks!

  26. I just have to say…I saw your story on Insta today & it made me sad to hear that the podcast is so stressful. Your season of the Bachelorette was one of the last I watched for a while and if you’ve always been a favorite alum of mine from the show! I loved you on Jake’s season, too! I’ve just been getting back into the series and am so glad you’ve remained in touch with the franchise and I loved the idea of the podcast!
    Also, I read a stupid clickbait article on the Bachelor/Bachelorette’s most outrageous moments and it reminded me of a contestant on your season who climbed through the landscape to avoid a confrontation! 🤣🤣🤣 I literally LOLed because it was such a funny moment.
    Keep up the hard work and don’t let the haters get you down!!

  27. Hi! I think you’re being a little harsh on the guys this season. Wills is definitely a fan favorite, and I know everyone has a type, but it’s a little unfair to think that he isn’t someone else’s dream guy! Oh and I listened to your new podcast. You were really easy on Jed which was frustrating to listen to, but I totally get it! If I was looking at him, I would probably have felt for him too! Everyone deserves a second chance (even Luke P.). We’re all fallible.

  28. Just finished watching the first episode and have some thoughts.

    Derek: he was on two seasons ago and happy he is back to find love. Curious why he is being judged and questioned for doing so when his ex has a boyfriend for some time. Hmm…

    Blake/Caelynn: Caelynn has always been surrounded by drama where Blake has not. I am having a hard time watching her bad mouth him (with what we now know to be not facts). This is very unfair and her style. I hope she leaves sooner than later. I am not sure why everyone believes her immediately and he is hated but Jed is basically forgiven and beloved for much worse. Hannah did basically the same thing and is worshipped. I feel like women automatically support women regardless of the situation and without listening to the details or gathering facts. Not all men are liars, evil and horrible and sometimes women do those things. Personally, I think Caelynn is a liar and made this whole situation blow up. I won’t drag Hannah B into this, but I don’t believe she should be sitting high on her pedestal either.

    Demi: I am happy for her in knowing who she is but I find her to be so over the top.

    Tayshia, Clay, Hannah G are my faves!

    I hope Jane stops talking about hot sauce.

    Just curious, why do each blog post end with clothes instead of separate posts?

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