Bachelor In Paradise Day 2

Welcome to Night 2 of my Bachelor in Paradise blog! I know I said yesterday that I wasn’t planning on posting a blog after every episode, and would likely only be posting after Monday’s, but I just felt the need to after watching the episode. So let’s get into it.

It’s Not Exactly Paradise

Kristina Takes Down Blake

As you guys know, I was so confused when Kristina took him out on a date on last night’s episode. And I said it was either going to be to call him out or because she still had feelings for him. And again, like I said yesterday, I think it was a mistake for her to waste her time with a date card to call him out. A huge mistake really! I’m honestly not so sure she’s going to get a rose next week. Which by the way, it’s crazy to me that we just watched four hours of TV and there hasn’t even been the first row ceremony yet. Anyway, I’m so glad she called him out, I just wish she did it on the beach when she first got there. It makes me mad for her that she messed up her own date card! Who knows, maybe one of the producer’s told her if she brought him on the date and called them out, they make sure she stuck around for the week. I have no idea how producers are in Paradise because I’ve never been there.

kristina blake bip bachelor in paradise date

What really broke my heart about the episode is when Caelynn confronted him and told her how dirty he made her feel. Caelynn has been through enough! Remember back on Colton’s season where she talked about how she was sexually assaulted? And then this guy has the audacity knowing that about her, to sleep with one girl one night and her the next night and like it’s not a problem. He shouldn’t treat any girl that way! But it’s especially slimey of him knowing that he knows what she’s been through. And then to make her feel that way. My heart is absolutely broken for her on so many levels!

Hannah G’s A Hot Commodity In Bachelor in Paradise

The kiss between Hannah and Wills might’ve been one of the most awkward kisses in Bachelor franchise history! Ha! OK I’m exaggerating, but I found it extremely painful to watch. It was clear she wasn’t into it.

hannah and wills kiss BIP bachelor in paradise

And then watching Dylan come over again and be very cheesy and awkward with her also seemed cringe worthy. It was very obvious she wasn’t really interested in them and she’s waiting for the guy she’s really interested in to show up or something.

Which brings me to Blake. I feel kind of upset about Hannah and Blake kissing? I don’t blame Hannah. I truly adore her and think she’s just a gem. But I hate that she is letting her attraction to him make her blind to what he just did to the other girls. If he did it to them he can do it to her. I’m not saying Blake can’t change. He absolutely can. And I hope he does from all of this. I don’t know, it just bummed me out seeing Hannah still interested in him after every single thing she had learned about him.

Blake Breaks Down

Blake tears? Do we feel bad? I kind of do because I never want to see anyone hurting but he wasn’t crying because of what he did, he was crying because his reputation was ruined. And that’s really where he lost me. We see that he is feeling bad about how he treated the ladies. But we don’t really see him completely crumble until he realizes what this is going to do to his family and how it’s going to hurt his reputation. As you guys know it’s never really in me to totally hate on somebody on the show. Yes, I criticize and give my opinion but I always feel for everybody at the end of the day. He’s human and he made some mistakes, but I’m just not sure he’s learned from them yet. So can I forgive him and can we all forgive him for what he did? Sure we can! But, he has a lot of learning to do and he hasn’t proven to us, or more importantly the women he hurt, that he has grown from it.

blake crying during interview BIP bachelor in paradise

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

The making out at the cocktail party at the end of the episode kind of made me sick to my stomach. And I think it’s because we see what people are willing to do just to get a rose and stick around another week. And that’s make out with somebody they’re totally not into! I mean, I really feel for Caelynn and I want her to stick around because I feel terrible for her because of everything she’s going through. But her kissing Cam was absolutely disgusting! I think we can all agree that she wasn’t suddenly into Cam. She kissed Cam because she wanted his rose. I can’t remember exactly what she said but she kept saying something like “who is this guy?”. Like she never realized how awesome he was until that very moment. It’s honestly laugh out loud funny. But also a little bit sad. Again, I adore her, but I hate seeing people get so desperate just to stick around a little longer. But then again, I’ve never been in this situation and I can’t say for sure that I’d want to. Maybe she wants to find love so badly that she’s willing to do whatever it takes to stick around to see if the right person is coming for her.

The JPJ and Onyeka kiss was also super cringe worthy. And just awkward! I think it’s fair to say that that was also one of those desperate attempts to stick around. But then again someone told me that JPJ is actually really hot in person so maybe Onyeka was attracted to him and wanted to give it a go. But it felt very forced to me.

What Did you Think about the Start of Bachelor in Paradise?

Well that’s all I’ve got for tonight. What did you guys think about the episode? Isn’t it insane that we watch four hours of Bachelor in Paradise already and haven’t even seen one rose ceremony?! And as much as I’m enjoying the show I feel extremely fatigued after the last two night’s of watching and blogging and doing the podcast. So I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with this every week but I will do my best!

New Podcast Tomorrow!

Picking up the podcast cup, we will have a brand new episode up tomorrow morning with Hannah as our guests! And if you’re wondering if she commented on the Tyler and Gigi situation, I can tell you that she absolutely did! And I’m proud of her for it! Just saying, after spending the night with her I think it’s kind of insensitive that he’s going out on such public dates with someone like Gigi Hadid. But that’s a whole other conversation that you’ll have to wait to hear on the podcast. It’ll be up first thing tomorrow morning! But FYI we recording is BEFORE I got the news about Blake releasing the Caelynn texts (see below). My opinion has definitely changed since we recorded it yesterday morning. And man, the reviews are ruthless. People are upset with me after the Jed interview and I get it. But I just don’t have it in my to be mean to someone when looking them in the face and that’s just me. But I agree that I shouldn’t have tried to explain things for him. I just could tell he was nervous and I wanted him to feel more comfortable so he would open up more – if BOTH Rachel and I laid into him he just would have shut down and maybe even walked out. Good cop and bad cop is necessary sometimes. But yikes, reading those reviews on the podcast this morning hurt. So now I sympathize with him and the hate he is getting even more in a way.

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I wanted to add an update to this blog post after seeing what Blake put on Instagram and his Instagram stories. I’m going to take screenshots of some of the text messages between him and Caelynn that he posted because I want you guys to have them for reference. After reading all of this, I have to say I am a bit disappointed in Caelynn. I still feel for her because I think she went through a lot in her life and there’s a reason that she feels this way. And I have also told the guy in my life that sex didn’t mean anything but it really deep down it did. But we can’t blame Blake because that’s not what she told him. And I still believe that he really messed up by sleeping with two women back to back and not telling Kristina until a few days after Stagecoach. But I also think that Caelynn misrepresented the situation in Paradise and that’s not fair to Blake – he didn’t deserve what he got on tonight’s episode. I’ve got to know what you guys think about this new information. Here’s the link to his instagram, because there’s a more than this. I didn’t want to change my blog post cause I wanted you guys all to know what I was thinking when I watched the episode. But things are definitely changing my mind now.

Blake Horstmann texts Caelynn BIP instagram message Blake Horstmann texts Caelynn BIP instagram message 2 Blake Horstmann texts Caelynn BIP instagram message 3

 UPDATE: Blake deleted the texts from his insta so I am taking them down from this blog.

202 Thoughts

202 thoughts on “Bachelor In Paradise Day 2

  1. I feel bad for Blake after reading the text messages, she was the one who wanted nothing but sex and then was freaking out. I feel like Hannah B was correct about Caelynn on Colton season.

    1. I’m glad Blake fought back to the nonsense. He had no obligation to Kristina and Caelynn seemed a little desperate in her texts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gross to sleep with them back to back – but the girls may have done the same thing!!
      I know one thing, I’m so glad I’m married haha

      1. I TOTALLY agree to all of your statements. The thing that bothered me the most on these episodes is Caelynn going around behind his back and not just confronting him in front of everyone. Seems to me that both women still WANT Blake and hate the fact that he is just not interested anymore. Her text messages were (if unaltered) very aggressive towards him sexually. He was a huge contender on Becca’s season for a reason. It seems that he got caught up in the bachelor afterglow and dipped his toes in multiple pools so to speak. Unfortunately Caelynn is a sweet girl who surrounds herself in drama.

    2. I completely agree! She was doing her best to ruin his reputation and kept saying she felt betrayed, seems like she is doing this out of spite cause he didn’t want to date her

  2. I honestly feel bad for Blake. Caelynn is a manipulator and even Hannah B called her out during Colton’s season. I feel like she just twisted and manipulated the situation for attention. It’s so clear that she’s the one who wanted it and was almost kinda of pushing him to sleep with her. I don’t blame him for exposing her and sharing the truth. I mean even Kristina commented on that post commending him
    For sharing his truth! Caelynn is a very disengenous person. Love you Ali!

    1. I couldn’t believe it when Twitter started to blow up last night right in the middle of the show! And then Blake revealed those texts. While I generally believe that private communication between two people should stay private, by bold-face lying ON NATIONAL TELEVISION , Caelynn sort of lost that privilege. I didn’t trust her on Colton’s season, I don’t trust her now or feel sorry for her. She’s young and immature and ruining lives with her lies. Blake might be a dog, but they’re all young and single and no one’s engaged or even in committed relationship, so he’s free to date (and sleep) around. Personally, I wouldn’t date him, but that’s just me.

  3. I cannot believe this… I watched tonight’s episode so mad at what was going on, because I liked him so much and couldn’t believe how much of a “jerk” he was. Thank you so much for this blog and posting these images. I don’t have Blake on Instagram but I feel for him now.

    1. It’s GREAT Blake fought back on Insta. Screw being used by ABC for some b.s. *She Power* shaming storyline.

      My Thoughts Before The Text Reveal:
      1.WTF is Caelynn sleeping w a guy Night One then complaining that it flamed out? A hook up doesnot a relationship make .

      2.Her upset seemed more historical than connected to Blake . Very sad, but also destructive d – I thibthink k she was getting off on terrorizing him ( by scampering away amd not giving him much response time.

      3.Blake is a Super Crappy Actor – when he was posing as Hearing Caelynn Out, but really wanted to control his image, ny playacting Shock and Dismay – it was probably the wonkiest actibg I’ve seen on any Bach episode. Understandable, but shameful, too.

      My Thoughts After The Insta Texts
      A toss up between Caelynn sucks and Caelynn need serious help.
      It’s probably both.

  4. I honestly thought the whole Caelynn story was a little messed up. Don’t get me wrong, I completely believe Blake had a large part to play, but let’s not forget the whole drama that went down between Caelynn and Hannah B on Colton’s season.. This isn’t the first time she has been accused of not being 100% truthful. What kills me out of all of it are the texts! He’s literally telling her no, and she won’t take no for an answer. Women want men to listen to the word No, but they don’t want to be told no. Final thought, they all are a little messy, but Blake is definitely playing the field. Proof is him chatting up Hannah G only to take Taysha. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. What a strange’s too bad it has to come down to showing text messages. He has an absolute right to feel how he feels and she does too but geez…what is Caelynn trying to prove..
      I wonder why Tyler is being questioned about Gigi…he’s single…Single… it’s what 26 yrs olds do…especially after getting dumped on Tv even after spending the night with Hannah. Just saying. I’m pro Hannah, Tyler too…

      1. Hannah is going to OutDo Tylers supermodel moment tenfold. J u s t wait – all the Hollywood players are going to chase her, and whatever headlines will follow.

        Tyler – make the rounds dude – this is your one and only precious life.

        Tyler will tie the knot well before Hannah B. She is more ambitious than he, and craves the highs and lows more than he does. All tbat equals a longer eoute before HB reaches the altar.

        1. I can’t believe Hannah asked out Tyler. She had literally chosen another man over him, and when it didn’t work out with Jed, she went back to Tyler. If I were Tyler, I would have said no. It’s kind of a slap in the face.

          1. Even seems like the show pushed it. They are So Not Serious.

            I g u e s s producers are hoping for a hot prospect from BIP…why *sacrifice* Tyler to HB when tjey could have had him?

  5. I think in Caelynns mind it all meant more but she just played it “cool” bc she didn’t want to find out for sure if/that Blake wasn’t into her. I don’t think she’s consciously lying I but he had no way of realizing how much she liked him bc she was acting all “chill”

  6. The way Caelynn was faking it with Cam to get a Rose is a bit ironic. She is upset because a guys treated her like crap and now she’s lying and treating Cam like crap for a rose. She’s a mess. She needs an 8-5 for some stability. The influencer life and living with her ex boyfriends girlfriends sister is also whack. Let. It. Go.

    1. Watching Caelynn play coy with Cam – ESPECIALLY after the whole Blake storyline – felt like she was prostituing herself.
      I’m not saying she Is – at all – but it really played into that prostitute archetype women have been saddled with.

      I believe her language around the whole Blake accusation. was R e a l l y revealing.
      Disguating. Dirty. Secret. All those words seem to reflect the horror of an unreported date rape, or other sexual abuse.

  7. I think it is really terrible of Caelynn to twist Blake’s words about the “mistake.” Sleeping with two women back to back is a mistake, they can both agree on, I really don’t think he said SHE was a mistake. And especially after seeing that she was the one asking for sex only. I wish she would take responsibility for her part in the “mistake.”

    1. This! I can’t agree more, Blake might have been said that he made a mistake, meaning sleeping with 2 girls, and she just twisted his words..maybe it was unconsciously, because she was hurt before and intimacy in her eyes is related to keeping a secret, dirtiness etc..poor girl, but she really attacks him. For her own protection, physical intimacy should come after she gets to know the person, and after getting exclusive with him, not randomly, since she reenacts her trauma and hurts others.. It’s good that Blake had evidence to prove his side of the story, since the show was brutally disrupting his public image.

    2. She is a manipulator and completely misinterpreted and fabricated the whole story. She ruined him on a national tv. I feel for Blake. This is not a first time she has been accused of lies and fabrication. I believed her on Colton’s season bc Hannah b seemed like a bigger mess but she was right. Caelynn should apologize to Blake for all the lies she has said.

  8. I think that Caelynn for sure misunderstood or misinterpreted what Blake was saying. Watching the episode he looked shocked at the way Caelynn was feeling. I feel for Caelynn because she probably did have feelings for Blake but knew it wasn’t reciprocated. I feel for Blake but at the same time he did do something wrong and I don’t think he has learned from the mistakes he made and I don’t think he came to paradise for the right reasons! Crazy stuff so far! Looking forward to next week!!!

  9. Caelyn completely misrepresented the context of what happened. She did a hit job on Blake’s potential friendships with others on the beach. She ruined his reputation to the point he had no alternative but social media. I found his apology to be heartfelt and introspective. I don’t understand the inability to make a declarative statement and stand by an opinion on a situation or person’s actions without flipping back and forth. How she conveyed it was wrong. Period. It has nothing to do with her past trauma. What it did do was guarantee at least one week focused on her (and Blake). I have no patience for her manipulations, she did it on the Bachelor and she did it in Paradise.

  10. I’m confused. Yes Blake had sex with 2 women back to back and he is called a player. Hannah does it and the public says she is trying to explore who she wants to marry. Not fair
    As for Caelynn, she didn’t seem honest during these episodes, why would she hide this and agree to pretend nothing happened. Yes what happened to her is horrible. I agree with you aboit Kristina, doesn’t seem she is there to find love. It more to get back at Blake. Just wish she showed confidence and let him have it when she arrived

    1. I agree! Double standard. In my belief I don’t believe you should have sex until you’re married, however, I think that people calling Blake a horrible person for something Hannah was just praised for isn’t fair. I feel like he was genuinely sorry. The reason I think that is because he was very emotional on Becca’s season as well, when he wasn’t a “hot commodity”. I think his actions display how upset he actually was.

  11. I was totally not a fan of Blake while watching the show tonight, but also saw the text messages afterwards and I give him credit for posting them. She totally told everyone a much different story than what actually happened and after seeing those I totally get his reaction when she talked to him on the show tonight. He seemed so baffled by what she was saying and it’s because he never said anything like that. I really liked him on Becca’s season and I’m glad he set the record straight!

  12. I definitely feel for Blake! Caelyn made it seem like he was such an awful guy when really that isn’t how it all went down. I get that it wasn’t cool for him to sleep with different women two nights in a row, but how is what he did any different than what happens during the fantasy suites on the Bachelor/Bachelorette?

    1. …no Fantasy Suite required: Ppl sleep with Ppl *when evs*.
      getting laid…. getting busy….f*cking.. hooking up.

      Blake hardly invented rando sex.
      Please – this whole *next night* outrage is Bullshit.
      Caelynn uaing the * Gaslighting * phrase fekt very Producer/Luke P oriented. Again: more bullshit.

  13. This is what I will say. I don’t trust either in the situation as I am sure there is some exaggerating on both sides. I mean know one will ever know what actually happened except the two of them. For instance. There is no way for us to actually see these were legitimate texts between the two of them. For all we know he changed someone’s name on his phone and made this story line up. And for all we know Caeylnn could have exaggerated her side of the story as well. I think what they both did was obviously wrong but I doubt either one is 100% blameless in this situation.

  14. I think Caetlyn is just jealous and that’s why she is exposing him lime that so no other girl goes for BLale, he sounded bad, but after seeing the text and seeing her so mad is clearly she’s jealous and crazy

  15. I am mad at Caelynn! What Blake did was wrong but she played the victim card and used this information in attention seeking ways. She also misled everyone which I am not cool with. If she wasn’t forthcoming with Blake initially, she can’t use that against him on tv. It’s really sad because it seems like many of the woman are generalizing men based on past grievances. Maybe Blake deserves it but not every guy on the beach.

    Love your podcast!!

  16. I don’t know what to think. But quoting Jed for a minute “Just because a conversation didn’t happen over text message, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen”. Soo who knows the truth!

    1. L o v e that Jed quote of all things.

      At least Blake admits to being wrong and hurtful, now ( and somwhat on the show)

  17. I honestly feel like there is a double standard for guys now. Why is it ok for a girl to sleep with a guy they are not dating or exclusive with but not ok if a guy sleeps with 2 women he is not dating nor exclusive with. We don’t know who else the girls have slept with. Yeah back to back wasn’t the best decision, but they are trying to destroy him.

  18. Meh, Caelynn has never been a favorite. Hannah B called her out for what she was right off the bat on Colton’s season. Speaking of Hannah, why is it ok for Hannah to sleep with multiple people back to back but not ok for Blake to do it? I don’t judge either one of them…simply making a point. I personally feel like Caelynn may have gone through some bad stuff in her past but dwelling on it and dragging other people into it such as Blake is ridiculous! It’s horrible what happened to her in her past, but after reading those texts she’s treating HIM like a POS when she should know better!

  19. I really don’t understand the drama. Blake has been single – meeting women, like Christina and Caelynn- and having sex with these women and probably more women than that. Isn’t it his prerogative to have sex with whomever he chooses in a consensual environment. If these women choose to have sex – outside of the confines of a monogamous relationship- then nothing should be expected of the other person, other then consensual sex. Blake does not owe anyone any explanation or information regarding his sex life. People should be allowed (both men and women) to have consensual sex as many times as they want with whomever they want on any day they want. And if you’re single and ‘playing the field’ no one needs to know your past history.

    1. * if you’re single and ‘playing the field’ no one needs to know your past histor * unless you want to use it for more screen time when you go on BIP.

      We’re looking at you, Caelynn
      cheap shots, no matter what you’ve been through

    2. AGREED! He did nothing wrong.

      All Caelynn did was go around bad mouthing him but kept saying “all I want is for him to say he was wrong”, so he does and it still isn’t enough! I think he genuinely felt bad when he was talking to her.

      I hope he ends up with Hannah G and they live happily ever after!

      1. Caelynn’s actions didnot look like she was interested in resolution with Blake.
        Was she looking to please production…rile up MeToo support…get more screen time?

        Bachelor in Hell is more like it

  20. Always been a fan of Blake! I don’t agree with him sleeping around, but he didn’t deserve what he got from Caelynn! I honestly think Caelynn was just upset he didn’t want to be with her! 🤷🏻‍♀️ And Caelynn is perfect, right!? So everyone is going to believe what she has to say! Blake has a right to defend himself!

    I’m kinda sad things didn’t work out with Blake and Kristina! They seemed great together on paper!

  21. I too had just seen Blake’s Instagram posts after watching tonight’s episode and I have to concur – things are a changing in my mind as well. Being honest and truthful matters and I don’t think Caelynn is as stand up as we had hoped she was. BUT..: editing may have defiantly had something to do with all of our perceptions.

  22. I feel for Blake since it what Caelynn said apparently wasn’t true BUT I don’t think he should of just put all that information out for the public eye to see!! You know now that she is getting so much hate and it just makes me so sad 😢

    1. Blake had no other choice. He put out the truth and backed it up with the texts. I’m sorry Caelyn is getting SM hate. That is never alright. The fact is SHE is the one who lied and misrepresented events and did it on camera. SHE is responsible for the backlash.

  23. I have tried really hard to like caelyn but I just can’t. I know words can just twisted on shows like this but even on Colton’s season I got & still do, now seeing her on BIP, this unsettling feeling when she talks. I don’t think she knows how to deal with things not going her way & weather she felt hurt my Blake or not, she came into BIP saying how horrible of a person he was, she could have said “this is how I felt; I really want to take the time to let him know & talk it out” instead of just bashing him from the time she came down the steps. She’s a pageant girl & I know she’s been trained on how to speak & give interviews but she comes off so fake & not genuine . There are always two sides to every story & nobody can know how the other took things that were side but I feel she came into Paradise Just looking to cause drama & basically be the lead. Anybody else feel a little Colton & Tia déjà vu 🙄

    1. Love your point that Caelynn went in as The Lead in her mind – Oy!! It’s a pretty slamming cast ( Demi,Hannah G plus Jordan and Deanie Baby up ahead )

      I also appreicaite the reminder that she is more practiced at interviews than most – yet Didnt *own* her feelings, and blamed Blake ). That’s fishy.

      It makes me believe even more Caelynn is working with Producers, offering Stagecoach info and taking their direction about how to play it -It also feels like her keeping quiet now could be a ploy too , to make the Tell All very dramatic.

      We saw her tough side when she called Colton contestants stupid bitches ( for telling C she/Cassie said they could become Bachleorette)
      Maybe she is fine with taking a few shots for more show time

      Your question abt Tia/Colton vibes also reminds me if the report abt C telling the ahow he’d *do whatever it takes to bexome Bachelor * – this whole Blake thing reminds me of That!!

  24. I think we should also talk about how DISGUSTING it is that he posted those messages for the world to see. I can assure you when she sent them she trusted him to keep them to himself.

    1. Hi Haley – I value privacy too- Alot.
      It seems like Caelynn forfeited that by exposing previous dates and conversation with Blake in the show.

      These texts seem inevitable after ahe trash talked him.

      1. Hi Missus – Caelynn has acknowledged she was speaking from an emotional place while on the show, but even if it was originally a miscommunication of expectations, Blake still basically ran away when she arrived on the show and (seemed to) ignore her. Why is she not allowed to speak to and about him about how his actions on the show in conjunction with before were making her feel?

        Also, I don’t think anything excuses the revealing of texts, particularly intimate ones, without her permission. It’s almost the equivalent of a text version of posting revenge nudes, in my mind, since they were sexual in nature and intended only for his eyes only.

        1. Hi Caro – you know, Blake running away makes me wonder.

          Was it bc Blake thought they had a plan not to reveal their liason, maybe even freshly *partner up* if need be and game a win, and so keeping a distance seemed the right move? Given how he was so anxious to keep talking and make it right when C got upset, he seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t want to rock the boat..

          Not trying to make Blake a saint for Stagecoach – just taking another look at his avoidance of C.

          If he thought things were uncool with her w h y would he risk alienating her? The Blake we’ve seen – a bit of a worrier – doesn’t seem like someone who would shrug Caelynn off and frolic away Unless things were smooth (in his mind ) with her.

          On air it looked like Uh-oh Caelynns here, but could it have been just Oh, Caelynns here and we’re hanging back?

  25. I feel bad for Blake putting him through that on a date card mind you ,that was totally wrong putting him on the spot like that ,This stuff that happened at stagecoach is over with ,he said he was sorry on live TV, I think that says it all ,The girls need to move on get over it ,and I still love Blake ❤ and love you Ali””

  26. I’m going to preface my comments by saying I haven’t watched tonight’s episode and I’ve only seen the texts you’ve posted, but I get the overall drift.

    Everyone has different opinions on casual sex or sex outside of a committed relationship. Putting that aside, I feel like as women we are always pointing out the double standards that are against us (and there are many to point out!) but this time “Bachelor Nation” seems to be ok with double standards. Hannah (bachelorette) openly discussed her sexual encounters (and good for her!) and then turned around and sent the guy home the next day because she didn’t love him, at least not as much as the other two guys left (who she also likely slept with in the same week…) and overwhelmingly America was all #teamhannah. Now Tyler (who she dumped to get engaged to someone else…) goes on ONE date with her (which likely also included sex) and he’s a villain because he’s photographed out with someone else? He’s not committed. He isn’t getting engaged tomorrow (at least I don’t think he is) but everyone is all Hannah has been wronged! What? No way. I feel the same about Blake. Do I think it’s a bit gross to sleep with different women two nights in a row – yup, just like I think it’s gross that Hannah did – but if he isn’t in a committed relationship with them, is he really wrong? Any more wrong than Hannah, who was in a relationship with all of them and proceeded to get engaged the next week? So because it’s on a show and she’s trying to find her husband and she’s announcing it from the top of the windmill it’s ok but if you do it at a music festival you are dirty scum and scarring women?

    I’m not at all saying you are partaking in the double standard Ali 🙂 I’m just saying I’m general, the news media and everyone commenting on their sites is overwhelmingly cheering Hannah on but making a villain out of Tyler/Blake/etc. Grrrr

    1. Holly,
      I could not agree with you more!!!!
      Everyone has a different opinion and feeling about casual sex for sure. I’m this case and all similar cases I think there is nothing wrong with what Blake and Hannah did.
      Everyone should just do what feels right for them.
      They are not in committed relationships at the time and they are engaging in these activities with adults that are making the decisions for themselves… no one is being tricked here.

  27. Releasing private text messages…. ooooohh… Blake wasn’t messing around! Caelynn was definitely misleading but I think that Blake shouldn’t of shared those messages. I get that he’s trying to save his skin, but he knows the harassment that he was opening her up to. Only to pull them down right away and say “leave her alone.” Please. Damage was done. And honestly, it didn’t even end up making him look any better by doing it.

    1. Would it have been cooler if he left them them up? ( Not a rhetorical question. btw ).

      I guess he could have said I habe text stremas showing Caelynn lied abiut him, and Not shown them, and left it on her to dispute or not…and if she did, he would post it.

      Out of decent self regard he had the right – obligation even – to defend himself. She brought this upon herself, though Blake could have done it a Bit differently…#Sad !!

  28. Just wanted to update you Blake took the texts down from his Instagram. I guess she was getting a lot of hate. FYI

  29. How the heck is sleeping around with two or three people (two or three nights in a row) any different than a fantasy suite and yet everyone is having a conniption fit over it? Hypocritical much? Sin is sin is sin.

  30. I can’t help but feel if the roles were reversed and Blake was a girl we all wouldn’t judge them for how they chose to live out their single sex life. I don’t like how openly they called him dirty for what he did. I would have been so upset if they ever called a girl dirty for what she chose to do with her body while single.

    I have always liked Caelynn and I don know her motivations in this. Blake responded in a caring way when she brought the matter to him but she didn’t seem genuinely interested in talking it through with him despite him being very responsive and concerned for her feelings.

    I think it’s very unfair the way he is being portrayed and I understand his frustration in it. I don’t want to just turn on the girls because their feelings are still valid but I think instead of blaming Blake they may need to evaluate that they shouldn’t hook up with someone if they want more or have expectations out of it that they haven’t made clear to the other person. All in all it seems like a sad situation where everyone ended up feeling hurt.

  31. This changes nothing people! I’m still #teamCaelynn in this one. It’s more about how Blake conducted himself this episode. Being completely rude to Kristina and ignoring Caelynn for 2 days. He’s a player. His actions show more than his “screenshots”. I think, sure they both wanted to hook up…that wasn’t the issue. The issue is how she was treated afterwards. I think she wanted more and he ghosted her. My bottom line is that he was more worried about his reputation than either of these girls feelings. Then the way poor Hannah G was so easily manipulated by him was just sad….

    1. We have no evidence that he “ghosted her”. In fact, there is a screen shot of the message he sent her afterwards just to check in and see how she was feeling. The bottom line is they both thought it was a casual hookup and Caelynn is manipulative once again. All of them have a lot of maturing to do.

    2. Hey Michelle, yeah I didn’t love Blake’s actorish way of handling Caelynn, either. An argument c o u l d ne made though that he Actually Went Easy on her – as in Not Sex Shaming her on camera.

      Given the content of what we have seen it looks like B was more respectful than he first appeared.

  32. I think Blake deserved to tell his story and these are details that were left out of the show. However, she didn’t seem so upset by the fact they slept together. She seemed upset by the fact he told her, via a phone conversation, to keep it quiet and referred to her/it as a mistake. The details she seemed most upset by, are the details left out of the texts because those were spoken words. Also, this doesn’t change the fact he toyed with 3 other girls’ emotions and seemed most upset by his deteriorating image. I feel like he’s trying to pass the heat in a way.

  33. I actually thought it was a bit odd…Blake was not in a relationship with either girl…but they continued to trash talk.if you don’t know your relationship status before hooking up…that’s on you.

  34. Ali remove the screen shots!!! Blake has taken them down it is completely irresponsible for you to be sharing this and promoting it!

    1. Promoting what exactly??
      The truth?

      So, ots OK for a castmate to lie on National TV (intentionally or not – I get that Caelynn may have PTSD influencing her feelings )but ots not OK for the accused to post proof of their innocence??

  35. I have a really hard time supporting bachelor nation now. I love the OG’s (you, Jillian, trista and some of the newbies) but i can’t help but to think that everyone is going on for the fame and the social media following at this point.

    I also am disgusted with the producers that they have no problem running these people through the mud. I get that Blake made his own mistakes. I think the fame got to his head and he wasn’t thinking outside of his pants, literally.

    Not all guys turn out this way from the show and I’m totally aware of that, but the fact that it keeps happening to one, and one persons family etc I just can’t support that.

    The girls, oh the girls, I never ever want my daughter to have to feel like they need to play desperate for anyone ever, whether it’s to stick around a show or to make a guy like them. We should be building women up, we should be modeling what a healthy relationship is. Idk If it’s because I’m a mom now/older but I have a hard time relation to anyone on the show.

    1. Eliminating 3 women week one does smell of misogeny…the soft porn shots this season and on Hannah’s don’t suggest Girl Power either…now the sex shaming storyline from Caelynn – that was the shows idea of balance?

      The sadist slant seems to have increased in recent rounds. And what am I now…a creeping voyuer tuning in each week??!!

  36. Ok, so has the Bachelor/ Paradise gotten out of hand? I’m trying to describe my feelings about this show without being self righteous or prideful… BUT, the last Bachelorette and this Paradise just seems like a shot show. Not even fun to watch anymore!!!! Kind of makes me sick… I think it’s because I used to enjoy the “romantic” side of the two shows… the “knight in shining armor” type of feeling watching these two shows.

    I’m almost tempted to stop watching, and I e been a loyal fan since the beginning.

    ABC – get your act together! It’s not fun watching people getting bullied and their personal lives getting blasted through the mud!!!!!! Bring back the Bachelor / Paradise of 5 years ago…

    Disappointed 😔

    1. Bachelor Nation Unite Against Bullying – yes!!!

      I’m looking for fun and romance too, Disappointed. A little drama, sure, but battles for domination and character assisnation need to go.

  37. I haven’t really cared for Caelynn since Colton’s season, I always thought she was very two faced & shady, and this just proves it to me. I think Blake had every right to release those text messages, he is being portrayed so horribly when he thought it was just sex. I don’t think Blake’s intentions were to sleep with Caelynn, but when a girl shows up and is saying it’s just sex, a lot of guys aren’t going to turn it down. Do I think two girls in a matter of 24 hours is gross? Yes!! But technically they are all single and can donas they feel.

  38. A little disappointed in Caelynn? How about extremely. Yes she has been through a lot but that gives her no excuse to just outright lie and handle the situation the way she did. The way the world works now she could have ruined Blake’s life. I think we saw who Blake is as a person on Becca’s season and I think he was being very honest when he said he got in over his head. He became a favourite of many women right away and yes he made mistakes but he didn’t deserve this. He didn’t even seem to want to hang out with Caelynn based on those messages we read. She just didn’t give up. He didn’t even seem interested. I think he meant it when he said he has been in a very dark place and people’s mental health is involved in all this that goes on online. So I think you Ali – as well- need to be careful before you write your blog. You wripped apart Blake based on one person’s story which turned out to be very untrue. Anyone in bachelor nation should know there are two sides to every story. I think Caelynn needs to be humble here and apologize to Blake. And they need to move on from this and move forward. I do not blame Blake for needing to get his truth out there. Caelynn would have done the same if roles were reversed. I wanted Caelynn to be bachelorette over Hannah but this has totally changed my tune about her. I still believe she is strong and resilient but what she did to Blake is not okay. And when Blake broke down I do believe it was because he felt bad for what he did. Sometimes we don’t say the right things when we are upset. He is only human. As you have said many times. So when he mentioned his reputation I don’t think that’s all he was upset about. I think he meant he was upset that after one weekend who he has been his whole life seems to be out the window in everyone’s eyes. On top of hurting some grear girls. All in all I hope the season does not revolve around this and that Caelynn just apologizes and learns from this.

    1. First of all … there are ALWAYS 3 sides to every story – his, hers, and the truth!
      I think Blake only got upset because he got outed! I am not a fan of either Caelyn or Blake (or Hannah B for that matter)
      I don’t trust that the texts that Blake posted were all of them or that they weren’t somehow fabricated. (Just my opinion)
      And also, how well do Blake and Hannah G know each other? My feeling is that they probably “knew” each other more than him and Christina and he and Caelyn 🤷🏻‍♀️

  39. The thing that I’m not understanding about the whole Blake/Caelynn/Kristina “thing” is that they slept with him too! He didn’t force himself on them. He wasn’t in a committed relationship with either of them at the time he slept with them so why are they so hurt? They each made a choice and slept with him – maybe they shouldn’t be so easy! I think many girls on these Bachelor shows give in and make out way to fast – it gives the guys nothing to strive for when the girls give into kissing and making out so quickly. Play a little hard to get!

    1. I couldn’t believe it when Twitter started to blow up last night right in the middle of the show! And then Blake revealed those texts. While I generally believe that private communication between two people should stay private, by bold-face lying ON NATIONAL TELEVISION , Caelynn sort of lost that privilege. I didn’t trust her on Colton’s season, I don’t trust her now or feel sorry for her. She’s young and immature and ruining lives with her lies. Blake might be a dog, but they’re all young and single and no one’s engaged or even in committed relationship, so he’s free to date (and sleep) around. Personally, I wouldn’t date him, but that’s just me.

  40. It’s funny because the thing that happened to Blake is now happening to Caelynn. She should be given the benefit of the doubt before being crucified, as he should have as well. Some of those texts had the time manipulated, so it’s not a stretch to think other pieces were – we don’t know.

    We also don’t know if things she said were taking out of context or spliced together. Everyone should know how this show edits things to manipulate us all into believing something.

    It’s just too bad we don’t wait and give everyone a chance to tell their stories and their truths. We also don’t know what her truth is. Give her a chance first.

    1. I think Caelynn is counting on getting a Big chance from Bachelor nation come Finakr night. I think she portrayed an amped up.versoon of the Stagecoach Sexual Encounter to garner a big storyline on the Finale show.

      Your thoughts on fairness make total sense.- unfortunately I see Caelynn has likely given up on that – maybe tbe unfairness of life -like sexual assault- has given her a whatever-it-takes mindset

      It felt very adrenalline fueled when she sprang away from Blake after her major cry. Like, I Hit My Target, Gotta Run.

  41. I have no sympathy for Caelyn in this situation. I think that they were two consenting adults who had sex without the boundaries of a relationship. She said it was just text. Why is it Blake’s duty to read between the lines to determine if that’s what she really meant? That’s a double standard in our society. I’m not going to be the morality police about having sex with multiple partners. But I believe Caelynn used the situation to her advantage to give herself a storyline on paradise and took advantage of BLAKE.

  42. I think those text messages have been edited exactly the way he wants you to read them. I think Caeylnn regardless of her bad experience is doing what women do to get what they want and it makes it really bad for the other women that go through these experiences and Do Not rebound from them. I’m literally just here for Demi. The only person that is brutally honest and truthful.

  43. I get the Caelynn manipulation. ( Wasn’t she sexually abused in college? I would think that would alter her decisions about just hooking up… but what do I know.) Anyway, by the texts it seemed a different story than what she is telling on Paradise. But I’m having trouble with Blake sleeping night one with Kristina. Definitely not on Team Blake. I think he and Chris Bukowski should be roommates. Also, Ali, just ordered sweatshirt on Walmart. Super cute and cheap!

  44. I think Caelynn is a slime ball. I’ve thought that since we first saw her on Colton’s season and how she treated Hannah. I think she is a complete liar and master manipulator and I believe Blake is telling the truth.

    1. I Believe Blake
      So cleanly put, it couod be a tee shirt, Katelynn.

      It strikes me that it would be odd of Blake didn’t indulge in his newfound fame..I mean if he can’t get super laid now, then when??
      He has to know he won’t be fanous 4ever.

  45. I think all of Caelyn’s issues are strapped to the assult. She has no self esteem and it shows. This is very much in line with how most assult victims act. Not worthy of love and acts out. As far as Blake is concerned I think that if he really cared about Kristina he would never have gone to Caelyn’s and did whatever they did. Just disrespectful on all levels. I am a victim of sexual assult and it takes a life time to get over it and some never do. I like Kristina and happy that she called him out but wouldn’t have wasted my date card with that. To be honest I thought the whole show was a bit boring dealing with this nonsense between Blake and Caelyn. Right or wrong this should have been resolved before they went there unless she was set on ruining everyone’s experience in Mexico. I like Caelyn and understand her but she needs to get her head together before doing a show like this. Life is tough with an assult victim and doing something like this isn’t good for the mental health issues. JMO

    1. read your survivor insights.
      H o w different would ot be if Caelynn could highlight recovery and strategies for dealing with dating/sexual situations.

      It is curious that someone who suffered sexual assault would go to The island of hookups and triangles. How did that seem like a healthy choice?

      Truly sad.

  46. a bit off topic from most of the comments but that sweatshirt is so ugly! Usually I love your style Ali lol I’m not trying to be mean I am just shocked it’s so different from what you usually promote. I hope you stick to showing us things that you genuinely like.

  47. I did not love Caelynn on Colton’s season – so unbelievable and I think she speaks untruths. I not a huge Blake fan either – but how she explained what went down between the two of them to Wells and Oneyka is so overblown and making her seem so damaged by him when what I read from the texts he seemed to be a pretty stand up guy. And then with Cam…ugh the desperation. Guys – be wary of this one! I think she kisses Mike Johnson next week – NNNNOOOOO!!!! Mike – stay away – we need you to be the Bachelor!!

    1. Mike being on Paradise might be the thing that get him the Bachelor spot!!! It worked for Nick and Colton! I feel like we didn’t get to know enough of him on the Bachelorette so I am so stoked that we get to learn more about him in Paradise! And if he doesn’t end up with anyone, I think he would be in a great spot to get the opportunity!

      1. I’ve seen plenty of Mike :

        – he wasn’t serious abt Hannah, but tried to eliminate the fronrunner by provoking him to violence by using
        j u s t to get more screentime aand a shot at Bach.

        – laughed when other castmates were eliminated

        – diminished another contestants physical size as a way of discrediting the frontrunner ( I’m referring to the the rugby fight between LS and LP)

        Mike is great looking, usually wellspoken, and often fun – he is also W a y too used to the ladies And entitled. An Alpha gone bad. The BIP clip where talks abt going after What’s Mine seems REMARKABLY OFFENSIVE – given his goal of being Firat BLACK Bachelor. I can’t get behind a guy like that. He vibes as a ladies man Big Time and doesn’t deserve the priveledge of Bachelor lead.

  48. I think Caelynn needs to read “He’s Just Not That Into You”. I don’t blame Blake for sharing bits of their conversation but I’d be curious to see the whole thing though. Also Blake is just acting like a sleezy single guy….best to leave the pig alone to play in the mud.

  49. I feel bad for Caelynn because of what she has been through in the past, but feel she is not dealing with it in a healthy way. I feel bad for Blake and how he was portrayed last night. You never know what producers tell you to do ex. crying and all, but he did look surprised by what she had to say to him. It sucks he had to put their private txt out there for everyone to see, but in this case i feel it was justified.

  50. Hi Ali,

    Great blog! I’m not sure how I feel about all of this and I can’t judge them. I have some thoughts. I don’t think it was smart to sleep with both women back to back, but lets be real, I’m sure any or all of them probably had been drinking all day and they were all single at the time. Obviously he only went back and told Kristina because he didn’t want it to come out in Paradise and implode, but is that so wrong? That seems like he was trying to handle it, and would he have had to tell her if it weren’t for Paradise? Again, they were all single. Was it a good choice to sleep with them back to back? No. Did he owe them to go back the next day and tell them? No. Based on the texts it seems like he and Caelyn were on good terms. I don’t know. I think that both girls are upset that it happened and they might have gotten caught up in all of the gossip and all of the feedback they were getting after people were only hearing their side of the story. I’m not saying it’s no big deal, but I am saying that I think it was blown out of proportion and Blake kind of ended up getting roasted.

    Something that didn’t sit well with me is that after Caelyn got so upset and confronted Blake and after all of her ITM’s she promptly went over to Cam and blatantly started manipulating him because it was rose ceremony night and she needed to work on her rose. That was a disappointing turn of events. I don’t think Blake going to Hannah G was the same thing. He had been putting out there on previous podcasts that he was interested in possibly pursuing Taisha and Hannah and that’s what he’s exploring in Paradise.

    Anyway, have a great rest of your week!

  51. Ali, I know you have a huge heart of gold but, really, you need to stop feeling bad for guys who act like dogs and then get called out! Sure, it’s public, but that’s what they signed up for. I didn’t watch Colton’s season but even I know that Caelynn has a tough past. Surely Blake knows that. She’s acting out. He should’ve been more gentlemanly and compassionate. It’s not like he’s not having sex! He just had sex with Kristina within 24 hours. That’s a dog! He could’ve and should’ve said ‘no thanks’. He should never have released those screen shots. She needs help and that should’ve been handled differently.

    How would you be feeling if Molly were one of those 2 girls? You’d be cheering her for calling him out! Please take “I feel bad for HIM” out of your language! It doesn’t help young girls to have that modeled.

  52. I’ve also been in a situation where I’ve had feelings for a guy without him knowing, and I just told him the sex didn’t mean anything when it did. That’s what I told him, so can’t fault him for not knowing about deeper feelings. That’s why I wasn’t against Blake even before he released the texts. His surprised reaction to her crying seemed genuine. I think Caelynn’s feeling were real and it’s devastating to have feelings and have them be hidden, but I don’t think anyone can fault Blake for that. I’ve also had a similar assault experience as Caelynn, and her pushing him in the texts REALLY bothered and confused me. When someone says no, that doesn’t mean push them.

  53. I honestly think this show is getting out of control. With so much mental health issues going on in the world today, things like this absolutely disgust me. It’s disgusting to see that this show has made fame at other people’s expense. Sure, I know they signed up to be on the show but they are real human beings and their emotions matter. It was clear that Blake was not okay in his Instagram stories last night. Yes, they are all young and immature and have a lot of growing to do. But don’t we all? Can we all agree that we have done things in our lives that we aren’t proud of? These people have their not so proud moments publicized and judged to an extent that isn’t healthy. And honestly, Ali, I use to be a big fan of yours. I think you are a sweet person and mean well but you using these two people as a way to have people read your blog is also disgusting. Why put it out there what you think about these two and their situation? Aren’t they both already getting enough hate through the internet right now? And you are doing nothing but making it worse by writing on a sore topic. What did you think was going to happen by you writing this blog topic? People are now commenting saying how they think she is a pathological liar and he is a dog. You could have taken this moment to write on mental health and online bullying and what it does to people. It’s a real thing and you did nothing but add fuel to the fire. Shame on you. I would have loved to have seen you use your blog and your fame to reach people and encourage people to stop bashing these two people. Because people do make mistakes, and I honestly believe that their mental health and their state of mind is more important that your blog views. Do better.

    1. I am sorry you feel that way. I am not using them to get people to read my blog. I have blog about the show every week for 10 years! And I need to discuss what’s happening. But I always do it with respect and try to think about those it affects. And I do use this blog to promote mental health and not bullying. Discussing bad behavior and bullying are two different things. If you have read my blog about Luke P And Jed then you know that I always try to see everyone’s view and respect that they are real people. It make me sad that you don’t see that but I am always trying to be better. So I appreciate the comment none-the-less

      1. Honestly, if you thought in your heart that you were writing this blog with respect, then that’s sad. You had to have known that you were just adding to an already sore subject for the individuals involved. I think that their mental health is more important then you writing an open discussion on what you call “bad behavior”. That was your way of making yourself feel better because in all honesty, you have allowed bullying to go on on your public blog.

        I’m glad you have advocated against bullying and brought awareness to mental health on your blog before. That’s great! Do more or that.

        Don’t you think that the people involved are reading things that are said about them? You made it easy for online bullies to attack them and their character.

          1. Cindy: if you think this blog could be/should be Way Better why tune in?
            Sincerely asking…

            Shea: Im trying to figure out why I tune into

    2. Also not trying to be rude to you, but did you miss that it’s literally her job? She’s always done blogs after each show, it’s part of the reason a lot of us got here to begin with, but she’s hosting a podcast now about the shows. Of course she’s going to talk about them and solicit more feedback and content. Clearly there’s a demand for it.

      1. I totally understand that this blog, and blogging about all things bachelor nation is in her job description. I have enjoyed reading some of her past post. I just think that she could have used her platform to simply ask people to see that these two people are real human beings with real lives and real feelings. Their story has been all over the internet for the last few days, so coming to Ali’s blog is not informing me on the latest scoop on all things BIP drama. Instead of opening the door for her viewers to ridicule and say ugly things about Blake and Caelynn, she could have simply had compassion and maybe her followers would have followed suit.

        1. I totally agree. This blog has 100% contributed to the bullying. “Bad behaviour”? I’m sorry but who do you think you are? And keeping the texts up yet being fake and commenting on Caelynn’s post… saying they don’t deserve what’s happening online. They dont but you literally have the texts posted on your blog!!!! You are just as bad. I feel like you truly don’t see the negative impact you have and how hurtful you have been for quite some time now. You do not get mental health piece that is a huge factor here. And that makes me not want to follow your life anymore.

  54. I think the thing I’ll say about this whole thing, is people are giving blake so much crap for what he did sleeping with 2 girls back to back, which I disagree with but, that aside, I think it’s such a double standard after hannah b was just applauded and praised for sleeping with whoever she wants within a week without judgment. BIG double standard.

    1. I definitely hear you. I hate the double standard. We see it a lot on this show. Like how people we’re so mad that Nick Viall outed sleeping with Andi on the show but applauded Hannah for talking about Peter. I’m not saying either are right or wrong. It’s just a double standard.

      But I think the difference is that it was expected on the Bachelorette. Like you shouldn’t date 20 guys at once in the real world and make out with a bunch of them in difference rooms on one date – but it’s ok on the show. It’s hard to compare the too. But I hear you!

  55. I understand removing the text screenshots themselves, but could you at least summarize the content of the texts for us? I feel a little left in the dark as you’ve indicated that the texts tell a different story from what we saw on Paradise, and yet I have no idea what that story is.

    1. I believe Us Weekly has them up. Basically she tells him the night of stagecoach that it’s just sex and she dosn’t want more. Even though he tells her not to come over – she insists to come over just for sex. But I still feel for her. I think she really cared for him but was playing “cool girl” ya know?

  56. I wanted to point out something that I don’t believe I’ve seen yet in the comments – according to the texts, it looks like Blake wanted to and did not tell Kristina because Caelynn wanted to keep the hook-up a secret. Kristina said she heard about it one week before Paradise, which I was annoyed with – that’s not cool and I’d be pissed (at least he said something though). BUT it doesn’t seem like it’s Blake’s fault for the delay.

    Overall, in today’s world it’s not surprising Blake slept with two girls back to back, but them both being in Bach Nation was not smart. He didn’t handle it well, but I’m sure he’ll learn from this mistake.

    With Kristina, they dated long distance for a few months and broke it off and remained friends. They saw each other at Stagecoach – easy and familiar hookup. She still has feelings for him, and he was oblivious to this so I can see why she was upset about Caelynn (especially since she found out right before Paradise) and why he was shocked.

    With Caelynn, she CLEARLY lied and exaggerated a lot of their situation. As much as I think posting private texts is wrong, so is putting someone (mostly falsely) on blast on national television. She manipulated Hannah B. on Colton’s season so, unfortunately, this falls into her character. I can’t tell you I was surprised. I hope she learns from all this.

  57. Hi Ali! I just wanted to say my heart hurts for you after reading some of those podcast reviews! While I think it’s absolutely necessary for us all to check our biases, especially surrounding the use of certain words to describe POC, I also think people are being super harsh with their use of words to describe you! You are a wonderful counterpoint to Rachel and the podcast would be boring if both of you had the same opinion all the time. Don’t let the haters get you down. 🙂

    1. Thank you. It hurt me too but I just need to focus on staying true to myself. And it was also an interviewing technique! If we were both calling him out he would have shut down and not been open. We were kind playing good cop/bad cop to help him open up and feel comfortable sharing his truth.

    2. Jenn, I had no idea that Ali was getting negative feedback. I agree that Ali is a wonderful counterpoint to Rachel. Rachel can be overly judgmental and opinionated, whereas I think Ali has more compassion and is more open-minded.
      Ali, please stay true to yourself. There is no way you can please everyone. (Don’t forget that some people actually like Trump. Lol.)

      1. Rachel is wonderful and I am grateful to do the podcast with her. She did such a great job interrogating Jed! That’s the lawyer in her! Ya girl!

        But yes, people have been very harsh. it’s difficult, but I just try to focus on what really matters. And at the end of the say, I will never beat myself up for having compassion for someone.

        1. You should absolutely not beat yourself up for having compassion for someone. It’s like what people say about kids’ behavior- address/dislike/correct the behavior, but love the child. Maybe we should be more like that towards everyone. Awesome, awesome mindset.

        2. Ali you are really doing a great job on the podcast. I really like the compassion and understanding you always show in your platforms!

          We also need to remember that the cast was very young and I for one, was not a true reflection of myself at 25 years old. We all grow and learn.

          Keep up the good work! I love Rachel too. You both are doing a great job!

  58. I KNEW caelynn was not telling the whole truth, and I commented on your first blog post and said that. The way that she treated Hannah on Coltons season of The Bachelor was absolutely telling. If somebody doesn’t agree with her, or she doesn’t like what they say she attacks them and tries to ruin their reputation! I remember a lot of the girls that I felt were trustworthy were calling out caelynn on Colton season saying she said this or that, and she would deny deny deny it. I really think that there is something wrong with her, she is not well. She truly felt like since Blake wasn’t with her and didn’t want her that she needed to ruin his reputation and make it so he didn’t have a relationship with anyone else. She acts like they were exclusive for months, it seems like they figured it all out before paradise. I don’t think she can be trusted, and now I saw in the preview she goes on a date with sweet Mike. NOO!

  59. This is just a terrible situation all around. Colton and Cassie tried to fix up Caelynn with Blake (because she was looking for a good guy and they felt they could vouch for him).

    I feel like he wanted to play the field and was NOT interested in a relationship, and she had hopes for this fix-up by their mutual friends, so acted like the “cool” girl who was casual about hooking up when he was hesitant (so at least they’d spend some time together) and it didn’t work to make him catch any real feelings for her, and she was embarrassed and felt let down. She didn’t want to let on about it, but was really hurt, so hid it and kept playing it cool with him, and was frustrated about all these women interested in the guy she had pinned her hopes on.

    I think both Caelynn and Blake have issues with being insecure, this was an ugly issue, and I hope everyone can stop focusing on it so neither feels shamed. She was wrong to be angry with him for not wanting a relationship with her when he clearly never led her to believe otherwise, and she shouldn’t have badmouthed him. I feel like him releasing the texts were humiliating for her, but I understand why he felt he had to because of how she was badmouthing him. I really feel sooo badly for her hurt, but her doing that was NOT ok.

    This whole situation just makes me sad. For both of them.

      1. You say you feel sad for them because of all the negativity surrounding them, which in turn is making them hurt…You contradict yourself so much here. You write this public blog on the topic of their drama and you tell your viewers that you would love to hear their view. You opened up the door for others to add to their hurt. You even said it in a response to one of the comments, Blake said he almost checked himself into the hospital due to all of this. Even after knowing that Information, you continue to write your opinion and leave the door wide open for others to say hurtful things. Again, shame on you!

    1. Hi Happy Girl:

      You wrote *I hope everyone can stop focusing on it so neither feels shamed*
      Sometimes shame is good – like feeling bad for lying (C ) or damaging someone’s reputation ( B, C ) , or simply acting in an extreme way under high emotions ( B, C), and oh yeah mis-using sex ( B&C dor sure!!)

      Hating on C or B online isn’t cool, I agree- but talking about the issues IS – .as for the shame – which is agonizing to deal with, I know – a little ownership and some gutsy honesty go a long way.

      As someone said Sunlight is The Neat Disinfectant.

  60. Hey Ali, I read your blog regularly and have listened to most of the podcast. I love how you try so hard to take the high road and be kind! The world would be so much better if we could all just be a little nicer to each other. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for saying that. I’ve gotten a of hate for it but I’m not going to stop being kind to others. Thank you

        1. I don’t see the Martyr Look, Cindy – did Ali take that down too – or is the link broken?

          Gotta say Busy Mom and Celeb Blogger looks all work – I love the variation each week.

    2. I agree, Kristy! Ali, please don’t let the haters get to you. You seem like a lovely, caring person. We need more of that, and less hate and judgment in this world. I can’t relate to the negative comments about you because after listening to your podcast (a friend sent it to me), I started reading your blog, and thought to myself, “Ali is the type of person I’d be friends with.”

  61. I’m so glad Blake owned up to his mistakes and darkness. We need more of that type of accountability in this world (from men and women). Now, Blake, stay away from the dating scene for a bit, get yourself out of the darkness you admitted you are in, and find healing. I’m inclined to believe that very few women want an injured man who is still in the dark. Find your light so you can let it shine and share it with the right person!

  62. I feel like they all 3 consensual adults and the women are hanging up on Blake and overreacting. You were at a musical festival drinking and hooked up one time… move forward….

    1. More to hide?
      It seems Blake was trying to give Caelynn a break from the backlashing by remiving the text exchange post.

      This will hopefully flatline in a day or two.

  63. I feel like Caelynn is the drama… 1st with Hannah B, 2nd with Cassie talking plans to be Bachelorette and now with Blake. I did not think Caelynn handled herself well on Colton’s season when he confronted her on it. I think her exact words were “F***ing B****es”. And I am really interested in her side of the story after these texts were released. I do think Blake shouldn’t have exposed the texts, BUT he was left no choice. America would have totally destroyed him based on what went down last night. I think you should bring Blake and Caelynn on the podcast 🙂

  64. Always 2 sides to the story! What Blake did is not cool, but he is single and maybe he should try to not sleep with all of these girls from Bachelor nation, . Isn’t Cayleen dating Dean now? He’s the last person who should talk? Did he forgot the crap he pulled on BiP??

  65. I am not a fan of Blake and thought he came across as a jerk during his conversation with Kristina. And can someone please explain to me why he didn’t pick Hannah G. For his first date? I’m so confused. I thought Blake was genuine with Caelynn during their conversation. The text messages were crazy! Clearly, something Blake said over the phone (probably about it being a mistake that they slept together) “triggered” Caelynn…and all of a sudden she decides she is NOT okay with what went down, etc. We have heard all of the rumors about her…she clearly needs to work through many issues in therapy (like many people do!)

    1. A few things I forgot…

      1. Caelynn said “remember when I got quiet on the phone?”. That was the moment everything changed for Caelynn and she was no longer okay with everything (but she said nothing about her change of heart to Blake)

      2. Imagine if the Blake and Caelynn texts were reversed…Blake says he’s coming over (Caelynn says no), Caelynn says cuddling, no sex, and Blake says, “yes, sex”. Blake would have been crucified. And I am NOT a Blake fan!

      3. Ali, when people aren’t happy with you because of a blog post or podcast, please tell your self this…When you have read a book that you thought was amazing, you can go to Amazon and there will be people who hated the book. We are all sooo different and unique and have different tastes. That is how we are supposed to be! It is IMPOSSIBLE to please everyone. I tell my 8 year old son, “If you and your classmates went to Baskin Robbins, how boring would it be if everyone chose the exact same flavor?”

      1. oh my gosh YES to your second point! If the roles were reserved that would be so bad. And it’s so important not to have a double standard.

        1. There has been so many double standards in just these past 2 episodes… think about this also. Kristina jokingly said “now tonight I’m going to make him my bitch”. If Blake or any other guy for that matter said that, they would be roasted.

    2. Based on watching it all, and what was said about Stagecoach, it seems like Blake was really into Tayshia. He was talking about her at Stagecoach a lot, flirting with her, and he asked HER for the first date at BIP. When she basically told him that she wasn’t interested in him until he cleaned up his mess, he then turned his eyes toward Hannah G more. He seemed to be interested in Hannah too (they talked for a bit before the show, right?) but Tayshia seemed to be his main interest until she withdrew herself. I think it was the talk with Kristina that made Tayshia say he no longer had a chance with her.

      Re: Kristina, I think Blake was caught off guard because this all airs on TV, they were friends and not dating, they hooked up, and she was scolding him on a popular national TV show about it. It’s REALLY in poor taste that these women wait until it’s being taped to do this (why not all this time before the show?) and it makes me think they like the scandals and publicity. He clearly didn’t (and spoke about his family watching this, the shame, etc). Then Caelynn did it too. She wanted a relationship, he didn’t, so she pretended she didn’t either, texted him offering him sex (even though he was showing interest in Tayshia at Stagecoach all day), he was hesitant, she insisted and said it was nothing more than sex, after he treated it like the one-nighter it was, she was hurt and didn’t let on, and finally, at BIP, he basically didn’t acknowledge her. This REALLY seemed to hurt her, and combined with the alcohol they ply you with at BIP, it seemed to send her over the edge.

      He was clear in his texts he didn’t really want anything, so maybe he meant that hooking up with a friend was a mistake. Clearly it was… she can’t handle it and it was a mistake for both of them. I don’t believe he ever told her SHE was a mistake. They were friends, and he doesn’t come across as the type to say that to a friend. I think Caelynn was triggered by him not talking to her when he first saw her in BIP. Which I can understand… him ignoring her and never telling anyone about it made her feel like a “dirty secret”. It’s just sad and bad and ugly all around.

      I’m NOT blaming her, but I feel like when he expressed doubt about hooking up with her at Stagecoach, she should have seen that as a sign he wasn’t really interested and NOT pushed it. Not because I’m judging her actions, but because I don’t think she is the type to be able to be mentally and emotionally casual about a one-time hook up. She just shouldn’t do them because she can’t handle the meaningless of them, and so should try to only be close to men who clearly are there for her and pursue her and respect her.

      1. that last line you wrote- that Caelynn should respect herself really hits home.
        Sooo Little Self Regard.
        Key issue in her trying to take down Blake the way she did ( spreading rumours. on cameta accusations, copious tears, shutting him down ). Caelynn’s inner dialogue musy be excruciating.
        It makes me think of Hannah B – who I found a bit Zues-like in occasion BUT a l w a y s aas fighting for self regard. Always.
        I wish Caelynn had that, her pain is painful to watch.

  66. I just want to say I love reading your blogs and listening to your podcasts! I feel like you have such a unique view as a former bachelorette but also as a mom and typical down to earth person! You often make me think twice because of your understanding of people and their differences and I just love how non judgmental and rational you are!!

  67. Blake is a ass who released private txts and she knew was sex and said a phone call upset her and we didn’t hear that ! Blake let us see what made him feel better and now she’s being trashed

  68. I think Caelynn and Kristina are just not mature enough to be in this type of situation. It is pretty obvious (even before he showed text messages) neither of them had a legit relationship with Blake. So to me this seems like jealousy to the extreme. I think Blake got mistreated here and it is really a shame. Both girls reacted to the extreme, and I know it is a tv show so you don’t know what really happened, but they made themselves look a little crazy (sorry to use that word but I don’t have another word for it).

  69. Love the podcast but made at you and Rachel for giving Demi all the credit for being the first women on the show to like both men and women.

    Jamie from Nicks season was the first women to say she was bi sexual. And Rachel was on that show! So upset that you can’t give Jamie a shoutout or love about it.

    Yes Demi was the first to say she was fluid which is great! Not trying to down play how Demi feels and sees love. But shocked that no one gave Jamie credit before and that Rachel was part of the season and doesn’t seem to remember or care.

  70. I just wanted to post some love!!! I was reading some of the comments and man some of them are harsh, So I just wanted to post a nice comment and remind you that there are a ton of people out here that love and support you! LOVE YOU GIRL! Just wanted to remind you of that!!

    1. Thank you Kelly. Means a lot. But if I can accept the good, I need to accept the bad. I can’t please everyone. I guess I just wasn’t expecting the negativity for having compassion for another human being. Even when they messed up big time! I just don’t believe a persons mistakes define them.

      1. The reason you are getting so many negative comments about the podcast is because you are not objective. You turn everything around and make it all about you. Your season ended 10 years ago. When you are interviewing someone you are suppose to listen to what they have to say, not go on and on about your experience. You obviously had a bad experience with a guy (10 plus years ago) because you have brought it up numerous times, Maybe it’s time to seek therapy to get past that. A good interviewer takes themselves out of the discussion and LISTENS!! This has been a problem for you before on Fox News SD and E. I think you can learn a lot from Rachael.

      2. Stop justifying everything you do and maybe take in some of the feedback! I feel like you really think you are kind and cokpassionate but you pick and choose who you like and that’s who you take it easy on. It’s always very clear when you don’t like someone. Like Hannah. It’s very clear you dislike her and show her zero support. Which is why you have never been kind writing about her. You are always contradicting yourself and behave different on IG then you do here. I was not bothered by you not ripping Jed apart. I don’t think that would have been productive on the podcast episode. I just really think you are missing people’s points when it comes to how you treat some on here and not others. You discuss a lot about double standards but are often guilty of them yourself. And no big surprise you always use Hannah on the negative side of your examples. Fyi… times were very different during Nick and Andi’s season. Had Nick done it today in 2019 he would have gotten a different reaction.

  71. I literally only watch the show cause of you cause I love your blog- tell Chris Harrison to cut you a check lol

  72. Ali, do not apologize for your podcast with Jed!! You were so balanced and objective. I agree that you needed to be good cop because Rachel was so savage!! I thought the two of you made the perfect interviewing duo and keep that balance in the future. I would have turned it off if you weren’t there softening the conversation!!

    1. Thanks Sara! Yes!!!!! I needed to help him open up and I think I did that by empathizing with him. And then Rachel went in with the hard hitting questions. I think we make a great team too! xoxo

      (Plus I just felt so bad for him! He told that he almost checked himself into the hospital because the pressure and hate was so bad. My heart broke when he said that).

      1. wow.

        good on him for considering that help, and major good on him for revealing that.

        things have got to change. destructive posts have gone too far

  73. Love listening to the new podcast! i will say tho, i think it is totally crazy to judge tyler so hard for going on another date! I love hannah, but she broke up with him on national television, for engaged to another man, and then asked out tyler again. if he wants to try things again with her, great! but i think he has every right to date other people, even if they are world famous supermodels. i really don’t believe he deserves any criticism for it and i don’t think he’s really disrespecting hannah by doing it. just my take, can’t wait to see who is on the podcast next week!

  74. I saw your IG story. I think you get criticism because you seem to be so harsh on people when it doesn’t seem like they deserve it. I feel like you were very hard on Hannah. You even called her names and just seemed so judgemental. Then do things like defend Luke P and Jed. And even in your story you went on about how Caelynn was not treated right in this situation. How so? She iniated this one night stand and stated over and over that it’s just sex. She got caught in her lies and really should just take responsibility and apologize. Is sleeping with two girls back to back the classiest thing ever. No. But everyone was single and owed each other nothkng. And if you meant she was treated poorly because the texts were shown then that’s just rediculous. There was no good way to clear his name and he clearly did not want to share them but I don’t blame him at all for feeling like he had to. And you posted the messages as well so if anyone hadn’t seen them on Blake’s IG but saw them on your page then you were apart of the cyberbullying as well. I just don’t get how you can go on about how mistreated Caelynn was. There are so many double standards in this situation it’s beyond frustrating. So yeah I think all in all you confuse people for when you choose to criticize and when you choose to go easy and defend people. And when you are easy on the people who so clearly are in the wrong you say it’s because you are nice or that you are a Mom. So what is your excuse for when you are super awful and mean? I’ve seen you be called a bully many times and I feel like you just roll your eyes at it rather then actually look at what you say. I feel like your podcast misrepresents Blake and it should actually be re-recorded due to the new info and seeing how much anxiety and stress this has caused people involved.

  75. Ok first why isn’t anyone asking why Blake took Taysha on his date if he was “only here for Hannah and to get to know her?” If I were Hannah and he said “you’re the only reason I’m here” I’d be like uh ok then why did you use your date to bring another girl? In the texts between Caelynn and Blake she asks him if he told Hannah yet? So did Hannah and Blake know they were going to be together and purposefully made some connections with other people first so it didn’t seem so premeditated?

    I was confused about what Caelynn was wanting out of Blake. Like, even before the texts came out and I thought she had every right to feel hurt that he asked her to lie about their rendezvous, what did she want from him? She just kept saying “this is not how I thought this would go!!” I think If Blake had shown up and given her a bunch of attention she wouldn’t have blown up. I think she was hoping by playing it cool at first he’d gravitate toward her and when he didnt she lost it.

    1. Love your sleuthing – that last point would sure explain alot But I’m really in love with your Hannah G Blake subterfuge theory – she certainly swooned when they were alone for the *first*/not first! time…hmmm…stay tuned. right??!!

  76. I can’t blame you Ali for all this confusion.. first I wanted to say that the bachelor world is twisting the moral boundaries for all these young’s like a mind is not ok to sleep night after night with two different people, but in the show it is ok to go to fantasy suits and do that.. it is not ok to go to the show with a girlfriend, but it is ok to have multiple boyfriends at the same time in the show and kiss everyone back to back at the same date..the double standard is messing with everyone’s mind and on top of that the fairytale ending fantasy motivates it all. So no wonder that the young people who participate in this, go outside and continue to behave like this in the real world, especially with people from the show.

  77. I disagree on your initial thoughts on Blake’s reaction. He was definitely defensive with Kristina but I think he was immediately concerned when he saw how upset Caelynn was.

    I agree his texts definitely reveal a different side of the story. I believe that maybe she felt differently but wasn’t as upfront about her feelings.

    I love your blog and podcast!

  78. Before seeing the text messages it was hard to believe that Blake could go from such a fan favorite in Becca’s season to essentially the villain in BIP. I didn’t and still don’t agree with sleeping back to back but for Caelynn to act as if she had no part in this especially when he said no multiple times is disappointing. I’m glad Blake stood up for himself even though I wouldn’t usually agree with airing the “dirty laundry” so publically I believed it was called for. This makes me interested to see where they all are now and how the after show will turn out. For the whole Hannah B/Jed, I still feel disappointed in Hannah. She did to Jed what she was calling him out on. There have been way too many double standards on the show lately.

  79. I still feel bad for her. When they spoke they kept referring to them talking in the phone, not texts. So he could have said all those things that she was referring to. I do think she set herself up, and said some inappropriate things to maybe make him think the situation was nothing, but I still don’t think that excuses someof the things he did.

  80. Sad you had to read negative reviews when a big part of your perspective was about being kind and remembering that people are more than a 2-d tv character. You’re doing awesome!

  81. I think the whole situation is gross!! It’s so embarrassing for all of them. I kept thinking Blake is a 30 yr old man bawling like a baby. Don’t these people need to work! Another thing is that particularly this season everyone has been hooking up already so it’s not really fun to watch. They’ve already had sex and not meeting for the first time. They may have to change it up😘. Love the pod cast!

    1. Wow, your comment is what’s wrong with the world today. Men are allowed and should be in encouraged to show their emotions.

      Let’s also try to remember that these are real people and we don’t know how things are edited and spliced together by producers. We could all try and tread lightly with our words.

  82. Caelynn was nothing but drama on Colton’a season&so far on BI it’s been exactly the same. I sympathize for Caelynn feeling hurt after the Stagecoach incident-that would hurt anyone! In my opinion, she was embarrassed and insecure after finding out about Kristina and Blake and then started to spin it so Blake looked like a villain for way deeper reasons than hooking up with two girls in a weekend. I’m all about girl power& agree it was inappropriate for Blake to sleep with them back to back nights, but it’s hard to believe what Caelynn says as it she seems has a pattern of lying or STRETCHING the truth. The texts Blake posted painted a totally different picture than what she described and I feel genuinely bad for Blake! His shocked facial expressions when she spoke with Caelynn seemed totally authentic& he seems devastated. It’s one thing to get a bad rep for sleeping around which Blake owns up to, but it’s another to be accused of calling a girl a mistake& asking her to lie.

  83. I didn’t really view the shared texts as “receipts” because I think tones in texts can vary wildly depending on past conversations and the relationship between the two people. And who knows what phone conversations they’d had as well as texts before and after the shared ones?

    Further, I found myself incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that he shared those in the first place (including the more intimate ones). Regardless of him taking them down later, they can still be found online, and it feels like such an intimate violation that, especially given Caelynn’s background (although I would still feel skeeved out for anyone who went through this), was deeply unsettling to me.

  84. Apparently he didn’t tell Kristina about Caelynn until a few days before Paradise, not a few days after Stagecoach.

    1. Hi TZ
      Was it Blake who told K?
      Somehow I recall her saying *and then i hear you slept w Caelynn the next night*…

      Ever since production threw Jed in on Hannah B’ s makeout sesh w Luke I think they are behind Every Drama. I was thinking the grapevine told her.

  85. Watching the second episode now…
    I don’t think Blake made good choices. He definitely could have handled the situation way better. I am wondering what the real difference between fantasy suites and what he did is… of course there is a transparency issue but painting him as a totally bad person feels wrong to me 🤷🏼‍♀️

  86. Blake is a JERK. Those tears are so fake. He is clearly sorry. BUT that doesn’t change what he did and in such a public manner. Caetlynn has the right to bash him how
    Ever she desires. THE END.

  87. I’ve just caught up with all the episodes. I just suddenly had a flashback of Hannah Brown’s season and the folks cheering her on about having sex four times, while other men were falling in love, many people we’re in support of her and being honest with her sexuality, and saying yes I can have sex with anyone I want and Jesus still loves me. I somehow feel like this is a double standard with Blake, while it did not seem that he was in any committed relationship with either of these women. Again, if Hannah Brown admitted to having sex with everyone in the fantasy suite, I don’t see how Blake could be viewed any differently. I’m just looking at it from another perspective. These women we’re perfectly comfortable hooking up with him as well without having a committed relationship. Just another way to look at it

  88. I’ve thought Caelynn was a snake in the grass since the thing with Hannah. I always felt like Hannah was being genuine and that Caelynn is a fantastic actress. I have sympathy for the things she’s been through in the past, and can appreciate that that’s where this behavior probably stems from, but that also doesn’t make it right. I also acknowledge that sleeping with 2 girls in one weekend is gross, HOWEVER, he IS a single guy, and I truly think in his mind he wasn’t doing anything wrong. Where he messed up is that they were both within the bachelor world and that’s obviously going to A. get out there at some point and B. come back to bite him when they all go to paradise together. I felt like he was in sincere shock when Caelynn said she was hurt. The whole thing felt very staged, like the producers had definitely caught wind of the situation.

  89. To be honest , watching Colton’s season i liked Caelynn more than Hannah B to start. Then it slowly 180ed, and thought Caelynn was up to something AKA supposedly plotting to be the Bachelorette. She just reminds me so much of a pyshcological thriller, and her intentions make me cringe. She is definitely up to something and I think she craves attention and drama.

  90. I do feel for Blake honestly but we also don’t know what was said in the actual phone conversations. The texts did seem they both were in the same page saying they both messed up. But you can also see her feelings are real and she’s genuinely upset. It’s a tough situation bc we only get bits and pieces.

  91. Hi Ali!

    I saw your IG story and some comments on here. As a listener of your podcaster and reader of your blog I would say the best thing you can do is not take sides with Blake and Caelynn. None of us will ever know what truly happened and to side with one will upset a lot of people. Both people are suffering and it’s not right for anyone to believe one over the other. I do now believe that Caelynn’s performance on the beach was not so sincere but at the end of the day both people are emotionally and mentally suffering when really what happened between them is something that happens all the time and is only a big deal to people outside of the two of them because of the show. So I think being super opinionated about this will only get you in hot water. That’s not to say be a robot and never have an opinion – i just mean siding with one and believing one over the other will only further damage one of these two people who are hurting very much. Take care.💕

  92. Remember back on Colton’s season where she talked about how she was sexually assaulted? And then this guy has the audacity knowing that about her, to sleep with one girl one night and her the next night and like it’s not a problem. He shouldn’t treat any girl that way! But it’s especially slimey of him knowing that he knows what she’s been through.

    — this really bothered me. I feel awful that she was sexually assaulted. However – what Blake did is not even remotely comparable to that. He slept with her and then slept with someone else. He is single and was not committed to either one of them. Is it like a super amazing thing to do? No. But to compare it to how she was sexually assaulted is completely unfair.

  93. Damn you people flip flop so quickly. It’s sad and surprising that (while Caelynn may not be 100% innocent) you’ll turn on her so quickly over a few screen shots. Blake could have calmly explained his own truth without throwing her under the bus, but he chose not to exonerate his own name, but instead vilify Caelynn and there is a huge difference between those two things.
    Obviously there was something left out or Caelynn would have not reacted the way she did. And on that note if Blake has truly done nothing wrong he would not have lost his shit when she showed up then effectively ignored her. This is not the behavior of someone who feels like they are innocent.
    But you go ahead and keep jumping on whatever bandwagon is currently trending on twitter.

    1. Y e s, Aubrey * listen to what he does, not what he says *. He d i d avoid her – but do we know why? Could it be part of their deal to go mum on their prior relationship as not to appear as strategic lovers gaming a win. OR it could be exactly as you say – B felt guilt and fear, and couldn’t face Caelynn.

      Looking at what Caelynn d i d and not what she said; She was cool. She was pissed. She chillaxed at the with Blake in attendance. She gossiped that Blake * I’m a mistake *. She changed that Blake said * IT was a mistake*. She pulls Blake. She cries. She walks away as Blake tires to verbally resolve the conflict.

      Maybe they are both *in bed * with the producers, and super game to work their exposure as much as possible – Caelynn by deciding to reveal the fling as fiming began and Blake by dropping a Twitter Bomb after the show aired. Kind of a wall to wall B.S. fest.

      Neither of them looks good, and Production gets more and more ghoulish.
      ( they even get JPJ weeping, but I Swear I am.going to enjoy every drop of him until then!!)

  94. Please don’t change your podcast style too much! I enjoy the compassion you give to the interviewees! We’re all human!!

  95. Hi Ali!

    I saw a comment you posted on IG and I felt so bad when I saw it. It was about the podcast. Just remember that the internet is full of negativity especially right now for whatever reason. The past year or two it has gotten absolutely terrible and is full of hate online. When it comes to the podcast it is not your job to be hard on people. People will not want to come on if they think they will be attacked for their mistakes. Do not be anyone you are not. People find entertainment in conflict and it shouldn’t be that way. A big reason Caelynn and Blake are finding themselves in such a difficult place right now!

    All I will say is be consisten through all of your outlets. People pick up on contradictions FAST.

    At the end of the day just have fun with the podcast. Try not to worry about the judgement of others. Keep it light hearted when it comes to all of your recaps and updates on the blog and podcast because there is usually so much more to the stort that viewers will never know and all the judgement and criticism could really be deeply affecting these REAL people.

    Take care 💜 All the best

  96. Love the podcast, only suggestion…. Ali is really loud and Rachel has a very soft voice. Please try to adjust volume or microphones, how close you are talking, etc. listening at work with headphones and it’s frustrating to keep adjusting the volume as to who is talking 😉 love your point of views and content!

  97. While I think what he did was gross and slutty, at the same time, I don’t think Blake did anything wrong. He is a single man! He can do whatever he wants, as can these girls. The fact that Kristina and Caelynn are angry with him, as his NON GIRLFRIENDS, I find ridiculous, and feel this is all producer instigated, or at least I hope, or these two women are just bat—- crazy, which could also be the case.

  98. Is no going to address the fact that the stories Caelynn told Wells and Sidney weren’t the same ?? She told Wells she found out about his Kristina hookup the night before on the very next day while they were in bed together. She told Sidney she didn’t find out about Kristina until he called her 2 weeks before paradise. Which is it?? She lied to one of them.

  99. Caelynn bothers me. What Blake did was not right and I would be mad too. But my take is that Caelynn thinks she is super hot and that all guys want her (maybe this is true for her, I don’t know) but Blake and Kristina had something for months and I think Caelynn wanted to see if she could get Blake to commit.Its more a pride or ego thing for her and she was embarrassed when he didn’t want a relationship. And how she kept saying the entire time, “I don’t want to be kept a secret. I want to tell.” I wish she would have just told everyone up front and not made us sit and watch her repeat herself 20 times. She is very overly dramatic and think the world and show revolve around her. I am glad the texts came out because Blake seemed seriously confused by what Caelynn said. And when she walked away from the conversation shows her immaturity to me. Just my opinions!

  100. Blake was single and slept with two girls who knew each other back to back….so what? What am I missing as to what he did wrong as a single guy? Omg, Annalise needs to be quiet and worry about her own relationship.

    I am incredibly confused by a comment you made. About how he could have the audacity to sleep with two girls back to back and do that to her because she was sexually assaulted? What on earth does that mean? He is a single guy. Single. He can sleep with three people in one day if he chooses. She is single and chose to just have sex with him outside of a committed relationship, that comes with consequences like him possibly sleeping with someone else. While I am sad and feel sorry for what happen to her years ago, he should feel free to sleep with whomever he wants whenever he wants, as a single man, since it has nothing to do with the man who violated and sexually assaulted her. To try and put that on him is really really crummy.

    1. A sexual choice belongs to whomever owns the body in question. The guy who allegedly drugged Caelynn stole that from her, not Blake.

      I see self centeredness, some conceit ( she Did wij a pageant!!) and a covert nned dor power – and punishment.

      * I dont want to be a secret * so clearly relates to the attack that she initiially kept hidden. The punishing treatment towards Blake appears to be payback to the attacker who was never prosecuted (likely due to the delayed report??)

      Let’s not forget:
      Blake.has his own PTSD.
      He survived a highschool shooting as a student. So…the PTSD club is alive, and not so well.

  101. I haven’t read all the comments on this post so it may have been said already.
    What I don’t understand is why it’s so terrible that he had sex with two different woman in two days. If it was a woman and men were this upset or talking about how “wrong” it was, it would be considered slut shaming. I really don’t thing he did anything wrong. Is it gross, sure. But not wrong.

  102. Team Blake all the way! She got there, told bunch of lies and humiliated him on national tv. Did he do a right thing with Kristina and Caelynn? No. But Caelynn just needs help in my opinion. She is a mess. You could see how shocked was he when she confronted him. He apologized over and over in disbelief.

  103. I have watched just about every bachelor/bachelorette/paradise/winter games – every franchise showing – but I am not watching BIP for the simple reason that Demi is going to be making out with another woman. It’s her deal to be whatever she wants to be but it’s my choice to not want to watch same sex makeout sessions. I’ve stopped watching many shows because of that type of thing and I don’t see a need to have it shoved down our throats every time we turn on the tv!

  104. Regarding the Blake situation, I personally found it unfair of both Caelynn and Kristina to throw him under the bus. I’m sure I don’t know the whole story but it seemed to me that he basically had a friendship with Caelynn but that she wanted more without being honest about her true intentions. She even said that the day she slept with him he had been flirting with Tashia all night…so then why would she sleep with him after seeing that? I get that she wanted something more and was hurt by that but both girls seemed intent on going to Paradise to ruin his chances with other women. I found it ridiculous that Kristina asked him on the date and I think he was right on when he asked her if she had feelings for him because then her behaviour would make sense. She denied it and continued to tell him to “man up”.
    Bottom line is he is single and far from being the only person to sleep with 2 people in one weekend. From what I have seen so far, he didn’t lead either girl on – they just seem upset that he didn’t want anything serious with them 🙁

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