Jed’s Girlfriend and The Bachelorette Finale!!!

Yup, the rumor about Jed’s girlfriend were true. So much to discuss. But say what you will about the season of The Bachelorette. Some say it was a disappointment. Others say there was too much drama. But this is what I say, I think we saw a pretty incredible journey of a young girl learning and growing and discovering herself. And regardless of how this all turned out, I think that’s pretty special in itself. As you guys are well aware, I’ve been respectfully critical of some of Hannah’s decisions. And that’s OK. We don’t all have to agree with each other‘s decisions or choices. And at the end of the day, the only person that needs to be OK with her decisions is Hannah. But I will say that I’m happy for her and how much she’s learned from all of this. She seems like a sweetheart from what I know of her!

I also need to say that I wrote the majority of this blog before I saw the live taping. I get the episodes in advance and I got this one well in advance because I had to record my podcast a good 10 days before the finale aired. So if anything seems off base I apologize. I tried to read through this after I watched the live taping to make sure everything still made sense but I have to admit, I’m a few glasses of wine deep so I might miss some things.

The Podcast – Watching Episodes in Advance

Also, some of you were concerned when I announced the podcast yesterday that because I watched episodes in advance my blogs would give things away. Know that I’ve always watched episodes in advance. At least two or three days in advance. But because of the podcast, sometimes I’ll be watching the next few episodes in advance as well. But know this, I write my blog posts right after I’m done watching the episode! So if I have another future episode to watch, I won’t watch that until I finish my blog post for the prior episode first. So I won’t be able to give anything away! And all my opinions will be based on what I see and not what I know happens in future episodes!

Here’s the link to the podcast! The first episode will be up in the morning!

OK time to talk about the show. And yes I am putting this photo here because I find it more than appropriate because I definitely felt like I needed to throw back copious amounts of wine after watching the finale. I’m sure Hannah did too!


Note, I had to add this update to my last post, but the website says to get this dress 2 sizes up for some reason. I am not really sure why, I am a medium and I’m wearing a medium here. I guess if you are between sizes you can size up, but I definitely wouldn’t do two sizes!

OK, let’s get into tonight’s finale of The Bachelorette…

I found it odd right off the bat that we started the episode with the Final Rose Ceremony. So I knew right away that something was up. I just didn’t really know what yet. But needless to say, I was nervous for Hannah from the get go.

Before we move on, I just want to say that I think Tyler is such a stand-up guy!

Jed’s Proposal…

I want to start with Jed’s proposal. I thought it was real, sweet, and very sincere. I know a lot of people are going to hate on him for pulling out his guitar once again. But I don’t (at least I don’t for that)! Music is a huge part of who he is and just because he admitted to her that he came on the show, it doesn’t mean that he’s using every opportunity to pull out his guitar as a way to get exposure. Is he getting exposure? Well yeah. But I think it’s been justified during the times that he mentioned it. Back at the talent show, why wouldn’t he say that it’s his talent? In the Hometown visit – that’s what he does, it is how he spends all of his time. Of course he’s going to take her to the recording booth. And I’m sure he’s dreamed of what it would be like to propose to his future wife and I bet he’s always envisioned singing to her, so why would he give that up? So I don’t blame him for a second for any of that. But the girlfriend thing as well, complete BS. Let’s talk about it…

Jed’s Girlfriend

When I first heard the rumors about Jed’s girlfriend I wasn’t mad at him and this is why. Well, I had a boyfriend before I went on the Bachelor. And I told him I was MADLY in love with him before I left. Granted, he treated me like crap and cheated on me pretty much every other weekend. I was young, insecure, and blinded. But still, I am one of those contestants that went on the show while dating someone before hand. Heck, I even stayed at his house the night before I left to be the Bachelorette! I was in a toxic relationship and I had a hard time getting out of it. Jed’s situation is different. He told this girl he loved her and she loved him back. They seemed solid based on all the info I’ve read.

And that’s really why I can’t get behind him. Dating someone semi-seriously and then leaving to go on the show is one thing. But dating someone, telling them you’re going on the show to advance your career, and telling them how much you love them is really shitty to do. Especially when you go off and get engaged to somebody else.

I Wanted to Hear His Side

Back when all this information came out about Jed’s girlfriend a few weeks ago, I said that I was going to wait until both sides of the story came out before I judged him. Well, both sides of the story are out and Jed messed up! Big time! And then after he messed up, he didn’t even take full ownership of it. He kept trying to make excuses when he sat down with Hannah and it was just making me so angry.

He did say things like he didn’t know what love was or what the words I love you really meant until he met her. And I do believe that people change their feelings about love when they meet the right person. But he kept trying to make excuses saying that when they said goodbye, he thought it was a real goodbye. I wish he just said “Hannah, I thought I loved her and I thought I was gonna come back and be with her. That’s so messed up and I’m sorry. But then I met you and I realized that you were the one for me and no one else.” If he’d said that I think I could forgive him. And more importantly, I think Hannah could have. But he just didn’t.

Imagine How Jed’s Girlfriend Feels? Well Ex Girlfriend. Kind of.

Jed’s girlfriend (or I guess ex-girlfriend) back home has every right to absolutely hate him! He broke her heart in the most horrible way and I really feel for her. I think I said something really stupid in one of my past blogs about how I thought it was weird that she let him go on the show to advance his music career. And one of you even commented saying it was crazy of me to say that. And you’re so right! When I really think about it, there’s no way she let him go. If it were up to her he wouldn’t of gone. I’m sure she was absolutely heartbroken when they had that conversation on their trip about him leaving. I just feel so bad for her and the situation.

And if you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s blog post about the first half of the finale please do! I feel like if I didn’t explain something in this post it’s because I explained it yesterday.

After the Final Rose

I really wish we saw more emotion out of Jed at the live taping. This may not be the popular opinion but I do respect his apology. He took complete ownership for it and didn’t make excuses. But at this point, it’s obviously much too late. I also don’t know that I completely buy that he still loves her. We didn’t see that at all. But then again, we really didn’t see much emotion from him the entire season. So I don’t know. Like Hannah said, it’s just a very sad situation. Am I angry at Jed? Sure I am! He had so many opportunities to make this right and didn’t. It was only when he was caught that he came clean. I get that fear drove his decision in not being completely truthful. But that’s just not good enough excuse. Excuse my crude language but grow a pair and man up!

But man I was so impressed with Hannah! The Hannah that we saw the beginning of the season and Hannah that we see now are two completely different people. She spoke with such articulation and grace. And I am so proud of her! I know I’ve been critical of some of her actions over the last season. And one of the things I’ve been critical about is that I thought she made a lot of circumstances all about her when really it was about her and the other man involved. But to see her give it to Jed grace after he completely ruined this experience for her shows so much class!

I wish I could give Hannah a big hug and tell her that I am here for her! Bachelor nation is here for you! I truly cannot imagine going through an entire season of the show and putting so much faith into it all and then having it in this way. My heart truly breaks for her. She deserved a true shot at finding love and unfortunately Jed ruined the experience for her. But….

Then There Was Tyler

It was really cute to see the chemistry between Hannah and Tyler! I think it says a ton about how much he loved her on the show based on the fact that he’s willing to give it another go. Usually at this point in the process, enough time has passed since the show that your feelings kind of quickly change. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been on the show but I remember seeing some of the guys from my season and feeling like I never even really dated them. Obviously Tyler was different for her because they obviously really cared for each other at the end. Regardless, I’m excited to see what happens with them! Will it work out? Heck, I have no idea! But I certainly hope it does!


Peter on the Podcast

Also, I am so excited for you guys to listen to our very first podcast! It’s either going to be up late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning! We recorded the majority of the episode a week ago or so but finished it tonight after the live portion aired so we needed to update it. So the editors are working extremely hard to get it up as soon as possible! So you might have to wait until tomorrow but we’re hoping that for all future episodes you’ll get them right after the episode airs and you’ll get to hear from contestants on that episode! This is going to be especially juicy once Bachelor in Paradise starts! Trust me!


FYI my kimono dress also comes in a bunch of other color and lengths. There is even a maternity version. Linking them all below!

Thanks so much for reading my Bachelorette blog! WHat do you think about everything with Jed’s girlfriend and this whole situation? I can’t wait to chat more in the comments below! Are you surprised at this ending? Who do you want to see as the Bachelor? Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Podcast by tomorrow morning!


I am wearing this dress today at work and I have gotten a lot of questions about where it’s from so I decided to add it here! It’s Eliza J and I am wearing my normal dress size which is 6. Honestly I probably could’ve gotten a size 4 in this. However, I don’t know if that’s because I am losing a little bit of weight because I have been working out or if the dress runs a little big – I don’t know! I would say that it is pretty true to size!

 1. DRESS | 2. HEELS

I love the front tie detail and the length of this dress! And not to mention that it is in my two favorite colors, light blue and blush!

 1. DRESS | 2. HEELS

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221 thoughts on “Jed’s Girlfriend and The Bachelorette Finale!!!

  1. Omg. I love you and am so excited to follow you. I also have two little about the same age and you and I are about the same age. You’re someone I appreciate because you’re so real. What is the name of your podcast?! I heard you have one!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for following. It’s called Bachelor Happy Hour! Our first episode should be live by the morning!

      1. Ali I am listening to the Jed podcast and I don’t like how to you defend him and say you could have been in his position. I’m sorry but it makes me so angry how anyone could treat a woman the way he treated Haley and Hannah. He’s such a jerk and only Rachel was prodding at him. You also would interrupt her when she was making good points and I felt lessened the blow. He is getting away with his very crappy actions. It makes me so mad how you “feel for him and believe him”. I so respected you before this! Sorry I just had to get that off my chest.

        1. Feel the same way. Very disappointed that Ali was giving him a free card…. it was very hard to listen.
          I did listen also Ben and Ashley podcast with Jed and they didn’t let him go that easy. They were respectful, but tough and didn’t let him promote his agenda. Wondering if Ali would give the same platform to Luke? In my eyes what Jed did is way worst vs Like….

          1. Yeah, it was a hard podcast for me to listen to as well. I was surprised how “Team Jed” Ali seemed. I felt like Rachel asked some good questions that Jed never answered because Ali gave him an out. I think Jed got himself into a situation he never imagined, had no idea how to get out of it or maneuver in it and just lied, lied, lied to try to make it all go away. I don’t care if he thought the were done “in his mind” (side note: dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard) someone who can lead a girl on like that, throw her under the bus later saying “what kind of person is ok with letting their boyfriend go on a dating show” and then keep all this information from the woman he PROPOSED MARRIAGE to, its slimy and riddled with immaturity. Bottom line: he shouldn’t have proposed to Hannah and I wish those words would come out of his mouth.

        2. I was really glad to hear him given a fair chance on the podcast. I think everyone can see he led a girl on back home, then downplayed it to his new fiance, but I liked how that was put in perspective on the podcast. He shouldn’t have led her on, he shouldn’t have lied about it to Hannah, but those aren’t the worst things done in bachelor history. I believe he did fall for Hannah, and he’s getting all this hate for being a master manipulator which is ott. Lots of people ghost old girlfriends and avoid the subject, it’s perfectly normal cowardly behaviour, and we’ve all behaved cowardly at some point in our lives, he’s been punished enough. The behavior’s been called out and we all need to move on and learn from it.

        3. I’m a fan of yours, Ali, but I agree with what Sophia says. I get that you wanted Jed to feel as comfortable as possible, but it felt like you were defending much of his behaviour, partly by making comparisons (such as between him and yourself) that were apples and oranges

  2. Truly I think Jed could have expressed himself enough to save that relationship but he doesn’t have a name. He says he’s not very good at expressing words. Now I believe him! Shame on his girlfriend for putting all that out on people magazine. What was her purpose of that??
    Red flags were there. Both of their parents saw them. But Hannah had to see them her way. She was fun to watch! I hope she and Tyler can re-Kindle but I’m not so sure at this point. I’m sure he has a lot of other options!

    1. I don’t think the relationship can be saved. Jed lied multiple times even in front of the camera.

      You can’t marry someone and be partner in life if from the beginning this person had lied and betrayed you.

    2. Yes Tyler has a lot! of other options starting with Gigi Hadid!!!…I wish Hannah and T would get together but now the world is at his feet…

    3. I completely disagree. His girlfriend had every right to come out and share her story about Jed and thank God she did because otherwise Hannah would still be living in a relationship of lies. Jed clearly had no intentions of coming clean. He had his chance but if he wasn’t going to consider her best interest, somebody else was. Women looking out for other women – we need a lot more of that in this world.

      1. I didn’t mean to suggest she shouldn’t have shared the information with Hannah. But with People Magazine?

    4. It’s reality TV. Part of the entertainment is the people who go on for motives other than finding love. And the producers love the drama or they would weed out the Jed’s of the world. That being said, it was shocking how far he took the lie. Don’t feel bad for Hannah as up until the last week she had other boyfriends. Not sure how I feel about all the sex. As a 49 year old mother of two, I remember when we didn’t tell the world everything & guess what, it was nice. Oversharing is not interesting. That being said, I only watched one episode bc who is solving the problems of the world with most people binge watching, podcasting & not getting taking action.

    1. Did you ever plan on telling Jake that you had a boyfriend before the season started and that you were in love with him? I know you left on your own, but if you were in the final 2, would it have been brought up? I feel like people go on the show a lot with someone back home, but usually they dont make it that far. It’s crazy how much the show has changed from 10 years ago with all the social media, they can’t hide anything now!

  3. I was hoping she wasn’t going to choose either guy and try and get back with peter. I thought they had a lot of chemistry on last nights episode!

    1. Same here Paige. I just love Peter. He was my favorite!
      Regarding Tyler tonight…how can Hannah be so ready to rekindle with him if she loved Jed so much. Seems a bit soon.

      1. Mmm.
        I wonder at that too.
        I liked how it felt when Hannah said to Jed that the gf news changed her feelings ( healthy sounding and reasonable, to me ). At the same time…it seems a little suspect. It makes me wonder if it’s All Emotion with Hannah til: It’s Not.
        I have had times in life that chilled me toward someone – but it’s rare. Hannah has shown us * Next * more than once in these past two months of mega dating. She was fully over Luke (which at the tine I took as an affirmative *sign*) but now that she has turned the corner again, so freely it seems, I just wonder how deep things run for her.

        I give her credit for asking to date, instrad kf *more*. D a t e, Hannah, date date date.

        1. My thoughts exactly!! I love how much respect she has for herself but it seemed too easy for her to fall out of love with him!! Some people (not saying this is good) can’t leave men for so much worse when in love and they’re not in their 20s!

          1. She said she didn’t love him the same way, not that she didn’t love him…and that she deserved better in het life than that

        2. Jumping in to defend my fellow emotional person! I’m very much like Hannah in that when I’m in, I’m all in. In every single one of my relationships I’ve given it my all every single day, and because of this, when it’s over, it’s truly over with a clean slate for me. No regret, because I have truly given it my all when it mattered, and I feel like that’s exactly what it is with Luke and Hannah. She gave him more chances than he deserved, so when she realized that this was it, she had no problem closing the door on that chapter. Same goes with Jed – what was it she said, she gave him all of her and he didn’t do that in return? So when it’s time to let go, we have nothing left to give. Also in Jed’s case he truly messed up. Like there are things you can forgive, but there are things you just can’t get over. And this situation, it was truly the latter.

      2. Hi Deb,

        Filming the season typically lasts about 2 months. Bachelorette usually starts filming in mid March and ends in May. Everything about Jed and his girlfriend (ex girlfriend) came out at least a month ago. Plus, she knew about at least 2 more girls he’s hung out with while they were engaged. We don’t have a clear date on when they broke off the engagement since it was over the phone, So it’s now basically August (july 31st) and they still have known each other less than 5 months and given their circumstances I can see how she is over him and ready to move on. Hannah even said herself “this is not what I said yes to” I believe that Tyler really does care about her and I’d love to see how they flourish together. He’s a great looking guy, has all the girls swooning over him, and was definitely a front runner for Bachelor along with Peter and Mike in my opinion. My family has a saying “As quickly as you fall in love you can fall out of love” and he was still willing to go get a drink and see where it takes their relationship. Fingers crossed for Hannah and Tyler I think they are so cute together!

        1. Yes, it can happen fast, both falling in and out of love… Maybe Tyler is truly her one and only

        2. …and yet, Allie, the Brief Love Theory doesn’t *work* for Hannah, regarding Jed. Meaning Jed/GF *bond* was consequential and serious, but in your set-up the Hannah/Jed bond has little sticking power.

          I don’t see how it appies to her feels for Tyler either – b/c she gets to *keep* those – ober the smae time frame.

          How it appears from way out here on TV viewerland is HB chooses what does and what doesn’t wear off – or believes she can. I think part of Hannah’s healthy future is figuring out how to Slow Her Roll, and still satiate the excitement she craves.

          Eventually I think she’ll get there – but lots to figure out.

  4. I hope she finds love because everyone deserves that, but I don’t think I’d want to be second choice. Or really third since she loves talking about the windmill incident. It was a painful season to watch. I really like Tyler but I don’t know that I’d trust her at this point if I were him. I hope the producers look more carefully before choosing next time because this was a fiasco, The Bachelorettes were much classier and respectful when you were there, Ali, and with young girls watching this show, we need better role models. The crude and crass comments and rudeness/bullying aren’t what we want; you’re a Mom of a little girl, Ali, so you understand. That being said, though, I always feel that every one of us deserves to have someone love us. So we shall see what happens. I vote for Peter as Bachelor!

  5. I was on the fence on how I felt about Hannah until this episode. I think she handled herself really well and with grace when speaking with Jed. My heart broke for her because you could tell she really loved him. I’m proud of her and hoping she finds the right person for her. I feel terrible things ended the way they did.

    My DVR cut off right before Tyler came back on. What did I miss?! Are her and Tyler going to try to make something work?

  6. Love your blog!!! Can’t wait to hear your podcast, I just got into listening to podcasts and the first one I started with is Nick Vialls Lol I absolutely love him!!

  7. The thing that makes me most sad is that Tyler
    has a willingness to go on a date with Hannah after she didn’t choose him first. Tyler is a stand-up guy and he should never settle for second best! The world is your oyster right now Ty – go find that woman who truly deserves your heart ❤️

    1. I agree, Tammy! He deserves much better than second, or third, as she brought up the Peter windmill ‘incident’ several times…….he deserves better than third choice, I liked Tyler all along. Hope he becomes the next bachelor!

      1. Well, on the other hand, Jason didn’t pick Molly first and made a mess of everything and they got married and have a family. It’s a confusing situation when you may have strong feelings for 2 or 3 people depending on the individual in the situation and how fast they develop feelings, what does it mean to be first or second or even third? I was personally still hoping for Peter she had the most intense emotional reaction when he left.

      1. Any intell on Next Bachelor announcement?

        Are they *testing* Windmill Pete (like they did Caila)? Are they hoping for Tyler?

      2. Allie, reading Tyler’s Instagram post today (and his expressions last night), I didn’t take it as him giving her a 2nd chance, or that he was interested in pursuing picking up where they left off. I saw it as him being polite since he has so much respect for her, and felt badly in the moment for all she’s been through. I read his ‘yes’ as a ‘sure let’s connect and grab a drink’. Maybe it’s just me though!

    2. Yes!! That’s how I feel. Hannah didnt even express any regret or say sorry to him or anything. I would be waaaaay more on board with them if she expressed alittle more humity

      1. I think Chris put Hannah on the spot with his question about her feelings.
        So just like on the Bachelor’s After the Final Rose announcement of “let’s meet a few of the guys”, she got a little shy and awkward. So asking him out for a drink was good. I’m sure they will have a lot to talk about and that apology could be said then.

        1. Hi Elizabeth – It seemed like H was totally in on the Ask Tyler stuff – I mean CH and tbese blogs were talking abt the Unknown Twist and fairytale gone awry.

          I wasn’t a fan of ber flirty-coy delivery (#MeWhat?)- but I DO like what she said ( Ima single girl, lets grab a drink )

          She has alot of work ahead of her. This is her moment to keep her Bach fame rolling – who knows how any love story will fit into that…they must both be scratching their heads a bit.

          I would have appreciate more tenderness from her abt the rejection she put Tyler through – but it’s been a weird season. I think the criticism weighs heavily on her .

    3. Exactly! Nobody wants or deserves to be the second choice! I love, love, love Tyler, and was shocked when he was the first one to arrive because they had something going. I just didn’t see it with her and Jed.

    4. Hi,
      I understand how one can view Tyler as settling as second best if he and Hannah chose to explore building a relationship, But is is an AGE OLD STORY….girl blindly falls for the guy that’s not the right one for her…her eyes are finally open and she finally sees the one for her has been standing in front of her the whole time. She “thought” she knew Jed, but she didn’t know the real Jed, so she was involve with someone who basically didn’t exist. Some times you need the rug pulled out from under your feet to realize who is there to have your back. I think Tyler is it. And yes Tyler does have a lot of options now, but he credits Hannah for making him a better, emotionally available man. If it’s right for them, I will be rooting for them as a couple

  8. Hi Ali. Love you. You’ve always been my fav and I’m so glad you’re doing the podcast. While I do feel a little bad for Jed’s ex, I can’t let her be completely blameless. She may not have “let” him go BUT in her mind she was still with him, went along with him going on the show for his career (and possibly by extension hers) and was complacent in letting him be deceptive to Hannah. She didn’t have respect for Hannah and what she was there for. Also, I feel like Jed’s lack of emotion and not wanting to cry on camera says a lot about him. If he was really scared to lose her, there should have been way more emotion.
    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  9. I always agree with your opinions 100%!! Looove this blog so much! After watching tonight and hearing Jed say he told his friends he had won, I was wondering… are contestants allowed to return home and share the ending??!

  10. I agree that she seems like a completely different woman from the start of the season. She handled herself so well tonight. Have you noticed that Hannah seems to really like dresses that are asymmetrical? I am guessing the ones from last night and tonight were both quite pricey!

  11. Hi Ali! I love reading your blog weekly! I loved Peter and Tyler all season. After tonight’s episode, I am totally pulling for Peter to be the next bachelor! Sure he’s sweet and nice. But he would win over America’s heart!
    I can’t wait to listen to your podcast! You will do great and I wish you the best of luck!

  12. I was literally screaming when she asked Tyler out. I read spoilers and that’s not where I thought it was going.
    I don’t think he’s her second choice. I think it’s a choice she made after she realized her mistake. As in, knowing what she does now, she maybe would have picked him first. I think she liked both but went with her safe choice, which was Jed.

  13. I’m really hoping it’s Tyler for the next bachelor. No offense but if I was Tyler I’d be like…um no thank you… to Hannah. She picked someone else. Even if I loved them then, after 6 weeks, after months away I’d be okay to move on. Especially after her 4x comments about Peter. Now I don’t wish her to not find life I just think Tyler would be awesome and so much fun to watch!! I also wanted to reach out and hug her when I could tell she was upset. Maybe the mom in me but it hurt me to see her struggling. I’m also super proud of her to do what many may not have and left Jed. Had to be so painful! Uh! Best of luck to all!

    1. It’s wise for her to date.
      Just the beginning for both of them.
      H clearly wants the world – Tyler, we’ll see- he has movie star looks and has modeled, but the big question is does he want to go wide or build his family and home in Fla.

      I could see him taking advantage of some short term.fame (Bachelor!!) then rolling that dough nack into his life down home – maybe buy back tne fam house that was lost in the recession.

  14. Love following you, Ali!

    Looking forward to hearing your podcast!

    Can you share what you think about the whole story about Peter and the girlfriend he had before the show, too?!

    1. Yes! We’ve heard so much about Jed and his girlfriend but nothing about Peter’s ex. I wonder if it’s because Peter is more appealing on camera than Jed and they are strongly considering him for the Bachelor. I thought for sure they would talk about it when he came on the live taping but it wasn’t even brought up.

      1. s i g h

        production bullsh*t all over the place

        ( and, slacking viewer demand for accountability too!!!)

  15. I’m so skeptical of this show that I have a hard time believing any of it. I feel like a lot of what they do is strictly for ratings. The show is a million years old and they have to find ways to keep it fresh and to captivate viewers. But between Cassie and Colton’s season and now this? I’m not buying it. And Tyler needs to move on!!! If nothing else, Hannah did seem to really mature through the process.

    1. Alison – I HEAR YOU ! Ali – love you girl, but surely you can attest to the producers/directors actually telling certain people to “do this, stand here, do that…” “cause drama”…. cause we all know without the drama and suspense, the ratings just wouldn’t be there. That being said, if I really like the bachelor or the bacherlorette person, …I can watch the last few episodes -even without the scripted drama!! Colton was a good watch and Hannah has been ‘interesting’….. She’s hopefully grown up through this last 6 months….but I’m not sure, because seeing her flirt with the guy she dumped wasn’t too cool. Tyler is too good a guy for Ali – please please – just remain friends!!

      1. I see Many friends in Hannah’s future, and Many Many benefits.

        In older age she could play a perfect Auntie Mame. I totally see that. A thousand pieces of glitter, fantastic on-the-road stories, a couple wild kids… ( a few baby daddies too- some famous, some not…)

      2. And another thing, in this day and age with technology and internet and social media- surely the producers could do a better job ‘researching’ the men before going on the show. They could find out if people are in relationships etc. I’m just not buying any of this. It was all a set up in my opinion. Or if the producers or anyone found out during filming that Jed had a girlfriend back home they damn well should have told Hannah at that time. It’s all not adding up.

        1. yes – Alison – It is a fact that they (producers/film crew) already
          are setting up the “scene” weeks before it’s even filmed and
          aired to the masses. They set people up……people who have
          obviously had to sign non disclosure docs – they use them
          and exit the ‘scene’ to appear one way , when in fact, it wasn’t
          really as it appeared. I’m not buying it all either!

          1. I Super Wonder HOW and when the story got to People Magazine.

            The first Screw Jed instinct for a GF would seem to be to go to the Bachelor team. It’d be cool to really hear how GF connected to People.

            I could see her avoiding Bach world, if she was endorsing his bid publicity…definitely missing pieces.

  16. Jed is such a jerk. That segment they filmed where she confronted him (prior to ATFR) was so painful and his lack of ownership or remorse is just appalling.

    I truly feel for Hannah especially the great guys like Tyler and Peter that she gave up for the scumbag Jed. She was totally right when she said he robbed her of this experience.

    I hope Hannah finds true love soon!

  17. Ugh. Jed. Why?!
    Life happens and we all make bad decisions, we all can relate in some manner. But as Jed’s train started going off the tracks he just stood there and watched it happen. I’m so upset with him that he didn’t stand up and fight for her. If that was my husband going down in flames, I’d hope to see him fighting for me and for us. Trying everything he could!
    Instead Jed just sat there and made Hannah take the reins. Instead of telling her how he was going to fix it he casually asked her how to do it. It’s like he only had one foot in the relationship. I also appreciated his apology, but deep down I just wonder if he was trying to salvage his reputation for his career’s sake, or if it was really 100% about apologizing to her.
    Just so disappointed that he didn’t do everything in his power to salvage what he could.

    1. I think the glum somber tone he had during the LA apartment confrontation was something we saw during the season.

      He seemed burdened – I think going in there, committed to fully answering her, and having to face cameras was about all he could bare. That she was pretty cool headed ( v e r y cool headed.for the emotional angry Hannah we all.saw during the season) may have defeated him, too – as in Holy Shit, she’s not even super pissed, therefore I’m Dead.

      I dont know – just thoughts.

      It did feel like he believed his only salvation workwise was to make a full showing. But that doesn’t mean his regret was false. It must be very hard for him to know how much he regrets about her- given how steep a price he is paying.

      The other thing – let’s say None of the GF stuff was on the table – they still had a real battle ahead. Jed’s weight about his aspirations was not likely to be soothed by Hannah’s wild popularity and Post Bach opportunities.

      It’s pretty sad stuff. For now Jed is paying a very high price for screwing up.

  18. It’s so true that Hannah really grew throughout the show! I was nervous for her at first and felt that she had a difficult time expressing herself. It’s awesome to see how well spoken she has become! I think it’s because (despite a very sad ending) she finally gained her confidence. This last episode reminded me of the quote “you accept the love you think you deserve”. I feel like perhaps she didn’t feel worthy of Tyler’s love… just a thought. Hopefully now she has learned how incredible she is and can find herself someone who will love her for real <3

    1. That is a great thought! If you think about her journey from The Bachelor to the end of The Bachelorette it would make perfect sense. Like they fit so well it scared her that she didn’t deserve it. I’m glad you thought of that and pointed it out 🙂

  19. When Jed told his friends “He won” instead of saying that he was engaged… That spoke volumes to me. And you are right! He didn’t show much emotion the whole season. I hope Hannah and Tyler can work it out and end up like Jason and Molly💞

  20. The fact that Jed still lied when he was trying to explain to Hannah the GF situation was horrible to watch.

    He destroyed the show. He could have told Hannah from the beginning. Ugh! His proposal too was kind of fake; he said he loved her but you could tell his emotions and thoughts were somewhere else. I could not stand the fact the he totally betrayed her. Glad Hannah decided not to pursue him. Geez.

    I wish Hannah the best. She carried herself well during the live show.

  21. A couple things…

    1) It’s sad to see that Hannah could show come much of this “grace” to Jed (who is a liar and completely ruined her engagement/relationship) and be so completely enraged with Luke on the Men Tell All. Someone who, yea, made some really bad decisions, but at least was truthful about who is was. She acted with zero grace towards Luke and his family and made a mockery of him. I just don’t understand how she can be so mean to Luke and be so nice and cordial with a guy who played her the entire time.

    2) I thought it was SO unfair for her to put Tyler on the spot and ask him out on national television. If he were to say “no” people would be enraged. It’s like she did it on TV so that he wouldn’t say no. Tyler deserves someone who will love him 100%, not someone’s second choice.

    3) Not only was she extremely flirty with Tyler ATFR, but was equally (if not more) flirty with Peter the night before. I’m sorry but what guy is going to want to take a girl back that put him second place, and was also bragging about her 4 TIMES conquest with the other final three picks just 24 hours ago… Such an insult honestly.

    People are saying how much she’s grown and I really don’t see it. :/ I do wish her the best though and hopefully she can look back and this and really reflect.

    1. It seems Hannah has been reading the comments.

      I think Luke may have dodged a bullet.
      His deceit was schoolyard stuff compared to Jed.

      Hannah in case you are reading this: you owe Luke an apology – for the hateful and mocking way you spoke to – and about – him.

      Her line to Jed about how this all Reflected On Her stood out to me. Game show Hannah and Real Hannah – that’s the actual engagement that took place this season.

      She’s unique and seems decent enough , but her agenda is showing, too.

    2. I agree with you, Molly. I don’t see any growth either. In fact, to me she is crude and crass; and going on about the windmill ‘event’ sealed the deal for me as far as what kind of person she is. Tyler deserves far more and I don’t think he seemed interested at all. I can’t imagine any guy wanting her back after everything that has been said and done.

  22. Hi Ali! Love your blog and transparency! Always look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions. I could tell last night, Hannah was so upset her parents didn’t like Jed the way she wanted them too. It was a dead giveaway she was choosing him, even without the spoilers. I honestly thought the proposal was the worst in all of the seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette. It’s like he knew he was chosen, as if she told him. Idk. It was all weird to me. The whole thing from tyler to him was so uncomfortable to watch. And of course I thought, oh god not the guitar! His BS story about saying I love you to just a girl he was hanging out with was the worst! Thank goodness Hannah didn’t fall for that and has such self respect to walk away. As far as Tyler, he’s amazing and adore him like everyone else. Just not sure I’m all about a second chance between them. I always felt she wasn’t all into him and there was some disconnect. Anyways, can’t wwit for your podcast

  23. Ali,
    I’m a huge fan of your authenticity, honesty, and just plain “real-ness” (is that a thing?!).
    I’m surprised that you liked Jed all season! I just never felt it from him. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on Tyler-his proposal, etc. Also-can you imagine the “I told ya so” Hannah (and Jed’s) families have probably said. Im sure they are being supportive-but hmmm momma and daddy always know! So excited for your podcast!

  24. I never comment on things buuuut I have to say this to someone😬 I was definitely team Tyler especially after the rumors of Jed came out but after watching tonight I just feel so bad for Jed. I’m definitely not shaming Hannah but she sleeps with Peter 4 ✌🏼✌🏼times- what a week? Two weeks? Before getting engaged to Jed? Ok I get it, he did do a shitty thing to his ex but if I was dating someone and they went on THE BACHELORETTE I would be down with him! Call me crazy! I just don’t understand the double standard here! I will say, I hope her and Tyler find happiness! ❤️

    1. I don’t think it was just that he had a girlfriend. I think it was that he told partial truths and only explained it when he was pushed. If he had come clean on his own either before the engagement or right after and that included full truth not the “by the way, in case you here something, I was hanging out with a girl right before the show started” kind of thing, she might have had a different opinion and accepted his apology. I think the same was true for the guy early on that she kicked out. Own up to it guys! Don’t make excuses! Don’t downplay the relationship! We make choices based on information . When Hannah found out she hadn’t had all the information to make an informed decision, she felt betrayed. It wasn’t a double standard and it wasn’t the same as Luke P.

  25. Shes mad at him for having a girlfriend before he went in the show and she had sex with peter 4 times, Im am lost at why shes so mad, the past is the past

    1. I found Hannah’s analysis as Jed relayed the GF details PERFECT. She totally live processed the whole thing for anyone looking to Get It.

      It was like a tutortol explaining how it feels when a guy misleads a girl.

    2. Gotta give s o m e credit to Jed for giving full detail to H, in the manner he did. It had to be brutal to know cameras were rolling – but he held onto some dignity.

  26. Can’t wait for the podcast! I heard a radio interview that Jed’s girlfriend did on the Bobby Bones show. She said Jed ghosted her when he came back when she saw him out one night he acted like he didn’t know her. I didn’t know how much of her story to believe but after watching this I 100% believe her.

  27. So who do you think will be the next bachelor!? They usually announce it after the final rose! I’m pulling for Peter!

    1. I saw Andi dorfman on GMA and it sas hilarious when she answered that the Bachelor should be..Someone Single!!!

  28. I’m conflicted on how I feel about Hannah and Tyler. My first reaction was freaking out, because I was hoping it would happen but never expected it, however I understand where people are coming from with their opinion that he’s her “second choice” and that he shouldn’t date her for that reason. Conversely, she fell in love with who she THOUGHT Jed was. Had she known his true self perhaps she would have picked Tyler at the end anyways. As much as I’d love Tyler for bachelor, I think he’s wonderful and I love Hannah so I just want her to be happy which is why I’d love for them to end up together. However, I’m not going to get my hopes up on their future until I see from social media or somewhere that it’s official. Simply for the reason that it could be casual or, who knows, perhaps Tyler is ready to move on and figured the classiest way to let her down was to accept and then explain in private his feelings. Lord knows he’s has plenty of women vying for his attention already lol! Regardless I’m excited to see where the future takes them all! Id love to know your thoughts Ali!

    1. But I don’t think Jason bragged about sex the day before he picked someone, either. Clearly that shows she is not ready for a commitment, I.e. Marriage. She’s got a lot of growing up to do and first getting off the ‘here’s how many times I did it’ business.

  29. I want to know how The Bachelorette can bring back two of Hannah’s friends/former cast mates for the first episode to call out and advise Hannah about one of her guys for having a girlfriend back home(and consequently/justifiably sending him home night one),but no one supposedly knows about Jed’s girlfriend at that time going into this?! I smell something fishy! What are your thoughts Ali?

  30. I have so many feelings about this. I agree that Hannah has changed a lot but one thing that really irritated me is how frequently she got up and walked away in the middle of a conversation. She didn’t let others speak but made sure she got her words in.

    I really don’t like how she asked Tyler out on the show tonight. I wish that would have been a private thing. I know a lot of time has passed but the emotions are brought back during the taping and I just feel like she needs time to reflect. Tyler is AMAZING and I feel like he doesn’t deserve to be somebody’s second choice.

    With that being said, Peter for Bachelor pleassssse!

  31. I really hope Hannah and Tyler can make this work. The seem to have such respect for each other and such a wonderful love that doesn’t come along very often. Good luck to them both and know we are all rooting for them.

  32. I know you have been critical of her, most of us have, but I remember you saying you hoped she could grow and learn from this experience.
    Jed is just a jerk. He had the chance to man up during their time together after the engagement and he didn’t. I also felt like he looked completely unbothered by her sharing her concerns, hurt, and frustration.
    I was hoping Tyler would be the next bachelor, but I see that they both still care about each other so I’m on board with that and hope it works out for them. I really like Peter for bachelor now.
    Here’s to hoping I see Hannah in Jupiter some day soon.

  33. Tyler giving the relationship another chance goes to show that he is so genuine and doesn’t care if it spoils the chances of him being the bachelor! Respect.

  34. I really didn’t understand the whole thing with Jed!! Ok, if he came on the show for his music career and told this girl back home that he was coming back for her, why did he let himself get SO far in with Hannah? Unless he really did end up falling for her. But in that case…he really screwed himself over by lying to her and trying to brush things off. And this whole “she wasn’t my girlfriend” thing even though you went on trips with her and had her meet your family….really?! Come on. I’ve been so impressed with Hannah this season. She has grown and matured SO much and it’s been refreshing watching her stand up for herself when she knows a situation isn’t good for her.

    I also loved when she asked Tyler out on a date! It’s 2019, women should ask men out if that’s what they want! I hope it works out for them, and if it doesn’t, at least they don’t have to wonder “what if.” I’m sure it will be a struggle for Tyler to grapple with being her “second choice,” but they seem to have great chemistry so maybe things will work.

    I think Tyler would be a great bachelor, but if things work out with Hannah, then I guess that’s not an option! If it doesn’t work out with them, I’d love to see him as Bachelor. My first choice though would be Mike for sure! He’d honestly be SO great! And you KNOW he’d be there for absolutely the right reasons. He’s mature and knows what he wants…and come on, that smile!!! I know a lot of people want Peter as the bachelor, but I personally don’t. I honestly think he’s like Ben Higgins 2.0. He seems SO much like Ben, they even talk similarly! I liked Ben, but I’ve seen that season already and I wanna see something different! So I’m hoping for no Peter. I guess we’ll see! I wouldn’t mind someone totally different though…from another season or maybe even someone who isn’t from Bachelor nation. That’d be switching things up for sure!

    Can’t wait for the podcast!

  35. I totally agree that Jed had no emotion and to me it was clear that he didn’t have feelings. Everything he said he thought about well in advance.

  36. I forgot to add, I feel really bad for Tyler that he’s second choice. He deserves better and should be with someone that chooses him as their number one, not number two.

  37. What really bothers me about Jed is that he said if she knew the truth he was scared she would have let him go. Exactly. That tells you right there that it wasn’t right, she was never his because it was all based on false pretenses. So glad she is a strong woman. I am excited to see how it plays out with Tyler.

  38. I feel like I see everything so differently from everyone about Jed and Tyler so please help!! First, I think Jed prior to this show had to have been such a womanizer/playboy and with that said I think it’s entirely possible his girlfriend meant nothing to him when he left for the show. Hannah seems like such a strong woman that I think she helped change him or make him a better man, but obviously too little too late. He was trying to be this man for her and trying to play catch up and obviously it didn’t pan out. I just really dont think Jed was being an intentional asshole to this girlfriend he left behind, I think chalk it up to a total lack of maturity and on top of that his personal growth and integrity growing as the show progressed. Hannah needed someone that was already there and ready to meet her where her standards and integrity are. Now that being said I have a hard time with her trying to get back with Tyler for those same reasons…integrity. She made a different FIRST choice and I think for her to coily flirt and be so aggressive with Tyler now isnt right. Sure they could be together or date, but it’s all in her attitude…humility. I wished she would have expressed her regret and humbly cried and come to Tyler and apologized, not acted like she was OWED a drink by him. So idk, just my thoughts…I would love to hear any counter arguments. Oh! And also I was SO rooting for Tyler and Hannah from the beginning, now it just seems wrong and weird…like how Hannah was saying she felt weird building a relationship with Jed on lies and distrust…that’s what it feels like she would be doing with Tyler…she broke his heart and so they would be building a relationship on that distrust right?? She rejected him which comes with a level of being betrayed so how do you build a relationship once that has been broken?

    1. I do agree about your assessment of Jed. It does sound like he wasn’t considering her as a girlfriend before he left but also wanted to be sure she would be there for him when he came back – thus his saying “I love you” to her. I think he did learn and grow from his experiences. But he didn’t feel secure enough to tell Hannah the whole truth without prodding. And his answers didn’t give her the confidence in him to overcome the lies – and lies of omission are often worse than straight up lies!
      As for Tyler – if it happens, it will take a lot of work to build a trusting relationship. I hope they both find happiness – together or apart. And any apologies or discussions can be handled off camera!

  39. Of course I know it’s different being on the show. I totally get Jed’s dishonesty, but I also look at it as Hannah was just sleeping with 2 other men , and telling them that she was falling in Love with them. So yes, He definitely messed up , but is it really so different? I don’t know. I’m sure you have to be in that situation to fully understand.

    1. The part thats Really different is the men Hannah was dating Knew the situation. It was upfront information – not stuff that came to them in a magazine article, after committments were made.

      That said – Jed did tell her some of it. And, if Hannah’s sins are washed everyda, how is it she doesn’t accept Jed has been washed clean as well….it’s offers a real question about the nature of her heart (meaning is she a one-man woman or more of a butterfly) and the role of her faith as per forgiveness.

  40. I haven’t been a fan of Jed! Cringe! I have been rooting for Tyler since day one! He seems amazing, interesting, a stand up guy and easy on the eye! I really really really hope they end up together or at least dating!!

  41. Ali, I cant believe you had a bf before going on the show and said you were madly in love. Why even go on the show then? I thought so highly of you!

  42. Ali, first I want to say I enjoy reading your blog a lot. Your season was one of my favorites.

    I just can’t seem to get behind Hannah on this one. I feel she has a lot of maturing to do by the way she handled things on her season. I also feel like she made way too much of a big deal about a girlfriend back home right before Jed left for the show. Now, I was never a fan of his. However, she considered these guys her boyfriends. It seems way more horrible the fact that she had sex with Peter four times, than what Jed did. I’m pretty sure she already knew by fantasy suites who she was going to pick. I feel she also broke that trust and honesty with her relationship with Jed. It just doesn’t seem right. Now, she’s trying to get back with Tyler. I feel he deserves better and not be second choice. I hope he’s the next bachelor!

  43. Did anyone else feel like Tyler didn’t look in love with Hannah any more? She was gushing over him, but he just looked like he was still hurt from being dumped and didn’t want to go down the same road again!

    1. Absolutely! Even his comment from the People article today makes it sound like he is more interested in a friendship with Hannah. I think he was just being polite on live television by not turning her down. Peter seemed more upset when Hannah broke up with him after Fantasy Suites than Tyler did at the final rose ceremony. Personally, I think Tyler has zero interest in getting back together with Hannah and why should he? He has famous models following him on Instagram and a shot at being the Bachelor. He would be crazy to turn that down for being Hannah’s second choice.

  44. I was really excited to see Hannah and Tyler rekindle on stage. However, I don’t think Tyler seemed as into the idea. Are their thoughts of him being the next Bachelor? If so, I wonder if that will influence his decision to try with Hannah.

  45. I think Tyler was put in a really awkward position and sort of had to say yes to a date with Hannah. He didn’t seem that into the idea!!

  46. Honestly? I love how this ended. We were all yelling at our screens when she picked Jed and normally that means we have to see them be all lovely at live portion and see her defend him and their love and then 3 months later they call it quits. I’m so happy she didn’t hold onto the fantasy for the sake of the show. That’s how she’s been all along and I love her for it. Although…she should have gone back for Pilot Pete LoL I also knew there was no way her and her final pick were still together after monday’s Live portion, there is no way she would have talked about 4 times in a windmill if she was happily in a relationship. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  47. Why is Jed being held to a higher standard than Hannah? I mean, have we forgotten that she slept with Peter just DAYS before getting engaged? And as she so proudly bragged……4 times!!!!

    Thank goodness this season is over!

  48. I thought when she said how while they were engaged he had girls over and threw them in the pool shows even more that he wasn’t serious about engagement. And she said he didn’t tell her about that either. She got a message from the girls about it. Shady character. Not a hater. Just def seemed more about fame. Also find it ironic he hated Luke so much because of his poor character but he’s off lying, keeping secrets etc. He was worse in a way. Stole Hannah’s moment to really give her and Tyler a chance with Jed out of picture.

  49. Can we also talk about how after the got engaged, he brought randoms back to his house, and when Hannah asked him about it, he said, “oh yeah, we had no idea who they were!” That is not how someone who is in love acts. No one is bringing randoms or allowing their friends to bring randoms home to their house when they are ready to settle down. That to me signals that he truly felt he “won” the competition as opposed to getting engaged. That would have been the absolute last straw for me in confronting him. I also knew something was wrong the moment they got engaged. He looked absolutely terrified when they were both facing the camera as though he were thinking, “oh shit…now what!” You could see the wheels turning in his head.

  50. Please help me with the Hannah love… it not the pot calling the kettle!! She slept with a guy she didnt keep, 2 weeks before engaged…,she is so heart broken she almost cant talk and 3 min later is goo goo over Tyler?? Love Tyler, hope he has more class than to be with her.

  51. Here’s hoping that Peter is the Bachelor!!!! He was so genuine and loving to Hannah, and he truly wanted a wife to join him in his adventures in life. With how well-spoken he is, and how pure his heart seemed to be, he’d make an awesome Bachelor! Plus he’s oh-so-dreamy and not bad to look at! 😉

  52. I love the show and i have been watching it for many many season but i found this season’s finale to be very stretched and edited, and turned into a 2 day event when it didn’t need to be.

    I was sooo heartbroken when Peter when home! He honestly seemed like such a sweet genuine guy (can’t wait to listed to the Podcast)… and go to from Peter and picking Jed…. i don’t see it! I realize I am not Hanna, and as a viewer I don’t have the full story, I don’t see how she saw things, i wasn’t in those situations myself so it wouldn’t be fair for me to blame her or criticize her. I just wish her the best, and hope she find happiness and what she’s looking for.

    Lastly, and this might make some people angry and I don’t mean to but I was so angry when Tyler said yes! I love him, and he seems like a great guy… why would you ever agree to be someone’s second choice! She clearly wanted Jed and had things worked out better she wouldn’t even be giving Tyler a second thought now… why would he agree to a date now?! you’re so much better than that Tyler!!

    Off to listen to your podcast! I love you Ali, and your blog! <3

  53. Honestly, maybe it was because she had an emotional night with Jed but I saw way more chemistry between Hannah and Peter at the live show than I did with Hannah and Tyler.

  54. Ali,
    Can you help better explain the timing of proposal day? The first man/woman out of the limo is always the one that is going to be dumped and the second is the one being picked. How are times staged that day? I just feel like the first has to be suspicious a little. Like, “Oh, I am going at 3:00 today. I must be going home.” The second person would be like, “It’s later in the day. She must be picking me.” Maybe I am looking at it wrong but after so many seasons, isn’t there a pattern that has probably been shared of timing of who seems to be driving in first and who seems to be driving in second?

  55. I love Hannah and I feel like she was so awesome to watch this season! I was rooting for Tyler the whole time. He was so sweet to her and always put her feelings first! I can’t help but to think she kinda of took him out of the running for Bachelor by asking him out after she dumped him… did you think he looked excited or shocked?! I couldn’t tell!

  56. AGREE with everything you said – well written 🙂 Hannah showed to be so strong and I think all women should be proud of the way she handled herself and situations. Jed – blahhhhh is all I have to say. and Tyler – what a lovely person!! It looked like they still have a great connection so hoping his heart isn’t too hurt from being turned down 🙁

  57. Ok…I’m Team Jed on this one. Yes….he should have been honest about the girl back home . But…he’s a 25 year old guy trying to figure out his feelings. While she was having a melt down over the fact that he had a girlfriend before he left for the show, I couldn’t stop thinking….Girl….you were falling in love and having sex with two other men leading up to your engagement!!! Her reaction was very one-sided and selfish, She talked a lot about Grace. If Jed had enough grace to watch her other relationships unfold up until the day before he proposed, she should have offered him enough grace to let go of the fact that he was dating someone prior to leaving for the show!!!!

  58. I thought Hannah was one of the best Bachelorettes yet… and I certainly didn’t expect to be saying that going in to her season. She did handle herself with grace and poise – and while she’s immature in many ways, I mean she IS still young – she handled some crazy A$$ guys and situations in a way far beyond her years. I am glad she called Jed out on national TV because he for sure deserved it. He’s a rat and a weasel and I don’t think he loved her. This was all about his career. He couldn’t have looked MORE bored when he went to visit her and she was going off on him. I think he really didn’t want to end up as the final guy.

    I love Tyler, I hope he and Hannah live happily ever after, but her decisions concerning Luke and Jed would worry me. Tyler, Peter, Mike.. all stand up guys. Yet she couldn’t see that – maybe she was too close to the situation? I don’t know. But her taste in men is terrible! Well, other than Tyler, Peter and Mike!

    Can’t wait to listen to your podcast. How fun!

  59. I think Hannah was drawn to Jed as she was drawn to Luke as there is something challenging or difficult about the relationship which is was not present with Peter and Tyler. I think that their clarity in how they felt about her was off putting for her and she is drawn to the challenge or the “drama” . I am not sure that it was about love.

    1. She digs a bit of a dust up, 4 sure.

      Luke had that Love Is Conflict thing too .

      Jed has the Life is Pain blue, and so on…

      Takes a while to grow out of…sigh.

  60. I’ve never commented before but I just wanted to say that I look forward to reading your blogs after every episode! I get so excited when I see that a new one is live. Just one of the little things in life that I look forward to after a busy day of working and #momlife. Very excited to listen to your new podcast 🙂

  61. Does this process blind you to certain things, because of this “fairytale” of it all? Hannah talked about through this process about finding someone who was honest, open, and who loved her fiercely, but she picked the one person who lied to her and probably didn’t truly love her. And the person who her family didn’t really like. I don’t get it. She had 2 guys who seemed to genuinely love her, but she turned them down. Is it easy to just get swept away or something in it all and completely miss it? I mean she literally chose the one thing she didn’t want…I’m confused myself. Did he love her or did he not? If he didn’t, why did he let it go all the way to a proposal? Soooo many questions!!

  62. First of all ….. you are awesome! I’ve been a fan for many years and feel like we could be besties. Lol
    Wow! Did Hannah ever grow this season. I felt proud of her like a Mom would. I’m a Mom of 5 and got teary eyed right along with her last night. Chemistry was on fire with Peter but then I saw it last night with Tyler. I hope they can work it out and Peter needs to be the next bachelor (well if he doesn’t meet anyone on paradise) thanks for making us laugh with your kiddos ! I’ll be listening to the podcast. Cheers to YOU!

  63. It may have been the spoilers, but I didn’t feel like it was dramatic as much as it was heartbreaking. His emotion has felt flat all season (maybe thats editing) and he didn’t fight for her during that conversation. She stood up for herself all season, gave men multiple opportunities to air their dirty laundry own up to previous relationships – to find out AFTER a proposal is devastating because it absolutely could have been either (a) worked through sooner or (b) given her an opportunity to look at other relationships more closely. In regard to Tyler, all I saw was dimples when he walked out to see Hannah – hers and his! Thinking about Arie & Lauren and Jason & Molly, there is an absolute possibility of them rekindling their relationship if its what they both want. Regardless of what happens, I am so blown away by Hannah this season. From a girl who couldn’t give a toast to speaking so eloquently last night, she has really grown throughout this journey!

  64. Hi Ali!

    I was so angry at Jed watching last nights episode until we got to the live part where he poured his heart out in what I feel was a really sincere apology. I think it came down to the fact that he and Hannah are both VERY young and still have a lot of growing to do but they both learned a lot from this experience. I feel like even though he definitely messed up big time Hannah should have found it in her heart to forgive him. No one is perfect.

    The fact that she asked Tyler out minutes after completely crushing Jed’s soul was pretty hypocritical in my opinion. I can imagine how hard it must be falling for more than one person while being on this show and dealing with the extreme polar opposite feelings of heartache at losing a love, and elation at finding another one but she clearly wasn’t over Tyler at all. Isn’t that almost worse than Jed having a girlfriend prior to the show? His feelings clearly changed when he met Hannah but hers hadn’t changed about Tyler after she chose Jed.

    I was not a fan of this season at all. It was really disappointing that there was just soooo much drama focused on and I didn’t feel like it was really about her relationships developing at all. I just think the cast was way to young this season. I think of myself at 24 and I knew nothing! No way would I have had enough life experience to make these incredibly impossible decisions. I hope next season proves to be better.

  65. Ali! Love that you and Rachel- 2 of my favorite bachelorettes ever are doing a pod together! I just listened and I wanted to ask if you got into anything else with peter that wasn’t aired. I find it strange that neither at ATFR nor on the podcast no one has asked him about the girlfriend. I know that Chris Harrison said last week he would get into it but that he knows the timeline and it’s not concerning. I love Peter, I just would have loved him to have the opportunity to talk about that and clear the air for all his naysayers.
    Second- I kind of would have loved his thoughts on the end with Tyler. I guess yall talked to him before the second night but man I would love to know more about his bromance with Tyler and how he feels about Hannah asking Tyler out!

    Anyways I can’t wait to keep listening to this pod, congrats on this new project!

  66. My opinion of Jed was that he got in deep and didn’t know how to get out. I don’t think he meant to hurt anyone, and that makes me feel a bit sad for him. People are now hating him and making fun of his singing and that must be tough. That being said, I’m glad Hannah stood up for herself. I think if she had tried to stick it out with him it would have always cast a shadow on their relationship. And my opinion about Tyler is that he is EVERYTHING!! I hope he gives her another chance. He’s a stand-up guy either way.

  67. So disappointed that neither you nor Rachel brought up Calee! Very clear you wanted to frame Peter as having zero flaws.

    1. I agree. Can you tell us why this wasn’t discussed Ali? It seem awfully one sided to call Jed out and not even ask Peter to let him explain.

  68. I think a lot of your comments are spot on. I don’t think that Jed was sincere though, I think he was trying to find a way to come out with as little negative PR as possible. I do think he loved her in his version of love, but not a sustainable kind.
    As far as Tyler is concerned, I think he tried to make it as clear as possible by saying “yeah I’ll get a drink and catch up” when Chris Harrison made it a thing by saying “so are you guys giving it a shot?” He seemed very uncomfortable by the pressure, and if they do give it a shot it’s going to be very private while he works through his insecurities of not being the chosen guy. They’ll have some big things to work through there- but if they can, I fully believe he could be her real deal.

  69. I just rewatched last night’s episode and it made me dislike Jed even more. He had so many opportunities to tell her and be truthful and dismiss himself from the show. I think he was hoping he would be let go and the rest of America would feel bad for him. When she told him that she loved him he didn’t even smile. When Tyler first saw her at the proposal setting he immediately told her how gorgeous she looked and Jed didn’t say a thing when he first saw her. Jed ruined this whole experience for her because had she known the truth she could have chosen a man that truly loves her. Karma…Jed killed his music career and his “fame” that he was seeking from this show.

  70. Hi Ali!

    First I want to say that I am so happy to listen to your new podcast! You and Rachel wouldn’t be a pair that I would think of on my own but I am so excited about it! Second, I really think that the only reason Jed “came clean” tonight is because I’m sure he talked to a PR Firm or something. It seemed like he had rehearsed his confession/apology several times and it was nothing like he conveyed before to her.

    I am so happy for Hannah and Tyler! I would have liked to see her make a comment on stage to him acknowledging that she made the wrong choice or something. Not necessarily apologizing to Tyler, but just saying something about it before she just went right into asking him out. I wish them well, they both seem to be really awesome people.

    Take Care,

  71. Hi Ali!

    Loved your podcast with Rachel this morning. Do you think you may have Jed on a future podcast at some point?

  72. Hannah reminds me so much of myself in my early 20’s. I was very insecure, dated a huge asshole, and then finally found the strength to break up with him. It was only then that I really began to love and respect myself and refused to put up with ANY crap from men. It was that attitude that lead me to my husband :). From what Hannah was saying last night, I think everything “clicked” for her in a similar way when she ended it with Jed. I don’t know that she was truly ready to find her husband before the show but now I think she definitely is! I hope she finds the true love of her life soon.

  73. I think Hannah was blowing Tyler’s chances of being Bachelor by asking him out!! Now it looks like they’re a couple when I dont think he wants to go out with her, he just didnt want to be mean/have that conversation on tv. She thinks everyone is just constantly pining for her no matter what she does or how she acts 🙁 I hope Tyler is the next bachelor!!!!!

  74. Hey Ali,
    I’ve been watching you since you’ve been on bachelorette with Roberto. Lol. Now you have two amazing kiddos and husband. I watch your Instagram daily. I loved your blog post and think you have great opinion and insight. I actually have been meaning to get onchere and read some of your commentary. Finally have. I actually am going to start my own Marketing informational blog. And I’m wondering any tips and tricks. And what website builder do you use for yours. I was going to use WordPress because I’m familiar but anyway I hope you can message back.

  75. Just one question…really what kind of future does Jed have as a songwriter wren he’s “not good with words”? He might need to pursue a different path

  76. I adore you, Ali.

    I appreciate your perspective, your compassion and your input. Listened to your podcast this morning and thought it was so much fun!! Great job!! 🙂

  77. I’m glad this season is over, I can’t handle all the drama! Hannah has grow so much over this experience. I was very impressed by how she handled Jed and I hope she and Tyler give it a serious chance. The whole time Hannah was talking to Jed at the live show, I kept saying “it’s like she is talking to Luke P!!” Jed was always “back pedaling “ but not really saying anything. He needs to look inside and work on some things just like Luke does.

  78. I love your posts Ali. This one is no different than all the others.
    I agree, Hannah matured emotionally during her journey and I wish her continued success at finding TRUE love for herself. She deserves it. Tyler or Peter are still great men for her imo.
    Was hoping u may be able to post Hannah’s beautiful pink n kelly green sundress that she wore on GMA this morning. It was super cute n im hoping it’s not over the $1400 price tags as a few others of her. Yikes!

  79. I had so many opinions about Hannah in the beginning and even said I wouldn’t watch this season when she was chosen. However, I will say that last night I LOVED that she said one of the biggest things that she learned about herself was that she doesn’t NEED a man in her life but she wants one. As a mother of two girls I so want them to learn that too!

  80. Hi Ali, when u have a chance can u please check your messenger account on your Ali Fedotowky page on facebook? Thank you

  81. I have so much to say about the last two episodes so sorry if this gets lengthy! I’ve already responded to one comment above about Tyler’s perceived lack of interest in Hannah (which I agree with), but I have a few more things to say.

    Overall, this whole season with Hannah has been pretty interesting to watch, even if the Luke drama lasted way too long. While I don’t agree with Ali on everything, I have always agreed with her statements that relationships are between two people and so many times Hannah made it all about her and not about the relationship. So many times, as others have pointed out, she would walk away from conversations or shut the guys down when they tried to explain themselves. Sure, some of them were probably just trying to dig out of a hole, but if you are really, truly, trying to explore the relationship, you should give the other person the chance to talk.

    Regarding Luke (even though that is old news at this point) – I personally can’t stand him and I do think he’s a narcissist and misogynist. However, as a Christian, I can’t disagree with the core of his values regarding sex being reserved for marriage. However, also as a Christian, I know it’s not my place to judge and I probably shouldn’t even be watching a show like this to be truthful, lol. Plus, he definitely wasn’t without sin himself. He handled everything so so badly that at the end of the day, his testimony as a Christian was essentially worthless, which is sad.

    As I said, I have enjoyed this season overall until one thing happened – Peter getting sent home after Fantasy Suites. Regardless of his supposed girlfriend drama, I think he was truly the best guy on the show as far as character and who would be the greatest partner in a relationship. Whether or not he lead his former girlfriend on too long or said things he shouldn’t have – he ended it with her before he went on the show and he didn’t leave her hoping that he was coming back for her. Anyone has the right to end a relationship as soon as they see fit – even if they have told the person I love you or discussed the future at some point. Things change, feelings change. Sometimes people try to force themselves to see a future when there isn’t one, just because they want a relationship or marriage. Anyway, I honestly felt Hannah did Peter dirty (and not in a good way, ha!) by sleeping with him so much during Fantasy Suites and then not choosing him. While I don’t agree with a contestant sleeping with all three men in the Fantasy Suites, I understand that some people think they have to know what things are like in the bedroom before fully committing to someone. How on earth you could sleep with someone FOUR TIMES and them not be the one is mind-blowing to me. So for me, after Peter left, I lost a little bit of interest. I honestly was hoping that after she broke up with Jed, maybe she and Peter would reconnect, because he seemed the most heartbroken after their breakup. Tyler and Jed neither one honestly seemed that upset after theirs.

    Regarding Tyler – I know that he has quite the fan club in Bachelor Nation, but I was honestly surprised at how well he took it when Hannah broke up with him. I feel like he was the better choice over Jed, but clearly her feelings for Jed were stronger. I honestly wonder if Tyler just knows all the right things to say and was giving himself a good audition for the Bachelor or whether he was really, truly in love with Hannah. I just didn’t really feel that much emotion from him even though he was saying all the right things and seems to be an incredible guy – just maybe not the right guy for Hannah. I honestly kind of cringed when Hannah asked him out last night. Personally, I thought he didn’t look interested in resuming the relationship AT ALL. I think he gave her a polite yes since they were on live television, but I think he knows how this whole season has played out and I’m sure he knows he can use that to his advantage in pursuit of being the Bachelor or hooking up with models that have started following him on Instagram. He honestly needs to strike while the iron is hot and not with Hannah. Again, last night he didn’t show much emotion towards her, although I do think he cares for her as a friend. Also, I think if Hannah truly regretted choosing Jed and wanted Tyler she would have known that and would have broken up with Jed for that reason instead of the girlfriend drama. I honestly have more respect for Arie and Jason Mesnick pursuing their runners up, because they clearly knew they had made the wrong decision and picked the wrong person. Not because they or the other girl did something wrong and they just decided to go back to the second choice because they were both “available”. Especially after being so public with proclaiming how “active” she and Peter were during Fantasy Suites.

    Finally, I don’t really have much to say about Jed. I haven’t really been into his and Hannah’s relationship except for the beginning of the season. His attitude with the Luke drama and maybe knowing about the girlfriend stuff, just kind of tainted him for me. Plus, like with Tyler, he seemed to show very little real emotion towards Hannah. So, I’m not really sad that they broke up. As for the girlfriend drama, while it doesn’t make him a great guy, I don’t think it makes him a bad guy either. Every day in real life there are women (and probably some men too) that think they are in a serious relationship with someone when the other person is really never fully committed. I think that’s the case with Jed and his former girlfriend. I’m not saying it’s right, but clearly he was keeping her “on the hook” in case things didn’t work out. Whether it was Hannah or someone else, he probably would have left her as soon as someone better came along. And while I fully believe that people can try to start a music career and be married, I don’t think Jed specifically was ready for that at all.

  82. Ugghhh! Jed…..I hope his music career
    tanks. He’s not that good and people
    will be annoyed with his actions.
    Hope it works out with Tyler.

  83. It was an interesting spin on the regular outcome of each season. I hope she and Tyler work out. I was really rooting for their relationship.

  84. Love your comments.. totally agree.. Luke was a total tool and a loser.. Jed should have spilled much earlier… Tyler seems like a sweetheart and Peter was my favorite!!

  85. I don’t think it will work out for Tyler and Hannah. Hannah already talked, briefly, about going on for another try. She said never say never. I think she would have an audience for a second go-around.

    Tyler is a nice guy. I think he would make any girl happy. However, I think Hannah wants more or bold as she put it!

  86. I feel like I am pretty alone in my feelings, but am I the only one who doesn’t think what Jed did was that messed up? I understand that he probably should have been more honest with her about everything, but I also totally understand that when the person you are dating has other options currently available, the idea of creating a possible conflict is scary and I can totally understand why, if he wanted to be with Hannah, he would have downplayed the relationship. What he did to that ex-gf was really bad and he was a jerk to her, but all of that happened BEFORE he even met Hannah. I don’t think that necessarily means anything about their relationship. Also, last time I checked, Hannah slept with at least one other guy 4 times within a few days of Jed proposing to her, not the night before she’d even met Jed. The double standard here boggles my mind!!! Yes, Jed should have been more honest, but I guess I truly don’t see why this was a total deal breaker!

    1. I think it was a deal-breaker, because I think she really wasn’t that in love with Jed…or any of these guys really. If she had truly been in love with Jed, I think they could have made it work. The things that happened with his ex-girlfriend were in the past and as long as things were going good, then I think a “normal” couple would have looked beyond the past and moved on. Now, I don’t know about the part where he had girls in his apartment in Nashville, but if he has roommates that may not have been entirely his fault, although he did a crappy job of explaining himself on that one. I mean, he shouldn’t have to notify Hannah every time his roommates bring girls over if there is trust there. So, I don’t know if the trust was truly broken beyond repair or maybe she never really loved him “for real”, but I think the girlfriend situation may have been an easy excuse for Hannah to get out of the relationship. I mean, my husband was kind of still seeing someone when he and I started dating and he tried to ghost her, but she kept contacting him so I think he did have a conversation to end it at some point. Hard to remember since it was 13 years ago. But I have never doubted mine and my husband’s relationship or had any reason not to trust him just because our relationship started on the tail end of another.

      1. Yes. Stacey – I agree that she really wasn’t In Love. I think she felt it for Luke, and after that blew up she just kind of proceeded with the show – in good faith. but also under pressure to be The Bachelorette.

        Nothing feels real or right since the last three episodes.

  87. Does anyone else think Jed should try to advance a different career? He is not that good of a singer. And I think Hanna and TyLer have kept in touch. Just the way they were so giddy. Like little kids trying to keep a secret. She just seemed a little too happy to see him. I believe you can love two people, both in different ways. She didn’t end it with Tyler because she didn’t have feelings, she at that time, felt something stronger with Jed, based on who she thought he was. Anyway, I am betting her and Tyler, even if they didn’t meet, I bet they have been talking.

  88. I was up to date on all the rumors surrounding Jed and his (ex) girlfriend, but a huge part of me really hoped they weren’t true because I grew to love and admire Hannah so much and I didn’t want to see such a terrible thing happen to her. But, unfortunately it did. I remember thinking that Luke P. was terrible, but Jed was just SO much worse!! Like you said, he only came clean when he got caught and in my opinion that is the sign of a very disingenuous person. When they showed the conversation between Hannah and Jed where she mentioned that she now understood why his family was the way they were toward her and that he was having girls over to this apartment and only told one of his friends about the engagement those were all huge red flags and I’m glad she ended things right away instead of holding onto false hopes that maybe something could turn the situation. If you’re going to marry someone and that’s what the first taste of real life is like with that person, you need to run away as fast as you can. I am cheering for Hannah to find true love (hopefully with Tyler!!!).

  89. Hi Ali,
    LOVE reading your blog and love the new look of your website, except the font. It’s somewhat hard to read. Maybe my eyes are really bad but it’s just a little tricky to the eye. The font on your old site was very readable. Just a little input from a consistent reader 🙂

    1. The subject of Blind Spots is one of the reasons I watch this show. Seems that Hannahs defenses were dismantled when Jed made his Honest Reveal about going on the show for a music platform.
      As she recently said she is honest to a fault – when Jed was so honest, it made her believe they were equals. Same *mirroring* took place with Luke. Religion being so big for them gave the relationship an instant Green Light.
      One take away – love takes time, testing things out takes time. Another: we lie to ourselves, and don’t even know it. I don’t actually believe Tyler or Jed or Luke – or Hannah!! – are close to being successfully married.

  90. Your comments are spot on. I thought Hannah handled it with such Grace. I wish she would have taken her family’s comments to heart. They knew deep down Jed wasn’t the one. She didn’t want to hear that though. Oh well I have a feeling this will work out for the best in the end. She knows 100% that Jed isn’t for her, it is just too bad it had to take him being a liar to get there.
    At first I thought I wanted Big Mike to be the next Bachelor but now I am rooting for Peter the pilot!!

  91. This went down totally as I thought it would! Hopefully it works out with Tyler as they’re cute together and he’s super respectful. I’m a mom to a 16 year old and I’d love for her to have a Tyler someday!! As for Jed, well he’s trying to save face for his music career, which he killed when he was outed as a player. Also did no one notice how his engagement song and his dog food jingle had similar melodies?? 😂 I think Jed is sincere that he knows he screwed up and really regrets it, I’m not convinced it’s about Hannah, but more that he notched his chance at fame.

  92. Is there really any other way to weed these kind of people out of the scenario? I mean she gave up TWO amazing guys for ONE idiot. This is not just some show to make it BIG time, its peoples lives.

    I feel like Tyler and Peter both would have made for a better finale and Hannah’s smile BEAMS with joy anytime she is around them…. If you noticed Jed was SO into making sure that Hannah realized Luke was the bad guy, what right did Jed get to point fingers at other guys considering he was the worst of the bunch – and really did get the final rose “eye roll”

    I feel for both Hannah and the other girl, HOWEVER, if his girlfriend was really concerned with keeping Jed’s heart when it comes down to it she should have reported him to the producers and maybe they could have prevented all this from happening? Otherwise, I have speculation that this was just one big plot to get both of them in the spotlight – really makes you think????

    I dont know I am just happy for Hannah and Tyler! Even though Peter is like Hannah said – a Barbie dream guy lol I think Tyler is actually her forever. They just mend well and her family are smitten!

    One last thing – speaking of her family…. The look her parents gave while Jed was talking about his career and goals EPIC!!!!!!! hahaha

  93. I thought that Hannah handled most of this awful situation gracefully, but I didn’t appreciate that she put Tyler on the spot like that during the live show asking him out. Honestly, he looked so uncomfortable, and he would’ve never said no even if he wanted to out of not wanting to embarrass her. I can’t imagine being in his position, but I’m sure it doesn’t feel great to feel like the backup choice. Just my .02!

  94. I wanted Hannah to pick Tyler in the first place. They had chemistry but she labeled it lust. I say lust is not a bad place to start if they are going to give it a go. I hope they make it together. I felt that when her parents disapproved of Jed she only moved more towards him. It turns out her parents were right for more reasons than one. Hannah told her Mom that Tyler was the one then after they met Jed and had concerns she chose him.

  95. I’ve long been a bachelor/bachelorette fan and I love coming to read your opinion articles and your take having been there. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of Hannah at the first of the season. I feel like she’s grown so much and I’m so proud of her and her decisions. I don’t know that I was a fan of Jed the minute he admitted his motives behind signing up for the show. That never sat right. I do feel bad that everyone is so critical of his choices and the backlash. I was rooting for Tyler or peter from early on and honestly I was surprised when she picked Jed. I’m excited to see if anything pans out between her and Tyler.
    Congratulations on the podcast, I can’t wait to listen!!

  96. I walked away from my TV last night with sadness in my heart. She had a room full of great guys this season and it’s hard to believe this happened at the end. As awful as Jed ended up being, he now has to go on with his life and I hope people will just let it go. I hope Peter is the next bachelor.

  97. Hi Ali ”
    In regards to the The Bachelor after the final Rose was a season
    of ups and downs but down till the end I was disappointed that Hannah didn’t
    pick Tyler he was so stight forward from the start.As far as Jed was concered
    he should have been up front with Hannah from the beginging regardless. I
    certainly wouldn’t want after being engaged and then find out.that was totally un fair
    but its over but I would like to know if anything happens with Tyler in the end

  98. Hey Ali!
    Jed’s girlfriend actually did agree to let him go. There is an interview with her that she did on the Bobby Bones show. Check it out. Gives a bunch of insight from her point of view of what went down. Crazy!

  99. Loved your podcast and love your blog. This my first time commenting and I was so excited to listen first thing this morning. I have to be honest I listened to Nick’s first that had Tyler on on it and he’s such a class act guy!! Wow I have 3 boys 2 in college and I pray I have taught them to treat women that way. Thank you for always making me smile with your stories you have a beautiful family and for always keeping it real!! Have a great day!!

  100. I disagree with you that Hannah is a “young girl learning and growing and discovering herself.”
    First off, she is a woman, not a girl.
    Second, for me, this was the first time I have seen the lead of the show feature a woman who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to go for it, and also speak up and stand up to men who tried to limit her and keep her in a box.
    The show tried so hard earlier in the season to showcase Hannah as relatable. But I think these last episodes were the ones that really made that clear – the true heartache and decisions that we all go through when finding love.
    I’m rooting for her now more than ever.

  101. I was so bummed that Hannah didn’t choose Tyler when it came down to him and Jed. I never got the feeling that Jed was into Hannah. Tyler seemed so sincere, and Jed always came across as awkward and unsure. I do hope the best for Hannah and Tyler, though. I think they make a cute couple, and their families would be so happy!

  102. Hi Ali. I just wanted to say that I thought it was really not cool of you to post the spoiler of the ending last night without warning folks THEN acknowledging that you ruined the ending for people but did NOTHING to fix it for those that didn’t read your spoiler yet. Why not give the west coast a chance to watch before blabbing the ending. I really hope this isn’t how things will be now that you have the podcast. .

  103. Ok. So I am not a Jed fan – never have been. But he did tell her he was coming on the show for his music. I think he took every opportunity that he had to try to showcase that as well. For me, all the warning signs were there. She just didn’t want to see them. Which I get. The Who gf thing is a lot – and she was ok with him going along with it for his career. Which is awful. It makes me sad as a viewer of the bachelor/bachelorette series from the beginning to think that more people are going on the show as more of a career opportunity than to possibly of love.

  104. The podcast was great! You both were so articulate and just complimented each other. You both kept it going smoothly and your opinions really made us all think. Thanks for being fun, kind, genuine and supportive when you both spoke.

    Congratulations on your new jobs.
    You are both perfect for the podcasts.
    Big fan!

  105. Abosolutely LOVED the podcast!!! Jed sucks, simple as that. I’m not gonna lie, I was giddy over her asking Tyler on a date, but I liked what Rachel said about the difference between Arie consciously choosing to go back to Lauren, and Tyler literally being her second choice. Either way, I’m excited to see it unfold. Even more excited about BIP and the podcast!! Still TEAM PETER FOR BACHELOR!

  106. I was proud of how strong Hannah was. He broke her trust. Not exactly cool. At least she can see off camera with Tyler if there is a relationship in their future.

  107. Same here Paige. I just love Peter. He was my favorite!
    Regarding Tyler tonight…how can Hannah be so ready to rekindle with him if she loved Jed so much. Seems a bit soon.

  108. Let me just start by saying I have never laughed out loud so much when Hannah picked up the Roses on the flower stand and moved it around Luke P. Then Chris Harrison moved it back to its original place in the opening of the next episode? (Good times….hahahaha!) After all was said and done and the final rose was handed out, I really wanted to believe that after Hannah’s whirlwind season and throughout all the “drama that was Luke P” that she had found her happily-ever-after with Jed. Though, Jed was not my 1st choice for Hannah. I really thought it would have been Peter and Tyler in the finale. Then Peter was sadly sent home. If Hannah had just listened a to her parents warnings, maybe her final pick would have been Tyler. She always smiled, laughed and looked genuinely happy when she was with Tyler and even when they had to part ways at the end of the final dates. With Jed, it seems strained and kind of sad in a way. In the end, it was heart-breaking to watch and hear what Jed had done to her. How was she supposed to react to such deceit and betrayal all because HE was scared to lose Hannah. She deserved to know the truth JED. I’m so glad that Hannah is a strong, confident and positive woman. She said everything she had to say to Jed with grace and dignity. GO HANNAH! I hope she finds the man of her dreams to be her husband…..and I hope she and Tyler have that drink real soon.

  109. I agree with most everything you said! I do have one question for you though. In starting your podcast (which is awesome) will you still be doing blog posts about the episodes? As you know, as a mom of littles it is hard to find time to both sit down and watch the show and listen to podcasts. There are so many great podcasts out there right now, but it’s just so hard to find time to listen to them when I’m not playing with and taking care of kids. Whichever the case, you are doing an amazing job juggling all you have and it is so fun to follow you. You are real and relatable, thank you so much for that!

  110. Well at first we were not impressed with Hannah and thought we would not watch it this season. So glad we did watch and you were correct Ali, give her a chance and we became more and more impressed with how she spoke, and how she handled herself. I think her biggest mistake was not seeing Luke P for what he was and wasting too much time on him. But We really loved Tyler and Peter and we hope she and Tyler make it, I feel that Jed really robbed Hannah of her experience and so glad she did not stay with him. He really is a snake and he was so critical of Luke P, Wow, that is the pot calling the kettle. Love the Blog Ali and looking forward to the podcast.

  111. So I wanted Hannah to choose Peter and when she didn’t Tyler was my runner up. But because I wanted her to choose Tyler I figured it would be Jed. If I remember correctly Luke P told Hannah that Jed was there for the wrong reasons and Jed’s family even told her that he wasn’t ready for marriage. I feel like she has a lot of red flags and ignored them all.
    I also feel like the producers must have known that Jed had a gf because in one of the first episodes they found out someone had a GF right before the show and They told Hannah and she sent him home. Maybe they did that to crest drama? I’m not sure. Maybe they didn’t know. But o hope Hannah and Tyler work it out. He seems like a real stand up guy.

  112. First of all, you look ADORABLE in the pink lace dress. To sum up, Jed is a smarmy jerk and Hannah is so better off without him. I took feel bad for the ex-girl friend and wonder HOW he could sleep with her, go away for a weekend AND on an expensive vacation and then just be “done”?? I can only imagine what HER parents think! Hannah’s emotions were so honest and clear about how she finally saw the light about Jed that I too was proud of her. She needs more time now to make another decision and I can only hope she and Tyler have a chance at a relationship. I have a lot of other thoughts about all this casual sex, and how blatant they are about revealing such intimate details on national TV, but that’s just me. I watched, hypnotized like everyone else and was amazed that produce rd were able to actually put together a decent show from that mess at the end!

  113. LOVELOVELOVED the podcast!!!! You guys are amazing, and it was absolutely the best. You are spot on with your remarks about Jed was the MOST upset that he got caught!!! This season was definitely an episode in human nature and how things get handled.

    I forgot how much I loved Rachel, and cannot WAIT for your next podcast!!!

  114. I am Wondering how the casting crew or producers of the show didn’t know that he had a girlfriend? Seems like with how intense I’ve heard the casting process is they would know. Or did they and just knew it would make good tv? Would love your thoughts Ali!

  115. I feel like Hannah was practically begging Tyler to kiss her when she said “I like boldness and being bold, and you’re single and I’m single”. I’m glad she had the guts to ask him out, But what a TV moment that would have been if he leaned in right there for a big kiss!

  116. Ugh this season was so hard to watch, I don’t like where the producers have been taking the show, the last few years have been so Cringy. I think Luke P got more screen time than Hanna and I couldn’t be more annoyed about it. I feel they wasted way to much time on him and his drama and it seemed very soap opera scripted to me and poor Hanna got robbed and so did the viewers. Then there is Jed, I could tell straight from the beginning that he was in it for the exposure for his music, I rolled my eyes every time he started singing, he was a one trick pony and it was obvious to me what his motives were. I found it annoying, he didn’t have the charm to go with it, I felt he was trying to hard to push his music every chance he got, good for him, bit that is not why I tuned into the show. There were more interesting people on the show that they could of focused on a little more, real good people with character. The drama they are trying to induce and drag on and on, is getting old.

  117. It’s taken me some time to think about this season. So many times I wanted to respond to the blog posts and deleted my comment LOL. When I step back and look at everything I think my ultimate problem with the show is from situation to situation, we encounter on the show, I feel like the show (those behind the scenes) and even us viewers are very fickle in our responses. Sure, every relationship, situation, and outcome is different but the morals, values, standards, and principles of the show…what the show stands for…I don’t even know anymore!!?? I notice the show likes to empower some women and cut down other women. So which is it? Do we empower or cut down? We lift up some of the men and then we cut down some of them? So which is it? Some of the reasons men and women are cut down are pretty petty and ridiculous, in my opinion. Begs the question if we would react the same to some of these gals/guys if they weren’t on a dating show. I think the show isn’t applicable to real life and yet we put a “real life” lens on it which is beyond ridiculous! I don’t have to agree with the show, contestants, or any of the viewers and that doesn’t make me a hater. I just think there are a lot of contradictions and fickleness on this show that don’t sit right with me sometimes. But then there are seasons like Sean (who married Catherine) and I remember why I like this show. Just want another season like that again!

  118. Ali,
    I am a huge bachelor fan and I was certain I wasn’t going to watch this season of the bachelorette because Hannah just was not my favorite pick. Well I watched it and let me eat my words because this was hands down one of my favorite seasons ever. I fell in love with Hannah and her genuine realness, and her quirky mannerisms. The guys were ahhhhmaziiiing! Tyler stole my heart for sure. Jed Jed Jed. I was not angry at Jim for going on the show for those reasons, hell the dynamic and meaning has been altered and i truly believed that he surprised himself with his feelings for her and had made a mistake. But what changed my mind and I am not sure if many people caught this was when Hannah asked him why he had girls over his place throwing them in a pool, and he had no real answer. He is a child who was not ready at akl for love. As for Tyler, I screamed at the screen excited for there iteraction and connection. It was there. But I think Tyler is gona let her chase him a bit and he might just want to stay friends. Well hopefully they at least do a re-do of fantasy suite night.

  119. I thought Jed was pretty charmless and lukewarm ( sorry for the pun…) from the get go, and sorry to say, his singing sucked. I think he’s a weasel and should feel thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour.
    I don’t know how Hannah could turn down a guy like Tyler who quite simply smouldered without trying. He somehow reminded me of old Hollywood heart-throb Robert Mitchum, but even better looking and he came across as so genuine, nice and unassuming. What a missed opportunity, Hannah! However there really is no accounting for someone else’s taste. Tyler will have the world at his feet now, never mind girls on tap, running hot and cold…
    I do agree that Hannah improved in many ways as the programme developed and she handled that last horrid situation with Jed with such grace and good humour. All kudos to her and good luck for the future!

  120. Couple things – Appreciate listening to your perspective given your past involvement with the show – both being on the Bachelor as a “contestant” and being the Bachelorette.

    First, I think the show dictates a lot of what we are thinking of feeling based on their editing – they made you believe Hannah’s love with Tyler was so strong b/c they only showed the negative portions about Jed’s relationship with her (Parents questioning financial stability, Jed’s uneasiness with Luke P, etc.) So, while I totally disagree with how Jed came on the show and continued to deceive Hannah, it was also hard for me to believe in their “love” because I never felt like I witnessed it. Honestly, when he was a in the final four, I could BARELY remember him even going on dates with her.

    Secondly, I had wished Hannah had called him out. When he continued to profess that he told his “ex” girlfriend that he loved her but yet continued to say they were not in a serious relationship or committed. Why didn’t she turn to him and say “so you’ve told me you love me and we are engaged, does that mean you are still going to be with other girls?” To me his words never matched his actions. I 100% believe he was there only for his music. He made that apparent. His family made that apparent. Too bad he lacks in talent! (ouch..sorry!)

    Thanks again for your down to earth perspective on parenting. While my children are grown (and almost flown) I enjoy remembering those days through your Insta stories and posts. Keep it up – you and Kevin are doing great!

  121. Can they make your new podcast live?
    I think it would make it more inviting
    And personal. After all, we enjoy seeing
    You both face to face 🙋🏻

  122. Will your podcast have captions? Or a script to read from? I have a hearing loss but I would love to listen!

  123. Hi Ali,
    I’m just curious about your defense of Jed. I know you mentioned that you feel like you could relate because you also had a boyfriend right before you went on the show. But what about when you were the bachelorette and you got so any at Justin (rated r) for having a girlfriend and promoting his wrestling career? Is this not the same thing that Jed did? Imagine if you would have ended up with Justin. Would you be happy about people defending him? Hope this comment doesn’t come out as too harsh, but I really do want to understand your view. Thanks!

  124. I love your dress in this post! So much that I bought two… lavender and navy 🙂 Thank you for being your authentic self!

  125. What kills me the most is I just wish he said “I was leaving it open because I didn’t believe it would work and then it did.” The way he keeps saying he “closed” it doesn’t make any sense. I’m halfway through you’d podcast so maybe he does eventually….

  126. I just finished listening to Bachelor Happy Hour and LOVED it! I thought you and Rachael were very fair with Jed. Even with all of his equivocation, I still think he’s slippery as h@&$ and Hannah dodged a guitar shaped bullet! Isn’t is crazy about Tyler….so soon?

  127. Hi ali! You mentioned in your live video that you were going to post something on your blog about some things Jed told you that he didn’t say on the podcast. I’ve been checking back like crazy! Are you still going to be posting about that?

  128. Hi Ali,
    I love you so much and have followed you since the beginning. I follow your brand and in love with your two kids. I love that you now have the opportunity of a podcast, and I want to share some constructive feedback just because I really want you to succeed on this too! I feel you were very bias on Jedd’s podcast and even dismissed Rachel’s opinion sometimes. You and Rachel were asking question and you were kind of giving/driving the answer for Jedd. I personally think I would like for the conversations to be more neutral and to hear more from Rachel too!

    Hope you take this positive! I really am not trying to be a bully or come off negative with my comments. It really comes from the heart!

  129. Hi Ali,
    I just listened to your podcast with Jed, loved it. I love all your blog post and stories.
    I have watched the Bachelorette forever!! I watched this season with Hannah and in your pod cast you said she had slept with 2 guys. I feel awkward even asking, but who was the second guy? I know Peter and the windmill story, lol!! And I even hesitate to ask but I just can’t remember.

  130. Long time fan of yours Ali – have been following you since you were on the bachelor and bachelorette. I’ve loved keeping up with you over the years and seeing how your family has grown, etc. That’s why I am having a hard time after listening to the Bachelor podcast with Jed. I honestly had to turn it off mid way through because I was sick to my stomach listening to it. I am not sure the way to phrase this, but the way Haley was discussed, it certainly did not come off as “pro women”. I have heard you say many times throughout the season that you feel sympathetic towards Luke or Jed because you think about your son in that situation. But how would it feel if Molly were Haley in this scenario? Or Hannah?

    I find it really horrible that the only answer offered up on the Podcast as to why Haley “would let her significant other go on a dating show” was that she was an opportunist. Here are a few other, much more plausible, answers: She didn’t know her self worth to walk away. She was clinging to an unhealthy relationship, hoping he would come back to her at the end of the show. Furthermore, she wasn’t the one going on a dating show! Or sleeping with other people! OR getting engaged! THAT’S ALL HIM. He needs to OWN IT.

    When Jed said Haley “waited until he had 250K followers to come out and say this” to possibly hurt him more/help her career, I about lost it. As a woman you should know that NO WOMAN ever comes forward to speak about something like this, harassment, abuse, etc. to GAIN FAVOR. There are ALWAYS more negative consequences for speaking out than there are positive outcomes. If anyone takes 5 minutes to read the Instagram comments, Tweets, etc. Haley has had thrown at her the last six weeks, you will know this to be true. If people think through this logically, by Jed’s own admission he did not reach out to Haley when he returned home to clear the air with her, etc. so Haley’s getting all of her information from watching The Bachelorette air on TV or following spoiler accounts. At some point she would realize “oh $hit, it’s week 6 and he’s still there. There’s a decent chance he’s engaged at the end of this and duped Hannah”, which would be why the timing is what it is.

    I dont know… this is a hard one to stomach.

    P.S. The claim that he doesn’t know how he liked those Instagram comments? Get out of here. He certainly knows how to work Instagram well enough to FILTER COMMENTS on his posts (if you click on any post of his on instagram, the bottom says “Comments on this post have been limited.”).

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