Bachelorette Blog – The Grand Finale – Part One

Ah! This Bachelorette blog is so fun to write because I have so much to discuss! First, I had the best time attending After the Final Rose tonight! It was great to see everyone and be back with my Bachelor fam! And FINALLY tell you the secret I’ve been holding onto for months!! That’s right, I am so happy it was announced on After the Final Rose that Rachel Lindsay and I are co-hosting the OFFICIAL Bachelor podcast!!!!!!! Eeeeeepppppppp!!!!!! Now I will dish on ALLLLL my thoughts on the show in my Bachelorette blog but I will also have exclusive insiders info from the contestants!

My Bachelorette Blog PLUS The Official Bachelor Podcast!

It’s so exciting because the show has never had an official podcast before. And what makes it so exciting is that we get direct access to the producers who have direct access to the contestants. So we are going to have people on our podcast right after they get let go from the show. And the very first podcast is going to be live the morning after the season finale on July 31! Possibly even late on July 30th. Our goal for future episodes is to release the podcasts right after the episode is finished airing on the East Coast. But the reason this one’s a bit different is because of the live aspect of After the Final Rose. So we have to record it right after the show is finished airing. Whereas normally we get a screener to watch the episodes a few days in advance and then record the podcast a few days in advance so you guys can get it right away.

On our very first episode we not only have Demi, who is one of Hannah’s best friends and has sooooo much to say about Hannah’s men that we’ve NEVER heard before. But we also have Peter! You guys know I have loved Peter all season long and let me just tell you, I loved him even more when I got to chat with him. We talked to him about how it felt being the “windmill guy” and then getting sent home. And I promise you, he says so much more to us than what he said during the live taping that you guys just saw. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!

Ok let’s get into tonight’s episode…

The Top Three

Can I just start by saying Hannah has the best top three guys in, dare I say, the history of the show! It’s almost mind-boggling to me that she kept Luke so long because he sucks so much. Sorry to say that – I’m normally very careful about the words I choose to describe people but he really just screwed up way too much this season – especially at the Men Tell All when he had a chance to redeem himself. Anyway, because he was kind of terrible I just think it’s weird that she kept him so long because her other three guys are so incredible! So well done girl! And well done casting! I feel like they step up their game every single season and get really amazing people on this show

When it came down to Jed, Tyler, and Peter. I honestly had no idea who she was going to send home. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way when it came down to the top three. It always seems kind of obvious to me. I just didn’t know. And oh my gosh, when she said goodbye to Peter I was crying my eyes out, I adore him so freaking much! I want so badly for him to be the next Bachelor. He such a sweetheart and the show needs more stand up, kind and genuine men like him on it. And like I said above, after I talked to him on the podcast, I couldn’t adore him more!

Tyler’s Family Visit

When he met her parents all I could think about was how awkward it was that he talked to her dad about the fantasy suite and she talked to her dad about the fantasy suite. I was cringing the entire time. But what I really took away from Tyler meeting her parents is that once again he always thinks about Hannah first. Every time he’s talking to somebody about her, he’s always putting her needs before his. Gosh, I know I just said about Peter but now I’m thinking Tyler needs to be the next Bachelor! Plus it’s pretty evident that all the women out there just think he’s hot as hell!

 1. Hannah’s Dress

Jed’s Family Visit

I am… I don’t even know where to start. How do I put this lightly..? I was pretty angry with Hannah’s father’s conversation with Jed. It is not a man’s responsibility to financially take care of a family. It is a husband and wife’s responsibility as a team to take care of their home and possibly future children. It’s not the 1950s anymore. If Hannah was a singer and songwriter then it seems like, and obviously I am speculating, that her dad would have a conversation with Jed about how he should support her dreams. But what, she shouldn’t support Jed’s? She shouldn’t be the breadwinner in the family? It just really, really upset me.

If the man wants to be at the provider and the woman wants to stay home and take care of the family, that’s amazing! Some of my friends have relationships with those roles and I admire them and how they work together to provide a life for their family! But just because that works for some people doesn’t mean it works for everybody. In fact, Kevin’s JUST wrote a blog post for me on Friday about this. It’s SO sweet btw, and you should totally read it if you haven’t already. But if Hannah is looking for a man to head the household (and that’s OK if that’s what’s she’s looking for), maybe Jed’s not for her. But then again at the end of the day, you know they’re all gonna be making a ton of money once they pass 1 million followers on Instagram so really this conversation is irrelevant. Ha!

I cried my eyes out when Hannah sat down with her mom during Jed’s visit. I honestly just put myself in Hannah’s mom’s shoes and imagined that Hannah was Molly. And how I just want the best for her and they want her to grow up and meet somebody who just loves her  the same way they were put on this planet to love her with everything in them. I sobbed like a baby when her mom broke down. That’s the difference between me watching the show now and me watching the show five years ago. A few years ago I watched it as a reality TV junkie. Now I watch it as a mom of two and keep thinking it’s my kids who are going to the process and I can’t keep it together emotionally. Ha.

 1. Hannah’s Dress

Tyler’s Last Date

I feel like I say this every single time she’s on a date with Tyler, but I just like them together. He’s a standup guy and says the absolute sweetest things to her and I think he’s going to make an incredible husband! But I have to say I found it kinda hard watching their date because it seems like she isn’t going to pick him. Not only for the things she was saying to him, but just the fact that the relationship started off so slow. It’s really hard to get engaged through this process in general never mind if you have a slow start. And I feel even more certain he isn’t the one for her when she saw Jed at the beginning of their last date. It was so obvious she is madly in love with Jed. Don’t you think?

But I honestly think there is a really good chance Tyler is our next Bachelor. Would you want to see him as the next Bachelor? I would! I think he’s so well spoken and great at expressing his feelings – I would be so excited to see him as the Bachelor. But part of me almost thinks he’s a little too sexy to be the Bachelor. Ha! Is that even possible? I guess what I’m saying is that with Tyler I feel like a lot of women would be hot and bothered watching the season. I mean, he is a good looking dude. And like I said, he would be so well spoken. But with Peter, I feel like it would be extremely heartwarming season. Both would be so great! I don’t know who I’d rather see in that role. Would love to know what you guys think! I guess there’s always the possibility of Jed too. But I just don’t think people are loving him as much and I think Hannah is going to end up picking him in the end.

However though, I did see a headline, but didn’t have time to read the article,  that said Gigi Hadid and Tyler started following each other on Twitter. If Gigi is interested in Tyler, I feel like there’s little to no chance we will seem as the next Bachelor. Do you guys know more about this than I do? I’m curious if there’s been any more developments or if they’ve been on a date.

Jed’s Last Date

I honestly feel really bad for Jed that his dates are back to back with Tyler’s. Jed just doesn’t have the charisma that Tyler has. And it’s not that that’s a make or break. Not at all! I just think he comes across as not as passionate about Hannah as Tyler is. To be completely honest with you, I’m not sure if he just isn’t as into Hannah or if it’s hard for him to show how passionate and into Hannah he is. He showed a bit more passion right at the end of their date. And I finally felt like maybe he really is in love with her. Maybe he’s just better with songs than with talking to somebody. What do you guys think?

jed hannah brown final date

TOMORROW IS PART 2 of my Bachelorette Blog Finale!

Anyways guys, I apologize if any of this Bachelorette blog doesn’t make complete sense based on what happened at the live portion of the show. I wrote this blog before the live taping so I’m not quite sure what happened besides the Peter stuff. I quickly sent my assistant a text and had her add a few things, like that Peter shared so much more on the podcast, but other than that if something seems off, it’s just because I hadn’t seen the live portion yet when I wrote this. I’ll add something about it when I get a chance tomorrow morning! And I am so looking forward to the finale tomorrow! Purposely wrote this blog post right after I watched this episode so that I wouldn’t know the ending while writing it. But I will say I know do you know the ending because I had to watch it for the podcast and it’s a doozy! You guys are going to a freak when you see what goes down! Can’t wait to discuss all of it with all of you!


Just got back from the live taping and have to comment on Hannah saying she and Peter slept together four times in the windmill! I have to say, I’m not so sure that a girl engaged to somebody else would say that. And did any of you noticed the chemistry between them?! I just feel like if she is engaged, then her fiancé is going to be pretty upset by what she said during the live taping. I have to know what you guys think so please tell me in the comments below!

My Dresses for AFTR!

Sorry that my shop page was messing up earlier! I don’t know what was going on with that! But here are the links for the dresses that I was choosing from earlier for AFTR! Thanks for helping me choose!


By the way, for this next dress I linked one that is super similar to my dress, it just has sequins instead of beads! Other than that it is the same dress. Honestly, I wish I had sequins because after sitting at the After the Final Rose taping for 2 hours, the beads hurt my butt! Ha!


This past week’s outfits!

As you know, I always like to end my Bachelorette blog with a recap of outfit’s from the past week! So let’s get into that before you go!

My husband, Kevin, wrote the sweetest blog post for me on Friday (I mentioned it above too) and I seriously encourage everyone to go read it because it show’s what an incredible man he is!!


If you did in fact read my post from last week, you know that Kevin knew I needed to do a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post for Men, but just didn’t have that capacity right now. I have seriously taken on so much, and it has all been absolutely amazing, but something has to give sometimes! He took it upon himself to order clothes from the Nordstrom sale, schedule my photographer Ashley to come shoot photos of him, and wrote a blog post about the sale and our household task distribution. He is just the best and I am so lucky to have him.

I love this shirt that he picked out because it’s casual but also can be worn more dressy. He’s wearing it with jeans here, and I love that look! He could also wear this with a slightly darker pair of jeans or dark pants to “dress it up” if he wanted to wear it out to dinner or something. Great job, Kev!

The dress I am wearing in that pic is also apart of the sale and only $58!!!!!I absolutely love the detailing on this dress. It is truly so gorgeous!

Update: Some of you brought to my attention that the website says to order this dress 2 sizes up! I got a medium, and that’s what I normally wear and I am really confused at why it says that. Maybe if you are in between sizes go one size up, but definitely don’t think going up two sizes is necessary!



Thanks again for reading my Bachelorette blog! It means so much to me!

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243 thoughts on “Bachelorette Blog – The Grand Finale – Part One

  1. I feel like Chris emphasized that she “may not get her fairytale ending” multiple times so maybe that was a clue for tomorrow night? I don’t think she chooses either guy. Her comments about the windmill and how a potential fiancé would feel confirm this. Also, her final comment with Chris about rumors over the past few months and tuning in tomorrow night didn’t leave me hopeful. Perhaps her fairytale ending is getting to know herself better and perhaps retracing some feelings from the past?!

    1. Me too.
      I thought it was Peter/Jed for the final two, w Jed as final pick.

      One plus I will say for J: whenever he and H have the icky talks she seems her best/calmest ( i.e. least reactive/; ragey) w him.

      1. Hannah chose Jed at the end but then when the story broke about him telling his girlfriend he’d come back to her after filming ended, Hannah dumped his ass to the curb!

      2. My mom keeps saying the same thing! She is dead set on the fact H dumps both guys and at AFTER reaches back out to Peter. 🤷🏼‍♀️Wouldn’t be the first time

      3. I think if she hasn’t picked anyone that maybe on tomorrow’s live show she/Peter will give it another shot— you could see there was still a “spark” between them! 💞🌹💞🌹💞🌹

      4. I think so, too. They looked very comfortable and compassionate on the couch together.
        Hannah & Peter!

      5. I would like that very much and they seemed happy to see each other but they didn’t look like they had spent extra time together since the show and they didn’t look extra confortable when touching/hugging.

    2. Hannah kept saying that Peter wa perfect. And obviously there is chemistry! I personally like him and Tyler. But I think Hannah was going with a different vibe than someone who would take care of her.
      However. I definitely saw sparks and I have seen the same headlines mentioned by others. I think it would be great for them to spend time together and see where it could go!

    3. I keep secretly hoping she comes to her senses and bring Peter back. I am pretty sure that won’t happen but a girl can dream.. I agree with you guys I don’t think she will pick anyone, but I have said that for a few weeks. I noticed when they would show clips of future episodes we never really say clips of Hanna getting ready for that final rose and they never really showed glimpses of the guys getting ready. Yes I know they couldn’t show their faces but usually we kind of see voice overs and show like the neck down of them getting ready. That is just my theory. I truly wish her the best in what ever she chose.

      1. I think Hannah is crazy. None of the men deserve to be with her. She was a nut job on the bachelor, the only reason she was on there was so she wanted to be the bachelorette.

    4. I love the connection they have physically! However its obvious that they have a special bond the chemistry between them was crazy! I hope they get back together! She let a good one go!! Or hope Peter is Bachelor!! I do not like jed at all! I think it’s all about him & his needs! I did not like the vibe of his family also! I do like Tyler but I feel it’s a little forced as with Peter and her they just have a natural fun, loveing, happy chemistry between the two of them!

  2. I feel like Hannah and peter are TOTALLY together. And his mom blowing kisses. I love Love love them together. I think The chemistry between them makes it obvious she’s not with who she chose and her and Chris alluded to it tonight. I’m now on the Tyler wagon for bachelor bc I want Peter and Hannah to be together. And peter has been pretty quiet on social media!!!

    1. I 100% feel the same way! His mom blowing kisses! Their chemistry. Them laughing and giggling about their fantasy suite date! 🤞🏽

    2. Hey Krista – It would be weird if Peter was her final, given the whole reconciliation convo they had tonight ( specifically where he says I get it when HB says I needed feelings of love to be voieced).

      on the other hand, if she pops the take-me- back question to him Tues night, then it w o u l d make sense tbat the Peter Hannah convo happened tonight. My head really snapped back when we were given that talk so unprecedented-ly early.

      It d o e s add up.
      Also, I felt tbere was a real Ryker for Bach pitch ( camera set up, and worried/invested face shots) for Tyler during the Rose Ceremony w P T and J.

    3. Ok, first of all…SO excited for you and the official Bachelor podcast! You and Rachel will be great! Second, you are definitely not the only one who noticed the chemistry between Peter and Hannah tonight. Wowza! She is most certainly not engaged and those two most certainly need to re-examine their relationship! Tyler for Bachelor!!! Never seen a man on tv be such a champion for a woman like he has been for Hannah and he deserves to find his person!

      And again, huge congrats on the podcast! I can’t wait to listen in!!

  3. Totally felt hardcore chemistry and sparks between Hannah and Peter!! Plus there’s no way she’s with someone else and proudly announcing they had sex 4 times!! Any chance her and Peter have reconnected?

  4. I agree she had a great top 3!! I was so sad to see Peter go but I would love for him to be the next Bachelor – he seems so kind and just normal! I think Tyler would make a great Bachelor also but I agree may be too attractive!! I was definitely stunned by her windmill comment…I thought it was completely unnecessary and just uncomfortable. No clue how things are going to go down tomorrow…can’t wait to read your post after!

  5. Ahhhh!!!! Cant wait to listen to your podcast!!! It will be the best and love hearing insider info/ thoughts on things!! Cant wait!!

  6. Maybe I just want her to pick Tyler so badly that I’m seeing things that aren’t there but I thought her date with him went so much better than her day with Jed! She seemed to be leaning away and resisting a little bit when Jed would go in for a kiss/hug. I just would hate for her to pick Jed-then the rumors be true and she loses out on Tyler and Peter. It seemed like she was sure about Jed until he met her parents. I don’t know i have so many thoughts and I’m so anxious to see how it’s handled!

    1. Completely agree with this! Hannah and Jed seemed awkward tonight. I know there was heaviness because it was the night before the final rose but I just feel like all of the red flags are there. Peter the Pilot for Bachelor! (If she doesn’t profess her love for him tomorrow)

  7. I am convinced that Hannah and Peter have some sort of reunion going on. They had so much chemistry! So next bachelor will go to Tyler and obv they saved this 2 day finale for the Jed and Hannah talk. I’m a mom of two and it pains me to watch her ignore her parents advice. I missed a bit of what her father said , but I do believe she has to understand that a life with him would just be different. ITs almost expected that you go on the bachelorette to be a wife , have a family, and live happily ever after. Jed would be a different lifestyle and nothing is wrong with that! But there is such a difference btw a life with Tyler and a life with Jed (his family made that clear already). With Tyler they talk about the children and house and with Jed there’s no talk, at least from what we see. It will be interesting!

  8. Dear Ali – congrats to You on the big BN podcast news. Amazing – and so soon!!

    Any chance there will be a go-to email or contact where we viewers can voice our qiestions for you and Rachel to hopefully ask producers/contestants!!??

      1. Ali – you were there. What was the chemistry like between Hannah and Pete. We’re seeing from a camera angle you saw all of it. His parents were just too happy to see her and absolutely loved the 4xs comment considering she sent him home.
        Is there still a chance for all the hopeless romantics that they will be together?

        1. Michelle – you just said what should have rang bells for everyone! Why were Peter’s parents there? I don’t remember family being present (or focused on, at least) on previous seasons of people who were sent home!

      2. Woohoo! I can’t wait for your podcast. I have watched the Bachelor since season one and the Bachelorette since season one. I usually have a feeling on who is going to be the husband/wife. Until last night I totally thought it was Tyler.

  9. Omg the chemistry between Hannah and Peter tonight was unreal and definitely made me think that perhaps she’s not engaged to either of the other guys and maybe there might be more to their story after all?!
    I also do love her and Tyler together though, I think their connection is so genuine and I can see the love in their eyes for one another. As for Jed, I don’t not like him, I’m just not sure if I 100% buy everything that he’s selling! Either way, I can’t wait to see how this all ends tomorrow night ahhhh!!

  10. I’m guessing she picks Jed but they have already broken up with him bc of the “rumors.” They have never mentioned rumors so much before. Jed seems pretty slimy and I don’t know if I am tainted by the info or not. The job questioning was weird bc we have never seen that before but I think her parents were more concerned that he doesn’t even support himself much less a family. I’m not sure
    If it is true or not but I think it is assumed his parents pay his rent.

    1. Hey Emily
      Two cents – I d o think Jed supports himself ( the mkve to Nashville sounds pretty grown up).He had a rough night on the show tonight. It was GREAT Hannah’s crew.gave it to her straight (from their perspective ) -unsexy as it wss for her to have to listen to -.but I felt bad for him having to go through their doubts, publicly.
      It was *for real* – something he needs to square in his life- but definitley a depressing way to meet someone’s fam.

      I Most Loved when her mkm said Its Hard If Hi Hits It Big, too.
      Yeah: either way, life on the road isn’t a white picket fence, or even a luxury cruise.

      Sadness, though, that dreams are So tricky.

  11. Hey, Ali.
    I’m on the west coast so I haven’t seen the show yet, but I’m one that doesn’t mind spoilers. I appreciated your take on it all so I can watch for things and see if I agree. I will be sad to see Peter go. I liked him a lot from night one. And it does seem weird that he would be the one to go since she had sex with him in the windmill several times! Congrats on the new podcast job. I will look forward to hearing that.

  12. I think it’s crude and crass for her to keep talking about where and when and how many times she had sex. If a Bachelor said that, we’d be all over him, but somehow this makes young women want to ‘be like Hannah.’ Not a role model I’d want my daughter to aspire to. She has made ALOT of wrong moves this season but I think a lot is her immaturity. I hope she has found love, because everyone deserves that, but she has a ton of growing up to do and I sure didn’t see any of it tonight. Excited for your new project, Ali! How fun! Oh and I think Tyler would be a great Bachelor!

    1. Hi Jackie – mayve it’s just me but I took the 4x thing as more of a joke.
      I was surprised at how much more polished Hannah seemed tonight – like she has digested and had grown from the.girl we watched struggle and flounder some much these past 2 to 3 weeks.

      Still not sure ahe is resdy for forever…we’ll see. But the mathuration seems like a sire thing down the road. I hope so, as it has been alot of *work* for all getting through this season.

    2. I agree with you so much! Not a great role model. I’m glad she’s a strong young woman, but call me old-fashion…I wouldn’t want my daughter bragging about having sex twice in the windmill…or four times. Good grief, I surely wouldn’t announce it for all the world to hear … Especially my grandma!😆

      1. I agree with you as well-not a great role model. Was it really necessary to say that on National TV? I was wondering why his parents were so giddy about it (gross in my opinion) but maybe there are together now.

        I feel like Bachelor franchise gave Hannah a “polished” look last night so we will relate with her and look past her immaturity.

        Even with all my thoughts…excited about tonight.

  13. I think she chooses Jed. I think the rumors with his ex are true and they break up. Then I think she decides to ask Peter if they can have a second chance and that is what she “doesn’t know how it will turn out” will be. Just my theory. They had way too much chemistry tonight. And like you said, why would she talk about having sex four times instead of 2 if she was engaged to someone else. And his parents are there. Which I found strange for top 3. They usually have too 2 there , but I don’t remember them usually bringing it in for 3rd place.

  14. Okkk so Hannah also posted a story tonight on her Instagram where she hd a package of windmill cookies and took four out of the package… definitely something going on between her and Peter!!!

    1. thanks for the windmill intell Shannon Champagne.
      I can only ingest so much social media..#teamwork

    2. YESSSS!!! And she took 4 windmill cookies out. She is absolutely 100% not engaged or in a relationship with anyone else besides Pete if that theory proves to be true. No boyfriend or fiance would EVER think it’s okay to be making jokes and innuendos about a sexual relationship.

  15. Gosh this season is heating up! I was convinced she was picking Jed but now my mind is blown. I started thinking something was fishy because of how they are showing the final episode, and then bringing Peter on live I felt like they were setting something up?! And Hannah and Peter’s chemistry on that couch was palpable. So I’m just over here needing part 2 already because the suspense is killing me!

  16. I agree. There is no way Hannah is happily engaged. She never would have made that windmill comment if she was….never!! I said the same thing to my hubby as I was watching it live!! Great minds think alike! She should have picked Peter.

  17. Oh man! I don’t know what to think about what’s going to happen tomorrow.
    I love Tyler!! I would be awesome to see him as the Bachelor If she doesn’t pick him.

    I felt her and Jed’s last date was crappy. It sucked that she was sick and I don’t know it really wasn’t anything great for a last date. Obviously she was pretty upset after the night with her parents but that whole date just seemed like a sign that this is just not going to work. I don’t know I just got that vibe

    And OMG her chemistry with Peter at the live taping was nuts. I felt the same way, there’s no way she’s engaged to someone if she mentioned that, I actually thought to myself while watching that “omg are they going to announce that she ends up bringing Peter back somehow??” How Crazy would that be.

    So excited to see what happens!

    Also congrats on the podcast!! I was hoping you would do a podcast at some point. Can’t wait to listen 🙂

  18. I just adore Peter and was so genuinely bummed when she sent him home. Aside from Tyler, I felt her and Peter’s connection was much more seemingly real than Jed’s ever was. Obviously I’ve read the rumors about Jed and hope they weren’t true for Hannah’s sake. Also, seeing her and Peter together tonight shows they still have feelings for each other. They were so giddy, flirty and touchy feely. I hope they end up together!

    1. Curious …interested….y e s.

      Dying to know and can’t wait: No.
      And that is bc Hannah has not shown true readiness IMO. The *extra* temper is A Thing – even with sunny and easygoing Peter- it needs some hammering out. Is he going to feel steady with her committment as she amps up her t.v. career?

      What do things look like after all this. I could see why J appeals to her- a man pursuing a dream, as she pursues her own. I think she saw them as side by side, going here and there. How would that work with Peter, who is literally uo in the air for most kd his workday.

      I think she will settle down in her early 3p’s and get to the family stuff then.Way too much ambition to make a family life now.

      (And if Peter is thinking of a media career WITH Hannah, that is glinf to flop – he is
      lovely, but she is the Star)

  19. I agree about Tyler being the bachelor.. I would be so jealous watching him with other girls because he’s so. hot. Haha! If he’s bachelor, sign me up!

    1. Tyler is the kind of gorgeous where a shit ton of dudes are gonna watch, too.

      There will be All Boy viewing parties, for sure. ABC will double their viewer pool if it’s him.

  20. About the convo between jed and Hannah’s dad. I get how it came across about the head of household (because he said that pretty clear) but I’m almost wondering if he was more frustrated because it sounds like he’s putting his music first. And I felt the same from his hometown date. I know we don’t see everything, but geesh I feel like everything is about Jed’s music.. where does Hannah fit?
    Anyways! Congrats on your podcast!

    1. I really liked how Hannah’s parents handled their conversations with Jed. They asked the “hard stuff” in a very kind way, and also were kind when giving their opinions to Hannah….unlike his parents, with her. Enough about sex in the windmills. There is something to be said about what you do and don’t brag about on national TV, Hannah!

  21. I love your blogs! They are so amazing! I am so happy to start listing to your podcast. Was just wondering if you could ever have Colton and Cassie as guests on the podcast!! Huge fan of you 💕

  22. I feel as though if she was happily engaged she would not be bragging about the four times in a windmill with Peter. After seeing the end of part one over here in PA, my theory (and hope) is she doesn’t get engaged or something happens with one that she picks and she then asked to get Peter back 😊

    1. I am rooting for Peter. Their chemistry is undeniable. They way they look at each other with such great love and the fact that they seem to have a great relationship, emotionally and physically. Why else would Peters parents be on the show? I am going with Peter and that is my final answer.

      1. Ps mama reminded me of Hannah – All That E m o t i o n.

        C o u l d be a sign – men marry their mamas, right??


    I am certainly no prude by any means, but I do not like how she keeps flaunting around all the times she has had sex with Peter. I find it gross and vulgar. As the Bachelor and/or the Bachelorette, you are given such a great big platform to stand on, and with that, you are kind of held to a higher standard and to an extent, are held more accountable for what you say and do (whether you like it or not, that’s just how it is). It feels like Hannah has let this experience go to her head a bit, and she says things that she thinks the audience and viewers are going to love or almost “root” behind her for. I just really think she is still figuring out who she is as a person, and it has caused her to come off a bit immature and self-centered. Like MTA when she “apologized” to the audience for keeping Luke P on… eye roll… She just really hasn’t conducted herself with as much grace as past bachelorettes and while some things she has done are great and admirable, the longer the season went on the more I lost faith in her as the lead.

    1. Also she is held to a higher standard due to being a beauty queen. She does not have the poise or maturity of most beauty queens that I have seen. Just my opinion.

      1. I agree. Her actions and “outspoken-ness” could not be done as Miss Alabama. She must have felt so stifled and is making up for lost time!!! I sort of find her difficult to read. She is beautiful, but because she is smiling so big all the time, her expression does not always match what she is saying and it confuses me!!

  24. I was amazed at the chemistry between Peter and Hannah! I’m hoping there is more to their story!

    I really liked this post, but I have one issue, Ali! Last week it seemed that you felt bad for Luke, but this week you slammed him several times. I’m confused!

    1. Hey Cassie – I felt the *Luke sucks* line was underserved. too. Luke was genuine about why he was there.

      As Harrison said in an interview after MTA: Luke was Half The Show.
      And that was because Production Hannah and LP’s mojo/madness put him there.
      Credit for the good and the bad to Luke. He never hid himself. Alot of credit for that!!!

  25. About Hannah’s Habit of Departing From Tense Convos: interesting to see her do the escape shtick With Her Dad, when he groused about Jed’s financial prospects.

    This alone may tell us she picks Jed – as all season long the Convo Exit led to eliminations. I think we may have witnessed Papa Brown get the boot on vetoing Jed.

  26. I felt the same way watching tonight. She was flirty and made really good eye contact with Peter. I was rooting for them to be it. I hope that if she’s not engaged that they reconnect. They make such a gorgeous couple!! Btw, I just love how raw and open you are. I follow a lot of the bachelorette/bachelor people and you are by far my favorite. It’s very refreshing to see someone use their social media to show that you are just like “us”. It gets old seeing all the perfect pictures and vacations, so thank you for being authentically you!!

  27. I agree, if she were engaged, I feel she would’ve left the wind mill comments in the past. Given that she didn’t, and also that she added to the narrative, I’d say she’s not engaged.

  28. I thought the same exact thing about Peter and the 4 times. I mean I wouldn’t want to hear that about my fiancé which makes me think she isn’t with anyone?! Team Peter!!! They still have great chemistry so if she isn’t with either of the two maybe they should give it another go?!!!!
    I have really enjoyed watching Tyler and the man he has turned out to be(didn’t expect it) I think you are right though he is too sexy for the Bach. He will have no issues finding someone or make great Bachelor in Paradise Tv 🙂

  29. Ok
    Anyone else noticing season long bra zone oddness with HBs wardrobe???

    I finally had to say sonething bc the blue caftan just felt extra weird .
    It’s like wardrobe has been doing sone slight custom padding – I assume bc someone thinks HB needs a little on camera boost – and it’s backfiring- i that it just looks off, each time.

    I nitice mkst when she is back in something simple (ljke a bikini top) amd all seems well or something less revealing and no odd lines are in play.

    It’s been driving me nuts over the weeks bc with her, i think less (natural) is *more* (best). And I’m also surprised that the stylist jasnt been nailing any adjustments.

    Ok, cosmetic beef over.
    Peace out.

    1. It’s not over!!!! Once you see tomorrow you’ll know what I mean!!!! I need to see the LIve portion tomorrow to know what REALLY happens!

    2. Hey Michelle
      Just in case your question Isn’t rhetorical:

      Sounds to me like Ali saw the filmed ending, but not the final finish coming up- live – Tues eve.

      Even ole CH was sayubg8he does Not know what is happening….

  30. Your blog and thoughts were spot on tonight ! I was mad at her dad too – too much focus on financials not love! Cmon! And i am not old fashioned but I don’t like that she keeps talking about sexual private parts of her relationships with men. I’m a mom of 3 boys and Shenzhen wouldn’t be my pick for any of them just due to that.
    I liked peter the best – very genuine. I hope they make it and or that he becomes the next bachelor. As you said Ali -it would be heartwarming.

    1. we need heartwarming
      we r e a l l y do!

      whether that works for hb long-term remkans to be seen – if not we might get PW back for Bach after all.

  31. Well we know she picked Jed and because of all his drama with the girlfriend, she finally dumped him and they aren’t together anymore.
    I would love for Tyler to be the next bachelor but also would love Mike as well since he always stood up for Hannah and was so kind.

  32. I thought the way Peter answered when Chris asked if he was still in love with Hannah was a bit like they may still end up together (or he’s dating someone else and wanted to answer carefully 🤷🏼‍♀️)

  33. Ok I’ll be honest I lost some respect for Hannah tonight when she brought up how many times with Peter. Like really that was so unnecessary and was just so taken back by that. Could have done without that added extra she felt she had to say. 🙄

    1. Another example of HB confusing *liberated* *feminist* with tacky statements or rounds of ragging someone down ( the extra Luke put downs last 2 weeks).

      Nkt a good sign for their fututre, but it’s Hannah – the smart string swimmer in ner will prevail – just going ro take a little time.

  34. I do strongly believe Hannah and Peter are together, they will truly be a beautiful couple. Plus I saw the way he hugged her after she said “4 times” and that laugh says it all. I cant wait to see tomorrow’s episode.

  35. I don’t think Hannah is ready for marriage and needs to take a couple of years to grow up and perhaps won’t seem so desperate. If you are undecided the night before getting engaged. You’re not ready. I absolutely love Tyler and I hope he finds that special someone and it’s not Hannah. I was really disappointed with the producers this year for letting the Luke scenario play out so long. I hope he gets professional help. Watching him clench his fists when confronted and his possessive attitude frightened me. Good luck to Hannah in finding love.

  36. Oh I so hope that Tyler is the bachelor! I feel like there hasn’t been a super great bachelor since Sean Lowe but I would be excited about Tyler. And I think it was really unnecessary for Hannah to share more information about the fantasy suite with Peter. They just got finished talking about how she broke up with him and then she tells the world their private information with his family right there no less!? Seemed so bizarre.

    1. I think Bach Production would be so happy to have Tyler. Gorgeous sure, but a d a n c i n g Bach – this is a dream for casting.

  37. Exactly what I told my husband! She would not have said that about the windmill x 4 if she was engaged! I think she picks Jed, but they obviously break up or she doesn’t pick either, because she wants to be with Peter, the chemistry between her and Peter, oh boy!

  38. Omg I can’t wait to see what happens! I’m still hoping that Peter and her will end up getting back together. I was sobbing when they broke up! Tyler would be a great bachelor!! Jed needs to go focus on his career. Can’t wait for the podcast…I have watched every season of both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and you are one of my faves!! Love your weekly blog! Ok also those videos of Molly are way too cute! She is quite the character!!! Cheers x

  39. I think she ends up with Jed (ugh) based on how upset she was getting with her parents’ reactions to him. However, I think they’ve since broken up given the rumors about his back-home girlfriend. Seems like everyone is being way too obvious about the fact that Hannah didn’t get her happy ending.

    1. I still think Jed was not expecting to get this far. He doesn’t seem as in love with Hannah as Peter and Tyler. He says what he needs to say, in that moment, just so he can get more air time and promote his career.

  40. Hey Ali,

    Congrats on the podcast!! I’ll definitely be listening! I totally agree! There was so much chemistry between them tonight. I also agree-makes me think that she is single now because I don’t think anyone who is in a relationship would admit to that about another person. Especially on live TV. So interested to see tomorrow!

  41. My husband and I were rooting for Peter, so shocking that she let him go. Ugh!

    If this season seems like Colton’s, then there will be a twist again. Guess it will be a happy ending. Can’t wait. 🙂

  42. Ali, did you just give the finale away by saying after wanting Peter to be next bachelor you go on to Tyler and say now you want him to be next bachelor without a cop out of if he does not win?

    Just to let you know, I love your aluvs and instagram posts. I don’t officially follow but I check on you every single day!

    I really hope tomorrow’s ending is Hannah and Tyler back together! I feel they really are a great perfect match and you can tell Tyler believes the 2 of them together can do and hurdle anything!
    He is already looking at her as the mother of his children!

    Take care

  43. About Gigi and Tyler, it seems like Tyler as his usual self just did a courtesy follow back to Gigi. Tho it is very possible for their world to intersect because of modeling I don’t think Tyler would engage in that kind of relationship. This is pure guess with the Tyler we know from reality TV.

  44. Hannah definitely is crazy for not only sleeping with 2 men on the show and acting like it was just a kiss. Has she never heard of kissing and not telling? She has poor judgment. First keeping Luke around and then picking Jed. She should have listened to her parents. If she wanted to pick him, she definitely should not have gotten engaged, but just kept dating. Tyler for bachelor

    1. it would be Great if she just went on to date one of them – instead of the All or Nothing marriage set up.
      Who knows – maybe she asks to continue to date Peter tomorrow night, after ditching Jed.
      If so, lesson learned.

      Gotta say though: I doubt she and Luke are done crossing paths. Out of all the guys, they looked the most connected and natural together. It isn’t a right relationship right now – but down the road. may be!!?

  45. Question…you say that this finale is so different than any other finale but brad Womack didn’t chose any woman and he went home single and Hannah is single so how could it be any different

  46. Jed’s family told Hannah he wasn’t ready, Hannah’s Family is telling her he’s not ready. Obviously, she’s going to choose Jed anyways.
    Her and Peter couldn’t have been cuter ATFR and they were SO natural together, so normal, it was endearing.
    Tyler won’t stay off the market for long, that’s for sure.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow when all the rumors finally get addressed!!!
    BTW Ali, you looked so beautiful tonight! Rock it girl!

  47. Tyler lives in my town and he is the nicest guy who does so much good. He does modeling so maybe Gigi has a mutual interest because of that. I think he would make an amazing bachelor, and have you checked out his Instagram numbers lately?? Dare I say he has more followers than anyone who wasn’t a lead has ever had. He’s gained over 500k in just the last 4ish weeks. I bet it would be the most watched season ever.
    I totally agree that a woman should support a mans dreams and vice versa, what concerns me more is I think his music would come first and Hannah second.
    Lastly, I’m totally with you that I don’t think she’s with anyone, which is sad. I just don’t know how someone could be ok with that admission tonight. Unless she’s with Peter?? Plot twist for sure

  48. Is it just me or is anyone else slightly irritated that the finale is split into two nights? I just feel like it all could’ve been condensed into tonight. Maybe I’ll feel differently after everything unfolds, but I just found it to be too much.

    I love both Tyler & Peter, I think either one of them would be great as the Bachelor. I almost feel like Tyler is a bit too popular for the role if that makes sense. He’s an absolute sweetheart & I love how he always puts Hannah first. It really shows how much he loves her.

    I still think she’s going to end up with Jed in the end, but they split up or something. Whatever it is, I do hope she gets her happy ending.

    1. I like Tyler – but the Always Thinking of Hannah First really bothers me. It ckukd just be the edit, bit across all the weeks I have noticed it, and it felt like he was subverting his own needs kr wishes.
      I mean it sounds good, or supportive – but is it balanced and healthy.
      Tykers wish for a wife feels more like a dream and hope tham a realistic nerd or ability at this stsge in his life.

      1. sorry abt the typos.
        was trying to say Tyler seems not quite resdy for a wife. More of a wish at this point.

  49. Ali, I hope on your podcast with Peter you asked him about the girlfriend he had right before leaving for the show. This was a girlfriend he was planning on moving out to LA to live with him. Would love to hear your thoughts about Peter and his own girlfriend situation.

  50. I got the feeling possibly that Hannah chose Jed and regretted it. I felt like Peter’s family was there for a reason. She was very touchy feely with Peter. I think Peter & Hannah might be giving it a 2nd try. Anything is possible. Can’t wait to see part 2 of ATFR.

  51. I just noticed that neither guy asked her dad her dad for permission to propose! Has that ever happened before?

  52. I 100% agree with the tactics employed by Hannah’s parents even though they seem a little outdated. Remember they are working class folks from the ” “Bible Belt” and Hannah is their baby. You can’t live on love, and no parent wants to see their child make a mistake. Hannah seems immature and I’m concerned about how practical she is. Social media has ruined this season for me with the speculation and comments about who she ends up with, so we’ll see!!Good blog, and you looked great in the black dress!

    1. I found the parents Totally Real.
      What ppl would actually say IRL – amd.good on them all for it.

      Its a weight for Hannah – and Jed!- but it is real.

      1. Missus, yes. It’s EXACTLY what parents ask their potential future son-in-laws. They obviously know that Hannah wants/needs to be supported, has she even mentioned a career or profession this whole season?!? And they were concerned how Jed would make it work. Totally justified even though yes, in some cases these days, both parents work. Most of my children are in marriages where both parents work, but my oldest daughter has chosen to stay at home with her kiddos. Anyway, I too think they were very much like ‘real life.’

  53. OMG I just have to say I love Tyler so much more for respecting & choosing Hannah first. I loved the part where he kept telling her to enjoy time with her family as they said goodbye after meeting her family. That was so sweet! I do love Peter too and so excited to listen to your podcast. I did notice some chemistry with them at ATFR! They kept touching each other and it seemed like they were friends or had talked before about everything to some extent. It just seemed so different from the past when the guy or girl is seeing the other person after taping – they don’t usually laugh or make jokes about memories or things that happened on the show, am I right? I’m really curious to see what happens tomorrow night!

  54. Hi Ali, I’m so happy for you!!! You are the best person they could choose for the podcast! And you are inspiring me to work harder and keep the family happy 🙂 Loved reading your bachelorette blog and it adds so much to the experience of watching the show! Keep doing what you’re doing, you are great!!!

  55. I disagree with you about Hannah’s dad conversation with Jed. I agree it’s a partnership and we both make contribute to the household financially, but if my son/daughter came home with a singer and songwriter I would question how he makes a living. In the edits, Jed was evasive with his answers and her dad was just trying to be honest. Jed has been pretty direct all season that his career is #1 for him, his family told her that too. In the edits so far I have been given the impression that she will be the one making the sacrifices and moving and supporting his career, no mention of hers unless I missed it. Enjoy your opinions of the show!

    1. Hannah’s dad intrigued me with his take on H e r prospects.
      Is he thinking her Insta fame could be a flash in the pan? Or is it more My Daughter Is A Star and what do You bring to the table?

      I also heard strains of the Luke style patriarch in HBs dad. Neither good or bad, just resonated with the leadership ideal we heard LP adhering to. Hannah seems to buy it as much as she rebels from it – and that is a tough go.

  56. Chris Harrison kinda gave it away tonight that Hannah doesn’t end up with anyone at the finale. Unfortunately she picks Jed and after she heard he had a girlfriend Hannah breaks off the engagement! I will never understand why she picked Jed when she had two great guys in Tyler and Pete. Even her parents loved Tyler over phoney

  57. I totally agree with you on her admitting her and Peter slept together 4 times and their chemistry on ATFR! I was thinking to myself wow, they still have a lot of chemistry for her picking one of the other two guys! Plus I was thinking why would you admit you slept with your ex in public if you are are happily engaged? Looking forward to tomorrow!

  58. I love you Ali!! This is my favorite blog to read and I look forward to your bachelor posts every week! Can’t wait to subscribe to your podcast and listen all the time!

  59. What are your thoughts about her disclaimer at the end of the show tonight? I thought it kinda gave away who she picks (if I am on the right track here, of course) but I feel like IF she got engaged to Jed she would have had the last few months to talk about his “ex-girlfriend” which makes me think she picked Tyler. We all know the “rumors” she wants to talk about are the ex girlfriend… but anyway… you’re SO RIGHT about the whole sex thing… I would be SO mad if my fiancé was talking about their past sex life on national television like that!! Needless to say, I’m SO excited about tomorrow’s episode!

  60. Ali!!!! I just don’t think this girl is engaged!! No one would possibly say those things if they were engaged! And the way she was touching him and hugging him, I felt like she wanted to jump him! My theory is that she picks Jed, and then this girlfriend stuff puts a wrench in it. That was the most heartbreaking break up and after interview I’ve seen on the show though. You can tell it’s still raw for him. Those clips we see of her talking to someone afterwards, it reminds me of when Arie broke up with Becca.

    I understand what you are saying about Hannah’s Dad’s conversation with Jed, but if you think about his perspective, he probably knows what kind of lifestyle Hannah wants to live, and then later when she is speaking to Jed about their life afterwards and she was talking about sacrifices, it felt to me that she was considering the fact that she might have to take on that role as the breadwinner, at least at first, and she didn’t seem thrilled about it in my opinion. I honestly felt like when Hannah said he was a musician, her entire family’s faces melted, and they were instantly skeptical, which is maybe not very fair to Jed, but they are trying to protect what they know Hannah wants. On another note, I feel like they have REAL conversations. He may not be as well spoken, but he asks the hard questions, and they discuss them, and that’s real life!

    Tyler is just *drool*. I wouldn’t be mad to see him as the bachelor, but I’m on team Peter for bachelor.

    Super excited about the podcast!!!!!!!! And I hope poor Riley feels better ASAP!

  61. Woohoo, love your opinions, observations and guesses! Can’t wait for tonight’s show.

    Yes, you have a great Man there, Ali!

  62. Honestly I don’t thinks she pick anyone cause she cant tell just on person she loves them and that she can’t do it I wouldn’t be able to

  63. After Jed’s final date, I just felt like Hannah wasn’t that into him. The whole thing was just uncomfortable for me to watch. It definitely doesn’t seem like they have as much chemistry as her and Tyler or even her and Peter had. Besides, Jed’s family didn’t seem to care that much for Hannah on his hometown date either. In my opinion, out of the 2 remaining, Tyler is the better fit. They just seem to be more into one another. With that being said, after watching the live portion with Peter and Hannah, I feel like she isn’t going to choose either one and will end up with Peter. Maybe he will propose live tomorrow?!?!!? Who knows, anything can happen at this point.

  64. Hannah seems really lost. If a bachelor had gone on about sleeping with one girl the fantasy suite as well did ( publicity ) and then let him go ?! It’s a bit brutal. And then saying how much Tyler respected her because he didn’t sleep with her ?! That almost insulting to Peter who who she told the whole worth she slept with .. not cool Hannah !! I just thing if the gender roses. Were reversed here that women would be freaking out

  65. I keep wondering if Hannah will go back to Peter after all this. I kept waiting for Peter to ask Hannah if she was happy, like most do when they’re in husband position and he didn’t ask that. I certainly think that is foreshadowing to Hannah not ending up either Tyler or Jed in the end.

  66. Do you think Peter or any of the other contestants know who she ends (or doesn’t) end up with in the end?

  67. I am a feminist and Hannah’s dad’s comments and thoughts about Jed’s career didn’t bother me at all. In this day and age it’s really hard to raise children without both parents earning an income. If I had a husband who couldn’t pull his own weight in that regard it would create a lot of issues in our marriage. And if I felt like my income was supporting kids plus his dreams I think I’d get a little resentful. It also puts Hannah in a position where she has to work, provide insurance, etc, instead of giving her options. So while I think it’s old fashioned to expect the man to be the sole breadwinner I think it’s realistic. To expect your daughters partner to pull his own weight financially. If my daughter brought home someone who was essentially like, “I’m on the path of my dream” with no real income or plan, that logically means my daughter has to financially support him, herself, future children, pets, a home, etc. I would not be pleased.

    1. God, how amazing would it have been if Jed let Dad know he flight his way onto Bachelor to pump his income?

      Man…Jed. you’re screwed.

  68. The whole windmill thing has been totally taken to another level and Hannah has been CRASS about it! I certainly hope that she is not engaged to anyone.

    Tyler defended Luke on Twitter (to the affect of something like “I may not agree with him but we need to show everyone respect.” And Ali you totally did the same thing with Vienna on ATFR which is how I knew you were the next bachelorette! So I think Tyler totally is the next bachelor!!

    Also one more thing- there have been multiple people who were present in the audience at the Men Tell All who said that what they aired was SO edited and that Luke was on stage for hours, basically being verbally abused and he essentially took it. And contrary to what they showed he had a lot of remorse. Makes me so mad at the producers.

    1. I’d say Have Luke On The Podcast, but Rachel Lindsay has been a consistant Luke Hater, and I think he deserves Much Better than that.

      Maybe Ali could interview him solo..but juat the thought of Rachel auto slamming him, Nah.

  69. Hi Allie,
    I was just curious if you thought it was odd that Peter’s parents were in the audience. Is it normal for the final 3 bachelors to have family there? Do you think it’s possible that Hannah is with Peter now? I also noticed their chemistry, he at one point puts his hand on her knee. What are your thoughts?

  70. Hi Ali,

    Love reading your posts each week. Just wanted to comment that although Hannah’s Dad had some old school views, it’s important to note that Hannah did NOT agree with that. I think she has been so incredible in breaking through barriers and I applaud her saying that she wants to provide for her family and that she has the talent to do so! As some one who was a little on the fence about Hannah being the bachelorette I have absolutely LOVED how she’s been so strong willed and eloquent this entire season. I really hope she gets a happy ending out of this, but I agree, it does NOT sound like an engagement. Perhaps she’ll rekindle with peter?? Hehehe.

    1. That talent quote was Woman Power.

      All the post-conflict slamming of Luke was not . All due respect. Kate, but there is nothing eloquent about giving the finger to anyone, or going on abt sexploits to continue saying F You after dude is not around anymore. HB is a bit Trump-like with the lightening bolts – and we know how enlightened he is, especially abt women.

      If the genders were reversed…no Bachelor would go on public tirades abt their sex life against a castmate. She’s great, but not fully baked yet. And when she is, I think the world will be hers, rightly.

      1. I agree, Erica. I have thought that all along. Women are applauding Hannah for her ‘openness’ and ‘being herself’ but I see rude and crass. You are so right that if a guy said those things on national TV or acted that way, we’d be all over them with criticism. She is absolutely lost and has been all season,

      2. Strong willed and eloquent would NOT be how I’d describe a woman who brags about her sexual activity rather crudely on national TV, not to mention the rudeness and disrespect she has shown. I’d be ashamed of my daughters for it. My girls were not raised that way, though. And they ARE strong willed and eloquent women. Missus, you are spot on about what the reaction would be if a Bachelor acted the same way!

  71. Ok I do have to say a couple of things. First of all I’m on one side happy that you’re going to be hosting the bachelor podcast but have my concerns because I believed you to be neutral on everything you said up till this moment. Know I think the producers will filter your words and I don’t like that at all. I love reading your bachelor/bachelorette blogs week after week because as I have said to my husband multiple times “ she’s real and tells it like it is with inside stuff only an ex contestant could know”. With this in mind when I was reading today’s blog I was looking at it with a different mindset. Now I don’t believe much of anything if it is the producers telling you to say this or that. On to another topic, I love Tyler and hope she would choose him but with everything that’s going on (rumors) I think she’ll have to come back to Peter because she’s not with Jed because of his ex and Tyler will end up with Gigi…so Peter is left…and then Mike for The Bachelor.

  72. I don’t feel bad for Jed one bit at all. I don’t think he is a genuine guy. He had a girl back at home he was leading on and then tells Hannah he went on to promote his music career. He knows what comes along with winning The bachelorette, all the public exposure and talk shows….. I still think that’s exactly what he wants. Something is just not right with him.
    I also think Hannah’s parents worries were totally validated. As her mom stated having a boyfriend or fiance rather in the music industry is a lot of late nights at bars and not something that is ideal and not something that you would hope for your daughter, at least that’s not what I would want for my daughter. I also think her dad was right to worry about finances, he wants to make sure that Jed is going to be having some kind of income and not just going to be mooching off of Hannah while he tries to start his music career. I don’t think that necessarily meant he was trying to imply that Jed should be the breadwinner solely, but you have to wonder and worry is Hannah going to be the only one paying the bills until he’s “makes it”

    Also, I’m curious if at this point in the taping if the rumors had been out about Jed’s text messages.

    And lastly! SO strange that she mentioned her and Peter’s night in the windmill and the fact that they were together 4 times and not two. That is definitely not something I would want my fiance announcing on national television if we were engaged! This season has been very strange, and I think Tyler and Peter are stand up guys and both deserve The bachelor title. I also think that they deserve to be with a woman who 100% knows what they want, and I don’t think Hannah was that person for them.

  73. Yes I did notice the chemistry between Hannah and Peter! I’m holding out hope that something goes down that makes her realize Peter was the one all along. Let’s just imagine him as not only a great hubby, but can’t you just picture him as a super-terrific, amazing dad to their precious babies??? He’s normal, fun, handsome, funny, charismatic…. all around stand up guy.

  74. That’s EXACTLY what I said to my husband when she said they had sex 4x- she can’t be engaged. I have a hard time believing her fiancé would be ok with her joking about having sex with another guy to the entire world. And she and peter did seem to have a lot of chemistry… when the audience member said she let go of the perfect guy, she seemed to have a hard time denying it, for sure.

  75. Like most of you- I’ve loved and hated this season all at the same time. One thing that stuck out from the ATFR last night was the fact that she sent Peter home, completely broke his heart, but then he was put on the spot to laugh about the fact that she announced they had sex 4 times, not 2. If this was a Bachelor, and he sent a woman home, but first admitted on national tv that they had sex 4 times days before she sent him home, people would be PISSED. now I’ve liked Hannah more than I thought I would, but that just bothers me. I understand maybe at that point she thought it was gonna be Peter, but don’t make a laughing matter out of it seconds after we all saw you break his heart. Just my thoughts!

  76. Congrats on the podcast Ali! Rachel did an amazing job on Nick Viall’s podcast! I didn’t expect that because she in the past could be a little out spoken and has been accused of bullying girls on her season. So I thought that’s what she might be like. I thought it would be a bashing session but it wasn’t! That’s what I would be careful of the podcast becoming is just a bashing session. A blog post you can edit but not so much on a podcast. I know you take a lot of heat on your blog when it comes to recaps but this weeks recap was awesome and I hope the podcast is a lot like this rather then judging and criticizing the lead. I hope it’s fun and light hearted and full of juicy secrets we don’t get to see lol!!

    I think the rumours about Hannah being single now are true. She doesn’t seem like an engaged woman at the moment. I think it falls apart for her and Jed and I bet she is really kicking herself for letting Tyler and Pete go! They are two of the best guys in the series handsdown! Would love to see either of them as the bachelor. Jed does nothing for me.

    As for Hannah’s Dad. I think we all just need to accept that a lot of people of that generation and older have those old school beliefs. Nothing worth getting upset over. We all know it’s not the way it is now but we have to remember that things have not always been how they are now. Sure some people need to get with the times but we can’t expect everyone from older generations to do that. It’s unrealistic. We just need to lead by example and teach our children differently.

    All in all. I think Hannah is single and hopefully pulls an Arie and goes back for Tyler or Pete lol because they are awesome!

  77. It seems really disingenuous to write this blog, esp about Peter and Jed, without reference to the girlfriend issues both of them have had in the media in recent weeks. i would have appreciated your take on Peter in the context of the girlfriend issue. Same for Jed. It’s impossible for me to believe you have avoided the news from all outlets reporting on this, so i think hearing your perspective on the controversy surrounding both of these guys would be a much more interesting read.

  78. I fell off the bachelor train for a few seasons. But from what I remember from past seasons. There’s always that great meet the parents date and a not so great one and the bachelor/Ette picks the one that had the not so great meet the parents.

    So going off of that, I think she picks Jed but still hold out hope that things work out for her and Peter. I’ve been team Peter all season!

  79. I totally think her and Peter will reconnect. It seemed to me that she loved him which is why it was so hard to say good bye, but she was scared he didn’t love her back as much. She felt more love coming from Tyler And Jed so they were the Safer choices. Also totally agree that if she were still engaged to one of the Other guys she wouldn’t have been hugging Peter or reminiscing about their 4
    Times in the windmill. My last observation was other was While peters mom was
    So upset for what her son experienced… she still cheered and seemed to show affection for Hannah.. if nothing was going on with them you would think the annoyed mama bear would’ve shown up when Hannah came out on stage.

  80. Me again! Why was Peter’s family in the audience?? Weird. Makes me think something’s up with that. His mom seems to still like Hannah. If that was my son, I wouldn’t want to be near her.

  81. Have to say that I am sad that you are doing podcasts because that means all the Deaf people will miss out on this exciting talks because there are no captions and written transcripts so we will not be able to follow this new project of yours and Rachel leaving us out…. hope you will come up with a solution to include your Deaf followers…. thank you for all you do to keep us part of your journey.

  82. I have to agree with you that the chemistry between Peter and Hannah last night was crazy. I would have been convinced he was around for tonight’s part 2 if it weren’t for him posting photos on a plane with his family. If she doesn’t find love after this, she should give him another ring because she missed a great guy. Please Peter for the Bachelor!!!!

  83. Congrats Ali on landing this podcast gig. I will be listening for sure! My question is about your bachelor/ette blog. A big part of it is your predictions on who will be eliminated next/who will end up with the lead. Now, because of the podcast you will know all this information in advance. How will you manage that without spilling spoilers? I know that is not all you discuss on your blogs so of course I will still be readung.
    Congeats again!!

    1. I write my blog post as I watch the episodes! So even if I am able to skip ahead to the next episode I will always write them as I watch them so nothing is spoiled for me! And when I comment back to you guys. I will just have to try to remember how I felt in the moment!

      And I normally wont get too far in advance – maybe not at all! To launch the podcast we had to bank a few since the episode were airing back to back!

  84. I’m surprised you didn’t mention how she was talking with Jed about how she is confused between him & Tyler! I feel like that is so weird, & she also made it seem like she wasn’t confused before and Jed was her for sure choice.

  85. YES! 100% I dont think she is engaged because if she was I feel like there would have been a healthier boundary between Peter and her. That said, she is young. Youve mentioned this a ton. So, maybe we are reading into her friendliness with Peter and it was nothing. Also, Tyler is too sexy! hahah I mean I love him my husband probably wont want me watching the season if it is him. I do think his instagram has shown him very philanthropic which makes me think they are gearing him up for the role. Lastly, Im surprised Jed may win. I just cant out words to it but I dont like him. Maybe it is just in the constrast of Tyler being so charming and if Tyler weren’t there maybe I would like JED more. I just dont feel like I have gotten to know JED enough to see why Hannah loves him so much. Anyways, I love your new podcast and the new blog site!!


  86. Hey Ali!
    So excited for your podcast! I agree that Hannah doesn’t need a man to provide for her! But I interpreted her dad’s conversation with Jed differently. I thought maybe he felt like Jed isn’t really taking life seriously and has no direction as opposed to “you need to be able to financially support my daughter.” Just a different perspective!
    I am so confused in this culture of gender equality why it’s ok for Hannah to be so open about her sex life. A few years ago when Nick Viall put andi on blast for having sex and then dumping him, he became public enemy number 1. Why is it ok for Hannah to referring it as “f***ing in a windmill” and the number of times they’ve done it? Certainly if the roles were reversed and this was a man referring to his time with a woman as “f***ing in a windmill” people would crucify him. I just feel like it’s inconsiderate of the other person and definitely not something i’d Want my daughter to do.
    Love your blog!

    1. I agree with everything you said. She’s a terrible role model. And her dad was perfectly justified in asking him about his plans. It’s what every parent asks a future son-in-law, yes, even in today’s world. I can’t recall what Hannah’s profession is, or if she even has one other than ‘Beauty Queen.’ So he may have been concerned about that, too.

  87. I was shocked that Hannah, told the world they had sex 4 times. I definitely can’t imagine if she is happily engaged with one of the men that she would say that. If the roles were reversed we would be outraged that a man would flaunt having sex with one of the contestants that many times, a few days before choosing a different contestant to propose to.
    Which makes me wonder, is it Peter at the door, in tonight’s finale? Or is it Jed’s “ex” girlfriend? Is it Jed
    S sister? Lol I have so many question.
    I don’t see Hannah choosing Tyler, because like what you said their relationship has moved so slow. In an interview, Hannah mentioned that her dad seemed so “proud that a guy like Tyler could love her.” So maybe this “journey” for Hannah will be more about growth and discovering her worth. I married young, so I know it’s possible for her to get married and find her husband, but I do think she has some maturing to do. Which isn’t a bad thing, I wish her the best!

  88. Congratulations on the podcast!!! Best of luck to you and Lindsay. You go girl. Way to keep building a kick-ass career!!!

  89. SO excited about your podcast! Can’t wait to listen. I have said since before the season even started that I didnt’ think she would end up with any of the guys… but instead would end up with Chris Harrison… I’m still putting my money on that :0)

    Love your insider look each week.

    Also agree, if you are engaged, you’re probably not talking about 4 times in a windmill.. maybe she does end up with Peter in the long run…

  90. I don’t think it’s appropriate for anyone to criticize Hannah’s father’s parenting skills. He simply asked about Jed’s goals since they seem hazy. He did it in the best way he could with how he knows. We are not all phds in psychiatry and communication. When her father was first introduced to the show it was explained at how hard he worked coming from nothing to make a living for himself which later helped support his family.. Also, Hannah is his daughter and it appears she wanted to know his opinion and guidance.

  91. Badchiller_ posted that you said Hannah’s finale is like no other before. So you clearly already know what happens…. you can tell in this blog you already know. I feel like you sre making “predictions” but obviously already know everything. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  92. Peter for sure for the next Bachelor!! I’m ready for a mature kind man to be the bachelor and hopefully have some mature women looking for love. He is the sweetest man ever.
    Agreed, I told my husband that I can’t imagine an engaged women saying that about sleeping with peter 4 times! 😳 also their affection on the fourth of evident that there are still some strong feelings there!

  93. I felt the exact same way about her talking about 4 times in the windmill! They were both giddy!! I also noticed Peter was rubbing her hand when they were talking. Did you notice that?! He still loves her! He’s so incredibly sweet!

  94. I just don’t see how you can like Jeb and call him a stand up guy after it came out that he had a girlfriend right before and he admitted to using this show as a platform. Not a standup guy thing to do

  95. Honestly, I read spoilers so I know what happens. I want to comment on what Hannah’s dad said to Jed. I took it as he didn’t mean she couldn’t take care of herself. It’s that she would have to take care of him, too, if things don’t take off like he thinks they will.. Sure they’re going to get umpteen dozen endorsement deals for Instagram but that won’t last forever.

  96. I think she chose Jed, but they are no longer together. I really believe that Hannah and Peter are a “thing” now. They were just too cozy on that couch and his parents were there with big smiles for Hannah! I hope I’m right!

  97. Her body language towards Peter – how she was leaning, touching his knee, smiling at him, etc – makes me think they’re together. That’d be crazy unheard of but I don’t see Jed’s passion for Hannah. I love Tyler but he seems stiff at times. Also, I saw an article that Hannah just moved to Cali… Jed and Tyler don’t live there but doesn’t Peter?!?!

  98. It seemed like she regretted sending Peter home from their chemistry on stage! It was almost like she wanted to tell him that but couldn’t!

  99. The show/the whole franchise is so different to watch after becoming a parent isn’t it? Still love it though! It does make you view it in a whole other way. I was pretty dang upset that Jeds profession was all that came up in the conversations with her parents! That was so unfair. Like you mentioned, they both will most likely be doing just fine with ads and such after this. But beyond that, like you said- and Hannah touched on, she is a strong woman and is capable of taking care of herself and her family as well. And even deeper of an issue, can we remember how young they really are? Don’t they have time to figure it all out still? You can tell she loves him. It really made me sad to see how disappointed they both were.

    Love your blog and can’t wait for the podcast! Congratulations!

  100. I didn’t read through the other comments so Im not sure if this was already said but I find it kinda strange that neither of the men asked Hannah’s dad for permission to propose. 🤔

  101. She picked Jed but then the story broke about his gf he had on the Side. I even saw a video of the girl doing an interview all upset. Some of these guys are so deceiving. You think they’re great and then bam they drop a bomb. Also how do all these bachelor contestants make soo much money off their Instagrams?? I always wonder that and am dying to know

  102. I agree with you Ali! I don’t see how she would make that comment about the windmill if she was engaged to Tyler or Jed! I think her and Peter acted very very close on stage! Whenever they went to break the two of them got really close together! She even touched him at one point! I think she has ended up having second thoughts on her relationship with Peter and does not get engaged to either guy and she has brings Peter back and they are engaged or if not engaged, together again!! I like all three guys…’s a win win anyway it goes!

  103. I’ve been thinking she picks Jed, which in my opinion would be my 3rd choice, but when she spilled the beans about the 4 times in the windmill I became convinced that she is not with anyone! Like you said Ali… I don’t think she would have said that if she was engaged to someone else, and even if it slipped out, she wouldn’t be there all smiling and blushing!

  104. I don’t think there is any way she is engaged at this point since she kept touching Peter’s leg! I have a feeling she might get back together with Peter?

  105. Hi Ali, looking forward to your podcast! Here is my prediction: Hannah and Jed get engaged then break up since Jed had a girlfriend leading up to the show (SPOILER), then she starts dating PETER again. I know everyone wants her to go back to Tyler, but I think she had (and still has, based on last night’s episode) great chemistry with Peter! Although the rumors about how Peter treated his last girlfriend and dumping her a couple months before coming on the show make me upset, I still feel like he is a good guy deep down.

    Then, I think the next bachelor either needs to be Tyler OR Mike (first African American male lead). Would love to see either of them! Tyler is hot Hot HOT but Mike’s smile is just so great. Anyways, hope Hannah gets some kind of happy ending out of all of this. If not, maybe she can be the Bachelorette AGAIN in a few years!? Like what they did with Brad? Wouldn’t mind seeing her again when she has grown up a bit. She deserves love for sure!

  106. I think Hannah chooses Jed and they are no longer together based on everything that happened with him. Definitely anxious to hear his side of the story tonight and what Hannah thought of everything. I think she’s definitely single though, especially based on the FOUR times reference last night. Now, as much as I like Tyler, I think he’s better suited for Bachelor in Paradise…so I vote Peter for Bachelor all day!! We can’t let another amazing Peter slip through our fingers – that already happened on Rachel’s season with Peter Krause, so let’s not do that again. Plus I can’t imagine Bachelor Nation is done with him just yet, he’s too great of a guy to let slip away. I loved last night when Hannah said, I was scared I was letting go of the perfect guy – and an audience member yelled out – YOU DID! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Can’t wait to see it all go down tonight and super excited for the podcast Ali…congrats! xo

  107. Ali – were you able to find the pink shirt Hannah was wearing on her final date with Tyler?? It was STUNNING!

  108. With Chris Harrison saying something about her not getting her fairytale ending I don’t think she will end up with anyone. And I have to agree with you – if she IS engaged to one of those guys they had to be pretty pissed after she talked about having sex – 4 TIMES – with Peter in the windmill!!!

    I’m over this season but have to ride out this last episode tonight!! Oh, and I think Big Mike will be the next Bachelor!!

  109. I’m really excited for this opportunity for you to do the podcast, but I feel like your blogs won’t be the same because you are just going to have so much more information then what you do now that might make your blog more biased. I absolute agree I don’t think there is any way that she is engaged right now bc of how touchy feely she was with peter last night. And obviously she had sex with him but if you are engaged to another man you are trying to move on from those other hardships you had with other guys not bring them back up and gloat and joke about them it would be so hurtful. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hannah and peter end up together in a few months if she isn’t engaged.

  110. I think the chemistry between Peter and Hannah last night was off the charts. Bachelors/Bachelorettes have been known in the past not to “do the norm” and make the season exciting. I hope she didn’t pick Jed or Tyler(whim I think is a great guy) and called Peter and told him she made a mistake and wants to give it a try with him. And, I am all for Mike being the next Bachelor!!!

  111. IF she doesn’t pick Tyler then I REALLY hope he is the next Bachelor. From what I’ve seen, he’s well spoken, in touch with his feelings, expressive, and respects/values women. Plus his work with ABC Food Tours. He’s like a 2019 renaissance man! Tyler seems like he’s really wanting to be married and start a family, so if it’s not with Hannah I could see a natural transition to Tyler being the next Bachelor.

  112. Regarding Hannah’s Dad focusing so much on Jed’s career choice and his ability to provide for his daughter really bothered me as well. I kept trying to remember what Hannah’s career is. I read she used to do interior design but left that to compete in pageants. How is a pageant queen a more stable career than musician? I do not know but I’m glad you brought it up because it seemed so out of touch in today’s world. Loved your husband’s post btw. He’s a good man.

  113. I totally agree with your assessment of Peter and Hannah! There’s something happening there… maybe she doesn’t choose Jed or Tyler and asks for another chance with Peter! That would make me so happy. They are so precious together!

  114. Hi Ali,
    did you see the last instagram post of Hannah? She said I’m just a bachelorette and looking for a partner !!!!

  115. I really hope Tyler sees the post and try to get her back! Despite all the activities that Tyler has posted about himself I really believe he is truly heartbroken. But how do they get back together? I’m 100% sure BN will be in awe and will flood with tears if Tyler actually takes Hannah tonight! I cannot wait! Else he needs to be the Bachelor 2020!

  116. I’ve been watching this show a long time. As my children are reaching dating age, I have to say I saw more of the dad’s side in his conversation to Hanna About Jed.
    I think him and Hannah’s mother were more concerned about the daily life of a struggling writer/singer. Late nights. Possible time on the on the road. They know her pretty well. There is a good shot she couldn’t handle that unstable life. Money will be short, even with Hannah taking advantage of her short term fame. If you look up stats, the majority of married people fight over money..and divorce over money. If she sees both relationships as equal and both men loving her equally (and vice-versa)
    , then choose the more stable life. Especially if that’s what you are use to. I like Tyler a lot. I think they are more suited for each other personality-wise. But, because of her parents talk about Jed, she may pick him. I hope not.
    Thanks for doing this blog Ali! You are still my favorite former Bachelorette! Love your beautiful family! Keep up the great work!

  117. I am really thinking that your comment about Peter at the end of your blog might be right on! I honestly was shocked he was sent home last night, as I feel he and Hannah had a way stronger bond than she and Tyler did… So maybe she ends up regretting that decision and maybe she goes back to him?! I don’t know… he was clearly distraught last night, so he would have to be a pretty good actor if that were the case. The windmill thing was hilarious though – and let’s just hope that if she and Peter do not end up together, that her fiancé can laugh about it as hard as Peter’s parents did!!

    1. Fourever Famous – how funny would Tyler and Tyler’s family find it ? is this another
      ” Let her have that experience ” moment for him like the bungee jump?
      Maybe not a great sign if it is?
      Is she sabotaging herself b/c she knows she isnt ready for serious committment?

      So…Luke is the best kisser, Peter is the best f**ker, Tyler is the best gentleman, and what is Hannah best at?

      She is definitely good at getting into things with alotta guys. She needs a decade of flirtations.

  118. I could see her “rebelling” against the traditional southern upbringing and picking the guy her parents didn’t approve of to “show them” even though the world is screaming “PICK TYLER”. About the windmill comment, Jed would have an issue, they had chemistry, but it was really AWKWARD. I think maybe she thought, that even though she dumped him, she’s going to be the best wing-woman ever and hook him up with an endless line of ladies. Know who would not be mad about her being in the windmill? Tyler. Just saying, he’s be the type who’s happy she had the experience and chose him anyway. My money is on her screwing up at first, picking Jed…and the “we don’t know what will happen” is her asking Tyler for a second chance. OR she doesn’t get engaged, but continues seeing BOTH men for a longer time after the show to make up her mind. Which explains the reality Steve switcheroo on naming the winner this season. Wither way I like Hannah a lot. She’s really a real person, not a reality star.

  119. I bet she picks Jed, but then breaks up with him. It seems like she is breaking up with someone in the next episode. Jed has always rubbed me the wrong way. He comes across as a manipulative person. It’s subtle, but I do catch glimpses of it. He’s passive aggressive too. I would love to see Tyler as the next Bachelor. He was my favorite (and Mike) from the beginning.

  120. I love Reading your thoughts! I LOVE Peter and would 100% watch him as the bachelor. I think He has the best personality I’ve ever seen on the show for the men. Seriously, can he please knock on my door?

    It’s so funny that so many people are loving on Tyler. I personally think he’s a little bit of a tool & not attractive. Most of my friends feel the same!! I don’t See the attraction & hope he isn’t the bachelor!

    Yay for your podcast!!

  121. I thought her dates with Jed were painful to watch! They seemed sad and depressed the entire time. On the other hand her dates with Tyler were fun and passionate! They seemed to have so much more chemistry and compatibility! I did love her and Peter together… who knows maybe Hannah will pull a Messnick and get together with Peter after all.

  122. After last nights’ show, I looked up every Bachelorette spoiler I could find. Yes, I did! After reading all of them, I was even more confused.
    I know Chris said the end to this season will be
    Like none you’ve ever seen before. Do it can’t be a Hannah picking one and then reverting to the 2nd guy. There has to be something more to it.
    Same as many others, I, too, wish that Hannah ends up with Peter. He didn’t even get to meet her parents though. Hannah loves Jed for some reason and I can see that with his dream of becoming a musician, that’s a heck of a profession for most decent relationships. Her parents were right.

    Tyler said all of the right words but I wonder if he’s just a good schmoozer.

    Again, I’m not 100% sure about Peter as we didn’t get to learn much about him either. Seems like Hannah and he had one heck of a connection especially if they did the deed 4 times in the windmill, lol. This just goes on to speak more of her character.

    Being that she is s former pageant queen, she must have always had her way with things. Including the men on the Bachelorette. Except Tyler. Why I don’t know. Bug I’m sure we shall find out this evening! Can hardly wait!

  123. I hate that she sent Peter home!
    He is the most awesome, heartfelt guy.
    He was so transparent about his feelings.
    Tyler seems like a good guy too.
    Not sure what she sees in Jed, he doesn’t seem to have the heart and soul of the other two.
    Oh well… I’ll be tuning in tonight!

  124. I agree! Definitely a weird thing to say if you’re are engaged to someone else. So makes me think that she isnt with anybody. I think she choses Jed and with all these rumors that went around they broke up or are working on things. That’s me theory. She got pretty emotional at the end there. So make sense to me.

  125. One thing you didn’t comment on was the fact that Peter’s parents were there. That has NEVET happened before with an F3, so I thought it could mean one of two things:
    1) he’s the next bachelor
    2) his story with Hannah isn’t over


  126. Oh my gosh did you see the way Peter was rubbing her hand while they talked?!? They were both giddy! I would love Peter as our bachelor! Thanks for a great blog Ali!

  127. I think she should have picked Peter. I dont see how you can sleep with somebody that many times and just walk away from them. Maybe some how in the end they will end up together. If supposedly she and Jed broke up already.

  128. This may have already been said, but I can only think of two reasons for Peter’s parents being there. Either Hannah’s dumped Jed or Tyler to the curb and she and Peter are giving it another go. Or, Peter’s going to be announced as the next Bachelor. Either way, it’s a win! I just adore him!

  129. Here is what I think, in the end she is with Peter! It’s a no brainer! Talks about sex with him four times, strokes his leg, his parents are there listening! Oh yes he goes down on one knee and proposes! Mike will be the next bachelor! Good luck Jed with his animal jingles! He can’t sing, and darling Tyler is dating a mega model! THE END!

  130. I hope somehow she ends up with Peter He is so sweet and it does seem very strange that she is so very happy to tell everyone that she and Peter were together four times that night. That usually isn’t anything you volunteer to tell people when you are letting someone go and picking someone else for your husband. O well, I sure Peter will end up happy no matter what.

  131. Ali, when you mentioned that Hannah’s father was wrong in questioning whether Jed was going to be able to provide for Hannah and their future family, maybe you didn’t like what he asked but you weren’t raised in that family. Some families are more traditional and there is nothing wrong with that. You later mentioned that you have friends where the couple agrees that mom stays home and dad provides or sometimes it’s vise versa or both provide. I don’t think we should say, “it’s not the 1950’s anymore.” Someone can take what you said to heart and I really believe decisions like that are personal and those who have differing opinions shouldn’t judge.

    I think Tyler would make a wonderful bachelor! He seems more mature than Jed and Peter. Character wise he was by far my favorite!

  132. Peter for Bachelor!!!!
    Love him – he is the total package and would make a great bachelor!
    I don’t know who Hannah will pick. I think she should pick Tyler as he is
    sweet, seems to really love her and be genuine. The fact that her family loves him is a bonus.
    I just don’t see it with Jed. Frankly I’m surprised that he is still there. I do not see any chemistry between them and his family clearly did not like her and hers did not like his.
    As for her saying that she had sex with Peter 4 times, I don’t think that means that she is not engaged. She has shown herself to be a little inappropriate and immature throughout the season. Sorry, really not a fan of her 🙁

    1. I agree with everything you wrote! I don’t know what it is about Jed but I am not a fan and neither is my musician husband!

      I would love to see Peter as the bachelor and I feel that both Peter and Tyler are too good for Hannah. Also I wouldn’t want my son to date someone like Hannah in the future. She needs to grow up a bit in my opinion. Not a fan although moving that rose stand was amazing! I loved that!

      1. Hannah is a blast.
        But I wouldn’t want anyone I cared about to fall for her. She needs to go throuvh several rounds of men before tiring of the drama – IF she ever tires of the drama – amd settle down.

        I could see a future for her where she has a gusto career, spins the globe, has a baby or.two, and just Doesn’t settle.down. She likes to live large.

        Ultimately she may not be wife material.

  133. My thoughts are I don’t think she’s going to pick either one I just don’t think she knows what she wants but there’s always Peter I would have kept him so we shall see

  134. Like most of the time in this show the bachelorette choose the wrong one. Tyler or Peter were more into her than Jed. I was surprised that Peter was not the one chosen after having sex in the windmill 4 times. Can’t wait for the finale to see what really went down with her & Jed.

  135. I don’t think I’ve ever adored two guys from this franchise as much as I adore both Peter and Tyler. Oh my gosh, they are both just the total package! I hoped she would pick one of them but am worried she made a mistake and picked Jed in the end. But I agree with everyone here… if she did, it sure looked like some MAJOR chemistry between her and Peter on part 1 last night, wow! To be continued?

    Either Peter or Tyler would make a phenomenal Bachelor so I don’t think you can go wrong either way! 😁

  136. I completely agree that if Hannah was engaged that she wouldn’t have said those things. Her and Peter seemed like they were flirting for sure. I think in the end that she picked Jed and then when she found out about the girlfriend that she probably dumbed him which might explain her flirting with Peter. That’s my prediction, lol.

  137. I may have missed this but did anyone look into where Hannah’s gorgeous one shoulder blue dress and more specifically THOSE EARRINGS are from?!?! I’ve been loving her fashion this weekend but this was my fave look by far!!

  138. I have always loved your vlogs. But with the change in the new format I cannot read it. The writing is so faint it gives me a headache.

  139. Though I did feel bad for Jed last night, I didn’t feel like Hannah’s father was being sexist about his aspirations & inability to provide for his daughter. It’s a great aspiration, but a tough one that very few achieve. It doesn’t sound like Jed has any sort of back-up plan whatsoever. And yes, it does go both ways. But Hannah’s dad would already know what to expect of her in those regards. I felt like he was asking, if the worst should happen, will you give up your dream and prioritize your family? I didn’t get the impression that Jed would.

  140. I have to believe she chooses Peter after all, why else his parents there and why would she admits to 4 times. If it’s not Peter then it’s noone.

  141. i hope hannah and peter get together if he doesn’t get selected to be the bachelor!
    jed and her clearly have a connection but i hope that she realizes what a dud she picks if it’s him and i hope they are not together anymore
    btw your previous post about how Luke was judging her faith as a Christian was so spot on – i saw it the same way and almost no one else i talked about it saw it the same way you and i saw it!

  142. I totally thought the same as you about Hannah confessing 4 times if she was engaged to someone else. I really don’t see much chemistry with her and Jed though. Also, her dad was so out of line… I can’t even go there with that. Tyler and Gigi??? Oh my!

  143. Can you link the actual dress you wore? I like the beading better than sequins. Also, what about Hannah’s dress from the live portion, any idea where it’s from?

    I can’t wait to start listening to the podcast!! Congrats!

  144. I felt the comments about 4 times was in very poor taste. If she is indeed engaged, I bet her fiancé is Not happy. I would love to see Peter as the next bachelor! And yes there was lots of chemistry!!

  145. Ali this is off-topic but can you please clarify something you said?

    ‘Some of my friends have relationships with those roles and I admire them and how they work together to provide a life for their family.’

    Specifically, are you saying ‘some of my friends are stay-at-home moms?’ If so, ‘relationships with those roles’ is a very odd way to say it..

    Just sayin’

  146. A bit disrespectful to brag about the 4 times if your engaged to somebody else especially infront of his parents…
    ! some things are best not said…

    1. Kinda crappy if you’re Not engaged too.

      Any guy who goes near her is going to have that in their mind as the benchmark.

      I’m sure all the Hollywood players will come knocking on her door – and that may ne exactly what suits her for the next several years.

  147. My question from last nights episode is that neither guy asked for her dads permission for hand in marriage like they have in past seasons. I’m not saying they HAVE TO but just found it interesting looking at other seasons that have done that!

  148. I am so glad that she and Tyler are going to give it shot. They were really a better fit and both families are all in. Makes a relationship easier when families support you. Don’t know if they will end up together but I think she realized that she made a huge mistake with the lies coming out about everything. Wishing them all the best to whatever they want this to be.

  149. I LOVED what her dad asked and he has absolutely every right to ask about financial stability or goals. It’s biblical for a man to provide and if the wife does too, it’s wonderful. But as the father, he absolutely was in the right to get some clear answers about his future. Hannah’s dad saw the wishy washiness from the start!!

  150. I was thrilled when Hannah’s dad brought up the finance discussion with Jed. I appreciated that some real life issues were being discussed,

  151. Allie totally agree with you regarding Peter. I loved him from day one. Hoping he will be the new bachelor

  152. Hi Ali…. Love your blog & thnx for all your videos & great posts….—–So, i didn’t look at “the windmill 4 times thing” the same way. I thought she was smart to make it into something comical &at the same time, also stroke his ego by making him look like Superman in the bedroom. He liked it & so did the audience. Smart!….. Unlike the whole Nick Viali statement “then why did u make love to me”,…… Hannah turned it into something light & funny before it could turn into something so serious. It was super! This Hannah surprisingly turned out to be an excellent Bachelorette.—- Now lets just hope that drink with Tyler works out!! ………. #TeamTyler100%

  153. I think everyone is missing some major female empowerment moments that someone should be shouting from the rooftops. 1) Hannah stood up to her father when he met Jed, concerned about his income potential. She respectfully stood her ground that essentially she could be the bread winner, demonstrating how to breakdown the stereotype that the show and many families still expect. 2) The windmill comment regarding 4, although maybe just copying tasteless commentary that men make, it was also demonstrating that women can be proud of having a sex drive and not ashamed of it. The 3rd) was asking Tyler out. She’s deciding what she wants vs having the show have him ask him do the asking.. The last one is a bit less impactful but the more the show can champion gender equality, the better! And I think your platform is a great one to point these out!

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