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Hello! This is Kevin writing this. I’ve done a couple blog posts in the past when I’ve felt Ali needed/deserved a break. And man, this is definitely one of those times. July has just been a non-stop whirlwind of crazy for her. First, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening and that’s basically the Super Bowl for her and for any other fashion blogger out there. Plus, she’s been working full-time as co-host on the TV show that she normally works part-time on. And on top of that, she just started a top secret Bachelor Nation project that I believe she is announcing on Monday. I don’t know what I’m allowed to say about this, so I’ll stop there!

Which means she has been going to Home & Family to shoot all day long, coming home to help me get the kids down and heading right back out to work on that other secret project. Oh and she also launch this brand new website which required a ton of work, especially after the launch to work out all the kinks. And then she somehow manages to keep up with updating this blog and has continued to be the best Mom ever to Molly & Riley. I truly don’t know how she does it! She must have a really great partner. Ha! Seriously though, I’m very thankful that she has this outlet and community to help keep her sane! It’s truly therapeutic, so thank you for being there for her. It means a lot to me and her.


Anyway, a couple of weeks back she asked me to looks for things I might like form the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because she wanted to do a post about menswear. Well, I decided to take it a few steps further. Like she asked, I did look at the website and ordered some clothes. But I also set up a quick (super secret) shoot with our friend Ashley & I’m writing this post! I knew she wanted to do a post about guy’s clothes, but I didn’t want to give her yet another thing to do!

The Manno Household

While I talk about the clothes, I want to explain the unique distribution of work in the Manno household. We regularly get comments and questions about this, and I want to help break down the traditional husband/wife stereotypes!


Family/Laundry Man

As you can see in this pic, I do ALL the laundry in our house! Actually, that’s not true, Ali did a load a couple weeks ago and somehow tie-dye’d a couple of her shirts. It’s not her thing. About my shirt real fast, it’s a Henley! I think it’s the first Henley I’ve ever owned and I love it. I got multiple compliments on it when I wore it to work. As far as sizing goes, I usually wear a small & this is quite true to size. I got a small and it fits perfectly. If you have a dude in your life, this is a good one to get him! And of course it’s on sale now for $38 with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  That’s a crazy good price for this shirt. Oh by the way, here’s a link to the items she loved for the women category of the sale!

How we Split it Up

And it’s not just laundry that I do around the house; it’s the majority of the cleaning. That includes dishes, as seen in this dashing photo of my brand new cardigan – also from the Nordstrom sale and under $50. I got a small, and probably could’ve sized up to a medium honestly.

Regarding our workload, the way I like to explain it is that Ali handles all of the “big picture stuff” like bills, the mortgage, scheduling home repairs, etc… and I handle many of the “day to day operations.” A lot of people seem to think that’s odd, but those happen to be our strong suits. It works for us and I love it.  At the end of the night I’m washing dishes and cleaning up the kids toys, and she’s balancing our checkbook and schedule things for our kids like play dates and doctor appointments. It’s a great balance.


Love Notes

In this next look, I’m wearing my brand new Madewell Crewneck Sweatshirt, and I’m writing my wife a quick note to tell her how much I appreciate her. I got a size small in this as well and it’s perfect. In full disclosure, this photo was Ashley’s idea. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to see this and think that we’re one of those fake/shiny Instagram couples that lives in a perfect bubble and never has problems, because we’re certainly not. There is no such thing as a perfect couple, so please don’t think we are. But I do think it’s important to let your partner know how much you appreciate them every once in a while. I’ve been writing these little notes for her since we starting dating and I wrote one every week for the 39 weeks she was pregnant with Molly. I like writing them because I know how much she loves getting them. And when she’s happy, so am I.


Every time Ali does something sweet for me, it sticks with me for a while. Those little acts can be very very meaningful. Not that anybody asked, but that would be my relationship advice. Do something nice and unexpected today! Also, while we’re talking about it, don’t ever compare yourself to the people you see on social media. We all present our best versions, and they’re not always realistic. People think our kids are little angels, because how often do you whip out your phone when they’re having a meltdown? Never. Nobody is perfect, and you’re doing great.


And Ali obviously knew about this last picture, because she’s quite clearly in it. She came home at the end of our mini-photo shoot and hopped in this one! She actually got me this shirt from the NSale and it’s now a new fave of mine. Thanks, babe! I’ve been really into these short sleeve button ups lately. I’m no fashion expert, but I think they’re in right now. Right? This is a small that also fits perfectly. True to size. And it’s only $38. And while I’d love to take credit for these flowers, she actually brought them home with her to take picture for her Bachelorette blog on Monday. And I am almost positive she mentioned in her insta story last week that her dress was only available in a few sizes and color. But I just checked and it fully in stock in 7 colors. I love her in anything, but I have to say this dress is really stunning on her.


Anyway… I wanted to jump in here to give Ali a break and to highlight a couple men’s items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. She’s been working about 16-hours a day (including weekends) for about a month, and I want her to know how much I notice and appreciate it. Does she tend to bite off more than she can chew? Yes. Does she do it for the family? Absolutely. I love ya, babe! Thanks for being such a great leader of our little family. Molly, Riley, Owen and I are so lucky to have you.

UPDATE FROM ALI: Hi!! Some of you brought to my attention that the website says to order this dress 2 sizes up! I got a medium, and that’s what I normally wear and I am really confused at why it says that. Maybe if you are in between sizes go one size up, but definitely don’t think going up two sizes is necessary!

Thank You

And thank YOU for reading! If you’ve made it this far, I might as well plug my radio show and Instagram! I do a morning show here in Los Angeles with my friends Valentine, Jill & Brian on 104.3 MYFM. You can listen anywhere on the free iHeartRadio app. And of course, you can follow me on Instagram at @KevinManno. Thanks and have a great weekend!

Love ya babe!

From Ali: Seriously in tears reading this! I love you so much!!! I couldn’t do any of this without your love and support. Thank you for being my rock. And thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and making you look so dang hot in all these clothes. Ok, what you did is what really makes you EXTRA sexy 😉 Love you babe!

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  1. Hi Kevin & Ali
    I love this post so much. I love that you guys are so open about sharing your day to day lives with us all.
    Ali is so very lucky to have you supporting her. Wishing you and your little family much happiness from Australia

      1. I enjoy following you and I love your style, Ali! And as if that wasn’t enough already, Kevin’s sweet and well-written post is amazing. Go you two. #couplegoals

    1. Hey Kevin & Ali!;!
      Great post!! My household also runs a bit like yours with the bills and cleaning duties. I agree that sometimes numbers can be a bit complicated.
      You guys are awesome! Keep it up! My husband and I have enjoyed seeing your kiddos grow.

  2. I just enjoy reading about the family & the pictures. You all have it together. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes all

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I love your posts (and Ali’s of course).
    Actually it was like dejavú as the things that Ali do in the house are exactly what I do. I do all the billing, organizing, scheduling house stuff, play dates, school, dr appointments etc etc. It is a lot of work and somehow my husband doesn’t understand it is a lot of word. The difference is that we have a helper who does all the cleaning and washing and ironing. So he only does the grocery shopping and a little dish washing now and then and still I know he thinks in his mind I do nothing.
    That is a big issue for us and I wish he was as understanding as you. I am going to make him read your post.
    Thank you 🙏

    1. One of the thing Kevin mentioned in his post is do not compare life or relationships. Find the positives in your husband and if there are 3 negatives and 2 positives cherish him just the same

    2. Wow!! He is a keeper Ali! So sweet he writes you those little notes. How blessed you are to have a special guy in your life.

  4. Hi Kevin (& Ali)
    You’re a gem, Kevin for helping Ali & for writing today’s blog! You did a great job!
    (I’m going to start listening to 104.3)
    Enjoy the last weekend in July!
    p.s. happy 6th birthday to Owen 🐾

      1. I will. 📻
        I re-read Kevin’s ‘blog’ & noticed the pretty flowers he’s holding for you behind his back. So sweet!
        (I tye dye clothes sometimes, too) ha

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. Very authentic and it’s nice that Kevin touched on Mens clothing!

    I especially love the part about writing the love notes, it is definitely those little things in life that matter so much! I also liked how you mentioned no couple is perfect because that definitely holds true as well – afterall, the good, the not so good, it’s all apart of the ride 🙂

    Anyway, beautiful post. It’s so nice to see such a loving partnership. Keep up the great work y’all!


    1. I can’t even tell you how surprised I was seeing Kevin take the pics and how much him writing this meant to me. So I loved reading it too!!!!!

  6. I LOVE THIS. So happy you both have a teammate who allows you to shine in your strengths and who recognizes you and respects you for them. And even in your weaknesses and mistakes (cause we all have them!), your kids are loved and safe and have good people as their examples. So they’re going to have a bright future ahead! So happy for you!

  7. Funny! My husband and I share the load too, but I do what Kevin does (except the washing, I fold) and he is the one with the finances. I want nothing to do with that unless I am asking to buy a new dress hahaha! Good job Kevin, and to all the single ladies out there see there are still good men in the world.

  8. You two are such a cute couple. Great parents to the kids and so supportive of each other. Such rare qualities in marriages of today. Ali you are an amazing woman and Mom. I admire you. Kevin you know how much I love the show all your posts and how you support Ali and take care of the kids. Both of you keep up the great work. Truly an inspiration to other young couples. Love you all
    Linda Canyon Country

  9. Oh my goodness! This made me tear up! What a sweetheart! And I love your style Kevin! Totally like my husbands style. I’m probably gonna get him some of the stuff you’re wearing actually😉You two are too adorable!💜

  10. Wow what a thoughtful, kind and caring husband you have. I have been following you since the Bachelor days and have been reading this blog ever since it was created. It is just a nice refreshing thing to look at and I always leave happy after reading it. Always so positive. I absolutely value and appreciate how open and real the two of you are to all of us. It cannot be easy all the time to let people into very personal aspects of your life. Ali, you are a rock-star for doing so much and Kevin sounds like an amazing man, father and husband. It is the little things that matter and he showed us all that today. Hoping you can relax a bit this weekend!!

  11. I can only hope to find someone who treats me as well as he treats you!! Some day!! You’re a lucky woman! Such a sweet post!

    Love and best wishes,

  12. Ali & Kevin,
    This post just brought me so much joy! You can feel the love that went into putting it all together, and I just love the overall message of support and happiness. It is so lovely.
    You are both very lucky to have each other and your sweet little family.

  13. This is amazing!!! My hubby’s love language is words of affirmations and I know that I could always do more. I think I’ll start leaving him love notes too!

    PS: This is my very first comment, even though I’ve been watching/reading since the days of Roberto haha!!

  14. So sweet! You guys are equally adorable and so lucky to have each other! Loved this blog post and already thinking about getting the Henley for my husband!
    Did you totally insert an Office reference on there btw? 🙂
    God bless you!

  15. I don’t typically take time to go off fb or Instagram to look at something like a blog cause I have same kid situation as u guys but this was so sweet and endearing that I had to check out. What a guy! Congrats on finding each other! I love a good love story and u two clearly fit the bill.

  16. Hi Ali & Kevin

    This post is beyond sweet! I really love seeing and reading about you guys because it is so clear how much you guys love each other. Also, I really liked the way Kevin wrote this blog post, it was very light hearted and fun to read.
    Wishing you guys the best! And Ali, I can’t wait to hear about the Bachelor Nation news.

  17. Hi Kevin & Ali!
    This has to be the most genuine and thoughtful act of love I’ve seen in a while. Marriage and day-to-day can be so stressful and overwhelming at times – – I love when I come home from work and remember I have a partner to help me through all the things that overwhelm me. This was so so sweet and such a lovely reminder for all of us followers to do something sweet and out of the norm for our loved ones.
    Kevin! Thank you for sharing these fashion pieces from the sale! This is so helpful and I am using so much of your reviews to shop for my hubby. This has to be my favorite coverage from the NSale!
    Thank you all for being such a sweet example!
    All the best,
    Sara from KY

  18. Kevin,

    You are so amazing!! Just the best husband the way you support Ali has me praying that I meet a man and marry someone one even half as amazing and generous as you.

    I love your family so much and just the way you and Ali support each other and have each other’s backs is so beautiful and just want to say thank you for everything you guys do. See you on Home and Family Ali!

    Have a beautiful day with your sweet fam 🙂

  19. Omg I loved reading this!! Not only was it beyond sweet, but you can really get a good vibe on his personality just by reading this sweet blog. He reminds me a lot of my husband. LOVED THIS

  20. Hi Ali and Kevin! This such a sweet gesture from a husband to his wife! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and watched Ali as the Bachelorette! She was one of my favorites on the show! Your kids are adorable and I love Owen too! Keep up the great work and know how much your appreciated by everyone out there!

  21. I love that Kevin did this for you. My husband and I had a coffee shop while I had two of our kids and there were days I was sooo sick and he would just kiss my forehead and tell me he has it. And he would work all day for the both of us. We have great men!! ❤️

  22. Oh my goodness – I love this post!! 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of the pictures and info – I’m planning to order a few for my husband!! I wish your family love and happiness from New York 🙂

  23. You and Kevin are an awesome team! I love how you work together each and every day! My husband and I divide the chores during the week as well which helps us maximize our time together on the weekends. I do the laundry and he folds. I cook dinner and he does the dishes. You guys are an awesome team, love this post!

  24. Hi Kevin and Ali

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your perfectly imperfect life. I for one love seeing all the things good or bad it makes us all so much more relatable. Keep doing what you do it obviously works and your love for each other and your perfect little family shines through.

  25. Hey Kevin and Ali!
    1st. This is my first time commenting even though I’ve been following Ali on social media and her blog for like 4 years now…wow! I think I can’t even remember how I ended up following her, but here I am. I love how you mix your love for beauty, fashion and lifestyle with YOUR ACTUAL REAL LIFE, that as we all humans know is not always pretty or “instagramable”
    And, this is what I love about this post, it’s about the pretty things for Nordstrom in a very real scenario. Life as backdrop of fashion is always my favorite.

    2nd of all, I just want to say that even though I’m not married and don’t have any kids, I find all of your posts SO RELATABLE. They work for me even though we have very different lives, and I find that so interesting and I wanna congratulate you for that. You manage to use things from your day to day life and make it work for us who have different lifestyles. I think this is the reason why you’re my favorite “influencer”.

    Anyways…thanks Kevin for the lovely update and thank you Ali for always keeping it REAL AND BEAUTIFUL at the same time. You are #goals.

    Best from all the way from Mexico City.

    Much Love,


  26. Hi Guys!!

    Love this post, I’ve been following you both for a while now and love the balance you guys have. It really grinds my gears when people give Ali a hard time because of your roles at home. My parents have the same “roles” as you guys and it works for them and has for 45 years. That’s saying a lot considering my Dad comes from the “men should work, women should be in the kitchen” generation. You can see how much Ali appreciates you and all you do for her and vice versa! Wishing you guys all the best!!

  27. I absolutely loved reading your post Kevin. My husband and I have been married for 19 years and I couldn’t live without him. When two people love each other you just make it all work out. There is just no effort to it. You have a very special relationship and two absolutely adorable children. I get on yours and Ali’s insta stories everyday to just see them. Before you know it they will be 16 and 18.😉

  28. I just LOVE this post!!! My husband and I do things very similar to the Manno household and it’s refreshing that we’re not the only ones! Sometimes we get the odd looks because our roles may not be the most “traditional” but honestly we’re a team and the way we divvy up things works best for us and our family and that’s what matters most. Thanks for a great post Kevin!

  29. I love reading your blogs Ali! And I do love when Kevin takes over for a blog post. I hope he does it again. I appreciate your realness when it comes to life and family. I can relate in so many ways. Tell Kevin that I do listen to his morning show! I’m so glad it’s on my radio in my little Florida town

  30. My love language is acts of service so this act speaks volumes for me. Everyone deserves a Kevin Manno in their life! I love the teamwork and “breaking the mold” of stereotypical husband/wive roles. My husband is a stay at home dad and we have to constantly explain that it’s 2019 and it’s what works for our family!! Love your posts here and on social media!!

  31. Kevin & Ali,

    Thank you so much for this post on so many levels! I love your discussion about the division of labor in your house: my husband and I joke about “blue jobs” and “pink jobs” in our house, because we don’t follow traditional gender roles either! My husband also does a majority of the laundry, I do most of the daily maintenance housekeeping (vacuuming, wiping down counters, etc), we split cooking & major cleaning. It’s so important to show that this is normal! Let’s get rid of those out-of-date guidelines!!

    I also love you discussing your Henley shirt! We named our daughter Henley, and my husband and son both LOVE to wear their Henley shirts and tell people the shirt was named for our daughter (who’s one, by the way) 😂

    And finally, thank you for recognizing when Ali needed this break and just stepping in. There may be no better love language – knowing your partner well enough to anticipate their needs. You two are awesome and I love hearing your story (both here and on Kevin’s show).

    Keep inspiring! You’re doing great!

  32. Hi Kevin and Ali!

    This is my first post, but I’ve actually been following you guys for a while ever since I started listening to Kevin on the radio during my morning drive! Our house is split the same way, except I do the laundry. My husband knows how exhausted I am during the week when I teach so he handles the “day-to-day” operations including cooking. I help out with big cleaning on the weekends and handle the bills as well.

    Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  33. This is beyond the sweetest blog ever! You guys are the best! Love watching the instagram.stories as well. Job well done!!

  34. I am a 104.3 fan of Kevin’s (ya’ll got me through my mornings at a terrible job!!!) and then followed Ali. I’ve never even watched The Bachelor but enjoy Ali’s bargains and your kids are just adorable! My daughters are grown and it brings back memories of those amazing but tough days! We didn’t have phones to document everything so sometimes that makes me nostalgic. Anyway-this post was so cute! Marriage isn’t 50/50…it’s 100% each way and you guys are a great example to keep giving. I’ve been married 30 years and still learning. 😉 😀

  35. I loved this blog post! I loved hearing (or reading) your day to day roles as a couple, and I loved when Kevin said he loves writing you notes because he knows how much you love them.. heart melted!

  36. Aww Kevin, you know how to make a girl swoon!! This blog post is everything and I totally get why it gave Ali all the feels. <3 Ali’s hard work and passion for her family is evident. As it is with you!
    Thank YOU! There are definitely not enough men like you in this world. I’m blessed to have snagged one myself. The world is lucky to have parents like you raising a little boy who will grow up knowing how a lady should be treated. #lovemesomemannos

  37. What a great post, Kevin!! The world can see, why Ali truly appreciates you. What a beautiful little family you have. God Bless you all.

  38. I have been following you since you were the bachelorette and have seen so much growth and you, it has been a joy to watch! You are one of the most genuine that I’ve seen and I was so happy when you found Kevin and started your family. My husband is the yin to my yang as well, and Our life has many ups and downs but we complement each other in the most important of ways! Continue to take that path and remember to breathe sometimes. That’s the mom in me, I don’t want to see you burn out our life has many ups and downs but we complement each other in the most important ways! Continue to take that path and remember to breathe sometimes. That’s the mom in me, I don’t want to see you burn out 😉 Thanks for the post, Kevin!

  39. Love you guys! It is awesome to see how you work together to make your life work My husband and I recently celebrated our 31 year wedding anniversary and through the years we have figured out our balance similar to what you and Ali are doing. Family first, open communication, fun and laughter is what works for us.

    Best wishes!

  40. Ali you have the best husband ever! Ha! I love that you have a great balance and that you guys split things up that work best for you both.

  41. I loved this post! Ali, you found a real gem. Also, the henley was my favorite pick of the outfits. All great choices though 🙂

  42. Ali + Kevin,

    This post was so sweet! Probably one of my faves. Ali, I can tell just from your Instagram how busy you are so how awesome that he did this for you! You guys have the sweetest family and I’m so glad you share it with all of us! Would love to see more posts from Kevin in the future. Really loved hearing how you two work together as a team. I think it’s really inspiring and something I hope to experience when I get married one day! Thanks again for sharing. ❤️

  43. Kevin & Ali,
    That is so super sweet & thoughtful of you to do that for Ali! You guys are adorable and your family is the sweetest! The Henley looks like a great shirt! I might have to get something like that for my man! Hope you all are having a phenomenal Friday!💕

  44. Ali really got a good one when she married you!! And your from the Chicago area, like me, so I definitely know you’re a good guy!!

  45. I loved this post! Great job Kevin-super sweet! Also, I LOVE how you mentioned all of the things that the both of you do to make your marriage and life work. My husband helps me so much around the house doing dishes and cooking dinner and my friends think it’s crazy! It is what works for you and your family that matters 🙂

  46. Not sure if Ali will read this or Kevin… ( since he wrote it) but!!!

    I have been a fan of Ali since she was on the Bachelorette. I follow both Ali and Kevin on Instagram and i get excited to see Molly and Riley being posted! A smile crosses my face with Molly’s vocabulary and Riley’s waddle as he adventures around! so thank you for sharing.

    Ali, you are so sweet and i love how much you life you have left after witnessing so much heartbreak. Not sure if you will understand my next statement but i’m gonna try.
    Have you ever watched a TV (when would you have time?) and loved someone that you would do anything to meet and be life long genuine friends with? That is how i feel toward you. I idolize you so much. Its so fun to follow your life and your story. i love the life you have created and will only dream of meeting you one day!

    This weekend i turn 27…. and boy do i feel it. When you are young, you are careless and take risks. Today, i feel like i am running out of time. I catch myself living in fear that i wont get to experience it ” all”. I just hope one day i will sit down with my partner and be grateful for the team i hope to have; just like you and Kevin.

    Thank you for all the love you have. We need more people in the world like you! Kevin, thanks for being such a helpful and loving husband and father.

    ~Sarah Stephens
    (one of the Manno Families biggest fans)!

  47. Oh I love a man who does laundry !!! My hubby does it too. Marriage is about teamwork and you two exemplify it . I have been married 26 years and it really does not seem like that long so we are doing something right . You were my favorite batchlorette!! 😘😘love you guys!!

  48. Very well written! Just love following both of you and admiring your family values! Keep up the good work! Life is hard to juggle work, family, self and spouse and you both do amazing jobs! 🥰

  49. I just want to say I love y’all blog and it’s really sweet when we get to here from you Kevin. I leave cards and notes in my husbands planner, work bag or any place I know he is going to eventually find it. He loves getting them as well as I love giving them to him. My husband travels for work so very important for me to let him know how much we love him for all his sacrifices he does for his family. It is always awesome to have a spouse that chips in around the house. Keep doing what your doing Kevin it means the world to her and I know makes you feel good as well.

  50. Oh my gosh, what a gem you are Kevin. So thoughtful and kind. I have no doubt Ali appreciates all the little things (and big things) you do for her on a daily basis. And I know that you appreciate all the things she does for you and the kids.

    I always enjoy reading the blog and really look forward to hearing about Ali’s secret project…. hopefully on Monday:)

  51. Great job Kevin!! You guys are my favorite Instagram couple cuz you keep it so real. I look forward to seeing your posts daily! Ali, enjoy the break today. Xo

  52. Kevin!! Such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do
    I don’t read Ali’s blog..not because I don’t want to but because I don’t read any blogs. I don’t have the time! But I do love to follow along on Instagram and I popped over here to read this post – I just had to!
    Loved it 😁

  53. Hi!

    I read your blog all the time but this is the first time I’ve been compelled to comment.

    This is one of my favorite posts ever! I love seeing couples supporting each other, especially outside of what many people think are “normal” roles. You guys are adorable and I always appreciate you being candid and real.

    Keep sharing your love – the world needs more of that!

  54. Hey guys! This post is amazing, I love how well you are partners in everything! Ever since I became a mom (only 2 months ago lol) I have really related to your posts more and I especially love when I can see how you guys manage your household and give me/my husband ideas. I can’t tell you how many times I make him stop and watch your instagram stories or read a post because I love it so much! Thank you for being so open about sharing your journey, you’re really helping other first time moms!

  55. Hi! I just have to say this is the sweetest! Thanks for always keeping it real. I just love reading your blog!

  56. Thanks for keeping it real! So enjoyed the post today! Every family is different and we all make it work somehow! Continue to show us the great times and also those not so great times! Makes us all feel like we are not failing😊

  57. So well done. You both are so lucky to have each other and what a great example for Molly and Riley

  58. Aw this is super sweet! You two are so lucky to have each other! Every household runs differently and in their own unique way. It’s all about balance and together you two have found a system that works! If people find it odd – oh well! Your kids are loved day in and day out by two parents giving their all to make their life beautiful. That’s what matters most!

    Love the breakdown of the clothes! Makes me want to shop for my hubby!

    All the best Ali & Kevin !

  59. Love this post. I love that you write her notes. My husband will write me notes and buy me scratch tickets. He knows they are my favourite thing. The little things really mean everything.
    Thanks for sharing

  60. Oh my gosh.Probably won’t get this but I can’t help but admire the teamwork in your relationship. You two are so blessed, sometimes I know you can’t see it but we all out here in cyber land do. Bless you both.

    – Terry

  61. First off this post is great and refreshing. Also I’m always curious about how your photos always look so beautiful and fresh. I know this was a photo shoot but does your friend take all your pics or is this a filter, certain camera or does your home just have the most beautiful lighting?

  62. Ali really is such an amazing lady and so carefree. I loved her when I saw her on the bachelor way back. Such a sweet beautiful lady. Way to go Ali, you got this!!!

  63. You are truly an inspiration to many and Kevin you are an amazing husband father and obviously her best friend! Great post! Loved reading it! Amy

  64. This was so sweet! I love that you guys have such a great relationship and are there for each other sharing the duties of life! I love reading the blog and Kevin did a great job! My husband is a great helper around the house too. I would never sleep if I had to do it all on my own! Keep up the great work guys!❤❤❤

  65. Hi Ali! Love your instagram & blog!!
    Kevin! You’re such an awesome example of a partner in a marriage! I am a stay at home mom to a 1 year old daughter & almost 3 year old son & my husband works full time so I basically take care of it all! I will be returning to work full time soon so I’m gonna point out this blog post to him & have him take a look…!! Lol!

  66. Love this! I’m not married & don’t have kids, but I still love following you guys. This is the cutest blog post & i like how he captioned ‘jeans i like’.

  67. OMG SO SWEET! Marriage is a balance and it is important to remember that! You two fit so well together! So happy for you both! And thank you for being real!

  68. Hi Kevin and Ali, Kevin I love your honesty and down to earth personality. I have been married to my husband for 13yrs and together for 17.
    He does the exact chores like you do and it works for us. You have a beautiful family, thank you for sharing your life with us.
    Mahalia, Montreal, Canada

  69. Hi Ali &Kevin! Great blog, Kevin! So sweet of you to take over for Ali and give her a much needed break! You are so lucky to have each other and are definitely relationship goals for many! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your beautiful family and your lives with us! Wishing you many, many more years of happiness!

  70. Hi Kevin and Ali!
    I love this post! I was thinking about this image of perfect couples that are on the internet, and I loved when you said that we only see the good version of everything.
    Love the bat-notes and love the unusual roles of the household.
    Greetings from Colombia!

  71. Thank you for this post. I am so happy to see you guys so in love and have a wonderful life together. A true great couple. 🙂 I love the clothes you have chosen from Norstrom. From a Nor. Cali fan. Much love to you guys. Erin

  72. Ali and Kevin
    This was such a sweet post! It truly shows how much you love and respect one another. I have always enjoyed reading your posts and this was such a special one!
    I couldn’t agree more that it’s those little things every day that matter and I would add laughing together too!
    Can’t wait to hear what you have in store with Bachelor nation!!

  73. Thank you for being so real and opening up your lives. Ok, so I just went shopping for my hubs!! Love all these looks. Also, thanks for the reminder about doing something nice for our partner. It’s easy to forget, and this is a wonderful reminder.

  74. You guys have such a great partnership! Thanks for letting us follow along with your sweet family.

  75. You know they say there are two Bain reasons people divorce. One is fighting about money and lack of appreciation. Well safe to say you don’t have to worry about either of those. Appreciating each other and the things my husband does is something I try my best to always do. We have always wrote little notes to each other since we were dating and now five years in our marriage we still try to keep writing little reminders of how much we appreciate them. I have kept everyone he has ever written. Sometimes I cry looking back at them. They are very precious for sure. Thank you for sharing your life with us . Love all 4 of you

  76. Very nice post from Kevin. You guys are lucky to have each other. You have a great little family. Keep doing what you’re doing, it works for you. Xoxo

  77. This is such a sweet post. Ali, you are one blessed lady. Hopefully you get a break from the busy schedule soon.

  78. This is great. I love that Kevin is so willing to jump in when needed. I love that he shared it’s okay to be a man and do the dishes/laundry, and how he said those are his strengths! I think those are wonderful strengths to have. You two are lucky to have found each other and are building such a wonderful caring family!!!!

  79. Wow! FTM and the hormones are insane but the idea of Kevin taking this upon himself just made my cry 😭 I know firsthand how imperative it is to have a partner that loves and supports every idea and project you are passionate about. I remember being 16 watching you as the Bachelorette and loving the way you carried yourself on the show. Often times social media can be a pretty tough thing but I am grateful to be able to follow you and your family and read your blog to help me not feel alone during this journey as a mom ❣️

  80. I loved the blog Kevin wrote. You are a great couple together. Love the dress, Ali!
    Hi from the Netherlands

  81. Love following y’all and hearing about your day to day! This was incredibly sweet! Xo from Austin, TX, Patsy

  82. Such a sweet blog post. I really love following you and your little family and this shows why. You seem to have such a genuine and sweet relationship. Not perfect, but genuine. Truly hope i find myself a Kevin one day.
    Love from Sweden

  83. You are the sweetest. The sweetest for writing this post and for what you said in it. You two definitely share a very special bond. I love that you took it soon yourself to write her blog! And that you also write her notes. You are so thoughtful. My husband and I used to write each other notes but then somewhere along the line we stopped. You’ve reminded me of what a wonderful feeling it was to write and receive them I think I’m going to write him one as soon as I finish this comment!

    Thank you for sharing how you balance household chores. So many people have issues trying to figure out who does what around the house to make it all run smoothly, it’s nice to know that balance can be achieved by utilizing each other’s strengths rather than stereotypes to complete tasks.

    I also want to comment on your clothing style! My husband has a small but athletic body type and has trouble finding clothes that don’t look to body on him. All your clothing choices look great on you!

    Without Ali’s fashion blog I’d probably wear sweats all day. I hate going to malls and spending hours searching for clothes. Thank goodness for Ali’s posts! Luckily, I have a similar body type to her so I know if something looks good on her it will look good on me too – mall avoided! Something about knowing that I’ve made an effort to look good also makes me feel good. Ali has changed my life! My husband is appreciative of this as well! I look forward to reading Ali’s posts and have thoroughly enjoyed reading yours too!

  84. I love reading your blog and I really liked this one. You are a very lucky gal to have a man support you and help you as much as he does
    Very nice blog 😀

  85. This is the sweetest thing, ever, for Kevin to do this for you, Ali!
    Thank you so much for your honesty & realness in your posts & everyday life!!
    I love seeing you on H & F; you are doing such a great job at it!!!!
    – @graceshappypics2001

  86. K & A-
    Great job on the blog Kevin! You two remind me so much of my husband and I. He’s been writing love notes to me for the last 35 years and I’m beyond grateful. Through all of the ups and downs of our marriage and raising two kids, we tried really hard to not lose sight of “US”. So important to nurture each other, even when life is crazy. You two are adorable!

  87. I feel for you. Sometimes blog posts can make people feel like they arent living a happy marriage based on what they see couples post on social media. No marriage is perfect. Just be careful if your husband feels threatened if you do show him this blog post. I do hope it makes him realize to step it up a bit and also realize that you do SO MUCH for your family. I do love Ali and Kevin’s way of how they manage everything…just dont let it bring you down. Social Media can be bittersweet. Im sure there are great things in your marriage and just focus on that. I also always say, every day we can grow and learn…we just have to keep an open mind and get out of our comfort zone in order to compromise. Marriage isn’t easy all the time.

  88. You Rock Kevin!!! You two take such good care of each other and your little ones! So sweet, i love it!

  89. This was the sweetest thing I’ve seen all day. You are both very lucky to have one another! And great post about the sale! 👏🏼 He’s hired

  90. I love your family and your family keeps me going every day.oh and every day I always go watch her story first

  91. I love everything about this post, but I also want to add a few things I love about you two as a couple (from Instagram observations): 1) you make each other laugh daily, 2) you are a team for each other and for your kiddos, and 3) you are best friends! I admire your relationship and am thankful you two share your lives with us!

  92. Awwwww, now that’s true love and partnership helping in time of need!!!!Like you said, “no relationship is perfect”, but you two are perfect for each other ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. You guys are so much fun to follow! I starting following Kevin though following Ally! I love how open and honest you are! You positive outlook and fun stuff you share are great! Those 2 kiddos are beyond cute I could watch them play, sing and love each other all day!! I now can’t sleep until I’ve seen their nightly dance party!

  94. This is so sweet! My husband is the laundry and cleaning man in our family as well and I am so appreciative because without him I don’t know what I’d be wearing! It’s always nice to see gender stereotypes broken because life is much easier when you’re working as a team especially with 2 young ones! Ali, I have been a fan since your Bachelor days and I’m so happy for you! I enjoy watching your children grow as mine are not much different in age (I have a 2.5 year old son and a 7 month old daughter). It’s nice to have someone to relate with as well on the crazy days of Mom life when all you want to do is hideaway with a bottle of wine! Happy summer!! Keep doing all the amazing things you do xoxo

  95. Hi Ali and Kevin!
    This post made me cry happy tears! I love the dynamic of your relationship and I always look forward to your insta stories at the end of my work day! They are so real and relatable! Thank you for being you and allowing us inside your home! <3

  96. This was beyond sweet. Thanks Kevin for loving your wife so much that you do these types of things for her. AND also for breaking down the stereotypes of spousal roles – if you love doing the laundry and dishes, go for it! You are both very blessed to have found each other.

  97. This post was beautiful! Thank you for sharing parts of your life as a couple and a family. I sincerely enjoy and look forward to both of your insta stories! They brighten my day and your kids are quite literally the best! You’re both doing an awesome job at all things life from what we get to see and are an inspiration in many ways.

    P.s. my eyes welled up reading this. Is tearing up in a Subway on my lunch break flattering? Lol… 😂

  98. I love the notes Kevin! I’m sure she’s holding on to every one of them. She and I are birthday twins and us Virgos love to organize everything…I do have an equally messy office …but I know where everything is! Love your devotion. How can I get my partner Brian to stop leaving things everywhere? Hmmmmm Drives me nuts!

  99. This was so sweet and thoughtful for him to do and he did a great job. Question about Kevin’s co-host. We had a guy named Valentine on our radio station for many years before he left and I always loved him. Wonder if it’s the same one. It was on a station in Mobile,Al.

  100. Hi Kevin & Ali, What an awesome post- so genuine and uplifting! Ali is one of the only celebs I follow and she always keeps it real! Love that you wrote about day to day stuff that is a big part of being married with kids life! ❤️

  101. It was so sweet of Keven to write this post… I love his honesty about your different rules in the household and how much Ali does and that you noticed and appreciated. It means so much when our partners are there for us and tell us that they appreciate because sometimes we do forget… You guys have an amazing relationship and a awesome family… Keep it up! And thank you for sharing.

  102. Men like Kevin are ones to treasure. I have one that helps around the house in anyway he can and I always call or text his mom to thank her hot raising such a gem!

  103. You guys are such an inspiration as a couple… I love it!!! Love watching your stories and seeing the love u have for your family 💜💜💜

  104. Kevin, this is so sweet! You and Ali are lucky to have each other. My husband is a stay-at-home dad, which people still don’t get. You’re totally right about doing what works for you and your family. I’m a listener to your radio show and podcast. Not that either of you needs one more thing on your plate, but I think that you two doing a family/work/life podcast would be super fun and interesting!

  105. I loved this post. I’m actually constantly looking at different menus clothing to surprise my hubby with. While I just recently started staying home our home dynamic is kinda similar. I no do the majority of the cleaning and Bill’s. But my husband does all the laundry. Actually he does more than that too. Hes constantly lending a hand in the kitchen and vacuuming. Its pretty much a team thing. Even with me staying home!

  106. Love this post. I’m a mother of four from capecod ma. We just had a tornado here. And your post made me remember all the little things my husband does for me. He dies the bills and I am the stay at home. Thx

  107. This is so awesome! Love following you Ali, really appreciate how genuine you (both) are. I love the notes Kevin leaves you, such a small but incredibly sweet gesture.

  108. This is so sweet! Great blog post Kevin! Love reading your blog Ali and watching the Instagram videos. I am a mom of 2 little boys (almost 3 yrs old and 7 weeks) and I love how real you are! Being working parents with kids is tough but I love seeing how other couples do it. My husband and I both have careers with busy schedules (he is a police officer for a city in the LA county area and I am a physician assistant). We use each other’s strengths to do the day to day operations too. Hope you both have a great weekend!!!

  109. This is the sweetest thing ever! I have always been an Ali fan but now I’m a Kevin fan as well! Love following your sweet fam and love that you always keep it real!

  110. Kevin – this is wonderful! Thanks for the background on how you all split house/family errands/chores too!

  111. Absolutely sweetest husband ever! I love to see healthy couples who love each other to the fullest. You’re a flipping cool dad and are a wonderful role model of what a father should be like. I absolutely enjoy seeing pictures of your beautiful family! Can’t wait to hear what Bachelor project your working on!

  112. Hi Kevin & Ali,

    I love this post! My guy does most of the cleaning at our home so Kevin you’re not the only one! It’s beautiful when couples can split the work, to me that’s how it should be. I love the videos of the kiddos they are so adorable! God bless you guys!

    Your biggest fan in South Carolina.

  113. Hi Kevin and Ali,

    I just want to say I love your little family!!! Also, My husband and I are alot like the both of you….He is more Mr. Mom while I go out and work. He is disabled so cannot hold a full time job outside of the house but he does most of the chores in our home as well. Dishes, Laundry, Dusting and Vacuuming while I work and shop and do the bills. Whatever works best for your family is what you should do…We don’t stress over anything and we get along great! And Kevin, you are right, I think I should do a little more for my husband (writing notes) to remind him how appreciative I am of everything he does for me….xoxo

  114. I wish there was a like button for this post be because it is too darn sweet and so kind that he recognizes all you do!

  115. Wow! You two are both truly blessed to have each other! Every marriage is so different and what works, really works. And yours really is working, you can see that. I’ve been married 41 years this year and I know a great one when I see it. Sending much love to you and those beautiful littles. ❤️

  116. 😭😭😭 🥰🥰🥰🥰 beautifully written…. I follow alli because of you kevin… you help make my mornings … I transitioned from the other la radio station about a year ago … because of ryan …. I followed ellen k for a brief moment then put it all together and found 104.3 and honestly the station hardly ever changes now! Thank you for sharing your lives….

  117. I read this entire post and I loveee so many things about it. I’m currently holding my 5 month old while he takes a nap and I can tell you I’m struggling with my business and balancing mom life. I would love for my husband to do something small and kind for me sometime soon, and I should for him as well. You guys are so lucky to have each other and are inspiring in everything you do.


  118. I totally agree Ali, HE’S A KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you guys and I so enjoy being a part of everything you share! God bless you all!

  119. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with us! What a supportive, great husband and father. Love the blog and cute menswear! Your posts are always such a pleasure to see and read, nice little break in the day from my own munchkins!

  120. So awesome of Kevin to write this post for you! The dress looks so beautiful on you Ali! Thanks for sharing about each of your household duties! It’s so nice to hear another couples perspective about their families dynamic. My husband is a LEO and also a REservist in the Coast Guard. I basically run all of our household duties. He works so hard outside the home as I do inside the home raising our 2 boys.
    Great post Kevin 👍🏼

  121. I love what you wrote Kevin and yes no one is perfect but the two of you make one great couple. Your home is beautiful and so are your children. Keep doing what works for you and appreciating each other.

  122. This is the sweetest. Reminds me of the movie Greenbook where the main character writes letters back to his wife while he is on the road.

  123. I’m still getting used to the website and totally scrolled all the way down looking for the comment box 🙂

    But just wanted to say I loved loved this & it moved me to tears. Marriage and balancing work and kids is so hard but you guys are awesome motivation. Thank you for showing us and BEING real.

  124. What a lovely post Kevin and Ali- and to be honest, I teared up reading it because it’s such a beautiful look into the respectful, adoring relationship that you have together. As a young person, I hope to someday have a partnership that is as strong and supportive as what you both have. PS- I think the new web design is great 🙂 🙂 !!

  125. First of all: Kevin, you need to teach ‘How to Husband Best’ Classes because you are a truly amazing partner. I appreciate that you two don’t have stereotypical roles in your house but rather the roles that suite your strengths. Secondly, I recently moved to AZ and I miss your morning show so much! It was always a bright spot in my commute. Lastly, Ali you are crushing this Boss Mom world!! I just wanted to thank you for being so real and honest with your posts especially so on the days where the struggle bus in full force. Your resilience is truly inspiring. Thank you both for being such positive parts of my day!!

  126. Thanks for helping Ali Kevin! That was super sweet! Love reading your post. Can’t wait to read the post on Monday to find out what the super secret project is! Have a great weekend!

  127. You guys are truly couple goals. 🙌 Thank you for sharing your lives and being so open and honest!

  128. We all need a Kevin in our lives. Y’all are a beautiful couple that make the cutest babies together. Hugs

  129. Ok wow!! This just makes me want to go home and do something nice and thoughtful for my husband! Thank you for the simple reminder that we all need every now and then. 🙂

  130. Great job!! You rock as a husband. Ali, I just want to say I love you ( as I’m currently wearing my first pair of Walmart jeans, so thank you). You’ve got a real keeper there. Keep it up love you guys.

  131. Kevin Kevin…you are the most awesome hubby ever!! I sure cant brag about my hubby and all he does in the household chores but that being said…he built our home 35 years ago and recently finished the entire basement in to a 2 bedroom apartment for our disabled son so I guess I should brag a little eh?
    You are doing a wonderful job splitting the chores as you should be…in my mind. Ali does keep busy and so busy I hope she doesnt end her blogging.
    THX for helping her out and giving her a break today. She will love u forever. Anxious to see what she is doing for Bachelor news. Sooo addicted hubby and I…at age 72…love stories we say.
    Btw I love your new duds…they look perfect on handsome you. Go relax and you and Ali and kids have a wonderful weekend.
    Sending huggs to all….miss you Ali but Kevin has taken over and given you a break and we all will enjoy seeing him again soon. Hugggs

  132. Love you guys and keeping it real and just the way it is and it works, he is your Sunshine and you are his Daisy 🌼💐🌼

  133. I love your blog and love that Kevin is so supportive. Keep that going. Your kiddo’s are so fun to watch on Instagram and you can tell they are well loved. Have a blessed day both of you!
    Love from Texas!

  134. Hi guys!! This was so thoughtful:) i love watching your laughter together and the friendship you and Kevin share!!
    Hugs from me to you!!!

  135. Hi Ali & Kevin,
    I absolutely love how you both work as a team and what an amazing team you make! Ali, I have been following you since your Bachelor debut and now being a first time mum I look forward to your Instagram stories and blog posts even more! Thank you both for sharing your lives with us! Sending you all lots of love from Sydney, Australia xx

  136. This is seriously so cute. Relationships totally work best when you are a team and you guys have got it goin on! X

  137. Hi Ali and Kevin!

    I’m a big fan of Valentine in the morning and listen every morning (money up! French Friday) and I actually found your blog, Ali, through Kevin. You two are great and watching Molly and Riley on both your IG stories put a smile on my face. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your lives with us.

    Take care!

  138. This is the sweetest ever!! What a great husband (Ali you’re a great wife too!). My husband is similar – he’s always doing the chores that I don’t have time for and I frequently bite off too much haha. What keeps us sane is having a solid partner to navigate this crazy world with. 😘

  139. Such a sweet post!! All the clothes look great and I always love the honesty about social media vs real life. I also love Ashley’s photography style. 😊

  140. Love this post! Thank you for sharing your life with us. You guys remind me of my husband and I. We have the same roles as you and it works for us. Our kids are now 17 & 18 so it’s not as hectic now but we sure make a great team! I always look forward to your posts and Kevin, I listen to the show every weekday morning. I’m often laughing by myself in my office while listening to you guys. Have a great weekend! Ali, get some rest and drink lots of wine!

  141. You guys are amazing. That has to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen a partner do. By the way what size is Ali dress. It says it runs small to order 2 sizes larger.
    Kevin looks great in all the clothes.
    You both are an inspiration to other couples. I have been s fan of Ali since her time on bachelor. I love her style.

  142. Ok. Wiping the tears away. What a sweet loving man you have. Kept hearing about what Kevin did so I had to check it out. What an amazing man. You both are wonderful people and how your love for one another just compliments each of you. Your kids are also a reflection you each of you. They are two beautiful kids. Molly reminds me so much of my daughter at her age. She used to read books all the time and when I would read to her I guess I would lick my finger to turn the page and she did too. Lol! Riley is like my son. My son would wake up and be very content in his crib and would give me a big smile when I came in to get him. He was a very easy going boy. My kids are 29 and 26 and still at home. They trying to save to move out but everything is so expensive in Cali. Totally enjoy all your post. Many times you make my day with a smile. Thank you for sharing your life and family.😍💕

  143. Wow!!! great Job Kevin! Kevin and Ali,
    This brought tears to my eyes. You two compliment each other and work together as a team. Most couples can’t do what you two do. This brings so much joy and happiness to my heart seeing you two and what you do for one another.. It takes two people working together to make a marriage work now a days. It’s nice to see two people whom love each other to really make a marriage work. I wish you both the best life the this world offers. Continue making each other happy and work together as a couple and you will always have the best marriage in this life.
    I wish more couples have what you two have but they don’t because a lot of people give up way to soon on each other and that’s when there marriage fails. I cherish both of you and wish you both much happiness…

  144. Wow! What an amazing post 🙂 I read yours all the time but love the ones where Kevin makes an appearance but that’s true love right there and it’s so inspiring! I value all the ups and downs you share because you both are right, no one is perfect and real things happen. Thanks again! Enjoy life to the fullest 🙂

  145. I cried reading this!! Anytime my boyfriend does anything unexpected it makes me so happy!! I’m a huge fan of Kevin because I love their radio show, But Ali you are a true champ!! And honest mother and wife that keeps it real and I love that!! Now days every one pretends to have a perfect life/relationship and it’s just not true!! So thank you for always being true. Love and blessings ♥️

  146. You two are freaking awesome. With a crazy work schedule and 2 young children, I am sure life is no where near perfect. However, you two work really well together to make the relationship as strong as it is, it is rare and please don’t lose it. Couple goals right there!

    Kevin you are awesome. Without you being so supportive we wouldn’t be blessed with all that Ali shares with her readers.

    Thanks for being candid, relatable, and putting your life out there. I hope you get nothing but support from your fans and readers.

    Btw-love this clothing Kev picked out and the change up on focusing on men’s clothing.

    Ali- you are beautiful.

  147. Hi Kevin and Ali
    I def teared up reading this post ! I love how you guys divide your household chores ! What a great hubby you have ! Love the advice of doing something nice and unexpected ! I always look forward to your blog post !

    1. Six small in shirts? And that’s sexy???? My 12 year old little brother wears size small!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  148. Hi Ali!
    I didn’t know whether you ever heard about Malaysia but i’m such a huge fan since you had been a part of bachelor nation. You’re inspired me everytime i read about your blog. I’m still single but i do love to have such a beautiful family of yours someday. And knowing you through instagram and your blog reminds me a true love will come at the right time. Thank you Ali 😊

  149. Thank you for sharing! I don’t think there is anything more inspiring to engaged or newlywed couples than this blog post. Mutual respect and admiration are paramount in a lasting relationship / marriage. Thanks again for sharing. Blessings to your sweet family 😊

  150. Wow! Reading this has me in tears as well! Makes me miss my hubby even more! (He works out of town 3 weeks at a time and then he’s home 3 week) . I have been following you both for a long time and love watching you with the kids – they are the most adorable children!
    Don’t work too hard! Can’t wait to see what the big secret is – HUGE bachelorette/bachelor fan!!! 😆
    Have a great weekend Mano family! 😊

  151. What a great post. And what a great team! I love seeing Kevin included in your stories and Instagram posts, it’s fun to see how you guys share your lives together and how normal it all is. I also look at it from the point of your kids and just have to say they have wonderful parents.

  152. Kevin,
    It shows…..You were raised right kiddo! Your parents set a great example and you have learned well!

    We love being able to see what a wonderful life you have! ❤️

  153. You both are so lucky to have each other! 😘😘😘 What a sweet post, Now I want to listen to Kevin on IheartRadio. Awesome teamwork guys! Good on breaking stereotypes, my husband and I are a bit like that as well, So I can totally relate.

  154. This was so sweet. I remember you on Bachelorette and it makes me so happy to see you found your true love. You seem to work well together. Great post Kevin! 🙂

  155. Hi Ali and Kevin! I don’t typically comment on the inter webs (haha) but this post was too sweet not to comment on! You guys are a great team! I loved Kevin’s post, it was so easy to read and so special for you, Ali. Keep up the great teamwork, you guys got this!

  156. Kevin- where did you get the board shorts you wore in Hawaii that have just outline of pastel flowers? I have searched everywhere. Thanks Tammy

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