A Jam Packed Summer Affordable Friday!

To me, the very best Affordable Fridays have a great pair of denim. Because it’s summer, I not only wanted to have a great pair of jeans, but also a great pair of denim shorts! Oh my gosh, do I have incredible pairs of both for you in today’s blog post! Let’s get into it!

Amazing Affordable Denim

First, I have to talk about these jeans. They’re by Sophia Vergara and only $25. I told you guys in my last post that I think Sophia Vergara makes the most amazing clothes for women’s bodies and I stand by that. Oh my gosh, I cannot even explain to you how good these jeans make your butt look. I love them so so so so so much! Get them ASAP. They’re true to size and come in sizes 0 through size 20. Also read the reviews – there’s over 40 of them and they are super positive!


How to Wear Long Denim Shorts

Now let’s talk about the shorts. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why I never really loved shorts with a long inseam. Like I’d see other people wearing them and love them on them, but not on me and I finally figured out why. You have to pair shorts that are on the longer side with a belt! It makes them look so much better, so cute and high-end. I actually bought a few different pairs of denim shorts hoping to find one good pair for this post. These denim shorts by Sophia Vergara beat them all! Even the Levi’s ones I bought. They come in size 00 and go up to size 22! So I love that they are size inclusive and they’re under $20. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I didn’t start with that. $20 shorts that are amazing! Read the reviews and I’ll also go ahead and link the $10 belt I’m wearing with them. Such a cute look together. I plan on wearing these denim shorts with a white button up and cute loafers when I wanna look more dressed up for something but still want to wear denim shorts.


Perfect Lightweight Summer Pant

That leads me to another pair of pants that I think you need! These blue pants are only $19 and the perfect summer pants! I know a lot of people don’t love to wear shorts in the summer so I wanted to make sure that I had a lightweight option that would be as comfortable as wearing shorts in terms of heat in the summer, but still cover your legs and these pants are it! They come in size 2 size 20 and they’re super lightweight! I absolutely love them! I originally got my normal, size but I thought they were a little big so I actually sized down in these. But the reviews are saying that they’re true to size or they even sized up so I would start with your normal size and if it doesn’t work, you can always exchange. Walmart returns are so easy. I do it all the time.

Mixing and Matching

The pants can really go with anything, but I wanted to show you guys what they looked like with this colorful top! I feel like this is a really cute modern take on a Hawaiian shirt. Check out the shirt because it comes in other prints and has over 60 super positive reviews. Plus as always, it size inclusive and comes in size XS to XXXL.

 1. PANTS | 2. TOP | 3. SNEAKERS

I also wanted to show you the pants with another top so I paired them with this $12.98 tank top. You might recognize this tank top because I also have an in pink and posted about it the other day. I just love the fit of it and how lightweight and flowy is for summer so I decided to get it in this print as well! But I definitely think you can size down one in this one. I’m wearing a size small, which is my normal size but it’s a little big so I probably would get extra small in the future.


Sticking with mixing and matching pieces, I’m going to show you the same shirt with a different pair of bottoms! You might also recognize these shorts because I have them in pink and shared them in my last Affordable Friday. They’re only $16.98 and the perfect short! They have over 300 reviews and they are all super positive so definitely go check those out! They have a stretchy waist, so they’ll fit a lot of different body types in an a-line cut, which I love. I just love that the olive green color goes with so many things in your wardrobe.


Summer Dresses

Okay, let’s move onto some dresses! I thought I would start with my favorite, but as I started looking at all these different dresses, I literally love them all so much so I can’t even pick a favorite.

Chic Black Vacay Dress

So I’m gonna go ahead and start with this black one because I think it is insanely stunning! This dress is the most expensive thing in the Affordable Friday at $40. But absolutely a steal at $40. I think this dress looks like it’s a $400 dress. It would be absolutely perfect to wear to a nice dinner on vacation or any nice event. Wearing sandals makes it great for vacation, but putting out a pair of heels would make it great for a nice formal event. I’m wearing a size small, which is my normal size so it’s true size. I paired with this $6 necklace, $5 bracelethttps://liketk.it/4IQLb, and this super cute crossbody bag that is only $18.98. I feel like it looks designer. I love it. I also meant to put on these $13 gold plated earrings for this look. But I forgot to for these pictures. But I own these as well and I plan on packing them for our summer trips this summer – along with this whole outfit.


Floral Strapless Summer Dress

This next dress is also perfect for a dinner on vacation. Or really doing anything on vacation. It’s by Sophia Vergara. Again I love her clothes! It’s only $26 and oh my gosh does this dress have amazing reviews! If you don’t wanna take my word for it, go check out the over 180 positive reviews on Walmart site. It’s stretchy in the shoulders and in the waist, so it will be super comfortable and fit a lot of different body types. It’s available in sizes extra small to XXXL.


July 4th Outfit

Now moving onto something still very put together, but not quite as formal/fancy and that’s this top and skirt combo. This top is on clearance right now for only $9 so get it quick because things on clearance tend to go fast. It’s so beautiful. It’s ribbed so even though it’s fitted it’s very flattering and the scallop hem along the edges is so beautiful. I’m wearing my normal size which is a size small. It’s true size and pair with $24 blue and white skirt. I feel like this look altogether would be perfect for Fourth of July with a red shoe or a red bag or even just a red lip! So if you have something like a brunch or an event to go to that day, this would be a perfect outfit.

1. TOP | 2. SKIRT | 3. WEDGES

Beach Dress

I will end with the most casual of the dresses and that’s this $19 summer dress. Most of the reviews are positive. Some people say that it’s big and to size down. I’m wearing a size small, which is my normal size but I definitely think I could’ve probably sized down as well. So if you’re worried about it being big, I’d say size down. But oh my gosh everything about this dress is amazing. The fabric seems expensive to me. It’s like this gorgeous linen. I love the detail of the rope and the tassels on the sleeve, which are fully adjustable and how you can adjust the waist.

  1. DRESS | 2. SANDALS 

In fact, I think the dress looks just as beautiful not cinched in at the waist as it does tight at the waist. So I’ll show you some photos below of it not tied so if you want something really fluffy and comfortable this dress is for you! It comes in size is extra small to XXXL.

  1. DRESS | 2. SANDALS 

Cover ups

Lastly, I wanted to show you some really cute coverups and of course, a fun swimsuit!

Olive Green Suit and Coverup

This 1st combo looks so chic and expensive, but of course it’s not. The swimsuit is only $26 and size inclusive. It comes in size as extra small to 3X and comes in a bunch of different colors! I really loved this olive color, but there’s so many beautiful colors and prints so definitely go check them out on Walmart’s site! It has over 170 positive reviews! So check those out as well!


I paired it with the super affordable jewelry that I love and have. The $6 necklace, $5 bracelet slack, and $11 sunny. Then I threw on this $24 white cover-up. It also has incredible reviews. Over 100 of them so check them out. It’s available and sizes extra small to 3X and comes another colors. It’s so cute and easy to throw on and I love the material.


Colorful Cover-up

And last, but at least oh my gosh, how fun is this cover-up. It’s in junior sizing so definitely size up one in this. I’m wearing a size medium. But I love love love it! It’s so colorful and fun and I love bright colors when it comes to swim. All the reviews are positive except for one saying that it ran small. That person might not realize that it’s junior sizing. So definitely size up one in this.


I’ll also link the swimsuit that I’m wearing underneath for you guys (it’s size inclusive!).

OK, that’s it for me. I hope you absolutely loved this Affordable Friday! I think it is so so so good. I almost turned it into two Affordable Fridays because I felt like it was way too much good stuff for just one post. But I decided to leave it as one post and give you guys one of the best Affordable Fridays ever! I hope you love, love love! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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