Summer/Vacation Affordable Friday!

Hi friends! Welcome to Affordable Friday! This Affordable Friday is all about great affordable items for either vacation or just summer in general! So I hope you love and find some pieces that you absolutely love!

Swimsuits that I Love!

I have to start with this hot pink suit. Oh my gosh, am I obsessed! When I ordered it online, I thought it was going to be more of a light pink based on the pictures on the website. But the color is definitely much more of a bright pink, which I love! I’m wearing a size small, which is my normal size and it fits perfectly! I love the ribbing on it because ribbing on a swimsuit is always super flattering and it just fits so beautifully! It’s only $26. Trust me on this one, get this suit! it sizes XS to XXL.


This next suit is also an absolute favorite of mine! I often wear a similar suit to this that is way more expensive and I get asked about all the time! This one looks so similar and the top is under $10 and the bottom is only $16.98. The bottoms are true to size. I got a size small, which is my normal size and the compression is so great, the ribbing is slim, and I love how high waisted they are. They come in size extra small to XXL. The top is a juniors top, so I sized up one in it and it fits really well. However, I do think if you are busty you might want to size up 2 sizes in this top. I am a B Cup, and the medium fits me great.


I paired the suit with this gorgeous chunky necklace. It’s only $6.88 and this three-piece bangle bracelet that’s only $5.88. Definitely snag these 70s style sunglasses for under $12!

There’s also the super fun yellow suit! I actually think the suit would be better if you did have a bigger bust. I’m wearing the size medium in the top because it’s junior sizing and I felt like I didn’t quite fill it out. But I just love the little daisy detail on the side so I wanted to share it. I’m wearing the yellow matching bottoms underneath and paired with these Free Assembly shorts that are only $18.


The shorts come in size 0 to size 20 and I love love love them! They’re on the longer side which is nice, but I do feel like they run a tad big. So you might want to consider sizing down one if you want them to be a true high waist. They are a bit sheer just FYI! So these are great vacation shorts to wear with your swim stuff or you just have to make sure you wear nude underwear. I’m actually wearing light blue underwear and in future pictures in this blog where I’m wearing shorts with the tiger stripe tank and you can’t see the light blue through the shorts. So I really think it also depends on your comfort level with slight sheerness.

Swimsuit Coverups

I also want to share a couple coverups! Oh my gosh, both of them are incredible, and both under $20! This first one truly makes me feel like a 70s goddess! I feel like everything I’m wearing in these photos look so expensive and I’m so excited to wear this to the pool on our vacation coming up. I’m wearing the small/medium size. But it also comes into other sizes going up to XXXL. Also, read the reviews because people are raving about it! It’s incredible!


I paired it with the same necklace, bracelet, and sunglasses that I did with the two-piece bathing suit above. You’ve got to get these accessories because they’re fabulous!

And then the second cover-up is this wrap. It’s $17.97 and so amazing. The material is ridiculously soft. Truly, I want to sleep with it like a blanket because I love it so much. I really think it looks designer. In fact, somebody else in the reviews also mentioned that they think it looks designer. It’s just so gorgeous in person. I paired it with his black bathing suit that I got from Walmart and shared in a past Affordable Friday. But you could wear this with any black bathing suit and it would look so chic!


Patterned Top

For this next look, I feel like these pictures don’t even do it justice.  The day I was shooting this, I felt like the video of the outfit was so much better than the photos looked for some reason, so I decided to take more the next day. So these first photos are the original ones I took and the next day I wanted to show you the top with a pair of high waisted jeans.


OK, so let’s talk about the top. It’s under $8 and oh my gosh, so expensive looking! Truly, I cannot get over the price. I thought based on the photos on the website that it would have kind of a weird fit, but it doesn’t at all! It fits beautifully and is true size. I’m wearing a size small and it comes in sizes extra small to XXXL. Also, I highly recommend reading the reviews because so many other people are raving about how amazing it is. One person says it fits like a crop top, but I could not disagree more. It has great length and I’m easily able to tuck it into my shirts. I’m honestly very confused by that comment.

I paired it with an $17 pair of Free Assembly shorts from Walmart. These are the same shorts I was wearing with the yellow bikini top above. I just love this look together, especially with the jewelry and the sunglasses all paired together. I also put on these slip on sandals that I’ve talked about in past Affordable Fridays that I love so much.

Just wanted to show you how cute it is also paired with high waisted jeans!

1. TOP | 2. JEANS

A Moment for Color

Another fun shorts look is the super colorful top and these pink shorts! I got these shorts in both the pink and olive color. They are great a-line cut and have a stretchy waistband so they’ll fit lots of different waist sizes. So whether your figure is pear or apple shaped, these shorts should work for you! They also have almost 255 star reviews so check those out as well. If you want to get other peoples opinion on them with different body types, that’s a great place to check too!  They come in sizes 2 to size 20. The top that I’m wearing is only $11 and just so much fun. I love the color and I love halter tops in general. Plus, this top has good length so if you don’t like tucking things in and looking for a top that is not fitted, this is a really good one. It’s very flowy and comes in sizes extra small to XXXL.


I loved the print of this top so much that I decided to get this cute dress in the same print. It also has a bunch of really amazing reviews so check those out. I always think it’s good to hear from people that are different shapes and sizes  that’s often how I choose which size to purchase for myself. You could easily wear this dress without a belt, but I decided to belt it just to give myself a little waist. However, I probably should’ve used like a solid color navy belt instead of the gold, but I think the gold looks okay. The dress is also stretchy and has pockets and is the perfect dress to throw on a swimsuit on vacation. It comes in extra small to XXXL.


I also got the black-and-white version of this dress. I wish I took these pictures with a nicer black sandal. I don’t really feel like the brown goes and I probably will throw on a bolder lip if I am styling this for a night out at the beach. Maybe some gold jewelry too. But I love the dress nonetheless. I was just rushing when I took these pictures cause I had to go get the kids from camp and didn’t have a lot of time.


Pink Eyelet

This next dress is really stunning! It’s sold out in one size, but available in most sizes from extra small to XXXL and has incredible reviews. The eyelet lace cut outs are beautiful and make it look really expensive. It’s just an absolutely beautiful dress to wear to any summer occasion or event that you have. I would recommend sizing down one in the dress. I’m wearing an extra small and it fits perfect.


Ombre Pink Top

Lastly, I wanted to share this fun pink top! I was wearing a few days ago and my inbox blew up on Instagram with people asking about it! It’s true to size and available and sizes extra small to XXXL. It also comes in some other colors. But I just think this pink color is so perfect for vacation and summer in general. It reminds me of a sunset. It’s only $13! Again, check out the reviews because they are all great!


Sporty Chic

And last but not least, I wanted to share an athletic look. I feel like this one fits perfectly within this blog post because this is exactly what I want to work out in on vacation. I love the fun bright colors. The yoga pants are such a beautiful blue color, but what I love most about them are the pockets! I hike a lot with girlfriends and I always need a pocket to put my phone in so lately I’ve been buying all yoga pants with pockets. Plus, the fit and the fabric is really great.


The sports bra, believe it or not, is on sale for $4. I have no idea how and I’m sure it’s gonna sell out super fast so snag it quick! I’m small chested and got the size medium and it fits me well. So if you’re busty, this probably won’t work for you. But worth a try at $4! I love love love it! Honestly, I feel like it gives me a little shape for not having much of a chest.

Happy June!

Okay, that’s it for me. I hope you enjoyed this Affordable Friday! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you want to see any other looks from me in my next Affordable Friday. I always love to find affordable pieces that you’re on the hunt for! Happy almost summer break, hope you all get a much needed vacation, even if that means a trip to the beach for the day!

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