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Happy affordable Friday! On a Monday. I know. Once again, I’m just so excited to share this and I don’t want the items to sell out so I’m posting early this week. I wanted this affordable Friday to be focused on cozy clothes cause during the winter, I mostly just wanna be in leggings and anything comfy. I feel like that continues at least through February. But, I threw in a couple of cozy dresses as well! I also try to keep in mind that not everybody lives in the cold climate, so I threw in one sweater dress, and then one more mild-weather dress.

Two Must-Get Tops!

Chic Button Up Blouse

I truly did not know where to start with this post. I try to usually start with my favorite piece, but I have so many favorites in this one, so I’ll start with the one that I think is the most special! And that is this beautiful button-up top for under $17. I don’t love how I styled it. I think it would look better with a boot cut or skinny jean. Or even linen or dress pant. But it’s such a great top that it really works with anything! They call it a “double cloth shirt” and I think that’s maybe because of the kind of pleat that the shirt has in it. Maybe it takes twice as much fabric to make because of that? I don’t know! All I know is that the material makes this top seem so so so expensive and high-end! I truly could not love it more and I wish Walmart made it in about a dozen colors so I could buy every single one. It does come in four colors however! I got the navy and pretty ocean breeze color because I feel like I tend to gravitate towards these colors right now. But actually, I went back to the site while writing this and I decided to buy it in the strawberry patch pink color as well cause I think that would be so fun to wear as a cover-up, and with white linen pants on our vacation, this March!


I’m wearing a size small which is my normal size and it fits perfectly. I was a little worried that maybe it would have a more fitted silhouette if I got my normal size, but it still gives me that nice slightly oversized look. So definitely get your normal size! It’s available in size is extra small to XXXL.


Flowy Floral Blouses

Sticking with tops, I want to tell you about this blouse next! It’s true to size, lays beautifully, and comes in two prints and two solid colors! I love that it is available in a wide range of sizes from small to XXXL. I got it in the pink floral and blue floral. Both are a size small and it fit great so for sure true to size. You can wear it buttoned up which I like when it’s really sunny out because I frequently try to cover my chest area to protect from damage. But then I love that I can unbutton it and leave it open as a V-neck for more of a Boho feel. I just think it’s so beautiful and can be dressed down with jeans or dressed up with slacks for work. Or even a beautiful skirt!I love it and it’s under $16!


Perfect Layering Top

One more top I had to throw in. You might recognize this top because I’ve worn it a bunch and written about it a bunch in the tan color. I now have it in tan, black, and white. This shirt is only $8 and my absolute all-time favorite long sleeve layering top. It looks like at one point they had it in over 40 colors, but most of them are sold out. And I’m so bummed because I’m not even kidding you, I would buy it and almost all 40 colors if they were available. The fabric is ribbed which makes it really flattering and it just fits so beautifully making it the perfect layering piece. I’m just wearing it with jeans here but you can easily throw a cardigan over or a sweater or anything to stay warm during the winter. And then when you don’t wanna layer it, it’s just a really beautiful top. I love tucking into high waisted jeans.


Super Cozy Tunic Top

And the last top I want to share in this post, and might be the craziest of them all, is this $13 tunic top! It literally says “super soft knit tunic top” in the title of the product so let me just reiterate oh my gosh, is it super soft! It comes in sizes extra small to XXXL and I got a size medium. I do wish that I got my normal size small cause I think it would’ve fit me a little bit better but the medium fits great as well. I know this is gonna be a top that I grab continuously out of my closet because it’s so comfortable and great to wear with leggings and the perfect cozy top to wander around in this winter. I got it in black, but it comes in four colors.

One person mentioned in the reviews that it shrunk when she washed it, but I washed mine in cool water and tumbled dried it on low and it kept it’s shape. That’s how I wash all my clothes unless I’m washing whites. If I wash whites, I wash them in warm or hot water. So I think as long as you’re not washing your clothes with hot water, which I wouldn’t do for any of your clothes, you should be totally fine because mine was.


And I have to mention one more time, how soft it is cause oh my gosh, it’s so soft! Like one of the coziest things I’ve ever put on.

The Softest $15 Athletic Set!

I almost started the blog with this athletic set because I think it’s so amazing! You can get both the T-shirt and the leggings for only $15! I got three different colors in this set because I loved it so much. I know influencers tend to throw around the word “buttery soft” when talking about clothes but oh my gosh, this set is so so so buttery soft! Truly. Read the reviews to see what other people are saying about it because so many people are as obsessed with it as I am! it also comes in a few other colors for a total of eight different color sets!


I am a pear shape and I do think that the bottoms were a little bit big for pear shapes, but will be the absolute perfect leggings for apple shapes. That, even though I’m a pair shape, I’m still obsessed and plan on wearing this all the time. It’s just so cute. And when I’m wearing something I feel cute in, I like working out better. Ha! Or running errands or whatever! I pretty much plan on wearing this full-time, But with a sweatshirt over it in the cooler months. I highly recommend throwing this $10 sweatshirt on over it. I have it in multiple colors and it’s one of my absolute favorites! I’ll try to remember to take a photo of me wearing the leggings with the sweatshirt so you guys can see. But I’ll put a picture of the sweatshirt below with jeans so you can see it. It’s my favorite cut.


Two Cute and Comfy Dresses

I want to finish out the affordable Friday clothes options with two dresses! Gonna start with this sweater dress! I got it in a size small which is my normal size and it fits perfectly to wear with a belt. However, if you don’t wanna wear it with a belt, which would be equally as cute, make sure to size down one. Without the belt, I feel like it would’ve been a little bit too long on me and I’m 5’7. But, with the and my normal size it fits perfectly! You could really use any belt that you have. You can see in the pic below, that I just tied a belt in the back since the belt loop holes were for the hips (not middle waist) and it still worked! Anything would work here! I love love love that it’s super soft and cozy, but then has the built in dress underneath to give it a layered and styled look. It comes in sizes XS to 3XL. I would check out the reviews because they’re great and the only one that is kind of a mediocre review says it’s too long, but I think they just didn’t size down or belt it.


I wore it with and without my glasses. I couldn’t decide which way I liked it better so I wanted to show you guys both!

And then this next dress is under $20 and just a really cute dress to have in your closet! I love the chambray color with the white dots on it. But it comes in a pink, a solid chambray, and an army green. It is available in size is XS to XXXL. I got my normal size and it fits perfectly. It has pockets, a drawstring waist that you can adjust, and I love that it’s a button up so it’s breast-feeding friendly for anyone who’s looking for something like that. Those days are long gone for me, but I often think about that when looking at clothes!


I’ve paired both dresses with these knee-high boots for $35 that I’ve had for a while now and they’re just a great staple to have in your closet! Mine have held up really beautifully and I love them.

Valentines Day Affordable Options

A couple other things I wanted to put into this blog post just because I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to write one specifically for Valentine’s Day. These are just really cute little pink themed things that I love and got from Walmart so I figured I would put them in this post. First is this heart-shaped cast iron dutch oven. You might recognize this because I used to have in white. However, the reason I don’t have it anymore is because I gifted it to someone! In fact, I bought three of these pink ones because I absolutely love using these beautiful heart-shaped pots to make a dish for someone and then bring it to their house and not only gift the meal, but also the pot. The most recent one I gifted was at a Thanksgiving dinner party for Kevin‘s work. I brought my cranberry sauce that I absolutely love to make for one of the women there. She was actually a listener from his radio show that won tickets to be at the event. That woman loved my cranberry sauce, so I offered her to take it home because there was so much left over. She asked me how she could get me back the pot, and I told her that she could have that as well and she was so excited! It just made my day to do something nice for her. It just has such a sweet little heart shape and it’s nice if you know anybody who’s been sick or going through something in their life and you wanna make them a meal. I just think gifting it in this heart pot would make their day. I love it! I think it’s a really personal, thoughtful gift and something that I plan on doing again and again, which is why I bought three more of them. It would likely make someone’s day who’s going through a break up or divorce to get a meal from you this Valentine’s Day in one of these. I think the pink one might be out of stock but the red pot is still available!



I also wanted to link this fun pink popcorn maker! It’s on sale for under $15 and my kids actually love making popcorn in it. Plus, I think it’s a cute gift to give a girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you could fill it with her favorite treat before you gave it to her. I also love that it’s made of glass making it microwave safe. And made without BPA.


And lastly, I’m linking these cute heart-shaped slippers that I got. I won’t get them until early next week, but I did order them and I just think they’re fun and cute and I plan on gifting a couple pairs to girlfriends. It’s just and easy gift that you know any gal would love getting and only $13.99.


What Affordable Friday Should I Do Next?

OK well that’s it for me for affordable Friday! I’m really proud of this post and I hope you got something super cozy and comfy to wear this winter! Let me know what you would like to see in my next affordable Friday! I’m gonna start ordering stuff for a trip we have coming up for spring break, so I was thinking, maybe a vacation affordable Friday would be fun! What are you guys thinking? Tell me in the comments below!

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