Ending the Year with a Bang! This Affordable Friday is the BEST!

I was determined for this weeks affordable Friday to be one of my best ever and oh my gosh, is it ever! I can’t wait to share an incredible viral jogger set with you guys, one of my favorite sweaters of all time, and some gift ideas! So let’s get into it!

AMAZING High Quality $10 Sweater!

I have to start with the sweater because you guys totally need to buy it ASAP before it sells out! I bought it in three different colors to show you all of them but it comes in eight colors total! The brown acorn color is starting to sell out in some sizes, but the white and navy are fully in stock, and so are the other colors!

1. Favorite White Sweater | 2. $25 2-Pack Jeggings

The quality of the sweater is absolutely insane! I feel like it looks so high-end but it’s only $10! That’s right, $10! Can I say that again? $10! Ha! I just can’t believe it and I really hope you guys are able to get it before it sells out.

I’m wearing both the white and the brown acorn color with a pair of jeggings that I got in a two pack on Walmart’s site for $25! I love wearing jeggings in the winter because they look like jeans but feel like leggings, so they’re really comfortable and easy to wear with so many different sweaters! I love this pair. They’re great quality and flattering!

1. Brown Sweater | 2. Jeggings

I got the white sweater in a medium and the brown acorn in a small so you can see how they fit differently depending on the size. Small is my normal size and it definitely fits a little more fitted. If you size up, you will achieve a bit more of a relaxed fit. So depending on what you prefer either get your normal size or size up one!

And then I’m wearing the navy version of the sweater with just a relaxed pair of pants that are old so I don’t have a link for them, but I just wanted to show you a different way of wearing it.

Navy Sweater

Viral Jogger Set

This next look is also an absolute must get! This jogger set went viral on social media, and for good reason! Both the top and the bottom are both under $15 and one of the softest things I’ve ever put on my body! Seriously! It’s got that fleece lining on the inside that is so soft and amazing! If you’re questioning my review at all, go to the Walmart website and read the reviews for this jogger set. The top and bottom are sold separately, but you’ll see that the reviews are off the charts! Another one you have to get before it sells out. And because this one is going viral, there’s a good chance it will sell out soon!

I want to show you the jogger set in a few different colors. I have the full green, pink, and black version. For the black, I wanted to show you what the joggers would look like paired with something else just in case you were curious.

In the green I paired it with a $16 pair of platform sneakers. These kind of platform/chunky sneakers are really in style. I think they look so cute with the jogger set. And then I also paired it with a $16 Madden NYC Crossbody bag. I absolutely love the look!

1. Green Jogger Set | 2. Madden NYC Cross Body Bag | 3. Chunky Platform Sneakers

And if you want something more fun and colorful, get the pink version! So many of you were asking me about these sneakers with the rainbow sole when I wore them in a workout video that I posted a couple months ago. I just found them on Walmart site on sale for under $20! It looks like they’re fully in stock right now so snag them quick!

1. Vibrant Pink Jogger Set | 2. Rainbow Sole Sneakers

And then with the fun pink color I did a super pretty cobalt blue color for my Crossbody bag! It’s only $20 dollars!

1. Pink Jogger Set | 2. Rainbow Sole Sneakers | 3. Cobalt Cross Body Bag 

For the black joggers, I paired it with the white sweater from above that’s only $10. You could easily pair it with a T-shirt or really anything. But I just wanted to give you a different idea of how they can look. But oh my gosh, as you can imagine the black joggers with the black hoodie is so good!

1. White Sweater | 2. Black Joggers


A $16 Tunic you NEED!

I know I keep saying it but oh my gosh this next look is so good and I really feel like you guys are gonna be absolutely obsessed with the$16 tunic. Whenever I post a tunic, it usually sells out really quickly. I think it’s cause so many of us love to wear them just because they’re so comfortable and easy to throw on with leggings. This one has a really pretty neckline too that you can either button up or unbutton so it has this like asymmetrical neckline. I’m wearing a size medium which I sometimes wear but I also wear a small a lot too. I honestly think it would be fine and either a small or medium, but if you want a more oversized look, size up one. I got the black, but it comes in three other colors as well!

I paired it with a pack of leggings that I’ve shared so many times with you guys. It’s a three pack that you can get on sale for $15! I got size medium and they fit great. Sometimes I’ll go to down to small but usually I get a medium, so I say these are true to size. And then I threw on a pair of black slouchy boots, and I think it looks chic, but it’s one of the most comfortable outfits ever!

1. Best Tunic | 2. $15 3-Pack Leggings | 3. Slouchy Black Boots

A Gift Option add on!

And then to add onto this outfit I wanted to show you guys this $12 scarf! It would make a GREAT GIFT! I got it in both brown and black and I am seriously just blown away by the quality! The quality feels like it’s $100 scarf. And it’s really wide and big so you get that really luxurious chunky look from it. I could not love it more! I’m also gonna link this pair of $9 gloves that I also got from Walmart. They’re not in this picture but when I wear this out I’ll be wearing these gloves. They’re great!

1. High Quality Scarf | 2. Leggings | 3. Slouchy Boots


A Gift Option – $9 fleece PJ bottoms!

And since I think the above scarf would make such a good gift option, I also wanted to share these fleece pajama pants because I also think they make an incredible gift for under $10! I wish you could reach through your screen right now and feel how soft these are. In fact, tap the link to go to Walmart site to read reviews. There’s over 265 of them and they’re all insanely good! I sized up in the joggers and got a size medium but they’re a little big on me, so I kind of wish I had gotten my normal size of a small. I would definitely say, get your normal size with these! I’m wearing the white with this $8 top from Walmart that I layer with EVERYTHING!

1. $8 Top | 2. White Fleece Pajama Pants

The white ones I’m wearing above have the most beautiful pattern on them. If you can’t see in the pictures click through to the site to see it. And then I also wanted to share the really fun plaid holiday print because it’s super cute and would make a great gift! Again, these are under $10 a pair! I am wearing it with my $10 Free Assembly tee.

1. Free Assembly Tee | 2. Plaid Fleece Pajama Pants 


A Wrap Sweater for a GIFT!

When Kevin and I were taking these pictures, he told me how much he loved this sweater on me. And that immediately made it one of my favorite sweaters ever. Ha! I actually really love this sweater as a gift option as well cause it’s a wrap sweater so they pretty much work for every body type and the differences in sizing is more forgiving. So, if somebody’s normally a medium and you get them a small, it would still fit. And I love that it’s under $25! I feel like it looks really expensive and it’s so easy to throw on with a pair of black leggings and a black top. It instantly makes an outfit look put together.

Gorgeous Wrap Sweater


Gloves that TRULY work with your phone

Also, I mentioned my gloves above, but didn’t have them in the photo. But here are pictures of me wearing them. They’re just a really simple black glove that are under $9 and you can still use your phone while wearing them. I feel like sometimes gloves claim you can but you totally can’t. Ha! But with these you can!

Phone Friendly Gloves


Holiday Outfit Options

Sticking with the holiday theme, I wanted to share some holiday outfit options. Not just for Christmas and Hanukkah but also for New Year’s Eve! Starting with this gorgeous floral dress.

Gorgeous Floral Dress

I honestly didn’t think I was gonna love this dress when I bought it. But I sometimes feel like I think I won’t like something and then I end up loving it and that was totally the case with this dress. It’s $34 and absolutely stunning on! It has five reviews on the website but every single one of them is five stars. It has ruching in the middle so it’s really forgiving and I just felt like $1 million in it!

Gorgeous Floral Dress

Darling Holiday Green Dress

This green dress is another darling option for the holidays! This is a great a-line dress. These types of dresses tend to be very flattering on pear shapes but I’m sure anyone could wear this! And I love the little pom-pom detail on the sleeves. It’s just truly beautiful and such a steal at only $30.

Darling Green Holiday Dress

A Two Piece that’s SO Fun!

This next one is so so so fun! I felt like a princess wearing it! I don’t know what it is about this bubble skirt but it’s so so so fun to wear and really cute on! It’s under $30 and worth every penny. It has pockets which I love. And I feel like this is the type of skirt that I would like want to dance all night in because it’s just fun to move around in.

1. Bubble Skirt | 2. Scallop Hem Top


I paired it with this $24 crop top with a scallop hem. I love it and it’s so beautiful! However, if you don’t want to show even a little tiny slice of mid drift, I also wanted to show you the skirt with a different top option. So see below for that!

Halter Top with Rose

OK so this top is darling! It’s only $22 and a halter neckline, which I think is super flattering for the shoulders. I also love the little rose detail on the collar. I wanted to show it to you guys two ways so I paired it with the bubble skirt from above then also this pair of corduroy red pants. I wanted to be able to show you guys the shirt untucked for people who don’t like to tuck in shirts. These pants are a little casual, but I do think you could get away with them if you wear the shirt untucked. If you click through the pants, you’ll see what I mean by the waistband being more casual. But they are so so so dang comfortable and easy to wear flats with so that could definitely be an option! If not, even just a casual pant option.

1. Black Halter Top | 2. Bubble Skirt | 3. Casual Corduroy Pants

NYE Dress for You and Your Little!

Cute Fuzzy Sweater

And last but not least I wanted to show you guys this really fuzzy and cute sweater! It’s under $17 and I just love the material and how it looks so I wanted to share it. I’m wearing it with the affordable jeggings I mentioned above, but I honestly probably wouldn’t wear this with jeggings. I just had to quickly take a picture cause I wanted to show it to you guys. I’d wear it with a pair of dress pants or high waisted jeans.

1. Cute Fuzzy Sweater | 2. Jeggings


OK well that’s it for me! I hope you guys absolutely loved this affordable Friday. I truly think it’s one of my absolute best ever. Definitely in the top three without a doubt. Maybe even my very best one ever. Let me know what you think in the comments below. I really enjoy hearing from you guys and I’ll do my best to respond to each comment!


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