Gorgeous Jewel Tones to Transition Fall! – Affordable Friday!

Oh my gosh you guys, get ready for the most fun fashion blog I have ever written! I can’t even tell you how incredible I felt in all of these beautiful jewel toned outfits. Not only are they fun, gorgeous colors, amazing quality, and flattering – but they’re all budget friendly! Absolutely everything is under $100, with most things under $60. When you wear these items you’re going to feel like 1 million bucks!

Business on the Top, Party on the Bottom!

Is it weird if I refer to this outfit as the mullet of outfits. Ha! It’s business on the top, but so fun with bright colors and all party on the bottom! You’ll notice that I’m wearing sneakers with this look. In fact, I’m wearing sneakers with every look but one in this blog post to show you how cute these outfits can be just wearing sneakers and if you want to dress them up even more, throw on some heels!

This blazer is the most expensive thing in this blog post. But I just love it. I love the color of it, the color, and the quality. It’s just under $100 and it’s worth every single penny! It’s such a fun piece to stand out at the office or wear to any dressier event where you want to have a little fun too. I love wearing blazers over a dress when I go to events because it always works to wear flats with, in my opinion. I’m wearing a size 4 in the color fuchsia. I normally would’ve ordered a six, but I decided on the four and it fits me really tailored and I love it. If you want more of a boyfriend look size up. It comes in size 0 to size 12.

I paired it with this colored striped button-down shirt. It comes in solid colors and in a pin-stripe which is super cute, and it’s under $50. It also comes in sizes from XXS to XXXXL! So it’s super size inclusive, which I love, and I’ve owned a lot of button up shirts like this in my lifetime. Let me tell you this is one of the most flattering ones I’ve ever worn. Just look at the other reviews and what people are saying.



Then I decided to throw on this super fun sequin skirt. Don’t get me wrong, you could easily wear this look with a pair of skinny jeans and look so cute! But I wanted to show you how versatile the top and blazer are and how you could pair it with this super fun, sequin skirt! I’m wearing a size 6, which is true to size for me right now. It comes in sizes 0 to size 16! I read some of the reviews and some people said that this is the perfect skirt to wear to the Taylor Swift concert. So if you’re lucky enough to be going in 2024 or one of her international shows, snag this now!

I also wanted to show this outfit without the blazers you can see how cute it is with just the two pieces, and then I paired it withthis gorgeous fuchsia bag. I almost didn’t get this bag and I’m so so so glad I did because I paired it with a few of these outfits and you can just see how much fun it makes every single one. I feel like it takes an outfit from cute to stand-out super cute! It’s going to be a go-to bag of mine for any event, especially if it’s something for Molly’s school because I feel like it’s functional because it holds a lot and fun! Molly’s already asked me if she could have it. Ha!


Best Super High Waist Jeans EVER!

These first few looks are going to feel a little repetitive just because I want to show you how versatile the pieces are. Like if you get anything from this blog, I’d say get this striped button up shirt and this purse because the two together are so pretty color wise and they go with so many different things. Here you’ll see that I paired them with a pair of a high-rise wide leg jeans. I got a size six, which is my normal size and they fit great. Do not size up in these. If anything, if you’re in between sizes, I would say go with the smaller size. I love love love the fit. They’re super high waisted, but have some stretch so they’re so comfortable. I have a really long torso, so it’s hard for me to find jeans that are truly a good high waist and these are them. Plus, I feel like my butt has never looked better. Ha! They are an absolute steal at only $59! I got them in this light wash, but I already bought them in the dark wash as well because I want to have both pairs because I love them so much.


Cutest Transition Fall Look

I know some of you are excited about transitioning to fall and some aren’t at all. Well, regardless where you fall in that spectrum, this outfit is great for anybody. It’s great for summer because it’s a nice lightweight top that’s absolutely beautiful and only $34! Then I paired it with these super flattering and stretchy super high waisted skinny jeans. I’d wear the outfit just like I have it for summer going into fall while it’s still hot, and then when it starts cooling down, you can easily throw over a black cardigan to transition this looking more fall. Plus, I feel like the top kind of has a fall vibe with the print. But it also comes in other prints in color, so you can check that out as well. It’s just such a steal at only $34.


Outfits with Jewel Tones!

Next, let’s talk jewel tones! I feel like a lot of the looks I’ve already talked about have some jewel tones, but these next to scream jewel tones to me! I basically feel like jewel tones are just a synonym for the word fall. Ha! I paired this beautiful emerald green top, that’s available in size XXS to XXL, it also comes in 3 other colors. Black and two other really pretty jewel tones. It’s hard to explain the fabric, but it’s really soft and stretchy. I love how it feels against my skin and it’s only $39. I paired it with the skinny jeans that I talked about above and these white sneakers that I also got from Macy’s. These are actually the white sneakers that I’ve been wearing all throughout this blog. They’re a great staple and super comfy.


I wanted to get this dress because I feel like cobalt blue is just one of those colors that looks so stunning on everybody! It’s definitely my best color! This dress is definitely a heavier material, so I feel like it’s great for transitioning into fall because even though it’s a slightly heavier, it’s a beautiful, vibrant color! I love love love it paired with this fuchsia purse. I would say to definitely size down in this dress though. Normally I am between a small and medium, and I got the small and it fits me perfectly. If anything, if it was any bigger it would be too big. When it’s not tied, it actually seems like a lot of fabric, but then once you tie it, it is really beautiful in the front – super flattering and forgiving on your body and just lays really perfectly.



Cutest Pink Adult Tutu Outfit

Last but not least, the cutest little pink girly outfit of your dreams!  I say it’s ‘of your dreams’ not only because it’s whimsical and cute, but because it is so so so so comfortable, and looks adorable with flats.

I’m wearing a size small in both the top and bottom. So I definitely think it’s true to size. When I ordered the skirt, I thought it might be a little bit itchy, but oh my gosh, not at all. I’m blown away with how soft and cozy it is. I legit am wearing it right now. I’m sitting at my computer writing this blog, because I didn’t want to change out of it after I took these pictures. Ha! I love the top because it has a little bit of ribbing which is important to me in any fitted top. If you don’t want the top to be as fitted, just size up one.


Yes, I love this outfit so much that I couldn’t only include two photos of it. I literally wanted to post 100 photos of it because I love it so much!


Okay, that’s it for me. I hope you guys love these looks from Macy’s! I plan to keep trying to switch it up for my budget friendly and Affordable Friday posts, so let me know what else you guys want to see!  Thank you so much to Macy’s for being a sponsor of my blog. They sponsored this post, but I chose all the outfits myself and I am in love!

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12 thoughts on “Gorgeous Jewel Tones to Transition Fall! – Affordable Friday!

  1. Ali you have lost so much weight! How much do you weigh now? I think shorter hair with bangs without the extensions will look better on you.

  2. You look adorable in all of these, especially the pink skirt. I’m too old for them, but perfect for you. I did buy the giraffe shoes from one of your posts a few years ago and love them. ❤️

  3. Really cute outfits I am petite and 70 but I think I can pull off that sequin skirt and blouse. I immediately went to look for the green top it sold out but its early in the release of this line so I feel like they will restock.

  4. I don’t feel the tutu skirt is appropriate for a 50 something year old woman. Maybe your younger followers would like it. I do love the jeans and will be looking at getting those.

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