Ali Manno Home Tour – Kitchen and Family Room

Finally I can share a full tour of our home! I was trying to furnish the majority of the rooms before I had my friend and photographer extraordinaire Amy Demos come photograph the house so I could do all these blog posts! Well, we got almost all the spaces done, except for the backyard and the playroom. But they are almost done so I hope to add those to this series at some point. But for now, next up in the series, the kitchen/family room! This area is the heart of the home and I am sharing every little detail with you guys! If there are any things in these photos that I didn’t link, please comment below and ask me where something is from and hopefully I’ll have a link to share, but I tried to link as many things as I could! Also, I will say upfront that we spend the MOST on the main items for these rooms. You guys know I am ALL about affordable pieces but we did splurge a bit here since it’s the heart of the home and I had my heart set on a few things. But I promise you future home tour blogs are SUPER affordable!

The Kitchen

Let’s start with the kitchen! As I mentioned, all photos in this blog post are by Amy Demos. She is seriously the most incredible photographer! She offers a free photography class on her site FYI, so check it out if you want to learn about taking good pictures. I took it and loved it! Her and her husband are just the cutest!


Probably the most common question I get in the kitchen is where we got our barstools. We got them from Restoration Hardware and I wanted to link them, but I don’t think they make them anymore so I went ahead and found a look-alike (for a much better price anyway!) and I’m gonna link those here as well. I honestly think the look-alikes are just as good! I remember when we got them we were just in such a hurry to get something in that spot because we didn’t have any furniture in the house and we needed somewhere to sit to eat. And these came the quickest! The seat cushions that I got for them are from Wayfair and are super affordable! I know I got white, which probably will get dirty, but hey at least I can bleach them! We’ve had them for a while and I haven’t had to replace any. But I did buy an extra set just in case I have to replace in the future.

Also in the photo above you can see the blinds in our kitchen. I wish I had a more close-up photo of them because it’s subtle, but oh my gosh are they stunning. They add a warmth and texture to the room that I truly can’t describe without you seeing them in person. We got all of the blinds and drapery in our house from 3 Day Blinds. Use this link and you can get blinds buy one, get one 50% off if you need them for your home. Or get some as an upgrade! You can also mention my name when you do a consultation and you should be able to get the same deal! I can’t remember the exact fabric we got for them. In fact this white fabric is one we used in the majority of our home. But if you tell them you want the same fabric as my home, your consultant should be able to find it! It’s great because they still let some light in, but they filter harsh sunlight for great pictures and just great ambience! Can’t recommend 3 Day Blinds enough!


The next most common question I get is where I got our kitchen hardware like the handles on our cabinets and drawers. I actually found them on Amazon and I linked them in one of my lives so I’ll link that here. They are so stunning and I’m so so happy with them!


Our range is by ilve, and oh my gosh, I can’t even tell you how many people come into our home and think it’s a $10,000 range. It’s not! It’s almost half that, and while it’s still an investment in a range, it’s honestly on par with what you’d pay for many high-quality ranges. I just think the statement it makes is so incredible. So if you’re building a house and those kind of things get lumped into the overall cost, I highly recommend going with one of these ranges if you can swing it.


The arrangement in the center of our island is also just so beautiful. I got these glass pieces from Pottery Barn but they don’t make them anymore!!! But I will link similar options for you here for you. And then I just got some eucalyptus from Whole Foods to add in the center, and a candle from Walmart. This is from the My Texas House line. She has really beautiful items. I don’t think she sells the candle anymore but check out all her other affordable items! As I do this blog series you’ll see that a lot of our stuff is from her line. The cutting board is vintage and my dear friend Willa Ford bought it for us as a housewarming gift. But I’ll link a similar one here as well.

More Details

I’m also going to link some of the things on the floating shelves on either side of our kitchen vent. The faux tulips are linked in this Amazon Live. They are the most stunning faux tulips I have ever seen! The little woven basket with greenery below that is from Walmart and super affordable!

The bowl on the other side with the faux olive tree branches in it is from Fable! So much of our dinnerware is from fable and I love all of their stuff! We had someone over the other night and they asked us where our water glasses were from because they loved them so much!

And last but not least the wreath on our kitchen vent! The exact wreath we have is from Etsy but the shop owner no longer sells them. Her store sadly isn’t even open anymore. But I linked here so you can see some similar wreaths at different price points.

Kitchen Staple!

Actually, I lied, one more thing. I can’t go without mentioning an absolute staple in our kitchen! 1to3 Life! Thank you so much to so many of you who have been such huge supporters of this small business of mine! I’m so happy so many of you are loving it and it’s making you feel better. I’ve gotten messages from people saying it helped increase their breast-milk production, helped get rid of their migraine, made them feel amazing after a night out drinking till 2 AM! The list goes on! I’m so proud to have created this product that has less sugar, less calories, and overall less junk than the leading competitors!

We’re having a clear the inventory 50% off everything sale right now! Yup 50% OFF (applied automatically at checkout)! Which basically means we’re selling the product for less than what it costs us to make and fulfill the orders so we don’t make any money. Which might seem like a crazy thing for a business to do, but it basically has to do with our product being great and wanting to do what’s best for the environment. I explain everything on the website, so I hope you take a minute to read the huge decision that our company just made. We also wanted to do what was best for our customers and I know we’re making the right move.

 1. 1to3 LIFE 50% OFF | 2. BASKET | 3. CHANDELIERS | 4. GLASS JARS 

Family Room

Now onto the family room. First I’ll say what’s not in these photos is the little kids table we have between the kitchen and the family room. I like it because it’s not toddler size, but more little kid sized so it’s perfect for Molly and Riley! In fact my friend Clea gave it to us because her kids had outgrown it and transferred onto an adult size table. But this is perfect for our purposes. A lot of people asked me about this table even though it’s not pictured here so I’m gonna link a few similar options!

Next is our couch! It’s by Sixpenny and definitely my dream couch – it’s called the Devyn! It’s massive and super deep and ridiculously comfy! I went with white just cause I love a white couch! However the cushions are easy to takeoff and wash when they happen to get dirty from dirty little fingers and paw prints! But I also linked some white couch covers here that we now use on the seat cushions that help so so so so so much! Seriously everyone should have these covers on their couch. I linked this in my Amazon Live, so after you click the link to go to the live, just make sure to scroll along to the bottom through the items!


I’m gonna link a bunch of the blue pillows we have on our couch below – they are only $10 right now! I am also gonna link a few additional navy pillows that I love to use for decorating around the house.

Our oversized chair is also from Sixpenny. It’s so cozy and I love the size of it! Linking a similar pillow since the one we have I couldn’t find online. It was a gift from Kevin’s mom.

And oh my gosh the showstopper of this room has got to be our drapes! I’m telling you if there’s one thing that you don’t want to leave out from your home it’s beautiful drapes like this! Our house felt not nearly as welcoming until we had these installed. They instantly made the house feel more cozy! And as mentioned above, all the drapes and blinds in our home are from 3 Day Blinds.


Our coffee table we had made by one of a kind living edge slabs. They are masterful with their work and really worked hard to make our vision come to life! I was very specific on the kind of legs I wanted and the color I was looking for in the wood tone and they worked with me every step of the way. They just DM’d me and told me they would give my follower 50% OFF with code ALI50!

For the built-ins I’ve learned one key thing when it comes to decorating. Oversize is always best! I used to try to decorate with a bunch of little pieces and it just doesn’t work. So below I’m going to link a bunch of the things we used like these large white lanterns that are super affordable for only $14 from Walmart, these oversized wooden bowls (that I LOVE!!!) that I filled with greenery, large baskets, decorative painted books, the large pocket clock and other things we used to decorate.


One main question I get when I do a little question box on Instagram is where our living room rug is from, so that’s linked here as well! We got the largest size just cause we have a large family room and I was worried about the price when I bought it, but I love it! You guys know I love a white rug and I was really trying to get something darker for the space and even though this has a darker feel, it still has a lightness to it because of the lighter thread woven throughout. We got the Steel Blue color and it’s on sale right now!


We have a Samsung Frame TV and another question I get a lot is what frame we have around it. We got it from Deco TV frames. It’s a small business outside of Boston and I’m gonna link them for you guys here.

And just cause people are always asking me how I get videos of me and my family when we’re in the family room I thought I’d go ahead and link our Vivint security cameras. We have them all outside of the house because I am a nut about security! Hence the steel doors that are being installed today. We also have a few inside the house like this one above my head. I love it because I have an eye on the doors in the back of the house but also because they catch your sweet family moments like this one.

I think that’s it for these spaces! If you have any questions for me whatsoever, please ask in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Or if there’s an item I didn’t link but you are looking for ask me!

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  1. Nobody wants any of this crap. We’re all sick of FAKE “social media influencers” trying to sell us stuff. Plus you’re crazy.
    Over it.
    Click on the link to go away.

    1. First of all, her things are not crap! She NEVER professed to be an interior designer! Ali is a great person who is just giving you a slice of her life and I, for one, am grateful for her posts. She has found some truly great deals and I love her little family. Look, I am a middle-class woman who loves a great deal and that means more to me than having Oprah show me her favorite things that I could never afford. If you don’t like her information then don’t look at it! You don’t have to be rude either. I would LOVE to see your home so that I could compare! Drop the mike, you are out of here!

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  3. I absolutely love your style! I realize this post is from a while ago, but we are currently remodeling our kitchen and I am “borrowing” some of your ideas. What color paint did you use – in your kitchen and throughout your house? I love the white!

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