My Favorite Cyber Monday Sales!

Hi guys! Normally on cyber Monday I post a bunch of my favorite deals on Instagram and I really didn’t want to bombard people this year just because I feel like I have seen nothing but sales posted online the past few days. So instead, I thought I’d do a quick blog post, rounding up my favorite deals, and whoever wants to shop them can come here and find them!

1to3 Life BF Sale!

Of course, I’m gonna start with my own business 1 to 3 Life. If you’re here and reading this, it likely means you’re a follower of mine and I really wanted my followers to have the absolute best discount code that we offer on the website. If you go to the site right now, you’ll see that it says it’s 25% off but I have a special code just for my followers to get 35% off! Use code FAM35. Starting and running this business has been one of the most exciting, but challenging things I’ve ever done. It means so so much to me to be able to share this amazing product, after all,  you helped me so much process. I hope you love it!


You guys know I love Walmart and I shop there often. So I definitely shopped and think they have some of the best Cyber Monday sales. This link has all of the cyber Monday deals. But I particularly think some of the best deals are this chromobook laptop for $59, the magnetic tile set for only $20, this 50 inch TV for $288, the air fryer for $49 and then this iPad bundle for $279! I linked all of them below


Tarte is my absolute favorite make up brand. I would say 85% of the make up I use is Tarte. And someone in my Facebook group asked me if my discount code worked about five days ago and I didn’t approve her post because I knew that the sale was gonna be better for Cyber Monday but I wasn’t really allowed to say it. They always have their absolute best sale on Cyber Monday and their entire site is 40% off. So I saved her post in my Facebook group thinking I would approve it today and I went to approve it today and it was gone, so I think she deleted it. So if you were that person and you’re reading this I’m so sorry I didn’t approve your comment! I really just want to make sure you got the best deal! They do not do a better sale than this. And to get 40% off the entire site is insane! Stock up on all your make up goodies! Here are some of my fave Tarte products:


If you’ve been considering gettingNutrafol but have held off because of the price, now is the time to get it! They are doing a sale for Cyber Monday where you can get 20% off a 3 month supply and 25% off the 6 month supply. And look, I get that it’s an investment. But I truly believe that it is the best investment that you can make in your hair. It has completely transformed my hair! And if you can swing it, I say go for that six month supply. I definitely started noticing a difference in my hair at three months but at six months it was unbelievable! And because I know you’re gonna love it and wanna stick with it you might as well get the better discount. It is the only clinically proven hair growth supplement out there, so don’t waste your money on the other stuff..

Boll & Branch

I also wanna share Boll & Branch’s Cyber Monday sale because it’s 25% off sitewide plus you get a FREE waffle throw blanket (we have one on our guest bed – pic below). It is the absolute best sale that they do all year! I know their stuff in is an investment, but I’m telling you it is the best investment you’ll ever make for your sleep! Sometimes Kevin and I are lazy and we don’t put the duvet back on our bed after washing it,   legit sleep worse! It is so soft and so cozy in the sheets are softer with every single wash. We spend like 1/3 of our lives in bed so definitely make your bed your happy place and you absolutely will with their sheets. Plus, I get so many comments about the exact ones I have because they’re so beautiful. I have the botanical set in blue, FYI.

I also just bought Molly a mattress from them because she is the only one in the house without an organic mattress and I have felt so bad about that!

Skin Care

Dime’s entire site is 30% off right now! But here’s a thing, you can get closer to 50% off if you stack the bundles. So I highly recommend getting a bundle with your favorite product like the TLC bundle or maybe the Boost Bundle with the eyebrow gel and eyelash serum. And then stacking my code, MANNO30 on top of that to get another 30% off. The bundles are already discounted anywhere from 10% to 20% off. Usually the bigger the bundle, the bigger the discount so if you can swing it, definitely get a big bundle! And then by stacking the discount code MANNO30 on top of that you get a huge discount! Like I said, close to 50% off!

I love Dime, you guys know that. Although I will say I  highly highly highly recommend getting the brand Cocunat’s exfoliating mask. If you get the two pack, it’s 40% off and then you can use the code ALI to get another 10% off of that. Almost 50% off!!!! This mask will make your winter skin feel baby-soft smooth. I also just ordered their hair mask and “The Glow” from the sale


Also, I don’t know how I didn’t know about Zulily before. You guys know I’m all about a great deal and essentially Zulily is a website where they will price match any price you find out another company site and they’re able to keep their prices really really low because they don’t have warehouses where they keep all their stuff. So if you order today, you might not get your stuff within two days like you would with another website but if your holiday shopping, what does it matter if you have to wait a little bit longer since you’ll have my Christmas anyway and you get the absolute best price! Seriously, check out their cyber Monday deals because they are so so so so so good!


And last one I wanna share is Focl. You guys know that I’ve never got paid a dime from this company. I promote them because instead of accepting payment from them, I asked to own a small 1% of the company. That’s how much I believe in what they’re doing and love their product. I just wanted to be one very tiny small part of it to help change peoples lives because it’s helped me so much. They have a tiered sale on their site right now and you can get up to 50% off!

If you wanna sleep better, and overall just have a better sense of well-being, you have got to try their products! And oh my gosh their pain relief cream is a game changer! It helped me get through all the bodyaches of my flu.

Amazon Live

I did an Amazon live the other day for Black Friday and while not all the items I talked about are still on sale for Cyber Monday, some of them are so here’s the link to it. The little drone I got Riley is still on sale, as well as the $16 tripod stand/ring light. And a bunch of other things! So check that out HERE.

And let me know in the comments if you’d like me to share my other favorite Amazon deals with you guys. I wasn’t planning on doing an Amazon live today but I will if you guys think it could be helpful. I know there’s just so much noise out there with all the sales.

Okay that’s it. I just wanted to share those few sales with you guys just in case you were curious about some of my favorites

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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Cyber Monday Sales!

  1. Ali, what exact FOCL products do you use? I would like something for everyday wellness. Pain relief and general well being. What would you recommend?

    1. I use the sleep supplements (1-2 hours before bed). The sleep drops and gummies (I interchange them – right before bed) and the Focl Day for Everyday wellness. I also use and LOVE the FOCL pain relief cream!!!! You will LOVE it!!!!!! I used it when I had horrible flu body aches and it was a life saver.

  2. Ali, I tried the FOCL one night and had a crazy scary reaction. Very dizzy, nauseous. Have you ever heard of anyone having this reaction before?

  3. I tried FOCL night for a week and had a hard time sleeping. So bummed. Happy it works for so many but definitely disappointed it didn’t help me.

  4. My husband found my stash of 1to3 Life this weekend & loves them so thanks for the 35% discount code, I just ordered all 3 flavors. I can’t wait to get them because I only have like 3 more left 🙂

  5. Hate to say this since you took the time to write your newsletter- but the pale pink font is really difficult to read. I think those words need to “pop” by using a bolder font and different color

  6. We’re did you get your runner in the kitchen? I love watching you and your family.. Hello from Kentucky. I do not like Tornadoes at all..I am 64 and still freak out…

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