Walmart Holiday Decor Finds!

I feel like sometimes it’s easier for you guys to shop things when I share them on my blog. So, even though I don’t have a ton of time today to write a full blog post about all these amazing items, I wanted to link them all for you guys and say just a few words about some of the pieces.

These wreaths that I have on the back of my kitchen island chairs are some of my favorite holiday decorations I’ve ever purchased! And I think I got them three years ago. You might recognize them from my kitchen in California. I used fishing wire and some wired burlap ribbon to complete this look.


This tree on my kitchen island is also one that I’ve had for a few years. This is the 3-foot version but it also comes in a 4-foot version. I’ll link both of them for you guys. It’s gorgeous.

And I love love love love this love candle! It’s not only absolutely beautiful with the little pinecone detail and twine wrapped around it. But the scent is fabulous! It’s cinnamon, spice and pumpkin. I bought a bunch of these to give as gifts! Candles are always a wonderful gift and sometimes they can be really expensive and this one’s under $15. Plus it’s absolutely beautiful.

1. 3FT TREE | 2. 4FT TREE | 3. CANDLE

I’m linking a bunch of the ornaments I used to decorate my tree. I love the oversized ornaments and the work with our tree because our tree is 10-feet tall. But if you don’t have a tall tree, I think these would be really beautiful to decorate a mantel or even as a centerpiece on a table. And oh my gosh, the champagne and white ornaments I bought as a pack of 50 for under $20 are stunning! And I also used these wooden beads that are around $6 a pack. The way I decorated our tree this year is my favorite ever.

Also linking this $39 tree that is 6 & 1/2 feet tall that we have on our screened in porch. I was looking for one that was affordable because I really wanted to add some extra trees to my house so I not only bought this one with the multicolored lights, but you can also get a green tree with the white lights. It’s an absolute steal at only $39! They even have an all white version. Meaning white tree and lights! Get one ASAP before they sell out.

I’m just linking a few other things like this oversized bow I have on our screened in porch, which is amazing! It’s a little more pricey, but for a huge piece like this that’s such great quality that you’ll use year after year after year, it’s a good deal. It’s really fantastic. They also have some smaller sizes, but I bought the biggest one. I got it last year and it’s still available. And the cute lampposts that I have on either side of my fireplace that I love.

And last but not least oh my gosh, this tree is everything! It’s a little more pricey than the average tree, but to be able to control every single lightbulb on the tree and what color it is, is a thrill! I know that might sound silly to say, but it’s true! I won’t get into too many details. I highly encourage you to click here and read all about it but basically you download an app and you can draw with your finger exactly where you want the color to go on the tree to make different designs or rainbows, or whatever you’d like!


They even have options to put a New Year’s Eve countdown on the tree or your favorite sports team colors. You can also choose every shade of every color under the sun for each bald! It’s crazy cool.

I’ll also link below all of the rainbow colored bulbs that I bought to put on this tree. I plan to hang each color where the corresponding light color is. I just ordered them and they’re going to be here in about a week so if you order now, you’ll have by Thanksgiving I believe. I’ll show you guys when we decorate.

OK that ended up being a little longer than I thought, but hopefully this was helpful! Happy holidays, everybody!


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9 thoughts on “Walmart Holiday Decor Finds!

  1. A $400 tree for the kids to play with, really? I’m sorry but you don’t know your audience very well. You think everyone has money like you do. Some do yes but not everyone. The amount of money you spend is mind blowing then you say you have to watch your finances then you book a trip to LA after you just took a trip and then took another trip and come on. I don’t know ANY children the age of yours that go on fall break trips. There isn’t even a fall break everywhere much less do young children need that much indulgence. Maybe we’re not hanging out with the elite crowd around here. How many TV’s do you have already annnddd you just bought 2 more? I’m sure one by the new POOL was super necessary. Also don’t know anyone in my entire life who watches TV from a pool. How many Christmas trees now? Sorry, you’re out of touch with average folks.

    1. Wow….all things you may think but should NOT say out loud! I am sorry but you really should learn to hold your tongue.
      You are right not everyone has the same financial status but to come and blast Ali publicly for it is absolutely rude and actually says a lot about you.
      How about just keep your negative comments to yourself and remember if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.
      Ugh…so sick of seeing nasty comments like this from people who sit behind a keyboard and don’t even know the person personally.
      Please if you don’t think she relates to you, then just unfollow her and don’t read her blogs.
      Stop being a nasty negative person. Be kind…be kind…be kind.

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