Fabulous Fall Affordable Friday!!!

Happy Affordable Friday! Once again, I am beaming with pride because I am so over the moon with the pieces I found for this fall Affordable Friday post. I’m just gonna get right into it cause I’m too excited and I don’t wanna waste any time because I want you guys to be able to get all the pieces you want before they sell out.

Starting with this plaid shacket! Let me just start with the fact that it’s $19.98! You heard me right. Get it ASAP! It’s a juniors jacket so I always size up one when I order juniors and I’m wearing a size large. I think it fits perfectly. A little oversized and really cute! It comes in size extra small up to XXXL so hopefully the right sizing for you is available! I might even get the extra small for Molly. It might be too big for her now, but eventually, I think it be such a cute little mommy and me matching moment for the fall. It also comes in three other colors, but the red is definitely my favorite.


The Most Amazing Boots!

And next, oh my gosh these boots are everything! They are only $29 and the quality is incredible! I have another pair of winter boots that are a neutral color that I bought from Walmart two years ago that I love and wear every day. Heck, I wore them all around Chicago when we were there for my brothers marathon and they’re still in great condition. So I realized I needed a black pair so I got this pair and I am obsessed! They come in a cognac color and a light neutral bone color, which are also both so gorgeous! Read the reviews because other people are reading about them as well! And get them fast before they sell out! I will also link the socks you can wear with them.

I am wearing it with this v-neck tunic shirt, which is something you absolutely have to get for fall! I know it seems weird to recommend a T-shirt for fall but the reason I love the shirt so much is that it’s absolutely perfect for layering with other clothes. I’m wearing the plaid shacket in these photos, but it also would be great with a cardigan or any jacket. You are absolutely going to love how long it is! It hangs perfectly, and is long enough in the back to cover your booty when wearing leggings which is super important to me with leggings. I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size and it comes in a two pack for only $19.96. I have a black on in these photos but I got the pack that also came with the army green and there’s a bunch of other colors too! I think I’m going to get the “apple juice” yellow color as well because I love it for fall.


And speaking of leggings I’m wearing the Time and True leggings. They’re legit less than $6 apiece! You heard that right. Under $6 a piece! The pair I’m wearing is the same pair that I bought last season and they’re still holding up strong! So I am a firm believer that just because you don’t spend a lot on some thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold up well! I’m linking the two-pack of leggings and a three-pack. If you get the three-pack, each pair of leggings is under $5.50 a pair!

Best Jeggings EVER For $17!

Not gonna lie I’m so obsessed with the above outfit that I almost just ended this Affordable Friday blog post with that because I was so beyond happy with the entire look and so completely obsessed with every piece. But then I found these jeggings and realized I’m equally obsessed with them! Ha! I never really totally understood jegging in the past. Like I know people love leggings, which makes sense, but I was just preferred normal jeans even though I had a couple pair of jeggings. But now that I live in Nashville where the climate is cold are, and not in California anymore, I totally get jeggings! They are so much more comfortable to wear when the weather is cold. Your legs stay warmer when something is tight to your body like that and it’s easier to wear knee-high, socks, and boots with them in the colder months.


Well, this pair is $17.88 and fabulous! My butt looks so good in them! Ha! I’ve been taking these photos for my Affordable Friday on different days throughout the week (that’s why I have mascara on in some and not in others) and I’ve legit worn jeggings pretty much every day because when I go to put something out in the morning they’re just by far the most comfortable thing (unless I’m wearing regular leggings), so I choose them almost every time. I actually sized down to a size 6 in these. I normally get a size 8 in Walmart jeans and I feel like the 6 fits me perfect. So I think you couldn’t go wrong with getting your normal size or sizing down one. Or get both and send back whatever one doesn’t work.

Cute Cable-Knit Sweater

This cable-knit sweater is another absolutely beautiful piece of clothing! Blows my mind that it’s only $17. I got it in this gorgeous green color, but it also comes in multiple other colors including white . Can you believe I didn’t get it in white in the first place?! Ha! Although now that I have this one, I really want the white one because it’s just so so so pretty. It has a really nice relaxed fit and I just love it and I know you will too! It comes in sizes extra small to three XL. I just love Walmart size inclusivity!


The Coziest Fleece for a Night Out OR In

If you love the most cozy things ever that you can get this fleece! First, it’s only $11.98! You heard that right and right now in this color is available in every size! Sizes XS to XXXL. I wanted mine to have a little bit of an oversized fit, so I size up to a large and my normal size is a medium. I think I would’ve been fine with either size. It is so so so cozy and the softest thing ever! It comes in this beautiful burgundy color but then also black, navy, and white! I seriously cannot believe the price. You have to get this cause you’re gonna love it and want to cozy up with it on the couch watching movies all winter long! Take a look at the reviews because there are 28 amazing reviews for it as well.


Also, what I love about this outfit is it even though I envision myself wearing this fleece cozying up by the fire on a cold day, this outfit makes it look totally cute for going out on the town! I love that it’s versatile.

In this look, I paired it with the $6 leggings again, then also with these knee-high boots. I’m bummed because these knee-high boots are almost completely out of stock. There’s still some and a gorgeous emerald color in every size, so I highly highly highly recommend getting those before they sell out to but this color is sold out. They have some sizes in black still left. I can’t say enough good things about them. They’re only $34 and so beautiful! Check out the reviews on those as well, and snag the emerald before they go!


Prettiest Sweater I Ever Did See

I swear everything in this post is fabulous, including this $14 lilac sweater! It comes in eight different colors/prints. I got this beautiful lilac color and it’s currently still available in all sizes – extra small to three XL! I’m wearing a size medium, which is my normal size and it fits perfectly. The sweater is not only beautiful and an amazing fit/cut but it’s also so so so soft! There’s a few reviews on the site and they are all five stars so definitely check those out as well. One review says that it’s spongy, stretchy, and soft, and I agree! Although I’m not quite sure what spongy means. Ha!


I’m wearing the same jeggings with the sweater as well as a bunch of other looks in this post. I’m telling you get them ASAP. You will regret it if you don’t. Or maybe you won’t know to regret it but if you get them, you’ll be so happy you did! I have to link my sneakers cause there an absolute favorite of mine!!!! Seriously they go with EVERYTHING as you can tell in these pics and they are so so so comfy! I think they are memory foam. And you cannot beat the price at under $20!!!



Relaxed Fit Long Sleeve Tee

Basics for layering are so important in the cooler months. I got this three pack of crewneck long sleeve tees for $20! That’s right all three for $20. Heck I would pay $20 for one of them and be happy. I love these because normally crewneck t-shirts like this are more fitted, but this one has a relaxed fit, and I am obsessed with it! there are a bunch of different 3 packs that you can get. The one I got is sold out in most sizes so it might be hard for you to get the cinnamon color. But there’s also an apple juice yellow color that I love for fall and a really pretty green. I’m wearing a size medium my normal size.


Versatile Sweater

Oh my gosh this sweater is so so so pretty! I didn’t know it when I bought it but it actually has little tiny gold flecks in it, so it just screams holidays for me! Not to mention it’s under $20! I got the ‘winter white‘ but it also comes in three other colors. Molly really loves the purple one. Ha! And Comes in size extra small to 2XL.

I want to show you guys that it’s versatile and not just something to dress up. In these first pictures I’m wearing it with a pair of leggings and flats and I think it looks really cute. Maybe I would’ve put on a little flat or something a little nicer but I still liked the loafers I put on.

Then I’m also wearing the sweater here with the most beautiful black skirt. This skirt is so versatile and has over 170 review so definitely check those out. And you’re gonna get it for only $23! I love love love the skirt! It’s absolutely perfect everything from the fit, to the flare, to the material, and the pockets!


While I was writing this blog post, I was sitting with Molly and when we were on the page with the skirt, she asked me to show it to her in the fuchsia color because it comes in 12 colors! I have to say I’m kind of obsessed with it! I feel like the fuchsia/hot pink color will be perfect for the summer, so I think I’m gonna go ahead and get it because it’s so affordable!


And it has pockets!



Okay, that’s it for today! There was a lot jam-packed into this fall Affordable Friday, so I hope you guys are absolutely loving it! I know I say this a lot, but I really think these are some of the most incredible pieces I have shared in  an Affordable Friday post. I almost broke it up into two posts because I love it everything so much but I decided to give it all to you in one so you guys can pick out what you love the most! Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

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