Our Screened in Porch Decor!

Screened in porch reveal! Or at least half of it. We still have another side to do, but I can’t figure out what I wanna do there yet!! I’m open to suggestions, so tell me them in the comments below!

Anyway, I’m so excited to share the space with you guys because I’m in love with it! Not only that, but I’m in love with the fact that all of the items we used to furnish it are affordable! So I’ve link them all for you guys in today’s blog post!


The star of the show is definitely the outdoor furniture set from Better Homes and Gardens. This set is not only affordable, but it also happens to be on rollback making it even more affordable. I will start by saying it feels weird to me to say something is affordable, and then a few sentences later say it is hundreds of dollars. Ha! Those feel like oxymorons. But I have spent hours and hours and hours looking online for outdoor furniture and I’m telling you a lot of the times I’ll see one single chair that’s over $1000 that I want for my backyard. Sometimes multiple thousands of dollars. So the fact that you can get this entire four piece set for under $700 is an absolute steal! Honestly, I think it looks super expensive like I got it from one of those super high-end boutique online stores.

If you need the four piece set that comes with the loveseat, two chairs, and ottoman table I will link that for you guys, but I’m also going to link the smaller set that is three pieces with two chairs and a smaller table that is also really beautiful. I’m almost wondering if I can fit these two chairs in the space as well if I spaced things out a little bit more just because I love it so much and it’s so affordable that at just under $350.


I really wanted to make sure the rugs that I put in the screened in porch were not white. As you guys know I tend to have a lot of white rugs in my house. But given that this is a semi outdoor space, I knew that just wouldn’t fly for a rug. It’s covered so it will be fine, but definitely some little wet feet are going to be running through the screened in porch. So I got these 7 x 10‘ rugs for both just under $150 each! An incredible price for a rug this size. You can also get a 5 x 7′ if that’s the size you need and it’s even more affordable at under $80! The quality is amazing of these rugs and I just love how they look. It still gives me that light and airy look that I want without it being completely white. You can one see one of them in these photos. The other one I got is on the other side of the screened in porch.



I knew I wanted some side tables, but I didn’t wanna spend a let and I was super happy to find these really pretty iron side tables with this gorgeous detail. They’re affordable for a side table and just gorgeous!

I’ve written about this wicker tray before and I absolutely love it to use as a little tray! Everything on the ottoman table it’s under $30 and can be used in so many different ways. I have one in our laundry room as well to hold canisters. It’s also Better Homes and Garden. I think almost everything in this blog is a must really love their stuff. Ha! And there’s over 70 reviews for it so check it out!

Inside it I placed this beautiful white candle and wooden beads the overall just give me a calming feeling when I look at them. Maybe it’s because the candles called ‘Calm’. Ha!


I also use faux olive trees all throughout my house. I think it beautifully compliments the space and I love it so much. I put my little farmhouse looking lantern next to it. It’s just on the floor for now, but eventually I will have a little table or something to put it on. I wish I moved it over a little bit in these pictures  so you can see it better, but it’s beautiful! And so affordable! I use these to decorate in my built-ins as well because I love them so much.

And last but not least out here is this absolutely stunning farmhouse beaded framed floral art. I love everything about this! And it’s only $14.97! Rush rush rush as fast as you can to get this before it sells out. The only thing I’m sad about in regards to it is that they don’t make it in a bigger size because I would love to have a huge one of these in my house. But the size is really pretty for a smaller space. I actually think I might even get another one because I want to put it in one of our bathrooms because I think it’s beautiful for bathroom art.


Oh kidding, one last thing I want to link – because I bought it for the space, but I legit just got it today and I took these photos yesterday – is this beautiful natural and white woven battery operated outdoor lantern! It also has a removable LED candle inside. It’s so pretty and so perfect for the ambience out here! It comes in small medium and large. The small is under $20 and the large is under $40 and it is gorgeous! If I didn’t know better again I would think it came from a super high-end store!

Help Me Choose!

Well that’s it for me! I hope you guys love the space as much as I do and I hope it inspires you for decorating a space in your house. Or even if you just find one or two things you like at a great price that makes me happy! Thanks for coming to my blog and supporting me as always.

Oh before you go please tell me in the comments below what you think we should do with the other side of the screened in porch! I’m thinking maybe some sort of breakfast nook where we put a table so we can have our coffee out there in the mornings. Or even just have dinner with friends when they come over. What do you think? I’ve linked a few things below that I think would be really great in the space. What would you put there? Do you like any of the things I link below?

21 Thoughts

21 thoughts on “Our Screened in Porch Decor!

  1. Most definitely a dining set. When the weather is nice you will get so much use out of it eating outside. Could also be great spot for the kids to do their crafts outside as well. Love, Love all you have done to your outdoor space.

    1. I am leaning that way too but I don’t know which one!!! What do you think from what I linked above?!?! Trying to keep it affordable.

    1. I love it too! But now I’m wondering if it would get too wet being in the corner of our screen in porch. What do you think?

  2. I’d go with outdoor dining, for sure, but I’d only get something for outdoors. The temp fluctuations in TN (with possible sideways rain and of course the humidity) could affect the furniture out there. So, I’d look for a table specifically for outdoors so you’ll get years of use out of it and not one season.

  3. I love the breakfast nook set with the bench seating! This would be perfect for coffee/breakfast but also for lunches and casual dinners/drinks with friends! On rainy days you could put puzzles together or the kiddos could draw/paint/color ! So many fun possibilities ! The other side of the porch looks amazing; you have a fantastic eye for design !

  4. A porch swing bed! Imagine sitting there having coffee, reading to the kids in the evening, taking day naps (if you can find the time, lol). And you can do movie nights since you have the TV! I know was totally different than what you asked re dining, but this is first place my mind went.

  5. Yes a dining set would be perfect. Breakfast, lunch and dinners as well as playing games with the kids. You have great taste! I bet whatever you pick will be beautiful just like the rest of your house.

  6. Your porch looks like the perfect place to relax with friends and family. On the other side, I think a place to eat would be ideal. I love the corner bench/table set, but do worry that it could get wet with the elements. What about going the old fashion picnic table style and then buying/making cushions so you don’t have to sit on the wood bench. We have a picnic table directly outside that we bought and stained several years ago and it has held up well – you could paint/stain any color you wanted.

  7. I love the porch! I would get the stand alone dinning table, instead of the corner table. I just think it looks more elegant and more your style. I think either way it’ll look great though. Enjoy your beautiful home! 🙂

  8. Dining all the way! I have so many wonderful memories from growing up of eating dinner with my family during the summer on our back porch at our picnic table. I actually have that same picnic table at my house now that I’m grown, and it’s so special to me! I think that Manor Park quasi-picnic looking table with some white benches would be great! Or look for something that is picnic style that’s for outdoor use. You can always carry it out into the yard for a change of scene, the kids can also do crafts on it, or even homework during the school year when it’s still nice outside.

  9. Gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the floor pavers you went with for the screened in porch? We are doing a similar project and love how yours turned out!

  10. I like the Collin wood and metal dining table with the white metal outdoor chairs! Keeps it open and airy but the metal is so much easier to keep clean! I actually have similar metal dining chairs in my dining room (we have 6 kids) and they are so easy to just wipe down and move on.

  11. So beautiful! You’ve created an oasis.

    My only suggestion, since you asked, is to remove the TV.

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