Outdoor Summer Fun!

Happy summer everyone! I know most kids are on summer break now, and that means parents are desperate for activities (or will be soon!)! So I want to share some items in today’s blog post that are not only great for keeping the kiddos busy this summer, but also just a great summer items for anyone to have as well.

Giant Tower of Fun!

I’m gonna start with some activities for the kiddos. Starting with this giant Jenga tower. Technically since Jenga is a brand-name they don’t call it that. It’s called the Giant Jumbling Tower Party Game. Ha!

But essentially a big Jenga game. The kids love love love this! Not only just to keep them busy on any given day, but especially when friends come over! Oh my gosh the giggles that ensue while playing this game are magical! Plus, honestly beyond the kids, it’s fun for the parents to play as well! We set this up and some corn hole boards and have friends over and it’s a pretty great day honestly!

Toss and Catch Game for $5

Also linking this toss and catch game that is under $5 which is a steal and the kids love it! Molly just started t-ball and Riley is starting soon and this is a great way for them to get used to throwing a ball and being able to catch it a little bit more easily until they’re better with a glove. Even when they are good with a glove, this is just another version of catch that is really fun for them.

Inflatable Fun!

If you’re looking for a few fun blowup items for summer, I highly recommend a bounce house and a blowup pool. We got a bounce house at the beginning of the pandemic and it was the best money we ever spent! This is a smaller one so it’s great to be used both indoors and outdoors for us younger kids and it’s only $59 – and that $59 includes the built-in pump! A lot of times a pump alone costs that much! Then I am also linking this inflatable pool. You guys might remember we had this pool last summer.

We ended up gifting it to the people that moved into our rental after us just because we still weren’t quite moved into our house yet and we didn’t have any room left in storage, so we thought we would gift it to them knowing that we were putting a pool in to our new home. You absolutely cannot beat the price it only $29! This pool is actually made of thick material so it’s really sturdy and it’s not too big so it’s really easy to pack away.

Jumbo Memory Game

Another game that I think is a great purchase is this jumbo memory game. It comes with sturdy cards for easy play and the kids have an absolute blast with this outside. This is one of those games that they wanna play over and over again and don’t get tired of it. Plus something about them being jumbo cards just makes it extra fun for them. At least extra fun for my kiddos. Plus, for only $20 it’s just a great purchase for the amount of fun you’ll get out of these.


Last but not least, let’s talk bubbles! What kid doesn’t absolutely love bubbles!!! We used to have this really expensive bubble machine that I think we got for like $50 at a party store. But when we moved and got rid of a bunch of our stuff that was one of the things I just couldn’t fit in our pod so we gave it to a friend. But the kids loved it so much so I want to get another one for them, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money this time. I found this one for only $5 on Walmart’s site and I am blown away at how well it works! Order this thing ASAP! It comes with 4 ounces of solution, but I highly recommend buying more bubbles now just because your kids are gonna love it so much that they’re going to go through those so fast! I got this two-pack of refills that are great and non-toxic! Plus the price is so good.

These extras will also come in handy if you get these for your kiddos. These are cute little ones that they love running around the yard with. They bought bubbles play sound and light up! Molly got the fairy and Riley got the dragon. These are the type of things that you can bring with you if you go to a parade or any sort of event where they try to sell these things for about 20 times the price. I try to think ahead and bring them for my kiddos so they don’t wanna buy one when we’re somewhere. Ha!

Oh and we bought the kiddos this kite too FYI! It has great reviews so when we take it out this week I will let you know how it works!

Also going to link bunch of my other favorite outdoor activities below!

Rechargeable Flashlight

The next thing I want to talk about is this rechargeable flashlight. I know this seems like a weird thing to include in this post but I am blown away by this flashlight! Ha! The things we get excited about as adults. I ordered it just because I’m really trying to order more rechargeable things just to avoid having to put batteries in everything. I’m just trying to think about and be conscious of the environment. So I reluctantly ordered this flashlight just because it was $39 and that’s not like a lot to me for a flashlight. But oh my gosh now that I have it I get it!

It’s super well-made. When you hold in your hand and feel the weight of it you can just tell it’s a really nice flashlight. When I got it was already charged but when it’s not, you just plug it in to charge it. And my goodness the light is insane! It’s so strong and bright so it will be super useful when you need it and it has three different settings. A really strong bright setting, a dimmer setting and then a pulsing flashing light setting which is really wonderful in case of emergency. I know we will have this flashlight for years in years and years and I’m really happy to have it. So I just wanted to share it here since we got it from Walmart and I’m sharing some of my favorite things from Walmart.


Also just linking my top and shorts for you guys. You know I love a good affordable outfit and this one is super super super affordable and oh so cute! I looooove the top. And it’s only $7!!!!!! What?!?!I have it in light blue and white. The shoulder pads are see through the white but I removed them anyway because I like how it looks without them. I also love the shorts. Read all the amazing reviews on Walmart’s site. People love them and so do it! I got a size 8 and I’m normally a size 29 and they fit perfectly!

One Last Thing

Last thing I wanna mention quickly just because I just got it for our home, this beautiful modern farmhouse bookcase! It has a sliding door so not every shelf is exposed. I got it because I want to hide some modems behind the door but then also had some of it exposed. I think it’s so so so gorgeous and absolutely insanely beautiful for the price.

If you were to buy this at another furniture store, you’d pay $1500 easy – and even on sale you’d spend like $1000. Furniture is so expensive these days! So to get it around $250 from Walmart, I just think it’s a steal. I got the rustic white color FYI.

Well that’s it for today! Hope you enjoy today’s blog post and found a few things that would be useful to you and your family!

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