My Own Hair Accessory Line with Scunci!!!!

Update: The three pack scrunchie with the bow is already sold out online! You might still be able to find it in store but it’s officially sold out online. This collection is limited edition so nothing is going to be restocked so if you want to get a piece make sure you snag one now before they sell out online!

Update #2: The Walgreen’s site has the most accurate inventory for each store! If you are looking to get some in-store, I highly recommend checking there! The list of stores I provided is correct in the sense that every one of the stores on the list will receive them, but some might not have received the displays yet due to shipping. So if your store hasn’t shown availability yet, hang tight!

Oh my gosh you guys, I am legit in tears right now as I write this. Happy tears!  So excited to announce that I have my own hair accessory line with Scunci!!!! Did you guess right yesterday when I was teasing it on Instagram? Eeepppp! My goodness, I am so unbelievably, over the moon, happy as can be, ecstatic tears right now! I am so proud to announce that my Scunci line is now available to the public at over 5,000 Walgreens nationwide!!!! Every time I say that out loud or read it, I’m just in utter disbelief.

What makes this so emotional and special for me is not only the fact that having my own line has been a dream of mine for years, but also because I used to work in a drugstore and I remember looking at Scunci while I was restocking the shelves and being so excited to get my paycheck at the end of the week so I could buy a beautiful hair clip because I loved the brand so much. I remember my mom getting them for me when she would visit me in the store. So the fact that now here I am, so many years later, with my name on the packaging of my very own line just is so emotional and overwhelming – in the very best way!!!

I have legitimately been working on this collection for a year and was involved in every little design aspect from the fabric, to the metals, to how easily the elastic stretched or the barrette metal opened. Every little detail was important to me to make this collection absolutely perfect! I’m so grateful and excited to be sharing it with all of you.

I want to talk about every single little item in the collection, but I feel like this blog post would be an hour read if I did that. Ha! So instead I’m just gonna focus on a few in this post and I’ll do another one later with more of the others. I would probably normally use this blog to share a few of my favorites, but honestly I don’t really have a favorite. They’re all amazing and I love them all equally! I figured with all the zoom meetings we are all doing, you might as well up your hair accessory game since your shoes and pants don’t matter anymore. Ha!

Sweater Material

I’m gonna start with the accessories made out of sweater material! When I first got together with Scunci to talk about this, I told them that I’ve never seen a sweater material scrunchie, but it’s always been something I’d love to have. That’s why we decided to create this beautiful, oversized sweater scrunchie that will be so fun and give you that cozy feel all winter long! I thought about making it a normal size, but I just thought the oversized look kind of feels the same way a cozy oversized sweater feels during the winter. It just will make you feel good inside.

When designing the scrunchie, it was super important to me that the sweater material have beautiful texture, but also be soft. We tested out a few different sized elastics in the center. At first I thought the elastic was just way too big and that you’d have to wrap it around your hair twice no matter how thin or thick your hair was. I really wanted something that you could put your hair in a bun and then wrap the elastic around once to get a really full scrunchy look and not have to double up. So we made the elastic on the inside smaller so that you could do that! It’s also just fun to wear on your wrist!

We also did the 3 pack above. I was wearing the bow one in my stories yesterday!

I love the material so much that I have decided to transfer it over to a top knot headband too. I also love the color of the headband. You guys know I love a nice light blush color. But because it’s winter I wanted something with a little bit warmer ever feel, so we settled on this beautiful deeper toned blush. You guys are gonna love it and it’s gonna look beautiful no matter what your hair color!

Hair Clips!

Next, I want to share some hair clips for any short haired girls out there reading this! These hair clips are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and that’s why I’m so excited about them! I found this fabric that I really love that you’ll see in a few different pieces throughout the collection that’s an animal print with kind of a pinkish undertone but so subtle! It just gives the fabric a really expensive look in my opinion and I decided to wrap it around these jumbo clips and medium-size clips. I love that you can wear these as a giant clip to hold back your hair in the front, or as a statement piece in the back with either a half ponytail or full ponytail depending on the thickness of your hair.

Also, see how in the pics above you can see a little bit of the metal clip at the base of the clip. This was our first sample!!! I really wanted to make sure that WOULDN’T happen to people who buy these, so we made sure to wrap fabric around that part – as you can see the the picture of the clips on the package above. We REALLY thought out every little detail. Oh, and that second photo is a picture of me wearing the larger clip in my insta stories yesterday when I was teasing this collection! I loved hearing all your guesses!

I also love that these can create a really cute mommy and me matching moment. Sometimes I put the big clip of my hair and then the smaller clip in Molly’s hair and people always notice it when we’re out and about and give compliments. It’s a really cute, subtle way to do mommy and me matching if a matching outfit isn’t your thing. Which I think for most parents it’s not really a thing unless it’s for an Instagram picture. Ha!

Mommy and Me Matching Bows

Speaking of mommy and me matching, oh my goodness I could not resist and had to do the most adorable mommy and me matching bows for this collection! These pieces in the collection were inspired by Molly for sure! She absolutely loves when we wear them together and I’ve had to keep them hidden from you guys in my stories when we’re wearing them up until now so I could share for the big reveal of the launch! But trust me when I say we wear these things all the time and will continue to. They make such a great gift for any mom and her daughter. So if you’re a grandma reading this or mom reading this, I highly recommend stopping by your local Walgreens and getting them.

Velvet Head Wrap

The velvet on this head wrap is seriously the most beautiful crushed velvet that I have ever seen! I don’t even wanna call it crushed velvet because it’s just prettier than that in my opinion. And it’s one of those hair accessories that you can just easily throw on any time to instantly make your hair look more put together. I see myself wearing this is many upcoming zooms!

Headband Set

The last thing I want to share because it can work for people of any hair length are these headbands! I LOVE that you can double them up like in these photos and when they are worn on their own they are just unbelievably beautiful! I really feel like these pictures don’t do the textured one justice – it’s so stunning in person. I feel like a bride could wear the cream texture one to her bridal shower with beautiful flowers up in her hair and it would just look really ethereal. The fact that you get all three of these headbands for $6.49, it’s just such an incredible deal.  I’m telling you, you will come back to the thin black headband again and again and again. It’s so pretty, simple and classic. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one with this quality at my local drugstore that I had to make one!

Thank you so much for your support!

Okay, that’s it for now but I’ll be posting about more of them in a few days! Wait until you see the black bow on!!!!! I want to end this by saying thank you guys so much for all your incredible love and support over the years. I’m so grateful for each and everyone of you. Sometimes of you ask me what you could do to support me back, I always kind of chuckle when I get questions like that because you guys just following me and engaging with me on my blog and social media is more than enough to give back to me. Because of all of you, I’m able to create amazing things like this line with Scunci and I’m so grateful. However, I am gonna use this opportunity to beg a little bit. Ha! I’m so excited about this launch, but I’m also sick to my stomach about it because I don’t want it to fail. So it would mean more to me than I could possibly explain if you guys would head out to your local Walgreens and pick up an item or two. Everything in the collection is under $10 – so it’s so affordable and truly the quality is just amazing!

I know the holidays just ended, but consider getting a little gift for yourself or someone you know and please please please make sure to post to Instagram and tag me so I can repost all of your pictures to my stories! I’m legit gonna be reposting every single one because I’m so excited about it! And if you see my display in a Walgreens please do a story and tag me so I can repost that too! AT the end of January, I will randomly select 10 of you that posts wearing my line to Facetime with to say Thank you!!!!!! The first person to post automatically gets a Facetime! I;m just so excited! I feel like I’m gonna be living in Walgreens over the next few months just waiting for people to come and see my collection just so I can tell them how much I love it.

If you want to know if it’s in a Walgreens near you, I created this Google doc that you can click here to see all of the Walgreens stores that are going to carry at nationwide. There’s one just 15 minutes from my in-laws house in Indiana that I’m going to today just so I can see it with my own eyes! Here are all the products, it would mean so much to me if you stopped by Walgreens to check them out!

I love you guys so much and truly I appreciate all the love and support and thank you in advance for supporting me in this endeavor. It’s the biggest most exciting and scary thing I’ve ever done and I just can’t believe it. Truly a dream come true!

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195 thoughts on “My Own Hair Accessory Line with Scunci!!!!

  1. Congratulations Ali!!
    My nearest Walgreens is an hour away so I’m going to check online right now.
    Love the new line!!

  2. So cute!! Can’t wait to get mine! Both of my local Walgreens are on the list so we will be out today! So happy to support you this way! Congrats!

  3. Very excited for this for you (and for all of us). You have such a beautiful soul and you (and to it family) deserve all the best. Wishing you all the success! Take today to really soak it all in. You deserve this, Ali. You always share your heart with all of us and the people you love and it means so much. Sending you love and hoping your day is filled with smiles!!!

  4. Congratulations Ali!!
    They look amazing and I can’t wait to get some. Checking my location for the closest Walgreens now!

  5. Congrats Ali, my daughters are already grown but I babysit an 8 year old and she loves hair accessories. Will stop in my local walgreens for sure to get something for her!!

  6. I’m so excited for you Ali! I’ll definitely be buying these for my young adult daughters and myself! I love the look! 💕

  7. I also excited for you, Ali. The products are beautiful. My hair is kind of short but I have a daughter and 2 granddaughters who will love these. I will go to Walgreen’s today and pick some up!

  8. Congratulations!!I am so excited for you!! My daughter and I will be checking our local Walgreens and if not we will order online❤️❤️

  9. Hi Ali, congrats on the hair accesoires that you designed. They look great. Do you have some sportbands for the hair so that it keeps out of the face while sporting? Thanks! Astrid

  10. Can’t wait. Me and my daughter (24 years old) want to get matching hair accessories!!! Can’t wait to get there!! So proud and happy for you!!

  11. First of all Congratulations! This is awesome I can’t wait to get some of your hair pretty’s. You go, Girl! 💖

  12. So excited for you! Been waiting to hear your news and can’t wait to run and grab these. At home with COVID at the moment but will be running out to my neighborhood Walgreens as soon as I can! Cheers to you with this new endeavor!

  13. Sprinting to my Walgreens! I love how everything is so versatile and I’m stoked for the sweater material big scrunci! I have two girls and we all wear them, so with the super affordable price points I’ll def be snagging some goods! Congrats ali!

  14. Congratulations!!! These are super cute!! I can’t wait to buy the 3-pack of scrunchies with the pink bow scrunchie! 🎀💕

  15. I don’t know if you are aware but there is a trend with teenage girls wearing their srunci on Their hand as an add on accessory. Thats how many of my daughter friends wear them. So happy for you. We will definitely check out your line. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  16. I worked for Walgreens most of my life, in the stores then at corporate in the Advertising Department! Pieces are so cute, congratulations, very exciting!!

  17. I am so excited! My small town usually gets missed on things like this and they are available right up the road at our Walgreens! Can’t wait to grab some!

  18. Ali, I’m so happy for you. These are awesome! They’re going to be a huge it. Best of luck to you! I love watching you and your beautiful family. Highlight of my day seeing your beautiful kiddos. I always show my hubby. 😂 Have a fabulous day. Don’t get nervous, it’s going to be great. ❤️ Susan

  19. Congratulations on your new line of hair products!! I’m very excited for you and wish you lots of success!

  20. Congrats!!! 🍾 I don’t have any daughters but I love some of these for myself and I might have to surprise my nieces. All such cute and pretty pieces!

  21. Congratulations! I ordered several items for my daughters. The items were not available at Walgreens near me but they shipped free if I ordered $35.00 worth. All of the items are beautiful!

  22. Oh ali!! I’m so excited for you! I’ve already looked up the closest location to me & will be going there soon. Can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  23. I’m so excited for you Ali!!! This is Awesome and of course we are going to support you and buy from your line. How could we not! So cute and affordable. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing you and your family life with us all!

  24. I’m so excited to see many stores near where I live carry your line! These are adorable and the perfect thing for my little 4 year old girl’s birthday gift on new years!

  25. Ali- you are going to be so successful with these! They’re adorable and unique and I can’t wait to go get some. I had to scroll forever on the google doc to get to Texas to see that they’re going to be in my Walgreens (yay!). Holy moly that’s a lot of stores!!

  26. Congrats!!!! I am looking forward to purchasing your items! Sad though that you wrote the ship has sailed to co-host… you were/are destined for being on TV- don’t let that dream die either… best of everything!

  27. Congrats Ali!!!! I can’t wait to try them all I hope they don’t sell out by the time I get to Walgreens 🙂

  28. Oh, Ali, Congratulations on your new hair accessories line. I’m so happy for you in this new venture. I know you will do well. Out to shop today. Air hugs

  29. Oh my goodness congrats!! The collection is beautiful! So glad they’re in the Walgreens near me so I can go pick some up!!

  30. Your attention to detail and the love you put into making these is amazing! I can’t wait to stock up. Congrats to you, Ali!

  31. Amazing I will support! Your scunci line is at my local Walgreens. I’m beyond thrilled!!! And I love the mommy and me products. Congrats Ali!!!!

  32. Driving from MA to TN. Planning on stopping at some of the Walgreens listed in your google doc along the way!

  33. Congratulations Ali! I’m so excited for you and this adventure! One of your Walgreens stores is on my block so I’m going now to get some headbands and (what I call) scrunch-a-dunches!! 💕🥳🥂

  34. Ali,
    Congratulations on your endeavor.
    Everything looks beautiful.
    I will be supporting you in purchasing some of these for my granddaughters.

  35. I am in love with scunci and I have been for so long, this is so exciting!! congratulations, I am sure your hard work will pay off!!

  36. Just beautiful!!! Congratulations! The Walgreens just five min from my house has them! I’ll be making a trip there today!

  37. Congratulations!!! Everything looks so so cute! I CANNOT wait to get the mommy and me set! Thank you for making something like that!! I love finding little ways to match my daughter and this is perfect!! Best wishes!!

  38. Congratulations!! Love them all!! And I’m so excited they are included in my Walgreens right down the street!! So happy for you!!

  39. Hi!
    I just wanted to say, I’m 55 years old and I would purchase your line. It’s so cute, I really love it. I would also purchase for my adult daughters.
    Congratulations Ali! I’m positive it’s going to be a success

  40. This is so exciting!! I am going to shop on line cause I don’t see them in my local stores in Chicago!! I will post pictures once I place and receive the order. I also use the plastic Scunci to hold my key for work on my wrist!! Congratulations again, I have to get shopping! P.S. I will not be chopping my hair so I can wear these. I love Bows!!

  41. Congrats alli!!! It’s going to be in stores by me in NJ! I can’t wait to wear matching sets with my daughter when she is born!! So much love to you!! Xo

  42. Congrats! My Walgreens aren’t on the list so I just placed an order! My little one and I love watching your IG stories together, she is 3 and just loves Molly and Riley. I can’t wait to get our bows and point out that not only do we match each other, we match you and Molly! She’s going to be so excited!

  43. Congratulations! Your collection looks beautiful! I am going to get some to mail to my daughter who is away at college.

  44. Congrats! These are adorable!! Sadly Walgreens did not put any in any of the Knoxville, TN area stores?? 😭 Hopefully they will soon so we can buy some!!

  45. These are adorable! Congrats Ali! I’ll be buying some and my daughter soon! She LOVES any hair accessories!

  46. Oh I’m so excited!! Everything looks so good. And all my local stores are on the list! Congratulations!! Also, I’ve always pronounced their brand name as scrunchi. I heard you say it then looked at the name and there is no R!! Lol

  47. These are stunning!! Even if I can’t find them at my local Walgreens, I will definitely purchase online. I love that they are made of quality materials but being sold at a reasonable price.

    Congratulations Ali!

  48. Congratulations, Ali! This is exciting! Your new line of hair accessories looks fabulous. I’m in!

    Dallas, TX

  49. Yay! Love the look of the scrunchies and headbands. Sweater material is awesome.
    Will they always only be at Walgreens? I ask because we don’t have one in my city (i’m in Canada). Would love to be able to get some 😊

  50. I’m going yoday. My daughters bday is tomorrow so I will be getting both of us a bday present. I love them! They are so pretty ❤️

  51. Congratulations, Ali!! This is so exciting!!! I can’t wait to try some of these! I have a few Walgreens stores in my area. Wishing you all the best!

  52. I just love watching you and your adorable family. I may be out of the major demographic (I’m 60) but, I’m also a fan of the FABFITFUN box and I know you work with the company. Why not get them to include it in a future box and get even more exposure?

  53. Hi Ali, congratulations that is amazing. I would totally purchase them but I’m in Canada and this year we aren’t able to travel of course. Would you line be available in Canada.

  54. Congratulations. They are very cute. When I get a chance I will be going to Walgreens and getting myself some.

  55. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of being on the Bachelorette. You would never have gotten this far without them. Yet I don’t see you thanking them once. Plus your hair is always a mess. The picture with the thin band and barrette is an absolute disaster.

  56. Why didn’t you release these before Christmas??? These will make a great stocking stuffer for my niece and sister in law. Myself too!! Looks like I’ll be heading to Walgreens!

  57. This is so Awesome!! Congratulations Ali! I love following your sweet family! I will buy some today!….you can never have enough scrunchies!

  58. Congratulations!!! This is so amazing! Lots of my local Walgreens are on the list so I’ll be heading out to get some for me and my family!! Such a big moment, enjoy it!

  59. Just placed an order at! It should arrive in 1-2 days and I can’t wait to get them. Love all of the line!

  60. *adds everything to cart* Seriously though, I’m going to need to practice some major self control because everything is s’dang cute! Congrats on this launch, Ali!! Can’t wait to buy everything (hopefully it’s in stock when I go to my local stores)! ☺️

  61. Congrats Ali on your hair accessory launch!! They all are so pretty. Running to my Walgreens to buy a few right now.

  62. Awhhhh Ali I’m “Super Excited” for you and your new venture but sadly I can’t nip to Walgreens to support you as I live in Scotland. Once this crazy time is over I will get back to having my holiday (vacation) in the USA … Well Done you 💝 x

  63. Congratulations they are all beautiful. I will definitely be buying some for my daughters and granddaughter. Good luck.

  64. Congratulations, Ali! Your Instagram always brings joy to my life. I am so happy for you and your family! Can’t wait to go buy these beautiful hair accessories 💗.

  65. Congratulations, Ali!
    I’m hoping your products will be available in Iowa to be able to see them in person!!
    I’m so proud of you for your hard work abd dedication to do this! Congratulations!!!!!

  66. They are lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the store. Been letting my hair grow out so I think I can happily get it in your scrunchi. I enjoy all your posts and been a fan since your first bachelorette days.

  67. Umm…I’m buying them all…🙄
    Beautiful colors…Beautiful fabrics…Beautiful style…clothing line next…😘
    Hope they are coming to my Walgreens

  68. I love the bobbies! I work in a dermatology clinic and wear scrubs everyday so the only way to add a splash of color is my hair, going to get these. Congrats on your dreams coming true.

  69. The products look beautiful. I am going to go to the Walgreens near me and my niece and great niece a Mommy and me now set. They look lovely on you and Molly.

  70. Congratulations! I loved your story so inspirational for many girls and teens that have a dream and hearing you knows that everything is possible! Wishing you a lot of success!


  71. Congratulations Ali. So happy for you! Going to my nearest Walgreens in Colorado to look for the display and purchase some!!!!

  72. I am just so excited for you and your family. I can’t wait to go to Walgreens and pick up a few things. Congratulations!

  73. I’m so happy for you Ali. Can you, or someone, let me know where that list of Walgreen’s Stores is? I don’t seem to see a link to it. I would love to see if there’s a store near me. Thanks.

  74. Congratulations Ali!
    I will definitely be buying a few of these scrunchi, headbands, headwraps! They are so pretty!

  75. Hi Ali !
    I was able to get a shipping forwarder to get your need hair accessories in Canada. I am that excited. A lot is already sold out! SOLD OUT ! Yah ! So proud and happy for you !

  76. Beautiful choices!! I’ve always loved Scunci. So excited to receive my order of Ali🥰 clips, headbands and head wraps💕 Love supporting you! as you are such a support to all of us EVERY DAY‼️ And you are a model of kindness and grace in all you do! Thank you💖 So grateful for you!

  77. I love your line…the colors, the fabric, the designs 💖💖💖 l am older and was looking for something more refined and you did it. This line is for all ages and makes 60+ year olds like me feel beautiful. Thank you!!

  78. So very proud of you Beautiful Lady💗💗💗. You are so awesome and amazingly inspirational to all of us. . Can’t wait to purchase all of them . God Bless you and your sweet sweet family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️

  79. Congratulations Ali!!! I cannot wait to see your collection so I can purchase something’s for my granddaughter!She LOVES Scrunches!!!

  80. Hi Ali, all the hair accessories look amazing, unfortunately I live in Australia and can’t purchase them but I wish you lots of success with them, good luck Annette xx

  81. Congratulations Ali!! Very exciting news! They are beautiful accessories and I will be keeping an eye out at my wallgreens!! – from, Libby @enowlin86

  82. Congratulations! Wishing you all the success in the world.
    I love them for my granddaughter, but you know I may get a couple for myself too!

  83. Oh my gosh you guys! I was sooooo pumped about Ali’s new scunci line like the rest of us and live down here in NC! I looked online and made sure said in stock and also buy online option before going to the Walgreens that was in the list of stores so I got there and oh my goodness the Manager was just dreadful! He said that they don’t have them. I questioned him and showed the website and he said oh yeah we have them but they aren’t out yet—- so I thought of that other gal Ali showed where they put the whole display up when she asked 😃. So I asked if he could go look in the back for them for me. Then he said we don’t have them and the truck will deliver them tomorrow so I was confused after he said they were there?!? Right? Lol. So I asked-ok then Can I just do the buy online option that’s available on here? And he said that he would cancel it!!! I was so befuddled! And after all that I left empty handed with my hair empty of any bling or flare! So to my Charlotte area peeps—-so this doesn’t happen to you I recommend calling directly and asking for the Manager or above to confirm they have the goodies!!!!!!!

  84. Went to my local Walgreens in La Puente, ca and the line hasn’t been put out yet 🙁 I’ll try back another day this week. So excited!

  85. Congratulations Ali how exciting for you and I can’t wait to buy all of them! So important to show our children what hard work can do. So happy for you!

  86. So excited! Just a little over 2 weeks postpartum, first time mom. Rediscovered my love of scrunchies this weekend with a new haircut and hair care routine that saves time and money. Anyways the scrunchies are velvet soft, with that rubber phone line in the middle. So easy and gentle. I love all your stuff so far, headbands, clips, need to minimize heat, use dry shampoo and go 2-3 days without shampoo/conditioner. Long story short, I would love to get you some more exposure. I’ve never tried influencing before but I would do it if I had the products. I know I can get behind them so easily. This is a shot in the dark, but figured I’d ask because I am on such a self care mission since becoming a new mom and stress that led to postpartum anxiety disorder. Would love to chat more through email. Just to connect at any level especially motherhood would help! Love your family and wish you all the best with the move and everything in 2021!!! ♥️♥️♥️ Xoxo Maria

  87. Saw your story way too late and sadly my local store doesn’t carry your line (checked Googledoc), so I was only able to get hold of ONE item left online here in CA, but ONE is better than none. Happy to support you.

  88. Hi Alli,
    I think your hair line is beautiful. If only I could get my hands on it. Its out of stock for shipping and in store for the 3 items I wanted. Has it even hit Arizona? I went to 3 stores and found nothing. Maybe when you announce something like this you should have enough for everyone. It shouldn’t have sold out in one day. And the stores I went to looked like they never carried it. And they were stores you put on your walgreens app. So is everything going to get restocked?

    Thank you,
    Susan Campbell

  89. I already posted but I didn’t see it. Basically went to 3 Walgreens in Az and found nothing. Are they not out yet? because every thing I wanted says its sold out for shipping. Please reply so I know when to go to get your beautiful hair accessories.

    Thank you,

  90. Congrats! All of these pieces are so cute! I tried 2 stores today that said the display was not there yet but was coming soon- I’ll keep checking! 💕

  91. Congrats! All of these pieces are so cute! I tried 2 stores today that said the display was not there yet but was coming soon- I’ll keep checking! 💕

  92. Yay! Congrats Ali—-Just got the bows and scrunchies and they are the cutest ever!!!! And such great quality and I love how the bows are already tied! So excited I found them! You’re the best!

  93. I just bought your pink knit headband and absolutely love it!!
    I am, as my daughters have dubbed me, the “headband queen.” I was wearing it while facetiming with my sister today and she noticed it immediately. Since I have been wearing headbands for years (decades:) I am very picky. Yours is truly THE most comfortable. Hope you come out with additional colors. Thank you Ali💝

  94. Hi. I am so excited about your new hair accessories 😊 The Walgreens in my town says it has 3 of each items but…. I have gone 5 times this week and they have not set up the display. Just wanted to let you know that some of the stores that are listed do not have them. They look really cute. Hope to find them sometime 😊
    Kristal Martinez

  95. I have been stalking the nice people at Walgreens store 7786 8917 TRAUTWEIN RDRIVERSIDE CA
    But it hasn’t arrived here. Is it possible it’s still coming?

  96. My local Walgreens has ALL of these and they’re buy one get one half off!!!!! I’m going tomorrow to stock up. I’m due with my second babe in less than a month so these will be perfect to style my hair and not have to put in a ton of effort. lol

  97. I just bought the jumbo scrunchie and matching headband yesterday and I LOVE THEM! I came online to hunt down more colors, but there only seems to be the blush!

    I think having a nice soft Gray, and a Cream are perfect for Winter! Fall would be awesome for pumpkin and mustard colors!

  98. Vacationing in Marco Island and happened into a Walgreens and bought the tortoise shell hair claw!!!! Love it and been perfect for beach up-do hair! Best of luck and hope
    to find your collection in my Midwest hometown!! 😉

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