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Happy Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber weekend everyone! Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday. One that we really celebrate Thursday to Sunday. In general this is truly the best tie of year because it’s all about being with the people you love. And of course giving thanks for all that we have. I know a lot of people all over the country are unable to be with their loved ones this year because of the pandemic and I just want to tell all of you that I am thinking of you and if you’re reading this I hope you feel all the love and positive vibes I am sending you way! Not only this Thanksgiving weekend but all holiday season long.

The kids actually got an extra special surprise today. Our elf on the shelf, Cocoa, came a few days early and had a big present with her! This was Mimi‘s idea! We watched Molly fall in love with cooking in the kitchen on Thanksgiving so like grandparents like to do, Mimi really wanted to spoil her with her very own play kitchen right here at Mimi and Papa‘s house!


Anyway, seeing how much fun she’s been having with this kitchen today inspired me to write a blog post about toys I recently ordered for the kiddos for Christmas or ones that They just absolutely love!

I know finances are tight for a lot of us this year, so I am sharing options that I know are having great sales right now for Black Friday/Cyber Week especially at Walmart. You all know how much I love shopping online from Walmart because it is SO convenient to order right from their website to your door! Also, there are so many ways to shop. If you’re someone that likes to shop in the store or for drive-up, they make it so easy! I’m a big fan of Walmart and I’m so grateful they have been a long time sponsor of my site and this post!


For example, I feel like the fact that this kitchen is on sale for just around $100 is such an incredible deal for how well it’s made! I’m telling you, spend a little extra to get something well-made this holiday season! It’s so worth it in the long run! Otherwise you’ll end up buying two kitchens like we had to because we got a less expensive one first.

Kinetic Sand

Fun for the whole family, well for adults and kiddos over 3! This kinetic sand kit is SO cool because it comes with a variety of colors to play with and it has tools that allow you to mix them and make swirls of the colors! Basically it’s almost like a little plastic tube with a plunger and you fill it and layer colors inside until it is full and then push the plunger through to create the shapes and swirls. And it comes with a bunch of other pieces like scoops and rollers to make more shapes with it. Kinetic sand is also known to be a stress reliever for adults. I can’t wait to play with it too ha!!

Bounce House

With a Slide/Ramp

If you’ve been following me during the pandemic, you will know how much use Molly and Riley have gotten out of their bounce house! They have so much fun with it and Kevin and I couldn’t be happier that it let’s our kiddos jump around safely indoors and get some of their energy out. And now that we are living in Indiana and going to be moving to Nashville, it is so perfect for days when weather isn’t perfect. What kiddo wouldn’t want to spend time jumping around in there! You could even add some plastic balls to make it even more exciting.


I’m not kidding when I say that it wears them out!!! They slept like champs after a day of bouncing! It sold out really quickly the first time I posted about it, but it’s back in stock, which I’m so excited about!!! This bounce house comes with a blower so even if you find other bounce houses that seem less expensive it’s usually because they’re bad quality or because they don’t come with the blower which is the most expensive part. I promise you if you get one of these it will be entertaining your kids all winter long while it’s cold outside. Look at all these photos of Molly and Riley, they are all a little blurry because of all the movement that is constantly happening when they are in there!


Without a Slide

We don’t have this one, but I stumbled across it and I thought it would be perfect for families with tighter spaces and maybe can’t fit the bounce house with the slide indoors. This one is also lower to the ground for smaller kiddos. I love it because it still has amazing reviews AND a built-in pump just like the one that we have! I can’t believe it! If you get it, please let me know what you think because that price is just soooo good – it’s less than $55 with the pump! Which is incredible!

As an honorable mention if you need something smaller, this inflatable Minnie ball pit is great to keep your kids entertained! We used to have one just like this in our living room with balls in it like a ball pit. You can imagine what that looked like ha! But it was so much fun for the kiddos and great for a rainy or  snowy day inside – and not to mention staying safe inside for COVID! If your weather permits, I also think that this ball pit would be great in the backyard.

Play Kitchen

Mimi was sooooo excited about getting Molly and Riley a new play kitchen! If you remember, they use to have one but it was pretty unsafe because it could tip over if you pulled too hard. It was cute just wasn’t very durable or high quality(which I didn’t realize until owning it a while). Since Riley was still in the phase of pulling himself up, it wasn’t worth it for us to worry about so we got rid of it. The two options I found are for corners of the room and it seems so much safer since it can be anchored from two sides! Plus, there are so few furniture pieces or toys that fit into corners, that this amazing for a playroom or the corner of a bedroom. How cute is it the Molly is washing her hands and washing the dishes in the photos below. She’s her daddy’s daughter alright. Washing the dishes in the sink even though her kitchen has a dishwasher 😉


This first option is the one that Molly and Riley picked out when I scrolled through the website for them. It is so darling with the cutest details, like the fabric curtains in the windows! It has so many little features that are truly going to make this so fun. We just got ours in the mail yesterday at Mimi and Papa’s, so here are some photos of when Molly played with it for the first time today! And she is so excited to play in it today and “help” us with dinner!


Some of the features that it has that I think are awesome are a little chalkboard on the freezer, storage shelves and little pegs for the play food and pots and pans, and I love that all of the doors and knobs work! Play kitchens are so much more fun when you can open up the doors and play inside! I mentioned above, but for just around $100 this is such an incredible deal.


Another great one that I found was this one which is also by KidKraft, but it has lights and sounds! So for example, the stovetop burners and ice maker both have lights and sounds, which is so fun! Again, I just love the corner design because it can be anchored so much safer and since it is made of wood, it’s much easier to secure than plastic. There are curtains, pegs for hanging and lots of storage just like the pink one we got! This play kitchen is on sale right now for about $85 off! Almost 50%! I recommend snagging one while they are on sale!


Magnetic Tiles


Wow I cannot believe how affordable these magnetic tiles are for the sale!! Normally when I have seen these sold elsewhere they are about $110 for 100 tiles and it doesn’t come with anything else. Even if these were full price they would be absolutely worth it over all the other kits because it also comes 100 pieces including a carrying case to clean them up in, a car base, a wheel and 100 tiles! I couldn’t be more excited to find this deal – they are only $49 right now! That’s 50% off the normal price and closer to 60+% off from all the other sites I’ve seen. This is why I purchase Walmart toys! It has saved me so much money.


They are perfect for building towers, which Molly loves to do and see who can build the tallest one. Your kiddos can also use them to create little “houses” for their small dolls or animals. These magnetic tiles provide truly hours and hours of creativity.

Easy Bake Oven

Initially I ordered this Easy Bake Oven for Molly to be able to cook alongside us on Thanksgiving, but I didn’t even realize that it’s a little out of her age range right now and is meant for 8 years and up. So since I realized it was a little too old for Molly, I’m going to be sending it to my niece for Christmas because she would love it so much!! I can’t believe how high tech it is since the days when I had one growing up and I truly can’t wait to get Molly another Easy Bake Oven one day!


It is such an amazing nostalgia gift, and I think it would be so perfect for anyone to put under their tree. Not only that, but if you have a white elephant gift or “gag” gift to buy for a coworker or family member, I think this would be a totally fun gift for adults to reminisce on childhood memories! I mean I can’t wait to help Molly make the pretzels or cakes someday.

Outdoor Houses

We haven’t gotten one of these quite yet, just because our housing situation is so up in the air, but I cannot wait to get a little outdoor playhouse for Molly and Riley! There are truly so many adorable options and I think that the kiddos would get so much use out of them! You can play nearly anything inside them, and not to mention if it’s a sunny day it will provide shade for them! I’m going to link to 2 items below that are both on sale right now! This first one is currently 50% off! It also has a small play kitchen built inside which makes this an even better deal! The little flower boxes on the front are also so stinkin cute. I think you could put real flowers or herbs in there and teach your kiddos about the importance of watering them and taking care of them!

This second outdoor house is set up as “garden” style with a cafe style canopy and counters. This would be perfect for a kiddo that loves to play restaurant, kitchen or anything like that and could sell to you out the window! I think that is so adorable. It also has a working doorbell and 2 chalkboards which are such fun additions. I’ve seen similar wooden play houses for over $500, so to see this one with so many features be under $200 is amazing. Gotta love rollback deals!

A few other options!

I wanted to link a few other amazing gifts that I found while on my hunt:

My kids aren’t quite old enough for a scooter like this one, but how awesome that it lights up!!! What a cool and affordable gift, it’s only $34, and a great way to get the kids to play outside!

This Firefly swing set with LED Rainbow seats looks really fun and is not the typical swing set! It is about $60 off right now!

If you have a little princess who loves Disney Princesses, this Royal Celebration dollhouse is absolutely adorable and comes with furniture, a rooftop balcony and an elevator! And the best part is that it is about $50 off right now!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Thanks so much for coming by the blog today! I hope you are having an amazingweekend spending time with your loved ones. Hopefully this post helped spark some ideas for your kiddos for the holidays and you are able to get some incredible deals! Tell me your favorite toys for kiddos in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Top Deals on Toys

  1. I’m wondering how children can truly enjoy their Christmas and birthday gifts when they’re showered all year round with toys for no special occasion. How do you come to terms with that? What will happen when they’re older and on their own having unrealistic expectations? I ask because I see my granddaughter having a somewhat similar experience with her parents and I worry.

  2. hi Ali
    Great ‘kitchen’!
    i can’t wait to see what Molly bakes in the easy bake oven. (brings back many memories)
    enjoy cyber monday 😉

  3. Hi! I love your blog and just got obé fitness. Can you do a post on your favorite workouts, favorite instructors , and how you mix the different workouts cardio vs the others.

  4. Sales are helpful for sure but we should also remember the families who can’t even afford to buy gifts. There’s also a pandemic so it’s hard for many.

    1. I apologize if my message came across rude. It’s just hard with the pandemic and some people don’t have much. I want to bring to light the reality of those who struggle financially etc. I appreciate you thinking of others in your posts etc and the joy and hope you try to bring. I hope you have a nice Christmas and a blessed year! Sincerely Angele

  5. These top toy deals, including the Easy-Bake Oven, are a parent’s dream come true! Snagging these discounts will not only bring joy to kids but also some relief to the wallet

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