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Hi guys! I know I’ve said this before, but I truly apologize for not being able to watch the season and share all my thoughts! But Madi is basically my other half when it comes to the Bachelor world, so I’ve been loving reading all of her blogs! But I did wanna weigh in tonight because I feel like tonight’s episode is super important.

I loved hearing the conversation between Tayshia and Ivan. In all the years that the Bachelor has been on TV, they have pretty clearly avoided topics like this. Really any sort of controversial topic. Not that it should even be a controversial topic. It shouldn’t! But I love that the show finally decided to shed light on something so important and real and raw. So really I just want to jump in here and I thank ABC for choosing to listen to what is real. That was such a real moment between Tayshia and Ivan when they discussed police brutality and BLM. I will never understand their pain, but I will listen and I will try to be better.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday weekend!

Real + Raw Talks on the Bachelorette

Hi everyone, Madi here. Thanks for coming by Ali’s website today and checking out the Bachelorette blog for the week! It has been so fun chatting with all of you and recapping my thoughts each week!

1 on 1 with a Twist

What did you all think of the fact that they had to compete to go on the 1 on 1? I think it was a clever way for the guys to spend a little more time with Tayshia even if they weren’t going on the 1 on 1, especially since some of them go to go on the group date (more on that later). It was so funny to me that they had everyone write a love song and some guys even attempted to play the guitar – almost as if it was an ode to Jed! Ha! 1 hour to write a song and is not that long, and I loved the way that they all went for it the best that they could. Zac C’s rhymes were so cute, the message in Ivan’s song and that he called her up was so romantic, and I could not get over Demar’s Mocha Latte riff! I think that if I had to choose one, I would have gone with Zac’s!

When she chose Ivan for the 1 on 1, it seemed like to me that it was not only for the song but also because she was curious about learning more about him and seeing their potential. She is not wasting any time here and I love that about her! It is so refreshing to see the casual elements of the COVID style 1 on 1 dates, because many of the ones that we see in regular seasons are so over the top that it is hard to picture them as a couple in real life. Not only that, but they get to experience those more down to Earth experiences with each other too!

When Tayshia mentioned that it was so comfortable and wanted it to be fun like in it would be in real life, that really stuck out. Maybe she will really get to know these guys more than the leads in past seasons! From talking with Ali, I know the average time that a lead spends time with the final suitor is close to only 24 hours when you put all the filming from the whole season. That is absolutely crazy to me and again we aren’t there and don’t know how much time she’s spending with them, but just from how much they did on their 1 on 1, I would think that if Ivan makes it to the end it would be well over 24 hours.

Ali touched on it above, but their conversation about Ivan’s family and his brother really had me so emotional. It was one of the most real conversations that I have seen on the show in a long time, and I am SO beyond glad that ABC aired it. As Ali mentioned, there were so many conversations and scenarios like this that have been brushed under the rug and to see this play out with their full raw emotions and feelings was a pivotal moment in this show and looking into the future, hopefully in reality television, ABC and the industry as a whole.

Group Date – Truth or Dare?

First of all, where were the truths in this game! Ha! It was more of a dare or dare. I could not stop laughing from Demar’s butt signature to the orgasm round. Wow I don’t know if I have laughed harder during an episode! The way Tayshia was rolling around on the ground is 100000% what I would do in her shoes, roll around laughing of embarrassment for the guys and for myself! I mean all of America knows somewhat into these guys’ fantasies or sex life! Hahaha! Which dare was your favorite? I thought the one where they had to drink something was pretty nasty, and the fact that from what they showed us they both chose the same drink makes me thing that the others were even worse! I am sure they didn’t anticipate signing up Fear Factor.

I was really impressed with how composed the guys were for eating a Habanero, those babies are HOT!!! Not sure if any of you are spicy eaters, but I love spicy and eating a habanero is not something that I’d ever willingly do! Jumping right over to Bennett’s straight up proposal, wow! He is constantly so surprising. I do have to say that when him and Tayshia were speaking after, something didn’t sit right with me about the way he was talking about ending his engagement. Giving him the benefit of the doubt because he seems to be a good guy, something struck me wrong in that moment. It seemed like something much bigger happened than him deciding he was marrying the wrong person. What’s your take?

The other conversations that we got to see were all so genuine that Bennet’s seemed even more questionable, but again giving him the benefit of the doubt. I love that Riley circled back to their conversation about having 5 kids when he asked about having a family with such a demanding job. It was also so nice seeing Demar open up more about his upbringing coming from a divorced home and how difficult it was for him. We are starting to see a lot more of him and who he is as a person and really see them in the long haul, if not as husband and wife, than as great friends. Finally Zac C, who I have really liked since night 1! Their interactions from the conversation at the fountain making wishes to this conversation in the hot tub that was all about their real life, real fears and real future together made me like him even more! I’m starting to think he’s in her top 3 for sure!! Maybe even top 2.

Adventures of Ben + Ed

This is one of those moments where I think the producer’s absolutely had a roll in how this played out. In my mind it went like this: Ed said he wanted to go over to Tayshia’s room and they said okay, but then Ben said the same thing and they could really see Ben and Tayshia together and not so much Ed that they sent Ed to the wrong room. I’m not sure if Ben ever made it over to her room that night (it didn’t seem like it), but after all that wouldn’t you think he’d have gone to her room eventually if they let him? I’m thinking that they realized she was having a great time with Ben and didn’t want to interrupt it, and I am here for it. I love Ben and think that the last group date was a big misunderstanding. Note to future men on the show, don’t try to wait and be the last guy that talks to her on a group date!

Cocktail Party

Ben started off the night by pulling her aside first and showing up for her, just like he promised her that he would continue to do! I thought this was a sweet gesture and I honestly hope that the guys don’t find out that he had gone over to her room the night before, because the drama just doesn’t seem necessary. They are all getting pretty ample amount of time with her which is great!

It is a bummer that she got to speak with so few guys (and sign Riley’s bf/gf contract) before Noah stirred the pot. It didn’t feel that he was being genuine when he said his major concern was that they were doubting her decisions, to me it felt like he was trying to get an in – and I truly don’t think he thought it was going to blow up like that and that she was going to march back in and cancel the rest of the night. It almost seemed like Noah was trying to insert himself into other conversations she was going to have that might so that she’d be thinking more of him.

From the reactions of the other men, I have to say it is pretty clear that Noah fabricated or convinced himself of something that didn’t happen regarding their thoughts on why he got the rose. Maybe it was an insecurity since not many of them are friendly with him, I’m not sure. But I do think that moving forward, Noah is not going to have an easy time in the house, even if he stays for awhile.

Rose Ceremony

Finally!!! Ending an episode with a rose ceremony. Thank you, ABC, for returning a sense of normalcy! There are so many comments online about how people are missing it, maybe they took a hint! Anyways, was it surprising to anyone else to see Chasen go? I for sure thought they’d have her keep him around a little longer for more of a story line, but maybe they thought they already have enough with Noah! Even though I could tell he wasn’t for her, it was sad to see Kenny go! Maybe we will see him in the future. As far as Joe and Jordan go, it feels like so much of their time was wasted being on the show since they weren’t on many dates, even when some guys went back to back.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

There was lots to unpack this week and I can’t wait to hear some of your thoughts and chat more with you below! Are you starting to gain an idea of her top 4 or even 6 guys from what you’ve seen in these 3 episodes?! I love that we already were able to get a sense of the guys before she came and that she also was able to meet them once they were already comfortable. Truly one of the most real and honest seasons yet!

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I just went to check how much the sweater is and I cannot believe that it is under $37! And as low as $18 in some of the colors and sizes! Definitely going to be ordering a couple of these, I LOVE the blue she is wearing here and the E Red and C Blue (which is a slightly different style) both look so cute too! They allll look so cute. Let me know if you order one or if you have one already!


Have a happy Thanksgiving and stay safe! xo

18 Thoughts

18 thoughts on “Real + Raw – The Bachelorette

  1. Hi!

    Its my first time commenting and I want to say, Madi, you are doing a great job! I agree with everything you said! On Bennett, I really felt like something happened with his ex, it seemed strange how he didn’t want to talk about it. I can’t stand Noah, he just wants to cause drama! My top 3 right now are Zac, Ben, and Ivan. I love how this season has gotten so much better the last couple weeks! I like Clare, but was tired of the Clare and Dale show!
    Keep up the great posts, I love readng them!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Thank you so much! So sweet of you! I feel like we need to get to the bottom of that Bennett situation. Of the entire cast, he’s the only one I keep going back and forth about.

      I’m hoping we start to see more of the other guys that are still there. Where we Eazy and Brendan this episode? We barely saw them and I think she really likes Brendan!


  2. I love your posts Madi & you are so on point with my thoughts as well. She’s really got several great guys to pick from for sure.

    1. Hi Angela!

      Thank you!!!! Great minds think alike 😉 This definitely is a great cast! I am sure we will see a lot of them on BIP and maybe as a future Bachelor (or two!). I think it is the strongest cast in a long time.

  3. I like them not going to exotic places. The dates like Ivan are more real
    And we actually saw them eat the food!

    1. So true about the food!!! I’ve noticed that multiple times this season and it definitely makes it more realistic. Love the casual dates!

  4. I honestly have no idea who she is going to pick because she has such an amazing connections with all of them! I was actually surprised she kept Ed around tbh. The only person I don’t want to see her with is Noah. Other than that all of the other guys seem to be real stand up guys. I’m excited to see where her journey goes. Definitely rooting for Ivan because I just loved their connection. That is the best conversation I’ve seen on the Bachelor/ette and I hope ABC continues to give these real conversations the attention they deserve.

  5. Hi Madi! I agree with you- something seems to be up with Bennett! I think her top four are Brendan, Zac, Ivan, and Noah (although I hope Ben is instead of Noah)!

  6. 100% something sketchy about Bennett’s engagement ending! He was almost trying to whisper that it was hard to talk about because he doesn’t want it on camera. He is a sketchy dude and I do not like him.

    On the other hand, can we talk about Demar? Why is he so low on the radar? The guy is gorgeous and so sweet and sincere. I need more of Demar!

    1. YES! I was just thinking the same thing about Demar. He has such an incredible personality and I love that he was snapping photos of the “engagement” of Bennett and Tayshia on a polaroid and just having fun with it. I hope we see him more. I feel like we have slowly seen more of him this episode and hope it continues!!!!

      As far as Bennett goes, totally agree. It was almost like he was trying to say “this isn’t the time or place to discuss this”. It definitely gave me weird vibes. I just googled to see if there was anything out there, but all I saw was that he got engaged in Feb 2019. So maybe it is still too fresh for him?

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      I’m Madi 🙂 I’ve been writing the Bachelorette blog for Ali this season! You can read more about that above or in the past Bach blogs.

      Have a great day!

  7. I always read Ali’s blog so thank you Madi for keeping it up! I agree with most of the comments.

    The only thing I’ll add is that I think Blake doesn’t get enough air time either and I’ve had such a good vibe from him since Clare was there!

    Also, I genuinely think the reason most of the guys are decent and a good catch this time around is because they’re older and therefore more mature. I’ve really struggled the last few seasons with the maturity level and drama (the most perfect example was Pete’s season when all the girls we’re about 23!)

    I hope this trend continues…

  8. Am I the only one that thought she acted very impulsive & immature in ending the cocktail party & getting so angry without talking to any of the other guys about the situation? I just felt that was really unfair, I have always been a big fan of hers but she is honestly disappointing me as bachelorette.

  9. Ok
    Trying again
    Don’t really want to say anything- which is fine.

    I resent A Granny bc it never feels quite right. Demandingly generous. This that. I think the whole target thing was abt a drinking buddy payoff.
    Offer other things – and just let her decline. Classic right? Send the proper thank Q. The big take away has been her line abt other ppl trash. And the recent convo takeaway is abt J feeling OlVia around.
    The other ping, reason I’m writing now is Lincoln girl said how she never had sits exdcpetnone bc they come into your life and judge and you don’t work and have too much and they are slacking away. Biases everywhere . Endless resentment, comparison, shoulder looking etc. everything endless except time.

  10. Right now
    Concerned abt Monday.
    Need to get ALL UP for book return. Mini return firm. And clothes for Ray and A.
    Gosh, good, just realizing.

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