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Oh my gosh, I could not be more excited for this Affordable Friday post! I think it’s been a little over a month since my last one. I just wanna make sure that when I do them they are clothes that I truly love and are amazing prices! Everything in today’s Affordable Friday is from Walmart (Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post!) If you spend over $35, you get free shipping so I highly recommend grabbing a few different pieces because you’ll literally have to buy a few to get over $35 depending on what you pick. That’s how good these deals are, which I love! But if you only want one item, you could always add essentials (like toilet paper or diapers) to your cart from Walmart to get it up over the $35 mark. Just a little tip I always do when I order if I’m not spending the $35 on clothes.

I’m wearing some of my very favorite jeans in all 3 of these looks – and the best part is that they are only $19!


Bodysuit + Jeans

Okay, we have to start with this 1st look because I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever felt better than I do in this outfit. I’m sure some of it has to do with the fact that I’ve been working out so much and I feel really comfortable in my skin right now. But I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that this is a really flattering outfit! The leopard bodysuit I’m wearing is by Sofia Vergara and it’s only $18! I don’t know what it is but there’s something about her line that just really suits a woman’s curves! I guess that makes sense – Sophia has killer curves! I’m wearing a size medium (my normal size) but I probably should have sized down to a small because it’s so stretchy.


These high-rise button-up skinny jeans are only $19. I know I’ve recommended a few pairs of jeans from Walmart in the past, but these are definitely the best of the best! I could not recommend them more! I’m wearing a size medium in the bodysuit and I’m wearing a size 8 in the jeans.

Cozy Thermals

I also have to share this long sleeve thermal shirt. This is my favorite basic everyday piece in this Affordable Friday! I bought this shirt in the pink color seen here and fell in love with it. You guys know how much I love a good basic. So much so that  I ended up buying it and every single other color. Why? Because it’s just such a great basic to wear all fall/winter and it’s only $8!! No, that’s not a typo it’s an $8 shirt and it’s amazing. You’ll never think it was $8 when you put it on.


I’m also wearing the $19 Time and True high-rise button skinny jeans in this photo. I’m telling you they’re just so flattering. Get a pair for $19 and then come back to this blog post and tell me how much you love them later!

Crewneck Sweater

Last but not least for today’s AF, is this gorgeous crewneck pullover sweater. I just think it’s so stunningly beautiful and I cannot believe it’s only $23. Usually a sweater with this much detail is so much more expensive. I’m just wearing a nude bra underneath it, but because it does have tiny little holes, you might want to wear a camisole. I think wearing a nude bra underneath is fine. This is definitely more a sweater for people who live in warmer climates because of the tiny little holes to make up the detail of the sweater. It’s actually perfect for me at the beach this fall/winter. And really for anybody in the southern states or other warmer climates.


Thanks for Stopping By!

Okay, that’s it for me. I hope you guys love this Affordable Friday post as much as I do! Let me know what you think of the comments below and if you have any questions whatsoever just ask! I’m wearing a size medium in pretty much everything! Happy Friday and have a great weekend guys!

26 Thoughts

26 thoughts on “Affordable Friday

  1. I love reading your Affordable Friday’s posts. These are more like the prices I like to spend. BTW… I hope you move to Nashville. You will LOVE TENNESSEE!!!! I’m from East TN. Happy Friday!!!!!

    1. Thanks Love! I love sharing clothes that make me feel good and don’t break the bank! And I’m excited to visit tomorrow!!!! Also anxious to leave my kids, but I’m trying to get better about that!

      1. Ali could you tell where to purchase the little black tank you are wearing with the wide leg pant? Thanks #Nashville

  2. I wanted to get the shift dress you posted the other day, but I didn’t know what else to buy to receive free shipping, so I was so excited to see this post! I was already leaning towards the thermal, but the crewneck sweater is such a great find! It was only $15! Thanks for the recommendations! I hope I look as cute as you do.

  3. Ali,
    I have to travel for work. I bought a small can of Eon sanitizing spray from CVS. I take sanitizing wipes and gel and my own blanket and pillow. I choose the window seat in the exit aisle with no seat in front of me. Wear socks to get through taking off shoes at security. Southwest is good about boarding only 10 passengers at a time. When I get to hotel I wipe everything down. Safe travels!

  4. Enjoy seeing the affordable and cute looks you put together.

    Nashville is great. If you want land and more for your money… look about an hour North in KY. Private golf club, gated community and family friendly. Nashville is still at your fingertips and build exactly what you want, in a safe location. Safe travels!

  5. Ali, do you care about the true costs of fast fashion? Most of the clothes you post about are probably made by children in a third world country who work all day and night for pennies. I hope you think about that before you post about all these “affordable” clothes. There is a price to be paid, just not by the consumers.

  6. LOVE yOu!!!❤️
    Mama of 2 here and inspired by your at home workouts! What was website for the scale again? And does XTRACK work?

  7. So high rise jeans are normally NOT for me – but I tried the $19 button front you recommended and I LOVE!! Thanks for the tip! Love following your style ideas!

  8. Hi Ali, I know you guys have your house for sale. Can you please share what precautions (if any) you are taking to sell during the pandemic? We are in a similar spot and having people walking through our house makes me level 100 nervous. Thanks!

  9. Hey Ali! I’m in the market for a new rug for our new house and was wondering if you still recommend the ruggable rug?? If so, do you have a code?

  10. Hey Ali. Love your page! 🙂
    Random question: u mentioned ur stress with your upcoming move and things such as your dental implant appointment, etc lol. I actually need a dental implant and was wondering if you have a dentist referral. I’d greatly appreciate it. I would hate to just randomly pick a dentist off of a search. Thanks

  11. Did you have the white sweater with the little bumps/Pom poms on it in this affordable Friday sale? I really loved it!

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