Walmart+ is here!!!

Oh my gosh you guys, there is so much to do as we gear up for this move next week. I’ve been trying so hard to keep the house looking perfect while keeping the kids entertained. We put a bunch of their toys in suitcases in the garage and this morning they begged me to get them out. I felt really bad because I didn’t want to pull everything out and then have to clean it all up again because we might have people coming to the house later. This is where Walmart+ literally saved me! So thank you Walmart for being a sponsor on this blog and post!


Have you heard of it? Walmart’s new membership program. And it’s freaking awesome! It launched on September 15th and I signed up that day! You guys know I love Walmart and I get a bunch of stuff there so when I saw they were launching this membership I immediately signed up. Since I signed up a week ago, I have used it 4 times!!!! Heck yes for free unlimited delivery (with a $35 minimum – restrictions may apply)! Delivery can get SO expensive so I really appreciate this. And oh my goodness did it come in clutch this morning. I really needed something to occupy the kids so they didn’t tear apart the house, plus I was exhausted from my trip yesterday, so I got online to order a few craft kits for the kids like this Elmers Color Changing Slime kit and a set of rainbow Play-Doh for under $5 and no joke it was at my doorstep later in the day. I couldn’t believe how fast it was! Mom crafts to the rescue!


I just truly can’t get over how helpful it was to order something and have it at my home so quickly. And honestly, I really appreciate being able to spend less time in stores right now. I definitely plan on using Walmart+ to order last-minute groceries when I need things for the kids lunch and I was even thinking how helpful it would be for last-minute birthday gifts. I always feel like whenever one of Molly’s friends has a birthday, I forget about a gift until the very last second! A lot of birthdays are drive-by birthdays these days but we still always want to drop off a gift! I know, for me, this membership will pay for itself within the first month (based 2 deliveries per week with non-member $7.95 delivery fee).

I also picked up an apple spice candle to burn in the kitchen because it makes it feel so cozy for fall and I’m really trying to fully enjoy every inch and square foot of this house before we move next week (and we might have more showings so I’ll need a nice candle). I grabbed socks for Molly because well, the ones she had on had holes in them so I threw some in my cart. Ha! You can also get groceries so I grabbed strawberries and bananas for the kids because we were running low.


Not only do you get free unlimited delivery ($35 minimum, exclusions apply) with the membership but, with their member prices on fuel, you can save 5 cents per gallon on fuel at all Walmart and Murphy stations. There are over 1,500 locations throughout the country. Gas can get so expensive so I will take that 5 cent savings if we move to Tennessee!!! Every little bit adds up, especially when you fill your tank!

Another really cool feature about being a member is that you can use the mobile scan & go feature on their app. You can scan an item while you’re in the store and pay for it and walk out. So it’s contact free check out and you get to check out quickly in the self-checkout area which is pretty awesome. I’m all for anything that helps keep me and my family safer.


And last but not least, the absolutely hilarious thing that I think I’m going to buy. You guys know how we have that scary looking porcelain boy doll that Kevin and I have been hiding around the house? Well, I found a couple terrifying female ones and I’m gonna buy one and really freak him out when that shows up in the house! Ha! He doesn’t usually read my blog so I don’t think he’ll see that, so don’t tell him! Which one do you think I should get option 1 or option 2? Bahahaha! Tell me your votes below!!

Before you go, I partnered with Walmart for this post and I’m so glad I did because I can truly say that I will be a Walmart+ member for life! You get all the benefits I talked about in this post for only $98 a year or $12.95 per month. That’s just $2 a week for the annual plan based on 52 weeks! I’ll make that up in the first month from saving on shipping charges, gas savings and time saved by not having to go to the store. It was truly a lifesaver for me this morning and I plan on using it all the time!!! Seriously, get it and sign up here. You’ll be so happy you did! What would you love to use it for? Let’s chat in the comments!

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92 thoughts on “Walmart+ is here!!!

    1. Totally hear you. I would just have to make sure they don’t see it! But that might be hard. Hummmmm…I’ll have to think about it! Good call 🙂

  1. I’m curious if you use the app in the store and check yourself out as you go… how do the weighted items work? Like tomato or bananas

  2. Option 2 for sure! It’s not scary in an obvious way like option 1. It’s just kind of creepy like the doll you’ve been hiding from each other. It’s perfect!

  3. A few days we got a text with a picture of our granddaughter and a doll. She said Isla saw this doll and thought she was so cute. Guess who it was?!? Bride of Chuckie!! That would be a fun doll for you to get! 🙂 Otherwise I’d go with #1 for sure!

  4. #1 for sure. You could put it in his office/garage (where the kids don’t go) – like I a main area under some papers. On a side note – Ali, you are a beautiful, kind human being. Your stories brighten our days, give us smiles, laughter and hope through life’s many twists and turns. Thank you for letting us into your family’s life. Love from Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    1. Maggie! This is so sweet of you to say!!!! Thank you friend! Hope to be able to visit Canada with my family one day soon! My dad was born there!

  5. Doll #2…doll 1 is supposed to be scary so I feel like it takes a little of the creepiness out. Doll #2 seems like one you’d randomly happen upon in a truly haunted old mansion or something…plus I know for a fact my grandmother had ones like doll #2 and they ALWAYS gave me nightmares when I’d visit as a kid.

  6. I definitely think option 1 is scarier and I will for sure be checking out this Walmart+ thing. We will be moving to the east coast in the near future and we will use the gas savings for sure! Thanks Ali! Love you girl!

    1. DEFINITELY check it out. I feel like it’s so worth it and just a better option than what’s out there because of all the local stores!

  7. I didn’t see you add to please tip the driver. I am SO thankful for this service as I have not been in stores since February. I always tip 20% each week. I order each Sunday food etc got the week. Ali can you add that please? The drivers deserve a nice tip. Thanks!!

  8. Definitely go with number 2, less obvious and more kid friendly.
    What does your dad say about the same since he is the one that bought the first one? LOL laughed a lot when in one of your stories you said “sorry dad but it is creepy” .
    Please add the dolls stories to a special highlight in case we miss them! Please!

  9. Definitely option#1 we have several of rhe creepy dools we use for decorating at Halloween we also use the zombie babies, you should check those out too.

  10. I just noticed that option 1 is out of stock (the one I vote you should get). So, I guess by default you have to get option 2… unless you can pull some strings.😉

  11. I would definitely get #1. I was scared when I opened the link. I just hope your kids don’t get scared with that one. You guys have so much fun.

  12. Either doll BUT I would wait to use it till you get to the Beach house . Imagine his surprise that a new scarier one shows up there LoL

  13. Hey Ali!
    Definitely bought a few of these thermals yesterday at Walmart while picking up some Fall veggie plants to put in our garden (they always seem to have better-looking plants than our Home Depot or Lowe’s!). We live outside of DC in Northern Virginia in “VA wine country” and Fall is definitely here! 🍂🍷🥬🥦🥕🍂

  14. Neither one ! …..thinking of the price and all the children who no longer have homes due to the horrendous fires, and NO dolls or toys! Make Kevin’s surprise a donation to the homeless children…how does that sound ?

  15. Doll #1

    I’m liking this idea!

    Nanaalwaysandforever on ig

    Does he have a drawer in his office? Under his pillow? In his boxer drawer?

  16. You should definitely go with Doll #1! Can’t wait to see where you hide it. Also, I hope you’re feeling better after being so stressed out about moving in the Beach house.

  17. I live in a town that doesn’t have a Walmart but my 20s age daughters live near one. I use it to send them essentials they may need to help them. Membership is great cause no delivery charge means I can order weekly for both and it pays for itself.

  18. I would say get them both. #2 is adorable and cute but #1 will scare him. Make sure the kids don’t see that one. You guys are the cutest and fun loving couple to follow.

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