Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hey guys! Happy Nsale! I am am running around shopping the sale today (it’s my favorite day of the year!), but I wanted to get some of my favorite finds up for you guys ASAP because they will sell out fast! You’re able to shop the sale starting today if you have a Nordstrom credit card, but if you don’t you’ll be able to shop the sale starting August 18th! I’ve noticed every year that sometimes things sell out before public access or are restocked once the sale goes public so keep coming back and checking certain items if something you love sells out. Yay!! I am so happy that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is back!


First I have to tell you about this white tee, is also comes in a bunch of other colors, because it’s on sale for $12 and I’m actually wearing it today! I’m so glad it’s part of the sale because the one I’m wearing today I spilled my foundation on and ruined it. So I’m gonna stock up on a bunch more! I would say I’m between a size small and medium. The one I’m wearing in these photos is a size medium. It’s seriously such a cute and great basic tee that I plan on ordering multiple and white and every other color. I have gotten so many comments in the past asking me for my favorite scoop neck white tee and I didn’t have one at the time, now I do and it is this one!!! It’s actually a “hybrid” rounded v-neck which is just look a scoop and I love it!

paige jeans ali manno



You may have seen me talk about this sweater on Instagram stories in the past. I cannot be more obsessed with this entire look, so I’m really excited to share it with you guys. And please let me know what you guys think in the comments below. I love to hear from you!


I originally bought the sweater in a rust color when it was on sale during the Nordstrom anniversary sale. But honestly it sold out almost immediately! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this sweater. It’s not only ridiculously soft, but it has so much stretch to it and that makes it extra comfy. It’s oversized and I’m wearing a size medium which is my normal size. So I would say it’s true to size. But if you don’t love the oversized look, you might want to size down. I love how it has a really long cuff on the sleeve, which makes it extra cozy for the cooler months. Right now it’s available in the color I’m wearing (oatmeal heather!) and black, light blue and a cool orange color! I might order a few of those too because honestly I’ve never liked a sweater as much as I love this one! See the below pic for how I styled it with a winter coat.


Here’s are some coat options that I love that are on sale now!

I also absolutely love the look of the cowl neck sweater with a pair of black joggers. These black joggers are on sale for $38 and are so cute! cowl neck sweater black friday nordstrom


Ok now let me talk a little bit about these faux leather leggings. They are 40% off for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I originally bought them about 3 years ago! They totally held up over the years and they are super faltering well, because they’re by Spanx! I got a size medium, which is my normal size, but I almost wish I got a small so they would’ve sucked me in a little bit more. So I would actually recommend sizing down in these. Just to get that extra bit of Spanx action going on. Ha!


I also wanted to show you another way to style them. It’s easy to style them with a plain tee like I did above.  This next look is perfect for the office (whenever we go back to an office!) and then really cute and sassy to wear out for drinks after work! I paired it with a white tee and then added a simple black blazer over it. Many of you may already have a black blazer and a white tee in your closet. The blazer and the tee are both on sale! This blazer in navy is actually 60% off and they are going fast since they are only about $50!


I also wanted to share these PJs with you because they’re on sale and separates for under $25. And they are so so so so so cozy! I’m wearing a size medium in both. The pink with the stars isn’t available anymore but they have a light baby blue with stars that I absolutely love! I might like the blue color better than the pink.


And if you don’t own a pair of these Nordstrom moonlight dream pajamas, do you self a huge favor and order them right now! I first ordered these PJs when I was pregnant with Riley to wear after he was born and they couldn’t have been more comfortable. Anyone who’s had children knows that you need the most comfortable clothes ever to wear afterwards. So if you’re pregnant right now I highly recommend these for PJs to wear after your baby is born. Perfect for breast-feeding and so soft. Believe it if you’re pregnant these are just probably my favorite pajamas ever. Definitely get some while they’re on sale!


Floral Dress


I cannot believe that Eliza J brought this dress back and that it’s on sale for under $65! When I bought it, it was almost $130 and I thought worth every penny! This dress is ridiculously flattering! In fact I love it so much that I wore to Rachel Lindsay’s bridal shower. Her bridal shower was filmed and aired on one of the Bachelor specials. And trust me I only wear outfits that I feel my absolute best in when I do these types of things. So definitely get this dress if you have absolutely anything coming up. Even if you don’t have anything coming up that you could wear it to because of COVID, get it anyway and wear it in the future! Maybe even plan a little “date brunch” at home with your loved one and dress up for fun!

ali rachel lindsay nordstrom anniversary sale


Okay, I sincerely apologize for any typos in this I wrote it so fast this morning but I wanted to get it up quickly for you guys so you could shop these items because they’re my absolute favorite from the sale! I’ll have an updated post later today with everything I find while out shopping today! Socially distanced of course! Have a great Monday guys!

145 Thoughts

145 thoughts on “Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I feel like I can;t get it right! I’ve changed it so many times to make it more readable! I will try to darken it up a bit!

  1. I’m really sorry Kate. I get thousands of DM‘s a day. I always tell people that if they ever need a response for me to please come to my blog because I almost always comment back on my blog. If I responded to every single DM, I would literally be doing that all day long and never have any time for my family, myself, or any of my other work obligations. I really really do try! If the link no longer works I’m guessing the rug is no longer in stock.

    I also have a Facebook group for my followers that I comment on multiple times a day and usually always respond if someone tagged me in a comment. I truly just can’t keep up with it all I’m only one person.

    Thank you for the support!!!!

  2. Hey Ali! Just dropping my feedback based on your insta story request. Honestly I probably wouldn’t have thought anything about the font being a little hard to read if you would’ve said anything. But since you did it probably could be a little bit darker or heavier. (I’m viewing on my iPhone)

    1. I agree! I can read it just fine and I love the way it works, but it is probably difficult for anyone who has poor vision. Definitely something darker and bolder. 😊

  3. Hi Ali 👋🏼 I don’t find the font hard to read (on my phone) but I can see why it might be a little difficult as it is thin and smaller.
    Love your blog and love following you and your fam! ♥️ Take care!!

  4. Hi Ali! I definitely agree that the font is too light, it may need to be a tiny bit larger too, typing int his box, I’m having to get really close to my monitor to see. When accessing on my phone the only issue is the lightness of the text size seems to be OK for mobile.

  5. Going to be honest. One reason why I don’t read the blog post is because of the font and how light it is. So hard to read . Lol nothing stands out. I think definite change font, colors , bold etc and break it up. When I saw your story I was like maybe I am not the only one who thinks it’s hard to read. Thinking I’m old! lol

  6. Hello Ali!!! Your font color is good and readable!!! I don’t see any issues with it. And I love this post you did!!! So many good finds!

  7. Hi Ali!
    I am reading the font on my phone and honestly it seems perfectly fine to me. I can read it fine, it’s not too light, and is the perfect size!!

    The text in this thought section while I am typing is small, but I think the actually blog text is perfect, and truthfully a nice pick for a font!

  8. Hi Ali!

    I love the font but I feel it is a little harder to read, maybe if you make the font bold that would help.

  9. Its ok… not the best but not the worst. I eud prefer it a little bit darker and maybe just a tad bigger. 😊

  10. Hi! Feedback here 🙂 I think it honestly just needs to be so much darker. It’s a clear font however depending on the light you are reading in, it can be almost light gray in color rather than black. Maybe even bolder if color change is not an option. Hope that helps!

  11. Hi Ali,
    I’m just giving feedback about the font! I probably wouldn’t have noticed before if you didn’t say anything, but now that I’m typing this I’m thinking the font could be a little darker and bigger. It’s very light which can be hard to read in some lighting. And it’s kind of small! Love your blog!

  12. Hi Ali! I personally love the font on your blog and do not have a problem reading it on my phone, however I can see how some may think it is a little light 💜

  13. As always I think the blog is amazing! I think the font style looks great! Maybe if the font size was one size up and in darker font color or bold it might be easier for those who are older or with glasses/contacts! Love reading your blog! I hope this is helpful! 💜

  14. I liked the font until you asked about it haha and now I’m thinking it’s a bit too thin or too light. It’s not as bad on a phone but on a computer it’s not as easy to read.

  15. Per your request, I like the font style but it is too light and should be bolder. On this “comment” section, text is way to small and too light….can hardly read what I’m typing. Please note viewing and comments are both via cell phone. Thanks so much for everything you share with your followers and truly enjoy your Instagram activity!! NAC

    1. I am FOR sure goign to make the comment box text bigger. I agree. It’s soooooo small on a phone. I always comment from my computer so I never noticed

  16. Kate, I know that you’re not trying to be rude, but please remember that she is just one person. She can’t respond to everyone, and she doesn’t have to regardless. It’s not her responsibility to hunt down a rug for you and give you the information. She’s kind enough to link things when she can, but you’re fully capable of searching online for a rug (or similar one) as well. I’m not trying to be mean, just a gentle reminder that we are all human and that you shouldn’t be saying she’s not good to her followers just because she’s not your personal shopper. Have a great day.

  17. RE: The Font
    I don’t have trouble, but I can see how people would. I think if there is a bolder/thicker version that would be best. I definitely think the sanserif fonts are easier to read. Larger may help some, but that can also be frustrating for phone readers because so little fits on the screen🤷‍♀️
    Regardless, you’re doing great and I hope you realize how grateful people are for all the time and effort you put into your blog and your community! You can’t respond to everything, and you shouldn’t- you’re busy being a fantastic mother, wife, friend, and all around human💛

    1. Jenn you legit are making me teary eyed! THANK YOU! I truly work SO hard to try to stay connected to you guys!!! Your lovely and I really hope you’re part of our FB group! If not – GO join! It’s called Like Family with Ali Manno

  18. Hi Ali, I think the font could be a bit darker, would be easier to read on a phone. Thanks for thinking of us!

  19. Hey Ali
    Maybe a little dark for the font. Like the text style just think it could be a little darker. 😉

  20. I have no trouble reading the font on my phone, but I could see how it may be a little light for some people. Just a little darkening should help! The font itself seems fine to me!

  21. Hi Ali,

    You mentioned on IG to give our feedback on the font for your blog page. It’s a nice font, but if you bumped the point size up a tad, that might help as far as legibility. I’m a graphic artist, so I can appreciate the light and airy look you are visually portraying on your blog. But for older eyes like mine (56 years), bumping up the size and maybe a tad thicker font will help. Keep the extra leading between the lines though – looks great!

    – Tracey

  22. Hi Ali,
    To me the font is perfect, i can read it perfectly. Sometimes people’s phones are too dark so if they make their background light brighter it might be better. Just a thought but to me the font is just right. Thank you. Pami

  23. Hi Ali!

    I don’t think I would have noticed the font until you said something. After thinking about it, I do think the font could be a little thicker but it’s not difficult to read, as is. I hope this helps!

    1. Hi! I personally don’t have a problem with the font, but if I had to pick a reason some are finding it hard to read is that the font lines are very skinny. Perhaps a font that has thicker lines. Hope that helps! Thanks for everything! 🙂

  24. Your font is on the light side. I can read it just fine, but i think holding it might help those with not great eye sight. Or maybe increasing the size a tad.

  25. The font is too light. I agree with the others. Maybe you can make it bolder or larger to help a bit. Or darken the background and use white font. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Good luck Ali.

  26. The font is perfect! It’s very easy for me to read. I will say the font for this comment box is a little “light” if that makes since lol but I love the brightness and cleanliness of your blog. I’m not for the big bold blogs I like to read stuff that is more soft and simple. I think you did a perfect job!

  27. Hi Ali! This font is good for me, but I can see how others would struggle to read it. One thought I had would be to do a swipe up for your blog post rather than the link in bio – I find that it’s just one step too many, and I’m that lazy I guess 🙂 Sending you love!

  28. I personally love the font.Its simple clean and spaced out. But always remember you can’t please everyone. Worrying about the font it shouldn’t be an issue. When you ask everyone’s opinion it can make the decision too overwhelming. Pick something you love.

    1. Totally. But I want most people to be able to read it easily!!!! So this feedback has been very helpful 🙂 Thanks for yours!!!!!

  29. Hey Ali!

    I’m having the same font issues with my teacher website. I’m trying to find the balance between cute and functional! I agree with a lot of the comments: pretty font but a bolder font may be easier for everyone to read. Xo

  30. Hi Ali!
    Just saw your stories. I would agree with what others have said that the font is too light. I’m straining my eyes to see it on my iPhone. The print is good just darker/bolder would help. 🙂

  31. Hi Ali! First of all, I am a huge fan and I love how you solicit and actually take into account feedback from your followers 🙂 I honestly laughed when I watched your insta story because every time I have visited your blog I have a hard time reading the posts! The font color comes across as a super light grey on my phone and it’s really thin if that makes sense. I’m 27 with perfect vision and I usually don’t have issues reading stuff on my phone so I hope this helps!!

  32. Hi Ali,

    I can read the font just fine and I like it! I could see how some may want it darker but it doesn’t bother me. Also, we grew up near each other. I’m from Pittsfield! 🙂

  33. Hi Ali
    I’m reading your blog on my phone and I can read the font just fine. The only thing I could see being a little too light is your links that are in pink. Maybe make those a little darker. (But I could read them.) The font when we type in your comments box is a little small.

  34. Hi Ali! I’m from Colombia and me and my friends love when Molly and Riley speak spanish,. It’s so cute and they’re really good.

    About the font it’s really pretty but it makes me tired, as many many of the others said, it’s really thin and a little hard to read.

  35. Hi Ali! I love that the font is clean and neat and I feel it should be easy to read, but on my phone it is very light. Only saying so because you so earnestly asked for our feedback.

    While I’m commenting I just want to say how much I love your honesty and openness.

    Your posts have given me so much joy during these tough times! Love your family! And….I started gardening with the same raised beds you have and have had so much fun and so much good produce!!! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!!!

  36. No I think the font is good. The comment font is a little too small but the font on your posts is good.

  37. Hi Ali,
    I think the font is ok. Maybe a little light. I saw you respond to someone who said they responded to your insta and couldn’t get a response. You said to respond to your blog. I responded to your potty training blog post and I was the 2nd out of only 8 with no response.
    Separately, you said you love that white tee which I did buy 2 years ago. You said you would buy a dozen. I have to ask why. Do they not hold up? I don’t quite understand why you would need so many. The one I bought is ok but honestly I think it is a bit boxy. Of course I have only worn pjs or workout clothes for the last 5 months so I haven’t worn it in awhile.

  38. It’s kind of hard to read, it’s very small. The letters are too thin. They should be bolder and thicker. Reading on an iPhone is hard with the white background and the thin small letters. Maybe have a darker background with light font? Or bigger font and bolder? 🙂

  39. Hi Ali,
    For me, it’s not just the font, because it is so, so small, but it’s also it needs to be darker. Not sure if that makes sense. LOL. Look below at Shellie’s name. See how its “darker” than her typing. Is that because of the size of the letters? Because it certainly doesn’t look “bolded” .
    Maybe if the font was bigger it would be darker. I’m old and I have a hard time seeing that little tiny font. I can read it, but not easily. . Thank you for thinking of us always. We appreciate you. I. personally, would prefer it to be bigger…Just a little. Thank you for thinking of us. Take Care 🥰😊😍

  40. I like the thinnest of the font but it could stand to be just a tad bit bolder. I think the font style is very cute and modern. I’ve been following you on Instagram forever and just subscribed to your blog! All of your content is so on point. My husband and myself have been growing a garden for years so I can definitely relate-it’s even hard here in Kentucky. We attempt to can tomato sauce, corn salsa, and pickles. We also have made and frozen pesto and strawberry jam. I’m hoping to grow Concord grapes next year. I took your advice and purchased the vertical planter-LOVE it!!! Also I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 years now, two ectopic pregnancies, and now we are currently waiting to adopt. We are getting so close. When you mentioned your miscarriage, my heart broke for you. I definitely know the pain. Thanks for everything you share!

  41. Hi just leaving my feedback regarding the font. I think if you just make it a little bolder it’d be easier to read ❤️

  42. Based on your IG story I do think it’s a little thin of a font making it a tad bit hard to read on my iPhone. I would vote for a different font for sure.

  43. Hey Ali! I love the font, but maybe it’s just a bit too light. Thanks for sharing your nsale pics! Always love your style!

  44. Not sure if this is from after you changed it, but it’s a huge improvement over what it was a few months ago when you relaunched as alimanno.com. Still maybe a little light? But font size and thickness is good for this mobile reader.

    1. Reading it over desktop now and the font is way lighter and thinner, where it almost looks like it’s been printed on paper that was running out of ink. Very hard to read on desktop. Font needs to be thicker and darker.

  45. Hi, Ali! The contrast between the background and the text isn’t high enough. I ran it through Google Lighthouse to make sure it wasn’t just my eyes and it showed a warning about low contrast/hard to read text. Making it black would fix it or a font that is thicker may help. Also, some text (like in this comment box) is too small.

  46. Hello! I can manage to read everything from my phone, but it wouldn’t hurt if the font was a little darker, bigger, or bolder. I think any one of those would make it easier on the eyes. 😊

  47. Overall font looks fine to me, but I can see where people would have a hard time because it’s too light. I believe it’s kind of light where you numbered and probably linked the item whether it be shoes or clothing items.

  48. I think the font it too light/skinny so it is harder to read! My eyes are definitely straining to see it.

  49. Responding to your instastory about the font – I really like the font itself but I think it needs to be a little darker!! Then it’ll be perfect. 🙂

  50. I personally love the font. So clean and modern. But, I guess if anyone is having trouble reading it, slight tweaks might be good. The style of your blog is great so I’m sure whatever you pick will look great!

  51. In response to your text size and color, I thought it was just me! Bigger and darker would definitely be better and I guess not just for my 55-year-old eyes!! 😂. Love following your family…you’re doing a wonderful job ❤️

  52. I feel like the font is too light against the white background, so maybe darken or make it a little larger for those of us with bad eyes🤪

  53. Hey Ali! Just leaving some feedback based on your insta story. If I hadn’t seen your story and was reading the blog, I wouldn’t have given the font a second thought. That being said, it’s obviously bugging you! Lol so maybe just bold the font so the text is a tad darker. Realistically I wouldn’t think too much of it! 😀

  54. Don’t go any smaller w font size, could be darker. The words that are “links” are very light and hard to see.

  55. As a girl who wears glasses, the font is too light. I strain to see the light black on the bright white background. Love your content though. Thanks for caring.

  56. Hey Ali! I think the font is too light. It’s probably an issue because the font itself is so fine and delicate. Good luck on your font hunt!

  57. Hi Ali! I think your text is very readable actually! I kind of like that it isn’t super dark because it seems easier on my eyes. I’m reading on my phone and it’s not overstimulating like other fonts can be sometimes.😀

  58. Hi Ali!
    I recently learned the font Comic Sans helps those with dyslexia. And I also agree with others that your font could be (much) bolder and larger!
    You are awesome for welcoming feedback and acting on it!

  59. I don’t think the font it’s self is hard to read. I have macular degeneration and if the light pink links were darker, those would be easier to see. 😃

  60. Hey Ali,

    I probably wouldn’t have noticed had I not seen your Instagram story but it is hard to read. I think it needs to be darker and possibly bolder or something.

  61. Hey Ali! I came to check out your font and I do think it could be a little darker or maybe a bolder font! Other than that I love it!

  62. I like the font! But maybe the linked words could be a different colour or maybe bold as the light pink is a bit harder to read. Cute colour, just not super reader friendly 🙂

  63. Hi Ali,
    I think the font is too light and thin – I’m on an iPhone, and it’s a cute delicate font, but if I was reading bleary eyes on the morning or late at night I think I’d really struggle. Plus anyone with less than ideal eyesight would struggle even more. Thanks heaps for trying to get it right for everyone! 💓

  64. Hi Ali! I don’t find it hard to read, but now that you mentioned it, I see why maybe a little larger and bolder font might be easier for some! Reading from my iPhone.

  65. Hi Ali,
    Im responding to your request, regarding the font, on your blog. I love the layout, and the script, but do think the letter need to be darker..otherwise, its perfect. Take care, and stay safe.

  66. The font looks great, I do not know if you have changed it Im since your IG post but it looks good to me. 🙂

  67. You asked for feedback on the readability of your website. I’m sorry to say I can barely make out the letters because they’re so light. There’s no way I would try to read the posts. Hope you’re able to find a resolution!

  68. Font looks good to me! I’m able to read your posts, no problem. 🙂

    I’m keeping my eye on your fave [sold out🙁] sweater, but bought the tee in two colors today, AND more of those pajama bottoms! I bought some the first time you posted about them and they are THE. BEST. Thank you!

    Love your family 💜

  69. Hi Ali,

    The font is too light in my opinion, although I can read it ok, but maybe some people find it a bit hard.
    Taking this chance to advice you about the swelling you have due to your oral surgery (I DM’d a lot on IG but never got a reply, sure you did not see it)!
    Ali… you exercising too soon after your procedure caused this. I sent you a DM yesterday about it… I have worked in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical field for over 27 years. You needed to wait 72 hours at least!! Hope you do not get a dry socket by preventing the blood clot to coagulate on the socket… when you exercise, your heart pumps your blood a lot more than usual… causing the clots to melt and not protect the site of the surgery! Did they not give you post-operative extractions??? I hope it does not develop into a dry socket, which is one of the most painful things to have, and very hard to treat 😞


  70. Hi Ali, just dropping some feedback after I saw your insta story. I actually like the font choice but maybe make it darker and slightly bigger (I’m viewing on an iPhone) also whenever you include a link I see it’s a blush pink that’s totally hard to see. Hope you figure out what’s best for everyone!! Love your insta stories they make my day!

  71. Hi Ali,

    I think if you hadn’t said anything I wouldn’t have thought it was too light (I’m reading on my iphone) but since I was looking for it I thought to myself, yes it’s a little fine and small. I do like this font though!

    I see others are saying the same thing ha!

  72. Looking at the story on an iPhone. Totally readable and love the style of the font. But I have really good vision. Love you!

  73. Im responding to your request for feedback. I think the blog font is beautiful and easy to read. I’m reading on an iPhone 10 (the smaller screen phones). I don’t know if you’ve already made adjustments, but it’s dark, large enough for me to read and I love the modern simplistic look. The font in this comment section is smaller and a bit harder to read, but still legible.

  74. First of all, I love your blog and Insta. Now that you mention it, I do feel the print could be darker and larger on both the computer and phone. I like the font, though! 🙂

  75. I agree with much of the other comments. A little darker and/bigger. It’s very light and dainty on a phone screen.

  76. Hi Ali—
    I think the font is too light, also. Maybe it could be a bit larger, too!! I love the videos of your children and the gardening!!

  77. Hi Ali!

    Thought I would pop by to let you know that I don’t find the font hard to read at all! If anything it’s super clean, and easy to read 🙂 well, for me at least!


  78. HI Ali!! I agree that it is difficult to read and way too small. I think the letters are too close together or something. However, I am not even sure if I am typing this correctly because the comments section is EXTRA SMALL!! Like maybe a 6 pt.??? I have zoomed in to read things but double check this section as well!!! THANK YOU! LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!

  79. Hi! Just popping in with a little feedback on the typefaces on your blog as requested 🙂
    The font size while typing in the comment box is very small, size needs to be doubled.
    The body on your posts and the menu options are also very small, they could be a few points larger for better accessibility.
    The typeface itself is totally nice! Perhaps using a medium weight instead of light will provide better access.
    From one designer to another,

  80. I think the font and color looks great! It is not difficult for me to read at all. Love your blog and content!

  81. Hey! Just leaving some feedback for you. Yes I do think it is hard to read. Maybe make it a bit darker ?

  82. Hi Ali! Per your Instagram request, I think the font and color in the blog post is very readable (if anyone is having issues, maybe bold it?). The font in the comments section might need to be a tiny bit bigger. Overall, I love your blog and I think you do a fabulous job!

  83. Hi. This snt abt the font. Its abt walmart returns. I ordered that cute pink bathing suit that doesnt look good on me at all (kudos to u for pulling it off great!) And walmart wouldnt let me return it in person after i filled out the return form online and got a confirmation. Just FYI.

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