Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Or Gifts for Yourself!

Happy almost Mother’s Day to many of you! I’ve been thinking about what to get our moms and thought this was the perfect opportunity to put a list together for you all to check out too. Or maybe even send the link to your husbands! Ha! I know moms are all different in what they like or what would make their day, so I have broken this down into a few categories for you. Some mamas would love something for relaxing, some mamas would love an additional item for their beauty routine and some might love something for the home!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day

Also I thought I would mention that a lot of these are from a website that I just discovered called, Verishop. You will see me linking to them a lot more in the coming future because they carry sustainable products and many are from small businesses! Also, with the purchase of many of their items, they plant a tree, which I think is ridiculously cool. So that being said, a lot of these items are from them! And right as I was about to post this, I realized they just started a Mother’s Day promotion, so LOVEMOM15 will get you 15% off!

You guys are gonna see me announce this on my Instagram stories tomorrow, so I’m excited to give you guys a sneak peek. I curated a Mother’s Day gift bundle with Each and Every! The one I created specifically is my 3 favorite Each and Every scents and it’s $5 off what it would cost you if you bought them all separately. But the cool thing is that on top of that $5 off, my 40% off code Ali still works! So this is by far the best deal I’ve ever gotten from them! I’ve already purchased a bundle set for my mom for Mother’s Day because she’s told me numerous time she wants to try it because I talk about it so much. Or get it for a gift for yourself to stock up! I truly don’t know that I’ll ever get a deal this good again!

Mother's Day Each and Every Bundle


For Self-Care + Relaxation

After all this time at home, moms could definitely use some “me” time! Bath salts, robes, cozy pajamas, candles… leave mom feeling refreshed and relaxed. I don’t know about you, but a nice bubble bath with some candles sounds like the best gift ever to me right about now… and I love this pretty bath soak that has pink flowers in it! Hint hint, Kevin. Ha!

For Her Beauty Routine

For this one, I tried to think of a few items to add into Mom’s beauty routine that she either wouldn’t buy for herself or would be a special gift to receive. For example, a really nice hand cream for her nightstand since we are all washing our hands so much or lighted makeup mirror that she (read this as  “you” ha!) have always wanted. Or maybe your mom gets really excited by technology, and you want to get her a hair brush that’s also a blow dryer. To me, getting something that makes getting ready easier is one of the best gifts you can get her!

Oh, and beauty routine also includes jewelry in my mind, so here are some great “mom” and initial necklaces! One initial necklace for each child, or you could do the last name initial! Also throwing in a pretty pair of earrings in case your mom isn’t the monogram type!

Mother's Day vacation yellow dress


The sneakers I am wearing in the above photo are 40% off by the way!

For the Home

Some moms have all the things they could use for relaxation, but maybe would instead like something for their home. Perhaps a pretty vase or even a potted plant! Or maybe they are indulging in wine lately and could use an aerator or decanter, or this one that doubles as both. If you are looking to splurge on mom a bit, a great gift would be a new cast iron for her! There are so many recipes you can make in them and they truly last forever.

For a New Mama

I feel for all the new mamas out there with infants during this time, especially if it is their first Mother’s Day and they are having to spend it at home. What better gift than something that makes you feel pampered while being at home, like some stylish slippers or a silk pillowcase for when she gets some much needed zzz’s. I also love the idea of this coffee mug that keeps your coffee hot. You might remember but back when Riley was young, and still a little bit now, I was constantly reheating the same cup of coffee because I never had a chance to drink it before it got cold. So with this mug, their coffee will stay at the perfect temperature for much longer.

How are you spending Mother’s Day?

Is there something special you’d really want this year? Let us know below, maybe you will spark an idea for other moms!

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13 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Or Gifts for Yourself!

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      I notice that you constantly ONLY post very negative or rude comments on Ali’s blog, not only to her but to others too. I am not quite sure why you spend the time or energy if you are clearly uninterested in the content. I ask that you please stop coming to her website if you don’t have anything kind to say, and maybe remove her from social media too! I wish you all the best, and I hope that whatever has caused you to become a ‘keyboard warrior’ full of negativity gets better.

  1. Dear Ali

    Not only you’re a lovely mom, but you’re also a TERRIBLY SUBLIME AND SENSUAL woman!

    And it’s not your sweet Owen who would contradict me! Because his eyes seem to say that he is in love with you…

    I am honored and delighted to have known you. 🙂

  2. Ali,
    Not only you’re a lovely mom, but you’re also a TERRIBLY SUBLIME AND SENSUAL Woman.
    And it’s not the sweet Owen who would contradict me. Because even his eyes seem to say that he’s in love with you…

    I am honored and delighted to have known you. 🙂


  3. So much thought and hard work going in to all these ideas. I’m going to do the pj idea. Hope the pink ones from a previous post are not sold out.

  4. Ali, I don’t normally post but is there a way to block that woman? Just because you’ve opened up your life to readers does not mean you need to subject yourself to bullying. Thank you for the real conversations about motherhood, beauty, everything. I have a daughter very close in age to your son and a lot of your posts about him have been helpful. And lastly, not that this is important, but I hope you know you are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I really just want a hole day of no responsibility. No cleaning, cooking, washing Nothing. Just a me day

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