Bachelor – Peter’s Finale and ATFR, Come on Barb!

You guys might have already seen some of my Instagram stories but wow! I cannot believe how the end of this went down in regards to Peter’s mom, Barb. We need to get right into it!!

Peters Proposal

I don’t know if it’s because I knew what the outcome was going to be when I watched the proposal, but I felt zero emotion watching it. I watched it on the West Coast and I had already heard all the spoilers from the East Coast, but man that just seemed like the least emotional proposal from the show that I’ve ever seen. Even Chris Harrison said it, Hannah Ann seemed completely shocked! As all of us were! And it almost seemed like she was more into the ring then emotionally into the moment of getting engaged. Nothing against her, I just think it just goes to show that they’re not ready to get engaged. And the fact that Peter even said Madison‘s name in their proposal it’s insane to me.

peter hannah ann proposal barb

Yes it was important for him to let her know she was the only one left, but that’s the only thing he needed to say. In fact when I was the Bachelorette and I asked my runner-up to leave before the final rose ceremony, I let Roberto know before he proposed that he was the only one left. But I didn’t bring up Chris’s name! What kind of proposal is that?!

Peter Tells his Parents He’s Engaged

It honestly made me physically ill watching Peter tell his parents he was engaged to Hannah Ann. Only because when he started to tell them the look of worry on their faces was disgusting. What if he had proposed to Madison? What would the reaction have been? Would Barb have sobbed tears of pain because she was so unhappy with his decision? It just made me cringe and seriously made me feel sick to my stomach.

Peter Says Goodbye to Hannah Ann

Moving forward with the show, the producers need to sit the Bachelor’s down before the final rose ceremony and make sure they know what the F they’re doing before they propose! How many of these break-ups are we going to see post-show?!

I even found myself not feeling very emotional watching the break up. It just felt like when Hannah Ann was talking about the relationship, she was talking about a fictional relationship that was never even there. And I hate saying that because I think Peter and Hannah Ann are both great people, what we watched unfold on TV is just so bizarre.

But I will say, Hannah Ann hit the nail on the head when she said that Peter took the engagement away from her selfishly because he didn’t want to watch her walk away. I will give Peter this, when someone leaves you on the show, because it happened to me on my season, you do everything in your power to convince yourself that the person who’s left wasn’t the person you would’ve chose all along. I did it honestly. And while I don’t know who I would’ve chose if a guy I really cared about didn’t leave me in the top three, I can say confidently that I can’t say with positivity that my outcome would’ve been the same. So I get it. I understand why Peter did what he did. He wanted it to work so badly that he convinced himself that  Hannah Ann was the love of his life.

I’ll finish talking about their goodbye by saying that I’m proud of Hannah and how she handled herself. Honestly I love seeing that back bone from her. This whole season I looked at her like she was a 13-year-old girl because I can’t get past how young she looks. But during their break up we saw a strong woman and I’m proud of her!

Peter and Hannah on ATFR

Hannah Ann ATFR bachelor finale barb

Speaking of Hannah in growing from a girl to a woman, my goodness did she hold her ground during the live taping. She spoke intelligently and with class. And I got to say, I love her extensions! Ha!


Where do we even begin with Peter’s mom. As a mother myself, I am appalled by her behavior last night. Actually let me backtrack for a second. For those of you who have read my blog consistently over the past few years or five years or even from the very beginning, know that I am very careful with my words. And I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I rarely say something negative about someone without following it up with a line about how they’re young and how they’re growing and learning about themselves. But I don’t even know how to defend Barb at this point. Yesterday I defended her by saying that I get that she was emotional about her son getting engaged. And I understood her concerns because frankly I am concerned for them, but her behavior on the live taping is inexcusable.

I can’t say she’s young and learning because she’s an adult and a mature woman and she should know better. What I saw last night is not a woman or a mother that unconditionally loves her son and wants the best for him. What I saw is a woman who made her son’s journey to find love all about herself. Someone that didn’t care about her sons feelings and only cared about her own. If she truly wanted what was best for Peter then she would’ve smiled and wished them well on the ATFR portion of the taping. And then expressed her concerns to him privately and not a national television. She embarrassed herself and she embarrassed her family. Can you imagine how Peter felt sitting up there listening to his mom talk to the woman he loves that way? That’s not loving your son that’s hurting him.


And quite frankly shame on Peter for not putting his mom in her place. I so badly wanted him to stand up and tell his mom to stop. Instead he left Madison to do it. And Madison, my goodness, Madison has class! Her parents should be so proud! They raised an incredibly respectful and well spoken young woman.

I know a few people out there are going to think that Madison shouldn’t of left Peter’s family waiting for three hours in Australia. You guys have to understand that when you do anything on the show it takes hours! You don’t see the behind-the-scenes when you’re watching it. Because Peter and Mathison had that conversation outside, I’m sure they had to set up lighting and do interviews with them, then to everything down and reset up lighting in the house. It takes forever! And I don’t think it’s because she didn’t want to meet his family, I think she just wanted to talk things out with him. Barb is taking things way too personally when this journey is not about her! I saw someone online say that they thought that Madison should’ve apologized to Barb. Eff that! After how much Barb has disrespected her both in Australia and at the entire live taping and ATFR, Madison owes her nothing. Madison was nothing but honest with them in Australia about her feelings and what would Barb rather of her done. Say she was madly in love with Peter when she wasn’t?

Will They Make It?

madison peter finale barb

I have never said this on any season of the show that I’ve spoken about or blogged about over the last 10 years, but I can say for certainty they are not gonna make it. And I hate saying that. And it’s not even because of their differences in faith. All season I’ve been saying that they have a very small chance of making it because their beliefs are so different. But now they can’t make it because they don’t have the family support on top of that. Can you imagine being Madison’s parents watching this live taping? If I were Madison’s parents I would never want to be in the same room as Peter’s parents. If I were Madison’s mom I might want to tackle Peter’s mom if I saw her in person.

My gosh, even the way she would roll her eyes at Madison when Peter and Madison met for the first time by the pool and we’re telling each other how they felt. What did Madison ever do to Peter’s mom to warrant that kind of reaction? Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I’m just beside myself tonight and I hope Barb learns a major life lesson from this.

When we first met Peter’s family I thought he came from the absolute perfect family! I thought he was perfect because he grew up with two parents that love each other and we’re married for 30+ years and had it all together. My goodness was I wrong. So when you look at peoples lives on Instagram or on TV or wherever, know you never really know what’s going on with a person or with the family. Peter’s family is far from perfect and we saw that last night.

I’ll end with this. During the live taping Peters mom whispered this in Spanish to his dad “Di algo mal también, ayúdame” It means “Say something bad, too. Help me.” I have no words.

Now we must discuss! What did you guys think about last night’s finale part 2? Are you as upset with Barb as I am? Do you think they can make it?

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667 Thoughts

667 thoughts on “Bachelor – Peter’s Finale and ATFR, Come on Barb!

  1. I agree Ali! His mom was so disrespectful. It was hard to watch her tear down Madison on live TV. She was so selfish!

    1. I totally agree! I would say it’s even more than disrespectful, it was a malicious behavior from Barb and I loved how Ali addressed it! However, I think that Madison and Peter can make it because her family are religious and they can find the power to be companionate and to forgive. I really wish them well! Regarding Hannah Ann’s engagement and break up, can’t agree more with Ali, didn’t feel any real emotional connection there, and felt as if it was a staged TV relationship..that’s why it felt that Hannah was too aggressive with him during break up.

      1. It sounded to rehearsed. If you watched Melissa Rycroft’s speech to Jason Mesnick when they broke up, Hannah’s speech was practically word for word. It looked like Hannah was auditioning for a soap opera.

        1. Wow that is interesting. I was never a fan of Hannah Ann as I felt she was playing a part. She didn’t seem authentic to me.

        2. That’s exactly what I thought… You could tell Hannah Ann was ready to tell Peter off!! It totally seems scripted.

          1. I feel like that is an unfair statement to make. She probably HAS rehearsed it in her head for months, as anyone would! If someone humiliated me on national television and I had to wait months to share my story, you better believe I would know EXACTLY what I was going to say.

        3. Can’t agree more, it was so similar to Melissa’s speech, but with one difference, with Melissa it felt real and raw..with Hannah it felt very collected and on a cognitive level, without emotional depth

        4. I wonder if they had actually broken up on the phone and the show made them re-break up in person for the camera? My understanding is that they don’t get a lot of face to face time between the show taping and the show airing? That might explain why it didn’t feel authentic?

      2. Agree with Ali and also with your comment 100%. If they do not make it it will be that vicious woman’s fault. She is not a mother, she is a manipulator and narcissist who found someone she cannot manipulate. I swear she is like the evil mother we see so often in Movies! (Hallmark) As a parent, I would never, ever subject my children to that kind of humiliation. I really believe that Madison and her family will need their strong faith if this relationship goes further. As for Peter, yes he made mistakes but he was honest about them and with the type of parents he has, he probably had to look for their approval his entire life. One day his evil mother will have no sons to push around or manipulate because they will cling to their future wives families. Don’t forget Barbara, what future daughter in law would want you as a grandparent to her children? Not me, that is for sure.

    2. I’m so saddened the way this turned out with the proposal then it ending. It never should’ve happened in the first place. It should’ve been Peter going back to get Madison and not Chris. Peter should have told Hannah Ann that his heart wasn’t all in and ended it with her, then took the chance that Maddi was going to give him the second chance that she did. Then Barb wouldn’t have been able to say anything! Giving Barb tv time was like giving all the drama girls more time to talk crap about one another! I hope she listened to the “Hate” talk after!

    3. As a mother I’m astonished at how Barb acted. I want nothing but the best for my son and want him to be happy. If that means later down the road he’s dating someone I don’t understand than it is my job as a mother to be there and support his decision and love him no matter what! It is also my job as a mother to model respect. Barb did none of this last night. She didn’t respect her son, her family, or Madison.
      I can speak from personal experience I married an individual who my parents did not like and his family did not get along with my family. We knew it was going to be an uphill battle since day one of our engagement. However, my family gave me nothing but respect. And when it did fail, I never got a “told you so” I was picked up by my family. Years later my parents told me they knew it was going to fail and I asked them why did they let me go through with it and their response: “Sometimes being a parent is hard especially when you know your child has to learn from their own mistakes, even when they don’t listen.” I have never had more respect for my parents more than they moment.
      Now I can say that experience made me a better person, wife, and mother.
      So looking at Peter and Madison’s situation I wish them the best and give them my full support!

    4. Peter has been disappointing as The Bachelor when I thought he’d be one of the best. He made one bad decision after another. I think Madi deserves a man that has more respect for her as Peter was obviously in love with her when he chose to be intimate with the other women. I feel like she needs someone whose faith matches hers. Plus to have Barb for a mother-in-law would be a nightmare.

    5. Last week on the show they had Rachel on to discuss the need for kindness, and the terrible things that she and others have been told on social media and in their DMs. This week the show allowed Peter’s mother to bully Madi on screen. The eye rolls and facial expressions were hateful, followed by nastiness that should never be voiced out loud if you are a kind person. I know it was a live show, but it seemed a little hypocritical to allow that to happen after they preached a message against hate and bullying the week before.

  2. Agree!!! I found my self almost yelling “stop it Barb” at the tv so many times. I get that you think your son made a mistake and you don’t agree with what he did. That’s totally fine I mean does anyone really agree with what he did ha BUT he’s your SON! As a mom I could never imagine not supporting my son on anything mistake or not. Especially when they are owning up to mistakes and have to do it on tv ugh support and love your son stop clapping for Hannah!

    1. I think you are so spot on and very insightful. Also thanks for clearing up how behind the scenes took forever to set up.

      1st about hannah ann, I never catch that feeling of her being in love with peter and vice versa, they attracted to each other but that’s it, no deep feeling nothing. So she should be glad it ended fast and move on with her modelling career, though peter shouldnt even proposed but again like you said maybe he wanted to make this work but yeah just not happening.

      2nd Madison vs Barb,
      – this whole ill feeling towards madi already there when he told his family that she couldnt accept of him sleeping with others, it wasn’t started cos the 3hr late, barb couldnt wait to get her claws on her for saying that to peter, that’s probably why she got even more sensitive with the late and no apology thing.
      – then the list of things she doesnt like bout madi the DM thing (RS tweeted it), cos according to her and jack she didnt love peter and wont get engage (seem she took madi words out of context), and that madi only talk about herself and what she need or whatever, not focus on peter and his needs. I mean, if I am not wrong, since their one on one madi never tried to offend peter feeling by saying “it is me, my beliefs, what I expect in a relationship” not “this how I Want you to do and you must do it”, so she isnt wrong, cos peter still could do whatever he wanted, and she also doesnt have to accept, both can do whatever they want, it’s just one wanted a boundary, another wanted freedom. Yet there she was compromising and fighting for him, suddenly she is the devil in disguise. She walked away because of his family, but I agree it wont last long, if it is only lifestyel the

    2. Ali you are bang on as always! I’m with you 1,000% on all your thoughts of Peter, his terrible proposal, Hannah showing maturity at the Live Show, but yes I too kept seeing a 14 year old they the entire season! His mom, ok I can’t. I can’t even say a word because it was so awful & shame on you Peter for not sticking it to your mom and her disrespectful behaviour towards you and Madison and you’re love story! Shame on you Barb for doing all the things that where so awful to watch regarding your sons journey just so awful. I can’t even talk about it it’s so made my stomach sick! But you are so true and honest on your posts Ali so thank you for that! It’s easier to deal with when u know you’ve got many that feel just like you. 💕

      1. First and foremost, huge Ali fan. You are the absolute best. This whole season seems to have been a train wreck and it makes me so sad where this show has gone to create the amount of drama it has instead of celebrating love and the possibilities of finding love on TV. My heart went out to Hannah Ann but man, her strength and poise was amazing. I can’t say I’m a huge Madi fan because I wonder why come on this show if you know you will not agree with what happens as relationships develop with the lead. However, she did not deserve what was served by Barb. Nor did Peter. Peter has made some mistakes, but hopefully is learning from them. He should never be chastised about his choices by his family on social media or tv. What kind of family does that and not support their child in public and have these more difficult disagreeing conversations outside of the camera and social media. I just hope that all involved are able to move on and heal as time goes on.

    3. Madi definitely didn’t need to apologize to Barb. It was her discussion to have, not Barb’s. And for Barb to say that her son has to fail to succeed has to be the meanest thing a mom could say on national tv! I agree that he should have said something to his mom, but he has had little opinion of his own this season, and was wrapped up in the drama… much like his previous bachelorette, Hannah b.
      I have liked Madi all season, and apprecIate that she stood up for herself. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a fellow social worker! The two of them will have a lot to work through, which may be a good thing, bc relationships aren’t always easy. It’s better to learn these things now and to communicate with one another in order to have a fighting chance. Esp if there will be parts of their relationship that won’t be experienced until marriage. I wish them nothing but the best!!

  3. And can we discuss Peter’s Dad. He is clearly scared of his wife. She has taken his voice and runs the family. So sure they have been married for 30+ years but is that man even happy?

    1. And Peter, Sr is a Pilot also. You’d think he had some sort of backbone! Another wimp. And Barb’s facial expressions were almost worse than her words!

      1. My FIL is a pilot. They are away several days at a time, so Peter’s dad probably doesn’t have to deal with her full time.

    2. I feel the same way about that family Dad maybe wearing the pants but Barb. is def. telling him which ones ..she even nudged him last night and gave him the look like !! using Madison fav. word to say something and back her crazy up ..

  4. I am so disappointed with Barb’s behavior. It should be interesting to see if Peter or Barb addresses it at all. The eye rolling, faces, all of it was absolutely disgusting. Definitely NOT the way to be a supportive mother.

    1. Codependency at its finest. She hates that he made a decision that she didn’t approve of. She’s lost control over him and she can’t stand it. So sad!

  5. I completely agree with you! Maddie had NOTHING to apologize for! I was disgusted with his Mother! Maddie did nothing wrong. She is classy and I’m so glad she was on the show. She was a role model for so many, especially young women watching. Love reading your blog!

  6. I was blown away by it all. I 100% completely agree with you on every point! I really think his mom played a huge part in the Hannah Ann proposal. His mom got in his head with all her, “You’ve got to choose Hannah Ann” craziness then when Madison left I think he just felt like he had to propose to Hannah Ann. Then he seemed to excited to share this news with his family but his mom, oh my goodness where do I start? I mean his mom is already like, “How’s my daughter?” “Where’s my daughter?” I mean within minutes. Then as someone who supposively loves her son with all her heart and supports him that is the opposite of what she did last night. It seems like she’s upset because Peter chose who he wanted and not who she wanted. Like you said it was all about her, not about her son. Madison, loved her! I feel like they won’t make it but I hope they do just to rub it in Barb’s face but sadly no family support makes things very difficult. And kudos to Hannah Ann for displaying such class and grace. I always felt she was too young but she really grew this season. I’m excited to see where her journey goes. All in all totally upset with how his mom handled everything. It was like a temper tantrum because she didn’t get her way. Craziness!

    1. Yes!! This!! I absolutely agree that Barb’s pleading with Peter to pick Hannah Ann influenced him to make a decision he shouldn’t have. And I SO wish someone would have said something about that last night!!

  7. I thought Barb’s behavior was deplorable, and I was disappointed that Peter just stood by and listened without intervening or telling her to stop. Madison had to stick up for herself, because Peter just ignored (and in my opinion, therefore condoned) his mother’s behavior. Unfortunately, I’m with you. They will never ever make it. They were already different enough, in both faith and lifestyle, and without the support of his parents, whom he appears to be very close to, it will never work. Also, I’m glad Madison’s parents were not there in person, because they are probably devastated at the way Barb spoke to their daughter. I would be. Madison handled the whole situation ATFR with strength and grace.

  8. I was so shocked watching last night. I’m a mom of 3 and I get that as a parent you can and should voice your concern, but you also need to know when to be quiet and just support your child. Peter to me showed signs all season of not being ready and I still don’t think he is ready for marriage.

  9. I’m with you 100% In regards to Barb’s reaction!! She did make it all about herself and not about Peter’s feelings. I’m very proud of Madison for how she acted and how she responded to everything. I do think Peter should have stood up for Madison more and put his mom and dad in their places. Is going to be hard for them to make this a lasting relationship but I’ve always believed if it’s meant to be it will be regardless of the obstacles. My mom always taught me that we in a relationship you find a person whose strengths are your weaknesses and visa versa! I hope they give it an honest try! I’m rooting for them

  10. Oh my goodness! I totally agree with everything you said! I am a parent and I cannot imagine ever treating my son and his girlfriend this way! Madison held her ground and I don’t think Barb liked it very much. She wants a daughter-in-law who will just be her minion and always agree with her. That’s not how relationships work. I hope Barb learned from this and let Peter and Madison figure this out on their own. They need to sink or swim by themselves. Also I agree that it won’t last. Not having the same faith and values is one thing but not having your families support is another level. Good luck to them but I don’t see this working.

  11. Barb made a fool out of herself. She has created a tension in her family that can never be undone. She humiliated Peter, herself, her husband- everyone who knows her. National television was not the time or place for the things she said. If I was Madison, I would have walked out after that and said “Your mom is crazy, thanks but no thanks” How can someone thrive in a relationship knowing the other persons family hates them for no real, legit reason? Madison should be so proud of herself and how she stood up for herself and took the high road. Bc she is right, it was her journey too, not just Peters. And Hannah Ann- she should also be proud of how she handled herself!

  12. Agree! His mom was the worst. If she will act and say stuff like that on TV then I don’t want to know how she is outside of that. It’s appalling that a grown woman would do this. The whole thing was hard to watch. I don’t think Peter and Madison will work out. Honestly I think Madison deserves someone better.

  13. I agree with every word you said Ali! I, too, was awake later than usual because I was so upset and disgusted at the ATFR. The fact that production, Chris, and most importantly, Peter, did nothing to intervene or stop the humiliation for Madison is sickening. I wanted to cry for her and give her the biggest hug. I feel that she approached this whole journey with maturity and class. You could tell she was looking at the big picture and looking towards the future with every action. Barb was way out of line.

  14. I agree with everything Ali! My heart hurt for Peter and Madison when I saw his mom Barbs facial reactions and then her WORDS….I can’t imagine hurting my sons this way…I had thought they could make it if Peter relocated to a place very close to Madison. However without the parental support…more than likely on both sides…it will be almost next to impossible. Peter and Madison do love each other. There is a reason they want to be together. Maybe they are both missing a part of their personal development and they are attracted to what is missing…just a thought. Thank you for your honest blog. I must say Ali that I love how you take time to choose your words carefully. I still feel so let down this morning after watching the finale last night. It just seemed so toxic and negative. Not from what Hannah Ann had to say…that was something she needed to do to move on…it was from Peter’s parents who in my opinion fell of the great parent pedestal. I love how you are growing your family and how you are a bright positive light. Thank you.

  15. Totally agree with you!!! That was appalling behavior! Completely unacceptable of his mom and Peter did not say much of anything to stand up to her. I feel bad for Maddison. Cassie acted very similar in Colton’s season at the end ( wasn’t sure, not ready to get engaged) and no one shamed her!(As they shouldn’t) why are people shaming Maddie for having values and high standards?

  16. I am absolutely right on track with you when it comes to Barb! I was disgusted watching it and felt so bad for Peter and Madison. That’s not a loving mother. That’s a controlling mother that needs to let her son go. I saw where she looked at her husband and spoke something in Spanish to him when he was asked the question and she told him in Spanish to say something bad about them and to back her up. Like what???? Barb you must have forgotten your mic was on and people could hear you and other people speak spanish. She really carried herself not classy lastnight and I hope she woke up today realizing that. I hope peter barb and Madison can mend this relationship and barb gives them a shot. I think they have a very rough road ahead. I am not sure they will make it but I really hope they do. Barb made me root for them even more lol

    1. I remember thinking how sweet and funny Peter’s family was on the final episode of Hannah B’s season. The windmill jokes and everything. Now they’re just creepy and will be dealing with the backlash for awhile.

  17. I totally agree with everything! I think Barb had every right to question Peter but not on national tv. Also, I remember Peter apologizing to his family when they came in after talking when they met Madison. Why did Madison have to say sorry too? Not to mention they make it sound like they never met Madison when she was at their vow renewal. They seemed to love her then? Just because she doesnt want to have sex before marriage means shes not right for your son? I would be ecstatic if my son comes home one day with a women like Madison!

    1. I had the same thought! I even said to my husband “if we are late to something with your family, and you aplogize for us being late, I don’t have to apologize too. We’re a couple, one can speak for both”. And she was totally acting like she didn’t meet her (and love her) at their vow renewal. Just weird and super innappropriate behavior.

      1. This was my thought too! I mean look at the picture of them all at the vow renewal that Peter gave Madi after their date! Also who said Madison didn’t want to meet them? I never heard her or Peter say anything like that or did you miss it??

        1. I know Victoria didn’t want to meet them during her date but Madison had already met them on a one on one.

    2. I said the same thing. I pray my son finds a girl like Maddie…. and more importantly i hope my son appreciates a girl like that

    3. I was wondering the same thing! I thought they loved her at the vow renewal! So why did they turn on her? Just because they had to wait for her and she wouldn’t sleep with their son? I don’t get it!

  18. Barb was so disrespectful. I get it she loves her son but that should have been kept private. She should have talked off camera. She had to have known the three hour wait was not Madison’s fault, come on. I also believe that peter is way to open with his parents about his relationships and that what I think will also be a problem for them. He can be close to his folks without giving him all the details. Good for Madi for standing up for herself.

    Was surprised and proud of Hannah Ann. She held her own and stood up to Peter. I do feel though that there was not any emotion at that proposal. Hannah Ann was so shocked she was the one. Peter should not have proposed and I think it would have been better for him. Tough situation all around.

    While I know these are real people with real emotions, I still feel as though Hannah Ann went on the show to boost her modeling career. I know they all gone on to be famous, but things just didn’t seem genuine. I don’t know… Becca Kufrin was in her shoes before and things worked out great for her. Hoping the same happens for Hannah Ann.

  19. I have been a fan of the show for at least a decade at this point!! And I can honestly say that my jaw was on floor last night during the taping. I am not a parent but I cannot imagine and couldn’t fathom what was happening in front of me. The amount of disrespect. And I agree with you, Ali…it is evident that they are not going to make it…and that’s the first time I have ever said that about a couple from this show. I can’t with his mom. She was so disrespectful and honestly, behaving like a child. You want your child to be happy and to wish them well. If she had concerns, she should bring them up to her child privately. Madison owes her nothing…Barb owes Madison an apology (even though I don’t think that will happen). And peter needed to stand up for Madison too…he was silent. I really liked his family at first but now, whew! Not anymore! It does make me laugh though that Madison will forever be in their families vow renewal pictures Hahahaha. Karma, am I right?! I feel bad for Peter’s dad as well-imagine being married to that woman!

    1. I only watched segments of the show last night and it was stressful to watch! I keep noticing how people comment that Peter should have stood up for Madi. And I agree. But look at his role model. His dad was silent while his mom did the talking. He was following the patterns he saw modeled to him. I truly hope everyone learns and grows from this experience! I have to agree with the Washington Post article ( – “Peter doesn’t need a wife – he needs a therapist.”

  20. How about what Barb whispered to her husband in Spanish. Which said something along the lines of .. say something bad, please help me. I lost respect for Barb. I too agree that I don’t think it’s going to work. I’m sure they will try hard to make it work, but I feel like Barb will make it even more difficult. She makes me want to go give my mother-in-law a great big hug! The ending left me with so many unanswered questions, like why did Peter still feel the need to have closure with Hannah Brown, according to Hannah Ann. What was up with that??

  21. First off, I think there’s so much that we don’t know. A reaction like Barb’s doesn’t come out of no where. It was fear and sadness. I agree with her points. Maybe not the method.

    I don’t get the support for Madi. Somehow Barb’s reactions are the only ones being talked about. Did ya’ll not watch Madi’s? Or listen to her? Anyways, she already has her agent, haha. Let’s face it, that’s all she wanted anyway, she’ll be fine. (Which I think is why she so eagerly took him back…publicity) The body language between Peter and her was anything but loving.

    I like Hannah Ann. I thought she was sincere. It reminded me of Clare finding herself. Can’t wait for her season btw!

    1. I was beginning to think I was the only one that saw things this way. We don’t know about production but I really think more happened that we don’t know about. Sometimes the mama bear comes out and the delivery sucks. But it is their family dynamic.

    2. Thank you, Ashley. Look at how severely the pendulum swings from one extreme to the other: everyone says Barb’s the best, now everyone says Barb’s the worst. Barb is human. She is great at times and not great at times, but she is a loving mother doing her best like all of us.


      While Barb’s words weren’t said in the ‘best’ way, clearly – this is a woman who has had this young man under her roof for decades! MUCH longer than the majority of people Peter’s age typically live with their parents. They also go on to say they’re more than mom and dad, their best friends. And yes, as your children get older the dynamic changes. While you’ll forever be their parent, you (hopefully) become friends as well. So, do Peter’s parents know him pretty well? How can they not? Madison herself said she worried about their compatibility, their different lifestyles, their different faiths (which runs STRONG with her)…that said everything to me. She herself said neither should compromise the other. It was clear not only the mom but the father (at the family meeting – not talking about what was whispered to him during the live show) and you could really tell the brother, had serious doubts about picking Madison. If you’re a VERY close knit family, you know EVERYTHING about each other. Clearly, the family has been right in the midst of other relationships (yacking it up over breakfast w girls the next morning). I guess I can understand the family’s absolute concern that this is a love that will not last forever. If he SO loved Madison – he didn’t HAVE to get engaged to ANYONE. IF she was ‘the one’, the road should’ve stopped there. Not put a ring on second place. Again – Barb’s wording could’ve been done off camera – I do believe she wants the best for him. Let’s face it, with as much as I’m hearing that Barb was a part of this season + now knowing the parents see more than the viewer does (thanks to Dad’s comment) – the viewer does not get all the facts. We didn’t know she was three hours late for her meeting with them (production problems – who cares! Peter apologized, she should have graciously done so as well – manners). If I were that late, I would be WAY TO embarrassed to even walk through those doors. For the show’s sake, she of course had to BUT to leave it to Peter to apologize alone (for what WE thought was just a long convo between the two of them outside) – not a great move on her part. A parent’s instinct is strong! Yes, Barb could’ve been more mature about it on Live TV but maybe she did so as she didn’t want some tabloid the next day giving half the story of what the family’s feelings were regarding this mismatch? Therefore, leaving it to her social media for people to get the ‘real’ story. And who’s going to follow Barb’s account – not many once the show is done.

      Ultimately, this whole ending was an absolute joke. Hannah Ann, on the live show, was probably the only part I could stomach. Yeah, Mom rolled her eyes but Madison did her fair share of outward emotions as well – a smirk throughout the parent’s talking, looking back at someone in the audience with a ‘whatever look’. If mom whispered what she is supposed to have said, dad can still have his own opinion. And what he did say was absolutely right. Basically that the ground Peter and Madison were standing on at that time was sinking sand. A relationship like that is bound to sink. So, Madison’s going to be off on some mission trip and be totally ok with Peter, doing his normal party-self while she’s away – that’s going to sit well with her? Nope. And how many times is the butt of a joke amongst marriages about
      ‘the in-laws’? That joke doesn’t derive on a great relationship, it’s because there is some sort of discord between the parties. This one just was blasted all over TV in advance.

    4. I agree! I think there is so much that we don’t know. That kind of reaction is based on something!

      I can’t stand Madi, there I said it. LOL

    5. Oh thank goodness! I was scrolling through the totally agrees trying to understand how anyone was ok with Madison’s behavior. I agree Barb was way out of line, as someone who has a hard time hiding my emotions on my face I felt for her a bit, but Peter was a coward and needed to choose a side last night if he was announcing to the world that he wanted to give things a try with Madi. But let’s be real here, Madison came ready for a fight. Her facial expressions were significant as well and some sort of olive branch may have turned that whole thing on its head but instead she double downed and if she really loved Peter I would think she’d be trying to find some kind of compromise if she really wanted this to work out. I don’t see this lasting a month.

      1. Sigh* thank god! I thought I was the only one who though this too. I don’t agree with Barbs method (eye rolling and Spanish whispers) but I do see where she was coming from. Not once on that stage did I see commitment or unconditional love coming from Maddie towards Peter. Nor did Maddie clear the air and maturely look his mom in the eye and say how committed she was to meeting him half way and working it out with her son. She was very focused on her values and perspective, which is fine, but a relationship is a two way street. I think Barb nailed it on the head when she said his heart was torn but only one person gave their heart to Peter. Maddie has been very clear she is not going to compromise and so here we are Peter giving everything and nothing in return. Of course a Mother is going to be concerned for her son, I would be too. And I wouldn’t want to sit their and say oh I’m so happy for you and mislead my son with fake ‘acceptance’ when there are dozens of red flags that will ultimately hurt him in the end!!!

    6. I totally agree!! Something went on that we don’t know. It doesn’t add up! I think Barb was coming from a place of sadness and love for Peter. Just came off poorly:

    7. Yes!!
      Anger like that doesn’t come out of nowhere and it seems odd that mom would have such hatred over a young woman wanting to “wait until marriage”. Something else must have happened in that home. Madison also seemed at times a bit snarky and didn’t seem concerned about Hannah Ann’s feelings after finding out about the breakup. Just “I guess we’re going to LA” (I know, producers do all thus crap!)

    8. Yes! So glad someone sees this! When Barb was talking about how hurt she was with Madi.. the waiting etc…and the camera kept going back to Madi she had this smile on her face. When your expressing your hurt feelings to someone and they are smiling it’s just seems so mean. I know Barbs actions were bad but something more was there. I think Madi did come back more got exposure then for Peter. I have to disagree with you Ali on Madi not owing Barb an apology. At that moment in time before anything that came after happened she should have apologized. Madi decided to have the talk with Peter at that point and I’m not saying because of that. In the real world you show up late for any reason ., even if it’s production.. you apologize period. Not to say anything is just wrong. That probably added to Barbs feeling toward Madi. Just my two cents.

    9. I agree Ashley. They didn’t seem that smitten with each other. Also, did nobody notice what Hanna Ann said about Peter reaching out to Hannah B for closure? Peter is one mixed up dude who doesn’t know what he wants. Both him and Madison seem wishy-washy to me.

    10. I agree too! Maybe there is information we weren’t given and maybe Barb could have handled her disappointment differently, but I couldn’t bare to watch Madison. Why did she come on this show when she knew who Peter was? I found her controlling and self righteous. And she didn’t seem at all interested in understanding or respecting the family of the person she supposedly loves. It seems to me she had a lot to learn and had no right to be so smug. I must admit I couldn’t entirely watch this season so I may have missed a lot, but that is probably okay.

  22. I found myself agreeing with Barb. Madison couldn’t be bother to apologize for the past of family waiting for 3 hours, and sounds like more that we didn’t even see. An apology would have been a peace offering to build the bridge, to your “future husband.” Madison showed zero ability to compromise, has she ever even been in a relationship? This is a recipe for disaster. She can apologetically be herself, but if that means no meeting in the middle in a relationship, she is doomed for failure. She told Barb she did NOT love her son, she said would NOT marry her son if asked. Barb is trying to protect her son. She didn’t want her son to be embarrassed and heartbroken as the first bachelor on national TV to be rejected. And, we’re blaming Barb? Barb doesn’t want her son to be sucked into a religious cult and pulled away from his very only family. It’s not like Madison family was open arm welcoming Peter into their family either. Nothing about their lifestyles match. However, a parent forbidding a romance will only drive them together. Barb is correct though, Peter must fail to succeed, hopefully it fails before they walk down the aisle and Peter has to pick between his family of 28 years and an uncompromising woman with an entirely different belief system than their families. Just become you a religious family doesn’t mean you are better than those who are not a religious study. If banks were allowed to loan money on religion they would give you a higher interest rate, because someone who mentions god or religion in their application is significantly more likely to default on a loan. On another note, Hanna Ann could not have been more articulate & classy. She went in with an open heart willing to accept Peter with all his flaws, but when it become clear that his heart was not with her, she was willing to walk away. She broke up with Peter, not the other way around, Peter at this point is incapable of making a decision. I don’t believe he chose Madison. It took Chris Harrison to fly to Auburn to bring Madison to Peter, it wasn’t Peter pursuing Madison. It wasn’t Madison pursuing Peter. It was Chris Harrison trying to make good TV. They are not meant to be together and they both knew it, that’s why Madison left on her own & why Peter didn’t chase after her. Barb only wants what’s best for her son (why by the way still lives at home!) and Chris Harrison and the Bachelor team only want to make good TV.

    1. Religious cult???! So because she is religious that means she’s part of a cult? How narrow minded. If you’re agreeing with Barb then I PRAY you don’t have children. I find it hard to believe anyone could agree with her actions. Ali, I’m with you!!

      1. Thank you! What a horrible response to somebody with values. And the comment about defaulting on loans? Wow.

      2. Exactly. Im sure not all Moms would have hand pick their childs mate but who goes on tv and acts like that. They wont work because he wont stand up to his Mom. I actually think he will continue to have a prob in all his relationships if he cant stand up to his Mom. No women wants a man who puts her second to his Mom. Respecting your Mom shows character but a Mom must also respect her sons choice. Give your opinion but dont try and manipulate your sons choice.

  23. I couldn’t agree with you more, Ali! But I have to say, I hope that despite all of this turmoil and all the obstacles in front of them, that they make it. They deserve a fighting chance. The only thing I would disagree with you on is how Peter approached the way Barb was reacting to Madison during the live taping. I feel that it would’ve been even more disrespectful to react to his mom’s behavior. Peter knew they were on live TV and would have a conversation with her after it was over. He clearly has a ton of respect for his mother, even when she doesn’t have the same respect for him!

  24. I totally agree with your take on Barb’s behaviour. It was selfish, mean, embarrassing (for everyone) and totally inappropriate. She definitely could have simply said that we love our son and we will support him as best we can. When I got engaged to my husband, my family was very upset. He is way older than me, so they were very against our relationship. When I called them from the other side of the world to (hesitantly) announce our engagement, they hung up on me. They didn’t argue or shame me or yell at my fiancé. After putting on a brave face, they slowly got to know him and saw how happy we were together. Eventually, they came to love him, and now they are all great friends. THAT is a supportive family. I feel so bad for Peter and Madison (and Hannah Ann obviously). I sure hope they all find their happiness somehow!

  25. I think you couldn’t be more wrong!! From being faith based and all about family Madison did not come it to see Peters family with love & respect! It was so cold & as a mom I think she had every right to voice her opinion and try everything to keep her son from the train wreck he was about to get into with Madison!! I think you are 100% off base! I adore Barb & she was 100% right and the whole season Peter just wanted the people who were wrong for him, hence Victoria!!! They had so much in common just couldn’t communicate. That’s HUGE!! His mom knows he should have listened to his mama!!!

    1. He tried listening to his mama by proposing to Hannah Ann. Look how that turned out. If his family hadn’t been so forceful about him being with Hannah Ann he probably never would have proposed and would have spared the poor girl from being strung along.

    2. I 100% agree with you. Normally I agree with Ali all the time, but this is one of those times I’m on the complete opposite side. I believe Barb is wonderful. Madison kept saying she shouldn’t have to be ashamed of her thoughts and beliefs, no one, not even Barb said she should be?! I just don’t get it, I don’t think she’s classy at all. If I heard someone say they didn’t love and want to marry child, knowing darn well that my child loved and wanted to marry them, I believe I would have a similar reaction. I wouldn’t say anything bad about Madison, but I certainly don’t believe she reacted well at all. The whole situation sucks to be honest, but I would take Barb’s side in a minute.

    3. I didn’t think Barb handled things as well as she could have but she’s looking out for her son and that hatred for Madi didn’t come out of nowhere.
      Am I the only one that thought Madi was acting like a brat. She could have talked to the parents while on stage but she just sat there smirking!

  26. Barbs reactions and statements were tastless, rude, and honestly down right disgusting. How could she talk about the women her son loves on National television like she did. It was absurd and absolutely uncalled for. If someone that had never watched the show turned on last night episoode, they probably would have thought Barb was Hannah Ann’s own mom. She was rooting for her more than her own son.
    Madi didn’t owe Barb anything at all, especially an apology. If anyone owes anyone an apology it’s Barb!! She was an embarrassment last night.
    I agree with you Ali, I didn’t think they would make it in the long run, but they definitely won’t make it now because of his family!! It’s heartbreaking and I feel for Madi!! I hope everyone learns something from this, I truly do!! ❤

  27. OMG I couldn’t agree more! That was THE most awkward and uncomfortable AFTR I have ever seen (and that includes when Jake and Vienna broke up). I previously loved Barb but was appalled at her behavior. I could not believe the amount of side eye she was giving and at times refusing to look at the camera when Madison was talking. I don’t think Peter always handled himself well this season, but I felt so bad for him going forward. Like, imagine going to all the follow up interviews he has to do and every one of them will ask how he felt about his moms behavior. Yikes. And I’m with you-if I were Madison’s parents, I would not want my daughter subjected to that kind of negativity, no matter how much she thought she loved her guy.

    For the first time, Chris’ “most dramatic ever” was for real.

  28. I couldn’t even sleep after watching this, Barb’s behavior was so shocking. I feel for anyone he dates in future (if anyone even wants to date him after this, who would!). It certainly won’t be Madison. I thought she handled herself with a lot of grace under pressure.

  29. You hit the nail on the head. As a parent I couldn’t ever ever ever imagine treating someone my son loves that way. Barb doesn’t realize that in all of this she’s jeopardizing losing her son and their close relationship forever.

  30. Ali, you are SPOT ON! His families reaction to him announcing he picked Hannah Ann was beyond embarrassing. The fact that she was talking to the husband in Spanish last night telling him to “say something mean” tells a lot about her character.
    Agree, in the end Peter and Madison will not make it.

  31. Gosh I’m so upset with Barb and that little box told the story for her. I hate that she is gonna get so much hate for this but it was her own doing. My worst moments were the holding fans waiting to find out who peter picked, the bad eye roll when Harrison went to see Maddison, and then the negative talk when Maddison was on stage. Just support your son because what if he’s happy with her?

  32. Thanks for this post Ali. I was up so late, feeling a bit triggered by Peter’s mom’s behaviour. It was so uncalled for. Also did she just forget she LOVED Madi at the vow renewal? Then she met her a second time. Give the girl a break, Barb! There’s so much anxiety that comes with being publicly berated so maybe that’s why Madi didn’t address everything she said. I know some people didn’t like the “it is what it is” comment, but at that point, I would have been pissed and nervous myself. Also if you listen to BHH anymore- they don’t seem like huge fans of Madi. Sigh. Poor girl.

  33. I 100% agree with your entire post. How Barb acted was completely unacceptable. I understand you saying that they won’t make it, but I truly hope they do. Not having family support, though is going to put a strain on their relationship. I’ll be curious how Peter will be with his mom for the foreseeable future after the way she acted.

    P.s. i love watching your stories and seeing your babies grow! You are an inspiration to many! ❤️

  34. Was it just me or did the proposal seem just scripted, off, no emotion. Just everything about it seemed off about it. Hannah Ann not showing up ? Was confusing.
    Wow ! Barb reaction the whole time you could tell beyond belief that she disagreed. I’m so proud of Hannah Ann is so many ways.

  35. His Mother went completely OVERBOARD to the MAX and her reason for not liking Madison wasnt worth the way she behaved. She is the kind of Mother no one would ever EVER want as their Mother in Law. She is not supportive. It isnt coming from a place of love its coming from a dictator and from control!! She cried to get her way into MANIPULATING Peter to choose who she liked. I really believe she is using too much control over her son and is hurting him with this behaviour and if Peter ever wants to be truly happy (with anyone) he will have to tell his family to BUTT OUT and he should move out and grow away from them become a man without his Mothers rule over him

  36. I cannot believe the Peter’s Dad even allowed Barb to carry on like that on live television. It was truly awful and I hope the Madison and Peter can move past this

  37. I am so disappointed in this whole season! Peter has clearly shown time and time again that he is NOT ready for any sort of commitment. He loves Madi because she challenges him and he needs a chase… NOT because he is in love with her. DOES he even know what love is?? UNLESS of course its for his mommy?! I feel sick for any grown woman that will have to deal with a mother in law like Barb AND a husband who wont stick up for me. I am SO proud of Hannah Ann and how she handled herself with him through it all. She is one of the most mature 23 year olds I have ever seen. She is strong and beautiful and she will be OK and so much better off without Peter. Unfortunately I never liked Madison from the start. Something about her rubbed me the wrong way. And honestly I feel like she should have left wayyyyy before she did. She never felt it with him and I feel like in a way she robbed Peter of his potential growth in other relationships because she stuck around. I feel like I could type foreverrrr about this season lol. I am so in my feelings and blown away by how it all went down (Honestly from episode one!) I am SO ready for a genuine, mature and wonderful Bachelor/Bachelorette to show up and give us the love story we ALL tune in every week for!

  38. Barb only knows how to react emotionally, and has missed the logic train. She will not be able to rationalize that this is not her journey and not about her and how she feels. She’s chosen to hang on to her hurt feelings for waiting and quite honestly she’s upset that Madison has thrown shade on her perfect son for his sexual promiscuity. She can’t believe that someone doesn’t think her son is perfect. And Barb stets the tone, and feelings for the entire family!
    I wish Madison and Peter the very best, their love is deep, may they learn to love, trust, and respect each other and be steadfast in their commitment to each other.

    1. Yesssss! Barb seems like she has a personality disorder. She’s more focused on her own needs than the needs of Peter.

  39. Bad look on Barb! No class and acted like a bully. And what’s up with all the fake/dramatic crying?!?! I’m embarrassed for the whole Weber family. Agree with everything you said.

  40. As a mother, I can understand wanting to protect my child and Barb did say numerous times that her son falls hard and dee, that should have been sign her son was not in love with Hannah Ann, he was touchy with her but that’s not the same thing. When he is with Madison his whole face lights up he is just so happy and that is what his mom should see and focus on. Instead of controlling him and telling him who to love she should give him support and say in private like you said her deep concerns. It seems to me that peter is heavily manipulated by an emotional bold woman..his mom. This makes sense now that he was “rewarding” the emotional girls on the show. Madison was not one of them though, she held her head high and only when she actually had a huge concern did she voice it. I feel bad because clearly they love each other and meeting this way and in this environment is odd and we just cannot relate but I could never imagine dating a man who cannot stand up for me.

  41. Agree 100%!!!!! Both 23 year old girls showed more maturity, restraint and composure than his mom. As a mom of 4 boys , 2 of whom are recently married, I can say this: you express your concerns ONCE, privately and from a loving place, after that you trust your boy and fully support his decision and relationship. If not, mama, don’t expect to see those grandkids.

  42. They can’t make it – and it’s not because of the family (although that doesn’t help). They can’t make it because for some reason they cannot be honest with each other – they are both guilty of this!!

  43. I just feel so bad for Peter. If she acts this way on national TV, imagine how she has spoken and treated him at home his entire life! And even his brother now coming at people on Instagram. I just feel so bad that he has absolutely no support in his decisions.

  44. I agree! I felt so sick after this show. It’s so sad to me that the girls all season were so catty and then we get to the ATFR and Barb ends up being way worse than the girls! I really wish she wasn’t given an opportunity to even speak. I can’t even imagine how Madison and her family feels. Peter should have spoken up more…his dad should have spoken up more. But we clearly see how their family dynamics are and have been for 30 years. Barb gets what Barb wants. She is an absolute “mean girl” and ruined the finale for me.

    1. I have to say I agree with everything said about Peter’s mother but I must say I was annoyed with his choice. I loved Madison throughout the season but I really did not like her in the end. They are so wrong for each other that it just looks like a crazy choice. Madison behavior went on for way too long. The victim card wore thin. I feel bad to say I she was not portrayed as a good person last night. Hannah Ann was absolute class and if I had a son that chose Madison over her, I might be very upset also.

  45. Absolutely agree with every single thing you said. Every.single.thing!! It also makes sense why Hannah Brown completely blindsided us and Sent Peter home.

  46. Feel so bad for Hanna Ann, with everything I think he shouldn’t have got down and proposed. They should have talked about maybe continued to date. So proud of her for telling him how it was. I can’t believe his mom. That was so painful to watch. Him and Madison seem cute together but have alot to work out and I can’t see them making it

  47. I 100% agree with you… I was beside myself watching Barb, and quite frankly she took all the joy from any of the sweet moments because they kept showing her displeased face. I honestly cannot fathom Madison willingly signing up to have her as her Mother-in-law and Grandmother to her children after being treated so terribly when she did nothing wrong! I try so hard to give people the benefit of the doubt and understand it was just an “off day” if they are behaving poorly. But my goodness Barb’s consistent, childish and selfish behavior has me blown away! I wish Peter would have stood up to her more and I quite frankly wish his dad would have also told his wife to stop! I have never seen someone with such amazing character and such a sweet disposition (Madison) be so ill treated by the family before! If Madison was a terrible person I could maybe understand his mom being so verbal with her warnings….but my goodness this was over the top and very sad to watch.

  48. “she didn’t want to meet us”


  49. I totally agree! Peter’s mom’s behavior was absolutely appalling and hard to watch. Madison was BEYOND respectful, and I’m sure her parents are incredibly proud of the daughter they raised. Barb’s behavior was awful. As a mother, I would never embarrass my son like that, on national television no less, or speak to the woman he loves that way. It made me sick to see the horrible way she treated Madison up there. And to know that’s what she whispered to his dad…disgusting!

  50. Always remember this…Praise in public. Criticize in private. If you don’t have anything nice to say….

  51. I don’t understand how Barb acted like it was the first time they met her. She had already spent time with them on the very first date. I 100% believe Barb didn’t like her because she is a strong women and that she could change her son for the better. I think Peter has a desire to have a stronger faith and Madison would support him in that. Barb is worried that Madison is the right women and it would pull his attention off of her. I could be wrong.

  52. I couldn’t agree with you more! I was beside myself watching Barb last night. Even my husband couldn’t believe the way they kept panning to her during the scenes and the look of disgust. As a mother I could never imagine treating my son or anyone he loves that way! Kudos to Madi for keeping her composure and being so respectful that had to have been so hard!

  53. I am disgusted by his Moms actions. How dare she act like that towards her, especially on live tv. I’m proud of how Madi stood up for herself, and didn’t just tell her sorry. I really wish Peter would’ve been more of a man, and told her enough. It’s obvious that she rules his Dad, and I’m sure her sons just follow suit. Super sad, and honestly if I were Madi I’d run as fast as possible!

  54. Totally agree with you Ali, Barb was absolutely disgusting and disrespectful! Having 3 young sons of my own I definitely know that I would never want to act in a way that Barb did. Just so wrong! She should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  55. 100% agree with you on everything. I do want your insight on this….

    Is it just me or is it completely messed up just how much production messed with everyone’s head this season. No wonder Peter was all over the place this season. And along with that, Barb messed with Peter and Madison’s head so much. She scared Madi away and confused the hell out of him with all over her over the top opinions.

  56. I completely agree! I feel like both Peter and Barb don’t realize the impact their words have on the people they care about.

    But seriously, Barb’s reactions last night left me at a loss for words and made my blood boil. It was so selfish, when a supportive parent should let their ego go and find happiness because their child is happy. I understand it’s important to be open, but I feel like a line has to be drawn somewhere.

    Peter and Madi are unlikely to last, but I still don’t think it’s okay for Barb to get away with her behavior.

  57. That was sickening. There are no words. Barb is 100% the reason that Peter hasn’t found true love; she is manipulative, controlling and a horrible excuse of a mother. Hannah 𝐀𝐧𝐧 and Madison both need to run as far away as they can from that family. And Peter’s dad is no better for accepting that behavior. Makes me physically ill, and I feel horrible for Claire because I think so many people are going to stop watching The Bachelor after this season.

  58. I am clearly in the minority here – but I can see it from Barb’s perspective (as a boy mom). Do I think she over reacted – yes definitely but that does negate a lot of what she was trying to say? No, definitely not! We know the process of filming can take a long time but would it have been hard for Madison to say, I am sorry for stretching it out three hours longer? It clearly would have gone a long way for Barb. I have a challenging mother in law and sometimes you have to stop and compromise a little for the sake of your relationship especially in the beginning. I don’t think Madison saying “I have a lot of respect and love” for Peter’s family makes it true – actions speak louder than words – I thought that Madison was defensive last night and didn’t stop to see it from Peter’s family perspective. And yes, his family counts here. It is more than just him and her on this journey and in life. How many times has Peter said how much his family means to him? Madison is too young and naive to understand this fully. I also blame Peter for last night. He should have stood up for Madison last night. He also should have spoken to his mother in advance of last night considering the conversations and reactions that Barb had (the night before!!). I think Barb was speaking (in a crazy manner) the doubts that Peter is feeling but is too cowardly to express. I agree, this relationship is not going to work. Barb is crazy, yes, but it is easy to put all the blame on her when it belongs on Peter and Madison as well. Hannah Ann is clearly the “winner” here – lucky to be out of this situation with Peter and stood up for herself in the most commendable manner!

    1. I agree with Ali 100%. Like Madi said, it’s not all about Peter. The fact that the show didn’t acknowledge their first meeting is bull, and they liked her that day! We don’t know exactly what goes on behind closed production walls. Suffice it to say that they are grown and need to figure this out on their own. Barb is not part of the couple…how dare her for all of her bad behaviors. If she wants everyone, whomever it will be, to be one big happy family she needs to butt out. Again, are grown! Wishing them good luck whatever happens. Thanks Ali!

    2. Meg yes!! I completely agree. I honestly think she just let her emotions get the better of her. And Peter just sat there and let it happen. I really don’t even feel sorry for him at all. If he’s not willing to stand up for Madison now, what’s going to happen if they get married?

      My grandma said something to my dad once and I think it may ring true here. She told him not to repeat things that my mom said or did during an argument. She told him that he’ll move on but she’ll still be upset because he’s her son. So I wonder if that’s the case here. We all know Peter repeated negative things the women said about each other. It’s possible he said some negative things about Madison to Barb, that she can’t get past.

  59. Completely agree. Barb’s behavior was childish, self centered, and disgusting. She needs to get herself together and Peter is going to have to learn to create some healthy boundaries if he wants ANY relationship to work.

  60. I feel so bad for Madison after being treated this way by a GROWN adult. Madison is such a sweet selfless person and Barb’s reaction is sickening. Peter is now a huge red flag being 28 and living at home with a mother that acts like that.

  61. I’m blown away with what I watched this morning. Barb should be absolutely ashamed of herself.
    They definitely don’t stand a chance. Peter lives with his parents for heavens sake. He will listen to his mommy.

  62. Yes I feel like barb is a very controlling mother. I hope it works out for peter and madi just to prove his family wrong. Peter needs to cut the umbinlical cord and move on. What is mother did last night would make me not talk to her again. I feel so bad for peter and madi. I want to know who she thinks she is to say what she did on tv to him and madi. What did madi ever do to her i was in shock

  63. Totally agree with everything you said. Don’t know if anyone else noticed this but every time Barb “cried” and shook. There were absolutely no tears whatsoever. It was okay that she had the feelings she had but as a Mother you do everything you can to protect your children & not throw them under the bus. She should’ve voiced her concerns in private only. I found her to be very manipulative. There relationship will never work & I think Madison is too good for him!

  64. There is literally NO words for what happened. I can’t believe Barb acted like that. How embarrassing! She almost seemed proud of what she was doing. I feel like at this point she is going to do whatever she can to make sure Peter and Madison fail. Just for the “I told you so” moment. So terrible. I also was reading that she reached out to Kelly F after the ATFR to inquire if she was still interested in Peter. Just rumors, but if so- what the hell!!
    Ugh. Overall it was a terrible way to see the season end. Meh!

  65. I agree that there is no way they will make it. 1. Because I don’t think they will ever come to a place where they are on the same page about faith and that is important to her. 2. Because of the families but also 3. Because peter is spineless. How can they start a relationship and have a supportive relationship when he sits there and let’s his mother speak to her like that and treat her like that

  66. I would NEVER stay in a relationship like that. Peter not putting his mom in her place is a huge red flag. And imagine having that as a mother in law. Or your children’s grandma?!? Because i would be caught dead before that lady held one of my babies. NOPE. I don’t even care. She’s awful. Madison will find someone who respects her and is on the same page as her. And she will be just fine. Peter on the other hand….maybe his mom will find him someone?? Because she’s obviously the one who makes any of the decisions in that family.

  67. I truly believe the show brought out the worst in peters mom. All the attention, the live audience the “fame” on one sense. I’m sure she is regretting what she all said? Right!! She has to!!!! 😬 I feel so bad for peter and maddi. But one thing I kinda disagree on is Hanna Anne… I felt like she went on stage feeling strong and empowered (nothing wrong with that) but her intentions were to make peter feel small. No one would argue peter could have done things differently but he did 💯 do what he believed at the time was right and we can’t fault him for that. She brought up some personal stuff with Hannah b. That totally could have been left out but she said things to make peter feel worse about himself. She’s hurt I get it but I feel she came out on stage with an agenda and not a loving heart. I do wish the best for maddi and peter.

  68. Peter did not seem very happy on ATFR… in general.
    I think he knows he is about to tread deep waters, and I don’t think he is strong enough to get through it. His family will murder this relationship. I feel so bad for Madison. How embarrassing for her, being treated that way because she LOVES Peter and wanted to give the relationship a shot outside of the show. If doing what she did does not show Peter’s family that she loves him, then they are completely blind. She went back to him because I believe SHE is the one compromising, not him. So sad. Barb… I’m not even going to waste words. Her and her husband have probably been married that long because his dad is terrified of being murdered in his sleep if he ever spoke out against her. Wow.

  69. I completely agree. Something that really bothered me about Barb was that she felt the need to mention how she’s been receiving so much love in her DM’s. It just seemed like she needed to say that to justify her own actions. It was just very elementary. Also, at this point, the love she’s receiving most likely isn’t love for Barb, it’s hate for Madison. So it’s not really genuine, in my opinion.

  70. Peter’s mom was despicable!!! Unforgivable! And NO! Madison does not need to apologize! Barb should not have bashed Madison on national TV and Peter should have stopped her in her tracks! Peter was weak! I think he should have stood up to say…DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!
    Truly, Hannah Ann was the winner in the fact that she is out of that dysfunctional family! And as for Madison….RUN!!! RUN FAST AND DONT LOOK BACK!!! You deserve sooo much better!!!
    Would love to be a fly on the wall to read Barb’s DM’s today!!! Bet they aren’t too positive today! Own it Barb!

  71. 100 agree with you Ali! Reading this got me all heated again! I’m a mom of two and literally wanted to strangle Barb!

  72. I never thought Hannah Ann was the match for Peter. I do like Madison and Peter; however, I also believe it will not work in the long run. Their lifestyles are too different and the fact that she is the spiritual one & her values, and him not so much, puts a lot of pressure on a relationship. Madison has so much class, and I think her reaction and thought process shows just how much compassion she must have for people she deals with in her job. As far as Barb, I cannot imagine a husband putting up with that. It seems if Barb doesn’t get her way, she crying. Can you imagine 30+ years of that??? She was totally out of line; it’s not her relationship. She got what she wanted when she married her husband. Peter on the other hand needs to cut the apron strings from his mother. The father should have stepped up to the plate and pulled Barb back, but he just said something like it was a horrible situation! He’s no better; he just doesn’t cry! The engagement was so unexciting; I agree: Hannah Ann seemed to focus on the ring! She was eloquent last night when sitting with Peter; but I still look at her as someone who seems too young to get engaged! She needs to enjoy and experience more life before making a commitment; Madison on the other hand seems much more mature to me. There’s some wonderful man out there for Madison; he just hasn’t found her yet! –

  73. I agree with so many points, especially his mom. However, I don’t think Hannah Ann was more about the ring. I believe she was completely in shock that he said he loved her and picked her. She knew the night before how conflicted he was, and that wasn’t even half of it. So when it was her, she was blindsided and excited. At the end, she was the most upset about him taking away a precious moment in her life. So, I don’t think it was about the ring for her. SO proud of how she handled the situation. And can we say she dumped him please? She carried that conversation more than he did!

  74. Thank you for writing this! It was honestly hard to watch Barb speak to Madi that way. I was in shock! I have a teenage son and one that’s almost a teenager and my youngest is a girl and as a mom of boys I cannot imagine speaking to someone that they cared about the way she spoke to her. My son is old enough to start dating and I’m sure I’m not gonna like everyone he dates but if he does date someone I don’t approve of then I will express my concern and then move on. Sometimes we moms just need to shut up! And being a mom of a girl if anyone spoke to my daughter like that they would need to come and apologize to my face before I could ever consider having them over for Christmas dinner. It’s absolutely unacceptable what she did.

  75. The way Maddison didn’t spit back like Barb was to her shoes how classy she is. And the flip side; why would Maddison stay in this and choose this if it wasn’t love?? -unpopular opinion

  76. I am still upset. I never thought something could bother me so much, but as a mother myself; I would never do that to my child! Especially degrade the person he loves on national television. If I was Madison I would break out in tears. I’m so proud of how she handle herself and the whole situation.

  77. I agree completely with everything you said! I was appalled at how Barb acted. She was way out of line and I was desperately waiting for Peter to put an end to her continuing to bash Madison. I think Madison handled herself so well. For all the talk about Hannah Ann and Madison being too young, they certainly both handled themselves WAY better than Peters mom did. I wish the best for Peter and both girls and for the sake of his future, I hope he puts his mom in her place once and for all. Oh, and move out of the house! It’s time!

  78. I was so sick to my stomach watching tonight. As a mother I can’t imagine embarrassing either of my sons the way Peters mom embarrassed him tonight. You don’t like Madi? That’s cool, but you always support your kids publicly and then you tell them how you feel privately. I would NEVER tell my son on national television that, “He’s gonna have to fail to learn.”, in FRONT of the person you’re referring too. I also can’t imagine how Madisons parents felt watching this grown woman talk to her like that in front of hundreds of people in an audience and millions of people on television. She could have easily gotten her point across without coming off so hatefully. It makes me sick 😠

    Even if Madison was the biggest witch to ever grace our television screen the way she acted and spoke to not only her, but her son was disheartening and truly broke my heart.

    Support your kids always. Especially support them in public and on national television… tell them in private how you really feel.

  79. OMG! You’re blog is on point!! I agree with everything said. But I do want to say, Peter will never find that love he so desperately wants, until he grows up a bit, learns to stand up for himself and those he cares about, MOVES OUT OF HIS PARENTS HOUSE (!!!), and takes some time to fully realize who he is, as a person. I believe part of the reason he was so up in the air about which young lady he was in love with is because he truly doesn’t know who he is yet. How can he choose who to love if he doesn’t know how to fully “love” himself yet? He needs to grow up a bit. Just my 2 cents, but I learned that they hard way.

  80. I’m feel I’m in a minority and kind of disagree.

    Last night, I feel Barb went over the top. I feel the show shouldn’t have let her talk that much about what she thought of the situation. That shouldn’t have been allowed. The whole part where they filmed the family’s reaction to Peter telling them who he picked was seriously uncomfortable.

    I get the sense that this family is really close, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When they were in Australia I think they were all coming from a loving place and seriously looking out for Peter. From their perspective, Maddie and Peter are on two different lifestyles and they don’t see how those two lifestyles can mesh together.

    I feel that when you have your family there, you obviously want them to love who you love, but if you can’t count on your family to give you their honest opinion, what’s the point of having them there?! We don’t know their family dynamics and maybe they’re just a fully honest and to the point family.

  81. You nailed it Ali..Barbara’s behaviour was beyond disgusting. Peter doesnt have the guts to put his mother in her place. This relationship will never work. I always thought Hannah Ann was a little kid but boy did she prove me wrong. What a class act. Peter doesnt deserve either women

  82. Hi Ali!

    I’ve been reading your blog for years (I love hearing your thoughts) and although I am never the type to comment, but I will on this, because I caught something that not everyone might have – when Barb was grilling Madison on how she kept them waiting, etc., she turned to her husband and in Spanish said “say something bad, too, help me”. So disappointing. So I agree with you entirely, but thought you might like to know that. It makes you wonder if Peter’s dad really meant that or was just doing what his wife told him to.

  83. It’s easy to see why Peter made the decision to propose in the first place. Pressure from his parents. So sad. Barbs behaviour is inexcusable and embarrassing.

  84. Completely agree!

    Also, was it just me? I never saw one tear come down barbs cheek. When she cried, it felt so fake.

    At one point during the family visit on Monday, it felt like Peter was looking at his mom thinking- Mom stop, you’re embarrassing me.

    1. And when Maddie was breaking up with Peter, why were there no tears, when she was “crying,” just covering her face so we couldn’t see how fake her “distress” was. The fact she has an agent now says it all about this girl.

  85. I could not agree with you more on anything you said!!!! Being a mother of 2 boys, I cannot fathom talking to someone my son loves like that. It was beyond disgusting and at this point, both Hannah and Madi deserve better than what they got this season.

  86. I completely agree with your take. All I could think of last night was, “Oh my goodness, Peter is going home with Barb tonight and not Madison,” which probably explains why she is so inappropriately involved in his relationship decisions. I wish Peter had stood up to Barb and commanded respect for the woman he claims to love. Their relationship won’t survive this, but I also fear for the clearly fractured relationship that Peter is now going to have with his parents. Sad story all around.

  87. Totally agree that Barb was way over the line. I also feel like part of her issue with Madi is Barb seeing she won’t be running the show anymore. It seems obvious that Mama is used to getting what she wants from “her boys”, and I think she’s having a fit because it’s not working this time. Sad for Peter, and I hope Madi runs away from this drama. Who wants a MIL that obviously despises them?! And a husband that doesn’t stand up for her?! Hard pass.

  88. I agree Ali! His mom was so awful and so disrespectful to Madison and Peter! If anything his mom should support and love her own son, it’s his life and decisions not hers! His mom was so selfish and I honestly feel so bad for both Peter and Madison! It was so hard to watch her tear Madison down it was truly so sad to watch couldn’t imagine what Peter was feeling like! You should love and support your son no matter what in life and trust in him and get to know Madison post show all you can do is move forward and go and love your son and get to know Madison the way that Peter loves her! Trust him it’s his life and grow into love them both..they need all the love and support they can get at this point! Life is too short to not be happy for Peter and Madison! One day Barb will regret treating her son and Madison that way and I pray they work out you can tell through the whole show they are in love with each other they will grow together they may have different beliefs but they can build a foundation and relationship and all that should matter is they are in love with each other and deserve all the happiness and love! I’m team Madi and Peter forever!!!

  89. I completely agree with everything you said Ali! His moms behavior was appalling! She was an embarrassment to herself and her family! Unfortunately, if they don’t do something drastic, like maybe family counseling, they will never move on from this and in turn fail. She put a strain on her and Peters relationship going forward no matter the outcome of Madi and Peters relationship!

    I personally think both girls are too good for Peter. I think he has a lot of growing up to do. And Hannah said it perfectly- if you want a woman then you will need to grow up and be a man!

  90. I agree with everything you said. The most despicable thing to me was when Barb clapped when Hannah Ann was degrading Peter and telling him at the end to be a Man. How can a mom applaud that? Peter was nothing but genuine. Reality TV is tough!

  91. I can’t believe Barb! She needs to apologize to Peter and Madison. I really was in shocked just listening to her. Peter is an adult can make his own choices and she needs to respect that. It’s hard for them to start over with no family support.
    I do have to say the religion thing didn’t bother me; I married someone outside my faith and know plenty of people who have. We make it work. But I would not want Barb as a mother in law.

  92. I wasn’t a Hannah Ann fan all season but last night made me a fan! The way she stood up for herself and made him see what he did wrong all in a respectful way was amazing. We all know Madison and peters chances of making it work are low but his mom was so rude and out of line. Eye rolling when Madison said she couldn’t eat or sleep how heartless and self centered! We’ve all had relationships our parents didn’t support and yes they have every right to voice their concerns in PRIVATE. She should have done so after the show in a respectful way. How are you going to have a relationship with your son or Madison now. Yes, It will be a struggle but parents are supposed to help support you not wish for you to fail. They are supposed to be there when you fail and help you grow not say I told you so. I’m still totally shocked a mother of two could act in such a rude disrespectful way while asking for an apology! It’s laughable. She needs to take a page from both Hannah Ann and Madison on how to speak your mind respectfully.

  93. Sad to say, I don’t think Barb does or will ever feel bad for how she behaved. She clearly is used to getting her way and if she doesn’t she acts like a child and throws a temper tantrum. Peter should have put his mother in her place. He is clearly a mama’s boy and doesn’t have the balls to do so. He needs to grow up and move out of his parents house. They have an unhealthy codependent relationship. He needs to break away. He will never be able to have a successful relationship until he sets up some firm boundaries with his family (especially his mother).

  94. I was embarrassed for Peter. It was so uncomfortable for me to watch. I am a Mom of grown children and I would do all I could to support their choice even if I had doubts. They don’t have a chance. I wouldn’t marry into that family for all the money in the world.

  95. I think Peters issues come from his mom. He’s still living at home and she is immeshed in his life in a really unhealthy way. I know a friend of Madison’s family. She lives and works at Auburn. She jokingly said that mother better not come to Auburn. Peter needs to grow up. He needs therapy. I’m glad we have an older bachelorette next. Hoping it will be refreshing. This season just ended by falling on their faces.

  96. Fully agree! Barb was absolutely horrible! It’s so sad b/c Madison is classy and does not deserve that at all.

  97. I most certainly think they can make it. If they want it they can do it. Barb is my MIL. She hates me with a passion, all because of control and jealousy. If Peter stands up for Madison the way my husband stands up for me, they have a chance. I hope Madison’s family accepts Peter with open arms and creates the support they need! As a mother, Barb should be so embarrassed. She put a huge wedge between her and her son last night. Not only did she manipulate who she wanted her son to be with but the disrespect she gave on national TV was disgusting.

  98. THANK YOU! Madison owes his mom nothing. She was honest & his mom didn’t like what she had to say. Her eye rolling, scowling, & awful facial expressions were worse than a 2-year old in Target who didn’t get that toy. Does she love Peter? Yes. She’s his mom. But her love only seems to be when he does what SHE wants. Honestly, Madison should run a& never look back. Barb will be a thorn in her side their entire relationship. And as for that 3 hour wait, I’m almost positive that Peter apologized for that & told his mom they had things to discuss. Barb acts as if this was the first time they met Madison, it wasn’t, she met her at their vow renewal. So her reason for being upset with Madison isn’t even legit. The woman needs to (as Hannah Brown would say) stay in her lane. She has done major damage to her relationship with her son & for someone who claims to love her son so much & pray so much…. she’s got a lot to learn from this experience. Hopefully she will grown from it.

  99. I am not a mother yet but I know for sure that when I am one, I’d just want them happy. I don’t care who it is with. As long as I see a glowing smile on my child’s face, that’s all I care about! I am so angry and appalled by how Peter’s mom reacted to this whole thing. Saying that “he has to fail to succeed.” And setting the relationship to fail before it really starts makes me so angry. Whether you want the relationship to work out or not, they are both adults and will figure it out in the end. But great job Madison for sticking to what you believe and being the better person while dealing with the negativity.

  100. Barb was completely awful. But I think we all forgot when she mentioned Madison made them wait 3 hours and didn’t want to meet them. Well she ALREADY met them! She was at their vow renewal. And they all loved her, so what happened?! I respect Madison for standing her ground and stating the discussions should be between her and Peter, not his family involved. Barb was completely out of line.

  101. Ali
    I agree 100% with everything you just wrote! Barb was out of line in every way possible,
    I’m soo impressed by Hannah Ann and how she stood up for herself that was amazing to watch, as well as Madison. Both women deserve better than Pete and that is the bottom line. Pete and his family will look back at this with embarrassment. Life lesson..

  102. I have a 30 year old son and would NEVER, EVER act like that. He was in a serious relationship a few years ago with someone we had a hard time warming up to and couldn’t see it lasting long term. What did we do? We made a point of being kind and warm to her. We did everything we could to make her feel wanted in our family. Was she our first choice? No, but that’s the point. It has HIS first choice at that time and we love and support him so we support who he chose to have in his life.
    I was literally cringing last night. Awful to treat others like Barb treated Madison. And Peter looked like a total mama’s boy. Pretty disguy.


  103. Speechless! My heart went out to Madison! It was mind blowing how attacked she was by Peter’s mother, and for no reason. It was evident it was all about who Peter’s mom wanted to chose. Unfortunately, Peter’s mother is going to be a massive factor in Peter finding a relationship, whether it be with Madison or not. The emotional impact Barb’s words and actions can leave on Madison is significant! Particularly when she stated, “he will fail to succeed”. Wow!

  104. I have been trying to wait patiently all morning (East coast girl) for you to post your blog. After every episode, the first thing I do is run to read your blog. I 100% agree with everything you said. I was appalled last night.

  105. I agree, Ali. When you marry the man, you get the whole package and she would be a nightmare MIL. Run, Madison, run!

  106. For some reason I can’t help but be supportive of both Peter and Madi’s relationship and hope that it works out for them and their happiness. At the end of the day their relationship is between them two not Barb. She is obviously going to be in their lives, but only as far as Peter will let her. I deal with a MIL like Barb, didn’t like me from the beginning and for stupid little reasons and mostly cause she just didn’t think I was good enough for her son, super protective of her son and my husband has set boundaries and it has really benefited our marriage. I have a respectful relationship with my MIL though it has been an extremely long journey to it. So I think Madi and Peter could deff make it work it’s just going to take a lot of work and patience!!

  107. I totally agree. It started out as “good TV” but I quickly became increasingly uncomfortable and by the end of it I just felt disgusted and sad. I’m sure Madi and Peter are furious, as they should be – but I personally just feel sad for all of them, particularly Peter’s parents. They will regret doing that to their son on national television. I hope they can all heal eventually, but wow.

    I do think Barb’s behavior throughout the 4 hours this week shines a light on why Peter has gravitated towards certain women this season – particularly those who cry and show a lot of emotion. I do think more drama was manufactured by producers than usual (i.e. champagne-gate and Chase Rice), but Peter definitely rewarded it and pit the women against each other in a way that I don’t think we’ve seen before. And I think this spotlight on Barb helps explain why.

  108. I was absolutely horrified by Barb airing out the dirty laundry on National tv with those two sitting there having to bite their tongue. I give major props to Madison for keeping her composure and having class. I do wish Peter has stood up and defended her but I also can see why he may have not. He was raised with a Hispanic culture influence and in that culture it would be SO inappropriate to disrespect your mom like that in public, so I think he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think the culture also may help explain some of Barb’s behavior too, but still, you don’t put it out in public and humiliate your son. It felt very vindictive and that she was purposefully trying to sabotage their chances so that she would get her way. Your son is 28 and he can make his own decisions and mistakes. Even if we all think they won’t make it you have to let him make that mistake because otherwise he will live with regret and what ifs. Of course now, if it doesn’t work, he may blame his family and she has only driven a potential wedge in her family relationships.

    I felt a little traumatized after watching that and I feel bad for Peter who made a mess of everything but no one deserves for their mom to throw them under the bus like that in public.

    But I agree… those ladies showed up with backbone and class and were so articulate. Kudos to them for grace under pressure!

  109. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!! What was she thinking?? If they do make it, she’s just alienated herself from not only Madison but her own son. She should be ashamed of herself. As a mom of three boys, no way would I ever speak to a potential daughter that way!!! Especially on TV!! I’m so proud to show my daughters how Madison stood up for her beliefs!! #neversettle

  110. Peter had the perfect chance last night while his mom was speaking horrible of Madison. He should have stopped his mom and stood up for Madison to really show Madison that he loves her and show his family that he or Madison are not going to take their bullshit. Either support us, or keep it to yourself.
    I believe Madison will evenutally leave Peter because Peter cowards down to his mommy and doesn’t have Madison’s back when his mom attacks. Barb is very emotionally abusive and needs some major counseling for her ugly heart.

  111. I agree with you 100%. The disrespect from Barb was horrifying and it shows she needs to take a step back and grow up. I’m not sure what mother could be so selfish. Watching her and how she acted made me realize she turns the waterworks on to manipulate Peter into doing what she wants. It’s pretty pathetic. I think Madison has a lot of class and at this point Barb owes an apology to everyone…Peter, Madison, Hannah, Madison’s parents, etc. She was in the wrong. She is the reason Peter proposed to Hannah. She is the reason the entire Peter’s story ends this way. Any mother who really loves her children would support them no matter who they choose and welcome that person into the family with open arms. I hope Peter and Madison can recover from this, but I think it is going to put strain on their relationship since his family is so unsupportive. One last comment, if Peter loves Madison the way he says he does then he needs to stand up to his mother and support Madison.

  112. I am behind you 100% on being horrified by what Barb did last night. It was like watching my ex-in-laws talk about me. There was no reason for that. Madi handled herself so well through all of it and I applaud her. Barb is definitely the one who needs to start apologizing.
    I also think that of Peter really loves Madison he would have stood up to his mom in a stronger way. He just sat there like a sad puppy dog.
    As for Hanna Ann, I have a very unpopular opinoin I am sure. I don’t think she handled the break up with class. I feel it showed her immaturity. When you find the right person, no matter if it is your first or or engagement, it will be special and no one will take it away. I have been there, done that. I think class and maturity would have been handling it like Becca did. Not belittling and degrading the guy who broke your heart. He already feels bad and then she went and said all that stuff about him. It was uncalled for. I have so many more thoughts but I will leave it at that.

    1. I completely agree. She 100% can speak out on how she felt but she was trying to belittle and hurt Peter as much as she could. I did not think she carried herself well and her age really showed.

  113. Yes I agree about Barb, but I’m more frustrated with and disappointed in Peter. Why didn’t he stand up for the woman he claims to be in love with? I felt so upset for Madison that she didn’t have his vocal support and that he kind of stepped back and let his mom and girlfriend duke it out. Not okay!

  114. I think it’s the mom’s fault that he even got engaged to Hannah Ann in the first place. It was almost like he proposed to make the mom happy because let’s be honest, she practically threatened him! When he was picking out the ring he kept saying “I love Hannah Ann” and it was almost like he was convincing himself. The whole situation is just messed up. Unfortunately I don’t think they will make it as a couple, but I think at the end of the day they are still more of a fit than Peter and Hannah Ann.

  115. I love reading your recaps since you have real life experience with the show! 100% agree with you on everything you just said!! Appalled by Barb’s actions towards Madi, Peter needs to become a man and stick up for Madi and himself. Both women deserve better, Peter obviously wasn’t ready for this if he still needed closure with Hannah B after his engagement with Hannah Ann! Loved how she called him out of that! I really hope Peter addresses his Mothers actions.

  116. I don’t understand what the whole different beliefs are, besides their faith.?
    Barb did behave childish. I believe she wanted Hannah Ann because she thought Hannah Ann would let Peter wear the pants in the relationship.. but I feel Hannah was just playing her cards right. Barb felt if Peter stayed with Madison, Madison would wouldn’t hold back on anything she thought and put herself first. Barb probably thinks if Peter gets with Madison he’d always choose her instead of Barb. You’re right Barb is making it about her self.

  117. Omg!!! I have never commented but Ali you are so on point with this post!!!!! The one thing I wish you would have touched on was how manipulative that Peter’s mom is!!! She was so manipulative when he was talking to them about each girl and how he felt!!! She tried to manipulate him by crying one minute and then being fine the next!!! She definitely has some control issues and the only way this could even remotely work out is if Peter puts her in her place. I doubt that will ever happen but that’s my opinion!!!

  118. Run Madison Run!!!!! His mother is way to involved in his life. Peter has no back bone when it comes to his mother. He should have said to her last night, enough mother!! I am a grown man, this could be why he is still single

  119. I agree with you 💯 about everything! First with Hannah, all season I have thought the same thing about her seeming so young. I kept thinking she looks like a teenager who just wants to kiss a cute boy not ready for an actual commitment. But I have to say I love how she handled herself last night and she was so well spoken! I felt bad for her though too because the show made it seem very clear how Peter was head over heels for Madison and not her. I felt like from him his feelings toward Hannah were he “loves” her but more as just a person not in love with her. I also think his family had a huge part in his decision to propose too because of how much they said they wanted Hannah as a part of their family. Now Barb, I was so taken aback by her reactions to everything last night. Her eye rolling with Madi and just saying the things she said it’s appalling. Especially since Madi I think is so mature for her age and seems sweet. I agree I don’t think it will work out for them because of his family. I mean who wants to enter into a family where the mom is so disrespectful to you on national television. I actually think they could have gotten through the religious aspect of it if Peter was willing too. My best friend and her husband came from very different families where my friend is a very devout Christian and his family was not. He decided to dive deeper into his faith for her. From what I seen on the show it seemed like Peters family wasn’t very religious? I feel like if its more of that kind of situation where it’s you believe but don’t go to church you can make that situation work. But if it’s someone who is christian and the other person has super strong beliefs in a different religion then I think it’s harder to work out. I want to root for Peter and Madi just so they can prove his family wrong but I just don’t see it 🙁

  120. Peter’s mother is the WORST! I find it very odd that Peter would tell his family that he had been “intimate” with other women, and even odder still that his parents would ask Madison about her sex life (saving herself for marriage)! And then Barb telling her that Peter likes to party and she doesn’t want anyone to change him. WHAT?! Is Peter a grown man or a child? I’m confused.

    As for last night’s episode: Barb’s sour face and eye rolling were just ridiculous. She made a complete fool of herself with her actions and her words! I’m glad that Madison said what she said, and that Peter eventually said “like it or not I love her”. I wish he had spoken up sooner though.

    Unfortunately, I agree that their relationship won’t last. Madison seems to be a nice young woman who stands up for her beliefs and mother would be blessed to have her as a daughter-in-law! His mother will never change her mind about Madison because she is THAT awful! It would be very difficult to have a healthy relationship with anyone if you don’t have the support of your family. I’m with you, Ali, if I was Madison’s mom I would be telling her to run as fast as she can. She’s going to end up so hurt, and that’s a heartbreaking thought.

  121. I was so disgusted at Barb and her behavior. I understand where her concerns were coming from and I would never say they are not valid but to sit there with such a miserable look on your face, a look.if hatred is just unacceptable. I feel as though she had it in for Madison. Such disrespect with that eye roll and the way she spoke to Madison was disgusting. This is who your son loves. Just be happy for him. It’s not her relationship. I have mixed feelings about whether or not the relationship will work. The hopeless romantic side of me wants to say yes because I believe if a couple TRULY loves each other, they can get through anything together in life. The logical part of me says no. They have 3 issues in the relationship, 3 big issues. Religion, lifestyle and disapproval from his family. To be honest, I don’t Peters parents will ever accept Madison, as sad as that is and that is not going to make a relationship work. Family is so important and especially with how close Peter is with his. Having interference from your significant others mother is a recipe for disaster but we will see. None of us know what will happen. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and works out the way it’s supposed to.

  122. Honestly I don’t agree.
    As Barb had said, we didn’t see it all and now we are judging based on that same biases. We don’t know what else was said between Peter and Madison that maybe Peter expressed to family, we don’t know what has been said since or even the day of.
    You must know being a mother, that if you saw someone who was, not only, not a match for your son but you could see the controlling possibility of changing him, you’d have to say something. Saying she should keep it behind closed door is just another way of silencing her voice. She has a right in this process to speak. Peter has said he wants his parents opinion but only if it’s in his favour? If I knew either one of my children were going down a horrible path that only led to heart break, I would say something and if they STILL didn’t listen, I would express my words again publicly if that was presented and it’s unfair to condemn Barb when her husband spoke just as poorly, maybe she said those words to him to keep him on the path, maybe he does like to put on a happy face and at this point pushing home their distaste for Madison needed to be said. You guys don’t know who Madison is, you only know what she wants us to know and her faces weren’t full of respect when’s Barb started to speak either. This kind of shaming and then fully admitting they won’t end up together isn’t just. If strangers aren’t convinced they are meant to be but you want Barb to shut up and smile for cameras when in her heart she can see her son getting hurt in the end. Shame, women are allowed have strong passionate voices and we have no right to label her as “emotional”

    1. Love your response. Barb wouldn’t have said all of this publicly if they weren’t on the Bachelor. Madison appears controlling and uncompromising. If you listen to Nick Viall’s podcast with Pilot Pete, Pete goes to his mother for relationship advice and when relationships fail. Barb will be picking up the pieces. The only good that comes from the Peter/Madison relationship is you learn more from your failures in life than your successes so he will come out a better man. AND being religious does NOT = having values. Look at the Catholic Priest molesting boys scandals and the Catholic church covering it up. Just because Madison is choosing not to have sex before she is married doesn’t mean she is a good, kind person. Hopefully she is, but her treatment of Peter and his family on the show and The After the Final Rose does not indicate that she has Peter’s best interest in mind.

  123. Completely agree. I actually agreed with almost everything Barb said – but that’s me as a viewer, not Peter’s MOM. I do think he and Madison are wrong for each other, but that’s for Peter and Madison to figure out. His mom didn’t have to pretend to be over the moon, but she could have said something neutral and respectful such as, “I did have my concerns at first, but Madison is a sweet girl and I support my son’s decision.”

    Also, can we please acknowledge how awful it was that Barb clapped for Hannah Ann when she told Peter he wasn’t a real man? It’s fine for Barb to support Hannah Ann, but to publicly cheer someone on insulting your son? I don’t care what he did wrong – that was disgusting.

    1. Or even: “I had concerns at first, and I *still* have concerns, but I support my son.”

      Completely agree. If you can’t be both firm and kind, you should at least try not to be unkind.

  124. Oh my word!! Peter needs to get away from his mother! Like run away!! Like pack his little Batman suitcase and wheel it on down the sidewalk and run away!! Only problem will be when he gets to the corner and realizes he can’t cross the street without Barb!!

  125. His mother is a disgusting human. Incredibly disrespectful to her son and Madison. I don’t get into this bachelor stuff much but man did watching that turn my gears! I don’t like ghat you say they won’t make it because they don’t have the family’s support. This is a biased opinion, as I can tell you from experience a relationship works, long term, based solely on the two people in that relationship. Peter clearly is not from a supportive family, but rather a closed minded narcissistic one. If peter chooses to live his life to its potential and stand up for himself, he and Madison can no doubt make it! Also, he may not be religious, but I think it’s safe to say he may have had an upbringing that was very controlled. I hope Peter is able to find the courage to live his life to its fullest potential! I feel the most sad for him.

  126. I felt the EXACT same disgust at Barb and the dad!! I don’t care how much you dislike someone, if they are the person your child is in love with, you smile and say you hope it works out for the best. Blatantly bashing her on live TV was so uncalled for. I think what we saw last night was 10000% the reason that Peter is still single and almost 30. His mom loves his pilot-party hard lifestyle and she doesn’t want to see him get married unless it’s her choice. It’s sad and emotionally manipulative. Peter needs to read the book “Boundaries” by cloud & Townsend STAT.

  127. You are so right with Barb. I was appalled! I literally couldn’t even stand watching. I really like Madison but I do worry about their future bc of that relationship. Barb was so mean to a nice girl. 🙁 and I have to say…Hannah Ann seems fake to me. She always has and though she stood her ground yes, I felt it could have been done differently. I know that is an unpopular opinion after looking online at what people are saying, but 🤷‍♀️. Madison was so poised. And I am so proud of her. And poor peter. He did need to out his mom in her place. I also feel Madison is the only one this whole season I actually saw him with. So the whole things makes me sad.

  128. I COMPLETELY agree! I was so disgusted watching Peters mom. I seriously could not believe the things she was saying. I didn’t see a mature, loving mother in that moment. She didn’t need to act this way, she chose to.

  129. I agree with you totally about Barb..I couldn’t believe her! I found myself yelling at the TV saying, I can’t believe your are saying this.. How dare she say all this on national TV.!! She should have just kept quiet and keep her emotions to herself and let Peter make his own decisions..
    As for Hannah, I applaud her for her Maturity and Grace! Good for her! Her parents should be very proud of her.
    I hope Peter and Madison make it, I wish them well.

  130. You hit the nail on the head. That woman just did so much damage she doesn’t even know. And I am
    Also just as appalled for the husband. He went right along with her. She has that family whipped and if I was Madison I would run faster than a mouse getting chased by a cat!!!!!!

  131. I think her emotions are valid alot of mother’s dislike their children’s significant other and want the best for their child. Sometimes mothers see things in others that the son or daughter does not because they are blinded by infatuation.Should she have controlled her emotions and words and saved them for private probably. But I think that his mother is just overly dramatic in expressing her emotions and opinions.

  132. I’m just curious on how people knew or know peters mom whispered something in Spanish to his dad and if it really was that….

  133. A strong woman lifts other women up, not tear women (especially half their age) down with pettiness. She has no assumption of good intent and no empathy for other people who aren’t feeding into her ego. It’s sad to see.

  134. SO disgusted by his mother! 110% not ok AT ALL. Madi (well no one for that matter) deserves to be treated the way she was last night. Alllll the props to her for standing her ground and knowing her worth. Whether you believe or have the same values as her, America should be applauding her determination to stand by her beliefs and value her knowing her self worth!! I was beyond sick by how this finale was allowed to go….his mother should have never received the air time she did. Shame on her and shame on ABC. Those were without a doubt NOT the actions of a mother that lives their child unconditionally. Those were the actions of a mother that wants her children to do and feel exactly how she does, and anything less is appalling to her. So proud of Hannah Ann for telling Peter off and speaking TRUTH into the situation…..and praying Madi runs for the dang hills!!!

  135. I was cringing the ENTIRE live section because of Peters mom. My goodness. As parents, we are all going to experience our kids making decisions we would not make. Big and small, I’m sure. And there are obviously times in extreme circumstances where parents need to step in and take over but this was NOT one of those times. Our job is not to scold and manipulate our children into doing things our way. Especially if our children are adults. Our job is to teach them the best we can and then trust their process and be behind them cheering them on. I’m sure it’s not easy. But COME ON BARB! Word vomit over.

  136. I totally agree! Can it believe Peter’s mom!!! Her only job if she truly loves her son and wants him to be happy is to sit there and smile and say I look forward to getting to know you better if you truly love my son. Like she hates her because of not being totally sure and in love with Peter after knowing him for only a couple months while he was dating and having sex with other people! She hates her because of her beliefs…wow what a terrible person Barb is! Now Peter knows his moms love for him only goes as far as he doing evehthing she says. I Bet she would have eventually found something to hate about Hannah Ann “no one is good enough for her baby” …she wants to control him forever. I also saw that what she whispered to peters dad in Spanish while Madison walked out was “she’s an idiot” like how cruel!? She doesn’t even know Madison and has no reason to hate her so much it’s just crazy.

  137. I completely agree with you, it was truly hard for me to even watch because Barb made the entire episode so uncomfortable. Do I think peter and madi will make it? Unfortunately no, not from what I’ve seen on tv but hey you never know in real life! Regardless of if they were going to make it as a couple, they want to try and that is something peter’s mom should respect. As a mom sometimes the only thing you can do is sit back, support your child and hope that you’ve taught them enough to make the decisions that will bring them happiness.

    P.s love your blog! 🙂

  138. I honestly agree with you! As a mom myself, i felt what she did was wrong. You always want to support and wish your children to succeed in life and relationships regarding what you feel. You root for them and not want them to fail. Of course if they did you are there to hold them up. That was just awful as a parent. I felt hurt for both madi and peter. The eyes rolling and just facial expressions towards Madi was just awful.

  139. THANK YOU for saying exactly what I was thinking last night. I was at a loss for words. I cannot believe those conversations happened on live TV. She will do everything in her power to make sure that that relationship will not work… it sadly doesn’t stand a chance. They should at least have the opportunity to love each other and see what comes of it… given Peter’s relationship with his parents, there is no way he will be able to. In that moment Peter looked like a sad teenager that was getting grounded. Unfortunately, given how vocal Peter’s mom was, I have a hard time believing that she will reflect on how inappropriate that was. This was so uncomfortable to watch.

  140. I honestly agree with you! As a mom myself, i felt what she did was wrong. You always want to support and wish your children to succeed in life and relationships regarding what you feel. You root for them and not want them to fail. Of course if they did you are there to hold them up. That was just awful as a parent. I felt hurt for both madi and peter. The eyes rolling and just facial expressions towards Madi was just awful.

  141. I felt like Barb had a right to act the way she did. Madison made this all about her and wanted to change Peter so he has more faith in him which is a jab at his mom and her parenting skills and then to ask the Bachelor to not sleep with other girls but you signed up for a show that comes w/ that? I mean are you the Bachelorette or are you a contestant on the Bachelor show you signed up for? She also was rude to Barb and was disrespecting her I don’t like a Maddie at all. They won’t last either. I hope peters mom tortures her

  142. You nailed it Ali… I have a 23 year old daughter and if a parent ever tried to humiliate her on national tv like Barb did to Madison I’d want to strangle her… who the hell does she think she is telling Madison she owes her an apology for making her wait… are you Fin kidding me… how about this Barb … maybe Peter and Madi were talking about “ their “ relationship and like you said … so much more goes on behind the scenes… even if Madi and Peter don’t make it she should support her son and Madi for following their hearts… unfortunately it turned into the worse bachelor season ever, worse ATFR – and Shame on the show for making it the Barb show.. Barb telling her husband to say something bad just goes to show you and the world what a vicious despicable human being she is …. it was awful to watch and if she really loves her son like she claims she only wants the best for him , she would have supported his decision… sad when 2-23 year olds have more class , dignity and respect than Barb. She’s owed Madison a huge apology for her rude, inconsiderate and vulgar remarks and attitude toward a beautiful kind and well mannered Madison . Ps.. love your blog . Just started following.

  143. Barb is certainly allowed to have concerns, I think Madison and Peter have concerns of their own, but what is not okay AT ALL is how rude and hateful she was toward Madison. I just kept thinking what did she personally do to you, you can have concerns and handle yourself with grace. When peters dad did speak he did just that spoke of some concerns but remained respectful. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because of Barbs lack of self control.
    Also want to understand why peter did not talk to his family beforehand like was there no way at all he could talk his mom off that cliff before this all aired. Like hey mom, I picked Madi, I know you have your concerns but I am going to need you to trust me and if nothing else be respectful.
    Just sad, broke my heart.
    Also don’t care for the fact that some are saying Madison should have defended herself. She was wise to stay quiet because if that was me I would have been so heated in the moment I wouldn’t have wanted to say something I would have regretted later. I think she stayed quiet for the most part completely on purpose and out of wisdom.
    I could write my on blog on all my thoughts! Lol!!

  144. It’s clear why Peter is probably still single. I have a feeling his mother probably has metaled in every relationship he’s ever had. When you love you kids unconditionally you love the person they love. As long as the person isn’t harming themselves or your child you have to keep your opinions to yourself. She never even gave Madison a chance. I don’t understand how you can be so judge mental of someone you don’t even know.

  145. agreeing ali!

    i was in a post in a group and man it was literally like a giant group chat. im so mad at the way barb spoke like that. if you love your child you should support them, she isn’t dating madi. how ever i hope peter finds happiness weather it’s with madi or not.

  146. Agreed! Madison is a gem and acted with such incredible maturity and class. And Barb was a nightmare! I can’t even imagine walking into a relationship with that as my potential mother-in-law! Ugh so disappointing. I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I was so upset about it all.

  147. Oh my goodness. I only ever watch the first episode and the last and twitter files me in on the rest. So with that being said, Holy crap!! My jaw was dropped! Who the heck treats another human like Barb did? But especially the person your son loves!!! I knew I heard Spanish but wasn’t too sure and I’m glad someone translated that. She thinks that by bashing this poor woman she will leave. You are then hurting your son! You do not care what his feelings are. You just want you to be happy, Barb.

    With this all being said my dad grew up Christian reformed abd my mom catholic. They worked it. It was my moms choice to go to church with my paternal grandparents while my dad was at college. She CHOICE to make a change. They’ve been married 30+ years. BUT it’s been hard. My dad still gets treated differently than the other uncle. My brother even gets the same treatment because he’s so much like my dad. It’s sad and it’s hard to see.

    However a relationship is between two people and their journey. At the end of the day how much will you really see the in laws? We see my set of grandparents 4 time maybe 6 times a year. If you can manage those vists and have other besides your parents support I think it’s possible. No I don’t think peter and Madison will work but this scenario could work for those.

    I’ll end with saying this season has been the worst by far. At what point will the production Realize these are real people with real emotion. Maybe let’s not make them sleep deprived OR use an actually matching system to get a real possible couple out of it.

  148. I’d just like to point out to that Barb was so offended at Madison not coming in to meet them for 3 hours but she had already met them!! Her words do not make the least but of sense and she tries to justify her words with manipulation. Not good.

  149. I think Peter’s mom Barb is absolutely intimidated by Madison!! Madison is a strong independent woman who speaks for herself not behind a man. With, Peter being involved with Madison, Barb will have no say in their relationship, so that makes Barb lose control over Peter!! I think Barb wants a puppet that she can control.

  150. Ali, I completely feel the same as you watching this unfold. How do the Weber family ever heal from the moms behaviour? How will Madi ever fit in? The finale made me so sad to watch.
    But now I am concerned because although I haven’t listened to the Batchelor Happy Hour, the reports are that Becca and Rachael have defended Mrs. Websters behaviour. Have you listened to the podcast yet?

  151. Agreed! Sadly it makes sense why Peter kept so many manipulative women around this season. He’s used to being manipulated by his own mother! I think no matter who he would have chosen it wouldn’t have worked because any married lady know, the mother in law can make or break it!

  152. Hannah Ann was a clear winner last night, she handled herself perfectly and made very logical and understandable points. I’m so happy Madi stuck with her guns and her beliefs this whole season, like you said her parents should be very proud. And Barb…there’s not much to say. It was disgusting behavior and I hope her family discusses with her that she needs to look inward. I don’t know any girl that would want to date good looking, well-intentioned, Pilot Pete with a nightmare future-MIL like that…

  153. Wow, she was brutal. I don’t know how Madison kept from crying. And Peter was such a weinie!! When his mom said. “She kept us waiting for 3 hrs..” he should have stepped in and said. “WE” kept you waiting while we had a very serious conversation. While she may have been trying to sabotage their relationship, she may very well have damaged her own with her son.
    I still somehow didn’t feel that Hannah Ann is really sincere. I do like how she stood up to Peter when they broke up but some of the way she behaved just didn’t ring true to me.
    Madison and Peter…no way are they going to make it.
    The production of the show is just getting way too fake for me. I don’t doubt the real feelings that are generated but still feel like too much is scripted and not organic.

  154. Your thoughts are spot on! I really hope the parents take a moment to have some serious self reflection and make healthy changes. Their family dynamics are not ok! Peter needs to move out on his own and become a self sufficient man!! Maddison and Hannah held their own and their parents should be extremely proud of how strong each of them were and continue to be! Thanks for the great blog!

  155. Perfectly said. And let’s just pretend for a second that they do make it. Barb can’t tske any of those words back! If they had kids, how would Madison ever be comfortable with her a grandmother to her kids!? It was ugly all the way around!

  156. Ali I have no words I completely agree with you I’m very proud of how Hannah Ann stuck up for herself I kept on shouting at my TV screen GO HANNAH ANN! I loved Barb but after last night’s episode I felt so uncomfortable I understand why she was upset but Barb came off as rude and I thought she could’ve handled the situation better just not in national TV and that’s what made me so mad. I felt so bad for both Madi and Peter, but Peter should’ve stuck up for Madi and put his foot down I was so disappointed he should’ve fought harder. I’m so proud of Madi she held herself with complete grace and I applaud her so much for not letting Barb get to her. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  157. Barb was disgusting. How horrible of a mother to throw a public temper tantrum because your son made a decision that you told him not to. She wanted Hannah Ann because she could control her……Madison she knew she couldn’t. I truly was in disbelief with Barb. Madison needs to put her tennis on & run away as fast as she can…..that mother will be nothing but a nightmare, she obviously controls that family. And do you think any woman, ever, will go for Peter after seeing what kind of mother in law she’ll have? No way!!

  158. Barb will never get Peter’s trust back even when his current relationship doesn’t work out. She really burned a bridge by not supporting him and rooting for his failure. Might even drive him away to spend more time with Madison’s family.

  159. I was so angry last night watching the show. I’m not sure with all the drama this series has seen over the years that I have ever felt such a strong emotion. There was absolutely no excusable reason for Barb’s poor attitude last night. When she rolled her eyes at Madison I was disgusted. When Barb was clapping for Hannah Ann I was disgusted. Barb is Peter’s mother, and as a mother she should have been supporting her son instead of inflicting additional stress and emotion onto him. As a mother of 2 boys, I may not have always agreed with decisions etc they make, but I will ALWAYS offer my love and support as they navigate their lives and their journeys. I do hope Peter and Madison have a real chance to figure out their relationship. If it works or does not work, they should at least have a chance to figure it out without outside family influence. At the end of the day, it is their journey. If they successfully navigate through this, it’s their lives that will become one, and at that point I would hope they feel nothing but love from their friends and families.

  160. I couldn’t agree more with you! I was appalled at Barb’s behavior and really wished Peter would have stopped her. For someone who watched her son go through what he went through last season and end up hurt, and then to NOT understand Madison’s concerns or worse, disapprove of her behavior, is insane!! I would have thought of anyone, Barb would have respected her decision to be cautious and actually take it seriously. I also didn’t approve of her saying that Madison hasn’t compromised. That’s a shallow and naive comment to make, given all Madison has compromised. Barb made this all about her and she’ll have to live with it forever. I didn’t see Peter’s brother there, but I’m hoping he knew better than to continue to support his mom. 😉 Anyways, I really hope Pete and Madison are able to make it work! Best of luck to them.

  161. I feel bad for Peter. Not only did he not have the magical ending he wanted, but his mom has made things sooo much more difficult for him. He needs to move out of his parents home & start living HIS life!! I am a mom and have a son. I would never speak the way Barb did or say any of the hateful things she said. My mind was blown last night! Not ok Barb, not at all!! But let’s all remember this is the same woman who cheered for her son on national TV for having sex 4x (or whatever it was) in the windmill 😳😜

  162. You nailed it Ali… I have a 23 year old daughter and if a parent ever tried to humiliate her on national tv like Barb did to Madison I’d want to strangle her… who the hell does she think she is telling Madison she owes her an apology for making her wait… are you Fin kidding me… how about this Barb … maybe Peter and Madi were talking about “ their “ relationship and like you said … so much more goes on behind the scenes… even if Madi and Peter don’t make it she should support her son and Madi for following their hearts… unfortunately it turned into the worse bachelor season ever, worse ATFR – and Shame on the show for making it the Barb show.. Barb telling her husband to say something bad just goes to show you and the world what a vicious despicable human being she is …. it was awful to watch and if she really loves her son like she claims she only wants the best for him , she would have supported his decision… sad when 2-23 year olds have more class , dignity and respect than Barb. She’s owes Madison a huge apology for her rude, inconsiderate remarks and attitude toward a beautiful kind and well mannered Madison. Hannah Ann …. did a great job handling herself but it appeared she was more for staying in the game and getting engaged. I feel Hannah Ann would still be engaged to Peter just to be engaged even if she felt Peter was not completely in love with her…

  163. Love your synopsis and totally agree! Hannah Ann was elegant and strong, as was Madison. Peter should count his blessings these two women care about him so deeply.

    But Hannah Ann is truly the winner here. I hope Madison can stay strong and true to herself as she becomes more engaged with Peter’s family. I have a MIL like Barb – it doesn’t get better when you get engaged, when you get married, when you have a baby. I luckily have a husband unlike Peter who stands up for me and our family unit. Madison will be dealing with Barb’s behavior for the rest of her life unless Peter learns to prioritize his wife (-to-be) over his mother.

  164. Hi Ali! I love your thoughts and agree on everything! As far as Barb goes, I think she couldn’t get past how Madison’s “ultimatum” made Peter’s journey about the both of them and not just Peter, her precious boy. I think Madison said it best when she responded to Barb saying “it’s not just about Peter choosing me it’s also about me choosing him.” That was such a classy and respectful response, but Barb didn’t like it or want to accept it. Barb definitely could’ve handled herself better and should’ve kept quiet, but wanted her voice heard. All of that aside, I think she’s just trying to protect Peter because she doesn’t want him trying so hard at something that will inevitably end in heartbreak for him. I hope Peter and Madison do try to make it work, but we’ll see how that goes.

  165. I agree 💯 percent with you! I could not believe it!
    I also wondered can “Barb” see what we’re all seeing on TV (them showing her)? If not, I’m sure she’s seen by now! I hope as a Mom she apologizes to Peter. This had to have been so hurtful, but yet he grew up in that environment so he’s probably used to it. The poor men in the family need to take control of themselves. So sad I many levels

  166. They have no chance. Unless of course Peter ditches his whole family. Which probably in this case wouldn’t be a bad idea. His mother is toxic. His dad is probably scared to death of her . Very sad

  167. It’s taken me 15+ hrs since watching lasts nights ep to even begin to process my feelings of barb attacking Maddison. I agree completely with everything you said! She’s a mom and a older women. In what universe did she think it was ok say those things about a young girl trying to figure out everything that was happening in her life. I understand having concerns but at some point she needed to trust that her son who is 28 knows that he’s doing!! It might be different if he was 16 but he’s a grown man. She has no say in it at this point, only opinions that should have been expressed in private..

  168. I couldn’t agree more with you on everything, especially Barb. I’m a mother as well and I could never imagine acting the way she did to her son and the woman who loves him. She is a hypocrite and when speaking to Maddie in Australia about her faith like it was nothing but then after preached to Peter about God and how she was praying last night… blah blah BS!!! I think Barb is intimidated by Maddie because she knows how much peter loves her and now she will be 2nd in his life. Her crying was so annoying but also Peter needs to be a man and stand up to his family in all situations. I could go on and on but I was so disgusted last night with Barb.

  169. I agree with you 100%! I’m so upset with Barb. How dare she act that way especially towards her son?! Hannah Ann really surprised me, and I believe this experience has helped her grow up despite the terrible circumstances she went through. Madison was my favorite all season. As a girl of faith myself, we need more women like Madison. She stood her ground the entire time, and I respect that tremendously. In my opinion, I don’t think their relationship will last long. To be honest, Madison deserves better. Maybe she’ll find a well rounded Christian southern boy?🙃 Awesome blog post! Thanks for sharing!😊

  170. I totally agree with everything you said. I’m really confused by Barb’s reaction to be honest. She seemed to like Madison and was really nice to her when she attended their vow renewal. So it was such a change! And really she fell in love with Hannah after being with her for what an hour? To like her ok, everyone has initial thoughts and reactions to people, I get that. But to have that extreme of an attachment to after such little time is actually very strange to me. I kept saying last night that this woman either wants grandchild or a daughter she never had right away. She is very invested in her son being able to keep drinking, partying and having casual sex which is also strange to me. I mean if he were to change those three things it’s not the end of the world. At some point is he not going to settle down and do that anyways? I could never be in a relationship with a man who’s mother disliked me so much and said what she did on television without even giving me a chance to get to know me. It’s sad she thought more of herself and what she wanted then her son

  171. As a wife to a man who’s mother has NEVER been supportive or respectful towards me, I can say it’s extremely hard. There are moments that it seems unbearable, but love can conquer all, and I truly believe that! I’ve been dealing with an unsupportive, disrespectful MIL for 9 years! From the moment we started dating. If Peter can stick by Madison’s side and stand up for her and their relationship then they have a fighting chance. I’ve never wanted a relationship to work so badly as Peter and Madison’s.

  172. As a mother of a 24 year old son, who I too love dearly, but would never interfere with him finding love or his soulmate. I am appalled at Barb’s behavior and at Peter’s too for taking it. He doesn’t have a backbone and should have stood up to his mom; ultimately it is HIS life and he needs to do what’s best for him and his future wife. His mom owes him and Madi an apology for her behavior last night.

  173. Honestly I’m curious if anyone feels Barb is to blame for most of this ordeal with Madi leaving & Peter making the mistake of proposing to Hannah Ann? I think Barb was super hard on Madi in Australia and played a huge part in her leaving. I feel like if she wouldn’t have been so hard, Madi would have pushed through and stayed cause they had kind of gotten to a point of being okay outside before they came in to see his parents. Of course later she leaves and Peter knowing how his family feels about Hannah Ann which obviously means a lot to him and wants the show to work so badly for him that he proposes to Hannah Ann when deep down it wasn’t what he wanted and ruins so much for everyone. If Barb would have held a little more in Madi would have stayed and I strongly believe he would have chosen her. Do I think they still would have worked out? No too many differences. But atleast HA wouldn’t have gotten her heartbroken. Barb should have been happy to have someone being true to their feelings and I know if my children brought home someone who didn’t party or wanted to save themselves for marriage I would be nothing short of super proud for my child and the person they were dating. I just wonder why Barb hated Madi so much but I guess we’ll never know. I know Barb is being protective over her son and doesn’t want to see him hurt, but I believe she should have pulled herself together and honestly faked it on national television and made her remarks behind closed doors. Proud of how both Madi & Hannah Ann handled it though! Very classy ladies!

  174. This entire season has been a trainwreck IMO and last night’s was just the icing on the cake. That proposal was so unemotional and like you said, it almost seemed like Hannah Ann was more excited about the ring. I just don’t think they should have gotten engaged. We’ve seen it happen where no one gets engaged (not often), but that would be more realistic than getting engaged and then a month or two later, breaking up. Madi, wow. I have so much respect for her and to be put through everything with Peter’s family. I don’t understand the absolute hate from Peter’s mom towards Madi. I completely agree, they are not going to work out. How could Madi ever feel a part of a family that treats her that way. Barb needs to get a hold of herself and realize the world doesn’t revolve around her. It was embarrassing to watch a grown woman act the way she did. When she told them that “He needs to fail in order to succeed”, OMG. There are not enough words. What made me even more mad was Peter just letting his mom go on and on. If he really loved Madi, he wouldn’t have let him mom berade her on national TV. So glad the season is over because I am super excited for Clare!

  175. Maddison NEEDS to walk away. I dated a guy for eight years and broke up with him a year ago BECAUSE OF HIS PARENTS. WALK AWAY GIRL!!!! It will never work out. I’m living proof.

  176. Who cares if it took 3 hours or 24 hours, THEY needed to discuss whatever THEY needed to because it was about THEM! It’s a life changing discussion and their future. I was so uncomfortable! I am a single mom to one son and I would never put my opinions or wants above his and act that way ESPECIALLY on national tv! Peter is the way he he is because of his mothers over bearing behavior. The way he acted this season and how he handled it was chaotic and immature and he hurt a lot of people. I don’t think he’s a bad guy but he needs to think for himself. Madi needs to turn and run, period. There’s no coming back from how Barb acted and that relationship will be strained from that forever. Hannah Ann is a doll and she got played, I pray she finds true love, as well as Madison. Go home Barb and learn some manners!

  177. I agree with everything you have said Ali. I am a sixty year old Mom of a 23 year old son. I cannot imagine ever doing this to my son. The fact that she said the things she said and made all the strange faces and eye rolling on national television is just embarrassing for everyone. It was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever watched.

  178. I totally agree with you Ali, they are not going to make it. Peter showed last night that he can not stand/speak up to his Mom and put his significant other first! The producers of the show were terrible in showing his Mother in the corner of the screen and giving her air time! The show is not about her and her feelings, she was despicable! Her telling Peter she prayed to God to guide him to the right person, ridiculous, and all the fake crying with no tears!! She is as fake as her eyelashes!! God help her!

  179. I agree 99% with what you have to say. I disagree however about them not making it due to his family. My husband and I faced serious resistance from my parents when we got together and engaged because it involved me immigrating. It only fueled our relationship to grow stronger. We got married and even had years of silence after with my family. 6 years later – we’re still together!
    That being said, I agree that i’m not sure they will make it. I think they CARE about each other a lot, but I think the flame has already started to go out. They clearly are attracted to each other and have a spark, but the attraction somehow seemed less last night. I think neither is ready for a full-on relationship, especially Peter. I think he still wants to play the field.
    Question though – why was Kelly there?? and no one is talking about the fact he’s been reaching out to Hannah B!!!

  180. I think his mom is terrible, she embarrassed her son and herself. How dare she act like that, I felt sorry for Madison, but she held up well. Your right peter should have stoped his mom. I don’t care for his mom, she has no right to tell him who he can love. He has to learn on his own, it hurts our hearts but sometimes we have to let are children learn on there own. Thank you Ali for writing about this.

  181. I totally agree when you said that the way Barb acted didn’t show love and support for her son. I literally still can’t get myself calmed down from last night because I cannot believe the things she said. There is a time and a place to voice your concerns, but national TV is not that place. You could tell that Peter was upset by what went down as well and I sure hope that he put his mom
    in her place after the show. I also love how Maddi said that this was about her choosing Peter as well as Peter choosing her. I thought that was golden!

  182. Spot on Ali!! I can’t stop thinking about that show last night! I have two sons too and I hope that I am a little more supportive than she! I thought she would feel badly that she basically forced him to propose to Hannah but then cheered on Hannah when she ripped him apart. Who does that!? I’m not saying Hannah wasn’t wrong in her feelings but as a mother it might be a punch in my heart hearing those things about my son. I hope peter moves out of that home immediately. Who needs a family like that for “support”

  183. Not only was I beyond appalled by Peters mom, my mother was as well and she can relate on the parent side. I was engaged to a man who I shouldn’t have been with. There were red flags the entire time and my mom clearly saw them. She voiced concerns here and there but she NEVER attacked him, she never belittled him and she never made me feel like she wasn’t on my side. When I ended the engagement obviously she was happy (by far the best thing I’ve done in my life) but she still treated me with respect and didn’t bash him even though there was plenty of reason to. I’m not a parent myself but I think unconditional love is supporting your child and letting them take the journey they need to as long as its a safe environment. If I were Maddison I would run the other way, no matter how much she loves Peter and he loves her his mom will never accept her and will always make her feel like she is less than.

  184. Barb gave mother of boys a bad name! I was appalled at her actions. It isn’t about her and furthermore her husband was spineless. He should have told his wife to stop (all before the taping). She was just beyond rude. She was clapping for Hannah Ann. What’s up with that?

    I could seriously go on about how horribly disappointing Barb acted. Not OK!

    As for Peter and Madison well I don’t know. They don’t have the support of his family obviously so it will be an uphill battle for sure. If they can maneuver through this and come out together they will be stronger for it.

  185. I completely agree with this post!! Honestly, I think Barb had something to do with Peter’s decision to propose to Hannah Ann and also with Madison leaving… she didn’t get her way in the end and she didn’t handle it well. He never should have proposed to Hannah Ann, I think it was clear he wanted to be with Madison even after she left. And last night… I was in shock at how Barb was treating Madison and her own son… just horrible! I also was up late, it was just hard to settle down after watching it. I hope Barb realizes that she probably damaged her relationship with her son after this… I would be horrified if my family acted like this. A grown woman throwing so many insults at the woman her son loves?!? And the whisper to her husband was the worst… who does that?!?

  186. I agree with you. What is wrong with her, meaning Barb. You sure can see who wears the pants in that family. She has intimated her sons and her husband. They are not able to speak for themselves. The whole thing was a mess and I think Peter is so used to pleasing his mom. I don’t think Peter and Maddie will make it, Barb won’t allow it even though she says she wants him to be happy.

  187. Madison and Peter’s body language really showed how emotionally drained and distant they are. Barb reminded me of my own mother in law who I really have zero relationship with. So it can work If Peter grows a pair and becomes a man. His mother is wickedly tongued. Definitely not someone you want to have around a new relationship. Peter is like on one of those backpacks for toddlers attached to their mom. He needs to be a man and love Madison or not. I don’t personally think they will work:/

  188. Why would Madison even want to continue with Peter knowing she is not liked by his parents and is constantly being compared to Hanna Ann. You have two very strong women… Barb and Madison …and those two will be at bumping heads and voicing their opinions that it will only make for a very contentious relationship with Peter stuck in the middle. Very proud of Hannah Ann for standing up for herself and putting Peter in his place!

  189. Can we just say Hanna Ann won the show?! I looked at her all season as a young, naive little girl. Last night, she humbly made me wrong. SHE is how I want my daughter and grand daughter to represent herself, her body and her emotions. Her parents should be proud of her. Strong and empowering.

  190. I 100% agree!!! I felt so bad for Madison sitting up there. No 23 year old girl should be getting yelled at by a 50 year old women on live TV!!! So immature and embarrassing. Also, the whole family met Madison week 2 and loved her!! What is up with that? Hoping they will be able to move past all this 😖

  191. Is it just me or did Peters behavior get overshadowed by Barb’s disgusting and narcissistic behavior? Peter and the producers managed to put together the WORST season of “ The Batchelor” to date. Everything he did seemed fake and scripted. And let’s not forget what a sh** show he made of the beginning of the season…Everyone involved should be totally ashamed with themselves this am, but someone like barb will never admit she did anything wrong & I bet the apple (Peter) doesn’t fall far from the tree 🌲

  192. Omg. You said it exactly as I would she is an embarrassment. Poor Peter now we know why he was so emotionally damaged all season. His mother is the definition of monster in law. What a shameful display she put on last night. Hannah Ann said it perfectly. Madison was a star! It is what it is and this IS about her and Peter and nobody else. Barb needs therapy!

  193. I literally couldn’t sleep!! She was awful!! And that was no editing, that was pure Barb being a bitch!! I am a Mom of three girls, if that had been one of my girls that she was disrespecting, this Mama would definitely make sure Barb knew her boundaries!!

  194. Hey Ali!

    Is there a possibility that ATFR could be scripted at all? That is my only hope for what went down – inexcusable! I am so disappointed in this ending, I feel like I’ve wasted hours! While I enjoy the drama, I at least love a happy ending.

  195. As horrified as I am I think some of it is cultural. I dated a Latin man and his mom would tell me anything no matter who was present.

    So while I do think she was out of line I’m trying to look at it from a Cultural lense.

    Also, I don’t like Madison at all but she did well last night standing her ground. I just think it’s horrible that she is preaching morals and values while going on such a show. As much as I love it: it is garbage tv LOL!

    Also,total judgment here but I wonder if peter is actually as good a guy as we see-I think he is really selfish and very immature and needs to grow up.

    Also go Hannah Ann!!

  196. I totally agree with everything you said… she’s the worst. She was making it all about herself Monday night too and Tues took it to a whole other level! Ugh what a narcissistic human!! Poor Peter… his mom ruined his season and this will forever push him away!

  197. She was disgusting and Peter must be mortified and if he’s not, it says a lot about him as well. I agree 💯 with everything you said! As a side note, it’s obvious that Peter inherited his cojones from his dad.

    1. I agree. I think Peter was mortified and Madison seemed upset but not surprised. I think Peter probably did want to say something but it was at the point that they weren’t going to be able to change her mind at that point and the conversation wasn’t over.

  198. She is a MIL from hell. Of course they wont last if Peters mom is out to get them any chance she gets. Peter would have to cut his parents out of his life to be with Madison which of course isnt realistic. His mom either accepts them as a couple and is kind to Madison or it wont work. Opposites attract and they can make it, its all about compromise. But his moms behavior will affect them tremendously if she doesn’t back off.

  199. I completely agree with you on the Barb front. I have an aunt who is this way with her sons, now in their 30s. I leave hope in there for them because maybe Peter needs to learn boundaries with parents. My cousin is now happily married and can see his mom a couple times a year, but had to move across the country to set that boundary. My mom also had disapproval from my fathers family for years and they had to set that boundary with his family and now have been happily married for 35 years. I leave hope in this because if Peter fell for Madi, God is working in him.

  200. I actually direct message Barbara because I was that girl that had a mother-in-law who didn’t like her the entire time I was dating my husband it made it very difficult for my husband and myself but we’ve now been happily married over 21 years and unfortunately my mother-in-law passed away in 2006 she did apologize to me on her deathbed but what it did was it put a wedge between my husband and her in their relationship and I let Barbara know that I hope that I wasn’t speaking out of line but this is her future and if she wants to remain Codependent with her son it won’t go well for any of his relationships I think what you said was on point so I think I’d like to add some of the editing that the bachelor did felt almost unfair to capture Barbara’s facial expressions only added fuel to the fireIt’s unfortunate that the production took license on peoples lives in such a way that really spent it I hope the best for Madison and Peter in their future

  201. Ali…you touched on everything. As a mother (and Grandmother) of girls I couldn’t stop thinking about Madison’s parents! How dare Barb treat anyone with such disrespectful behavior especially to a beautiful, intelligent young woman who is involved with YOUR son Yes, unfortunately they are doomed as a couple. Barb single handedly saw to that. As I read elsewhere….the best thing Peter can do right now is get a good therapist.
    Barb embarrassed herself and her family and she owes Madison an apology !!

  202. OMG! YES, I was so upset with the way Peter’s mom was acting on live national television. I like at the end that Madison said something to the fact that the conversation was between her and Peter. Barbara should have expressed what she said to them privately. Especially, since they already knew how she felt at that point. I wish they had stopped showing Barbara most of the episode.

    I don’t know why she didn’t like that Madison was honest in Australia. I was thinking the same thing when Peter and Madison had the conversation beforehand. It took three hours because of all of the behind the scenes. Peter was part of that conversation too and Barbara didn’t say he disrespected her. She blaming it all on Madison. And it wasn’t like they hadn’t met before. I felt like Madison did love Peter and she was just letting their differences keep her from saying she didn’t know. At that point, I think the whole fantasy suite stuff was to the side and she was worried about the rest of the stuff.

    I fear it won’t work out because of Barbara. I think Peter’s dad and brother would be supportive. But I really hope they can work it out despite their differences. On the other hand, Barbara may have already done too much damage to Madison even if she apologized and ended up being okay with the relationship. Then again, Madison seems like she would be forgiving.

  203. Peter’s mom is AWFUL! I would have been horrified if I were her son. Wtf? I was rooting for Madison since day 1. She is beautiful and has it together. However as things went on, I knew she was too good for Peter. Was so proud of her when she walked away. Why did she come back? Too take that treatment from his parents? She is STRONG! I agree with you on Barb. She was evil. Further why was she calling Hannah Ann her daughter? That was a little creepy. Barb into incest? That may be something for her to talk to God about. Good for Hannah Ann too. Peter deserves neither one of them, he is NOT ready and I don’t think any female in their right mind is ready for a mother in law like that. If Nadison and Peter truly love each other they can make it but I don’t think it would be worth Madison’s time to waste in that. You are clear proof that this show doesn’t work. It is for celebrity status and a bit of money; nothing more. This is NOT how one finds true love. I’m done watching the show after all this drama. Best of luck to Hannah Ann and Madison; they both deserve better!

  204. I was absolutely appalled at Barb’s behavior & facial expressions. She had such a look of disdain the entire show! I was so embarrassed for Peter. And Madison, to clearly not be welcomed & accepted…I have no more words for Barb…well, ones that would be nice.

  205. Agree 100%. I don’t think they will make it. I wish they would have had a longer interview with Madi and Peter instead of his mom. I feel for Madison even though she stood up to Barb. That should of been Peter doing that, so if I was Madi I would want to have a long discussion with Peter. I feel like it will come to its either me or your mom. That will eventually end the relationship in my opinion.

  206. I too was up late last night replaying Barb’s unkind words and actions toward both her son and Madison. Peter definitely for his own sanity and growth, needs to move out of his parents home. If he chooses Maddie he should go to her and start a life with her without the negativity and interference of his controlling mother. She has to step off his path and let him experience life on his terms..NOT HERS. As everyone has said, Barb is making this journey all about HERSELF. I do believe they could make this relationship work but it will take some hard conversations between Peter and his family to mend this broken family dynamic. Best to Peter & Madi moving forward.♥️

  207. Biggest loser of the season… Peter and Madison. Winner… Hannah Ann
    Peter is passive and will be controlled by Madison just like he is by his mom. Madison is like his mom in that she wants to control how he lives his life. Makes sense he would prefer the one like his mom as he still hasn’t cut the umbilical chord from his mom. The “disgusting” one was Peter. Get a backbone. Hannah Ann and Hannah Brown dodged a bullet and should be grateful.

  208. It was soooo cringy. The proposal was lacking emotion, the breakup was forced, his mom was acting horrible and even though we all know they aren’t going to work… just let it play out! Super uncomfortable. Still not sure what magically changed to make Madison ok with the past all of a sudden though?! What a waste of a season. Started with zero communication and ended with zero communication

  209. WOW!! I wanted to just jump through the tv and let BARB have it!
    I felt so bad for Madi & Pete for them not to get the support they need. Madi’s family should have been there as well.
    I went through something so similar and had to end things because the mom gave an ultimatum to her son to choose me or his family. Unfortunately, he chose his family over love.
    We all live and learn, I wish nothing but the best for them. However, I agree with you that it will never work all because of Barb!

  210. I agree. It was difficult to watch and I felt bad for Peter and Madison Madison has nothing to apologize for. Barb made a foul of herself on national TV. And all the negative press or words or whatever she gets she deserves. She did not hold back her eye rolling Her snippy words and attitude. I was simply dumbfounded by her behavior. Honestly Peter I think picked Hannah because of his mothers influence. It didn’t work. So why couldn’t she see that Madi didn’t have anything to do with the break up. No contact so forth.

  211. I can’t believe while watching it back that Barb, and the rest of Peter’s Family didn’t see the obvious love that Peter and Madison have for one another!!! It is SO obvious! And as much as Peter respects and cares for Hannah Ann it was just as obvious that he wasn’t in it with her deeply, completely, and in a love of your life kind of way.
    The saddest thing to watch was Peter’s Mom’s treatment of Madison when she met with the family in Australia. Okay maybe she was upset about the 3 hour delay. Maybe she didn’t agree with Madison’s values on sex before marriage. But they all seemed to get along well at the vow renewal earlier in the season! How about being grateful that Peter and Madison are able to talk about things that are hard during an unusual and challenging process? And trusting and respecting your son to know his own heart? There is a huge difference between asking questions that provoke thought and shoving your point of view down someone’s throat.
    Ultimately Madison and Peter both value their families above all else. Madison was questioning the conflict of how she could love someone so completely who doesn’t live certain of the values that she holds important. Then insert Barb’s conversation telling her that she is not the one for her son because she will change him. And I’m sure in her mind and heart she is questioning whether her own family will be able to embrace her love for Peter with their differences in values. Had Barb left pieces of this to Peter and Madi I don’t think there would have ever been a proposal to Hannah Ann.
    Barb also leveraged Peter with her emotional pleas and outbursts about HER wanting him to bring home Hannah Ann because of Hannah Ann’s obvious love for Peter. Did she care about her son’s heart in this equation??? Did his obvious feelings for Madi giving him such strong hesitation on his feelings for Hannah Ann not raise any flags for her or the rest of the family??? It’s not all about you Barb!!!
    Both Peter and Madi value their families so deeply. But I potentially see a different path for them. They tried life apart and have found one another again. They are both very strong people and seem to genuinely have a deep love. If anyone can weather conflict I think they may have a shot. How tragic that Barb felt that she should forward her own agenda on National Television. After the things she said to Madi and about Madi I was so impressed with how well Madi conducted herself!!! I sincerely worry more about Peter’s relationship with his Mother (and family) going forward especially if he and Madi don’t stay together. How will he get past the hurt, manipulation by his Mom to get what SHE wants for him instead of what his heart has connected to so deeply, and her treatment of both he and Madi on national television?? They should have the space and support to explore and celebrate their love for one another to determine their path. I for one am happy that their hearts found one another!!!
    I hope all can find their way to peace and happiness!
    #teampeteandmadi ❤️

  212. You are absolutely correct. I am rooting for them to succeed, but I don’t see it happening. I feel as though Peter’s mom will make sure if it. She will drive them apart even if it’s just so that she can be right.

  213. Ali! So well written. I couldn’t agree with your entire blog more. I’m still in shock from last night. I listen to Rachel’s podcast and I’m just in such disbelief. I do not know how any one in there right mind could be against Madison and for his mom.

  214. Ali,
    I couldn’t agree anymore with your entire blog! I was awe struck. My jaw was on the floor. Barb showed no class. And Hannah and Madi both showed they are more mature than Barb. She disgusts me. She is almost obsessed with her son in a sick twisted way. Who tells their son, “omg we missed your smile so much” while sobbing like she just lost the family dog. She didn’t see him for a week. That’s gross. I love my daughter. A lot. But, Barb took it to another level. The eye rolls. The low blows. The disrespect. Telling Madi and Peter they will never make it. She just earned herself so many enemies. And then Peters Dad. He sat with his head down everytime the camera panned over to him. Like he was embarrassed. Ashamed. Well he should be. Hannah Ann & Madi BOTH deserve way better. I would never want that bitch as a mother in law. But the fact that Madi is in their vow renewal pics foreevverrr is priceless and I love it!!

  215. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of Peter all season. He seemed to make out with everyone constantly, with no respect for the. It also looks like he really led on several of them – and he just really loves everyone, But there is a huge difference in loving people and being in a relationship. He handled himself very poorly. But, now seeing how his mother is, it kind of makes sense how he acts.
    I believe his mother is overall right, but she should have been far nicer and more sophisticated about it. I don’t agree at all with how she handled it. And, I do agree with your point that Peter should have said something to her, but he wouldn’t, he made Madison do it – and that shows so very much about his character. If I were Madison as soon as the cameras went off, I would have said I’m done.

  216. I completely agree with you! I think there is no excuse for the way Barb reacted. If Peter is emotionally damaged now we know the real reason why… he got it from his mama. Haha As for Hannah Ann- man she dodged having a mother-in-law who’s a real piece of work. Hopefully Peter will be a real man like Hannah Ann said. Wish him the best, with Madison or whoever.

  217. I think his mom is very selfish. Only cared about her feelings, yes peter and madi have the odds against them but they have a chance. I just hope they fight for the love that they have instead of the fear of his parents saying “I told you so.” But what disgusts me the most is remembering Barb’s reaction to Peter having sex with Hannah B and then comparing the way she looks at Madi for staying true to herself! It’s very disturbing, if I were Madi I would not want to be around his mom, not ever! After the way she put Madi down on live television I wouldn’t even invite her to my wedding! Lol! Do I know if Peter and Madi will make it no, but I hope they do!

  218. Barb was out of control and I was so bothered that the producers gave her so much air time even keeping the “barb cam” during all of the scenes they showed. I get it was for the drama and it’s reality tv but I wish they hadn’t allowed her get even more attention for being mean. Also I was shocked when she said “madi didn’t want to meet us” they met at Barb and peters dads VOW RENEWAL! Why was that never mentioned? Peter even gave her a framed picture of them with her parents , I don’t get what happened since that first date.

  219. I’m really sad; sad for Peter, Madison and Hannah Ann. All 3 of them are WONDERFUL people! It breaks my heart that Peter’s mom was so disrespectful and down right mean to Madison. I was shocked!! It’s the Bachelor Show not the BARBhelor Show! I wish Madison and Peter the best!

  220. Spot on, Alli. It was so uncomfortable watching Barb’s face with her on the inset in the screen. The producers were definitely expecting her to blow at any time. I hope Peter grows a set and, who knows, maybe this is exactly the push needed to break away from mommy and have a real relationship. Whether or not he can do that will be the key to the success of Pilot Pete and Madi.

    By the way, I have 3 daughters and I would be a proud mom for my daughters to conduct themselves in the spotlight as Madi did, especially under such criticism. Kudos to her!

  221. I agree that his mom was completely out of line. It was difficult to watch and inexcusable. I think as his mom, she was just so frustrated with Peter. I mean, we all can see how different they are, and we all say they aren’t going to make it. I think she just wants Peter to open his eyes and see how this is not going to last. Did Barb go about it in a completely rude and disrespectful manner? Absolutely! But I do think she is just so irritated with the whole situation and let that get the best of her.

    Hannah Ann was flawless. I am so glad she stood up for herself and did not let Peter off easy.

    Madison is sweet and handled herself well, but in my opinion, I can see a bit of a spoiled brat in her. Even the way she wouldn’t kiss Peter because she was mad….I think she is going to be very manipulative and again, I think Barb can see that and wants to save everyone the heart break. But again, it doesn’t excuse Barb’s behavior in any way, shape, or form, We are adult women. Let’s handle ourselves with maturity and respect.

  222. I totally agree with you! It was so uncomfortable to watch! As a mom of 4 grown children I feel like the only thing she did for her son was drive a huge wedge between them and their son! So terribly saddened for Maddison, but she showed what a truly remarkable young woman she is, she handled it with such grace and dignity!

  223. Hi Ally,
    Omg reading it all I agree 1000% with you girl, it was the most drama filled finale!!! I found myself rewinding my pvr to see if what I heard was right lol
    Maybe that’s why Hannah Brown never chose Peter?? Hmmm his mom scared the crap out of her😂😂

    Love reading your bachelor blogs, you nail it every time!!!!!

  224. I’m shocked how a mother can behave like that on live TV. She has no right to judge Madison like that! I think Peter and Madison were really mature about it. They didn’t label their relationship and didn’t jump right back into it. I think at the end of the day, and it breaks me to say it, this selfish and disrespectful woman will win. Peter is a family man and Barb knows that. She’s pushing him to leave Maddie. I’m 100% certain that the relationship will fail, and that’s not only because of their differences, but mostly because of his family. I don’t see how you recover from that…and that’s really sad!

  225. I agree with u. Barb is trying to control her son’s life. She was a total Bitc*. I don’t think Madi & Peter will make it, but love conquers all. Also, to see Peter is a clubber” and enjoys going out is unfair, also. Things change when you find your person. We’ll see how this unfolds. In the meantime, shut up Barb!!

  226. I also am very appalled by Barb. I understand that she loves her son immensely, but this was his journey. Let him follow his heart. Be there if he needs you but trust your son. You are right in everything you said Ali!

  227. For me, there was a disconnect last night, a lack of connecting the dots that wasn’t aired. What happened between the engagement and breakup? Did Chris or production ask Peter if they should reach out to Madison? If not, what made that ok to tell Madi about Peter’s choices, or how the “think” he feels? They did not address the comment re “closure with Hannah Brown”. There are so many levels of wrong with this season. It culminated last night in making it worse. This show, and it’s production antics, is tearing a real family apart. Barb’s first comment about the 3 hour wait, and Madi’s response re “things being out of my control” speaks to production not keeping the family informed which resulted in a hostile environment before they arrived. I don’t believe the comment about “Madi not wanting to meet us”, as Madi already met them. Barb’s reactions are over the top, beginning with the footage of Peter telling them he proposed to Hannah (shaking, screaming, sobbing). Barb handled herself horribly, However, I feel the statements by Barb and Ali that “it’s not going to work” with certainty are wrong. I agree it’s unlikely, but no one can know the future. I thought Hannah and Madison handled themselves beautifully in the face of adversity.

  228. I feel so bad for Madison. She followed her heart. Peter is a mamas boy. 28 still living home. Red Flag!!!! The only
    Way this works is if Peter stands up for himself, his feelings, and his relationship with Madison. Barbara was embarrassing to all
    Involved. She sounded like a child. I hope it works out because it
    Is so
    Obvious they are in love. Is it enough? Time will tell. Love you Ali

  229. She knew what she signed up for, she had her beliefs. She knew before she stepped out of that car what she was doing. She saw Peter on previous season. His brother was right he likes sex and I agree with Jacky and for her to tell him after his night with the other 2 girls was like toying with his feeling. If I was his mom, I would of just listened.

  230. I am rooting for Madi and Peter to make it, but it is going to be really hard. The only way they stand a legitimate chance is if Peter moves away from his horrible mother. Shame on his Dad for siding with his wife – she is wrong here. If she wants the best for her son, she should be encouraging him to become the man Madi wants. Her behavior was totally inexcusable and flat out rude. The mean girl routine is just old hat. Grow up lady! How embarassing! If you don’t like Madi – then you can politely say you wish them well and leave it at that.

    So this season has me super frustrated. It’s time for ABC to go back to the drawing board to save this show. Stop casting other season’s “unchosens” so soon after their season please.

  231. Hi Ali. I completely agree with everything you wrote about Barb. That ATFR was horrible to watch. Regardless of what Barb thinks of Madison, or of Peter and Madison’s relationship, she should always support them both publicly.
    I do think that we can cut Peter a bit of slack for not standing up for Madison in that moment. I think he froze. Barb can clearly be very intense and domineering; maybe he has a hard time standing up to her in general. Especially on live TV, during what was already a difficult night (with him having to relive his mistakes with Hannah Ann, and then see H.A. in person). He did eventually ask Barb to stop, too. I think it was after Madison spoke up. That was probably all he was capable of doing in that moment, you know? I don’t blame him.
    This was a really hard finale to watch. We’ve had a couple of those lately. I hope that the next few seasons end more happily!

  232. Barb is a nightmare! I agree, it can’t possibly last if he’s forced (by Barb) to choose between her and Madison. She absolutely made this season and especially the finale the Barb show. So embarassing!

    I’m going to give my MIL a huge hug next time I see her for being so amazing haha

  233. Agree with your assessment of Peters mom totally.
    I am disappointed in why the producers/writers allow the parents to
    get so involved. Controlling, overbearing behaviors exhibited by Barb are unhealthy,
    selfish. Her crying episodes made me cringe,
    Would have preferred that Peter had been strong enough to stand up to her. Madison and Peter will never work out. Perhaps the mom and family will seek counseling. Peter could have stood up to her and put her in her place. Deep issues in that family could use therapy.

  234. Yes yes yes!! After all the backlash she received after Monday’s episode I thought she was going to attempt to be happy with whatever he chose. She did the complete opposite!! Peters brother is also slamming Madi on Instagram. What did this girl do to deserve this hate?

  235. As a mom, you will experience this issue of not thinking the partner is a good fit for your child. HOWEVER, it’s their journey to navigate. It was incredibly classless and selfish the way she treated Madison and Peter for that matter. I do actually think they have a chance to make it. I feel like Peter had an a=-ha moment, is maturing before our eyes and is following his gut. He picked HA to appease his family but ultimately chose Madison for himself.

  236. I completely agree with you 100%. Barb was so out of line last night. I was in shock! I completely believe Peter proposed to Hannah Ann because of his confusion after Madi left, on top of his family’s strong opinion that HA was the only choice in their minds. I also 100% believe that Barb’s actions last night is just more manipulation to add to everything! She knows they have a lot of obstacles to overcome already. I think she acted like that to add just more obstacles for them to overcome and make it almost impossible for them to work things out in the end! I honestly can say I think her actions last night were planned and it was how she was going to get her way of the two of them not being together in the end! Just so sad and honestly mind blowing that you could want to put your son through that.

  237. I have no words for that woman!!! She was horrible! I don’t really think Peter is ready for marriage and it is doubtful this relationship with Madison will work… but I don’t think it would last with Hannah Ann either. Both these young women have shown grace and maturity and their parents should be very proud of them. Barb,however, should be ashamed of her behavior and saying what she did in Spanish to her husband just pushed it over the top to despicable!!!

  238. I totally agree Ali! I love Madison, and I see myself so much in her because I was just like her at her age. I believe her and Peter could have made it work before everything that transpired, but just how everything played out last night, they have a major uphill battle with family. Peter lives with his parents, he’s going to hear about this from his mom every day. My husband is a mama’s boy, and we have had our issues because of his mom interfering with his life decisions, but never would she have so blatantly disrespected me that way. And she is so focused on this small thing that happened, but Madison did the right thing for her relationship with Peter to talk before meeting his family. And all she was was honest with Barb. No one should ever be faulted for that. I also think it’s funny that my husband, who doesn’t even watch the show, caught some of last night’s episode with me, and all he could say was “she’s flipping crazy! (Barb) Run away Madison, run now” lol

  239. Peter created this mess and his mom is getting all the heat. If Peter’s mom had been supportive but expressed concerns in a more polite way I don’t think there would be so much support for Madison. She left and couldn’t make up her mind/come to terms with the whole process. Peter shouldn’t have slept with the other girls knowing it was Madison in the end. It’s also inexcusable for him to propose to Hannah without telling her the truth of the situation.

  240. All I could think, while Barb was being so unkind and disrespectful, was “Run Madi, run! You do not want that for a Mother-in-law.”

  241. I’m so disappointed with this ending. Barb was WAY out of line the entire time. I get not agreeing with someone’s choice in partner but this isn’t the typical situation. She embarrassed herself, and her family with her comments and body language. I was literally yelling at the tv for Peters father to grow a pair and say something! Ugh! But he just sat there, seemingly afraid of his wife. What the hell? It’s not like they didn’t meet Madison prior to Australia. She went to their vow renewal ceremony! Why such a change in impression? I felt so sorry for both Madison and Peter. Good for Peter and Madison for saying something! But sadly? I agree….I think this relationship is doomed. 🙁

  242. Giiirrrlll, if I would have written a blog about the finale it would be the same words you wrote. I feel the exact same as you in it all! Barb is a disgrace as a mother. I have 2 boys as well and would NEVER disrespect them this way let alone on national tv. My God, is she that much of a control freak that she completely ruined her sons experience? Just so sad. And what she said to her husband I. Spanish?! What a disgusting human being. You can tell this control has gone on for a long time. They all need counseling.

  243. Yeah, what was Peter’s mom doing? Do you think producers got them all riled up? Let’s get real for a second. When you go on this show you know what you’re signing up for. There is a chance that it doesn’t work after etc. I do think Peter and his personality is just not a great fit for this type of dating and he just really didn’t’ want to hurt anyone. I don’t blame him at all, and i give Hannah credit for speaking her truth. But she also almost didn’t show up and if she really loved him why would she hesitate.. I don’t think she was ready for marriage.

  244. I can tell that she is a mother that doesn’t have much experience with children that are older and have made their own decisions. As a mother of adults you have to learn to stand back and be supportive, and it does take practice! That being said, I also put some of the blame on the network, they clearly were looking for a story and capitalized on an opportunity for a story that may cause long lasting feelings that may never be healed. Barb is also learning hard lessons of a first time mother in law of when to sit back and let things play out and see if they will come to their senses on their own! Give Pete credit! He’s an adult! You raised him well! Let him fly! It’s his turn now, you sit back and keep your eye rolls to yourself, then when they get a lot farther down the line if they do you might have a conversation in private with him. You don’t need to do it on tv for heaven sake! That was humiliating for all of you, but it made for great tv! That’s what Chris was going for, but all of America will always remember Peter’s mom Barb and Peter.

  245. The whole thing was bizarre. Peter seemed off to me. When Chris Harrison asked him if he loved Madison he did a long pause and said “yeah”. It was weird. He didn’t act touchy feely or seen happy. Somethings up!
    The whole season was painful to watch. Peter seemed miserable most of the time.

  246. I think Madison needs to run!! And never look back!
    Shame on his Mom. I am a Mom of three sons and I am discussed by her actions!

  247. I have followed you for some time been impressed by the honesty integrity and class you personify. Now as a loving wife and two beautiful children I am happy for the happiness you both deserve. As to the Show…Oh My Goodness. I think Hannah Ann was more shocked running through in her mind the words coming out of Peters mouth that’s she could only look at the ring yet feel the coldness of the proposal… that’s my spin.

    As to Peter he never was ready for the season from his heart break… and clearly not ready for either relationship with Hannah or Madison.. Madison was honest and really did the right thing to say she didn’t feel the connection would fit. She did the right thing. And then did the flip to return. I don’t thing she was right to… was it pressure with her heart AND pressure from the show?? In any case I agree that they will, it will be a shock IF they make it with only one side families support.

    To Peters family. No family is perfect. Yet the control the mother has over Peter was very clear. It not caring it’s not compassion over Peters past hurt, it’s clear control and selfishness. Shame on both parents. Cut the cord and let your children grow and make their live path. Assist and give counsel, AND support them completely in good and bad decisions. Peter needs to grow his own strong voice, and speak up to protect the one he lives. He did not do that for whatever reason( shock of the reaction, etc) it does not matter. A man sticks with and protects the one they love. As remarkable as Madison is and has proven she is, she deserves something better from Peter or a better match from God.

    Call me old fashion, as a man, I do not believe spending the night with a final select three or four ladies sexually, is needed to tell who I’ll finalize my choice for the lady of my heart mind and soul.. I say this to stand with any lady or man as Madison who decision it is to save them self’s for marriage. Just a last point. Because all deserve better than this last shocking nights of the show.

    I wish Peter and Madison the best and I’d love to be a fly on the wall following the show and the next weeks that follow…. Wow.

  248. I am absolutely appauld at Barb’s behavior. She embarrassed herself, her family, and most importantly, Peter. This is about Peter and Madison. She has robbed her own son of the opportunity to truly know if Madison is the one for him. Their relationship will always be tainted with Barb’s words. She should be ashamed of herself, but the sad part is that she probably does not see anything wrong with her actions because it is clear that the family revolves around her and her feelings. I am not one to speak negatively of people. You never know what someone has been through or what they are currently going through to make them act the way that they do. I also would never comment so strongly on a situation that I do not know the whole picture, because reality is, we only see what they want us to see. All of that aside, I cannot think of any scenario that Barb’s actions could possibly be justified. It is such a shame.

  249. Peter created this mess and now his mom is getting all the heat. If his mom had been more supportive and expressed her concerns in a polite way would everyone still be so supportive of Madison? She didn’t seem sure when she talked to Peter’s parents, which is fine, but if you are his parents you want the person he loves to be sure she loves him back. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time his parents were seeing or hearing that Peter was with Madison so probably some of the issues of her making them wait etc were already known. Just like his mom could have been supportive, Madison could have apologized and said it was out of her control being late and that at the time she couldn’t express her love for him adequately. Also, everyone is forgetting that the person who deserves sympathy in this is Hannah who was just a pawn in the Peter, Madison, Barb drama. Also, 3rd time this has happened to a bachelor. What’s the deal?

  250. I agree with you totally Ali! Also I think Chris Harris should’ve never went for Madi. I think Peter should’ve pursued her if that’s what he really wanted. Peter should’ve manned up- like Hannah Ann mentioned and he should’ve been the one to go after Maddi and tell her he still has feelings for her. I get it with being secretive and stuff it mightve been tough but if Hannah Ann could secretly visit Peter I’m sure the network could arrange for Peter to do the same.I think Chris forced a reconciliation that wasn’t meant to be.

  251. It now makes sense why peters season was so full of drama. Growing up with his mom, a drama filled life is probably all he knows as normal.

  252. I agree with everything you said. Whether she agreed with his choice she was so disrespectful of Madison. I would be one upset Momma if that was my daughter and would hope she made her own decision to walk away. I don’t know how she could want a relationship with him knowing that’s how his mom felt about her for really no reason. Just an embarrassing display by her but I doubt that she sees it that way!

  253. I think Peter needs to man up and grow up. He is not ready for any relationship right now. He should just date and have fun. Mature a little and figure out what he really wants. I find most of the blame to be on Peter.

  254. Ali, I couldn’t agree with your blog post more!

    I was horrified watching last night’s taping… and it wasn’t Hannah Ann and Peter breaking off their engagement; it was the way Peter’s family was handling everything with Maddie and Peter. Maddie has been nothing but a sweetheart from a viewers perspective. She’s handled conversations as best as she could- given the crappy circumstances. She’s not a pushover or a doormat, and will be direct and honest if you insult her (yet do it in as classy and graceful a way as she possibly can). I thought Maddie handled everything as best as she could last night. My heart goes out to her and everyone else involved! <3

  255. My mouth is still on the ground how Mama Barb treated Maddie….smh….So proud of Maddie for standing up for herself… Peter should also stand up for Maddie or it wont work…However, God works in mysterious ways… and if they are supposed to be together they will be…but it is not going to be easy…I pray the best for them. ..also from what I hear Peter has already stated going to church…so he is already making changes for Maddie… so we will just have 2 wait and see…

  256. I completely agree with everything you’ve said about Barb! I would be so angry and hurt by my mum if she said anything like that, and couldn’t just support me in the decision I’m making. I can only imagine the pain Peter is going through!

    It may be an uphill battle for them to make it in the end, but I hope that the way Barb treated Madison lights a fire under their asses to prove that they are right for each other, and willing to fight to make it work!

  257. I agree with everything you said. One other thing that confuses me – didn’t Barb and the family all really like Maddison when they met during the vow renewal one-on-one?!

  258. Madison well spoken? LOL! She cannot complete a cogent thought, never mind that she can’t complete a sentence without a couple dozen “like” “you know” or “um.” Peter is a wimp and didn’t deserve the real well spoken, intelligent woman, Hannah Ann!

  259. I completely agree with you. Although I hope they can make it work. I can kind of see now by he’s been single for so long. His mom is a hot mess. Who would want her as a monster in law. Lord help Maddison

  260. Couldn’t sleep last night either! I posted my thoughts on my Facebook and I NEVER post anything on Facebook besides pics of my kids. This entire season grossed me out and had ALL the ick factors. Did you see Barb say “she’s a twig” as Madison walked on stage? I could be wrong but I’m a really good lip reader! Regardless……no words for that behavior.

  261. Ali,
    I agree with some of what you said. But not everything. I’m so glad Hannah Ann held her ground and didn’t let Peter make excuses for the way he lead her on. When she said “You either don’t mean what you say, or you don’t understand the gravity of your words” she nailed it. I’m glad she called him out.

    As for Barb. I think that she was upset and that she didn’t handle it in the best way. I firmly believe something happened off camera that we’re unaware of. Something that has nothing to do with Madison’s faith, and goes beyond the 3 hours they had to wait. If it was because of production why didn’t Chris Harrison set her straight? Also if the translation of what she said to her husband is correct, why would she say something like that in front of Peter, not to mention the millions of viewers who could translate it. I also know that certain words translate differently depending on the country & region you’re from.

    I guess I just got something from her that made me feel like there’s something deeper going on. I know how it feels to be genuinely concerned when someone you love may be in love with someone who presents red flags.

    She made a face when Peter told them she was one of the final two. They remember her from the vow renewal date. I wonder if something happened off camera that raised a red flag for them.

    Honestly I don’t think it’ll work, not because of their differences, but because Peter is such a baby. He let Madison fend for herself with his mom. If the translation of what she said in Spanish is accurate, Peter should’ve said “Mom, that’s enough!” He didn’t. I don’t think he’s a terrible person but I’m honestly not a fan. He just tells people what they want to hear, and doesn’t understand the weight of his words.

    Anyway that’s just my opinion. I know there are mixed reviews on Barb. I do think she handled the situation poorly, but I just hope she doesn’t get a bunch of hate from it.

  262. Madison is NOT in love with Peter. She wants her 15 min. Like how can you like not be able to like complete like a sentence without like saying LIKE 15 times. She is obviously way too immature to be with anybody. Also, why go on the Bachelor and give ultimatums about the fantasy suite? Didn’t that just happen last season with Hannah B and didn’t we all cheer her on for not letting that man tell her what to do?

    Also, Madison kept interrupting Peter’s mom during their meeting. It doesn’t excuse Barb’s actions but if my son’s girlfriend did that to me I would for sure be giving her the side eye. She interrupted her several times.

    You are right though, they won’t LIKE make it.

  263. I fully support Peters mom, obviously we didn’t see what happened between them but for her response to be like that, it must have been bad. Making parents wait to meet you, if it was production stuff that would have been said. Madison should have apologized, I don’t like her. I felt bad for Peter but he and Madison are not a good match.

  264. I have no kind words for Barb. I am still stewing over last nights episode. 🤔 If the relationship does work out, and I hope it does, but probably won’t, many prayers for Madison, because she has the MIL from hell.

  265. OMG I wanted Peter to say something SO BADLY!!! When Barb said SHE left us waiting, SHE wanted to talk. How did he just sit there and let her say that? I was waiting for him to be like NO WE wanted to talk! WE kept you waiting. If I were Madison that would be the final straw.

    Now we know why Peter seemed to enjoy and support the drama and the crying. That’s all he knows!!

  266. Who is ever going to marry the Weber boys and be willing to have Barb as their mother in law after that?

    For her to fall that in love with Hannah Ann after meeting her once was strange… having her cheer for Peter for sleeping with Hannah Brown four times was strange.

    I had to literally cover my eyes watching last night.

    I totally see Hannah Ann as a future bachelorette if she doesn’t find love in Paradise. She came alive last night! She got played…Peter is a player! His ex said this during Hannah B.’s season and only Reality Steve believed her.

    When Peter said, “Madi” during the proposal, I thought he had pulled a Road Gellar! I thought he had accidentally said the wrong name!

    1. Also…it is especially strange how they all feel about Madi considering her first one on one with Peter…when they met her and seemed to like her.

      I have a problem with Barb having a problem with Madi having a problem (got that?! ) with Peter sleeping with two other women days before his engagement. Sorry…it’s gross!

  267. I totally agree. I was appalled by Barbs reactions and what she said to Madi. It totally explains now though why Peter only felt “loved” or that they were being vulnerable when they cried because his mom cries as manipulating him and his decisions. She truly made this about herself and her opinions versus her son! And maybe Peter would have gone after Madi if his parents would’ve kept their opinions to themselves. But they basically guilted him into picking Hannah Ann. I totally respected Madi for saying this isn’t just Peters life and journey this is mine as well. I hope they can figure it out but I think Peter is a mamas boy and will have to choose between Madi and his mom and his mom will ultimately “win.”

  268. I completely agree with you! I’ve watched every season of Bachelor/Bachelorette and the final 30 minutes of last night’s ATFR had my jaw on the floor. How on earth could a 50+ year old woman talk to her son and the woman he loves like that? And don’t even get me started on what she whispered to Peter Sr. in Spanish – that is appalling! I have never been more embarrassed for someone on this show – and that says a lot after all the weird encounters we’ve had on this show. Thanks for continuing to be an all-around awesome person, Ali!

  269. Ali thank you so much for this. I seriously agree with everything you said. I also found myself not able to fall asleep last night and was still mad about Barb. She’s so manipulative. It’s all about her. She keeps saying I know my son and what’s best for him. Peter is a big boy and yes he chose to propose but he was pushed by family to do so. They wanted him to pick someone that loved him , not who he was in love with. What kind of family does that? It was for their own benefit. So disappointing a mom could act this way and think it’s right. As a mom of two girls, I kept thinking, I could never be around this other mom or I’m gonna lose it. Favorite post of yours thus far!

  270. I always tell my children when they become of age to date. For my sons I say check their relationship with their mother, and for my daughter they check their relationship with their father. This is a key to how they will relate to you and if it’s a choice of being together forever, it will have a powerful impact on doing life together. You are spot on with all of your observations about Barb. She is selfish, manipulating, and rules the entire family, including her husband. Peter is doomed to find a woman who would be compatible with Barb for the long term. Hannah Ann played the game correctly, but that too would have changed. And by meaning compatible, someone that Barb can control and tell what to do, just like she has been doing to her boys their entire lives.

  271. Ali I 1000% am with you on this one. Barb is just so infatuated with Hannah Ann she’s not even giving Madison a chance. She is not at all thinking about Peters feelings who she says is her world. She is being extremely selfish in this situation. If I was Madison I would get out of that family NOW! It’s only gonna get worse.

  272. Hi Ali! I totally agree with what you said about the bachelor. But what annoys me or makes me mad is that they didn’t even mention that Peter’s Mom has met Madison before on their first one-one date. When they were updating their wedding vows.

  273. Final Thoughts: Peter should marry his mother because clearly that is what she wants…her son to herself. She was horrible in the way she treated Madison and her son on live TV. Madison needs to run far away from the Weber Family. Can you imagine holidays with these people? Or having them watch your children when you want to go out of town with your husband. She was terrible on TV which means she probably acts like that when cameras are not rolling. And Hannah Ann….she is the real winner in all of this. She handled herself like a CHAMP! I am hopeful Claire’s season will be better than this. And ABC if you are listening, please do NOT bring Peter on DWTS. We are all so over this guy.

  274. How can a mom treat someone else’s child like that? I could NEVER say such hateful things to a kid. I know she is 23 but she is still someone’s little girl! I have 2 daughters and I only can hope that if ever in this situation, they would react as well as Madi did. Wish her nothing but the best. Run far away from that family!!

  275. Barb kept saying we wait 3 hours to meet Madi they met her already at the vow renewal!! Cmon Barb! She should of been so proud that Pete could of ended up with two amazing, sweet, kinda strong beautiful women!! I don’t understand what her deal was.

  276. Now that I have learned more about peters family I understand why he is so indecisive. His family makes decisions for him. Barb basically gave him an ultimatum to pick Hannah Ann. In some ways I do not blame him for proposing because in his roll you feel that pressure and I HATE that a proposal is expected in this show. I hope that changes!!! I cannot believe that Barb would act this way towards Madison after all that has happened… meaning she can see how much her son wanted Madison. Barb is acting like Madison is asking him to do terrible things. She is asking him to be a better version of himself. I have never felt her shame him. I was more religious than my husband initially. He didn’t tell his family that he started going to church and bible study when we were dating. But he figured his shit out for himself and we developed a great relationship with my in-laws. As far as his friends not liking the idea of Madison… was Barb scaring them too? Or is it because this new celebrity might be less willing to go out and party like he did before? Most adults meet someone serious and have a different relationship with those types of friends. With so much out in the open within the family I doubt they will work out.

  277. I was Totally appalled and so disappointed that her mother would be that disrespectful to her son! She wanted so badly for her to apologize for being three hours late but what about the fact that her son didn’t even meet Victoria’s parents how do you think they felt?

  278. Barb definitely could have handled herself better and toned it down a bit. However, Madison was quite disrespectful as well. From the smirk on her face when Peter’s mom was explaining why the family didn’t care for her to her still refusing to apologize for making them wait 3 hrs is anything but classy. It may take hours to do anything on the show because of lighting ect, but in the end they were 3 hrs late because Madison wanted to have a conversation right then. She should have apologized the second she walked through the door to meet them. I am a mother of 3, two girls and a boy, I also have a horrible mother-in-law. I can tell you if my future daughter-in-law acted the way Madison did I would not care for her at all and feel my son was making a huge mistake. I can also say, if one of my daughters acted the way Madison did last night I would be equally as upset! On the other hand, I can’t imagine behaving the way Barb did in public either. If Madison wants to stick around she needs to change her attitude. Family is family and they will always be in Peter’s life no matter what. They ALL need to have a little more respect for each other.

  279. Ali you literally took the words right out of my mouth!!! I haven’t been the biggest fan of Hannah Ann, but I found myself yelling “YES GIRL!” at my TV while watching the finale. I’m so proud of how articulate she was and how she stood up for herself. As a single 23-year-old myself, I hope I have half the confidence and guts she had if I’m ever in a situation like that!!

    Barb… she was horrific to watch. She really gave all Barbs a bad rep (my mom’s name is also Barb so I’m personally offended, ha!). It was shocking. I hope she has time to reflect and find it in her heart to see how awful she was acting. And what she mumbled in Spanish, OH MY GOSH. I played it back so many times trying to decipher what she was saying but couldn’t. Now that I know, it hurts me. It hurts me for both Peter and Madison. Madison was my favorite from the first night and while I love them together, I also unfortunately don’t think it’ll work. I’d never want to be around Peter’s family again after that train wreck.

    As always, Ali I adore you and look up to you so much. You are truly the sweetest and classiest!! Much love to you, Kevin, and the kiddos!

  280. I 100% agree with what you said. I didn’t know what she said to the dad, but the way she would roll her eyes was enough. The mom is burning the bridges of a possible relationship with her possible daughter in law. She could have said, to be able to speak her truth, “I’m concerned for their differences, but support that they want to try to work things out, which happens in all good relationships. I love my son, and only want the best for him. If that turns out to be Madison, then we will welcome her in our family with open arms. ” Period.

    I am thrilled that they didn’t even try to get engaged. Peter was honest about that, they both have to heal. Thanks for your thoughts. You were right on! He said he made so many mistakes. He did. But if anything that I have learned from you and so many others involved in this franchise, this is speed dating and I think the pressure to get engaged is overwhelming. The people on the show want it, the fans want it, and the main characters want it too. Be true to yourself. Have a good day.

  281. Im so confused at the support for only Madison. I feel like I watched a different show from other people who are hating Barb. Granted, I don’t agree with her behavior last night, but I fully agree with her reasons behind it. She is concerned about her son, and she made good tv which producers knew. This season was so boring & that’s about as exciting as it got. I don’t understand standing up for Madison’s behavior though! She never told Peter until the last minute about her “expectations ” and im sorry but who TF goes on the BACHELOR & expects that? She has every right to have those beliefs but has NO right to force them on someone else who doesn’t believe in that, and at the LAST minute nonetheless! That, to me, was unacceptable. She had plenty of time to tell him that before the fantasy suites & she didn’t. And then she got upset. I just don’t get how people don’t see that her behavior was incredibly manipulative. She is entitled to her beliefs but she needs to respect people who don’t share them, and understand if you date a guy (especially on the Bachelor 🙄) he may not feel the same and she needs to either be ok with it or leave. Now I really don’t think it will work. I also think Peter isn’t ready for marriage at all, I think he needs to grow up a bit.

  282. I’m so sorry but this has to be the WORST finale ever and maybe sadly the worst season ever. I find myself every season LOVING the Bachelor when they’re on the Bachelorette but when they get the lead something always changes. I feel bad for Peter bc honestly he had a LOT going against him from night one! I love love love love Hannah Brown but it seemed to me there were still some real feelings that Peter hadn’t resolved (and would be the issue he carried all through the season that he didn’t know how to resolve his emotions and feelings) and I’m guessing Producers knew this coming in and they should have NEVER brought her back, time 1 or 2 for sure! So it already started against him. Then you have a Mom who has placed all her value and identity on her family and you get what was displayed last night. I feel bad for all of them honestly, like Peter said he and Madison have some healing to do (and I really pray they work on that together and individually)! Madison and Hannah Ann seem to be great girls and they definitely handled themselves with grace and class and their parents should be proud of them. Sadly Barb should be proud of her son too but until she can get over her narcissistic tendencies, she’s going to have an unnecessary wedge in their family that they ALL will pay for and it’s sad. 😔 I really hope they can all heal and make this work!

  283. Agree with everything you said! Madison should run as fast as she can, Barb is not something she should have to deal with! Poor Peter is going to have a hard time finding any woman that would want to deal with that! Madison was true to herself and shouldn’t have to compromise her values, sounds like Barb doesn’t want a mature respectful woman for Peter.

  284. I just really can’t get over how upset Barb was about Madi making them wait for 3 hours!! I mean it’s not like Peter was in the house with them and Madi showed up alone 3 hours late.. they were BOTH 3 hours late because they were talking together. She was just soooo out of line!

  285. I completely agree with you. Barb should support her son in his decision and spoken about her concerns with him privately. I felt so bad for Madison while everything goes happening but also so proud of how she stood up for herself in the situation.

  286. 10000000% Barb just showed the entire world she is a narcissist through and through. Looking at the defeated look on Peter’s face through the whole thing was heartbreaking. This is a man who needed his parents to have his back. To stand by him while the whole world was judging him for the mistakes he made. The two people he should have been able to count on the most turned their back on him. What Barb probably doesn’t realize is she is pushing him away. I am the mother of a daughter and a son. Seeing the pain in Peter’s face, if he were my kid, I would have whole heartedly defended him whether or not I agreed with his decision. I will always have my kids backs. It’s up to THEM to live, make mistakes, and learn. I can’t do it for them. But I can always be there for them. Barb completely, 100% failed Peter as a mother. She should be ashamed of herself.

  287. I never comment on these things, but I am so upset with Barb also. I am a mom if a son, and would never do that on TV or in public!! My daughter was in a toxic relationship with a guy I knew wasn’t a good man. But I stood by her side, and supported her and let her make a decision. If you raise them up with live and have taught them you are there for them, they figure it out. It made me sick to watch her all night!! In fact, I had a hard time with her when they were in Australia. I agree with you 100%!! You are right on!!!

  288. NAIL. ON. THE. HEAD. You took the thoughts right out of my mind lol I saw someone saying Madison should have at least apologized for the 3 hour delay, but I knew there had to be more to that, not to mention, she owes Barb nothing. As a mother, it actually made my stomach hurt watching her applaud her son getting berated by Hannah and clapping at anything she said. I’m stunned. I hope Hannah finds per person, I hope Peter and Madison do too, I just don’t see how it could be with each other at this point.

  289. I agree – Barb was so inappropriate last night. Way to give them zero chance.

    I think Madi made it so real by having questions when she knew the man she was falling in love with had been intimitate with other women days before her – no matter if she was waiting for marriage or not. Yes, Yes they sign up for this, but I don’t think you really get it until you are in it.

    I applaud Madison for being thoughtful and taking the time to really understand her feelings because she was taking this super seriously.

    I was really impressed by how she held herself yesterday, that was incredibly difficult to watch. I hope we are wrong, and Peter and her do make it.

  290. Could not agree with you more about Barb.

    Seriously tho. I was APPALLED at her behaviour, actions and comments! Like what is she going to do if they end up beating the odds and getting married (I know it is a slim chance, but I really want to root for them because man… so awful that all unfolded how it did last night…and maybe I selfishly want Barb to have to live with the fact that they DO make it)!?

    This woman could be the mother of her grand babies AND THAT is how she treated her, spoke to/about her and did it all in front of a camera for the world to see!?!? So so soooo awful. My heart broke for Madison and Peter. Just so unfair… wishing them all the best and hoping they can find a way to move forward in a way that works for both of them.

    Great blog post!!

  291. First of all I am bothered by the fact that no one is addressing that Barbs three hour delay Issue is ridiculous for many reasons and you stated the obvious about technical setup! But also, they spent half a day with her at the vow renewal. They had already met her and acted like they never had!
    Two people from different faith backgrounds can and do survive! If peter is in love with the person that Maddie is then maybe, just maybe he sees in her a relationship with God he desires. Maybe the coo coo for coco puffs family he comes from has driven him to something different. Maybe he is ready to change his ways and get serious! Now if I were Madison or her family I too would have a really hard time with Peters family and how aweful they were to her. That is unexpectable. Peter needs to have a real conversation with his family about what he wants and how much he lives Madison if that is where he is at. So impressed with Madison and her ability to express with conviction and honesty who she is and she has never hid that. If Peter is genuine then maybe. If he is what Hannah Ann suggested, a guy who doesn’t believe what he says, then walk away and let it go. My two sense.

  292. I so agree with everything you wrote! I had such high hopes for Peter on this season and his family did seem “perfect” prior to all this.

    Since you’ve gone through this before, is there any way the producers/show was somehow involved in telling Barb things to act like she did for the drama/ratings? Or is everything on AFR “natural”? So hard to knew what’s real and fake on tv these days lol

  293. I agree with you on all points. I felt physically ill after the way Barb handled everything. I’ll come right out and say it, she is not the type of mother in law I’d want. My own MIL didn’t used to like me but she never acted like this. Not even close. I get family dynamics are complicated but she was just wrong and mean and so demeaning of Madison. I don’t think I’ve ever been so angry at a tv show ever.

  294. You said it perfectly. As a mom to two that are in their 30’s I could never imagine acting that way towards someone who my child has feeling for. One of my kids is divorced, it happens. But if I acted the way this woman did I’m pretty sure my kids would tell me to pound salt. And they should. Just because she’s his mother gives her zero rights to treat him or anyone else like shit. I wonder if she realizes how stuuuuuuuupid she sounded and acted? What a Narcissist.

  295. Ali, you hit it on the head 1000%!
    If I was Madi’s mom, I wouldn’t want her anywhere near Peter and his family. That boy has a lot of therapy to do before he can become a man and is ready to be anyone’s husband. Right now he’s still a boy under his narcissistic mother’s thumb (all the men in that family seem to be btw, including Barb’s husband). The way he gave energy to all the women on the show who were creating most drama makes so much sense now, that’s all he knows on how women behave, manipulate and burst into tears. I wish them the best but I agree with you Ali, this relationship is doomed to fail.

  296. Ali, you right on 100%! I agree with everything you say, even the part that says they won’t last….
    I have to say this about Barb and Peter…
    Being raised by a narcissistic, I feel Barb is absolutely 100% one! I also can say, the way Peter acts towards his mom and lets her
    “run the show” in his life, that drives us all crazy…can be consequences of the abuse that comes from being raised by one… I could spend hours talking about the mental and emotional abuse that comes with being controlled and manipulated by a Narcissist….. I will say that Barbs crying and her attitude are because she feels threatened that her precious baby boy, her golden child will be taken away from her by this girl. That she will no longer be #1. It was like watching my own brothers life! The way the dad comforts her and rubs her back, she can do no wrong; made me want to vomit… because he’s just like my dad… always supporting her and is the enabler. Best thing for Peter is, cut ties and get some therapy!! I didn’t know that my whole life it wasn’t me, the horrible daughter ; it was my mom.. the Narcissistic!
    Love your Blog! I don’t usually comment, but this one hit home!

  297. I totally agree with you Ali. I was absolutely shocked by Barbs behavior!
    What on earth had gotten in to her that she treated Maddie the way she did. Maddie definitely did not deserve that and I was very disappointed in Peter for not sticking up for her! I hope they will make it as a couple, they deserve it!
    Sometimes these problems with religion and family put people more together.. i saw it happen twice and both are Married with kids now! So maybe there is hope for them but I wish them the best of luck however their story ends. (I’m sorry if my English has some grammer errors.. It’ not my first language)

  298. Could not agree with you more, I was cringing every time they showed Peter’s mom’s face with so much hate and disgust. I also do not understand what exactly made her treat Madison so badly, when there is obviously so much spark between her son and Madi.
    I praise Madison for being so mature, respectful and wise, she handled herself so well. And you are right on top of all the obstacles that they already had it will be so hard to overcome the hostile behavior and disrespect from his parents.
    I wish them nothing but the best, they looked so in love on that stage yesterday, they could not hide it.

  299. It made me feel ill as well when he told his parents it was Hanna. I felt worse from then out. What an ending. What a mother.

  300. Oh man, I still have PTSD from last night. As someone who was married to a man who’s mom looked AND acted like barb our entire engagement and marriage, it was so painful to watch. You’re right, not only do they have belief differences, but without family support I just don’t see it. They are both amazing people, just not for one another.

    Now on to Barb…..I believe wholeheartedly she disliked Madison because they are so similar. And I actually mean that in a good way. Men often marry a version of their mother, and Madison is like Barb IN THE SENSE that she has a backbone, speaks her mind and stands her ground. She just does it with a 1,000% class. Moms are often intimidated when women come into their sons lives that are too similar to them. But you sit back and think, “are you surprised? You raised him, he’s looking for someone like you.” So really Barb should have been flattered. Instead she made a complete fool of herself.

    I too struggled with Hanna Ann this season. Sweet girl, but I just felt like she was a push over. We never see the full picture so I 100% give her the benefit of the doubt. That said WOW did she surprise me and earn my utmost respect at the finale. Everything she said was spot on and so tactful. It was refreshing to see she had a backbone. I often wonder if Barb would have loved her as much as she did had she showed that side of herself earlier?

    All in all, it’s unfortunate Barb chose to show her true colors on national television in front of millions. Not only did she make these young women both look like CLASS ACTS, she went from being such a loved part of bachelor nation to being someone that people can’t even wrap their minds around. I feel bad for Peter and his Dad. I too wish he would of spoken up to his mom for Madison. Clearly she can handle herself but it’s his responsibility to put his own mother in her place for her disrespectful behavior.

    All in all it was just a WEIRD finale. It often felt like there were missing scenes. The energy was off. He seemed sooooooo lost. It’s really unfortunate.

  301. You wrote exactly what my thoughts were regarding the show last night. I loved Madison’s response th Peters mom…..Peter is not the only one here looking for love. I was curious why we heard nothing from Madisons family.

  302. The whole night was a huge disappointment. Hannah Ann was faking excitement and Peter was faking love and Barb, well…. She wasn’t faking her meanness and unnecessary resentment for Madison. I am so glad this season is over and I think I am going to need a break from The Bachelor for awhile. I enjoy your blog so I will at least read this to keep up to date!

  303. I am a mother to two daughters, and one son, and I can say I would never disrespect my children or the person my child was in love with like that in private or public. There is no excuse for how Barb acted last night on national TV. I feel terrible for Peter and Madison. If I was Madison’s parents there is no way I could not contact her, and tell her she better not ever treat my child like that again! I hope Peter let his mother and father have it after the show. Madison seems like a great woman, and everyone should be backing her. Hannah Ann showed class last night, and she deserved to let Peter have it.

  304. I agree with all of your thoughts! Shame on Barb. It’s disgraceful. It’s beyond comprehension to me. It’s one thing to have concerns and voice those in private, it’s a completely different and a manipulative thing to do this on live TV. Clearly she’s had the run of her family and is a controlling person. I think it speaks volumes about peter’s behavior and his inability to stand on his own 2 feet. My jaw is still dropped this morning in response to all the things Barb said. I not only lost all respect for her — I think she’s immature, selfish and manipulative. Thanks for all of your posts and sharing your life and your family with us. I’ve been a fan since you first walked out of that limo, all those years ago! ❤️

  305. Hi don’t think Barb’s behavior was appropriate but I also get where she is coming from and SHE’S RIGHT! They aren’t right for each other and they aren’t going to make it. I had plenty of relationships where my mom didn’t like the person I was with and didn’t think they were right for me and she let me know. It hurt to hear but guess what, she was 100% right 100% of the time. Mom’s know, they just know. Barb should have addressed her concerns differently for sure and she shouldn’t have been so disrespectful but I don’t for a second think that he was anything but concerned for her son and his future.

    Also, can we talk about the fact that Madison already has a PR person, yuck! I don’t find her to be genuine at all. I am not saying she isn’t a nice girl, she clearly is a good girl with good values but every move seems so calculated to me. Is it just me?!?!

  306. So so disappointed in Barb. Super disrespectful to Peter and Madison. The show is not about her…it was about her son and she displayed such selfishness with her attitude and actions.

    I totally agree that Hanna didn’t even seem like this was real life – it seemed so rehearsed and fake.

  307. I completely agree with everything you said. From Barb’s first meeting with Hanna Ann, I’ve felt it was all about the control. Barb is a very controlling woman and I think she felt she could control Hanna Ann so she likes her. And when she met Madison, she sensed that was not going to happen…Madison is a strong woman and would not roll over for Barb. And I mean no disrespect to Hanna Ann…I think she is also a strong and confident woman, but she told Barb everything she wanted to hear. I hope Peter watches the show again and can see that his mother was making this all about her feelings, not her sons. And I have to admit, I was nauseated watching Peter tell his parents that he proposed to Hanna Ann and their reactions…ugh!

  308. I remember in the beginning thinking Peter’s parents were weird based on their reaction to him and Hannah having sex 4 times. But I never expected them to be complete a**holes. I think Madison is better off leaving this relationship and Hannah Ann dodged a bullet. I won the in-laws jackpot and couldn’t imagine having hateful people as my inlaws. And that includes Peter’s brother, who has been badmouthing Madison online.

  309. I think the whole ending was because of Barb. Hear me out…

    Barb made Madi feel uncomfortable in their meet up which gave madi even more 2nd thoughts than she already had. She also proceeded to manipulate Pete into choosing Hannah

    Madi proceeds to break it off because of the meeting with Peters parents and Pete proceeded to propose to Hannah Ann even though he wasn’t feeling it because he wanted to make his mom happy.

    This resulted in Peter breaking off with Hannah. Hannah was true is stating he needed to be a man but it also means he needs to cut the cord with mom.

    Bottom line is mom manipulated the situation with her tears to get what she wanted not what her son wanted. She could have come into the meeting with Madi with an open mind but also voicing her concerns to Peter respectfully by then trusting him to make the decision best for him. Then Madi would have felt comfortable to stay and he would have ended the season with her the way it was supposed to be

    On a separate note I am a mom of two boys (13 and 9) and my job is to raise them right so they know how to make good decisions when they are older. If you don’t trust your sons decision making maybe that says something about you.

    Maybe I’m being harsh but I was appalled last night.

  310. I agree with your comments about Peter’s mom. Totally immature and unwarranted comments. I hope Peter and Madison make it in spite of his mom. But with that situation, its going to be very difficult. Peter should move to the east coast.

  311. I think Peter’s mom is emotionally manipulative. I think she’s very used to getting her way with her husband and boys by being emotional. And I think that’s why Peter was so easily manipulated by other women on the show —- he’s grown up with it. It could explain why Barb liked Hannah Ann more ———-because she knew Hannah Ann would be more easy to manipulate than Madison, who Barb knew would put up more of a defence.
    That being said, if I were Barb, I would probably like Hannah Ann more too, it’s absolutely fair for her to have opinions about their first meetings with both women. But I agree, she conducted herself selfishly and without maturity.

  312. The way Peter’s mom behaves last night was beyond immature and rude. She has no regard or respect for her son’s feelings. She seemed so hung up on the fact that they had to wait 3 hrs…god forbid someone on the show actually wanted to take their time to figure things out and not just blindly follow the next step. Also, she must have missed the episode where her son made Victoria’s family wait around and then left without ever meeting them. Anyway, I honestly don’t think Peter would have proposed to Hannah Ann without all the pressure his family (mainly mom) put on him. I agree there was like no emotion in the proposal. I think if he was being true to himself he would have gone after Madi when she left. Watching the season, to me it was obvious that Madi was Peter’s #1. I don’t understand how his mom can be so blind to that. Sadly, I agree they do not stand a chance with all this family drama. It’s a shame because otherwise I do believe two people can overcome their differences if they love each other. His mom just took it way too far. Sadly I think when things don’t work out with Madi, he’s going to resent his mom greatly.

  313. Coming from a person who has the same values as Madison, I understand where she is coming from. Love can be forgiving of what he has done in the past. There hasn’t really been a chance for him and her to have a relationship outside of this. I think God’s love can change anyone’s heart. People who don’t have those values, don’t always understand how someone can want to believe or do those things. I hope I’m making sense!
    Anyways, I’m sad to see how his mom acted. Hurting people hurt others and it’s not cute when an adult woman throws a temper tantrum!
    Who knows what’s in store for their relationship, only time will tell!

  314. Honestly you said it perfectly throughout this whole blog post!! I couldn’t agree more with every word! What his mom did was inexcusable and Peter should have stood up for the woman he loves for sure! I wanted to smack the look off her face everytime they showed her in that little box! And then to go and clap at Hannah Ann tearing him down.. which she had every reason to and what she said was 100% correct and deserved to say it all!

  315. I agree with you Ali 100%. My heart was pounding while reading your blog because all the things you said were true.

    I also thought that Peter’s family was perfect but last night his Mom showed anger, dislike, hatred, etc. to Madison. With rolling her eyes when they met again after three months and with her clapping her hands while Hanna Ann was reprimanding Peter. What kind of mother is that?

    I remember during Cassie’s meeting Colton’s parents. Even Colton’s parents didn’t see the future of Colton with Cassie (that time), but they didn’t treat her like trash the way Peter’s Mom treated Madison. Colton’s parents were so careful of Cassie’s feelings. That’s how parents should react – allowing children to decide for themselves.

    Madison is still 23, it seems like her feelings for Peter are still raw. For sure, once she starts to mingle with Peter’s family, she is gonna run away. Relating to in-laws will always be complicated but if love prevails, the relationship is going to work.

    Praying for both of them.

  316. I was absolutely sickened by his moms reactions. She is a narcissistic woman who only cares about herself. She is controlling and manipulating to Peter, her husband and her other son. What kind of mom claps when Hannah Ann says goodbye to Peter in LA. Peter was devastated but His mom seem to find joy in his misery. Then when Madison and Peter reunite, his mom had the look of hatred on her face. I also can’t believe his mom
    Is upset at Madison about her not apologizing to make them wait for 3 hours. I am sorry but one wasn’t that just as much Peter’s decision and two this show is about their son finding love not making sure we make it to mom and dad’s house on time. If Barb complained of being tired then she should have appreciated the 3 hour wait. I am she could have taken a nap and the producers could have given her a heads up when they were coming. I am sorry to rant…. Barb is just a selfish, manipulative and disrespectful person. I pray Peter and Madison do make it and move to Alabama get married and have kids in which they will live and be close to her family far away from his toxic family! The end!

  317. Btw, thank you for translating the Spanish words Peter’s Mom has said. My hubby and I turned up the volume and we couldn’t still understand what she was saying.

    That was disgusting to tell your spouse to say bad words. What the heck? Guess the Dad was so embarrassed, he couldn’t even see eye-to-eye with her. 🙁

  318. From personal experience I think they can make it.

    I am a Christian, Italian.

    My Husband is a Pakistani Muslim

    His mother and sisters HAAAAATTTTEEEE me

    My dad disowned me.

    So…here we are 8 years and 3 children later thriving. We have pulled together against all our differences because we wanted to grow and were open to each others ideas. Because of all of our conflict and crap.frlm family we leaned into each other and learned how to be a team faster than anyone’s imagination and we have battled loss and infertility and all sorts of crazy struggles and because of our foundation…we lean into each other during hard times.

    So.i disagree. I see a lot of love, desire to grow, desire to lean in and a lot of respect when dealing with mass amounts of hurt…they communicate and are respectful in their delivery of hurt.

  319. Ali, you’ve always been in my Top 3 Bachelorettes. Typos and some bad grammar here, makes you look less intelligent than you are. Maybe have someone (who’s good with spelling, grammar, etc.) read it over first before posting.

    THAT out of the way: I agree with you with regard to his family. Now I see why he’s so immature: His mommy never cut the cord. I, at first, too, thought “What a great family!” But his mother is a real problem. Ecchh! Bottom line: Peter should never have been chosen as The Bachelor. Not ready to get married. He has lots of years to go and become independent before he’ll make a good husband.

  320. I think his Mom was awful and that she has no respect or appreciation for her son! How would she expect the relationship to ever survive with her negativity that alone will put a heavy strain on an already hard relationship. I think she should be ashamed of herself and I really hope that Madison and Peter can prove her wrong but they owe her nothing.

  321. You said exactly what I’ve been saying. I’m appalled and disgusted at Barb. Not only is she selfish and self-absorbed, she’s rude and mean. What she said in Spanish shows exactly who she is. How utterly embarrassing for Peter. I knew Barb was a sham when she criticized Madison for her Beliefs then turned around and said “God sent her to us”, referring to Hannah Ann. Ummm, No Barb. That’s not how He works and this isn’t an “US” situation! Ugh! She infuriated me. I felt like HA acted so coy and unintelligent during the show and realize now that was probably editing. I liked her but she also seemed to not be genuine. After I saw her stand up for herself last night, I found a new level of respect for her and I was proud for standing her ground. She’s the real winner here. As for Peter, since when it is so horrible to settle down and be responsible, whether it’s fully committing to the Lord, or whatever you believe in? Why is that so bad? I actually believe he WANTS what Madison has—to be grounded and faithful! People who are strong in their religion can be super fun people! It’s like Peters family think he about to go join a convent! WTH?! People can love Jesus and like wine and beer, too! I really hope that Peter can cut the cord and find love, but until he puts his mom in her place, I just don’t see it. I hope Madison runs for the hills!!

  322. Ok so I’m pretty new to Bachelor Nation and have gotten addicted pretty quickly, but could this have gone any more wrong?? First off maybe Madison and Peter should have had a more in depth covo about her faith and expectations way before the Fantasy Suite episode. Don’t get me wrong all the respect to and for her on her decision but if religion was so important to her why did it take so long to come up they had more than 1 one on one?? And next, I did feel emotions from Hannah Ann I think she just knew Madi was the one Peter really wants and was expecting him to chose Madi. All along from my perspective he was giving more to Madi and Hannah could feel that so I completely agree with her he should have told her there was no choice she was only one before final rose. I feel like he was always planning on Madison and was only playing out his relationship with Hannah fpr the shows sake. And that he only proposed to her by default 😥 To be perfectly honest I think he had more feelings for Victoria F. which is why he took her out of the picture and not risk any further feelings developing he never told Hannah Ann he loves her before the final rose he expressed his feelings to both Madi and Victoria during Fantasy Suite week but never to Hannah. That’s why she said she keeps giving and giving with no return. Ladt pleade Bachelor forbid the word like from use LOL

  323. Ali, I love your thoughts. But I disagree with you on this one. Yes Barb could have handled herself a little better but she is a mama bear and it’s fair she feels emotionally invested in her sons happiness.

    Does Madi owe her an apology for the 3hr wait? Prob not for that alone. But Barb isn’t upset about only a 3hr delay. I don’t presume to know everything that happened to make her react so strongly.. Madi has a lot to learn about relationships. Her beliefs/values are important. But is it fair to expect Peter to 100% change his lifestyle to match her beliefs. Is no one upset how Madi’s parents directed her throughout their visit? Madi should have been more clear with Peter If she’s so cemented in her beliefs. I also feel if her intentions are to make it work with Peter she would reach out and extend at least an explanation/apology to Barb. Maybe it was justified that she had to talk to Peter before meeting the parents. But if she loves Peter she would also be seeking the approval from his loved ones. She didn’t seem to care at all that she’s causing a rift. It’s a two way street and if you love someone you show that by honoring their family as well. Im not saying Madi’s entirely wrong either but she doesn’t seem to genuinely love Peter. She seems more interested in the attention. Frankly as a mom myself I’d see through that quickly too and have questions.

  324. Hi Ali,
    I agree with you 95%. I don’t 100% agree about their relationship not working. I know they are very different but sometimes love truly prevails. My husband and I came from different faiths and my dad pretty much hated my husband. Fast forward 25+ years and we are still married, just became grandparents and my parents love my husband now more than ever. The road hasn’t always been easy but who’s is?
    About Barb, I hate to say this but she might really have some sort of medical issues. Did anyone else notice her hands shaking in Australia and last night on the live show?

  325. Barb needs to go to hell!! She should have not been so disrespectful to Madison! She is not the perfect Barb I though she was. I am ver disappointed in her and the entire family.

    What she said to his dad in Spanish has my blood boiling! I hope they make it just to spite her.

  326. Honestly, the whole thing from start to finish was so cringe. Not one of those three is ready for marriage, nor are HA or Madi into Peter. To an extent, I do understand where his mom was coming from, as a mother myself. She is concerned (and also makes me think she knows something about Madison that we don’t?) but the way she went about showing that concern last night was totally uncalled for and disrespectful to EVERYONE involved. And to put her husband in that position too! Just disgusting. I hope that she will look back on that and feel some sort of remorse, but it seems doubtful. I am also in agreement that Peter and Madison won’t last. I bet they didn’t even last past the taping last night. If I were in Madison’s shoes after that display, I’d not walk but RUN.

  327. I think Barb was such a disgrace. She could have said something like I just want them to be happy, I will support my son. But she just embarrassed herself. I do think, however, that Madison created a lot of this drama unnecessarily. Why didn’t she tell Peter her feeings before hometown? Instead of waiting till he has met the family and down to 3? That wasn’t fair to him. He was so invested at this point. I get that maybe she wasn’t. But if that’s a deal breaker or hard for her to get over she should have said something before he went to see his family. Probably not a popular opinion, but just my thoughts. I wasn’t super impressed with how she handled herself. But Barb takes the cake lol.

  328. YES! THANK YOU! Barb really seemed to be clinging to “she kept us waiting 3 hours” why did she assume that was all Madi’s fault?! I couldn’t believe how many opportunities Barb had to redeem herself, carry herself with grace, show some class, and each time she just dug herself deeper and deeper into a hole.
    I was hoping Peter would have said something to her too but I’m sure after everything that has happened he didn’t want to fuel the fire in front of America. I’m sure he had some words for her once they got home.
    I would also like to say how proud I was of Madi and I hope young girls watching learned a thing or two. She did not get overly emotional and lash out when her character was being attacked. She composed herself and thought before she spoke.

  329. I was telling my teenage son (who was half listening) I would NEVER get in between you and the love of your life the way Barb has. It was utterly JAW DROPPING…My son kept asking “what?” indicating my multiple vocal outbursts!!! Unbelievable – I too don’t condone judging people – try to look at the other’s point of view but this is one of those rare instances, being a mom, I could not get on board. Where is the unconditional love and support all children crave -whether their decisions as an adult are right or wrong, it’s their journey and only honest advice that should be shared is when IT IS ASKED..Unfortunately, the mother/ son / father relationship now has been impacted in a negative way….as Peter said “this is the woman I love, It should be enough”. Yes Yes!!!

  330. Shame on Barb. While I tried to be open to her perspective I couldn’t get past her behavior to get on board. Madison did nothing to earn that level
    If crude behavior.

  331. I agree 100% and I am a 50 year old mom of 3. I would never not support my children and their decisions even if I don’t agree. I think she doesn’t like Madi because she is a strong woman and if Peter is with her than Barb can’t control him and she knows that. With Hannah Ann she could still have Peter do what she wanted. I think it’s awful the way she made this season about her instead of Peter

  332. 100% agree with this. It’s appalling how Barb, and truly his whole family treated Madison. She did not deserve that kind of treatment. No one does, especially on national television. I feel for her big time, my Mother-in Law treated me much the same at the beginning my relationship with my husband (12 years married this year). As much as I want to agree with you that not having family support will be what makes their relationship end. I feel like if you truly deeply love someone and know they are yours forever, that could be what binds them beyond what family can say. Thank you for speaking your true feelings on all this. Very well said!

  333. I agree Ali! At one point she rolled her eyes while Chris was talking to Madison at her home. As a mother I would be concerned. However, they are adults and will need to figure it out if it’s going to work.

  334. I am at such a loss with Barb’s behavior through all of this. I couldn’t understand the emotional blackmail after Peter introduced Hannah Ann and Madison to the family. I totally understand vibing better with one than the other and I can understand and respect Barb’s desire to articulate that to Peter, but at the end of the day it’s Peter’s life and his choice. Emotionally blackmailing him with the tears and “bring her home” nonsense is borderline emotional abuse. Peter obviously loves and respects his mother, but her outburst was anything but helpful. It seemed to me that he talked himself into making it work with Hannah Ann based in large part on wanting Barb’s approval.

    Then Barb’s behavior at ATFR… I just can’t. She looked like she was at a funeral, she manipulated her husband into speaking out against Madison, and she treated Madison horrendously. We have to assume Barb is at least 50 — Madison is 23. She might look like an adult and she might be very mature, but biologically she is still an adolescent. Her brain hasn’t finished developing!! And we’re going to abuse and dismiss her?! Yikes. All this accomplished was alienating Peter. On national television. I sincerely hope she does some soul searching and can understand that her behavior was unacceptable. Otherwise, regardless of whether it works out between Peter and Madison, all she really accomplished was putting a huge wedge between her relationship with her son.

  335. I thought Hannah Ann held her own. I love how confident and mature she acted. I have a hard time with Madison and her use of the word “like” after every other word. It makes it hard for me to listen to her talk or even take her serious. As for Peter’s, I don’t agree with how she handled herself on TV but those are her feelings and she made them known. Should she have done it in private, absolutely.

  336. First and foremost, Peter is the second in line to the worst bachelor choice ever next to Juan Pablo. Everything this season was horrible.
    Yes, his mom’s behavior was bizarre and out of line, but let’s be honest, it made for GREAT TV! It was the best part of the season.
    Hannah Ann was a class act. She nailed it on the head. Not a Madison fan at all. So, she had issue with him being intimate in the fantasy suites, but no issue with him having sex with Hannah B 4 times in a windmill or now knowing that he got engaged to Hannah Ann and most likely (not talked about) was intimate with her after they got engaged. How does that all not matter. Yes, she can hold her own to Peter’s mom but how in hell does she think it would ever work after her conversation with his mom in Australia. They will never last for so many reasons. One, Peter is a mess. Two, his family is a mess. Three, Madison won’t be able to get beyond his behavior and lifestyle. Four, Madison’s parents won’t like his family. Five, Madison will never leave her family and church in Auburn. The list goes on and on. He clearly can’t see or think realistically. Thank god it is over!

  337. I agree with everything you put 100%. So disappointing to see a mother treat anyone that way, especially her son and someone he loves. When she clapped when Hannah Ann told Peter he wasn’t a man, but then couldn’t even clap when her son said he was in love…speaks volumes. I feel bad for Peter.

  338. I totally agree. She was so disrespectful to talk and act that way. Shame on Peter for not standing up for Madison, she has more class than that whole family. Barb kid of reminded me of my late mother in law, she didn’t accept me and said we wouldn’t last either..oh well we are going on 45 years. 😆 lol

  339. Thank you for telling it like it is. So many public figures try to be PC all the time and it drives me nuts!
    I agree Barb was wayyyy out of line. As a mom of both a young man AND a young woman i could see both sides… i would NEVER do that to my son! EVER! If that were my son i would have concerns about Maddie too. Not because she is a bad girl but because i just don’t think they want the same things out of a partner and THATS all Barb needed to say! If Maddie was my daughter i would be beaming with pride. Good for her for knowing what she wants at the young age of 23 AND for standing her ground! She had class and didn’t go after the mom and i LOVED when she said this journey is not only about Peter but her as well and it goes both ways and she has to do what’s right for her too!! Yess girl!!! Team Maddie all the way. I would never wish for a couple not to make it but i almost do I’m this case just so Maddie can hold out for a man that will give her what she wants and she won’t have to compromise her values. And the same for peter.

  340. Watching Barb’s scary mean face roll her eyes made me sick too Ali. But when she “spewed” those hateful, disrespectful words, I couldn’t take it. I was frustrated with Peter for not shutting her out. I thought he was in shock maybe, but I feel pretty sure he has seen her selfish attitude way too many times. I think Madison and Peter have a chance to make it because her faith is strong & important. However Barb has given her son an ultimatum – choose your family or Madi. He has chosen Madi which will cause his mom to be even more resentful. Even if the Dad & brother want to support Peter – they can’t because Barb would shower them with fire and Hell to pay. Hannah Ann & Hannah B dodged the mother in law bullet from hell. It will be good for Peter to spend time with Madi’s family so he can see & experience real respect & unconditional love!!!!!

  341. I completely agree with what Barb said… however, I do believe she could have expressed her feelings in a more sensitive and loving way for the sake of her sons feelings and left some of it to be discussed between the two of them after taping. That did make me sad for Peter. I wish his mom would have let Peter Sr speak without any input from her. His response may have been the same, but we will never know. Hopefully, Peter can have an adult conversation with his parents and mend their relationship. If Peter and Madison make it last(they won’t), maybe Barb and Madison can sort everything out. I hope we get updates along the way.

  342. I was extremely uncomfortable watching the after the final rose portion of last nights episode. The way Peters mom handled herself was quite frankly disgusting to me. That was straight up bullying that they televised on national TV which is ironic after last weeks segment with Rachel Lindsay on the bullying and hate that the girls receive on a daily basis. I hope that watching that episode back makes Barb realizes how hurtful her words were to Madison and Peter and how childish she looks on national television.

  343. I agree with you 100% on everything!! Peters mom is so rude. Peter should have stood up to his mom for himself and for Madison and if I were Madison I wouldn’t want to date him anymore. I think you are right, that it won’t work! So sad.

  344. I would have to actually disagree with you on saying they won’t make it. I think they have a chance, a small one, but a chance. I married a man that his parents have never acknowledged me. They won’t even say my name in conversations, much less see me. They didn’t attend our wedding. They tried to control my husband’s life & our relationship. He stood up to them though, because he found the girl he couldn’t live without. I think IF Peter truly loves Madison & can fight for her & stand up to his parents, then they stand a chance. It will require work though. Is he willing to choose her over his family if it comes to that? I don’t know. I do know that every girl wants to feel fought for though, so I can only hope Peter gives Madi that & if he can’t, I hope she has the guts to walk away. I felt for Madi last night. I’ve stood in her shoes & it’s not easy. I have literally been told “your marriage won’t make it & I will have my son back one day.” <3

  345. I totally agree with everything you said in the blog. His mother needs to get over herself. What kind of mother does that? But I also blame Chris Harrison and show producers for setting this up to be a confrontation. Producers should NEVER have let her speak. They should never have focused on her with the camera. The show wanted more drama. I wondered what she said to her husband. That makes her more despicable.
    I wish it could work out like Colton and Cassie. They are showing such maturity.

  346. You took every thought right out of my head. I this Peter is great, but haven’t felt emotionally invested in his search for love this season because the relationships have felt pretty immature. But wow, I ached for him last night. He clearly wanted to gush about Madi and finding his way back to her and Barb stole it from him. And how was he supposed to stand up to his mom on national television? I’m sure he was shocked. He needs to get out of her house, out from under her thumb, and live his life. He needs some separation. What kills me the most is that this won’t work because of his mom and her controlling nature, and she will then think that she was right, and that he had to “fail to succeed.” Who tells your son that in front of the woman he loves? It’s truly repulsive and I was up all night aching for Peter and Madi. And Madi, by the way, rocked it. If that IS going to be her mother in law, she can hold her head high knowing she only loved them and stood up for herself without bashing her.

  347. OMG- could nt have found better words. Agree with you a 100 %. Honestly it has even gave me a little bit of anxiety watching this all play out at the ATFR- how could a grown woman speak like that to a young woman. She wants the world to believe she is a happy wife with a beautiful family , so where is the need to be so disrespectful to Madison coming from? I mean its one thing to wear your emotions on your sleeve, cry about everything and feel with your kids every step of the way but at the studio there was no emotion , no emotional barb like she showed us before. There was only a bitchy as look and honestly a childish like behaviour. And also i get she liked hannah ann but still clapping for here to whole entire time is also showing she is not caring for her sons feelings whatsoever.

  348. I agree with you 100%. Also Barb acts like Madison is a bad person. She’s not a bad person at all. She’s actually a really good person but different than Peter and that’s okay! No way they’ll last. Peter May have some internal spiritual transformation but if not I don’t think Madison will want to be with him. Also Madison won’t want a mother in law like that nor does she deserve that. In the end I feel this season was a wash from the beginning. Ultimately I don’t think peter was over Hannah brown. Hannah ann and Madison are too good for Peter. Hopefully Hannah Ann will be bachelorette sometime in the future!

  349. OMG- could nt have found better words. Agree with you a 100 %. Honestly it has even gave me a little bit of anxiety watching this all play out at the ATFR- how could a grown woman speak like that to a young woman. She wants the world to believe she is a happy wife with a beautiful family , so where is the need to be so disrespectful to Madison coming from? I mean its one thing to wear your emotions on your sleeve, cry about everything and feel with your kids every step of the way but at the studio there was no emotion , no emotional barb like she showed us before. There was only a bitchy as look and a

  350. What a total sh** show. I don’t think any of the three are ready for marriage. HA didn’t even see like she was into him or excited about the proposal, I couldn’t see that relationship lasting either. The whole Madison and barb interaction was so cringe, I can’t blame Madison for reacting (facial expression wise) the way she did when she was being attacked. If I were her I would be running for the hills because barb is your typical overbearing mother in law and will make your life hell as she seems like she will never want to give up control of her precious son. Run Madi Run!

  351. Manipulative much?? If I had a mother like Barb there would have to be intense boundaries. She acts like she owns her children and their choices. I seriously wanted to throw up when she kept referring to Hannah Ann as her “daughter”. What the hell?! This lady needs to check in with herself or she is going to seriously lose her son. – coming from a boy mom, I can’t imagine behaving like this. Poor Madison, how embarrassing

  352. I’d love to see them make it but unless Peter cuts the cord move out and starts speaking up for himself and defending Madison to his mother it’s never gonna happen. When Hannah Ann told him you need to become a real man its so true and it will never happen if he’s stays under his mommy’s control.

  353. Omg! It was sooo painful! I felt so bad! I think Barb was way out of control you don’t do that to your son and most importantly not in National TV. Unfortunately I don’t think they will make it, Specially like you said because the lack of family support. It was very disappointing to see the true real family they are.

  354. I agree 💯 with you. I’ve never seen a mother be so disrespectful as Barb was. I have 2 sons also and I could never do what she did on national TV. That should have been private between her and Peter. Shame on her!!

  355. I admit I haven’t watched this season, but I overheard last night’s episode while my mom was watching it at my house, and I’ve read everyone’s reactions this morning. Peter’s mom seems like the spitting image of my ex-boyfriend’s mom, and their relationship seems EXACTLY the same. After what I went through and put up with for so many years with them, all I can hope for Madison is that she can find the strength to stand up for herself and get out of that relationship. RUN FAR AWAY!!! Peter and his mom seem like they have a very unhealthy relationship, and she seems to have a lot of problems she needs to work through. If you can’t put on a happy face when you’re around the woman your son loves (especially when she never did anything to you) and can only say mean things about her, you have a lot of issues. And if he can’t learn to stand up to her, he will never have a successful relationship. She will always be meddling and controlling him, and will always make everything about herself. I understand expressing concerns if there are concerns to be had, but she should do it privately. I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t end up with my ex because as much as I loved him, I know his mom would have made my life a living hell. I hope Madison realizes that too and gets out as fast as she can, and I hope Barb can sort out her own issues and they can establish appropriate boundaries for Peter’s sake.

  356. I think Peters brother said it best. Peter is much more about the physical /sexual part of a relationship. Madison I think is more spiritually inclined. She was disgusted and repulsed by the fact he slept with 2 women and could not even kiss him. He went from being a sweet guy to very creepy and handsy to me. I compare him to Blake.

  357. Well said Ali!!! His mom was so disrespectful, I can’t even imagine. That woman owes Maddie and Peter an apology. I agree with everything you said.

  358. I can’t imagine what Madi must have been going through. Quite frankly, if I was in her situation, I could never deal with that! How dare his mom speak to her and make those gestures. It honestly took me back to high school and reminded me of how the mean girls used to act. I also agree, Peter should have stood up and said something!!!! I can’t believe he let her speak to her that way.

  359. I was shocked at her reactions and the way she spoke. How embarrassing for his family. I thought her husband looked embarrassed too by the way she was acting. I don’t think Peter and Maddie are even dating . The body language was strange and a little standoffish. So I think Peter is possibly dating other people and I think Maddie and Hannah Ann, while still seem very young showed how mature they are in trying to have a conversation rather than dwelling on little things and blaming people. Barb was such a bully and if I was Peter’s mom, I would support my son in his decisions and respect them. This was his journey and not Barb’s. Does it affect the family? Of course? But why start off in such a negative way in what could be an addition to the family?
    oooh and Ali-when I watched your season, I was convinced Frank was your guy and was so sad when he left! But obviously, your path took you to your amazing husband, Kevin and your adorable kids-so everything happens for a reason! <3

  360. I think Barb was harsh, but that the show made it 100x worse. They focused on her for almost all of ATFR. I also think that Peter had to have had an idea beforehand how his mom felt and was likely to act. He knows her, and this isn’t his first rodeo. I personally think he shouldn’t have had his parents there at all. I don’t think anyone would have thought much of their absence, but having them there was asking for something like this to happen, though it wasn’t deserved.

  361. Now he’s reallly never getting married. Who in their right mind would want to marry into that family? I don’t care how good he can be in a windmill, I do not want that mother in law not that woman to be the grandmother of my children.

  362. I 100% agree! I didn’t think they would be able to make it work because of their differences while watching the show and after the ATFR it seems even more impossible, but geez I want them to work more than ever just to stick it to Barb!!

    I wish Peter would’ve stood up for Maddi. I would be so disappointed if I were Maddi or her family!

    I cannot believe she applauded a woman when she told her son that he wasn’t a man! That is not unconditional, motherly love! That is so selfish & disheartening to see!

    Nothing against Hannah Ann, she handled herself so well last night. If they hadn’t already picked a Bachelorette, I bet she would’ve been selected after last night.

    Love you & your blog, Ali!

  363. Completely agree on everything! I literally could not fall asleep because I was so disgusted with Barb. I felt bad for Hannah Ann because she really was blindsided and I’m glad she stood up for herself. Barb is absolutely appalling. I feel so bad for Madison and Peter. I agree, it will be nearly impossible for them to make it work. I’m sure her family is also not feeling great about their relationship after seeing last nights episode. Peter needs to have a serious conversation with his mom too. She is WAY too invested and needs to learn how to express her feelings more maturely.

  364. I have a theory that Peter was so afraid of Madison becoming the Bachelorette that he had to pull this stunt to prevent it. He knew he and Hannah Ann weren’t going to work, but he had to end it in time to make sure Maddie wasn’t the bachelorette! He’s just as selfish as his mom. I can’t even fathom acting the way Bard did. I have 3 boys and would never put my opinions before their happiness! Peter is 100% a product of his environment, and it was made very clear last night. Selfish, selfish, selfish.

  365. I first want to say that Maddison looked amazing last night so did Hannah Ann! Literally Barb made herself look beyond rediculous! She not only brought shame to herself her family and Peter but to Maddison as well. So proud of the way Maddison handled herself she is more of a woman that Barb ever thought of being. I am also proud of Hannah Ann for the way she put Peter in his bbn place at the break up. These ladies will be just fine without Peter because how can he be trusted after what he put these beautiful ladies through!

  366. First, I’m not a hardcore member of Bachelor Nation. There’s just been so much negative news that both my husband and I chose to watch the last 4-6 episodes just to get away. For me, there’s one thing being a Mama Bear to protect your son’s heart, it’s quite another thing to look so angry with your own son because he made a choice you didn’t agree with. Oh, and by the way Peter’s choice was to follow his heart. Barb’s body language during the engagement announcement and epic finale was shocking! While Barb may have connected with Hannah Ann more compared to Madison, that shouldn’t alter a mom’s behavior towards the other girl, in this case Madison. I just find the entire ‘Barb situation’ so disrespectful to Peter and Madison, and also towards Madison’s family. At the end of the day, the relationship between Peter and Madison is just that, their relationship! Not Barb’s, not Peter Sr. (who I think was embarrassed by his wife). Barb overstepped! It was infuriating as a casual Bachelor franchise viewer. I also want to take a moment to applaud Hannah Ann. She was incredibly posed and strong. Peter shouldn’t have proposed but he did and that hurt Hannah Ann. Peter did take responsibility and he will live with a certain level of guilt for breaking Hannah Ann’s heart. Overall, the entire finale was just sad and depressing!

  367. Hannah Ann was amazing and spoke so eloquently and intelligent. So proud of her. No Peter and Madison will never last and who would want to marry into Peter’s family after that shit show? So embarrassed for them.

  368. Completely agree with everything you said. Barb’s actions and words were despicable and she deserves all of the backlash she is receiving online.

  369. Ali, this is why we wanted Mike as the bachelor but you thought he was too aggressive and mean for reasons we know why .

    Are we also gonna gloss over how clearly when Hannah Ann said betrayed, its clear that Peter was sleeping around when they where engaged. The engagement ended at the end of January, where there have been numerous reports of Peter acting like a single man since taping ended. Peter is full of shit.

  370. It will be difficult, but I still think they could make it work. My husband and I had differences in our faith at the beginning of our relationship, but he has since become a Christian and has been very active in our a church. We don’t really have much of a relationship with most of his family, but they are at least not as awful as Peter’s mom.

  371. Barb is a bully!! Barb is grown women who acts Like a baby!! I was appalled and embarrassed by her actions. The father, should have stopped her and most importantly Peter should have. If this is about ratings, shame on ABC. They can’t make it. They don’t have a chance! It’s sad but Madison is a stand up lady and deserves much better. The waiting comment put me over the edge. Someone should have explained that to BABS!! She won’t apologize why should Madison!!

  372. First let me say that Hannah Ann was a class act last night and I was so proud of her for holding her own and letting it be known this is NOT how you treat someone! Second I am all in agreement with the Barb! When she clapped after Hannah Ann stood her ground with Peter I was like YES!! Because that was a clap from a mom that thought I raised you better than to mess with someone’s heart and future like that! I have a son and love him more than anything but I can guarantee you Id be like I RAISED you better!!
    This family met Madison right away so we don’t really know if more went down at the vow renewal than what we saw, remember the dad said more happened than what we saw. So than they travel across the globe to see her again and they wait for 3 hours and no apology?? You can say well production this or production that but I’m assuming production would have informed them what was going on. Than no apology for making them wait and not knowing if she wanted to meet them (having already met them once) Than right away you are essentially telling the Mom your son isn’t good enough cause he doesn’t meet my moral standard, I dont love him and I don’t want to marry him. Yeah sorry but Id be like Girl bye too!!
    Barb didn’t make this about her, the production team did! Sat her right in front, had a camera on her the entire time (when has that ever happened) and than Chris Harrison constantly asking her for an what she is to lie? Everyone is praising Madison for being true to herself but Barb does it and is honest about her feelings and somehow she is terrible! No she is exactly unapologetically who she is! Madison once knowing why the mom was upset could have said you’re right I apologize instead she said well it is what it is…Madison was entirely disrespectful sitting there with that shitty grin on her face in her little glass house throwing rocks!
    Also since when have they ever gone to get the runner up like Chris Harrison did? Come on that was set up and they did it cause they wanted a reaction from the family!
    So no the Mom didn’t stop loving her son unconditionally, the mom KNOWS her son more than any of us ever will. No the Mom didn’t make it about her…The production team made it about Barb! Team Barb and that relationship will never last!

  373. Oh my goodness, I was absolutely heartbroken to see how Barb reacted. This season was so close to my heart, because it reminded me so much of my life. Haha, not that I’ve ever been on the bachelor. I am and have been all my life, a Christ following woman and the man of my dreams was not religious at all. Our dating period had trials and tribulations, but we just grew in strength because we loved each other so much and knew we wanted each other to be our forevers. He’s family and my family were and are two very different families, yet his mom always welcomes me with open arms and makes me feel part of the family, as mine does to him. We have now been married for 5 years. So I’m really rooting for them. I also have a son, and as nasty as it sounds, I don’t want to be this kind of mother in his life.

    Love all your posts and blog Ali.

  374. I totally agree with everything you said about “After the Final Rose”. Peter’s Mom made me so mad how she treated Madison. Peter did also, not standing up for Madison. I really enjoy your blogs.

  375. I completely agree! The way they handled it all was so wrong! If I were Peter I would be mortified and It would take a long time to forgive my parents for that! Madison owed no one an apology for talking to Peter about how she was feeling and let’s not forget Peter was with her as well! Peter made Victoria’s family wait and then didn’t even go see them! He left her outside for them to pick back up! His mother was so out of left field! They didn’t owe them the brutal honesty once they did go inside and yet Madison and Peter shared everything with them! The way Maddi handles Barb was so great! I would not have been so well spoken! The fact is Peter and Madison love each other! She is not an awful person! She is actually great and they didn’t give her the time of day to get to know that! Shame on them! I honestly hope it works out and Barb can eat her words/feelings and support them!

    Hanna Ann definitely surprised me with the way she handled the breakup and the ATFR! It was great! I was very proud!

  376. Last night, I was speechless. I was waiting for Peter to defend his woman and he did NOT! That right there would send me running. Talk about monster-in-law. There are too many things from Peter’s indecisiveness to not being forthcoming about certain details of his relationships to him not telling his mom to STFU on the Live show that are the nail in the coffin for his relationship with Madison…..never mind Barb! I truly wish them all the best, I liked Madi from the beginning but I do t have high hopes. Ugh, such a disappointing season!

    1. Can I just say one thing. It’s a tv show that has on air for several years. You know the process. He/she dates several people. Kiss / make out ( if I can be do blunt) with several people and there is always the fantasy suite dates. No surprise there. . You sign up for the show knowing that. I feel it was wrong for Madison to tell Peter of her ultimatum. How dare she. If she was that religious and had such strong beliefs then don’t go on the show. I am a mother of two grown woman. I don’t support a lot of what happens on the show. If my daughters were to go on the show i would have to sit down with them and seriously talk about are “ we ALL “ready for what happens on this show. Madison I think in my humble opinion is selfish. knowing his mom was upset with the long delay of waiting for her. Then she should of been mature enough to say I’m sorry about that. I’m sorry you feel that way. But I was struggling and needed to talk to your son before I met you. That would of softened things up. You just have to be nice and respectful. Was Pete’s mom respectful towards Madison. No she wasn’t. That was bad. But perhaps she was so angry with what Madison put her son thru ….She was being super protective mama bear. . As for Hannah I found it all too rehearsed and not very heartfelt. Perhaps she practiced a lot for days as to what she was going to say but I would of been more upset and angry if my heart was they misled and broken. Peter needs To grow up. Perhaps his mom has been so involved in his life he can’t make a decision. The worst episode was on the date when he brought the girl back that he sent home. He gave her the rose that nite over all the girls fighting for him during that date. It was awful!!!!! . I as a mother understand barb in a way. We protect our babies with everything we have. Did she handle it well? NO. But neither did Peter or Madison handle the situation. Well it was definitely entertaining. I look forward to Claire’s season. Bring it on 🤗

  377. I so agree with most of what you have said, although as someone who has a mother-in-law like Peter’s mom, I do think they can make it but not without distancing themselves physically and emotionally from the toxic parent. Their love for each other is intoxicating. You can just see it in their eyes when they look at each other. I think that they will put up the best fight they have in them to make it work because that kind of love is so hard to find. I also know it will require a lot of therapy for Peter because I’m sure this is not the first time Barb has emotional manipulated Peter. And for Madison to help her deal with all that has happened during this journey.

  378. It made me sick to my stomach to watch! Barb was absolutely appalling and embarrassed her whole family. I just wanted to give Peter a big hug, I love Peter and Madison together, but I don’t see how they can come back from this. Even more so than the difference in religion/lifestyle. I can’t imagine marrying into a family that would treat me that way. And where was Peter’s brother?? I found it interesting that he wasn’t at the After the Final Rose. Either embarrassed of his Mom or really upset with Peter?

  379. You hit the nail on the head, Ali! I agree with everything you said. Shame on Barbara! She was not only a poor mother but a poor human being. Neither Madison nor Peter deserved that. I truly don’t understand her vendetta against Madison. Madison has grace and class and I think many families would welcome her with open arms.

  380. Madison was not my favorite and I found to like her even less after giving Peter the ultimatum for his fantasy suite dates. Coming into the Bachelor, she knew very well about the fantasy suite and what could possibly happen. I did not like the way she handled herself to her elder, whether Barbara was right or wrong. She says she is a Christian, that was not Christian behavior. She had the chance to apologize to the family about having to make them wait for 3 hours, and again, she chose not to apologize again. I agree, it is not going to last. I was very disappointed with Peter and his choices, but like Barbara said ” you have to fail to succeed”.

  381. I think you might feel a little different after hearing what happened behind the scenes. I have a very hard time hiding my emotions on my face, and ABC purposely kept that camera on her, knowing that she did not favor Madison. And I’ll go one further, I have one son. I’d freak if he bought home a girl who I could clearly see was not that into him. I mean, do you REALLY think Madison loves him? I wouldn’t go as far as to knock his family either. We don’t know everything that they encountered with her.

  382. I totally agree with you but hope they will make it! Peter will have to walk away from his Mom who is too Controlling! I’m a Mom if 3 grown men and they would have put me in my place as well as my husband. The sad part is Barb has run the family and wears the pants so her Husband is not allowed to have his own opinions!😢

  383. I also think that Madison is an actress and DID NOT come on that show to find love with Peter. His mama knows it.

  384. I totally agree with you Ali!
    You said it all. My goodness I hope they make it.
    If they do Peter might have to cut his family out of his life. I know a family who did the same thing to their daughter she cut them out of her life they don’t even get to see their grandchildren the move to a different country and living happily for 8 years now.

  385. honestly wanted to hop on a plane from ATL and go to LAX to slap barb’s eyes back to normal.
    i was astonished by her behavior. i would not want her to be my mother in law after that.

    i do love hannah ann and madison too! they both have such class!!

  386. I have to agree. I was watching with my mouth open. My son is 18, I pray he meets a girl like Madison. Barb was way out of line and totally disrespectful. I mean, she was already calling Hannah Ann her daughter. Madison did way better than I would have lol. As for the relationship, you just never know, sometimes these things make your relationship stronger. Because you tend to lean on one another more. I sure hope so. Shame on Barb!!!

  387. I think we can all see why Peter is still single. I hate to say that, but it appears she tries to control every situation. He was desperately trying to tell them it was Madison who had his heart and she did everything in her power to sway Madison away from him and push Hannah Ann on him. They way she treated them all on the AFTER broke my heart too…she was applauding HA while she put Peter i. His place. Sir, smile and show support…take it up with him behind closed doors!

  388. Firstly, I have to say what a disappointment this finale was. It was so anti-climatic. They made such a big deal about it being something we’ve never seen before etc. But it really was very similar to Arie’s season. And I found it painful to watch Peter and Madison’s interactions. She says “like’ a million times and hardly any word were actually spoken. It was so long and drawn out,
    I agree that was definitely the most unemotional proposal I have ever seen on the show. I understand why Peter would want to try to make it work but he should not have proposed. He seems caught up with the idea of being in love more than actually being in love. I do believe that Madison was the one he had the strongest feelings for all along but he gets very taken by drama and tears and the fact that she walked away I think made him want her more.
    I agree with you about the way Hannah handled herself and the one good thing that I have to say about Barb is that she applauded Hannah calling him out on his bad behaviour. BUT her own behaviour was inexcusable, particularly the eye-rolling. I agree, that she made it about her and not about him and she was not in any way respectful of him or his choices. I think Madison handled herself well in a difficult situation but she did come off as arrogant and condescending at times. She stated her case, and I think it was important that she point out that it was her journey as well, but she still could have apologized for keeping them waiting. I understand about the taping etc but I do believe that conversation could have waited, and it did start the evening off badly.
    I also agree that they most likely won’t make it with everything against them – and also, it was Chris Harrison who went to talk to her, not Peter himself. It all seems very forced.
    I look forward to Claire’s season and older contestants who hopefully are more mature and clear on what they want.

  389. I was so disgusted with Peter’s mom and wish that Peter did more to defend Madison. What kind of woman behaves that way especially when the subject of her hate is a young beautiful (not just looks buy character to) young woman of just 23 years of age. Shame on you Barb you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You put your wants above that of your son’s. You acted like a spoiled little brat who didn’t get their way and were throwing a temper tantrum. Madison behaved respectfully and with class. more than you will ever have. I am also left confused because didn’t they love Madison at their vow renewal. Barb made it seem like they had never met before. Did she say she like her then? Definitely the most dramatic finale to date.

  390. I agree about Peter’s Mom, that was so awful and disrespectful, but at the end Peter did defend Madison and kind of told his parents to stop. It shut Barb up. I also think that just maybe if they work hard at it, the relationship might work. Christians do all in their power to make things work so we shall see.

  391. I personally am not as upset with Barb as others are. I think Madison apologizing instead of cutting Barb off would have gone a long way.
    I do think Peter should have stepped in and stopped it but I personally don’t blame Barb for the things said.
    I honestly hope this couple doesn’t work out.

  392. I do agree with Barb in that this is the wrong decision, and he just has to learn that for himself. BUT she didn’t have to say that out loud on TV. Or she could’ve said, “You didn’t see everything we saw and I hope they prove me wrong, I want my son to be happy.” or “It’s hard to accept and love someone who’s already hurt him before.” Anything would’ve came off better. However, it’s a 2 way street and I also think Madi could’ve handled her response better too. She could’ve acknowledged his mom’s concerns and offered a fresh start too. Instead, she came across very much as “it’s my way only.” If you watched night 1 closely, she basically said that she and Peter talked in Peru and he said he could grow (aka change) in certain areas. I think that’s what set off mama bear. I also think Barb is not ready to let her boys fly away from the nest. I actually think those 2 women (Barb and Madi) have more things alike than we are seeing right now. Neither had much consideration for the other. Madi at least tried to take the high road, but also failed to make amends.

  393. I agree Ali, completely shocked at the actions of Peters mom. I’m in shock with hearing a lot of podcasts and different people from bachelor and bachelorette contest speak about this. I do believe that Madison and Peter can make it if they take time to be just them and heal. I have been there, minus the tv program. My now husband family hated me we had different beliefs but marriage is compromise and if you love someone it can be enough, it will just take work, but in life you have to work at everything you do

  394. I completely agree with what you said about Peter’s mom. I am a mom of two adult children and I would NEVER have said anything like that to my son! I would have simply said I see you both have love for each other and I hope it works out!
    No one mentions that it’s not Madison’s fault for being 3 hours late. She wasn’t out there refusing to come in they were talking! And Peter should have definitely shut his mother down and defended Madison more!

  395. Totally agree! Barb was absolutely disgusting. The amount of disrespect and just plain rudeness she showed her son and the person HE chose was appalling!
    I believe she got into his head in wanting him To choose Hannah Ann. And he did. But that turned out horribly. She needed and should have let her grown ass son make his own choice and back him on that. Good or bad her job as a mother is to respect her child’s choices, whether or not she agreed.

  396. Man I was dying to read your blog today as soon as I had a moment. I went to bed so appalled and sad last night. We have never seen such cruelty toward someone like that especially from a parent. Barb cheered and clapped when Hannah Ann Spoke and came out and just disrespected Madi left and right. My heart went out to her. Especially because she was kind and respectful to everyone throughout the season and his mom made it seem like she was the worst person.
    I think they have so many obstacles facing them that the odds are not in their favor.
    However, anyone who watched could feel the intensity between them. I truly believe they are deeply connected. So I hope they can find their own happy through this all.

  397. Simple and straight to the point… I agree with you completely Ali. Barb was so out of line
    i was just baffled beyond words. This now goes beyond faith, it now hits families and how they feel about each other. Good heavens what a season. I am hoping Clare’s is better.

  398. Barb should apologize I agree with Madison for standing her ground ,,,,
    His mom made it all about her

  399. Barb was so out of line on how she handled it all. She made herself look terrible to America! I couldn’t believe it the things she was saying. I felt so badly for Peter and Maddison. Yeah, I don’t think they will make it, and especially not after Barb and his family not being supportive. Maddison handle herself very well though! Hannah Ann was so right on everything she said as well! No one on anything I have read has mentioned something Hanna Ann said, and it bothers me. Like if Peter is so in love with Maddison, WHY is he still contacting Hannah B!!!! He still needs closure?!? Did anyone else find this ridiculous? I sure did! He obviously isn’t over her! I think Peter can be a nice guy, but I think he still has a lot of growing to do!! I hope next season is better!

  400. I think Hannah Ann is fake and had her speech planned out. Especially the break up was so fake to me with her trying to cry tears.
    I also don’t think Madison would have left if she had not been treated the way Peter’s Mom treated her when they met, I think Madison was dealing with so much hurt and then when Barb was so nasty to her I think it just really put her in a bad place and she got scared and that’s why she left.
    I think if Barb had stayed out of it I think Madison would have stayed and we would have a different story.

  401. Couldn’t agree more! You hit the nail on the head with everything you said. Such an unfortunate season and now to be overshadowed by Peter’s MOM… this will haunt/follow him forever! And their family. And that mother/son dynamics may always suffer now too. Bless the girl that ends up having that lady as a MIL! WOOF!

  402. I feel especially bad for Madison and her parents going forward considering Barb’s animosity,her henpecked husband and spineless son Peter. Would love to be a fly on the wall at Peter’s reunion with her strict, religious Southern dad! Don’t think that Peter is the future husband that he prayed for over baby Madison’s body! Wish someone had asked her directly as to why she would even sign up for The Bachelor knowing Peter’s background. Also don’t understand her persisting despite his sleeping with others. Don’t see Peter conforming to bible study, sparkling apple cider and celibacy for long!Not to mention a long distance relationship,too. Meanwhile, Hannah B is in LA and definitely more compatible with him. And Luke P is in Georgia…

  403. This show is just so mean. I can hardly watch it any more. This season I only watched the last few episodes. I feel bad for Hannah Ann, he strung her along unfairly. Madison was fair in not wanting him to sleep with others, what girl would want her BF to do that. I don’t think they will last long in the real world. It’s so different than the fun they have been able to have. We will see – I hate to see relationships fail, but I’m not sure they really have a relationship.

  404. I have no words for her. I would be mortified if that was my mother and my mother would be disgusted if my mother in law acted like that. Don’t forget also that Madison had already met them! And they liked her then!

  405. Shame on the producers for putting so much attention on Barb also. I don’t think she should’ve been given air time last night. They loved the drama, and it sure worked because everyone is talking about it today! She is crazy and I’d feel sorry for anyone he marries because that is one wacko MIL to have to deal with. Run, Madi, run.

  406. Agreed! Relationships are hard enough and to not have your family’s support will make it that much more difficult especially if you boyfriends mom is that outspoken. I feel in some ways Barb persuaded Peter to propose to Hannah Ann when his heart wasnt in it. In the end it only hurt Hannah- Barb needs to stay out of it!!!

  407. Where to start? Barb was way over the top. You were right she should have told him in private her thoughts/feelings. With that being said Madison did come off as being disrespectful in her demeanor. Regardless of the set up/take down you mentioned, I would have apologized profusely to the parents for being 15-20 minutes late not to mention the “meeting” being 3 hours late. It’s just not a great foot to get off on. As a mother myself if one of the girls said “ I don’t love your son or wouldn’t accept a proposal” then of course I too would have been turned off. Barb was valid in her feelings but shouldn’t have aired them on national tv. Wonder how long relationship will in fact last. It’s doomed for sure unless they both disown their families. 😂😂which will never happen. If I was Madison’s parents, I’d be unimpressed with how Peter conducted himself especially with Hannah Ann.

  408. Ali, I couldn’t agree with you more! As a mother of two daughters, 22 & 20, I was so disgusted and embarrassed with Barb’s behavior. I would never have disrespected my daughters or the men they love in such a demeaning manner. To love and support my daughters means I love who they choose to love. Private, composed conversations are healthy, but what we saw last night was a very clear picture of an emotionally controlling mother gone too far. Madi is a gem and I seriously doubt that their relationship will last, but I am rooting and praying for them!

  409. You would have thought by Barb’s reaction that Madison was a street walker on meth. She was so over the top rude and disrespectful that Madison should run away from this family. He is 28 and needs to be able to make his own mistakes without Mommie’s help. He did not take up for Madison enough which is a bad sign. I could not believe how a mother could behave like that. Shocking.

  410. Honestly, I thought his mom acted disgustingly. What an awful woman to clap when he is told off by one and brow beat the other. I think she is acting up like this because she knows Peter will cave. I will have to say though, I totally disagree about them making it. If the love they share is worth fighting for… will surpass all odds. Its Barbs fault that they have an uphill climb. Its Barbs fault that her son cant make a decision. Its Barbs fault that she cant just unconditionally love her son. I’m a step mom and let me say, my step daughter is engaged to a guy that we arent too thrilled about. And guess what??? We keep our mouths shut and know that we will 110% pick up her broken pieces if he ever hurts her. That’s unconditional love. This is a child that I didnt birth but that is mine. I cannot imagine being that jealous and shitty to someone just because I feel that it is my right. She doesnt like Madison because Madison can hold her own. Madison shows strength beyond her years and she is mature enough to tackle this head on.

  411. Ali,
    I’ve been reading your blog and following you for years! You are absolutely correct with everything you wrote. It broke my heart as a mother to watch how barb reacted the entire show towards peter and Madison. Regardless of her thoughts and opinions about Madison they should be put aside for her son. She is not thinking about her son though- very selfish of her. Hopefully peter stands up to his mother soon otherwise it will always be this type of situation for him with any female he brings into his life. I now understand why Peter was single for so many years before going onto the bachelor.
    Also, love Kevin’s shirt- just got one for my husband!

  412. I honestly think that Barb is a strong figure and was threatened by Madi. I think she knows Madi is a woman of conviction and is worried that she will replace Peter’s mom as the strong woman in his life. I don’t think she can handle that! Her behavior was appalling and I think she left Peter pretty speechless. It’s a lot of pressure on national television to come out against your mom- so I felt for him in the moment. And sadly, I also think they are pretty doomed which really sucks because his family clearly was the deciding factor her.

  413. I think Barbara was way out of line. She made comments throughout the whole thing and was very disrespectful to Madison. I kind of wish the producers had not let her have so much control. They put the camera on her a lot, and Chris asked her about her feelings. I think she should have said her words to Peter privately and not embarrass Madison live on tv. i love Madison! She is a classy woman who handled it with class.

  414. I’m sad. I knew he was in love with Madison early on, it was obvious! I personally think if they made it work early on they’d be golden. Now the damage has been done and they probably won’t make it. It makes me sad for them.
    Also, I agree, “DON’T BE A BARB, BARB!”

  415. Holy moly guacamole!!! Wasn’t that the weirdest and lost awful finale ever. Ali we have the same exact opinion on the whole debacle. Everyone makes mistakes and the past is the past, I think Peter and Madison are on the same page as this but wow, BARB is AWFUL! So glad my parents are supportive of me. I also think Peter and Madison love each other, but are they in love with each other? Only time will tell.

  416. Peter’s Mom should be ashamed of herself!! She acted so immature!! I felt for Peter because he looked so sad. Madi handled herself like a pro!! So much more maturely then Barb did!!

  417. I agree with every single bit you said about Barb. It was bullying on live t.v. Madi was so composed and mature throughout. I can’t believe Peter did not stop his mother and defend Madison fully.

    They will definitely not work. Madi has way too much class and morals and grace for that family. Peter is needing to figure himself out and how he should treat women. I too thought they seemed like such nice parents at the beginning but that deplorable behaviour from Barb last night proved me wrong. Who would want to date never mind marry a guy who’s mother treats her that way. Also Peter’s Values and murals do not match Madi in any way. Good Job Ali. You nailed this post!!

  418. Ali I agree with you Barb was very disrespectful. I’m sure that I’ve dated people my parents weren’t fond of, but they always supported me, and hoped I was happy. They trusted I was with someone that made me happy. As a parent I will always support my sons with who they date and hope they are happy. Remember they aren’t engaged, only decided to date each other and see where it goes. As young people we date several people and try them on, this helps us find out what we like in someone snd what we don’t like. Maybe they will make it, maybe they won’t. I hope they do make it. I hope Barb realizes if she doesn’t shut up and stop trying to control her kids, she may lose them one day. If they have grandchildren one day she may not be involved in their lives. Also, not everyone has to be exactly the same, lots of relationships last when the people are different. I know my husband and I have been together for over 20 years and we are very different. I wish Madison and Peter all the luck in the world, hope Peter starts living his life for himself and doing what makes him happy, not what makes his mom happy.

  419. I totally agree and I thought it was bizarre that Barb was acting like that and freaking out about the 3 hour wait in Australia. They already met Madison and it’s like they all forgot!!! Jokes on Barb though, as Madi is in all of their vowel renewal photos.

  420. I totally agree once again with your thoughts ,and me watching Peter’s mother last night I wanted to throw something at my tv each time they showed her face either full screen or a box caption ,shame on the producers as well for making her so involved ..and Peter put your big boy pants on and get out from under mommy’s wings ,your a grown a.. man move out and get your own place ..last night was way too much about each one of the three Peter ,Hannah and Madison .. I think we all feel they won’t move too far forward in their relationship if it’s not already over ..

  421. I agree, his mom was awful! My daughter and I watch the show together and we could not believe how she was acting and the words she was saying. I hope she is able to see herself and realizes just how awful she was. What if it were her daughter that those eye rolls and harsh words were directed to? How would she feel? 🙁 I also agree that Peter should have stood up to his mother.
    As for Peter and Madison, I’m not sure. I’ve loved her from the beginning, but I’m thinking it doesn’t look good. However I would love it if they prove us all wrong. ❤️

  422. Well said Ali! I completely agree, as a mother to a 10 year old girl, if she was ever was disrespected like that by a potential love interest’s family, I would probably explode! Kudos to Madison, so being respectful and not saying anything negative when it clearly looked like she wanted to.
    I also have a 7 year old son! I love him unconditionally and if it were him sitting in that seat, I would have never acted like that. My son’s happiness is what is important, and his choice are something that I should respect! For your son to be begging the way he was begging on that stage with his mother was unbelievable. How selfish can one woman be! So self centered!
    I found myself feeling so angry with what she said, I wish Peter’s dad would have said how he really felt and defended his son! Wow, this whole thing has left a sour taste in my mouth.
    We could all see he wanted it to be Madison not Hannah Ann! He did do the wrong thing by proposing to her! He knew deep down who he really wanted to be with and who he was in love with.
    My honest opinion is Madison and Peter will not work not because they do not love each other but because he will do anything to make his mother happy!

  423. I never cared for Madison. I don’t think they will make it just for the fact Peter seems all over the place and Madison seems to keep acting so unsure about their relationship. I agree with you that they also don’t have the family support.

  424. I felt so weird when they had the little window of Barb while there was a clip of Madi and Peter playing. Her rolling her eyes and shaking her head was so unnecessary. At one point when Madi was talking the camera went to Barb and I totally thought she said “I hate her”. Its so sad that Madi had to deal with that, but she handled herself so well. Peter should most definitely told his mom to stop. HannaAnn was also amazing. I was on the fence about her all season but after the way she handled the situation I really like her.

  425. As the mom of adult sons who have brought a few girls to meet me, I was horrified. Horrified! There have been a few that I wasn’t thrilled with. But I tried really hard to get to know them and have a friendship with them. For my son’s sake. I texted my daughter in law last night and said please be watching.

  426. No no no no. Barb did not act with grace BUT Madi was the worst. I thought Madi was supposed to be nice and show grace? The woman (no matter how you feel about her) is his mother. Had this been going on for months/years, I can see someone reaching a breaking point but Madi could have acknowledged any of what Barb was saying and all she kept doing was her usual “I am true to who I am” BS. I was appalled that the audience applauded for her. Madi lives in a bubble and is used to everyone making her out to be a saint. She is not, she is human just like Barb. Typical person who feels that their behavior is ok because they are being true to themselves. Her smirks and her facial expressions made my skin crawl. I’d rather have Barb in my family any day than Madi. Enough with Christianity meaning you have morals as if no one else does.

  427. I agree with you Ali! Barb was beyond disrespectful and embarrassing. Peter needs to have a very long conversation with his mother after that debacle.

  428. Omg!! Barb was brutal & way out of line!! My gosh, even if they start dating again, how is Peter supposed to bring Madison to a family dinner after the way she was treated by them. I can’t imagine possibly having Barb as a future mother-in-law. And Peter!! No wonder he made so many mistakes. Look at who raised him!! I really hope they can all work this out. They really do seem to care about one another. We shall see, only time will tell. I wish them the very best.

  429. I also blame Chris for not using discretion as to allowing Barb to enter in to that degree and humiliate Peter and disrespect what he is going thru.
    Key point in respect to Peter.
    He had no time to process that Madison left and went home and then in less than 2 days he had to bounce back emotionally and go and finish off with getting engaged to Hanna Anne .
    The producerS of the show need to pull up their standardized supporting the integrity of the bachelor and the ladies instead of making things dramatic to have rating go up!

  430. I totally agree with you Ali! What pissed me off the most about Barb was when she said “he has to fail in order to succeed”, implying his and Madison’s relationship will fail. I hope they DO succeed just to prove her wrong!! But sadly the reality is it will be tough as heck without the full support of each other’s family. She (Barb) made me sick to my stomach!
    I feel like Hannah Ann finally showed up last night! She wasn’t the little girl panting after Peter and bowing down to his every whim and that shows growth! I’m glad something positive came from this show.

  431. Barb is so controlling! Peter has to move out so he can set boundaries if he doesn’t he will never have the ability to find or give someone happiness.
    I am still fuming over the power she has over her entire family and the power ABC gave her.
    Peter is a wreck and that’s why he cannot make a decision.
    Madison is a beautiful, strong woman and the mom finally met someone she cannot control. My hope is they make it because then Peter will finally be free of his mother’s manipulation. Ty for your post I feel exactly the way you do!!

  432. Agree with Ali 100%.
    I have watched the majority of the bachelor series and never have seen a parent act this way. The way Barb behaved On national tv was horrible. Peter made the first mistake proposing. Hannah Ann handled everything well even though it ended. I liked her but we could all see he truly loves Madi.
    For Barb to treat Peter with zero respect was awful. He loves Madi. He wasn’t proposing last night he just wants to date her and see what happens. Why is that so horrible for Barb to use such ugly words like wanting him to fail to succeed. She wants to control his life and she made sure that it would never go far because of how she behaved. She should be embarrassed. I honestly hope Peter moves out, gets his own place and lives his own life – love Peter and Madi but his mom ruined it. Pretty sad she had to behave that way.

  433. Please, let’s not talk about Barb negatively anymore! I am sure by now she knows she has done wrong and feels really bad about it. Let’s be positive. I pray that Madison with her loving heart will be able to forgive Barb’s actions and Barb in turn will finally find something beautiful in Madison. Author Victoria Osteen said: “We only have a certain amount of energy for each day. If we use it for the wrong purpose, if we focus on the negative or dwell on whoever hurt us, then we’re not going to have the energy we need for the right purposes”. Let’s make a chain pray for both of the families, have God comfort them and give them extra love and strength during these difficult times.

  434. I totally disagree with you, Ali. Something happened for all 3 of his family members to not like her or accept her. She should have said Sorry were late. Normal people say sorry for being 3 hrs late. They do. Or call…the dad said, you did not see what was going on behind the scenes and Barb said that, too. Madi made a point to say it is what it is with a smirk. I’d be pissed, too as a mom. Peter brought all of this on himself by being immature and indecisive. This is Peters deal…not Barb, not Madi, not Hannah Ann.