Preparing for an Emergency (Like the Coronavirus)

Hey guys! Thanks for coming to the blog today. First, I want to say that I don’t want this to come off as alarmist. I understand that a lot of people are concerned about the coronavirus and quite frankly so am I. But even though I’m concerned, I’m not saying we all need to panic. However, I do think being prepared is absolutely necessary. And not only for the coronavirus, but just for any sort of emergency.

I do want to say this about the coronavirus. From what I’ve read your chances of dying from the virus if you are under 50 years old is very very very slim. So I’m not preparing because of the fact that I think my family is going to die from this. I’m doing it because if we do get sick, I don’t want to spread our germs to others that are more likely to have their life threatened from this illness. Like people my parents age. I ended up sending a lot of the things in this post to my parents because I want them to be protected. And even if you don’t choose to stay home when you’re sick, there is the chance of quarantines here in the US and I just wanna be ready for them. If they never happen, and hopefully they don’t, this is all stuff I’ll end up using anyway or is just important to have for disaster relief in general.

manno family Preparing for an Emergency (Like the Coronavirus)

A lot of the items I’m gonna talk about in this blog post we already have/had because it’s in our earthquake emergency kit which we’ve had for quite some time now. Other things I recently ordered because of the coronavirus scare. And while I’m not freaking out, I do rest easier knowing that I prepared just in case the virus is spread more in the US. So here’s a list of all the things that I purchased that are available for you guys to purchase as well. I wanted to make sure all these things are still available and not sold out because I know a lot of people are trying to buy N95 masks and finding them sold out worldwide.

What Items to Get for Disasters and Emergencies

Face Masks (Inside Emergency Kits)

So let’s start with a face mask. As you probably heard, face masks are either completely sold out online or they cost $100 for one paper mask. And, even if you can afford to buy one, the World Health Organization is asking people not to because they need them for hospitals. Which I completely understand! That said, I personally don’t think it hurts to buy an emergency disaster kit that already has a couple masks in it.  I found this kit AND this kit with n95 masks. The hospitals aren’t going to be buying these kits because they’re expensive with a bunch of other stuff in them. And all the other items in the kit are things that you just need for an emergency anyway. Unless the people/companies that make these emergency kits decide to take all the masks out and give them to hospitals, they will never actually get to hospitals. Does that make sense? So I feel fine ordering these kits knowing that I can get the masks for me and my family, but also not take away from the hospital that need them. And if you you get this emergency kit for your family in case of disasters in general, you could always donate the masks to a local hospital.

UPDATE: Thank you to al the nurses for commenting below about the N95 masks. I still feel good about having a few paper ones! And the emergency kit is just helpful to have in general. Also, I didn’t comment on WHAT you should use the masks for because I’m not a medical professional (this is all just stuff I bought to feel at ease). But I want to have them to wear if I get sick and need to leave the house (and at home witht he kids so I don’t get them sick). For example, I wore one on the flight to Hawaii because I had a cold and didn’t want to spread it to others but wasn’t going to cancel my trip because of a small cold.

I actually just read something that said wearing the mask may INCREASE your risk of getting sick. So I plan to only wear if I am already sick because of my kids.

Soap – Was Your Hands!!!!

The best way to prevent the spread of coronavrus? Wash your hands!!! I always buy my soap from Grove Collaborative, so when I ordered this month I just really stocked up on soap. And Grove DID NOT ask me to put this in here but if you use this link to their website and spend $20 on the site you get a bunch of stuff free like bamboo straws, reusable sandwich bags, hand soap, hand soap dispenser, and sponges! Why pay for the soap when you could spend $20 on other products you need and get the soap for free? I truly mean it when I say this post isn’t sponsored, you know I love to share any way to save money with you guys. It’s an insanely good deal and because they have a bunch of the stuff that you need to keep your family healthy from this virus that is natural and effective. Like hand sanitizer!!!! Their natural hand sanitizers are just as effective as the stuff with other chemicals in it, but so much better for your skin and to put on your actual largest organ on your body. I just wanted to pop that in here just because I feel like it will help a lot of you and that’s what this post is all about! Helping you protect your family! So if you get a good deal while doing it why not. Ha!

Feminine Care Products

I wanted to mention this next because I also get some of my feminine products from Grove, like tampons, so I just stocked up on a ton! If we do get quarantined to our homes, these are items you will need! Here’s also a link to some organic tampons on Amazon.

Hand Wipes

And while washing your hands in the sink with soap and water is the most effective way to clean your hands, I truly think it’s important to have hand wipes handy when you’re out and about. Just in general during cold and flu season this is important. We always have antibacterial hand wipes on us when we travel or even go to a restaurant with the kids. It’s just the easiest way to clean their hands before they eat. These are also mostly sold out in stores, so I would snag some online where you can even if there is a little bit of a high shipping fee. I just went back and tried to check if they are available for you guys, but it seems like Walmart and Amazon are both completely sold out of them. I would definitely grab them if you see them available on any of these links.

hand wipes Preparing for an Emergency (Like the Coronavirus)

Surface Wipes

OK these might not be the most natural product, but I don’t care when it comes to killing viruses on my surfaces. I bought this jumbo pack of Lysol wipes because I want to make sure everything is sanitized in my house. Right now, most stores are sold out of them. Trust me, I’ve checked multiple and see so many stories online. Y0u may have to pay a large shipping fee online, but I think it’s worth it to have them. I think these ones have free shipping right now.


You guys may have already heard this, but if you’re on any sort of prescription medication it’s really important to try to get two months worth (I say even more if you can) of it right now. A lot of our medication comes from China, so I’ve heard they’re predicting major shortages. That also said, I’ve read it’s very important, that if someone in your family does get sick and there is any sort of quarantine or lockdown, you’re going to want cold and flu medication for you and your family just in case you can’t leave to go to the store to buy some. So I stocked up on children’s cold medication, adult cold medication, and then all these little packets of other random meds.

I also want to mention that it is so important during the flu season in general to help our immune systems out by taking vitamins. We personally take Vitamin C and elderberry, which I would recommend. Make sure to ask your doctor if that’s okay for you, especially if you are taking any other sort of medication or vitamins.


I feel like it might’ve been a little over the top to get the gloves, but I went ahead and bought the medium size for me and Kevin and then smalls for my kids – just in case. I feel like it’s the type of thing that doesn’t hurt just to have in your home anyway.

Food and Other Supplies

Stock up on non-perishable food! If the virus does become more serious here, there will be quarantines two weeks or more. So you’ll need things like toilet paper, canned food, frozen food, and water.

Preparing for an Emergency (Like the Coronavirus)

bulk paper towels Preparing for an Emergency (Like the Coronavirus)


We have a Brita water filter, but I felt like it was important to have these filtered water bottles for each person in our family. So I got four of them. Not necessarily for the coronavirus because if that spreads we will stay here with our filter at home. But just in case of another disaster where we had to leave the house and have something to go. I also have a Life Straw, which I think is an amazing product that every person should have just in case.

We had a few earthquakes in a row back in July and when that happened it really freaked me out, so I kind of went over the top preparing for earthquakes. I bought a huge 70 gallon water tank that sits on the side of our house that we can use in case of emergency. And while I know not everybody wants to go that route. It is important to have these emergency water packs on hand. I keep them in our car emergency kit and in the one in our home.

emergency preparedness Preparing for an Emergency (Like the Coronavirus)

Pet Food in Bulk – Cat Litter

This is when I didn’t even think up until friend mentioned it. But we definitely need to make sure we have food and medication for our pets! Food obviously for all pets. But if your pet has any special medications make sure you have enough for a couple months.

This website sends food very quickly if you are unable to get to the store and just want to order something for your furry friends.

This Handy Gadget

Again this doesn’t have to do with the coronavirus, but just something I think is important to have in your home. This is a hand crank radio, flashlight, and smart phone charger all in one! I have this in my earthquake emergency kit in my car and in my home. This is something I hope I will never ever ever have to use, but if I’m ever in a situation where I do need to use it it will be the best $14 I’ve ever spent. I also found this one online that is $45 that looks like it might be a little bit better quality. So I might get that one as another option. It’s probably not necessary to have both options but I get a little over the top prepared if you can’t tell. One also come in one of the emergency backpacks I suggested.

First Aid Kit

And even if you aren’t worried about emergencies like this, everyone should have a first aid kit in their house. This one is really great and easy to throw in your Amazon cart with everything else I’ve mentioned in this post!

Be Prepared

Anyway, again I don’t wanna freak anybody out. My girlfriend sent me this list of items and I found it so helpful and makes me feel so much more at peace with everything going on. So I really wanted to share with all of you guys in case anybody else was feeling the same way I was feeling. I felt underprepared and I wanted to feel more prepared. Not only because of this virus, but just because it’s important to be prepared for any sort of disaster. Whether it’s illness spreading or natural disasters.

And I kindly ask that if you do think this is alarmist post, please keep it to yourself. I felt compelled to write this to help others and if you feel like it’s spreading fear I apologize. But I feel good knowing that I might help someone out there and help them feel a little bit more at ease. I love you guys! Stay healthy!

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  1. Ali you can’t just go buy an n-95 mask and wear it. They have to be fitted to your face properly as there are dozens of versions of them. I work in healthcare and have to do what they call a fit-test yearly, where they put different n-95 masks on you then put you under a big plastic bag thing and spray a bitter substance in the contained bag over your head(it looks like a space suit – think of that) and they have you talk and turn from side to side and up and down and if you taste the bitter taste they try a different mask. This goes on until they find the best fitting one. It’s seriously a waste of money to go out and buy n-95s
    Please stick to what you know
    Fashion and whining about motherhood

    1. Yes I just tried to comment something similar but it did not post for some reason. Paper masks are useless as a preventative measure and a fit test is needed in order to ensure that they work.

    2. Maybe you don’t agree with her but is it necessary to make a rude comment towards her at the end of your post….so not necessary!!

    3. Neliah,
      Your knowledge and feedback could potentially be so helpful. Why make the choice to share it with bitterness and unkind commentary. It’s such a waste of your time and energy and a moment in your life to choose to lead with love. Im sorry you felt the need to do that, I’m not sure how that can leave you feeling good about yourself.

      I hope you have a better day tomorrow and learn how to make more kind and thoughtful choices in the future.

      1. Just want to hop back on this thread and say that my original comment I thought was eaten did end up posting under the name Jess. Check that one out instead of my original shortened reply on this thread.

      2. What she doesn’t realize is that I can see her IP address and she posts negative stuff about me on here daily. But under different names. I just wish her well. Hurt people, hurt people.

        1. So sry you have a hateful person on your blog, Ali! Is there a way you can block her IP? People need to find something better to do with their time.

        2. Hurt people, hurt people. I needed to hear that today. Thank you and wishing all good things for your beautiful family. ♥️

        3. When I saw you posting this on Insta stories about the sad mean remarks. It brought tears to my eyes. It wasn’t because she was so nasty but your kind and gentle remarks you came back with. I can only aspire to be the gracious kind hearted person you have shown this very troubled person! Also, the emergency post is so packed with lots of good info!!!

        4. “Don’t carry around the hurtful words that others say. Drop them. They are not yours to keep. They belong only to those who said them.”

          From a children’s book called the proudest blue

          Nice words for a child, sad that this is applicable to you “Neliah”

        5. Ali, please know that so many of us enjoy following you and reading your blog. I know it is so hard sometimes to look past negativity but I think you show so much kindness even when faced with this negativity unnecessarily. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and family with us!!

        6. Ali, you are amazing!!! Don’t let one miserable soul get to you. She is obviously very jealous of you. So many people follow and LOVE YOU! Your positive energy and attitude is like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to everything and anything that you share with us! Never stop being you!

        7. this chick is clearly obsessed with you!! the way you handled it on your stories last night was commendable though.

    4. How rude can you be to someone who is clearly trying to help people. You’re obviously not a mother or nice person so keep your ugly comments to yourself in the future

    5. Wow! Aren’t you a peach? “Whining about motherhood.” Nasty, nasty. Nobody likes a know-it-all. Get off your high horse and don’t comment if you don’t have something nice to say.

    6. Was it necessary for you to be rude? Your post was informative but you did not need to add that last little bit.

    7. Neliah,

      Please just stay quiet and stop following if you’re going to be so rude. You can choose to be kind and informative or mean and judgemental but if you choose the latter, please just stay off of Ali’s space. Thanks.

    8. I thought your feedback was super useful until the last two sentences. That was so unnecessary. No need to be mean.

    9. Hello, Neliah, Norah, Caroline, Caitlyn, Emma, whoever you are deciding to be today.

      I would like you to know that as Ali’s assistant, we can SEE that all of these hateful comments come from your same IP address. Please find someone else to harass.

      Ali is one of the most beautiful, genuine, kind, generous, compassionate people that I have ever met. She, and anyone else you harass online, do not deserve your hateful, cruel remarks. They are REAL people.

      Thank you,

      Ps. Love when you respond to your own comments with a different name.

      1. You are the sweetest. I’m so glad you all caught on to that. So sad, cyber bullying at its finest. You and Ali are just too sweet. I’m glad Ali posted and is staying positive. Hopefully she can block them. Such negativity coming from them. Have a good week!!

    10. Stop, everyone handles the stress and worry of this differently. We don’t know what is going to happen.

    11. Seriously you need to take a deep breath and ask yourself why you feel the need to be rude. In today’s world, we all should know/do better.

    12. Neliah – you are incorrect that “you can’t just go buy an N-95 mask and wear it”. You can, and people do. And it will give you 95% more protection than not wearing one will. There are many many kinds of masks and I highly doubt your doing testing for bitters through an N-95. Nice try.

      1. You’re absolutely right. My cousin is a nurse and I asked her about this and she said it was wrong. She got sized and and stuff for one when she was in school but not like the poster said.

        Ali keep be I’ll ng your sweet amazing self and please dont think one person speaks for us all. You’re an amazing mom and wife. Thank you for such an informative post!

    13. She’s just talking about emergency kits in general that also have face masks, she specifically is not only focused on the virus.

    14. Thank you for the info Ali! I love following you. Sorry you ever have to receive any negativity when all you do is spread positivity. We need more positive, kind, smart mommas like you in the world. Don’t ever change because you are amazing!! ♥️

    15. Seriously Neliah! You have no life what so ever! I actually enjoy watching her kids and how she’s facing every challenge in motherhood. Be kind!

    16. Maybe stick to what you know and go be a bitch to someone who deserves it. Not someone who is simply trying to help others. There is no need to write a rude nasty comment on a blog. Good job ruining her day and making her feel shitty for no reason. 👏🏼

    17. How rude! You could just made a good recommendation but that wasnt your intention at all. Stay in your lab. No bad vibes

    18. That was really mean. “Stick to what you know, whining about motherhood”. That’s really hurtful. She was just trying to help and she never claimed to know it all. You could have politely informed her about the masks and left it at that. I assume you’re not a mother because if you were you would know how hard it can be at times and it feels good to be able to share struggles with other moms who can relate. If that’s how you feel about her I don’t know how or why you ended up on this blog, seems like a giant waste of time. I‘m glad you’re not my healthcare professional. Yikes.

    19. I read an article from a medical society that states while these N95s aren’t foolproof they will help some. Also, these are the masks that they have given to the people in quarantine. So to say it is a complete waste of money is an exaggeration.

  2. Hi Ali – I work in medical research and I feel that it’s important that you & your followers know that paper masks including N95s are kind of useless as a preventative measure. You should only wear a mask if you are sick as it prevents droplets escaping when you cough or sneeze (unless it does not fit properly, which brings me to my next point). And, unless you’ve been properly fit tested for a mask, you don’t know whether it will fit your face and provide a proper seal. For example, I was fit tested at a previous job and I was shocked to learn that those paper masks do not fit my face! I had to wear a special rubber respirator that made me look like a bug 😂. I think people need to stop wearing and buying masks – if you feel like you must buy them, do not wear it unless you are sick. It will not do anything as a preventative measure. Let me know if you have questions or want me to link some sources

    1. Thanks so much Jess!!! Yes I will add that to my post above. I wore one on the plane to Hawaii only because I WAS sick. That’s why I am recommending them 🙂

  3. I agree with previous poster…I am an ICU RN & can tell you with 100% certainty you must be fitted for N95 masks. They must be a complete seal & be fit tested to prove no outside air gets in to be effective. Also one mask isn’t useful. They are 1 time use, once you take it off it can’t be reused. Better advice to share…HANDWASHING!!!

    1. Totally Holly! I say in the post that hand washing is the best thing to do! But I think a mask is good if you are sick and have to go in public for any reason

      1. The ICU RN is telling you a mask won’t help and you’re dismissing her knowledge? No offense but previous poster may be right. Maybe stick to blogging about clothes and kids products.

  4. Thanks Ali, great tips and ideas, some of which I will surely go out to buy this week to be prepared for current (coronavirus) and or any emergency.

  5. Hi Ali, first time commenting. Just so you know, the mask you bought actually has to be fitted to your face to work properly. We get something called mask fit testing done each year at work where they put a mask on then a big plastic tube goes over and they spray something and you breath and move your head around. If you can taste anything gross then the mask doesn’t fit right and won’t actually protect you from anything airborn. They do this with different fits of masks until you can’t taste the spray. You’re better off just getting the paper masks from the doctors office than spending so much on a mask that is supposed to be fitted properly to work! Thanks for all the ideas, just Don’t want anyone reading here who may be tight on money spending so much on something like that!

  6. Hi Ali, thank you for sharing this stuff! Very helpful and very kind! I’m sorry people are being unkind on here. Anyway, you are appreciated!

  7. Great post. We’ve been preparing for weeks when nobody took this virus 🦠 seriously. My husband bought emergency food supplies from Mountain House (they’re sold out completely now). Whether or not the Corona virus becomes serious in the US it’s always important to be prepared no matter what! Plus, we live in TX, and tornados are a real thing. 🌪 Like the Boy Scouts say, “always be prepared.” 😉

  8. Thanks for sharing this list, Ali! Definitely better to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best!

  9. Thanks for your list Ali! Also don’t let anyone on here bully you about the N95 masks. The CDC has stated if anyone in your family gets COVID-19 they will need a mask as well as their family caregivers. They wouldn’t be included in the kits if they weren’t useful. Also the CDC released guidelines for how to wear them. Yes the disposable ones are into good for 30 minutes at a time. But yes we can read the information on how to properly use them.

  10. Bleach/anti-viral wipes and hand sanitizer are sold out at many big box stores here in the midwest. The store, Dollar Tree, had an awesome selection this weekend: Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, individually wrapped anti-viral wipes, etc. A place you wouldn’t normally think to look. They also have a lot of over the counter meds.

  11. Thank you Ali for sharing your family and your life with us! You are literally the sweetest person on social media. Your tips are awesome and I have benefited greatly from some of the deals you have shared. Keep being you. You are beautiful and perfect exactly as you are!

  12. I’m usually not the type of persons that like to read blogs, but I have been following you for awhile now. And I like how you write your post and the links are very helpful.

  13. Loved reading this post such good ideas on how to stay healthy and neat tips!! Also 100% you guys should have another baby!!! I come from a family of three girls, we r adults now but it’s something about three lol! It was always fun times in our house growing up! But totally up to you guys!! Love coming and seeing you affordable fashion tips!! I have bought many things you recommend!!!

  14. Thank you for sharing your list ❤️ I totally didn’t think about feminine care or cold and flu medicine which should’ve been a no brainer.

  15. Ali- thank you for your post. I’m a concerned mommy as well, and I really appreciate that you took the time to write this. As for the Negative Nancy’s, whether you’re agree with what Ali shares (on this post or any other) that’s you’re right, but please keep it kind. We are all human beings doing our best. 🧡. Ali- no idea if you’ll see this with your own two eyes, but I’m a fan and I thank you for keeping it real when you share with us!

  16. Hi Ali – I do want to say that as a nurse it is very important to be fitted for an N-95 mask! That is very important to the proper use of the mask. Each year we have to be fitted again. We go through testing to make sure we have an adequate for adequate protection. It’s important to share one size doesn’t fit all!!! The proper fit is important to keep you as protected as possible.

    1. Thank you. I am here for you. We are here for you. I hope you decide to become a part of this amazing community!

      1. Ali – you handled this with such class. I’m a newish mom of a 2.5 year old girl myself. I’ve enjoyed following you since you were on the Bachelor originally just because I thought you were pretty and sweet but as I became a mom and you did it’s nice to relate to someone. Mom “stuff” may not be new to everyone, but it is for new moms and it sure is nice to see what others are experiencing and pick up some tips for yourself. Social media is hard to observe as a mom of a little girl because I find girls and women are the meanest to other females. It’s hard to watch, and I hope it changes before my daughter is at the age to have people treat her that way. Thanks for handling cyber bullying with such class – keep killing them with kindness and keep posting your mom stuff. 🥰

  17. Thanks Ali for the great tips. My husband suggested that we get prepared just in case we are quarantined. So we have been getting prepared. I feel better now since you mentioned everything my husband said we should get. I do need to get Tylenol.

  18. What do you store all your emergency items in? Do you have a big plastic bin or bag to keep everything organized?

    1. In a plastic bin! But things like toilet paper and extra canned food just go in the garage on the floor.

  19. Thank you! I don’t want to be an alarmist either but was considering having a kit or a supply of food in case of a quarantine. The hardest thing to me is just being able to accept that it is going to be prevalent in the US, and I love that you are prepping in order to keep your family from potentially infecting the at risk population.

  20. This is a good idea for everybody. Because currently I’m right here in the middle of this Coronavirus outbreak in Washington. The patients who have died were in the hospital my kids were born. My kids schools closed today for cleaning and teachers are being trained for remote learning. Three days ago I stocked up and thank goodness because toilet paper, Kleenex, and hand sanitizer or wipes cannot be found ANYWHERE. Pray for our community, and for those not here…do make sure your emergency kits are ready!

  21. Yes to all this! We have one, it also includes diapers, wipes, formula, and flashlights. So important to be prepared just in case!

  22. Thank you so much for making this. I went to the store the other day and all the hand sanitizer was gone from 5 different stores 😢.

  23. I’m sorry you’re going through this with this same person. It’s so hurtful. Just read the comments and while your assistant was being supportive and defensive, she didn’t have to say- go find someone else to harass.. 🤨 not a good idea either! Hope this gets resolved and you don’t have to love with this negativity anymore!

  24. Hi Ali!

    Thank you so much for this post! This has helped me so much. I am in California as well. I have already stocked up on hand soap, disinfectant wipes/cleaners, paper towels, TP and hand sanitizer but I didn’t even think about stuff like cat litter! I’m gonna be ordering and picking some stuff up tonight and tomorrow. Like you said, it’s important to have anyways in California for fires, earthquakes etc.

  25. I’m with you in prepping. Ive got food and supplies for about 3months if we have to feed others, longer if not. I’ve always been a preparer though just needed to beef it up a bit. bought my thyroid meds so I’m good till August. One daughter is in LA and makes me nervous. I’m in northern Wisconsin so prepping is essential in case supply chains slow down. So many people (ppl I work with) have their heads in the sand. Until they say don’t come to work tomorrow we’re shutting down, it’s not like you can make a quick stop at the store and get what you need. Be safe!!!!

  26. It’s a good thorough list. I’m in the Midwest and am personally not stocking up and nothing is sold out in any of our stores here. I’m also still planning travel soon. But, for those who DO want to prepare, this is a good list. My step daughter lives a few blocks from the deaths in Seattle. They are still going to work and places, but she said the shelves were getting bare. She’s been to several different stores trying to find things. She’s getting ready to travel, so hopefully it will be better by the time she returns to Seattle. Thanks for taking the time to put it together, Ali.

  27. Dear Ali,

    I have never commented before, but saw your insta stories tonight and wanted to make sure you know how much people love reading your blog and following you and your family. I felt awful reading about the negative comments left, so I wanted to leave an extra positive one: as a 24-year-old, I don’t have kids or a spouse, but following you feels like getting the best advice from your favorite older sister. I love seeing both the highs and honesty about difficult times, because it encourages me to strive to be as strong as you one day. You are totally making a difference to me and so many others— thanks for being you!!

  28. Thank you for this post! I live on the Gulf Coast and we keep emergency boxes for hurricanes and tornadoes. You never know when you’ll be stuck inside for days or have to evacuate quickly. Your post reminded me that’s it’s time to check my box and do an inventory of what we need or what has expired and needs to be replaced. I’d like to make a suggestion to add to your list. I stock up on glow sticks, the ones kids use at Halloween, and if the electricity goes out they make great nightlights. That way you won’t run batteries down. Plus kids think it’s fun to have them around during the summer.
    Thanks again for all you do.

  29. Love your ideas for prevention. Im personally very nervous about the corona virus because I have anxiety/panic disorder, makes me OCD cleaning and nervous, and my son gets allergy shots twice a week(he’s allergic to all trees. Plants, dust), making his immune system compromised, however we HAVE NOT been sick at all in 2 years, (knock on wood)I went today and stocked up on hand soap and antibacterial wipes. I have a cat, so thank you for reminding me to stock up on cat food. Water, oh man, im really big on recycling, but I always buy bottled water, I have a spray spout on my kitchen sink so I can’t use a Brita filter, I’m thinking a Brita pitcher will do, but not sure how effective that is, any ideas you have ill take. My son is in 8th grade and they watch CNN at school each morning and he’s very scared of the virus, the fear is real. Its sad our kids are coming home constantly talking about it scared they are going to die.

  30. I really feel like this should be a message about being prepared for anything, not just about the virus. Which I think you’re trying to do. We should all be prepared for an emergency as much as possible within our means!
    What’s driving me nuts about this virus is the panic being spread by the media and people with large followings on social media. I couldn’t do my regular shop this week because my regular supermarket here in New Zealand was sold out of so many things. And we have ONE confirmed case!!! My family and I will be fine, but it makes me worried for those who can’t afford to have stock piles of food. Infant formula was running very low in the supermarket I visited. What happens to those parents who live pay check to pay check through no fault of their own and can’t afford a back up tin or two? They need that formula more than those stockpiling it. I wish everyone would take a breath and not panic. I hate to think of families in need not able to get food because everyone has panicked 🙁

  31. Hi Ali! I am a nurse at a big children’s hospital in LA and we are actually short masks. Literally we do not have enough masks Per shift because the public are buying them unnecessarily. It’s horrible right now because nurses, doctors, patients and their family members do not have enough masks. We use them for many different contagious diseases and now it puts us and them at risk.. So we are encouraging people to please not to buy masks!

    1. Hi- thanks for the info and for your fun, light-hearted posts on Instagram. I have two older boys (13 and 11) and it’s fun to see your little ones. Makes me miss my guys at that age. I try to snuggle with them and they call me Beverly Goldberg…😜. Stay positive and know we appreciate it. Also, I’m gonna be in LA in a few weeks and am a vegetarian. What’s the restaurant your hubby had the chicken Parmesan at please? Thx!

  32. Great post!! I totally agree with your thinking. For me it’s not being fearful of the virus, but making sure I’m stocked up on things because of possible shortages or quarantine. I tend to like to have a good stock on the essentials anyway and I’m mostly just wanting to make sure I don’t run out and find myself unable to locate what I need. I see no harm in being prepared.

  33. This is great! With two littles of our own, I’ve been preparing as well. Babies gotta eat! We are on a special dairy free diet, so I’ve been freezing rice milk in mason jars as well juuuust in case!! Thanks for sharing!

  34. I always been told never have candles or matches. Our emergency service have said battery operating lights. Especially if there an earthquake cause if gas is leaking it not a problem you want to face.

    1. Yes! I’m not a big fan of candles in general, so all I use are LEDs. I would suggest stocking up on batteries for them and many other reasons!
      Also, wanted to say I think this would be a great segment for the show. I dont think it’s alarmist at all!

  35. I live in LA too (my whole life here) and more so prepping for earthquakes so you’ll want lots of battery operated lanterns or solar powered too and extra batteries. Also solar phone chargers and such are handy in case power goes out. And something called a water bob for bathtubs to fill up with water.

  36. Thank you for sharing this list, Ali!! I’ve been slowly stocking up on food, medicine and cleaning supplies but you gave me some more good ideas on things that would be good to have on hand! Stay healthy and thank you for sharing! ❤️

  37. I find all of your blogs SO HELPFUL! You show things the average person may need/want. I sleep trained my 18 month old off your blogs AND bought him the bouncy puppy from Wal-Mart for Christmas (The one Riley posed on). THANK YOU for being a girl’s girl!

  38. Just a friendly tip from a pharmacist mama. Remember that your insurance dictates how much of your meds can be filled. An extra month filled early just may not be possible unless you are willing to pay. That said, I refilled my son’s (same age as Molly) as needed asthma medicine so we have enough and won’t be flooding the pharmacy when/if things get worse. I think you took a reasonable approach to be prepared as we should be for any major event. And to leave the masks for sick people and hospital workers.

  39. I usually don’t comment, but what I heard is that you don’t have to be 50 years old and older to get sick very seriously and maybe be die from Corona virus. Most people who are dying from viruses, corona virus as well, are people with very weak immune system and it can be young person or adult or elderly people, but if they have weak immune system than it’s a big issue for them. I don’t like panicking about it as well. I read recently that in NY flu related deaths cases are record high this year and the flu season is not over yet! Plus, keeping yourself healthy and taking care of yourself, washing your hands, don’t go in a public places when you are sick, cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing, don’t touch your face with dirty hands, and cleaning your nose every time you come home, should be normal routines during a season of viruses! Regular masks will not be able to help you not to get sick, they help others not to get sick if you are sick, probably. We have to take precautions every year for the virus season, not now.

  40. I usually don’t comment, but what I heard is that you don’t have to be 50 years old and older to get sick very seriously and maybe be die from Corona virus. Most people who are dying from viruses, corona virus as well, are people with very weak immune system and it can be young person or adult or elderly people, but if they have weak immune system than it’s a big issue for them. I don’t like panicking about it as well. I read recently that in NY flu related deaths cases are record high this year and the flu season is not over yet! Plus, keeping yourself healthy and taking care of yourself, washing your hands, don’t go in a public places when you are sick, cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing, don’t touch your face with dirty hands, and cleaning your nose every time you come home, should be normal routines during a season of viruses! Regular masks will not be able to help you not to get sick, they help others not to get sick if you are sick, probably. We have to take precautions every year.

  41. Wow, scary stuff! But really good tips on items to have on hand. Thanks for sharing, Ali! I appreciate you.

  42. Thank you so much . Great list .😀 we all have too be in prayers and good thoughts . God bless you and your family.

  43. Thanks Ali! Really great info! Definitely doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Your ideas are great.. helps alot. 🙂 Heather

  44. Don’t forget that most meds and supplements are made in China! May be how it is spreading. That and recirculated airplane air.

  45. Ali,
    Thank you for bringing a sense of control to the chaos going on around us! I live in Washington state and we have lost 10 to the virus already and many schools have shut down in precaution around me, including my nephew’s elementary school. I pray no one else is lost to this and more people are proactive like you to protect themselves and their family. <3. Great post!

  46. Such an informative post. As a mother of 3 I often feel ill prepared for unplanned events whether it’s coronavirus or a power outage. I am definitely taking notes of all of these items. One quick note too regarding prescription drugs, I work for a health plan and most will offer a 90 day supply of drugs for mail order and during natural disasters will offer emergency fills. Best to be prepared!

  47. Absolutely love this list! In the summer I often keep reusable water bottles filled with my Brita water in the fridge for regular on-the-go but the idea of purchasing a filtered water bottle is fantastic! This list is great overall for any emergency! I work for my local health department and I feel this list is more realistic to my life than the one work sends out! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Thanks for this! You really helped me stay organized thru sheer panic I’m experiencing due to being immunocompromised. I want to kindly point out that wearing your shoes in the house brings in and exposes your family to SO many icky germs (your toilet paper box picture). Also, we need to wipe down and sanitize our purses. Thinking if you all!!! 💜

  49. I watched your life as it’s evolved from the Bachelor days and now. Your site is lovely. I want to stress the importance of also getting certified in CPR/AED. EVERYBODY should be certified in how to do this life-saving procedure. Also get certified in an American Red Cross First Aid and Triage, Stroke, burns and other wounds care. I’m a member of our county’s CERT program, also MRC – Med. Reserve Corps as well as our Sr. Police Academy, grad 2012 and TRIAD – Sr. Advocate agency run by our state’s AG.
    It’s imperative that everyone be prepared. We don’t know how extensive this virus is going to become and the key people affected are the young and elderly. Our state of VA has already sent out the State-wide warnings through all of these agencies and stores are indeed selling out fast of everything. I’ve got backpacks and severla F-aid kits and boxes of gloves, masks, everything we need as well as I’ve well stocked with water, etc. Stay safe. KUTGW!

  50. Great list! I always keep emergency stuff if the stomach bug hits. We use masks while cleaning it up when our kids are sick, and haven’t gotten it it! Costco disenfictsnt wipes are a staple. I make my own natural cleaners and have plenty of supplies there! Vinegar & peroxide are great and lots of castile soap! I need to get some food items.

  51. Ali just did my list and read yours and found it so helpful. One thing: you forgot wine!!
    Seriously I’ve always loved you and really appreciate this post.
    Hope we all stay safe and healthy.

  52. Hi! I’ve seen you guys wearing tons of cute mask from vistaprint and was actually looking to get some for my kids as well as my husband and myself 🙂 Didn’t know if my husband and I should get the adult small or adult large. What size do you wear? That would be helpful when seeing how it fits your face. TIA!

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