Soaking Up the Sun in Hawaii!

Hey guys! Thanks for swinging over to the blog. I know what many of you may be thinking. I’m on vacation in Hawaii so why am I blogging? Well, thanks to talk to text and my amazing assistant Madi, I’m able to quickly write this blog while talking into my phone sitting in a lounge chair by the pool sipping a piña colada. And thank you, Madi for editing all this and adding the links.

manno family hawaii


Maui Time!

As many of you know we are in Maui, Hawaii for our vacation. Or is the proper way to say it on Maui? I’m not really sure. Regardless it is absolutely gorgeous here! We kind of booked this trip last minute a couple weeks ago and I’m so glad we did. I’m not gonna lie, our trip started out a little bit rough. I’ve had a cold that I haven’t been able to kick, I wore a mask on the plane the whole way over here. And no, not because of the coronavirus. You’re way more likely to catch the flu than the coronavirus. But more so because I didn’t want to spread my cold germs to other people. And poor Molly threw up on our trip here. But we made it and we are having the best time!

manno hawaii beach


We are staying at the Fairmont Kea Lani and it’s an absolute dream. I learned about this hotel because Jillian Harris stays here a lot so I knew it had to be magical. And funny enough Jillian and her family just happen to be here while we are here! It’s been so fun! Yesterday we all got together by the pool and Jillian and I drink mai-tais while our kiddos swam and enjoyed a milkshake together. And yes, within five minutes of meeting each other they were in a hot tub together. True Bachelorette babies!

The Resort

We’re staying in a two-bedroom villa, which is the absolute perfect setup for a family traveling. Both Kevin’s mom and my mom are with us so they have a room with two beds in it and then Kevin and I have a room. Riley sleeps with the grandmas and Molly sleeps in bed with me and Kevin. There’s also a little kitchenette which is key on vacation when you have kids. We can make them little food and snacks that kids require throughout the day, rather than having to do a sit down meal at a restaurant every time. But I will say, the food here is incredible! I feel like sometimes when you go to a resort you don’t know what to expect in terms of the food. I feel like sometimes it can be subpar because they know you’re going to eat there anyway. But the food at the Fairmont Kea Lani is INCREDIBLE.

Plus they have poolside service, a waterslide, a little plunge pool off our villa, plus there’s a little kiddie pool that is about 12 inches deep that is a game changer! I didn’t know what it was gonna be like with Riley here always wanting to be in the deep water, but we just put them in the little kiddie pool and sit back and relax chairs and watch him and he is happy as can be! Oh, and if you don’t have kids, there is an adult only pool too!

Vacation Looks!

While I’ve been here I’ve been getting a ton of questions about my outfit, so I wanted to put everything in this post so you guys have access to it all instead of me trying to comment back to everybody or direct everyone to the shop page on the site. First, I have to share our matching hats! I got them from Amazon for a  ridiculously good price and I just think of the cutest things ever! In fact everything Molly and I have worn that are mommy and me matching, we’ve gotten so many compliments from people around the resort. Or people just walked by us and say “awwwwwww”. I love the hats because the adult version is adjustable depending on how big your head is. And I have a massive head, so I wear mine at the absolute biggest setting.

matching hats ali and molly

molly swimsuit bow


And her little suit with a bow on the back is just darling. There is nothing cuter clothing wise than little girls swimsuits! I had so much fun picking out swimsuits for Molly for this trip.

Oh and for my suit, I found my suit online, but when I posted myself wearing it at the beginning of the trip, Andie Swim reached out to me and offered a 15% off code for all of you. So head to their site, and use code ALI15 for the discount!

Speaking of suits. These animal print matching bathing suits are just too darling! They’re ridiculously affordable so I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I ordered them. I didn’t know if the material would be thin, but the quality is absolutely amazing! The material is very thick and sturdy and you would never have guessed the price if you saw them in a store.

mommy and me swimsuits hawaii


Molly is wearing a 3-4T size and I’m wearing a size medium. So as you can already tell, I highly recommend these suits if you’re looking for cute mommy and me matching suits!

Our mommy and me matching did not stop there. We had the absolute most magical time yesterday watching the sunset on the beach running in and out of the waves while wearing these dresses. Sure the dresses are beautiful, but the memory is what’s really going to stick with me forever. I can’t even tell you how much Molly loves the ocean.  When she eventually figures out that we live a 30-minute drive from the beach, she will be so upset with us for not taking her more. But really we need to start taking her more. I think we just get so caught up in life that we don’t even remember that we live so close to the beach to take advantage of it more. Plus, now that Riley’s or older, making the trek out to the beach doesn’t seem so daunting. He’s passed the “baby eating sand” stage, so I feel like it gets much more manageable at that point. Ha!

mommy and me dresses hawaii


Anyway, these dresses are incredibly made the material is so high-quality and Molly felt like a princess strutting around the hotel dressed up like her mommy. She loved watching her little dress catch the wind. She kept saying it was her cape.

Another dress I want to tell you guys about real quick is this white dress with blue and blush flowers on it. I got it for $25 on Amazon! And I love it! It’s the absolute perfect vacation dress. The ruffle detail on it is stunning and you would think it was so much more expensive because of all the delicate details.

blue and blush dress hawaii


I’m wearing a pair of Steve Madden wedges that are the perfect vacation wedge if you’re looking for a good new vacation shoe. The other day via Instagram story I asked you guys to help me find a good nude wedge with not too high of a heel and thank you guys so much for helping me find this pair! Sometimes with wedges because they have a platform at the toe of your foot it makes the heel so much higher. Believe it or not most platform wedges are over 4 inches, which is just way too tall for me! I’m a tall person as it is so I don’t like that much of a heel height not only for comfort, but because I don’t want to be that tall.

blue and blush dress hawaii


I’ve also been getting so many questions about my necklaces. They are by The Giving Keys which is my friend Caitlin’s company. I love her company so much because she employs people experiencing homelessness and helps them get back on their feet. It’s a beautiful organization and you should feel really good about buying her products and giving them as gifts because of the good work that she does. FRIENDS25 will get you 25% off too.

My other accessories, like my oversized sunglasses, among other things, I will link below if you guys are curious.

And last but not least, I just wanna mention this yellow dress that I got from Red Dress Boutique. This is one of the most stunning dresses ever! I ended up getting a size large, which is bigger than the normal size that I get which is a medium. And I’m really glad I sized up. I feel like Red Dress Boutique sizes tend to run a tad small in general so this worked out perfectly. The model was wearing it with this white belt,  so I ended up getting the belt as well. It just ties look together and I feel like gives it a very sophisticated, Pretty Woman vibe. Do you feel like this kind of resembles something she would wear in the movie?

I almost wore my wedges with this dress, but decided on these white Steve madden sneakers instead. And I think it looks super cute! Anytime I can wear sneakers with the dress I am all for it! I’ve been wearing these white loafers the majority of our trip. They’re so cute, have a vacation vibe, and are really comfortable for walking all over the resort.

yellow dress hawaii vacation


OK well that’s it for now, if I didn’t mention something that you have a question about feel free to ask me in the comments below! Or just send us some good vibes for the rest of our vacay in Hawaii! Or just say hi! Ha! Love you guys I hope you’re having an incredible start to your week, I know we are!

Oh and definitely come back to the blog later because I will have my Bachelor blog up! I watched the episode and blogged about it before we left for our trip. It’s a really good episode and there is going to be so much to discuss tonight! Since the kiddos go to bed really early her,  I’ll have some time sitting in bed while Molly sleeps to answer some of the comments.

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36 thoughts on “Soaking Up the Sun in Hawaii!

  1. Hope you guys have a wonderful trip, your trip inspired me to book a last minute trip to Hawaii next month. Also, do you know where you got Molly’s cute tie dye dress?

  2. It looks like this is a dream vacation. I am happy for you guys. I hear you on the poop. It’s always rough when they dont go, but you cant go for them. Eventually, it happens, thank goodness, little stink monsters. Thanks for keeping us informed, your blogs are always a great read.

    1. Right?? And especially when you know he’s overdue for a poop. Should be on high alert watching him in the water. Have a feeling she was too busy drinking a “double”.

      1. I am sure both of you are absolutely perfect parents. How rude of you to judge her having a drink on vacation as well. Must not have any fun in your life!!!!

        Also… swim diapers don’t always hold in the poop……

      2. Have you heard the term shit happens? She is an amazing parent, it is people like you who literally making social media no fun! Mom shaming isn’t cute!

      3. This is absolutely heartbreaking to see. I really hope you gain a better outlook on life and other people, as this was needlessly aggressive. As people who see the ins and outs of her life on this blog and social media, we should be happy and supportive of her ability to enjoy her vacation with her family, which can of course include a drink! She is a wonderful mother taking wonderful care of her children and providing them with amazing experiences, and if anyone was looking at this with common sense, they’d understand that CRAP HAPPENS, literally sometimes. Especially with children. I, for one, will spend the rest of my night happy for this hard working mama enjoying her family, her vacation, and a drink or two if she wants!

      4. Wow! So uncalled for. Ali can’t enjoy herself on vacation? How judgmental especially when you are wrong here and he was wearing a swim diaper. Why even come on her blog if you’re going to be so hateful?

      5. This comment is absolutely disgusting. You are shaming a woman for having a “double” as you so ignorantly put it on vacation? Accidents happen. Riley is not the first or the last child to poop in a pool. You and the original commenter need to get over yourselves. Ans for the record he had on a swim diaper…

      6. Just wondering why we as women can’t give each other the benefit of the doubt before shaming each other. Ali never said either way whether Riley was wearing a swim diaper, so why assume he wasn’t? We should be lifting each other up, not shaming each other.

        Do not point fingers at others, lest there be 3 pointing back at you.

      7. What is wrong with her enjoying a double? Seriously this mom shaming needs to stop. If you saw hr story you would see he did have a water diaper on – but SHIT HAPPENS – and it obviously didnt work. That’s life with kids. I hope posting that comment made you feel better. I take my kids on a family vacation every year and enjoy lots of doubles! And guess what – im still a great mom and my kids have a blast every time. Stop Mom shaming please. We are all doing our best. In all of your mom years – you have never had an accident happen? Cmon…. Let be kinder to one another.

        Aly – you are SOOOOO Awesome as a MOM, WIFE, and WOMEN. We love you! Go enjoy that double and watch your kids have the time of their life! They will remember this forever. XO

    2. Also, she said he hadn’t pooped in days — Ali was doing the best that she can and heaven forbid she didn’t know exactly when he was going to go! Swim diapers don’t hold everything in. And before you judge a mom or anyone for that matter, look in the mirror you’re not perfect nor is anyone else! Ali — you are an awesome mom! I’m so sorry for people that feel the need to judge/shame moms or anyone!

    3. Do you have kids? Have you ever used a swim diapers? They definitely do not hold anything in like a normal diapers. He is not the first child to poop in a pool and definitely won’t be the last.

    4. Maybe you’ve never used a swim diaper because if you did, you would know that they really don’t hold the poop. As soon as poop hits water it’s everywhere. Give her a break!

  3. Hi! On your first day in Hawaii you posted an Instagram wearing a cute tie dye looking suit?! Could you share that? Thanks!

  4. Such cute outfits!!!! I HAD to have the yellow dress and belt for an upcoming trip in May to Italy 🙂 Have so much fun in Maui, you deserve it.


    Follow the link for more comments.
    Here are just a couple of examples…

    “I had to stop following her. She was overwhelming my feed and stressing me out with the amount of stories. I also feel like she has become so inward focused and insulated that she’s lost touch with the reality of every day moms too. I would love for her to feel ok to share waaaay less. And the paying people to like all of her photos was the last straw for me. I don’t think she realizes how desperate she comes off.”

    “She has a problem. I felt like unfollowing her was the most caring thing I could personally do. When she started giving away her clothes and $$ to people who liked all of her photos each day, every month, it felt like “following” her was enabling her social media addiction. I don’t even watch her stories anymore. It’s just sad. I think Ali needs help.”

    1. Ali is a social media influencer, so boosting her following is how she makes money. And what is wrong with giving away her clothes? Would you rather she just hordes them away? And just so you know, posting negative comments also boosts her following so……maybe just un follow her completely and don’t come to her website to troll other people?

    2. Can we PLEASE spread love, kindness, support, and empathy?? There are enough horrific stories in the news every single day. Why are you trying to make Ali sad on her vacation? Just STOP! Go meditate, take a bubble bath, exercise, send a few dollars to a worthy cause, email someone a kind words, etc. Don’t put others down to boost yourself up.

    3. Are you serious,,,,maybe you should reread what you wrote….you need to find something else to do on social media than be mean to someone ….clearly you need to find something else in life to focus on. How would you feel if someone wrote the words you wrote about yourself..,.do you know Ali as a person friend…NO…her thoughts and comments are her own to share,,if you don’t agree…GO somewhere else….There is enough negativity in the world don’t add to it……MOVE ON…..!!

      Choose your words carefully…maybe you need to read the legal definition of slander!

      Ali you are fantastic, ignore any negative comments!

        1. Thanks for sharing….by quoting all the negativity and sharing it and no where in her post did she say she didn’t agree with the comments….she quoted them …why…not to be kind to Ali…..other posters agreed with me not wanting Ali to be seeing this…..there was no reason for her to repeat the words……

  6. Ah! I just got back from Maui with my husband and two kiddos a few days ago. We had the BEST time and all your photos are making me miss it so much! We stayed at the Grand Wailea, right next to the Fairmont. You should check it out while you’re there. Amazing pools for the kids too! Mine were obsessed with the sand pool at the Grand Wailea (why couldn’t we just go to actual beach…?). Have so much fun making memories with your fam! Oh BTW if you eat at Humu Humu or Bistro Molokini (both at the Grand Wailea, you can probably walk there from your hotel), they give the kids cute stuffed animals at the end of the dinner and at Humu Humu kids 5 and under eat free! We saw lots of whales swimming while eating dinner there, it was amazing!

  7. What size dress did you get from Joyfolie? I have not ordered from the, yet because I am not sure what size to order. Do they run big or true to size?

  8. Wow! Judgemental people. If you don’t like her and have nothing nice to say, why are you even following her? If you watched her stories, Riley did have a swim diaper on but it leaked out. And she can drink if she wants. She has a husband and 2 grandmothers there to help with the kids and she’s not drunk. What happened to Moms supporting other Moms? I notice nobody’s blaming Kevin for the diaper Incident or commenting if he drinks, ffs.
    Ali, I think you and Molly looked adorable in your matching outfits and I really loved the pic of you and Molly holding hands, facing each other in your long dresses on your insta stories. So sweet. Glad you’re loving your vacation and Molly loves Maui

  9. hi Ali
    such pretty pictures. I really like the white shoes.
    what is the discount code for your ‘at home sauna spa’? & what essential oils would you recommend to use with it?
    enjoy spending time with the children’s grandma’s. 🤟

  10. Ali! I can’t wait to hear what you think about the latest Bachelorette rumor! 38 year old Clare Crawley?! Could be interesting! My only fear would be the men thinking, “I can’t wait to get to Paradise to ask out Hannah Ann” (if she’s not with Peter that is!). I’m amazed that no one really knows the ending to Peter’s season yet! I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  11. can you please link your necklaces? the chain choker, the key, and the half heart?

    I love them sooo much! Thanks!

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