The Bachelor – Do They Really Know Each Other?

We are officially nearing the end of this season with hometowns coming up next week, and I’ve gotta say, more than any other season, I am just not sure that I see this working. I will get more into that shortly, but wow can’t believe we are finally at this point. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like this season has felt really long. Maybe that’s because we haven’t been able to see a ton of strong relationships forming like we usually do at this point.  Let’s get into it.

Do These Girls Know Peter?

If you’ve been reading my Bachelor blogs for a while, then you know that at the end of every season I always am hopeful for the couple, but always skeptical. The reason for that is I don’t really feel like the people who get engaged on this show know each other. To love someone is to know someone and I believe that with every bit of my soul. I think you can fall in lust with somebody when you first meet them or meet somebody and have a hunch that you’re going to marry that person… but that doesn’t mean you love them in that instant. You don’t know anything about them. How could you know if you like them or not!

Anyway, my reason for saying all this right now is that I loved that we got to see Madison say that since their one-on-one she’s talked to him for maybe five minutes. It’s so important that we all see that at this point knowing that at hometowns Peter is asking for a hand in marriage for each of these girls (or some of them), without really even knowing them. No wonder parents are concerned! At this point, we (as in the viewers) know Peter and know the girls better than they know each other. And that’s the truth.

peter weber bachelor

We see way more of each of them than they see of each other. So many people love to give grief to the couples that don’t make it after this process, and we really need to sit back and marvel at the ones that do! How cool is it that people are so well-suited that they happen to find each other on the show. Or that they took a chance and got engaged, which could almost be considered marrying someone at first sight, and it ended up working out for them?! I think that’s the cool thing about the show. Is that it can work. It’s just not probable that it will work.

Anyway, Madison saying she barely knew him at this point right before hometowns, where you are basically two weeks (a maybe 3 weeks) away from an engagement, is just very telling in my mind and I wanted to call it out right at the beginning of this blog. And I say two weeks because each week as they refer to them on the show, it’s actually like three days. So when they say we’re three weeks into this process they’re really nine days into the process. Weeks are a funny thing in Bachelor world. There are three days instead of seven.

Madison Date

Seeing his relationships with the other girls left, there’s no way in my mind it could possibly be anybody in the end of Madison. We all know from what Peter has been saying in interviews that this season is likely going to end at After the Final Rose. Peter’s been very confident that the season won’t be spoiled and the speculation is that the reason it won’t be spoiled is because it hasn’t ended yet.

It’s funny because I write these blogs as I’m watching the show. I pause it after every date and write down all my thoughts. And for Madison’s day I wrote this long paragraph about how I was certain she was a virgin and that Peter sleeping with somebody else was not gonna sit well with her or her family. I ended up scrapping the paragraph because as we saw in the teasers for the upcoming episodes that’s exactly the case. If I had to guess he likely was intimate with Hannah Ann. And that’s likely the reason Madison leaves and then Peter’s mom tells him to go after her. Doesn’t it just seem as clear as day that that’s what’s going to happen? I mean I’m still gonna be glued to my TV, but I feel like there’s no real mystery in the season.

madison peter bachelor date 1 on 1

Anyway, back to their date. What do you guys think about her strong faith and him not having quite a strong faith? Normally I would say that they are doomed from the start. I think religion is probably one of the most important things you need to agree upon in a marriage. Whether it’s a strong faith or no faith at all. Whatever it is, I just feel like a couple needs to be very closely aligned in whatever their beliefs are for marriage to work. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. So if you’re out there and a Christian married to an atheist that’s great! I’m not saying it’s not possible, I just don’t think it’s as likely. But here’s the thing, I think if anybody can adjust and really work to align their beliefs with their partners beliefs, it’s Peter. He’s just such a sweet soul and I could really see him working every day to try to get to a place of faith that Madison is at. But I’m so curious what you guys think!

Natasha Date

I really like Natasha. She’s blunt and straightforward without being mean. And I think that’s a really hard thing to do. But I think we can all agree that when you wait this long to take somebody on a one-on-one date, there was never any connection in the first place. I think Peter kept her around because he hast to keep a certain amount of girls around each week, that’s just the way the show works, and she was cool. They got along and were friends. And I’m happy he did keep her on because it let us get to know her a bit more. I definitely think we’re going to see her on Bachelor in Paradise. So thanks Peter for keeping her around so all of us got a chance to know her!

natasha goes home

Kelsey Date

It’s honestly shocking to me that Kelsey is still around. And I’m not being mean by saying that. I just thought after the whole champagne thing that she would’ve been gone a long time ago. But after the first one-on-one date, I feel like we really got to know more about her and why she’s the way she is. And after the date tonight, I see even more of her and like her even more. I just think she has been through a lot and feels like she’s unworthy in a way. Possibly unworthy of love? And that’s why she’s so emotional. This is my very uneducated opinion. I’m not a therapist. It’s just what I see. But I think she is a sweet sweet soul and that’s what Peter is drawn to. Do I think will end up together at the end of this? Absolutely not. But mostly because I’m so certain it’s Madison.

3-on-1 Date

I know they tried to paint Kelley is some kind of villain tonight. But I’m not buying it. I know she’s only four years older than the other girls, but I honestly do think she’s much more mature. The person I was at 23 is completely different than the person I was at 27. I actually think 27 is the year that I found myself. So I do believe she’s in a different place on the other girls for this reason. Plus I think the fact that Hannah Ann looks like she’s 13 is a little confusing. When he kisses her I feel like it’s illegal or something. She just has a baby face! Anyway, I think Kelley is just so over all of the drama from the season and she’s kind of checked out from it all. It’s like she has to laugh at it so that she doesn’t look like she’s associated with any of it. Does that make sense?

3 on 1 date know each other

At one point during the 3-on-1 you hear her say “I am an attorney… the other girls, what are they?” And I really really think that audio was edited together. I just don’t see that coming out of her mouth. Strictly because she is an attorney and knows better.

Anyway, I think it’s probably good that he let her go because I just don’t think they’re a good match. I think she’s more pragmatic and levelheaded where is Peter is more of a free spirit and romantic. Neither is better than the other. They’re both great! Just not a match.

What Do You Think Happens?

Without having read a single spoiler this is what I think happens. Well first, I should probably say that from what I’ve seen on social media and a handful interviews with Peter, the season is not spoiled in terms of the very end. So really I couldn’t read a spoiler on that. But I think Madison can’t handle the fact that he slept with somebody else and it really weighs on her up until his final decision and she ultimately goes home. I don’t know that she’d leave without talking to him, so maybe her dad comes and takes her home or I don’t know! I just think that we are not going to see Peter get proposed to somebody at the end of the season.

Or at least not propose to somebody in that tropical destination that we see him when Chris gives him some news. Maybe he follows her home and proposes then I don’t know. What are you guys thinking?! And if you do actually know a spoiler maybe don’t share it and just say you know. Ha!

Before You Go…

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extra tv ali


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Thanks for stopping by my Bachelor blog today! What do you think? Do you think they really know each other?

120 Thoughts

120 thoughts on “The Bachelor – Do They Really Know Each Other?

  1. “I don’t mind a little crazy,” says Peter. Pretty much sums up the season so far lol. Rooting for Madison though! She has talked so much about her family and specifically her Dad and how she wants someone like him. If her Dad isn’t on board, I can definitely see that being the dramatic ending that they keep showing glimpses of. I don’t see someone with her strong faith and values getting engaged to a man her family doesn’t approve of.

    1. Interesting that they both are unusually engaged with a parent- this will either be the glue or the demise.
      I don’t know if it’s cool and fortunate or too dependant in their respective cases.

      One thing that is Definitely Weird: A Virgin seeking to Date 4 Times in The Windmill Pete. That makea no good sense.

  2. Based on the previews for next week, I think Madison leaves right before without really saying anything to anyone. I think her finding out that he was intimate with someone really sets her back and knows she isn’t in a place where she can accept a proposal. I think Peters mom is just talking in general and not to one person specifically though. I think he sits down with them after that final day and his mom is telling him to go after the one he wants to spend his life with. I am excited to watch it all play out!!!

        1. Natasha would be GREAT. She is a breath of fresh air.. Good, gorgeous, smart and fun.

          Rhe way Kelsey is getting alot of screen time – and is emotionally expressive – makes me think producers want her for Bachelorette

          1. I hope so. As they show more of Kelsey, the more I like her sweet nature. But I think Ben doesn’t know what he wants at this point. I think is is attracted to all of them and it’s hard for him to decide. Why didn’t he send Victoria home? Confused me. I am begining to think he goes back to Hanna B. Just not impressed with this season
            I agree with Ali…kissing the girls in front of each other is disrespectful to the other girls. I love Peter but I think he has some growing up to do. Just saying

      1. Natasha will not be the next bachelorette. If we aren’t doing rumors here then I can’t say why. No one from Peter’s season is appropriate for the Bachelorette role and the producers know it. Mike Fleiss tweeted earlier tonight that he hears the audience and they get it. So it will be interesting to see how they handle it.

        1. I wonder how much they tweak edits week to week, based on viewer feedback.

          Re: Tweet- what was Fleiss saying he * got*, Lysette?

  3. I agree – it’s gotta be Madison in the end. This season is sort of a disappointment because I just don’t feel his connections to the girls are strong at all. Even with Madison, it seems like he likes her and would want to date her the most, but there is no foundation for marriage from 2 dates. For some reason in the past this premise never seemed AS crazy, but something about this season makes it look absolutely ridiculous to propose to any of these people.

    1. GG I agree: It really does look NUTS to get engaged this round. But I disagree abt his thing for Madison…bc: He Told Her He Is Falling For Her.

      It’s the only time he didn’t tease out validation from his date. That he declared a strong feeling without prompts blew me away. That she didn’t say the same thing back, was Thrilling!!!

  4. I love Madison! I love that she brought up faith and what it means to her. It seemed to be one of the first real conversation of the entire season. I don’t understand why Victoria F is still around. She is so rude when speaking to Peter, but I feel like he feeds into her crying all the time. On the 3-on-1, I don’t know why Peter kept talking to her and ultimately gave her a rose! I don’t think she’ll last through hometowns.

    1. This!! I feel like he is overlooking all of her bright neon red flags! She has straight up told him she’s not sure about him, is never in control of her emotions, really doesn’t seem to know who she is or what she wants, turns to avoidance, “I don’t know” and tears whenever things get uncomfortable for her, refuses to look him in the eye most of the time when they are having any type of real conversation (tonight she looks down at the ground and just goes “mmmhmmm” as he’s talking to her tonight and she thinks she’s being sent home). To me, she is clearly not ready for a mature, committed relationship, but I do hope she start a relationship with a therapist and does some work on herself so she can get there someday.

      And yet Peter just keeps giving her roses for some reason. I think his blatant disregard of all the warnings signs is the most frustrating part.

      1. Victoria P and the not looking at him drives me crazy!! The whole “mmhmmm” and her looking down that you mentioned makes her look like a 4-year-old getting in trouble by their parents. I have such a hard time understanding why he keeps her around. I know she always says how hard this journey is but I’m sure you’ve watched one of the 30 seasons and know that going into the show. oy!

    2. I totally agree…Victoria is so immature, he will not pick her….last 2 will be Madison & Hannah B….if Madison stays.

  5. I really think you are right about the ending. I think it’s pretty obvious that he’s way more into madison than anyone else. I’m still confused why he keeps putting up with all the Victoria F. drama though?! Lol

    1. It’s a great question. We can’t underestimate horniness, but it seems more than just that. Who knows what is edited out.

        1. Peter is frustrating to watch because of the way he seeks praise but then Yup, chases the one who is slipping away.

          Messed up.

  6. Gosh, this season just has me confused. Mainly because Madison went from saying she has only spent 5 minutes with him to being head over heels. She also acted as if her faith was the up most important (even Kelsey recalled that for us) Yet she was head over heels again when he basically in so many words got out of admitting he isn’t on that level. Madison just leaves me feeling more skeptical of this process than ever before because you can almost see her get caught up in the fast romance of it all and loose sight of reality. Now, I can’t believe you didn’t mention how Victoria P said to Peter that he always seems to be in a mood. They even argued which was strange to me that she than got a rose. Again, all confused this season and feeling like we didn’t get a ton of lust or love to cling on to!

  7. I love spoilers (sometimes they are really wrong…like your season Ali! And Des! And half of last season I thought Hannah chose Tyler). It’s crazy that they have been able to keep the end a secret! I am dying to know if he is engaged…and to who! It’s really hard for me to see him married to any of these girls. I like Madison but she is so young. I am also dying to know who the Bachelorette will be. I do not think they would have a virgin Bachelorette. I can’t see Hannah Ann as bachelorette. I’d love to see Tia, Angela, or even Danielle. Women who truly want to settle down and start a family! The only girl from this season I can imagine being Bachelorette is Alayah but I know that would upset a lot of people. But at least she is fun and sweet and pretty and can speak well. I have only really seen a true spark between Peter and Alayah and Peter and Madison.

    1. They had Sean Lowe as the bachelor and even Colton and they both were virgins (I believe Sean was? Maybe I’m wrong there) but I think it was a breath of fresh air! They seemed genuinely more interested in creating a genuine relationship and finding their life partner than just a fling and hooking up!
      These girls from this season are all way to young! They need to pick a previous girl! I also LOVE Tia! And that way they can get older more mature men and get older women in future seasons!

      1. I believe Sean was a “born again virgin”. In fact, I’m pretty sure him and Catherine both were. They talked about how they had been intimate with others but now we’re waiting for marriage.

  8. I’m so over the drama about sexy and the fantasy suites.did Madison not watch any other seasons? And why would she wait till the end to tell him she didn’t want to sleep with anyone if they were going to end up together. Ridiculous if you ask me. I don’t care for Madison anyway or Hannah Ann. But Madison is silly if she thinks he’d stay abstinent in the FANtASY suite.

    1. She probably did not tell him before hand cause she wasn’t ready. You see him say this in not about just sex. Why bring something up on national tv if it’s a mute point if they don’t end up together. I don’t think peter needs tone engaged. He needs a gf first.

  9. I really do love reading your blogs on the bachelor. I 100% agree with your predicted ending. The girl in the bathroom that he’s kissing has short hair like Hannah Ann, too! It must be her that he was intimate with. I’m excited to see how the ending turns out. I think he should have asked Hannah Brown on a date when she made her appearance… they made the best match IMO. They did it 4x. Haha. In all honesty I don’t know if Madison will be able to get over the fact he slept with someone else. It also reminds me of the whole Luke P situation.

  10. So I never watch coming up because I don’t want to see what happens. I’ve loved Madison ever since they introduced her day 1. I think they are perfect and I really hope they do end up together. I was saying to my mom tonight how I didn’t think Madison would like how he had slept with Hannah B. And that I was sure he probably would again bc that’s his nature. I do hope they work it out because I see him with nobody else!!!

  11. I agree with that exactly, clearly it means so much to Madison and she’s expressed that and then if he knows that it’s her in the end, then he doesn’t respect her decision. I feel it’s very obvious his mom is now talking about Madison. But I’m not sure Hannah Ann is the one he has sex with. But we will see.. he clearly wasn’t shy about it with Hannah b. I think he wants to be with Madison regardless but after you have hurt someone like that I don’t know if you can ever get over it. She seems like a beautiful down to earth human and I wish her nothing but the best.

  12. I agree with your ending, Ali. Why would Peter sleep with anyone if he wanted to be with Madison in the end and knowing her faith and being a virgin. I don’t get it. I have felt all along this season all he wants to do is make out with everyone, stir the drama pot, and want girls lusting after him, crying over him. I really dislike him as The bachelor. I can’t see him long term with any of the final women. And I’m really confused as to why and how he picked Victoria f as a finalist. Crazy!! He loves drama and she’s that!

    1. i think keeping less ready castmates is so when Peter finally chooses Madison it plays well. With VF and HA no one can blame him for letting them go.
      Kelley and Natasha are such top shelf people he would have looked bad not choosing them …with Kelsey he can tell himself he is upping her chance to be the next Bachelorette.

  13. My guess is, and it’s only a guess, is Peter has not spent enough time with any of the final girls to make such a serious commitment. My guess is he is still dating a few girls to get to know them better.

  14. I was so excited to share my prediction that my husband and I pieced together and to read your blog ( and give him the verbal cliff notes ) and then realized we more or less have the same prediction! Haha i do hope Him and Madison do end up happy and together but seems like it’ll be a bumpy road.

    Also am i the only one so sick of the same convo over and over with Victoria! Although i can’t wait to see what she’s crying about next week . I still think she leaves and gets back with chase rice.

    Can’t wait till next week!

  15. I think the same thing happens at the end, but I think he sleeps with two girls. I’m not sure why, I just feel like since madison made a comment about it and how she can’t handle it if he sleeps with another girl.I feel like it’s Victoria and Hannah Ann. I’m really curious about him and Victoria’s fight before her hometown and wonder what’s going on.

    I really feel like it’s Madison all along, but she is such a perfectionist and he’s more of a free spirit spontaneous adventure guy, that I worry about how long it will last off camera.

  16. While I completely agree that he seems to have the strongest connection with Madison, I have to say I wonder if he sees Victoria as his top choice right now! I say that because they have dealt with the most challenges of the top four women, but yet he still wants to meet her family. That tells me that he thinks their relationship is worth fighting for, sometimes literally. And am I remembering correctly that he has said he likes to be challenged? I may be wrong on that. Either way, he seems to be continually trying to convince her to stay around. It reminds me of Colton and Cassie! I believe his top two will be Victoria and Madison, unless Victoria leaves. We shall see!

  17. I previously liked Kelly, but I was really turned off in this episode by her focusing on her comparison to other women rather than on her relationship with Peter. She seemed to think she deserved the rose simply because she was more mature, not because she truly connected with Peter or was the best match. Even though it was very bizarre for him to choose to keep Victoria around, it strangely made more sense to me based on their 3-on-1 conversations than keeping Kelly around.

  18. I felt the same way about this season being way too long. I’m just tired, but I’m watching because I’m not a quitter 😂. There was way too much drama, not enough good romance.

    I didn’t like Kelsey in the beginning and I’m still not a fan of her, but tonight I saw her in a different light (maybe because she was not crying). I did see a little strength in her.

    I’m not sure what was going on with Kelley, but I didn’t like it. And it’s not only tonight. On her 1-on-1 date she didn’t seem that into Peter. She’s mentioned many time that she’s happy that at least she gets to travel and see other countries.

    Victoria F. is just getting on my nerves. She’s crying or panicking EVERY time she goes on any date. The way she’s been talking to Peter lately, I’m not sure why he didn’t send her home.

    Hannah Ann is so boring and such a child. What’s with the list that she wrote for Peter? And what walls does she have? I think she just wants to be on the show.

    I hope that he will end up with Madison because she’s the only normal, serious person on that show.

  19. I 100% agree with your thoughts on Madison. I was saying the exact same thing at the end of the show when it teased about her saving herself for marriage. In my mind, it has to be Madison at the end. He just seems so infatuated with her. She’s the one he goes to when he is feeling overwhelmed and she comforts him. I am so over this season, but anxious to see how it plays out in the end too.
    What are your thoughts on the next Bachelorette? This season has been so full of drama, I can’t imagine who they would choose unless it would be Madison (if she wasn’t the one at the end). Do you think they’ll go with a past contestant?

  20. I could see him and Kelsey together…I’m not a huge fan of Kelsey but they seem to have a connection for whatever reason. I would love to see Madison a s bachelorette! If faith is something that is important to her, Peter and her need to be on the same page there. He seems very focused on the physical this season and while that’s a big part of a relationship, it’s only a piece of it. I like Peter, but I don’t see him and Madison together long term…

  21. I agree with your ending that Madison leaves and his mom says to go after her. I can’t stand Victoria, they always seem to argue when they talk and it just doesn’t seem real btw them. She never looks at him when they talk and that bothers me! She’s always playing with her hair and looking down or off in the distance. I think she just wants to keep getting roses so she doesn’t lose. I think it’s Kelsey and Madison in the final two. And if he doesn’t get engaged this is the third season in a row that doesn’t have an engagement ending! Come on why does this keep happening! I want to see the engagement, whether it lasts or not I want to see the happy proposal and the after rose of them so happy together.

  22. I agree with most of what you said ,but I do feel that Kelly would of played along until the end if she would of gotten a rose just to say she won as some girls want to call it winning ..and what does anyone think that Chris came into tell Peter at the end just another teaser for us until the end .. I like Peter but he needs to grow up a little more ,living with his mommy and dad keeps him boyish ,rather then manly …

  23. I agree with the Madison theory. He says 6 days prior he slept with someone. I think he tells her this at their fantasy suite date. So what would be 6 days?

    1. I agree! I think 6 days before might be the first fantasy suite night. I’m not sure if they have the dates in a row or skip a night in between. If they skipped a night, the first one would be 5-6 days before the last one. It could also be edited where Peter says that at a different time in a voice over.

  24. He is all over social media traveling working and spending a lot of time with family and friends. I feel he is single. Do not see the excitement he had with Hannah with any of these girls

  25. I don’t think any of the girls this season are the right girl for Peter. I think they are all too young at 23!! I have a funny feeling we aren’t done seeing Hannah! Even though he was her third choice, I think their connection or lust is still pretty strong! I think his Mom liked Hannah too. Well, we will have to keep watching to see how this ends!

  26. I’m happy this season is almost over. So over this season. I don’t think Peter I’d mature enough for marriage and I don’t think any of the final 4 are ready for marriage

  27. Hi Allie! I love all your blogs about the bachelor, I think I look forward to those more than that show! 😂
    I had a question, do you watch the show before we all do? How’s that possible?? Just curious

  28. Question for Ali…you said “a week is 3 days in the bachelor world”. Are the Fantasy Suite dates filmed 3 days in a row? Or is there a day off between the Fantasy dates? Peter said something about having sex 6 days prior, that would be 2 weeks in the bachelor world. I’d like to know your thoughts on that.
    The cloudy door in the coming attractions might not be a shower, or even a bathroom! They make it appear that the woman has long dark hair, and I don’t think Hannah’s hair is that long. I think that scene is Victoria or Madison. I agree with you on the ending, or it’s being shown to have us make that conclusion. May or may not be what it looks like!

  29. To me, this season is starting to clear up a bit.

    Victoria is an absolute mess. I almost wish he’d cut her over Kelly, although it was very, very obvious that Kelly needed to go too. She was completely checked out and not really into him. And she was coming unhinged there at the end. (although, I hadn’t considered editing – possible, but it wasn’t exactly out of left field either with the way she acted on their one on one date) And Natashia, it was just too little too late for them, and Natashia obviously wasn’t the right one for him. But anyway, Victoria needs to go home, like yesterday. Peter is more into her than she’s into him, and she is NOT ready for any of this. She may very well just be overwhelmed, but the way she’s handling it is toxic. She’s attacking him, putting all of it on him, making it his fault…and that is never ok.

    Kelsey – I’m shocked she’s still here, but they do seem to have a decent connection. She might make top 3 if Peter finally realizes Victoria is a mess and cuts her. Otherwise, she’ll probably be cut next. Considering how unhinged Victoria is, I really hope Kelsey doesn’t get cut next, just so Victoria does.

    Hannah Anne – She’s starting to open up more, and they do have a good connection. I see her as Top 2.

    Madison – You’re right. It’s so obvious she’s his pick. And I think it’s going to go down just like you said: she’s a virgin, he sleeps with someone else during the fantasy suits, she can’t handle it and leaves. Now how this gets resolved, I’m not entirely sure, but I guess we’ll find out. But I can’t see him picking anyone else. I actually don’t think they’re right for each other based on their fundamental values. I’m still holding out hope something happens with Hannah Brown. LOL. I really think they were/are right for each other.

  30. Hi Ali!
    I definitely think you’re right about it being Madison in the end. I agree this season probably won’t end with a proposal. I think the preview with his mom may just be to trick us. I don’t know.

    I really hope Natasha is the next Bachelorette. I love her and I think she’s be fantastic.

    I don’t think it was fair the war they made Kelley seem like a villain in the end. I do agree that her comments weee probably edited to sound that way, I just hope the friends she made there know that. I’d love to see her on Paradise!

    I think Kelsey got a bad rap in the beginning, but she’s actually a really sweet person. I think the producers were especially mean this season with some of the things they staged for drama. I get that drama is part of the show, I just felt like some of it was taken too far.

    Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing what happens. I do hope that Peter finds love and stays true to himself.

  31. I am literally cringing every time I see the bachelor now. Peter seems like he doesn’t know what he currently wants. Gosh I am struggling watching this season.

  32. I honestly think Peter still is hung up on Hannah B and in a way is using how he felt with Hannah compared to each of the girls. I wasn’t a fan of Hannah B but I feel like she and Peter are just the perfect blend. I feel like we heard Peter have a mature conversation finally tonight and it was with Madison – I just think she would be an excellent Bachelorette choice with some better suited men.

  33. Victoria F…….why????? She’s got something going on. She’s so defensive and accuses Peter of being mean and in a bad mood….

    Hannah Ann…..too young. Simple. She’s caught up in the moment

    Kelly….she never really seemed like she was all in. The one on one, when Peter was trying to get serious answers she seemed a bit smug and felt she wanted him to stop talking and she just agreed with him to make him stop.

    Kelsey. Too much. Don’t think the fit is right. There is something about her that I can’t put my finger on but she’s seems off to me.

    Madison….great match but again, seems no one really got to know Peter and vice versus.

    Seems there was too much drama to focus on anything else.

    IF it’s true about her leaving, due to an encounter, one would think that if you were trying to find your husband, you should have told him you were a virgin from the get go??? In addition, if she has a problem with it now, if I were her, I would be questioning him about the windmill incident.

  34. It’s crazy that there are NO spoilers this season……..I have read that Peter’s Mother, Barbara, is on social media & that she follows Hannah Brown & also a pro Hannah B & Peter site. I don’t know why but I am still praying that in the end, he will realize he is still in LOVE with her & lets all the girls go & goes after Hannah……….What a story that would be…….

  35. I disagree with many of the opinions on age when it comes to this show. I was 22 when I got married and my Mom was 22 when she got pregnant with me unexpectedly. She rose to the challenge and was the best dang young mother she could possibly be. Im 35 now and still growing everyday from that 22 year old young woman who married the love of her life. Everyone is in their own personal place in life when they make big decisions or face things unexpectedly. We need to stop stereotyping who someone is at a certain age.

    Madison is a doll and when Peter told her he was falling inlove with her, I believed him! Sharing her faith and Peter being open about his challenges with faith- but open to grow…is exactly what its all about!
    I see a love story blossoming with these two!

    And this is my ted talk lol

    1. Bekah M. from Aries season is pregnant w her second now. All the girls on her season.gave her crap for her readiness but she was right

    2. I agree with this 100%!
      i am only 24 and could have seen myself getting married before this age! Age is just a number, and you are continuously growing and changing. I hate they keep throwing age around. They are all at an age where they know what they want its just up to them if they are ready for commitment.

    3. I married at 19. So I completely agree with you. I’m 22 now. I got a lot of shit for marrying young. My parents stop talking to me, my sisters stopped talking to me, I really don’t have a relationship with my family anymore because of it. My parents wanted me to get married on their terms and I didn’t want that. So I totally 100% agree with you.

  36. Out of the remaining ladies, I definitely think it’s Madison that he wants. She’s also the only one (I believe) that he actually told he was falling in love with. I agree with everyone else’s assumptions that she found out he was intimate with Hannah Ann and Victoria…..that’s why she left. I DO think his mom was talking about Madison. She said that she thought that it was gods way of showing his true love, and that’s how love stories are made. Maybe because we know that Madison’s faith is important to her, and the producers know and played with that? I don’t know….just my theory! I can’t wait for next Monday!

  37. I agree I think it’s going to be Madison and that the ending is going to be after the final rose not the tropical place. Usually halfway through the drama is done for the most part and we hear them getting to know each other, but besides a couple of the dates most of the talk is all about the house drama it’s exhausting to watch. There is a really weird conspiracy that he ends up with a producer at the end, but I don’t buy it I think it’s Madison.

    1. I just heard that the other day! Apparently he’s in alot of this one producers photos, even New Year’s eve etc! Can you imagine?

  38. I can sometimes get a sense of who will it will be in the end. But, not this time… l personally think that Peter’s heart is not really into these girls.. l am not ready sure who he will be with in the end, l will just have to wait and see. . Like your take on how relationships form..You are smack right on!!

  39. I have been watching this show for many years and I can confidently say I do not see it working with ANY of the ladies he has. I was originally not on board with him taking Hannah B back but they definitely have more chemistry than I see him having with ANY of the girls left. Even with Madison I feel like he is faking it, I don’t know I just do not think he is into anyone but maybe Victoria and that’s only b/c the drama draws him in.

  40. I agree 100% He’s crazy about Madison- it’s too bad that he has to “explore” other relationships when he already knows in his heart it’s Madison- I’m sure that hurts her and confuses her- after he tells her he’s falling in love with her.
    I think he will pursue Madison after she chooses to leave and they will date & then he will propose on the LIVE show.

  41. But he told Hannah Ann he was “falling in love with her” ? He hasn’t said that to Madison so I’m not as sure as some that he ends up with her !

  42. It was really hard to watch Victoria and Peter’s connection. I think Victoria was picked for hometown for drama, not because we saw next week’s trailer but because her journey has been emotional from the get-go. Victoria F. is very similar to Victoria P. who thinks she owns Peter, Geez, I better stop because I have nothing to say nice about her haha.

  43. I love your assessment of the show! I agree with everything. Honestly, I half tuned out after Madison’s date.
    If he ends up with Madison, I could see her faith strengthening his. Sometimes we need the right motivation. I see their connection and I don’t see that much with anyone else.
    He’s a good person and typical of a man his age. I hope he finds love – I’m just not sure it will be here.

  44. I can not STAND Victoria. She always seems to be put off when they talk. It’s like her way to connect with someone is to have a conflict and then get emotional and cry and then “make up”. Every single time. And that screams immaturity.

  45. I think when Chris Harrison comes to him and says we have news that shocked all of us… I think it’s Hannah B. coming back. I also think that when his mom says “bring her home to us, don’t let her go.” I think she’s talking about either Madison or Hannah B.

  46. I think that the complete lack of cocktail parties during group dates or before rose ceremonies has really contributed to the feeling that these people hardly know each other more so than other seasons. This season there has been so much focus on weeding through drama between the girls that there has been so little substantiative conversation between Peter and the women. Even though these conversations during cocktail parties are pretty short they still give a chance for at least a little more connection. Even as a viewer I feel so little connection to any of the women. The only women I feel like I know ANYTHING about are Kelsey and Madison.

  47. I’m team Madison all the way! If she doesn’t end up with Peter I would love to see her as the bachelorette! She just seems to have a really good heart. You didn’t mention Victoria’s portion of the 3 on 1?? I am not a fan and feel like she is not into him at all and for some reason he is drawn to her!! I don’t get it?

  48. I think that faiths don’t have to be 100% aligned as long as there is some form of faith. peter is not an atheist. He is religious in some form, therefore, Madison can absolutely help him grow in his faith. I know I grew into my faith around age 24, so I know it can happen. I was raised in a Christian household, but we didn’t go to church or talk about God much. It was something I had to discover on my own and that didn’t happen until I met someone who opened me up to that. So I believe it.

  49. I also never really liked Kelly much for the show. I think they have had absolutely zero connection from the beginning, so it was always boring to watch. While I agree she’s more mature, they never had actual serious conversations. I think those type of conversations are important in bachelor land because of the time frame.

  50. I am glad you didn’t really discuss her because she is so ridiculous she doesn’t really deserve a mention but Victoria trying to say Peter is always in a mood around her?!
    Poor thing is too insecure and is trying to make Peter feel like he is the bad guy is just too much.

    Kelly is for sure more mature and too different from Peter for it to work.a

    I am not sure if we will find the next Bachelorette from this season and honestly I hope we don’t. There isn’t a lot of respect left for anyone but Madison. If she and Peter are meant to be I hope they find a way to make it work!

  51. This is a great perspective on the show and girls. I barely started watching as I didn’t even know it started. Yes, I know total fail but I am trying to catch up although I can honestly admit, it’s hard to take in because of all the drama already. It just really clouds anyone’s judgment and mine is no exception. I do think Peter is a nice catch and I do hope he finds that special one for him.

    Maureen |

  52. Victoria – just wow. She is so not into Peter and he keeps her around! I can only assume he wanted Kelley to go home more than Victoria. But how about him walking her to the car, placing her between the car and the rose? And then the other two have to sit way back and wait on Peter to come back. Come on producers!! Why do you have Peter toy with these girls so much? Hannah Ann was a basket case by the time she found out he was keeping her.
    This season is JUST TERRIBLE!!

    1. Those tears of exhaustion from.Hannah Ann are the most reasonable thing an8out this season.
      Its like she was shedding our grief watching all this too.

  53. I agree with your conclusion (it’s actually what I always suspected since I first saw the season previews). I know that the lead CAN sleep with multiple contestants, but they aren’t obligated to, and if you fell in love with one, it’s actually very inappropriate to (it IS cheating).

    He knows it’s Madison, so him sleeping with someone else after he told her he was falling in love with her (the closest he can get to telling her he loves her on this show) shows a low value on fidelity, so she has a right to be concerned.

    I always felt it was weird to ask a father for his blessings, THEN sleep with three different women in a week, then propose to one of them. It’s a show, but it’s also their real lives, and their love is not special if he had sex with a different woman the day before and will sleep with another the day after (if Madison had slept with him) or if he slept with two other women while knowing you were waiting until marriage (which is likely the case here) and then proposing to you a week later. Your love story is NOT special if he had sex with two other women the week before he proposed, so I get why they are upset about it. Fantasy Suites can be nothing more than time to talk without the cameras, it doesn’t have to be the lead getting a few more conquests out of the way before proposing. EVEN if that is the premise of the show, it’s weird— they know who they fell in love with by this time, so it IS cheating.

  54. I completely agree! I think Madison finds out about him being intimate with someone else and just decides right before the proposal she can’t move forward knowing that and sneaks away. Im guessing he goes after her and fights for her. I’m hoping anyway. I’m with you, I honestly can’t see him ending up with any of the other girls for forever.

  55. I really like Peter, but I honestly don’t understand how he can profess that he is falling in love with one girl, then turn around and be intimate with another girl that isn’t THAT girl. I get there are still several of them left, but compromising the trust of someone you might possibly spend your future with for a one time thing (or maybe more), that would be a huge red flag to me. It’ll be interesting to see how all this this goes!

  56. This. Is. The. Worst. Season. Of. Every. Season. Ever.

    I’ve had to stop watching it because I cannot listen to these girls whine about each other anymore and now just google the results because I’m in a pool 😂

  57. I actually really like Kelsey and the fact that her and Hannah Ann get along now! Don’t think she’ll end up with Peter but I’m glad we got to know her! And Natasha! I love her! Hope to see her in paradise!

  58. I agree. Madison is the best choice for him. I do want to see the other 3 ladies on Bachelor in Paradise though! From the pick of ladies this season I can’t see any of them as the Bachelorette. I hope they bring someone in who is older and more mature… Ugh.

  59. I am still not so sure he doesn’t end up with Hannah B at this point. Which I am ok with because other than Madison he doesn’t seem to be that into anyone else. Don’t hate me for saying that. I am also wondering why Victoria F is still around

  60. I think Peter is just going thru the motion of the show and doesn’t care to get to know any of these girls. I think he is with Hannah B and has been since the show began.

  61. I want to know your thoughts on Vanessa and Hannah Ann too!! I don’t understand why Vanessa seems so closed off? Any thoughts?

  62. I think this season has been “ruined” I guess you could say based on ALL the drama- whether it came from the girls or the producers. I get that it’s a TV show but it can still have drama without ruining people’s lives. I don’t think Peter (or the girls) got a fair shot at this show this season. I think Peter sent home many girls that could have very well ended up with him, based on relationships that were never established due to the drama!

    I think him ending up with a producer is just another way to keep the eyes off the final 4 as it comes to a close. Funny how it doesn’t come out until the last few weeks when fans “stalk” the final 4. Just my thoughts!

  63. I think Peter hooks up with too many of them to actually end up with someone. Even if he does choose someone in the end, they’re not going to be able to deal with him sleeping with the other girls. I think if he’s “wants to find love” as much as he says he does then he shouldn’t have hooked up with so many of them. Even the kissing in front of the others is too much.

    Also whyyyyyy do I even care?! lol

  64. As a fan of the show for I can even remember how long, (seriously I have watched every season since Jason Mesnick) every year it is becoming more difficult to watch. I couldn’t bring myself to watch Peter’s season until Week 4. I have been preaching for seasons now that they just have to up the ages again. I understand that along with that comes all of the drama that keeps the viewers, but I truly just miss watching couples getting to know each other, the romance and watching the connections form. It’s just with this day and age it’s hard to trust many of the people that come on the show, especially if they are 22/23 and have certain personas on social media before even getting casted. It’s all feeding into what producers are trying to grow the franchise into, but us OG viewers are getting quite tired of it. Maybe I’m just boring but I almost crave a season where the two people at the end fall in love and we get the happy ending! Even if they break up 6 months later lol! The fence jumps and company are just becoming too much 🙁

    1. I completely agree with you as a woman in my early 30’s who has been watching since pretty much the beginning. Not only are the young ages beginning to be an issue at times, but I feel like the fact that almost each of these girls almost immediately becomes an Instagram influencer as their prime priority during and post airing is just so in-authentic!

  65. I like that they touched on religion in this episode! It’s such an important part of a relationship and I feel like you HAVE to have that conversation. I got lucky because I’m Catholic and married to an atheist. We had a long conversation about what religion would look like in our house and we have never had an issue with it! I do my thing and he always supports it but my faith is never forced on him. I think Peter and Madison can 100% make it work as long as they lay out the rules and expectations of religion in their relationship!

  66. I was glad to see Kelly go. I feel she looks good on “paper” (being a bit older, having a lucrative career, knowing what she wants, etc.) but I rarely saw any genuine emotion from her toward Peter. She talked about the other girls being babies, but her immaturity came out the way she came across as being superior because she is a lawyer. Cutting other women down is not a sign of maturity.

    I also have no idea why Peter gave Victoria a rose. How can there be a meaningful connection if you can’t communicate effectively?

    I didn’t care for Kelsey early on, but she’s grown on me. I don’t believe she is the one for Peter, although I admire the way she continued to grow and open up.

    Madison would be my pick for Peter out of the remaining women. I feel she is mature beyond her age. She held herself with integrity throughout the show. But, I’m not sure her values and Peter’s are in alignment enough to sustain a marriage. And…I have no idea why Peter would risk losing Madison, knowing her values, if he does indeed have an intimate encounter with one or more of the other women. At this point in the show, Peter has a pretty good idea who he wants for a wife. If you truly love someone, you would not want to hurt them by sleeping with someone just days before a proposal.

  67. I really don’t see any of the girls working out. I see absolutely no chemistry between him and Kelsey and really hoped she’d go earlier. She is my least favorite, she seems so fake and scripted to me. Victoria obviously has issues and I’m shocked she is still there. And I know I’m being picky here, but poor Madison, who is probably the front runner, cannot say two words without the word, ‘like’. Am I the only one who cringes every time she talks? Ugh. I have not liked this season and absolutely disliked Hannah B. I’m going to remain hopeful that I will like the next one, but I hope they get someone completely new and not a ‘leftover’ from a previous show.

  68. I agree that they don’t know each other very well. And that’s really on Peter. He spent his time tangled in the drama and canceling cocktail parties and shortening dates..

    Even if he already knew his top 2 girls since night one like Ali said.. wouldn’t he grit through those parties and dates JUST to build the connection with his favorite girl(s)?

    I hope that Madison isn’t upset with peter for being intimate with another girl. She must know that that is how it goes this far into the show. I really like her and I hope she sticks around to talk it out with Peter instead of storming off or causing more drama.

    I have hope!!

  69. I think this season has been so scripted that it’s taken away from us seeing any relationships develop. I think they need to be careful as its losing its ability for people to find love and becoming a chance for people to get fame. They spent two weeks on drama that isn’t even going to matter in the end and not giving us a chance to see relationships develop. I wanted to like Peter but I don’t think he has handled,this situation very well. Have said that my vote is Madison!

  70. I think Peter and Kelsey are going to hook up in the Fantasy Suite. They have such a deep connection. I also think he might hook up with Hannah Anne. I think Madison will leave when she finds out. Victoria will probably be the first to go, her hometown looks like a disaster. I heard the theory that he ends up with one of the producers, and that he will in the background of her picture on NYE…seems a little sketchy, but I wouldn’t be surprised!! I totally thought the same about Kelley, that they edited her words.

  71. I think hannah is coming back! I agree with your thoughts about madison and the sleeping with someone else but I think when Chris harrison says to peter as he is holding the ring which you see in previews that hannah is there, or something to do with her as Dancing with the stars just ended the same day. I think peter’s mom is crying about hannah! Just my thoughts!!

  72. Thanks for explaining the “week” thing! I’ve been wondering why they would only have dates like three-four days a week and just leave everyone sitting around the house the other three days. This makes much more sense. Always love your blogs!

  73. I really wish you wouldn’t sell stuff at the end of the Bach posts that has nothing to do with it. If it’s related I can get on-board but it just kinda wrecks the blog. We want to enjoy you without always having to get a sale from us. Just a thought to make your brand maybe mature. I dunno. Your brand and your life, you do you. But it doesn’t feel genuine. Just any reason to sell stuff.

    Not trying to be rude or anything, just a thought on how to make your blog more appealing. Sometimes less is more! The constant selling has turned me off from the insta too.

  74. I love reading your thoughts because I definitely share the same sentiments! I also have a hard time with his interaction with Victoria F— I feel like we are missing some good times that they must share to keep her around. The other thing I wanted your thoughts on was Kelsey and Hannah Ann. The beginning of this season a lot was said between them… and this episode they have some heart to heart talks and when Hannah Ann comes back from a date— Kelsey is the first to scream and hug her. It’s great that they’ve been able to come so far and cheer for one another, just confusing to me!

  75. It is obvious that Peter is far from virginal, never mind that it was made common knowledge that he and Hannah B were intimate together. What planet is Madison on if she thinks she is getting “untouched goods” with Peter? Very naive! She must go and look for a suitor amongst her church congregation…
    Kelly came across as very self-satisfied and smug in the 3 in 1 date, and I also think it was obvious that she was basically there for the ride, the travel and to “have fun”, as she so bluntly put it.
    I agree with the majority of comments made regarding Victoria P. She is gorgeous looking but terribly insecure and she and Peter would have a bumpy ride together.
    Although Hannah Anne is young (and looks like a very pretty little doll) she comes across as sweet and sincere. The incident with the bottle of champagne in the beginning was unfortunate, but she has handled herself well throughout and never been mean or bitchy about any of the other contestants. I don’t know that Peter would choose her, but he could do worse!
    Finally, I have to say Kelsey is my favourite. She has obviously been through quite a lot and is very sensitive and easily hurt, but she still comes across as intelligent with an underlying strength. She is absolutely beautiful and if she doesn’t end up with Peter, I’d love to see her as the next Bachelorette.

  76. Is it just me or? Does Victoria seem most underwhelmed to anybody else? She seems so grumpy and not into this……?????

  77. And….me being the forever optimistic that I am. I’m still convinced Hannah Brown will be there in the end. I’ll never lose hope for these two.

  78. I think Hannah Ann gets chosen. I thought this season was great so far. I knew watching that Kelsey was gone. Although, after Victoria’s tantrum I was certain that she would be gone. Victoria stayed and Kelsey is gone.

  79. I know everyone will probably disagree with me but at this point, I think Kelsey was the most mature. These girls are just young. I also think Peter could have any woman he wants. I just think he wants all 3 of these. He said I am in love with all of them. I have to admit I think Hanna is adorable. I think Madison is one smart chick and I admire her so much being young yet standing firm on her values. Peter is such a sweetheart. But he is also a heart throb. I guess we will have to wait until Monday. I almost wish he and Hanna B would have gotten back together and saved all these young girl a heartbreak that is surely coming.

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